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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  July 18, 2019 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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please step up. get in line and do you want to be the first speaker? >> hi. i am brenda barrels. i work at the san francisco general. i am so happy about this. i know it is not perfect. i know it is going to be a work in progress. i think it is progress. to attest to that, you know, our human resources director and me are both here to agree about this. we have done a lot of work at san francisco general. it has not gone all the way through the department of public health. i hope this will help us to move it even further.
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>> chair mar: next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, i am cheryl thornton. i work for the san francisco health department for 28 years. i witnessed many black co-workers being subject to retaliation. my co-workers complained to city officials with no real relief. i appreciate this legislation. however, i don't think it goes far enough. i think we need more account ability. otherwise we will see what we have seen in the past the disparities to one particular group of people. >> chair mar: thank you. >> i will use this as an example. this is get fiction. this is based on geographical location. you do it in areas that are predominantly black, not white.
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this is a legal attorney with the same philosophy as myself. he is suing washington d c because of discrimination against black people for $1 billion. i want several billion for what you did in the fillmore. about the justice system you have mario woods paying her $400,000 for her son being murdered and shot. this hispanic was shot 20 times here is a chance to show how fair you are to refer that back to the city attorney's office and get ms. woods paid $4.9 million just like the man shot 20 des moine 20 times by t.
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>> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. debra gobell. i want to thank you for creating this office. we think it is very important and very needed in our city. we did a survey of our membership. one in five local 21 members have felt discrimination in the workplace that is not acceptable in the country especially in san francisco. we need this office to work with our members and all union members to change the climate. i want to acknowledge the local 10 to 1 and 21 members on the steps of city hall protesting to bring this office about. with the best of intentions that wouldn't have happened without the public protest of the members who have sufficiented.
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i give a shout out to them. we are giving the shouts out. to those in the grassroots making this happen we need to acknowledge that, too. >> chair mar: next speaker, please. >> i am gus, president of i fp local 21 speaking on behalf 65,000 members in the city and county of san francisco to urge you to move this forward. it is something that is long overdue. it may not be perfect but it is a start. i want to point out in my research i found the city of iowa and long beach and as youstin and see at and san antonio all have offices of racial inequality. as a proud san francisco native and city worker, i expect my city at the forefront. i think this will allow us to do
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that. thank you. >> chair mar: next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisor. i am larry griffin with local 21. i want to thank you forgetting to the point to set this up in the city. it is way, way overdue. i first started working for the city in 1976 and something like this would have been unheard of then. it is great that it is here. however we have to keep an eye on this. we have to monitor this. when you set up people to be representatives and departments make sure they can give a real percentage of their time to doing that and not be held to 10% on a by-weekly basis where
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they are able to monitor what is going on in the city departments. you need a prescribed percentage of time to be monitored closely. let's move forward with this but keep our eyes on it. thank you for setting it up. >> chair mar: i will read additional speaker card names. gloria berry, april mcgill, lucy, chuck morris and lauren bell. >> i am crawford. i want to thank you for allowing us to get to this place. i am excited about this proposal. one of the frustrating things you have a lot of reports and data collected. in 1979 we had the agenda by the human rights commission and the report collected dust. i am excited this is about action and implementation.
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the racial equity framework allows the office to create a vision mission about how to deal with these issues. this allows this office to work with different departments to talk about implementation. we are going to analyze ordinances. city departments have to give annual reports. we somewhere report cards. i am excited about bringing nonprofits together to deal with the issues. i am excited about this. >> chair mar: next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. i am tobias, an attorney at the lawyer's committee for civil rights. the lawyer's committee is in strong support to create the office of racial equity.
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we are focused on advancing racial justice in the employment and public contracting it is vital the city create the office to gather and publish data on the contracting and procurement practices. we support amendments to specifically cover data collection for contracting and procurement for all departments. this is the first step towards dismantling the old boys and overcoming bias that continues to exist in the procurement process. >> chair mar: next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisor. i represent the affirmative action in full support of the
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ordinance. we live in a time when the federal government is trying to roll back key civil rights initiatives. san francisco can do better t to enhance for immigrants, working class, our struggles are all connected. we believe the increase in public accountability to ensure the laws are strengthening language access and immigrant rights provides an operation of racial equity through budget and oversight mechanisms. if you foster community engagement and include the stakeholders you will be successful. we need policies to pro actively address discrimination to protect the rights of the communities. >> chair mar: thank you. next speaker.
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>> good afternoon. i represent the economic development agency and the san francisco latino commission and i am a san francisco resident and immigrant. we all support this bill and want to add to everything said. the accountability piece is really important. policies. it was mentioned people are behind institutions. people are behind racist policies. that means there are racist people we need to purge the city government policies and be more explicit about calling out the white culture that is thriving in the city to lead to violence particularly around black and brown and leading from housing to food instability to murders on the streets.
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>> i am gloria berry the only nonestablishment delgant. it is disgusting we are at allowed one minute to speak. perfect example of the problem. example of racial equity and show what it looks like and allow black people two minutes to speak. thank you supervisor fewer for being behind the new office. i remember the hearing last year on the atrocities against black people presented and your reaction of concern and follow-through. i also appreciate your presentation to the dccc when addressing the black agenda. i would like to thank felicia jones. without her data presented we may not be standing here today. of course, whenever there is new legislation and new office there is more room to tighten it up.
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there is a new office, a glimmer of hope but i have concerns. >> chair mar: i will read additional names. felicia jones, kim lynch, chris hansen. norma garcia and natalie. >> thank you supervisors for bringing this forward and for acknowledging our ancestors. we are visitors on the land. i work for indian health. i am a san francisco resident. it is important that we have a representation for the native community. i was asked to come in and support this. we have one of the richest cities and largest populations of native people represents over 500 nations in san francisco. we ask that you give us a voice. thank you.
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>> chair mar: next speaker. >> i am jeffrey. i am a graduate of the dare program. i want to explain the importance of the rights we have done. i came in to represent adult probation and tara anderson is representing the district attorney's office. we were able to form the criminal justice equity statement where it was accepted at the reentry, community corrections partner ship as well as juvenile coordinating council and criminal justice equity statement and war group notes and steps for action. this work is needed. the council has been doing disparity work for five years. this will put more teeth in what
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we do as public safety. thank you. >> good afternoon. i am the director of the division with the san francisco adult probation department. i want to thank supervisors brown, fewer and director davis for all of the work on this. i worked most of my life in juvenile justice and bear witness to over representation of brown and black. i want to work and live in the city that is more intentional about how we mitigate this. parallel to that i set in meetings with decision-makers and look around tables not diverse enough. we need to continue to change this so that all of our communities are represented. i think this office of racial equity is an amazing next step.
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i look forward to the focus to include criminal justice and help us take a deeper dive in the criminal justice system. thank you again. >> chair mar: chris hansen. i yield my time to gloria berry. >> for clarity there is not a board rule to yield time to speakers who have spoken. ms. berry has used her minute. we will go to the next speak concern or the man yielding his time if he wants to come back. >> i would like her message to get out. i would like to thank is that where we are at. >> no, i'm sorry. >> this legislation touches on sf history of harming black
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people specific racist laws existed. nothing has been done. a report in 1993, 2009 and 2015 was done and no action. our concern is that the data presented show black people could besicouldconsistently ares of racism. >> you can leave a written statement. >> chair mar: next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. i am norma garcia for the economic development agency. our staff works hard to retain the integrity and the dignity of the latino community in the san
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francisco mission district. too often it involves the impact of illinois applied city of san francisco epoll sees. we are excited about this. the policies are integral to life in the neighborhood. an example of a policy gone wrong. they are destroying the economic vitality of the small mom and pop businesses. they are under mining the ability to resist displacement. these need scrutiniesed. if you were in place when this was conceived. thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. i am kim lynch, a member of 1021 at the urban hill center.
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i am not thanking anybody for anything until i see accountability. when i see netflix feature when they see us it hurt me to the core and reminds me of the city of san francisco and the dent of public health is doing to us now. i will leave you with this. when they see us the misconceptions of black workers in the workplace. the unfair hiring practices of black workers. when they see us. mistreatment of black workers. when they see us. black workers released from employment on probation. when they see us. black workers in black positions. the institutional racism. long time turnaround.
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when they see us. >> chair mar: your minute is up. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. i am felicia jones. i am the founder of wealth and disparity in the black community justice for mario woods. i am a member of 1021. i am a leader in racism. we were responsible forgetting this legislation here now. i also want to thank supervisor fewer and chelsea who i worked with closely at the beginning of this legislation. however, it has no accountability.
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it has no account ability. we will process. three reports of 55 years and black folks are still in the same position. in fact, in appreciating the work that has gone into it you don't need this office because everything is supposed to go to the human rights commission anyway. in 19464 iin 1946 . >> the speaker's time has expired. thank you. thank you. >> next speaker, please. thank you.
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ms. jones. thank you, ms. jones. next speaker, please. >> you know we can't tell you what we have been through. that is an example of it. you know what i mean? >> thanthankthanthank you, mr. . >> i will read additional names. jessica malina, lewis dillon, amanda, ron, kevin and eddy. next speaker. >> am the youth organizer for the coleman advocates. i would like to echo everything the previous speaker said there is a racial disparity between
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the blacks and white could you tell uster parts and asian counterparts. in light of that i would like to say in each one of us there is a piece of humaneness which orchestrates crisis. if we are to keep it from establishing a false hierarchy we must recognize that any attack is an attack against all of us. we recognize our interests are not served by the systems we support. thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisor. i am an organizer with sf rising. we are here to support this proposed legislation. thank you for introducing this legislation. as an organizer and educator at
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city college, we recognize that racial equity is driving much of our work in education and building electoral power in the city. recently we have seen native communities ask for removal of a mural. we have seen a black youth killed in the mission. we need this office to monitor how we are addressing the issues that communities of color face including intimidation and discrimination. thank you for introducing this. how excellent you are monitoring this and monitoring hiring practices. we hope that will be it. >> chair mar: next speaker. >> good afternoon. department of public health human resources director.
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i want to say that the department supports anything that moves us towards racial justice in the city and our department. i appreciate the work you have done to get this accomplished. thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisor. i am with bright line defense in support of this initiative. the fact there are offices of racial equity in cities across the country shows san francisco can do better to address the injustices communities face every day. we recognize this is not a definite solution, this is a step? the right direction. requiring action plans would be crucial to ensuring the city departments are accountable. thank you for having this important hearing today.
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>> hello. i am calalo. i am a youth leader. i believe did office of racial equity should be passed by the board to help with unjustice toward people of color. we will pro actively protect people of color instead of acting retro actively. racism still exists. with the help of this project, we can hold those in power accountable. thank you. >> i am jessica mallena. i am a youth leader. i support the office of racial
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equity because of my educational work experience, and i have witnessed the racial disparities that still exist. the creation of this office will help close the racial opportunity gap in education and that is very important. i believe we need to make that change. thank you. >> i will read additional names. barbara, wanda, wanda slaughter, alexis, king, claudia. >> i am kevin bogus political director at the children and youth. we are glad to see creation of the offers of racial equity in the human rights commission. our work centers around bringing
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racial equity to the schools and making sure the schools are equitable. we hope this is something the board will grow upon and figure out how to address racial equity in the city. looking beyond the things you have direct control over and figuring how to impact the school district in the region to bring equity to the people who have been displaced from san francisco but still have roots here. thank you. >> i would like to thank the supervisors for their time. >> good afternoon. i am barbara. i am the director of community
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investments for the san francisco arts commission. i want to lend support for the creation of the office and applaud the effort. i am a member of the local american community and this is essential to ensure our data is fully represented. i have been at meetings with other city departments that referred to me as nonliving culture. i have been told our numbers are option too few to matter. we are number 10 in the nation for missing indigenous women. i look forward to working with and supporting the launch of this office. thank you.
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>> we have a draft action plan. we aim to have the first phase by the end of this year and the second by next year after we do community engagement. we have been doing this for the last few years. this will give us more teeth to move pro actively by integrating into the projects or noticing and hiring practices. it is a long road to correct disparities but we are grateful that this will henr help the woe are doing. >> thank you. next speaker, please.
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>> i am bailey. i work for the district attorney office. while working there my co-worker called me a scary nigger. i am going to say what they called me a scary nigger. after being called that i was harassed daily. i asked for a copy of the report calling me a scary nigger. they retaliated me against my retaliation. after being called a scary nigger and filing the complaint they harassed me. after my press conference this is what your city hr put on the news. we acknowledge the n word one comment is not sufficient to create an abusive work
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environment. i will tell you wha how i was treated. that is exactly how i was treated. mr. callahan sent me a letter and wouldn't investigate. i am out of a job now. i was hoping they approve my retirement disability. i suffer with sharp pains. >> chair mar: speaker's time has concluded. next speaker, please. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. i am wanda slaughter. each time i come here today we only get a minute. the two minutes would never
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convey the unfair treatment and incidents that i deal with sine the 1990s. i don't know what is going to happen. >> they are not doing what they should be doing. what are you going to do about them? what they are going to do to the communities. you work with me back in the days you know. you know how i was. i was a good employee. the intimidation and all of the everything that took place. >> thank you.
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next speaker, please. >> race equity is not god's work to establish quota systems for the pity of non-white people it is about balancing the quote take system of whiteness, it was a system developed and contrived through racially biased laws and practices and policies for white men initially and white people overall. some examples are the system in 1619 through 177 to provide a white man with 50-acres of land. homestead acts from 1862 to 1976 that allowed white men and women to complete applications and
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receive allotments of 160-acres of public land. 320-acres land through the homestead act. >> next speaker, please. >> 640-acres land. 270-acres of land was provided. it was for free because of the race. >> to institute white only causes that didymia federal loan guarantees for black people. this set up red lining in the 1960s which these worked in concert until 1977 under the reinvestment act to advance the
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advantages for the white race. >> next speaker, please. >> the law of 1664 was that all negroes would serve hard labor for life. the casua killing lack would noa felony under the presumption that one would not intentionally destroy their own property.
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>> do you want to use the balance of your 30 seconds? we will start the clock over. >> last year our commission adopted a resolution codifying the commitment and establishing the racial equity initiative. we look forward to continuing to grow with other city agencies under the leadership. thank you. >> good afternoon, i am jessie, the program manager for community united. i want to urge selection process for the staffers be transparent and above all else accountable
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to actual people. excited about the legislation. i want to say for example around density we can think about the analysis this might contribute to the impact of property values that go up and contribute to displacement of highly vulnerable working class community language access that limit th the representation that bind us to the development and dignified housing on the lottery system. thank you. >> chair mar: next speaker, please. >> greetings, supervisors. i want to give a very thankful thank you and hug to supervisor brown to bring this forward.
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i am a san francisco native representing the fillmore community. as you all know, i don't need to say any more. inning the levels of the racial disparities, please understand i am here on behalf of the san francisco festival which is imperative and the san francisco black film festival. in terms of this office and in terms of the conversations and the fire that is needed to continue to educate and to bring forward the truthfulness of what is going on, it is more than necessary. it is imperative. let's continue to get the work done and i will say once again accountability. let's go. >> chair mar: thank you. >> i am the co-director of the
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black film festival. as a 10 year resident accompanying her husband to san francisco i proud lerepresent the black film festival. i don't know if you are familiar with the work that my mother-in-law did in the fillmore community i am proud to continue that work not only in the festival every year and the time that we spend individually as community leaders. it is about time for us to realize who we are, sisters. as leaders in the community i am proud to stand her. did you have something to say? >> i want to thank you. i was happy to hear about the legislation. i will support it 100%. hopefully we can get the work done we need for equality of san
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francisco. >> chair mar: next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisor. i am rodney chin, you grew up in chinatown and growing up in chinatown, we experienced a lot of institutional racism. now that i am grown older and moved to weather addition i don't see a change in racial institution in the western addition. i am executive director of a nonprofit and i am here to support the office of racial equity. i encourage you to move forward with this and not put words and policies into effect but let's have oversight on the policies and words. thank you. >> chair mar: one final speaker card. if there is anybody else in the public that wishes to comment on this item, please come forward.
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next speaker, please. >> thank you. i am jessie baker. i am a business owner in san francisco here to support the creation of the office of racial equity. on an interpersonal level and structure level, racism is real and we need things such as the offers of racial equity in order to address this problem on a structural level. thank you for pushing this legislation through. >> hello. i am a fillmore kid, and i want to say i will echo what everyone else is saying. i would like to see the percentage amount of time putting on paper so there is a legal backing for people in
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offers in the position for the people affected to have something to say to make sure their voices aren't not heard and to hold that accountability. thank you. >> i am georgia. i am the president of the american legion across the street on behalf of the fillmore center. i am a new business owner, a new san francisco resident. i am excited what you are doing today. i was invited on behalf of the fillmore. i look forward to seeing what you bring to the table. i am excited to know you are representing us and i am counting on you for accountability. thank you. >> i am andrew.
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i work with film can. we are in support of this office. i want to share the filipino american community has a long history in the city and is not new to racism. we were targets of discrimination since the 1900s. we were banned in the restaurants with no filipinos allowed signs to being called little brown monkeys. during the 20s and 30s there were about 20,000 of us. we were relocated to other parts of the city. we would like to thank the supervisors for their leadership for this legislation. we urge you to pass this. thank you. >> chair mar: next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. i am judy young executive director of the national center of excellent in women's health and co-director of the black
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women's health. i am to speak in support of initiative. i want to encourage you to pass the legislation and i want to echo the sentiments about accountability making sure those running the effort have the authority to do their job and the accountability. your efforts to make sure everyone is accountability will help us to run our initiative. thank you. >> thank you. arnold townsend. real quick. you only got a minute. i support the legislation and what i want to talk about is that one minute. you all need to stop that. i remember when supervisors would have to take a break and dinner break. i know that