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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  August 1, 2019 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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entry-level referrals for disadvantage san franciscans to get into some of these other nonconstruction additional courier building opportunities that are out there. particularly through your training program. we were talking to maria about the potential out there in the coming year. thank you. >> excellent. thank you. >> just one thing. in all fairness, i would like to just state. i had the opportunity of going to communities graduation where they gave wraparound services through the whole 11 week process getting our people ready for work, and on-the-job. amazingly they said historically, it was the largest class in the history of san francisco.
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the majority of the class were people of color, men and women. i had the opportunity of going to the access point for a whole month in and out of the office, sitting, listening, and talking to different people. i got to hear the men and women, the joy of learning how to work the computers. the peace and confidence of doing it because of being walked with hand in hand. that was the response when we told them about other places of employment and training. in knowing that we do need to pursue more opportunities to do all types of work. many of our young people want to
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do the cosmetology side. and making their own clothes. we do want to see you do more differently, and better, with your side of it area there are other opportunities that are springing up and doing a good job. >> i wanted to make a comment. first of all, i do want to thank city build and all of the other different agencies that work together to do this training and workforce development and all of the underrepresented communiti communities. the one thing that i do want to see happen is that these organizations work with the community as well as the. , not much in a contentious way but more of a cooperative way. and then listening to the public comment as well as a comment from the different department
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heads, i am hearing from both sides that there is some areas of improvement around transparency. one of the ways that that can be alleviated is not just to take the members on tours of the properties, which actually provide them the. with an actual reporting of what is happening in terms of compliance. maybe whether it be quarterly, or by annually, but letting the. no specific governing body in the area and also overseeing some of the workforce development stuff what is happening. i know joshua was saying how these reports are coming forth. i think letting the. be informed of what is happening and what is changing in terms of the workforce. i would love to see this program and expand doubled the numbers and not just 100 people, seeing if we can maybe do 200. identifying additional gaps on
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more zip codes that need this training to prime that pipeline. like you said, we are not meeting the 50%. even though that is a lofty goal, we should be doing everything we can to get more people in the loop and get to those direct, i think you said it was i direct interview stage. >> okay. thank you. any other comments? >> commissioners, the last comment i want to make is i want to express my gratitude to the commissioners, the ocii staff. just for context. ocii has the highest placement
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and gets the most for local residents. i definitely want to thank you for all of the support you have been providing to the program. as part of the gratitude, we have a chili cookoff that is happening this saturday. it's an alumni get, full of graduates, over 1400 graduate that graduated the last 13 years. not all of them are going to come back. we are expecting at least 200 people, ten contractors are cooking the chili. you get to vote to see if the chili taste good or not. they are going to get the prize, the grand prize is dinner for 4 at the house of prime ribs. that is our appreciation to them. these are contractors of ocii
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projects across the city. it's a way for us to think these contractors were hiring our students. that is the first thing. i'm going to hand it off to mr. clark. second, if i do not give a special thanks to my housing authority association, a lot of the association knows i am a product of housing authority. i grew up in public housing. we actually received a lot of services that we are currently providing at the workforce. i want to give a special thanks to them, and to you to give me the opportunity to continue to serve the public. thank you for that opportunity. please join us at this chili cookoff. >> thank you. >> we hope to see you on saturday, those of you that can make it. we provide an invitation for the opening of the district 11 access point that will be operated by inner-city youth and community developers in the next couple of months. thanks again. >> thank you.
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>> okay. the only follow-up question is the budget. if we are adding a task to the mou, is there sufficient budget so folks can come back? >> we will define the scope of work and have oewd give us an estimate for a budget amendment. >> thank you. fellow commissioners, i think we are ready for a motion. would someone like to make a motion? >> i move that we approve the mou with the san francisco training -- oewd and ocii infrastructure that they would continue with the subject to annual appropriation of funds.
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>> i second the motion. >> the motion of five d has been made by commissioner scott. can you please call the role. [roll call] >> the mou is adopted. thank you. item c, authorizing the executive director to enter into a memorandum of understanding with the city and county of san francisco controller's office for financial systems, accounting, and audit support, in an amount not-to-exceed $245,000 for fiscal year 2019-2020.
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action resolution number 13-2019. madam director? >> thank you, madam secretary. this item is routine. it's not as exciting as the previous item. this is just financial systems auditing, and audit supports an accounting that we typically rely on the controller's office to deliver. i do not expect, oh, really, i didn't see you. i will turn it over to rosa torres to present. >> thank you. good afternoon. my name is rosa torres, and i am with ocii, accounting supervisor. i will be presenting a resolution to authorize the executive director to enter into a memorandum of understanding with the city and county of
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tran07 controller's office. our financial system auto -- audit support with an amount not to exceed 245. before we start, i just want to say that this mou with the controllers has been going on annually since resolution. this mou is included in the approved 19-20 budget. with that said, we can go on and this mou is for 245,000. it is for current time fiscal year, 1920 -- 19-20. it is for this scope of work, it is for specialized financial system accounting and audit support for ocii. the scope of work has the main component.
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system access. and support. ocii utilizes management information system which we call it fsp. that is mou's records. we also utilize the executive information system data which is known as eis which is for reporting prior years. accordingly use the but -- of course we use the budget system to use the budget, monitor our budget and the whole budget process. that is the first skull. and then the second component is accounting review services. the controller reviews and approves all ocii financial transactions which includes journal entries, vouchers and other documents.
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the controller also maintains ocii is vendors and updates the vendors and their files. another support that they provide to us is accounting entries. this is not your regular entri entries. we are unique area we have a lot of unique accounting transactions. we have refunding of bonds. we have a new gatsby every year. gadsby is government accounting standard score. they come in and help out. the third component is that independent audit service. it is for the preparation and issuance of ocii's annual financial audit.
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that is the completion of my presentation. we request for this to be approved -- this resolution to be approved. if you have any questions or comments? >> you want to introduce -- >> oh, michael. he is from the controller, he has been working with us since dissolution. if anybody knows, foz on the city, anything, or everything for redevelopment, him. i want to thank him. he is amazing. he's always helping and trying to find ways. like i said before, we are unique and different kinds of transactions. he can tell you that, we've never seen him before, let's figure out how to do it. thank you michael, personally. i think the ocii's thank you for everything. since dissolution he has been there. >> thank you for your service.
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do we have any speaker cards? >> no speaker cards. >> any member of the public like to address the commission for the mou for the controller's office? being none. public comment is closed. to my fellow commissioners have any questions or comments, or motions? >> no questions or comments. thank you so much for the work that you are doing and have done. thank you for your report. >> i would like to make a motion to adopt the mou with the city and county comptroller's office for the fiscal year 19-204 -- -- $245,000, resolution 13-2019. >> i second that motion. the item has been moved by commissioner brackett and seconded by commissioner scott.
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[roll call] >> the mou is adopted. >> the next order of business is agenda item d, authorizing a legal services contract with curls bartling, p.c., a professional law corporation, for disclosure counsel services in an amount not-to-exceed $148,950. discussion and action resolution 14-2019. madam director? >> thank you. this item is new to the commission. engaging a disclosure counsel, practices and the public finance industry. we are excited that we are at least in the process of contracting with the disclosure counsel to provide services.
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>> good afternoon. i am the financial recording management analyst of van nuys. the i do be for you is the authorization of an for the council not the amount to exceed $148,950,000. -- on a $48,950. issuance of bond creates ongoing regulatory and contractual obligations to material information that might affect the security of these bonds. because of this complexity. they will hire specialized disclosure counsel to provide legal counsel.
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providing training for staff, commissioners and oversight board to ensure required disclosure. issues may arise throughout the year, best practices will have counsel for continuity. the scope of the contract includes the following. [reading notes] in october 2016, the city attorney's office established a panel of bond and disclosure counsel. we issued an rfp to hold counsel
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on this panel. we received seven proposals and these are reviewed by our manager, deputy counsel in our advisor. it included relevant experience and bond transactions and exposure experience. @ knowledge of ocii's debt portfolio and other agencies. the quality of the proposal and bay area presence and the cost of services. our panel selected bartley pc, small business enterprise. they have provided transaction in the past. [reading notes] the term of the contact -- contract is it pending approval. this allows counsel to develop knowledge on credits which is required to meet reporting
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obligations and provide consistent disclosure advice. the not to exceed amount is $148,950. that concludes my presentation. we also have janelle walker from bartley here if you have any other questions? >> thank you. do we have any speaker cards? >> no speaker cards. >> any member of the public like to address commission on this item? seeing none. public comment is closed. fellow commissioners, any questions or comments? >> no questions or comments. >> the only comment i have is i want to thank curls bartling for putting together a thoughtful proposal. i understand it was a unanimous decision by the seven panel members and the specific piece of mou is going to help provide consistency to the organization of van nuys and so forth.
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thank you. -- ocii and so forth. thank you. >> the only question i have i is -- does our small business policy apply? >> yes, it does. >> yes, it does apply. curls bartling is a small business, minority owned business. >> just to follow up, small business enterprise that is deemed compliance with policy? >> that is correct. do we have a motion? >> yes i would like to make the motion that we approve of the legal services contract with curls bartling, the professional
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law corporation for disclosure counsel services, in an amount not to exceed $148,950 through may 31, 2022. >> i second that motion. >> thank you. the item has been moved by commissioner scott, seconded by commissioner brackett. role because -- . [roll call] >> thank you. the contract is approved. please call the next item. >> the next order of business is agenda item e, authorizing a personal services contract with mjf & associates consulting, a sole proprietorship, to manage the office of community investment & infrastructure's hunters point shipyard site office and to provide outreach and administrative support services to the mayor's hunters point
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shipyard citizen's advisory committee ("cac"), the legacy foundation, and ocii for a contract term of july 1, 2019 to june 30, 2022, and a total contract amount of $914,404.58; hunters point shipyard redevelopment project area. discussion and action resolution 15-2019. >> thank you. this item has been before the commission over a period of time when we initiated the process, as you can see now we are holding a selection, we are excited. i have members here, folks can wave, they are here because this service really represents them and would be providing administrative services as well as outreach for the work we do.
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we are happy and excited with mjf and associates is going to partnership with us again. with that i'm going to turn it over, and this time we actually have some controllers that are new that will be providing outreach work. i'm going to turn it over to lila and she can do her presentation and introduce the team that is before you today. >> thank you director, sesay. nadia covered half of my presentation. just kidding. i'm going to go over some project area context to contextualize this contract and some of its history. what you have here is the project area, this is the map that many of you have seen many times. it covers candlestick.and phase two of the shipyard, and
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historically provides services for the project area. a little background here. in 1991, the u.s. navy was authorized to transfer the shipyard after environmental remediation. to the san francisco redevelopment agency now known as ocii in 1995, the hunters point shipyard was swarmed to advise the re- development agency and ocii on the redevelopment of the shipyard. in 1996, the redevelopment agency began operations of the shipyard site office. there have been support services for the site office dating back for a very long period of time. just broadly, the main buckets
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of categories that the shipyard site provides a lot of administrative support services. the legacy foundation, the. which makes recommendations on ocii to the phase i and phase two benefit funds. they disseminate a lot of information to the public about projects, housing opportunities, other community meetings and generally help people who walk in who want to know about the project. they are some of the first people we talk to the public about the project. they do broad outreach for the hunters point community that are related to this project. earlier this year, my colleague came before this commission and provided informational memo on the actual rfp itself. and this is the issue we ordered
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an rfp earlier this year. the proposals were due, we also had panel interviews, it consisted of two. members as well as to ocii members. and then we took that recommendation back to the full. some of the scopes of services are to require that the staff operating the site is at 451 galvez between 5-8:00 p.m. the critical component is a support to the evening meeting that the. has which could run up to 7-8 meetings per month if all of the subcommittees were provided notification as well as supporting materials to the cac members are members of the public.
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they provide outreach services as well as reservation system for entrance into the site. they do the reporting -- they have reporting requirements with ocii to talk about how many members of the public they serve coming in, and what of the work is involved. so, this is also an overview of minimum modifications. three years experience, ability to work with diverse population. the second bullet.i want to thank the cac for emphasizing the second bullet point cards for this contract. a lot of the discussion from the cac to make sure we are reaching a much wider audience. there -- we need to do better. we make sure there is strong language in the rfp. also demonstrating familiarity with the shipyard as well as the broader bayview area and
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experience working with public sector compliance, and ability to create a work plan to support the entire scope. i won't read through all of this. this is the proposal process that i just went over that we went through with the cac and the panel members to actually select a contractor. in summary, we received two proposals. after we had sitdown interviews with both proposers. this is the rank order recommendations. mjf associates came out number one and number two was jb are partners. after this slide, i would like to invite the team to ultimately
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introduce themselves. mjf and associates have brought on two subcontractors who are local bayview women contractors, bigmouth productions to not only provide more robust social med media, but provide a variety of different creative ways to outreach to new residents to bring in energy. the total contract time is three years, and the budget is approximately $914,404.58. this is just broadly, how the scope of work is divided. you have bigmouth and phoenix focus on outreach and you have mjf doing a lot of day-to-day for the. before i conclude, i would like
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to invite micah to say a few words. [please stand by]
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>> the cac is, i believe, a vital entity, especially right now with the continued projects, the shipyard and candlestick
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point and i want to give a special thanks to all cac members that are here and that have supported my business and all of my employees throughout the years. at least vincent fakime is our site office manager. and we have tashaun jones and she's but but not so new but assisted us in the past with public relations operations here and there. so we thought it would be fitting to bring her aboard. our other consultant who is also
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a certified 9412 sbe, they have a little bit different task in the sense they will both be working together with our outreach services. with that, we're open to answer any questions may have. >> not at this time, thank you. so with that, i would like to conclude we're here to seek approval from the commission to execute this proposed site office, administrative support office's contract. thank you. >> thank you. puso i'm going to call a very short recess because if one commissioner leaves the room, then we lose a forum. if folks can indulge us for five
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or ten minutes. the commission w speaker cards on the item that we were on before the recess? >> yes, madam vice chair. we have joyce armstrong. >> i'm a member of the cac and the proud president of the pub housing tenant association. i'm here to support and ask you to pass 5e, f and g while i'm up here. [ laughter ] >> very efficient. >> we're in full support of mjf and they've been doing a fabulous job. this is dr. honey's birthday
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month and she's off and she made sure to make me speak on her behalf and the cac that we support all of this with mica and block 52. that's all i have to say. but we do all support that. thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> no other speaker cards, madam vice chair. >> ok. public comment is closed. and members of the commission, comments, yeses? commissioner breckett? >> i have one clarification, is big mouth production doing digital or will that be more fee phoenix. >> big mouth production is a professional photography and videography service. >> i definitely saw the proposal and i just wanted to say i'm impressed with the proposal that was put forth.
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i've been impressed with the fact that your company and all of the company that have worked under your company have been maliable and meet the community where they need to be met. i think it's important to have representation from the community, working in the community, outreaching to their own community and i wanted to thank you for that and to say good luck and continue. >> commissioner in. >> again, just to echo what the commissioner said. i am so proud of the cack, of the mjf association and just the fact the legacy. again, carrying on,
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mrs. willie b. kennedy, the works, services at bayview hunter's point, your family, her husband and then alyse, mother vincent, carrying on as they have served and serving in the way that you do with excellent concern for not just bayview hunter's point but watching out for the whole city. i just appreciate that and then miss lashawn coming here transplanted from the south and just stepping off, running, going into communities and teaching us how to pull together our community. i just appreciate you all in partnership. i appreciate what cack is doing and the fact that your support to them helps to do even more and better.
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so thank you so much. >> we need the support and we want information and we want to know about how the developers are doing. compliance issues, anything. we can't be all places at all times. we look to the community to speak to us and i think we each can say we have an open-door policy, but definitely, we want this to be a successful contract. so i need a motion. >> i move that we approve of the personal service's contract with mjf and associates consulting.
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with lcii for the amount of $914,404.58. i almost said million. [ laughter ] >> my glass has multiplied. [ laughter ] >> wait a minute, that could not be right. [ laughter ] >> i second the motion. not the million but the motion. [ laughter ] >> the motion, yes. so the item has been moved by commissioner scott and seconded by commissioner breckett. please call the roll. (roll call). >> three ayes and one absent. >> the item passes and thank you so much. we look forward to working with you.
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please call the next item. the next order is 5f, conditionally approving the revised schematic design for block 52, lenar and hunter's yard consisting of 77 residential units, 68 market unit and nine inclusionary units and providing this is within the scope of the hundreder's shipyard and report. and adopting environmental findings pursuant to the california environmental equality act, hunter's point ship yard redevelopment area, discussion and action resolution number 16-2019, madam director? >> madam secretary, through the chair, this item before you is a developed site for 77 units with nine units that are inclusionary.
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staff and the development team has been working on this for quite some time and we're excited to bring something password. forward. ithy what's excitini think whats donating land to exist that will be before you after this one. with that, i'll turn it over to lila hussein. we know sheila was supposed to be here and congrats to her. she had her baby, unexpectedly. >> good afternoon, i'm the senior project manager for the shipyard candle stick and i'll be going over contacts before we get into the detail of the programme. so this is just an overview of the press and we'll talk about the project description, the bmr location and description and
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then the architect team will present details on the design, the floor plans and then we would -- then i'll come back and talk about the design conditions of approval and the next steps for the project. >> may i interrupt? i do want to note that if you recall, california department of public health was not scheduled to come at the last meeting and that did not work out and they're scheduled to come the following meeting, all in context with phase one. they have been asked for the mayor and the city to do a rescan of phase one and hilltop and hillside and they have completed, they released a report, had multiple community meetings and the report is out and we've issued a press relief but this is an opportunity for the department of public health to speak to you.
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ideally, we would like to have that in advance. but i wanted to give you context that we're moving this forward that we have had positive completion and certification from california department of public health, that it is clean and safe for the residents and the environment. just to put it into context. apologies for interrupting. lila? >> so on the monitor is a map that shows both shipyard phase one and phase two. the arrows are pointing to the hiptop area which is where block 52 is located. block 52, there's oci parcel that's block 52 as well as lenar 52, which we'll be talking about oci's block 52. this site is a little over an
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acre. again, before going into the site itself, i just wanted to give an overview of the phase one development programme. phase one consists of hilltop and hillside and the total entitlement and the ddas, 1,024 unit for both sites of this 405 are affordable units of the 405 and 218 will be oci funded affordable united on five designated blocks, affordable housing blocks. and this is 26 acres of park and the developer builds the necessary infrastructure to support the development, as well as the parks. so far, to date, we have completed 439 units on hilltop, 99 of which are affordable and we have under construction 66 units and some of you have been out there in block 55, and three of the 66 are affordable and we
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have completed 14 acres of parks and open space andle hilltop infrastructure. so this is zooming in further to the project site itself. this is the site that reflects the schematic design that you are about to see a lot of detail of. it's a very permanent site, at the southern edge of the hilltop area and it's framed by two streets quirkwood and gerald streets and a private but publically accessible street. and the schematic design came before this commission. this is a revision to the schematic design to allow the developer to relook at the site and figure out a different building configuration to able to deliver the project more efficiently and cost effectively.
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and the new design allowed the developer to do, which directors refer to is be able to fit its programme programme and 77 units on a smaller site than needed. so this results in a portion of the land of the developer is transferring to ocii for the affordable site. and we also reconfigure where that private walkway that i talked about will be located. so again, this is a detail showing the sliver of donation parcels that will be transfer overing to oci's affordable parcel and the remaining site is the market rate parcel. it will allow for an increase of the approximately 15 more affordable unit oppose the oci
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parcel. so the overall project summary and 6 marke 68 mark units is 11d there's a variety of unit mechanicsunits, onebedroom and s and inclusion units are required to be at 80% ami. this is a-day-ol a detailed tabe location of the bmr unit mix. they are distributed throughout floors two through four. and this represents a mix of the actual building -- the different bedroom types that are in the project itself. and with that, i will transfer
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the presentation over to ryan t townsend and then i'll come back with the design. >> hi, everyone. i'm a director and vice chair. can we get a full screen.
7:49 am
since we've covered the slide, i'll move on. one of the radiuses is showing the five-minute walk radius and there's a public park to north and some of the other lines are showing the prominent bus line and public transportation to the site. so the views from the project, given that it's a high elevation, it has a lot of great view and you can see the views of the city to the north, the bay to the south and then, also, the oakland to the northeast. so this slide gives an overview of the architectural design intent ant th and the inspiratif the building. we were inspired to create a
7:50 am
building that has a nice industrial scale and fit well in the context of the year. so we were inspired by the basic rhythm of the standard san francisco townhome and wanted to make sure that the scale fit the area, but then we also wanted to unify the base with some of the more industrial character of the site and we were inspired by the gantry cranes and how we could take black brickwork and work it into the base to give it more character at the pedestrian scale. it helps to break down the skill. so this is a view of the project from the north and you can see the pedestrian walk that lila is referencinreferencing.
7:51 am
so the project is a total of four story. although the majority of the lower level is parking garage and most of it is actually underground. this is a view from the south. one of the other interesting things about the project is that because we have utilized less of the site, we're allowed to have more green space for the residents. and have used the opportunity to create a pavilion space. so this community pavilion space serves a fitness centre and also a community space for residents, creating different architectural
7:52 am
character and abut that up against kirkwood so we have a basic streetfront around the entire project. >> there's a nice little gem. so the building has two pedestrian entrances. one to the south and one to the east. so this is the pedestrian entrance off of kirkwood and has wood materials to give warmth to the building to help identify the entries to the building. (please stand by).
7:53 am
you can see how the site leaves its way into that pedestrian
7:54 am
only walkway, and then along this walkway, we have these loft unit or double height. those help engage the pedestrian space. i won't dive into much detail on the land. we have made a bit of them. this one basically covers the site circulation and traffic so you can the traffic goes both ways on gerald, both ways on kirk would -- -- kirkwood and there's only a small section of vehicular traffic allowed to access the parking garage for the units. the parking is all on one level. we have a combination of mechanical stockers and the parking on the flat. again, you can see the residential unit phase being at way as well as the lower
7:55 am
entrance. this slide highlight the pedestrian site regulation. again, highlighting the two pedestrian engine is, went to the house and went to the. this gives an overview of the landscaping that is happening around the project. we definitely took every opportunity to get exhaust escape where we could. and also so we have some david balcony areas and outdoor patio areas for the resident. the majority of the race is common base for the resident. there is a lot of different grade changes on the courtyard side. there is a lot of walk ways and software used everything together and then creating more
7:56 am
common positives bases around the pavilion building. this is a blown up you of the fittest area only at way. you can use some of the student and the heirs leading up to the unit it almost looks at their own entrance was. they create that residential feel at the street level. this is just a plan by plan. this is the ground level. as you can see the darker area to the right, identifies all of the areas below grade. all of the garage area to the east is below grade. the lobby entrance, hereby storage room over 50% of the unit.
7:57 am
this is basically the ground floor, each level stacks of the residential unit look similar. the color coding, the doctors color identifies two-bedroom units, identifying the one bedroom, and then the lighter blue identifies with videos. of the bmr units are identified on the land. there was one adjust i think previously there was a one bedroom and actually there's a two bedroom right here that is was on the upper north corner area again this is the lobby entrance off of gerald which is actually on the second level and it frames that corner get going up to the building, this is level three, basically all of the unit actually have primarily the two bedrooms on the corners.
7:58 am
the roof plan, and with that i will turn it back over to lila. thank you for your time. >> think. >> i wanted to remind the schematic design packet that you received had one of the bmr units is labeled so we attached
7:59 am
that revised page that shows the bmr unit is a two-bedroom not a one unit -- not a one bedroom. which is can distant with what we have in the table in the powerpoint. schematic design is the early days of the design. there are conditions of approval that ocii follow up through the process with the developer on a variety of conditions that need to be followed through as they develop the design. when you get down to can action, and then having an architectural market so you can be how the colors play with one another,
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refining the land aping plan to nail down the planned change and the details of the roof design, including solar as well as the drainage. and then screening is important to screen the utility room, parking and mechanical. the ground floor glazing, and transparency so you have eyes on the street and then the building signage. that is a sample of some of the design that that will be working on with architectural team is design moves forward. next is where we are on come by and the 50% workforce read firemen you do right now since we are at the beginning days of the project we are not in can action. we are already at


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