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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  August 1, 2019 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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refining the land aping plan to nail down the planned change and the details of the roof design, including solar as well as the drainage. and then screening is important to screen the utility room, parking and mechanical. the ground floor glazing, and transparency so you have eyes on the street and then the building signage. that is a sample of some of the design that that will be working on with architectural team is design moves forward. next is where we are on come by and the 50% workforce read firemen you do right now since we are at the beginning days of the project we are not in can action. we are already at 58.8%.
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3.7% are from minority owned firm and the majority percentage of women owned firm. the marketing and occupancy preference is, they start early, within 30 days after commencement of construction. construction takes anywhere from 18 months up to two years area it starts early so we can get everyone aware of the opportunities that are out there for affordable. there is emphasis on certificate of preference holders. the developer will work with cac staff and finalize and approve the marketing on tenant selection plan for the bmr unit. i just wanted to let you know the chronology of how we went
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through the community process for block 52. we presented at the housing subcommittee and that it went to the full ca's the in soon. the comments were very positive about the revised design and it was approved. now we are here before you seeking approval. the last step, is we move forward on the schematic design, the next step is that the architect would -- work on design develop a nonconstruction the goal is to start construction sometime mid 2020 and complete sometime towards the end of 2021. with that, i conclude my presentation. the design team, as well as myself are here to answer any questions. >> thank you. do we have any weaker card? >> yes, we have linda walker pending.
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>> good afternoon everyone. my name is endo parker pennington, i live out the -- -- linda parker pennington. i live at the shipyard. what i really wanted to say is that when we first thoughts, four years ago, when we put our money down closer to five years ago when there was nothing built there yet. it required us to be visionari visionaries. the vision that we were sold was that this would be a safe, cle clean, and wonderful community, new community of san francisco. what i wanted to say is that it's a long way away from being where we felt safe. there is still not a level of trust that the cleanup job has been completed. i understand that the counseling department of public health was supposed to take to you.
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i know there is an independent review being done by uc berkeley and ucsf. on saint there has very little transparency in that process. very little community involvement. it looks like a foregoing conclusion that it does a relentless cover-up. i still, with my family, feel and safe. we do not really give complete answers to our questions. there was supposed to be 10,000 resident here, at the end of ten years, we are around 400 now, this will provide more housing which is right. i'm totally in waiver of more housing, affordable housing and everything going on. what i saying is that people moving in now are not moving in to the vision we were given and that we were sold and that we bought into. i believe more work needs to be done to ensure there is trance nancy and credibility to the report that is being done.
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i appreciate london breed and supervisor walton commissioning an independent buddy. i think it is not a legitimate buddy. that is my opinion. i recommend with doctor shirazi i was send you information about him. i think you've probably heard his name. i just want to say, as you move forward, please know that we do not trust in the safety of where we are living right now, where our families are vendor has no restitution for the health of the people in the larger bayview which needs to be addressed. >> thank you. >> no more speaker card. >> no other speakers on this item? seeing none. closing public comment. commissioners, questions or comments?
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>> i do not have a comment right now. i do know they have done extensive work and a lot of it, the conclusion, i have listened to and i've listened to through the years of the conclusions. thank you for your comment and i have shared some of your same concern and i was so pleased when nancy pelosi came over to give a stronger voice in continuing the research and looking for findings in every way that they could. so, with the rate or that have come out that i have read recently, and the findings, i can only say, until we find out different, i see it.
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i understand it. i understand your concern. i lived there as well. i have lived there in and out sent. the late 40s, 50s with the redevelopment, and everything. i am very invest did, very concerned, a native of the city. my concern stays very strong for the safety of the whole community. >> thank you, linda, for your comment. i appreciate you coming forward today and leaking the i would like to say public read that i actually also lived at the entrance to the shipyard with my two children when the ground was first broken in the shipyard.
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one of the concern in the community for the last 20-30 years has been the cleanup process. that is near and dear to my heart. i don't take any of the concerns of any community members lightly. there has been an environmental just this struggle, in bayview hunters.for decades. all the way back to the eg and e plant and now having the very public criminalization of members of the test company that was hired that was hired by the navy shipyard to do the initial testing and find out there was fraud committed. it does that community back in terms of what they want to believe or can believe, or the trust that they have in different organizations and entities who sort -- who are
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supposed to be overseeing this process area so, right now, i would like no if we could possibly table this item, until after the hp come forth before our count will come if it -- -- our counsel. to see if there's a possibility to do that? >> fine by me. predevelopment work, and it would not result in any work. the reason it's all comfortable, even though initially they were on the same date to put this forward was because this just allows us to continue to do the busywork. that is construction on the site would not of her until 2020. because of the team that is here today, for us to make the approval, have the california
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department of public health, and then we can come back and preview before we do anything. you're going to hear what was mentioned by this independent team, as well as city attorney, has called for an independent study. that is happening rx dictation is to continue to do the busywork you at some.we will get result we've got an okay to do so. but not to do any site work, at least on the site specifically coming up until after the windings have been published there is a meeting that is being house did tomorrow at the environmental subcommittee of the trent next tomorrow morning at 30 -- -- cac tomorrow morni morning. it is going to be a listening
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session to get feedback from the community on what they would like to see in the report. so the dictation is informative. there will be an opportunity for community just up as well. i am urging the commissioners to have this forward understanding that we share the link and current because teamworks there contractors also working in the community we would want to have those or at least from the down. understanding this is just predevelopment work, not site work. >> i totally understand that, i just sent procedurally in term of i know the dhp is done with the report rate i found the findings were positive. it's just a matter of formality of the public can have an opportunity to be presented before our commission and be able to get that communication
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directly to them before we make it vision. >> maybe i should clarify. those meeting during the committee have also go occurred with the hoa and multiple times with the trent x and they can respond to that as well. the idea was to have a public process -- >> i got it you. >> not the pneumatic, but in turn of the california department of locale. just supposed to be an update on where they were. >> we will be receiving the report from the california department of public health at the neck? >> the reports have been published already and we've let you send a press release that shared act -- x -- excerpts of
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the report. so, because they are coming from the unit did not work out. were working to have them come to the next reading we will confirm that you we are trying to get them in your august six. we just got to earn with them they were here when we did not have a forum and they met several times with phase one hoa residence as well as the trent members leading up to the publication of the rescanning effort. >> i have viewed the news articles as well as the report. i would be moved myself to approve at the conditional roofing, for the dated schematic design.
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>> okay. do you have any additional questions or comments before we proceed? okay. the bmr unit, i think i read that within the certificate of reference -- references that there is a zip code different, correct? no, is that the next item? i can't remember. no? i am asked the question. let me ask the question. within the certificate of preferences it's available to holders equally across the city,
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the holders that are from district ten stand in the same footing. >> great question. actually for inclusionary unit and the hunters shipyard phase when you are absolutely correct. hunters.certificate holders are first and then western addition certificate holders are second. >> is our marketing plan, you know, i miss coming it is tailored given those reference is. in other words that were going to, i know who we are targeting, we know who we need to contact. we know who might be interest did? >> right area -- right. we are working with a developer. we will suggest that they work
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with organizations that are located in the bayview versus the other counseling agencies that they could be working with. yes, because they are familiar with the community, and the certificate of reference holders that come from the hunters shipyard area. this is another issue we have come up with as a commission repeatedly. within the group of certificate of preference holders, i would love to be able to say to folks that we know, within that group what folks preferences are, who they are, so that when these opportunities are upcoming we are talking about something coming down the road in 18 month and further. we know who to talk to. it's not just a generic outreach it's a targeted outreach. >> since we have been doing this consistently, for the last couple of years now, we do know
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which certificate of preference households who have applied have higher incomes, or may be eligible for these housing opportunities. that is done, and that is targeted. for this project, as well as other affordable housing projects coming online. >> the other question that we always ask and i did not see it here is an amenities map. that's what i want to know. [laughter] folks are moving in, hopefully and -- can you give us a flavor? >> oh, the trent tatian? >> transportation and grocery stores, the whole lineup. >> phase one development there is not a lot of commercial
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square footage, there is a footage within block one which is not the corner of ennis and donahue. and that schematic design is in process. we don't know what will be in the ground floor. the majority of the amenities like the grocery store, we don't have one in right now. there is also not the square footage and phase one there possibly could be something all, but we don't know in block one yet because it's really early, we haven't done dramatic designs. i will say adjacent to phase o one, a development also underway that has a commercial program right on ennis. they are in the process of working on their infrastructure plans and also their vertical designs. again, i cannot eat concretely to those amenities. phase one, a representative of mta definitely concerned about the level of transit service
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right now. bus route 19 that goes all the way to the polk line. part of it is there is this whole transit phasing plan tied to shipyard phase two. with the slowing down of that development with the retesting and whatnot, mta we have been working with to figure out how do we improve frequency and what else can they do. they are also looking at routes, 23, 43, 44 that serve the west work area which are some of the public housing development as well as hunters view to see how they can reroute some of those route to better serve the community and the surrounding area. right now it is 19. providing a private shuttle, too. >> okay.
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>> do any of the commissioners have any comment on the design? >> i have an additional questi question. so, i would just like to get a raw number of the total current cop holders that are out there and then if you can break down how many or what percentage of those have actually read wanted or are in that all are group that may be able to afford to either purchase or be part of the bmr's. just an overview of what's currently out there and what is your rate of attraction? >> great question, commissioner. number one, just to let you know on august 6 we are going to be doing an annual annual cop
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program update. it is from the 17-18 year, but you are going to get an update. at that time he was either ask them 950 holders that have asked to receive information on affordable rentals and ownership opportunities coming up. of those, the households that are interested in homeownership, that has been a real challenge for us area number one, you will see this in the stories that we sent in the report. that is, for whatever reason people, these applicants are households have been more comfortable with rental opportunities. there is less hurdles to jump through. less obligations to make.
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less certificates or meetings they have to go to to prove they are worthy to be a homebuyer. and, but once they go through it, this is what we hope is th that, because we had a couple of successful holders to purchase at 1450 franklin. they were asked that it area they were glad they took the risk. they were glad they were successful. they were glad they went through the process. they encourage others to do that. that said, right now, we probably have, that we know of, 20-25 household that we know would be qualified to purchase. i am sure there are more, they just haven't let us know who they are. >> okay. that is great. i guess i had an additional
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question. you said right now there's about 950 that have stated they are interested in learning about ocii. how many total are out there was my question. >> cop holders, i just don't have that number at the top of my head. i can get that to you. next time i will see you when i have the report. i just got that question because i had heard concerns regarding some of the holders not being outreach to or not knowing about opportunities if they come forward. if we currently have an hundred 50 and there are 4,000 out there, i just would like to know how are you reaching out to the other one as new developments come aboard and making sure people know those opportunities as well as encouraging them,
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like you said participate in the purchasing and going through the entire pogrom so we do have more people interested and ready to go. >> what they do, again, i have another meeting for this. just to let you know, what the cop holders are encouraged to dy we have this list now is people who said that they want to receive information, that said, just because you didn't check a box, you can absolutely call and say, you know what, i'm excited about this i want to start receiving information and that happened along with the fact that more households and members are coming forward to request their certificate. for and since in 1718 there were 202 individuals that came forward to get their certificate. so as we are housing folks, or
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coming forward to claim their certificate and/or the engagement program. >> thank you so much you'd. >> have we thought more about the certificate and pass to grandchildren? >> we talked about that. >> i have not been part of those conversations. the last thing, in the marketing are you still working on better ways of reaching people and giving them the sight of seeing there are affordable rentals for them? we talked about getting into the church is more with information, and even training some of their people so that they can the information going and help
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people sign up, because it is a challenge to many. going on a computer or even having the computer. they are not able to do it as well. had you thought about another way of getting that information out where it's always in the face of the people. one of the thoughts was to put it on the buses and have that visible and just ongoing and repetition is the mother of learning. when we see, then we really began to believe this is for. >> about the organization actually providing assistance. i think you're mostly talking about the application process and going through the doggy assist them?
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exactly. this is what they don't know about. so the housing counseling agency these there's hope has been expanded to provide technical assistance to individuals who come in and are interested in in affordable housing opportuniti opportunities. that said, additionally what we do, when we have our information session for all of the oci funded objects. what we do is we actually have many sessions at those affirmations sessions also. we show them how to look it up, and to find if they want to rent or buy, put in the profile and just start clicking on the opportunities that interest you. every time we have an opportunity to do that, we are caught only trying to infor inform -- -- can't fitly trying to inform -- -- constantly
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trying to inform households. >> does anyone have any comments on the design? since we are talking schematics? [laughter] >> no more questions or comments on the design. i am pleased with what you showed me. >> my only question is the smaller building, is a glass on both sides? the pavilion? >> yeah, there is a large amount of viewing on both sides. it is to feel more open. it has elevation change as you look over kirkwood.
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>> is on one of the drawings, on one side i thought i saw the tree on the opposite side, reflecting through. a nice touch. >> thank you. >> any additional questions or comments? >> i just have one last quick question about the number of parking spaces that will be available? >> is that income science with the 1-1 for the parking space? >> it is not 1-1. you have that?
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i was just pulling up the exact numbers. it's not a requirement. we have 64 aces total -- -- spaces total. two spaces are handicap accessible. forty-five spaces are in those mechanical stackers area -- stackers. >> do you know what the proposed distribution of those parking spaces would go to? >> they are in bundles. >> thank you.
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>> that's it? great. are we ready for a motion? >> yes. i move that we conditionally approved the revised schematic design for block 52 in hunters point shipyard phase one. >> i second the motion. [roll call] >> design approved. schematic design. thank you. please call the next item. >> the next order of business is item g, conditionally approving schematic designs for development of agency housing parcels on blocks 52 and 54 of hunters point shipyard phase 1,
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which consists of 112 affordable rental housing units; approving a density bonus allowing additional height and density for proposed development on block 52; and providing notice that this approval is within the scope of the hunters point shipyard phase 1 reuse final environmental impact report, a program eir; and adopting environmental findings pursuant to the california environmental quality act. discussion and action. resolution 17-2019. madam director? >> thank you. i'm just going to turn it over to elizabeth carmella. this is the same area, same phase, phase one within the hunters point shipyard. i will have elizabeth present on this item. >> good afternoon commissioners to get i am senior development is a list with the housing
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division area i am here to see seek approval for this medic designs for block 52 and 54, the affordable project and hunters hunters.shipyard phase one. first i want to orient you quickly to the location. this is the entire shipyard. you can be locked 52 and 54 outlined on the hilltop. both of these blocks include market rate development. the market rate development on 54 is complete and the development on 52 is currently in the design phase as you just heard. @ these are relatively smaller blocks, we are offering them together as one project to take advantage of economies related to the financing operations of the project. this is a nice aerial shot of the hilltop with box 52 and 54 highlighted in yellow. that triangular lot between lot 52 is the market rate thought you just heard about.
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this is a little bit of background on phase one. lila covered it well, so i will not go into all of the detail again. i just want to say that these are the first two blocks of five blocks on the hilltop and hillside that ocii will fund area they are standalone affordable housing blocks of these are the first two. >> a bit of background on the project is self. in september of 2017 ocii issued a press for proposals or an rfp. in march of last year after selection process, commission approved the selection of the developer team. in august of last year commission approved a development loan and exclusive agreement with the selected developer. instead the team has been hard at work as the design team you see today. that developer team is mccormick baron salazar or mbs.
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also act as a service provider. the developer team includes john stuart company as manager and architect. since developer selection the team has added kerman morris as architect and contractor. as you might remember from devious visitation, direct the previous, lennar will -- as a result of the change in design. [reading notes]
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[reading notes] as i mentioned, the two blocks would be developed and are designed to operate as one
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project to get since they have different dimensions and because block 54 is a significantly smaller site. for this reason it makes sense to cluster community management and services functions in the larger building a block 52. which allows the building layout on block 54 to be as efficient as possible while providing for the important functions and shared bases necessary to serve the residents. both locks will include open air lobbies, laundry lounges. block 52 will have a large community room with a kitchen, a fitness room, tenant services offices and a conference room along with property manager offices get here's a quick summary of the contract and compliant to date to professional services to get the project is at 87% small business enterprise, of that 81% are san francisco-based, 25.7% are women-owned businesses and 6.5%
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are minority owned businesses to get as i mentioned previously, the developer has selected being navy. it is not included in the percentages i just mentioned as a contract has not been finalized and subcontractors have not been it out. we are still in the design phase. lower back before you with the permitted loan we will have more complete numbers on s. you have a full description of the cac recommendations on community outreach of the object in your memo. this highlights the meetings we have had since the developer selection process yet we took into account feedback we had during the first community outreach. as a result of the meetings this
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year where we presented our smart develop. as with all prior votes related to the project, both the housing subcommittee, the cac unanimously voted to recommend a ruble of these schematic designs. with that, i would turn you over to dan solomon, and his team to provide you with the details on the schematic design. >> thank you, elizabeth area greetings to the members of the commission. we are very happy to be here with something that is very close to our heart which is the development of these two affordable sites. we begin this presentation with two images that we put together. one we chose the city on the relationship of the shipyard to the city both the disk from the iconic parts of the city and the sense of connection and view that it has. it has been very much the
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intention of ocii redevelopment prior, and travertine to make the shipyard part of the city and to build a neighborhood that is like -- part of the city in all respects area i guess i advanced with this. within the buildings we are trying to create, we want to read a sense of community for low income families formerly homeless families and for certificate holders, but to have a ways which is more than a unit, but really part of a community and it's open cases and it is common spaces. the two site that elizabeth identified ours somewhat different from one another, they are a block apart. the idea has been to create two buildings that are significantly
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different in the organization and program but are similar in there is not too historic san francisco architecture and in their character that identifies them as one integrated community. i will talk about block 52, the larger of the two site. my associate will walk you through block 54. block 52 consists, the organization into l-shaped wings that create a large communal courtyard and an entry space. in the z shape, the secondary courtyard which helps to animate the alley behind.
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the ground floor plan shows on for two this cluster of functi function, first a parking level which talks into the grade and enters the site at the lowest point on the site. so the parking garage is mostly submerged at the rear. at the front there is an entry courtyard and the entry courtyard serves tenant servic services, the project administrator offices, the community room, fitness room and the lobby that serves all of the housing above the section which is now nicely of cured by the dialogue here, shows the courtyard with significant little structure with a trellis
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at the entry which is research-based for the community room which is behind the word struck her. and then a second courtyard, or an extension of the courtyard above the parking podium on the second level. the second level and shows the upper level of the courtyard, the trellis at the entry, and in a typical low floor than which is common to each of the four floors at a residential. there is daylight at the end of each corridor and the capturing of city views wherever possible. this perspective is from the corner of gerald which is what you see when you enter the neighborhood.
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if i stop talking, you could see what the image shows which is the community room for both building at the corner, with the four stories in the housing above. in the building in the series of vertical proportions segments. further articulated by color by an off black on and off white. down the street the entry courtyard welcoming the people from the other building a block away. to the cluster of community services and social services to get the entry courtyard with a quite grand stair to the second level podium and the search space for the community room and your standing at the entrance of tenant services here. going up the street, there is a
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bicycle shop and storage that animate the corner and the services of utilities and mechanical bases tucking into the grade as it goes up the hill with the parking behind. this also shows a very discrete entrance to the parking garage, which is tucked into an articulation of the mass of the building with balconies above. around to the back of the site where we try to be good neighbors to our new neighbors that we just saw to the south with the development of the massing of the building and the facing of avocet which is very much treated as a front sonata back.
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>> thank you commissioners, i will be walking you through block 54 building which is the collar of the parcels for the two buildings are good block if t4 is organized similar to block 52 with the taught vertical dimensions. it's also organized around outdoors bases. as dan mentioned, these buildings are community spaces for the residence. it is important to provide space for a variety of uses to get at the center of the block is the green mass see there. that is what we are referring to as the jewel building. on the top of that we have a green roof located for the residence to look down on. it also helps with our storm water management. here on the ground floor plan you can see the organization of the building is the march of 52, parking and nurses are taught back in their, so that the
8:47 am
street frontage is activated is much as possible. the residence will enter through a double height lobby days. to their right they will have a combination loud -- lounge laundry space. there is a treat court with informal play but meant play spaces for the children to go play while their parents are doing laundry. there are two ground-floor units anchoring the corner of the ground floor. the residential levels above, the unit cluster around a common courtyard and the elevator lobbies always have a view of this courtyard space area every time the residents get out like dan mentioned, having windows from the corridors having windows of the neighborhood is important to keep people oriented to where they are, and also make that connection to the city beyond. up on the fifth floor plan you can see how we have carved back
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the building at the property line condition to reflect the light wells of our neighbors on block 54, the exist parcels there and to also allow sunlight into our property line four-door there. at the north corner of this floor plan is the comments bases for the residence. it is the roof terrace that we ended up we are intending the buildings around to take advantage of this view and visited the parcels area -- parcels. this picture is from that drone shot. when the residents get off the elevators at the fifth floor they see san francisco in the distance, the iconic downtown. the connection to the city that they are part of the city is reinforced. going through the reit level renders of this welding. this is the level you will be as you enter the hilltop neighborhood. he was see this mauled green jewel building there like dan
8:49 am
mentioned on the street level courtyard at the center of the block. at the corner of furred ellen hudson you can see the double height and trend. you can also see towards the left how we have tapped down the building as a heads up hud to better be neighbors to our neighbors to the south there. we have a sample of typical unit layout that we have within the project. there is a wide range of unit type on this project. a lot of archer unit that will accommodate families to get we take care and laying out these units so there is adequate living base with the exterior
8:50 am
materials we are focused on, as dan mentioned, a simple palette that ties the buildings together, primarily off-white and off black the primary materials area and the we reserve special materials for the special places of the building. where we are looking to use glazed and rick products. i will handed over to elizabeth now. >> i'd just wanted to touch on our conditions of approval which are strikingly similar for what you saw her block 52. i will not go into great detail. they give our staff an opportunity to ensure we are keeping with the design intent
8:51 am
as the design continues are area -- -- continues. i wanted to touch on the density bonus that i mentioned before which is part of your requested approvals today. as i meant. a density bonus for block 52 pursuant to the redevelopment plan and the design for development for phase one. ocii may approve a density bonus for moderate income residential units including up to three concessions from some of the defined guidelines. it also allows for density and raises up to 25%. in this case the developer is requesting a density bonus to allow for height and use on the southern portion of the block to bring the entire building to five stories versus dubbing it down, and an increase in density allows for anchor of about 1%. due to relatively low capacity of both of these locks which we would do would be difficult to
8:52 am
finance. staff recommends approval of this request. our current schedule which is subject to change, has us coming back to commission next spring to request approval for permanent loan of the project. the fall of 2020 we expect to be back before you with a ground lease closing financing and starting construction. if we keep to that schedule construction will be complete by the end of 2022. finally, i would like to introduce the developer team. before that i want to thank laura with ocii design team. she did all of the heavy lifting on the schematic design review. from the development team. [reading notes]
8:53 am
we are all here to answer any questions you may have. >> thank you. >> do we have any eager card? >> yes, we have one speaker ca card. eric sandoval. >> good afternoon commission. i am a san francisco shipyard homeowner. this is going to be a reminder, as you may or may not be aware, block 52 and 54, these blocks are the pieces of land that travertine promised us when we were buying our homes that they would be parks. because they refused to own up to its lies in race -- except
8:54 am
response abilities for fraudulent misrepresentation and this commission refused to hold the partner, namely travertine accountable for its missed deeds, over 25 families have had to bring a lawsuit against lennar which is currently pending. but, that is not the main reason i'm here today. the main reason why i'm here today, believe it or not, is to thank the development team, particularly elizabeth, for including the shipyard homeowner's and the development and design process of these buildings. we were able to have a thoughtful dialogue with the ocii, architects and developers. the team made adjustments to the design based on our conversations. while those accommodations were relatively all, it was evident that the development team recognize, acknowledged and appreciated the important of including the input of neighbors because when the design process. we thank them for that. the result before you today appears to be two you designed
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buildings. we, as homeowners, are quite concerned by the sheer size of these buildings. so big in facts, that ocii is having to ask for an exception to the height restriction for at least one of these buildings. our fear is that these buildings will dwarf the already built adjacent to a nearby nearby townhomes and condos which are our homes. i like to think of it, when these are built, it is going to be a moby dick whale next to my nemo clown fish townhome and that concerns me. we understand the importance of maximizing every bit of days available when buildings are dust really needed for affordable housing of this type. we appreciate the designers did what they could within the confines in which they had to work. i'm not sure there is anything that can be done, at this.because, but desperate sizing occurs when buildings are designed and built like this at different times with different
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teams having different goals, namely travertine and ocii. that is something perhaps to keep in mind for future project. finally, one outstanding issue that is not addressed directly in the presentation it was discussed here a little bit is the fact that soil testing has not been done to confirm that there is no radioactive contamination present. historical documents suggest that no contamination occurs on parcel a, and the cdph revealed nothing, community members are still concerned that there has been absolutely no and that supervisor walton was working at the ocii on this issue. i do not know what the outcome of that is to get major banks are not lending to this area anymore because of the concerns of contamination. that is something that is ongoing. thank you. >> thank you. >> no more weaker cards.
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-- speaker cards. >> we've had a long meeting so we will need to take a five-minute recess before we >> the matter is that with the commission. question or comment? >> i have no russian. i am just really pleased with the design and the upgrade. thank you so much. thank you so much. it looks good, and i do know as a native and living here, there
8:58 am
are sacrifices we make. my home is there, too. i did it your name, the gentleman that spoke. thank you so much for sharing your current yet, at the same time, just thanking them for meeting with you. i think hope those continue to go on. that is how we do things for you to be may not agree but we can come to some common ground. that says a lot for sentences will, it says a lot for this date, and the nation. thank you so much. i agree, there are things we have to do so people are in homes, they are safe, and they can live like all of us desire to. >> the only comment i wanted to make, just say thank you all of the partners working on this specific project, is ashley when were talking about affordable
8:59 am
housing, the amount of amenities that are put into this project really blew me away. i have a friend who is low income and she was able to get her apartment saved due to the construction right down the block at -- he is in the new high-rise that has that ariel, 306 degree view of the city. and just knowing that literally, 99% of the people living there are very high and and to know we have a base in the bayview that is similar i will give access to people of all different income especially low income people to that type of aerial view of the city. it touches your heart that you guys out of that piece to that when you added the elevation piece, also is actually the on-site childcare. this community, very family oriented and seeing the design of having four bedroom
9:00 am
apartments in there as well. no longer doing anything above two bedroom. i really want to take my hat out off to you i really make that work. because we do have sizable families in this community. >> i agree with all the commen comments. i think the design is very nice to get. >> i think it is my 22, at least in my pocket which shows the light coming in that is great. it is very warm and inviting area the of from the other one is stunning. nice job. i need a motion. >> i move that we approve conditionally of the schematic designs for development of agent


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