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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  July 29, 2019 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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create subproject areas. what that does, that captures the tax increment? so the property taxes above and beyond what was initially existing, and that tax increment, the additional, the portion of the city stays on-site so we can issue bonds or pay for future improvements on that site. and then, the second is the community facilities district, which that is an additional tax that is leveed. sometimes it can be offset, but that is used to traditionally develop under utilized areas, and that's what we're doing here, so that's done by voter initiative. anything else i can clarify there? >> supervisor mar: so this -- the community facilities district, when you say by voters, you mean the -- the -- in the case of -- >> in the case of both of these, i believe it will be the property owners since there are
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no voters there, but i believe it's usually done by voters, and if there's less than 12 voters, then, it's done by property owners. >> supervisor walton: also, none of the resources will be dedicated for transportation improvements or infrastructure? >> so there is funding there for the roads and streets. i believe as part of the development agreement, there was a transportation plan, but i can get back to you on that if you want to know more about the specific transportation? >> supervisor walton: i know it's in the d.a. but i want to -- >> so i'll get back to you to know exactly what's in the transportation plan. >> supervisor walton: thank you. with that, we will hear public comment on item number seven.
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mr. wright? >> i'm going to take the consideration of affordable housing out of the mayor's office of affordable housing's hands. it needs to be in the hands of a federal judge. you violate the law, due prosper taining to equal application of the law pertaining to the homeless people out on the -- due process, pertaining to equal
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application of the law pertaining to homeless people out on the street. you can price gouge and price fix and let that 30% of affordable let it be for people in high income brackets. 40% at 45 to 50% of a.m.i. you do not use the [s thbrackets on the a.m.i. back on me, camera man. jane kim price fixed and price gouged. 40% of that apartment complex is supposed to be affordable housing, and only 2% is accepted to apply at an income of about 45,0$45,000 to $50,00.
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you've got inclusionary law where people in the low-income is supposed to be drunkinclude the housing opportunity, but yet, when you do the documentation, you do not include them. >> supervisor walton: thank you, mr. wright. is there any other public comment on item number seven? seeing none, public comment is closed. supervisor mar, did you have any questions or statements? thank you. with that said, i will make a motion to refer to the board of supervisors with positive recommendation. we'll take that without objection. at this time, we would like to -- i'd like to make a motion to recess until 11:15.
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going to give our nominee for item number four an opportunity to get here by 11:15. >> clerk: we are currently in recess at the moment until 11:15 .
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. >> supervisor walton: back in session. thank you so much. mr. clerk, would you please call item number four. >> clerk: item number four is the motion approving-rejecting the mayor's nomination for ruby
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bolaria-shifrin for a term ending february 26, 2022. >> supervisor walton: thank you so much. miss bolaria-shifrin, you have the floor. >> you know, when you can't get rid of your maiden name. so my name is ruby bolaria-shifrin. i'm honored and humbled that the mayor has nominated me to be on the board. san francisco has been my home for most of my adult life. i started my career in the environmental movement in earth justice and after working with the obama campaign in '08 i bam an event organizer working with
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water and food rights. i wanted to learn more and went to ucla to earn my master's in urban and regional planning. after graduating, i worked in real estate development in san francisco both in the office market and as a regional manager for fi5-point. my current role allows me to blend my mission driven roots and experience with my more technical housing knowledge. besides visiting island for my birthday, i went to treasure island to learn about its rich history including the emergence of san francisco as a force, including the navy was fascinating. i learned about the climate
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impaction plan. i am familiar with the island, its conditions, and history. should i be appointed, my goals would include helping ensure treasure island development delivers on its promises so both current and future residents can enjoy the community. i'm committed to learning the desires of the current residents and make sure they're heard. we must think about the communities impacted with the development. it is my goal to promote transparency so that the outcomes are well understood. throughout my career, i have sought to promote equity and believe the built environment, housing in particular, are key to building thriving communities where everyone has access to opportunity. i believe my experience working with impacted communities, development, and supporting policy change would be put to good use to supporting the public in this role.
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treasure island will become a destination for bay-area residents and tourists around the world. i would work with the board to building treasure island into a better place for our city. i thank you for your support. i also have some letters inform are your support -- letters for your support. >> supervisor walton: do you have any questions, supervisor mar? >> ye >> supervisor mar: i did have some questions -- well, just to say you're -- you're -- you're a really impressive candidate, and you bring a lot of -- of great per spspectives and to t
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great work happening around the development. i was just wondering if you could elaborate a little bit more maybe on how you would approach working with the current residents to ensure their concerns and their voices are included, you know, as this important work moves forward. >> yeah, absolutely. one of the things i've been able to do is work with supervisor haney's office to identify some of the community leaders and activists on the island, so i've setup meetings with them to meet with them and hear more of what their concerns are, not only with the island "bohemian rhapsody" their engagement in the gorchsance and process? so one, just listening, they're the experts, they're the impacted community. they're the ones that should be proposing both the concerns and their solutions. and i think that what i would like to do, some of the concerns that i have heard
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about are the residents post d.d.a. and what happens with them? the toll and congestion pricing, and the desperate impact it has on low-income folks. so i think both of those issues are solvable? but making sure that the current residents are -- have a seat at the table in coming up with those policy decisions i think will be critical, so that's something that i hope to bring. >> supervisor mar: thank you. and i think for this project and others that -- that are potentially contentious, and there's different interests, sometimes competing interests, i think building trust among the different stakeholders is really key, do you have any thoughts about how we can continue to foster and built more trustine tida and the residents and the businesses?
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>> yeah, in my current job, i would say that 90% of my job is building trust, so i think that this would be a very similar situation and a similar use of my skills in that way in engaging with folks especially one-on-one and on us the realm of -- and outside the realm of a courtroom, having more of informal conversations. and proof is in the pudding, right? so i think step one, listening, talking, engaging, bringing those concerns up within the tida board but also acting on that, right? talk is cheap, and so it'll be really important that the board is able to take action that reflects the concerns of the community. >> supervisor mar: great. thank you, and just maybe one
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more specific question as an example. what are your thoughts on the proposed tolls. >> so congestion pricing is not new. it exists in london, singapore. so i think there is a model -- and by the way, there are exemptions for low-income folks. so there are model that we can look to to try to find the most equitiable solutions here? so i think there needs to be some carve outs, but what that looks like -- the devil is in the details? but i think that is a conversation that needs to be on the table. >> supervisor walton: so you mentioned a little bit on -- talking about what concerns residents have for their rights post-d.d.a. what kinds of ideas are you
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thinking about working with the residents on so that they can keep their rights? >> yeah, absolutely. so the d.d.a. was signed almost ten years ago, right? so, like, this is not something where you sign the d.d.a. and then, a year later, right? this is now something where you've had folks living in the community for a while, so we need to be looking at something that include them in an equitiable way but don't threaten their housing. in another job, we had folks eligible for considerable upgrades, and folks were moving in not considered under that same agreement. so we had to work -- there was the government side, and an
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n.g.o. that we were working it, so we worked together to find a solution to incorporate these residents and what that would look like. and what that was based on was community participation and engagement. so i think one thing to figure out is what that looks like for folks in the community and then figure out what's possible. >> supervisor walton: how would you work with the residents to make sure that the site is clean, there aren't any radiological hazards, health issues. how would you make sure we do the right thing in that area? >> absolutely. so one of the main things -- and this is where i think communication and transparency is key. a lot of times, folks say trust me or do it in a way that doesn't resonate.
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step one is understanding and then tida could be involved in the communitien gamgment process to get community results and get community buy-in. so -- gaugement process to get community results and get community buy-in. this goes back to what supervisor mar was saying about building trust and building trust in the community. >> supervisor walton: there's always communication concerns particularly when we're talking about development, and we know
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that there are populations of folks that english is not their first language. how are you going to ensure that information gets out to residents where english is not their first language? >> absolutely. i think we need to have demographics around the community and stuff so we know what we're dealing with in terms of how to communicate? because there's other things to deal with. and then, the second step is to work with -- i mean, i would probably hire a consulting firm, also, that can put together either consulting -- probably more appropriate would be, too, community groups that exist in the city? i think treasure island sometimes feels isolated, and there's a lot of amazing community groups that exist in san francisco that if given a little community support would be happy to lend their services to treasure island, and so thinking about how we can share
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our resources in san francisco. >> supervisor walton: thank you. any other questions, supervisor mar? with that said, we will open this item up to public comment. if anyone would like to speak, you can lineup to my left, your right, and you have two minutes. >> i want you to pay real close attention. first of all, there's no concrete test results on that r radio active material at treasure island. i recommend you getting hired, but there's a recommendation to getting those samples tested. there's an example of a black man coming to the offices of jane kim to talk about the cancer that he was diagnosed with, and jane kim slammed the door in his face. this complex on my right is a
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three-story apartment building apartment of 144 units, and the price is $56 million per 144 units. it's the best bargain in construction of apartment complex in the whole god damn city and county of san francisco. i'm upset that you're not taking advantage of my information. there's another apartment complex, as well. it's an 87-unit apartment complex. it's being built and sold for $57 million complex. three times nine is 29. th -- 27. that means you could build three complexes and use the same technique as this 87-unit apartment complex and take chunks out of the homeless.
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we've got a rule that says 15% of all apartment building complexes are supposed to be for low-income and very low-income and you're not using it. that's why you've got -- >> supervisor walton: thank you, mr. wright. any other public comment? and please feel free to lineup over there if you plan to speak. >> hi. i'm katelyn fox. i'm a resident of san francisco's district ten? and i work with ruby, and she managed our housing portfolio which is within the justice and opportunity initiative. i believe ruby would be an excellent member of the treasure island development authority for three reasons. first her passion for housing is undeniable. her career speaks to this
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issue, and seeing it from multiple points. she has helped craft a comprehensive nuanced strategy to develop housing in our region and in our state. she is able to push for very bold solutions for our housing. i've seen firsthand that ruby does this beautifully. third, she is committed to ensuring equity and addressing the consequences that may impact the most vulnerable residences. she makes sure that no one is left out of living in the city and benefiting from our region's growth. so i think that ruby would be an excellent addition to the committee and i fully support her recommendation to the committee. thank you. >> supervisor walton: next speaker. >> hi.
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i'm anna lee gould. i've known ruby over a decade as well and her commitment not only to the members of san francisco but to the members of this most vulnerable community is something that's truly drawn me and others to her. i started working with her back in 2009, i believe, as a domestic violence crisis counselor for women's inc? she has continued to show her dedication to the women's rights issues. global fund for women is another project that she dedicates her time to that i've seen firsthand how effective she can be. she's clearly empathetic and passional but above all,
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pragmatic which will serve her and the other community members well. so i strongly support the nomination, and i appreciate the time. >> my name isally jones. i'm a ten-year resident of san francisco. i'm here today to offer my personal recommendation for ruby bolaria-shifrin to the treasure island development authority. i've been lucky to know ruby over 20 years. we grew up in sacramento. ruby takes it upon herself to right the wrongs in the world and inspires those lucky enough to be around her to do the same. i know she would excel as a board member because she represents everyone in treasure island.
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her determination and passion to make a difference, and her commitment to use housing as a tool to create opportunities in san francisco, across california, and as you heard internationally where she worked to approve housing settlements in johennesburg, south africa. i know she will take this position seriously and create a treasure island that is equitiable and offer opportunities to those who face the greatest barriers. i ask that you support mayor breed aways recommendation and appoint ruby to the treasure island development authority. thank you. >> supervisor walton: thank you. next speaker, please. >> my name is j.d.baselco. ruby and i met seven years ago at ucla. we took many of the same classes, including those
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focused on affordable housing development and planning. she was always speaking out for those who don't have a joyce. this stems from her own personal experiences and experience in personal justice. ruby is unwaivering in this, regardless of the situation she finds herself in both personally and professionally. she's not afraid to speak up and asks the hard questions when evaluating a situation which i think will make her especially value for this commission. lastly, ruby is an active member of all of her various communities that she finds herself in. for example, she initiated ucla
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alumni association in the area. i have no doubt that ruby will bring a community oriented and technically sound perspective to this board, and i urge you to support her nomination. thank you. >> supervisor walton: thank you. do we have any other speakers on this item? >> hello. my name is lala hume, and i am here to support the nomination of ruby bolaria-shifrin to the treasure island development authority. i practice land use law, and clerked for federal judges including here and the northern district of california. i'm a graduate of u.c. berkeley school of law. i'm a proud resident of the
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mission district in san francisco. i've known ruby almost two years in personal engagement as well as professional capacities. given my past experience and the contacts and interests i maintain in these areas, i've had the opportunity to learn about ruby's work in a professional context. she has a thoughtful approach to solving problems to ensure all voices with heard. in many situations she has proven herself to be the most engaged and impactful when she's helping others. i support ruby's nomination to the treasure island development authority and i urge you to do
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the same. >> supervisor walton: thank you. is there any other public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. thank you so much for coming in and step forward to want to serve in this role. the work on treasure island is really important. we have a lot of work to do to make sure that we do the right thing. i am working very hard to do some of the same things on the shipyard, so this role is not to be taken lightly. supervisor mar, do you have any comments? >> supervisor mar: yeah, would just echo your thanks, you know, to miss bolaria-shifrin's willingness to step up to one
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of the most important roles in the city, and i thank you for the willingness that you expressed in working with the community to make sure that their voices are heard and their interests are considered in the work that's going to be moving forward on treasure island and also your commitment to ensuring equity, you know, in the new development. so i would like to make a motion to approve the mayor's nomination of ruby bolaria-shifrin to the full board of supervisors as a committee report. >> supervisor walton: i second that motion, and we will take that without objection. >> clerk: that matter will be recommended as amended to the board meeting scheduled for tomorrow.
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>> supervisor walton: and mr. clerk, do we have anymore items? >> clerk: that completes the agenda for today. >> supervisor walton: thank you. seeing no more business, this meeting is adjourned.
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49 square miles of san francisco. by supporting local services within our neighborhoods, we help san francisco remain unique, successful, and vibrant. so where will you shop and dine in the 49? >> my name is ray behr. i am the owner of chief plus. it's a destination specialty foods store, and it's also a corner grocery store, as well. we call it cheese plus because there's a lot of additions in addition to cheese here. from fresh flowers, to wine, past a, chocolate, our dining area and espresso bar. you can have a casual meeting if you want to. it's a real community gathering place. what makes little polk unique, i think, first of all, it's a great pedestrian street. there's people out and about all day, meeting this neighbor and
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coming out and supporting the businesses. the businesses here are almost all exclusively independent owned small businesses. it harkens back to supporting local. polk street doesn't look like anywhere u.s.a. it has its own businesses and personality. we have clothing stores to gallerys, to personal service stores, where you can get your hsus repaired, luggage repaired. there's a music studio across the street. it's raily a diverse and unique offering on this really great street. i think san franciscans should shop local as much as they can because they can discover things that they may not be familiar with. again, the marketplace is changing, and, you know, you look at a screen, and you click a mouse, and you order something, and it shows up, but to have a tangible experience, to be able to come in to taste
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things, to see things, to smell things, all those things, it's very important that you do so. you. >> well to the epic center are you ready for the next earthquake did you know if you're a renter you can get earthquake shushes we'll take to the earthquake authorities hi welcome to another episode i'm the chief resilience officer for san francisco i'm joined by
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my good friends for the earthquake authority we're at the el cap center for the city and county of san francisco started in 2013 to get the community and talk about the risk we think about earthquake if usual great city you'll see one of the demonstrates we've built the model home and i encourage other episodes we'll be retroactively retrofitting and showing you as property owners to employ you work for the california earthquake authority talk about your role and earthquake shirnls up think the viewers want to know if you're a renter or property owner how the insurance issues. >> i'm the chief mitigation officer or c e a a property line funded pubically managed entity that provides earthquake shiners for one to four units and mobile owners to come down and renters
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throughout the state of california. >> what make the c e a deft. >> we work with 19 participates the insurer that sells you, your homeowner policy you're not obligated to buy it but you can buy a policy. >> am i covered with homeowners insurance. >> no california homeowners understand their homeowners insurance doesn't cover earthquake they need a separate policy if you're an shiners you can get the earthquake insurance policy. >> so explain why it is for the c e a is deft if a traditional insurance agency. >> irreverent so in the 80s the state of california passed a law that requires any company that writes the policies to over earthquake insurance the
11:48 am
homeowners are not required by commissioner cranshaw can bye there was so much loss they were going to stop writing the insurance policies for earthquakes they wanted to stop a serious insurance policy. >> we're talking about the homeownership's buying the earthquake shiners but 70 percent are renters what's my opposite. >> the option for renter the earthquake be insurance company is affordable i think people don't realize just exactly what it covers it covers damaged property but loss of use if you have to be under a building they have a quarter main that was broken as well as emergency repair if interests glass breaks in the carpet you need to be in our unit that's whether earthquake is important. >> you're title you're the excessive mitigation officer for the state of california when i
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think of insurance i don't think about mitigation. >> so as part of public safety mission the c e a started to put aside mitigation loss fund 5 percent of invested income and when i joined the company 34 years ago we had $45 million to make a difference for moving and incentivizing and mitigation for california homeowners to structure engineering a unique opportunity to cervical homeowners to help them to mitigate the equivalent. >> whether an owner or renter i want to find more information about earthquake insurance where should i go. >> earthquake not only information about insurance but a calculated figures and as of january lots of deductible and 25 percent if a homeowner mitigate their hope
11:50 am
up to 20 percent off their premium as an incentive for the work. >> what does mitigate the home mean. >> strengthen, renovate, retrofit through a home particularly older to earlier codes and you put in adding streamlining maybe collar bolts to tie to the foundation or to the wall so it is braced to earthquake can be very, very affordable and really makes a difference. >> thank you very much for being with us i encourage the viewers not only to checkout the earthquake authority but we'll talk about >> the hon. london breed: good morning, everyone. i'm london breed, and i'm the
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mayor of san francisco, and i'm so excited to be here with you today to talk about what we are doing to provide more affordable housing to the residents of san francisco. [applause] >> the hon. london breed: when i first became mayor last year, i noticed that in the capital plan for the city and county of san francisco, there were no plans for affordable housing, and that was not okay. we made changes, we made adjustments, and we started off with a $300 million affordable housing bond, and that $300 million has turned into $600 million, the largest affordable housing bond in the history of this city. [applause] >> the hon. london breed: without raising property taxes. we did this in a collaborative way. we did this with the leadership of the president of the board
11:52 am
of supervisors, norman yee. we did this with our community partners, including four amazing people who led the community working group consisting of so many stakeholders. folks from labor were at the table. people from the community were at the table. folks from the housing community, from public housing, from all sectors of the community from this city because when we know we need to do something this big, we need to come together. and yes, it was not easy, but i want to thank everyone because the people at the table were open-minded, provided feedback, fought for what they believe in, and now we are here united to make sure that the voters pat this bond in november
11:53 am
november. [applause] >> the hon. london breed: thank you so much to the folks who led this effort, including myrna melgar, tamika moss, malcolm young, and annie chung. because we knew how much money we had, but we also had to make sure that we provided the resources for the things that we needed the most. and as someone who grew up in public housing in this city, there was no way that i was going to allow an affordable housing bond to happen without providing the kind of support that would help residents of public housing, and i want to thank all of you for being unwaivering in your public support for delivering public housing in san francisco. [applause] >> the hon. london breed: this affordable housing bond has something for everyone, including our seniors. and president yee was such a
11:54 am
true advocate, not because he's a senior himself, but because -- [laughter]. >> the hon. london breed: i thought you were proud of that, president yee? >> president yee: i am. >> the hon. london breed: but let me tell you, no one does salsa like president yee. but he knew it was important, that fact. you knee it was important that we do good investments, and that's what we're doing with this bond. in addition to providing senior support, we'll be providing housing for our teachers, for down payment assistance, so there's something for everyone. it was a compromise. and again, i want to thank all those on the working group who came together to help make this
11:55 am
possible. but you know what? there's also a need to make sure that these affordable housing units that preservation and the rehabilitation of affordable housing are done with our brothers and sisters of labor. and so i want to thank the labor community, including the leadership of larry mazzola, jr. who sat at the table to make sure that labor was an important part of this effort. [applause] >> the hon. london breed: so many amazing people, so much incredible work and time went into this effort. thank you to president yee again and all the members of the board of supervisors who are very supportive of this affordable housing bond. as i said, this is the largest affordable housing bond in the history of the city without raising property taxes, and so now, the real work begins. once the board passes this bond and places it on the ballot for november, we're going to be looking to all of you and the
11:56 am
voters of san francisco to make sure that we pass this ballot measure. we need at least two thirds of the votes of san franciscans, and so we're going to be working out there and stomping and doing everything we can to get it done, and i'm going to be counting on each and every one of you. thank you all so much for being here today, and now i want to turn the mic over to my partner in this amazing effort, president of the board of supervisors, norman yee. [applause] >> president yee: thank you very much, mayor breed. this has truly been a partnership. it's almost like a model where we start with another end, and another end, we talked to everybody we could talk to, we figured it out. what is the collaboration that we need? what are the elements that we need? how do we serve all the people in san francisco? whether you're a teacher,
11:57 am
whether you're a senior, whether you're someone who lives in public housing, whether you just simply can't make it because of the salary that you're living on, well, i think we've done it. we've done it. it's a start. is this going to answer every question? probably not, but this is going to be a big, big achievement for san francisco for us to put $600 million for affordable housing for our residents. [applause] >> president yee: i'll tell you this right now. i won't outline what mayor breed -- what she had already outlined. it was a battle. we had to fight, we had to claw, we had to prove our point. this came from labor, it came from everybody. even the middle-income folks to came in and say we need help also, we hear you. we will put something in there for the middle-income, as well as low-income. i am so proud of the process
11:58 am
that we -- that we took to get to where we are today. today is going to be a historical vote where the board of supervisors will vote on this bond measure, this measure for housing in san francisco. and then, once we get it on the ballot, it's going to be another historical moment in november, because all of us, all of you will fight for this and make sure that we get 17%, right? and i can't thank the staff and the supervisors enough for their part because the community weighed in early, and we needed to figure out what are the issues that we needed to address.
11:59 am
all my supervisors weighed in on the whole process. i want to thank them personally. almost every one of them. thank you supervisors. give them a hand. [applause] >> president yee: and i really want to thank their staff who did a lot of work. please join myself, mayor breed up here, labor, and just say to you -- just talk to 20 people, all your neighbors, and say this is the most important thing you can do to help our residents in san francisco. we need affordable housing, yes! we need affordable housing, right? thank you very much. >> the hon. london breed: thank
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you. thank you, president yee. and as he said, this was a collaborative effort, and i just want to recognize, there's so many people here today. i can't start naming names because you guys will get mad at me if i forget somebody. but i do want to say to the nonprofit housing developers here that work in the community, whether it's tndc, mission housing and others, who continue to provide this much-needed affordable housing, ccdc and others, thank you so much for being here today for your advocacy and affordable housing in san francisco. thank you to the yimbys in san francisco. it means a lot. now i want to bring up one of the cochairs of the committee to help bring forth this amazing $600 million affordable housing bond.