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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  July 11, 2019 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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it might be helpful to go through the attractions and explain to people when. what i can't tell from here is if the department can do this and let you know, or if the board needs to hold hearing like this and have potential back and forth, or clear understanding of what the fees are going forward. what i have in my hand, it doesn't say that the department needs to get approval before the fees take effect, which is what we would ask. otherwise, the fees occur and all this is basically is a noticing requirement. so once a year, conditional and board approval would be what we would ask the ordinance to contain. if it's going to be as you outlined, that this should be transparent, it should be open and have a good reason. if the amendments say that, i apologize, but i would ask if they do if they don't. thank you.
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>> good mid morning, supervisors. i'm bonnie, i'm the area manager at san francisco parks alliance. and i want to stress that san francisco parks alliance supports the nonresident flexible pricing at these specialty gardens and coit tower, as well as the japanese teagarden. we've been consistent in voicing our support at the r.p.d. commission as well as the commission meeting on may 16. we believe adult nonresidents, flexible pricing will allow for more manageable traffic flow within the sites and in the surrounding neighborhoods. it also encourages attendance at non-peak times that will result in a richer experience for all people who attend because there will be less congestion. we support the fee increase at japanese teagarden, the japanese
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teagarden is one of our historic gems and residents and visitors alike walk away stating that constantly. we fiscally sponsor two of the specialty gardens, japanese and the conservatory of flowers. the japanese teagarden is dedicated to raising funds for this renovation. we also feel flexible pricing and the maintenance fee will have long range effects and benefit the people that visit them. thank you. >> supervisor fewer: thank you very much. next speaker. >> good morning. fellow citizens. my name is kathleen wells. i'm a united states constitutional practitioner and a national executive entrepreneur. my request is unique and
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unusual. i have requested a half a million dollar budget to fully implement all of the legal groundwork i have laid here in the united states of america. specifically, i'm looking to collect and receive on a united states constitutional judgment demand and lien placed on the united states currency presses. let me say that. i exercise my united states constitutional right that this moment to exercise freedom of speech and freedom of the press. first amendment, united states constitution. what i need to do -- and i don't have the time now -- is to talk to each one of you to educate you on how this city can move forward now and receive currency funds rather than cutting the budgets for all of your honorable agencies. again, my name is kathleen wells and i am the national executive entrepreneur.
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thank you for your attention. >> supervisor fewer: next speaker, please. >> good morning. president yee, honored supervisors fewer, stefani, mandelman. my name is jane chin. resident of the outer ridge district number 1. i have to say that i am really, really blessed to be living in an area that is surrounded on three sides by parks. ocean beach, lincoln park and golden gate park. i am also a member of the board of the san francisco botanical garden. i'm here to speak in support of the flexible pricing program. noting that the program will only impact non-san francisco adult admissions. admission will remain free to san francisco residents, members of the garden and school groups. and flexible pricing offers free admission to everyone at certain hours, which removes any
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hardship this might create. important to note is that according to the american public garden association our current price at $9 for nonresident adults is below the 25th percentile for large botanical gardens across the country. so we're due for an increase. flexible pricing will not negatively impact visitation. since august 2010, when we first began charging nonresidents, visitation has increased 129%. flexible pricing will only help us better serve our visitors and community. it will help encourage visitation at less busy times and provide enough needed support for revenue, improvements and programs. >> supervisor fewer: thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> good morning. my name is ryan. i'm the curator of the botanical
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garden. i'm in support of the flexible pricing. the garden is an amazing resource. we're visited more and more each year. we're a respite in the city. and our high attendance on the weekend, more and more people come on the weekends, and i think this flexible pricing would be great, because it will encourage people to take advantage of this fantastic resource during the week. and help a lot of the pressures we face with extra visitation to our amazing garden. thank you. >> supervisor fewer: thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> good morning. i'm dr. joseph, i'm an mauritius professor from madison. i partially retired in 1996 when i began to volunteer at the botanical garden and i learned
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that children doseant and adult dosant did walks and became a director of the board of society. i continue to serve as a life member on that board. over the last 24 years, the botanical garden has been a major activity that i've participated in to bring people closer to the world of the nature around us. which i think needs more attention than is usually given. we live in district 7, in norman yee's area. and i just want to thank supervisor yee for the close working relationship that we in that district have with him in looking at issues. after careful consideration, the board and the leadership team of
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the botanical garden society voted to wholeheartedly support the flexible pricing program. it would only impact -- [bell ringing] -- nonresident visitors. since 2010, since we began to charging nonresident admissions, we've seen an increase in the number of nonresidents and residents, and most importantly thing, we've gained resources to improve garden from the point of view of irrigation systems, planting, pathways and so forth -- [bell ringing]. >> supervisor fewer: thank you very much, next speaker, please.
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this is just item 4 and 5, about flexible pricing on these park facilities. >> okay. i'll withdraw. >> supervisor fewer: done, okay? any other public comment on item 4 and 5? seeing none, public comment is closed. any questions? nothing? okay. can i make a motion to move these amendments to the full board with a positive recommendation. president yee, seconded, take that without objection. thank you very much. oh, excuse me, someone -- >> we're just going to clarify to the board of supervisors meeting on 7-16. >> supervisor fewer: that's right. so sorry. madame clerk, did you get that. july 16. >> just want to make clarification that item number 4
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is amended, was amended and recommended to the full board on july 17 -- >> supervisor fewer: 16. >> sorry, and item number 5 was recommended. >> supervisor fewer: so i'd like to move item number 5 to the full board of july 16. take that without objection? seconded by supervisor mandelman. thank you very much. okay, madame clerk, what i'd like to do now is recess this budget and finance committee. is mr. wright here? oh, mr. wright, i'd like to open up public comment? >> is this on one and two now? >> on items 1 and 2, and remember, if you speak now, mr. wright, you can't speak later. >> always want to speak after you speak when the trail is hot. >> supervisor fewer: okay, trail is hot, come on up.
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another thing, i want to tell the listening public, if you would like to comment later when we recess back, i will open up public comment again for those people who would like to speak. right now, mr. wright would like to speak on items 1 and 2 while the trail is hot. >> now, talk about you sleep at the wheel, you more asleep at the wheel, you're drunk driving, that's what you're doing. being disappointed in yourself, you should be furious. you talk about your wasted money, that demonstration you did yesterday, where you agreed to another goddamned navigation center, when you have the audacity to what is the best way to house people without sending them through your system and putting them back on the goddamn streets and i show you how to build a 27 story apartment
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building complex to give permanent housing for the people that need housing. it didn't matter. makes a fool out of his self after his demonstration. this is not a solution to the homeless problem. this is not a solution to the goddamn homeless problem, what the hell you doing it for then? if it's not a solution to the homeless problem, why you doing it? you're ignorant, and unproperty tax -- about the goddamn services and salary, you want to talk about salary. you see this guy here, city college. everybody is going to school for free. if it's a good goddamn program how come your $32 million in debt? he said he was $11 million in debt. all the other colleges in the
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bay area, their students not going for free. you got them coming out here and now you got to have them going to classes for free and by the same, where they live at, their junior colleges don't charge. had this chance to work for free. you ask me that question, how we going to take care of the problem and keep them off the street. i show you how to house people -- [bell ringing] -- and you still don't take my advice. >> supervisor fewer: thank you for your public comment. i'd like to continue -- do i close public comment? any other public comment? come on up. you have two minutes. >> i'm housed at la nay and i think it's ridiculous that you give me housing in a dual diagnosis building and i'm in
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district 6, and this doesn't even say district 6 downtown. they lump us in with tenderloin. so from the time that i've been there, i've cleaned up that block. i've gotten those honduran drug dealers. i've got a fence put up in front of the old city college building. bottom line i'm being identified as a nuisance. they're in the process of evicting me. and i would like to know how all these agencies that keep putting signs on my door saying they want to help me from being evicted. i'm going all the way to the judge. because when you give someone a notice to quit, you don't continue to collect rent from them. there is a lot of ridiculous stuff going on. why do you have a.d.t. and i
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live in an s.r.o., which i call it a charming studio and a charming building. and everybody in my building is turning into ice people, who don't even speak english and it's atrocious. and i just -- i want to just take time -- some time off of this record to find out this young lady who you are, and then the other woman, because i really would like to talk to you all personally, to let you know exactly what is going on. because it's appalling. it really is. >> supervisor fewer: thank you very much. any other public comments? seeing none. public comment is closed. we will recess this meeting until 2:00 this afternoon. and so i'll see you back then.
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>> this is the budget and finance committee. we [gavel]. >> supervisor fewer: this is the budget and finance committee. we are reconvening, and i am going to recess until 4:00 today right back here in this room. [gavel]. >> chair fewer: thank you very much. [gavel]. >> chair fewer: so we are reconvening the budget and finance committee, and i would like to recess again. so sorry, apologies to everyone who spent their whole day here, but we're just crunching some numbers. we're very, very close, so i'd
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like to reconvene until 5:30, and we'll see you back then. thank you very much. >> chair fewer: and i'd like to recess this meeting again until 6:30. thank you. [gavel] [gavel]. >> chair fewer: we are reconvening the meeting of the budget and finance committee. i would like to recess this meeting until 8:00. thank you very much. [gavel] [gavel]. >> chair fewer: so we are reconvening the budget and finance committee, and we will recess until 9:00. thanks.
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[gavel] [gavel]. >> chair fewer: okay. we are reconvening the budget and finance committee, and going to recess until 10:30. thank you. >> chair fewer: good evening, everyone. we are now reconvening the budget and finance committee of june 26, 2019, and thank you all for staying here. it is approximately 11:30 at night, and we have a budget, so we are thrilled. first, i'd like to call on madam budget director, kelly kirkpatrick. >> thank you, chair fewer, and everybody in the audience, members, and board staff. it is with great pleasure that i authorize and propose to
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appropriate $17 million to facilitate the board's priority spending as well as the appropriation of $52 million to help facilitate the appropriation of the education reserve for the excess eraf plan, so i ask that the members of the committee accept the amendment to accept those priorities being appropriated. thank you. >> chair fewer: so i just want to say that this is -- thank you to the public and thank you to the advocates. you know, we started with an over $400 million add back list of asks. so it just demonstrates so much need in our city in addition to a $12 billion budget.
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it encompasses many things. nonprofit organizations and nonprofit workers, street trees, rental assistance, support for seniors and people with disabilities, lgbtq communities, legal defense, and so much, much more. and because of our partnership with the mayor's budget office, this process has been less painful than as it has been in the past and less adversarial. i'd like to thank our partners, lisa, and of course we could not do this without the budget and legislative analysts.
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and i'd like to thank sophia and lisa for working so hard with us. and then i'd like to thank my colleagues who sat through 50 meetings, all about the budget. and then, i want to thank the clerk, linda wong for assisting us and guiding us through this process. i would not remiss if not did not mention lisa and chelsea. [applause] >> chair fewer: that's right. so i just want to say that she had a vision for how this whole process should work, and this is the thor hammer for her. she has a young child at home,
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and missed many, many nights with her daughter, and worked many, many nights. i just want to thank her for sacrificing h sacrificing her time with her family and also her personal time for getting us where we are today. i think the budget should reflect the personal values of san francisco. because we have advocates here in the room, i think this budget does reflect san francisco. i think you should all congratulate yourselves because this is a collective effort. so i'd like to make -- oh, president yee. >> president yee: i don't often rise because it's so hard for me to standup. i really want to thank everybody in this process, and
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it's been -- i've been at this -- what is this? my seventh? my seventh budget season, and this is never easy, never. so don't -- i kid you not, because we're putting a budget together before midnight. one of the things i want to say is i made a decision in january, and it probably was my best decision, which is to make sandy fewer the chair. [applaus [applause] >> president yee: that's because i knew she had chelsea.
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so besides thanking the controller's office and ben and the budget staff or kelly and sophia, you know, it's been kay te team -- been a team effort for all of us. people were advocating for the things that they really care about, and we could always say, you know something? this is what i want and be stubborn about it, and if i don't get it, i'm going to pout about it. but that's not what happened. people realize there's more needs than we're ever going to have funding for, and this has been a great process. we've been able to expand the budget to serve more people in
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need, and the fact that we got this done before midnight is a testament of how we work together. not only was chelsea involved in this process, but many of our own staff, and i want to thank them for their efforts. many of them are still here. thank you very much. [applause] >> president yee: so the only thing i really want to say is that thank goodness we got to a conclusion. and i also want to thank the -- mayor breed, you know, because it's always a give and take in all this process, and it really was a give and take. everybody wants certain things. we got certainly things partially, but not fully, and we -- we've shown -- and we're going to show the city that
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we're adults, and we can work on something that we can all agree with, and i think that's what we've come up, is a package that i think we can all agree with. thank you very much to my colleagues on the budget committee, and i'm really happy i've been able to assign all of you to this committee. thank you very much. >> chair fewer: supervisor stefani. >> supervisor stefani: thank you, chair fewer. i want to start by thanking my colleagues on the committee, and thank you, president yee, for allowing me to serve on the budget and finance committee. it's been an absolute privilege and honor. i want to thank the mayor and the mayor's budget director, kelly, and sophia, and our clerk's office, linda a
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and alisa. and thank you, chair fewer. you are just so tough. you have set an example that we all matter to you, and i really thank you for including all of our opinions on -- and taking to heart what we thought. it really means a lot. and of course, chelsea, we know we can't do it without our aides. my office, andy, who just came on board, thank you so much. and sam and daniel, thank you so much. i love you guys. thank you so much for being here. i'm so grateful for you, and we are nothing without our aides. lastly, i want to thank the advocates, too. when we sat through public comment. it's really heartbreaking to hear we can't fund everyone, we can't save everyone, we can't
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do everything we want to do. but what we take home with us is the heart that's in this room and how much all of you care about san franciscans and just really seeing this process is amazing. and lastly, malia taught me to look into the camera. and gianna sophia, my daughter, who turned ten today. happy birthday. i'm so proud of you. >> chair fewer: supervisor ronen. >> supervisor ronen: you know, it was somewhat auspicious that we came to our budget on the first night of the democratic
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debate on t.v., where we saw a return to intelligent policy making, to candidates who care about human beings, and who care about protecting those that need help in our country. and i think that it felt good to see that again at the federal level, and to watch it right here at the local level under the incredible leadership of supervisor chair fewer. i've been through -- primarily as a legislative aide -- my second -- gosh, the time. but i think -- so now i've been through nine budget processes as an aide and a supervisor, and this one, by far, was the best one that i've been through in the past nine years. as supervisor stefani says, it was so fun to watch you at
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work, chair fewer. i learned a lot about the budget and really sort of negotiation skills from watching you work, and it was extraordinary. i know that you and chelsea -- chelsea, you are amazing. you taught me the budgets when i was first a legislative aide, and you were at coleman advocates for youth, and i said, teach it to me, and i took you to lunch, and you taught it to me, and it was incredible. it was a brilliant pick, president yee, but you two are a dynamic duo. but i just can't overstate, you work so hard, and you've been working working so hard for months on end. i just want to tell you from my constituents and the people of
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san francisco, thank you for working so hard. and then to the mayor's amazing staff, kelly. you're a fantastic, fantastic, and thank you for being so straightforward and honest in your dealings with us. sophia, of course, ben and everyone from the budget and legislative analyst. i just have a lot of gratitude for all of you. thanks so much. >> chair fewer: thank you. supervisor mandelman -- >> supervisor ronen: sorry. carol carolyn gusen, where are you? carolyn, thank you for staying on top of the people from district 9. we love you. >> supervisor mandelman: in many ways, this budget process is depressing because we hear
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about so much need that far exceeds what we have the capacity to address, but it's also we need to see this amacing s amazing set of folks that you all are doing every sipping will day to try to meet the needs of san franciscans in distress. i am just so in love with this because of all the work that you do. and i am also a little bit in love with the mayor and people in this building because their there are areas that we defer, and there are areas that we differ, but there are so much priorities where we are aligned, and i think there has been such great cooperation around this process, and i wonder if it has anything to do because this process has been headed by women, sandy fewer,
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who i have known for more than a decade with at this point, and i've really had the opportunity to work with you and see you in this role that i think you're meant for, i think. intimidating and scary at the right times, and also figuring out how to make the compromises and include everyone else, as supervisor stefani was saying. and then chelsea, of course, absolutely deserved the standing ovation earlier. but our mayor and her team, with sophia and kelly, and ben rosenfeld, and the b.l.a. and tom temprano, you're amazing. i love you. and this is an amazing city, and choair fewer, i love you.
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>> chair fewer: well, it's a love fest in here. i was remiss for not thanking the mayor and all of her work on the budget. and then kelly kirkpatrick, so professional and brilliant. i have learned a lot watching you work, and so i -- so you can teach an old dog some new tricks, i think, so thank you so much. we are joined by supervisors brown and safai. therefore, we are convened as a special meeting of the board of supervisors. okay. so supervisors, would you like to say something or nothing at all? okay. so i have instructions. the chair makes the final motion to do the following. i'd like to make a motion to amend the appropriation ordinance item 1 and salary ordinance item 2 to reflect the committee changes in the summary entitled board of
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supervisors budget spending plan. accept the mayor's technical adjustments as provided by the mayor's budget director, authorize the controller to make adjustments as necessary to implement the committee's actions and balance accounts, forward items 1 and 2 on today's agenda as amended to the board of supervisors for the july 16 meeting with a positive recommendation. and so may i have a second, please? >> president yee: second. >> chair fewer: and so, president yee, may i take that -- oh . so before that, is there any members of the public that would like to give public comment? seeing none, public comment is now closed. [cheers and applause] >> chair fewer: so i believe, colleagues, we have a motion, seconded by president yee. if i can take that without objection? [gavel]. >> chair fewer: thank you very
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much. madam clerk, is there any further business before us today? >> clerk: there's no further business. >> chair fewer: we are adjourned. [cheers and applause] >> the hon. london breed: good morning, everyone. i'm london breed, and i'm the mayor of san francisco, and i'm so excited to be here with you today to talk about what we are doing to provide more affordable housing to the residents of san francisco. [applause] >> the hon. london breed: when
11:37 pm
i first became mayor last year, i noticed that in the capital plan for the city and county of san francisco, there were no plans for affordable housing, and that was not okay. we made changes, we made adjustments, and we started off with a $300 million affordable housing bond, and that $300 million has turned into $600 million, the largest affordable housing bond in the history of this city. [applause] >> the hon. london breed: without raising property taxes. we did this in a collaborative way. we did this with the leadership of the president of the board of supervisors, norman yee. we did this with our community partners, including four amazing people who led the
11:38 pm
community working group consisting of so many stakeholders. folks from labor were at the table. people from the community were at the table. folks from the housing community, from public housing, from all sectors of the community from this city because when we know we need to do something this big, we need to come together. and yes, it was not easy, but i want to thank everyone because the people at the table were open-minded, provided feedback, fought for what they believe in, and now we are here united to make sure that the voters pat this bond in november november. [applause] >> the hon. london breed: thank you so much to the folks who led this effort, including myrna melgar, tamika moss, malcolm young, and annie chung.
11:39 pm
because we knew how much money we had, but we also had to make sure that we provided the resources for the things that we needed the most. and as someone who grew up in public housing in this city, there was no way that i was going to allow an affordable housing bond to happen without providing the kind of support that would help residents of public housing, and i want to thank all of you for being unwaivering in your public support for delivering public housing in san francisco. [applause] >> the hon. london breed: this affordable housing bond has something for everyone, including our seniors. and president yee was such a true advocate, not because he's a senior himself, but because -- [laughter]. >> the hon. london breed: i
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thought you were proud of that, president yee? >> president yee: i am. >> the hon. london breed: but let me tell you, no one does salsa like president yee. but he knew it was important, that fact. you knee it was important that we do good investments, and that's what we're doing with this bond. in addition to providing senior support, we'll be providing housing for our teachers, for down payment assistance, so there's something for everyone. it was a compromise. and again, i want to thank all those on the working group who came together to help make this possible. but you know what? there's also a need to make sure that these affordable housing units that preservation and the rehabilitation of affordable housing are done with our brothers and sisters of labor. and so i want to thank the
11:41 pm
labor community, including the leadership of larry mazzola, jr. who sat at the table to make sure that labor was an important part of this effort. [applause] >> the hon. london breed: so many amazing people, so much incredible work and time went into this effort. thank you to president yee again and all the members of the board of supervisors who are very supportive of this affordable housing bond. as i said, this is the largest affordable housing bond in the history of the city without raising property taxes, and so now, the real work begins. once the board passes this bond and places it on the ballot for november, we're going to be looking to all of you and the voters of san francisco to make sure that we pass this ballot measure. we need at least two thirds of the votes of san franciscans, and so we're going to be working out there and stomping and doing everything we can to
11:42 pm
get it done, and i'm going to be counting on each and every one of you. thank you all so much for being here today, and now i want to turn the mic over to my partner in this amazing effort, president of the board of supervisors, norman yee. [applause] >> president yee: thank you very much, mayor breed. this has truly been a partnership. it's almost like a model where we start with another end, and another end, we talked to everybody we could talk to, we figured it out. what is the collaboration that we need? what are the elements that we need? how do we serve all the people in san francisco? whether you're a teacher, whether you're a senior, whether you're someone who lives in public housing, whether you just simply can't make it because of the salary that you're living on, well, i think we've done it. we've done it. it's a start. is this going to answer every
11:43 pm
question? probably not, but this is going to be a big, big achievement for san francisco for us to put $600 million for affordable housing for our residents. [applause] >> president yee: i'll tell you this right now. i won't outline what mayor breed -- what she had already outlined. it was a battle. we had to fight, we had to claw, we had to prove our point. this came from labor, it came from everybody. even the middle-income folks to came in and say we need help also, we hear you. we will put something in there for the middle-income, as well as low-income. i am so proud of the process that we -- that we took to get to where we are today. today is going to be a
11:44 pm
historical vote where the board of supervisors will vote on this bond measure, this measure for housing in san francisco. and then, once we get it on the ballot, it's going to be another historical moment in november, because all of us, all of you will fight for this and make sure that we get 17%, right? and i can't thank the staff and the supervisors enough for their part because the community weighed in early, and we needed to figure out what are the issues that we needed to address. all my supervisors weighed in on the whole process. i want to thank them personally. almost every one of them. thank you supervisors.
11:45 pm
give them a hand. [applause] >> president yee: and i really want to thank their staff who did a lot of work. please join myself, mayor breed up here, labor, and just say to you -- just talk to 20 people, all your neighbors, and say this is the most important thing you can do to help our residents in san francisco. we need affordable housing, yes! we need affordable housing, right? thank you very much. >> the hon. london breed: thank you. thank you, president yee. and as he said, this was a collaborative effort, and i just want to recognize, there's so many people here today. i can't start naming names because you guys will get mad
11:46 pm
at me if i forget somebody. but i do want to say to the nonprofit housing developers here that work in the community, whether it's tndc, mission housing and others, who continue to provide this much-needed affordable housing, ccdc and others, thank you so much for being here today for your advocacy and affordable housing in san francisco. thank you to the yimbys in san francisco. it means a lot. now i want to bring up one of the cochairs of the committee to help bring forth this amazing $600 million affordable housing bond. tamika moss spear headed the effort. i remember a couple years back when we discovered we had empty public housing units. we worked with then-mayor ed
11:47 pm
lee to come up with $200 million to rehabilitate those units. and because of those services, we were able to place 179 formerly homeless families in public housing, and so tamika moss, come on up [applause] >> thank you so much, mayor breed. good morning! we are here on this momentous occasion to acknowledge the leadership of our mayor and our president of this board of supervisors, mayor breed and president yee. i have had the incredible opportunity of leading one of the working groups with my cochairs, malcolm young, annie chung, and myrna melgar to make sure how the community has a voice in this bond? how do we make sure that every single san franciscan has access to permanent,
11:48 pm
supportive, affordable housing in their communities? and we have been able to come together and bring folks together around this bond, and i am so honored to be a part of it. this bond, as the mayor said, as the president said, is something for everyone. we have to make sure that the residents of public housing are supported. we need to make sure that the seniors in our community have a place to age with respect. we have a responsibility to make sure that we take care of our first responders and our teachers. the mayor and the board of supervisors didn't just talk about an affordable housing crisis, they did something about it, and i am so excited to stand with them and support this and get this over the finish line in november. guess what, folks? we have a lot more work to do. this is our first attempt to making sure we have affordable housing in san francisco. we have a lot of work to do. let's get to work. thank you so much.
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[applause] >> the hon. london breed: thank you, tamika. now many of you know this, when we talk about affordable housing, often times when we found in the past in san francisco, you basically make too much for affordable housing but not enough for market rate in san francisco. a couple years -- well, not even a couple years. maybe two years, we worked with a number of folks to change the affordability rates to level the playing field because i wanted to make sure that teachers and people of our labor community were able to have access to the affordable housing that we build in san francis francisco, to the down payment assistance loans and other things, because that's what makes san francisco a great place is when we have true diversity from various economic levels. so what i'm really excited about in this bond is the amount of support it will
11:50 pm
provide for affordable housing for middle-income residents. we have here someone who is a beneficiary of the teacher next door program who provides down payment assistance to teachers for the purpose of purchasing housing in san francisco. with us is a seven-year employee of the san francisco unified school district, and she has been working as an educator in our schools with our kids. and now because of this program, she's going to be within a short walking distance of the school that she works at. and so ladies and gentlemen, please welcome cheryl lu. [applause] >> hello, everyone. thank you for letting me share my story with you today? as mayor breed mentioned, i am an educator, i am a teacher, and i have actually been teaching for 13 years now. eight years of it -- seven, eight years of it was in san
11:51 pm
francisco, out at star king elementary school, which is out in potrero hill. it's always been my dream to live in the city that i serve and to eventually buy a home. and because of the down payment assistance loan program and the mayor's office of housing and community and development, i am actually living the impossible san francisco dream right now. as of last week, i closed on a property in san francisco, yeah. [applause] >> pretty exciting, and it all worked out. and as with any buying process, you face a couple of challenges. along the way, we made it happen, and -- there was low inventories when we were
11:52 pm
looking we were getting out bit. but thank you to the mayor's office of housing and community development and assistance -- down payment assistance loan program, i was able to -- i was able to buy a place, and i'm a teacher, so it's pretty amazing. so i really do thank the support for what the we can do on the low-income, middle-inco middle-income, teachers, first responders, and the labor industry. if i can do it, and i can live the impossible san francisco dream, many of you can, also. thank you. [applaus [applause] >> the hon. london breed: thank you, cheryl. and our final speaker is someone who grew up in the bayview-hunters point community. she started as a carpenter and
11:53 pm
is now working as a plumber. she's in fact working at 1950 mission street on that project, and this is why this program was created to make sure that local residents of our city have access to the trades so they could provide the opportunity to help to build this city and also get good wages in the process. but more importantly, she has a daughter entering college this fall. we are so proud of the work that she's doing to help build the city. and so ladies and gentlemen, please welcome stacey provost. [applause] >> thank you, mayor london breed, for having me. i am a proud member of the pipe fitters and plumbers union local 38. [applause] >> i was born and raised in
11:54 pm
hunters point, and i began making my living as a cosmetologist. i owned my own business. i opened a hair salon, which i had to close due to rising rent. being a single mother with a daughter going to college, i needed to find a more stable career. at that point, i had found the city build program. throughout city build, i learned the skills required to be a -- to have a successful construction career. i have benefited from affordable housing which is how i was able to provide and support my daughter during the city build process. after i graduated, i became a carpenter, working for carpenter's union local 22. before having the opportunity and the blessing of joining local 38, which is the plumbers and pipefitters union of san francisco. living here in san francisco in the 94124 has given me the
11:55 pm
benefit and a stable career to be in and pay rent in san francisco. that's why we need more affordable housing. we need more affordable housing for all of the reasons stated above. we also need this bond to create union jobs for all unions to build more affordable housing. right now, i'm working for o'brien mechanical in the mission street housing at 1950 mission where we are building 157 100% affordable housing units. [applause] >> so what i'm really trying to say is we need to build this housing so we can support more people like me, more stacey
11:56 pm
provosts. >> the hon. london breed: thank you, stacey, and thiank you to all the members who came out today. and thank you to all the supervisors who came out today. i know you've got to run back to get back to business. i know we are all looking for a unanimous vote at the board. right, supervisor mandelman? you heard it from supervisor mandelman and president yee first. we're going to get a unanimous vote and we're going to get it on the ballot. we're going to knock on doors and talk to people so they know how important this is for the future of san francisco. we know we have a number of challenges, and the longer we wait to get this housing built, the more delay it is for so many people we know are struggling in san francisco. yes, sadly, people who are homeless but also people who are living paycheck to paycheck, people who are losing their housing. this is more than just building affordable housing, this is
11:57 pm
also about preserving our existing affordable housing for the people who are here who are struggling to survive. thank you all so much, and let's get this ballot measure passed! [applause] >> i moved into my wonderful, beautiful, affordable housing march 7th. i have lived in san francisco since i was two-years-old. i've lived in hunters view for 23 to 24 years now.
11:58 pm
my name is vlady. i use titus and i am the resident commissioner for the san francisco housing facility. from the very beginning, this whole transition of public housing and affordable housing was a good idea. but many, many residents didn't think it would ever actually happen. it's been a life changing experience. and i'm truly grateful for the whole initiative and all those that work on the whole sf initiative. they've done a wonderful job accommodating the residents, who for many years have lived in delap tated housing. now they have quality housing. i was on a street where the living room and the kitchen and stairs. it wasn't large enough to
11:59 pm
accommodate. the children are grown. i had the accomplish of having a dishwasher in my home. i really like that. [laughter] i really like not having to wash dishes by hand. we still do it from time to time. the mayor's office has been a real friend to us, a partner. we know that our city supports us. i love san francisco. just to be able to stay in my community and continue to help the residents who live here and continue to see my neighborhoods move into new housing, it's been a real joy. it's been a real joy.
12:00 am
>> good morning. welcome and thank you to the 200 volunteers who made this pink triangle happen. [cheers and applause] >> it went up in record time this year. it took 36 minutes. [laughter]. [cheering] >> we lost most of the people because they didn't want to hang around two hours. i'm patrick corning, and i founded this project and event. it's the 24th pink triangle. [cheers and applause] >> so long ago, a small, tiny group of us crept up on the twin peaks and installed the first pink triangle in the dark of nights we wouldn't be arrested. in a 24 ye