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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  August 3, 2019 3:00am-4:01am PDT

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beginning of construction, and that in and of itself would be a michiganiraculous thing to selc but frankly we're secelebratingo much more this morning. i believe that we're putting another mark er i eer and stake ground in support of this mission, and that's why we're here today, to secelebrate. [ applause ] it. >> it's certain dserendipitous projected opening of the building on this project in 2020 aligns with our 50th anniversary of our founding. [ applause ]. >> so today we are absolutely secelebrating five decade s of service here in san franciscaning san francisco. we're secelebrating a mission tt started with a handful of people 50 years ago who recognized they had neighborhoods who needed help and were elderly elderly and needed food.
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they volunteered to cook food and morphed into an organization that today is one of the largest meals on wheels organization in the country and definitely in my opinion is wumone of the best ig services in san francisco and in the country. [ applause ]. >> we're also secelebrating sin that founding count leless vo volunteers, board members, staff members who have carried that submissi mission forward and creatueach made it stronger and bigger and more responsive. we' we're secelebrating partnership with adult aging and county services in the city of san francisco to make sure that we can do what we need to do and we're currently grateful to our current mayor and board of supervisors to seasocontinuing mission and seascontinuing to d that. we're secelebrating thousand s doe scenarinors and foundations allow us to realize 50% of our budget each other year.
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we secelebrate the restaurant sd vit answers tha s s -- vintners. i want to call out chef in nanc oak for your leadership and that effort. we're secelebrating also that w have embraced our responsibility to affirmfy the emphasis voice of seniors and make san francisco all it can be for t m them. all of us together have embraced some very important and simple values of san fran siciscan s. no considsenior or no person sh ever go hungry because they are home bound or without the resources and support that they need. number two, no senior should be in vvisible or alone. number three, that all senior s have the right to live in their community and neighborhoods that they helped build, they raised their familyies in and have the right to self-determination and ha to live with dig nity.
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lastly, that cityies and communityies should be judged b how it treats the elderly and we need to work every single day to make san francisco the number one age-friendly city in amer a america. [ applause ]. >> so today we secelebrate a mar milestone, but this day has been a long, long, long time in coupcom coming and we secelebrate the hd work that's kind of led us here. the path has been extensive to say the least, but one mietric that led us here is simple. in 2007 as an organization we decided that no senior should have to wait longer than 30 yda s to receive our service and we partnered with the department of aging and adult service s to mae sure that anyone who is in emergency is served within two to five days. that simple commitment has driven us to the growth that we've seen that's brought us to this need today to build this new kitchen.
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in 2007, just to give you an idea, we served 523,000 meals in the city and delivered them, and this year 2 # -- 2.1. think about that growth. we were touching the lives of about 2,000 individuals u unduplicated in the city. now we're touching over 5,000 a year. that growth has been predominantly in seniors, but we've also in that ten-year period worked with the department of aging and adult services to serve those people who are under 60 represents about 50% of our population and also we're partnering with the food bank to deliver groceryies to about 500 people a week in the department of aging and also working with this mayor and administration to make sure that people in inactinavigation cens have meals. we're very grateful to be a part of that effort as well. it mabelibecame quite clear abo years ago that we needed a plan to deal with this. we first conducted a full-scale
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operation ental review. is there any way that we don't need to build a new kitchen? is there anything else we need to do? that plan basically was pretty simple and straightforward and said, hey, you need to get out of this kitchen pm . so that began the process that we're committed to the fact that we need to build something new, and we designed the kitchen with the help of kitchen concepts ionic that ionic -- inc. that will carry us forward for 30 years. that's the second step. then we got to the hard work. where the heck can we afford to buy a piece of labbed -- land in san francisco and where can we find that. we originally wanted to keep our operations in one place, but un fortunately that wasn't in the cards. we have an amazing plan b. we will build our kitchen and distribution center and keep our site three minutes away on the other side of 3rd street in the bay view as our office production facility. so we're going to have a tw
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two-campus operation. so we purchased this site from l luxor cap. does anyone remember this as that site? we're about to make it differe t different. at the end of the day the price tag is going to be about $41 million and we'll tell you a little bit more about how we're doing in that goal in raising, but you can rest assured that we've done well enough that we're here today and we still have some work to do and so forth and we'll secelebrate tho ha who have carried us so far. here's what we're building and the great features we're building. on this site will be a 34,700 square foot facility, slug including a state o-of-the-art cook chill area, freezer, storage, assembly production, distribution yard and receiving docks. this is the big news in this
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construction. we're going to move our daily constructi production from # 8,000 meals a day to 20,000 meals a day. [ applause ]. >> it will be one of the only facilities in the region and we think in san francisco that use s this cook/chill equipment to produce bulk food and used in meals. the other thing i'm very excited about is where we are. we're in the middle of the san francisco wholesale product district. we're food. we're great partners with th s e michael gentlemjanice, and loo forward to partnering with these businesses in this neighborhood and working to continue the efforts that are here in the neighborhood. it also will have a test kitchen that will help us improve the quality and choice for our clients and tailor meal s as we look to improving our service s for clients. maximumly ally we're doing solar
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on the building so we can save the planet. isn't that a great facility? [ applause ]. >> so we're excited to have with us this morning mayor london breed. before inviting her to speak, i just wanted to take a moment to recognize a few other elected officials who are going to be here shortly or are here alre y already. hope fulfully soon, supervisor gordon mar from district 4 and supervisor waltshamann walton f this district will be with you and hope fulfully you get a cha to chat with them. we want to welcome the form er district 10 supervisor who is now chair of the board of equ equalization, malia, and representing state isn't that right scott weiener is rose gu i guiliano and representing is n
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kenneth chan. thank you for your service. and lastly, i think that the new captain of the bay view district is here. i want to just give a shout out and a welcome to captain troy dangerfield who has taken on as chief of the bay view station. hope fulfully we'll get chance meet with him. i was one of the lucky people who last year on july 11th was at a historic event where this city welcomed its first african-american mayor in the city's history, frisk nati sfri san francisco native london breed. it was an absolutely beautiful day and i have only one regret. i should have worn a big hat because it was sunny and it was a long time out there with a lot of fun. it's hard to believe it was only 12 months ago that that occurred because this mayor has hit the ground running. it feels like years of work has
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been done. she's out there with laser focus trying to tackle the issues fa e facing our city, tackling the home leless crisis, adding more beds, expanding mental health and substance deuabuse programs creating more housing for all san fran sciscan s and keeping city streets safe and clean. it is my sincere pleasure to introduce and welcome to the stage lamayor london breed. [ applause ]. >> . >> mayor breed: thank you so much, it is great to be here and i want to recognize alex ran doff, thank you so much for joining us today. i've got to start by staying ths is probably one of the most organized and neat ground-break s ings i've ever been to. just the gravel on the ground, the need and structured system here. i mean, this is absolutely i
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indecreed able because i've been to a lot of ground-breakings and you know, malia, how many gro d ground-breakings we've been to. this is probably the nicest one we've ever been to. thank you all for creating this wonderful environment for what i think is one of the mobest programs we have in san francisco. i want to start by thanking a ashly and all the people who work for meals on wheels because you do the hard work. i know from experience how amazing the employees at meals on wheels are because they served my grandmother for so many years. they did it with kindness. they always asked how she was doing today. they can tell maybe when she wasn't having a great day. so they would spend time and put forwa forth effort and talk about the food they were bringing over. it really for seniors who are living in isolation, how amazing
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to have at least if no one else is coming to see you, that person who's delivering those meals sometimes is the only contact that so many of our senior community has when that feel meal is dropped off. this program and what it has done since 1970 has been absolutely amazing. this analyticfacility, to go fr meals a day to over 20,000 meals a day will make sure that we get rid of that wait list once and for all so that no one is left off the list moving forward in the future. you all, the contribute entor s people on the board, the folks who have supported this program over the years, the investmens s that you have made have had a pro foufound impact on so many indecreed able lives and you know this because that's why you support this program. i had the opportunity because i
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visited over the years since i've been an elected official various clients for the progra s and have had great kfingss, including the one i just had with mrs. lee earlier this year. she was just so grateful and so excited and so happy and just talked about her experience and how she probably wouldn't -- honestly she said i probably wouldn't be as big as i am if meals on wheels didn't deliver these programs. she was not big. she was a tooiny laidy, but shes so very happy and food really brings people together. we help and support our senior communities in this way. and another way we're going to be supporting our senior community is the housing bond, a $600 million housing bond without raising property tax es with the largest amount ever dedicated to senior housing and this is the largest housing bond
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we've ever done in the history of this city. so i'm really proud of the investments, the deliberate investments that we are making to support our senior populat n population, our dis ababled population, and also again thank you to meals on wheels for supporting our inactinavigationr s because we know that home l s homelessness is one of the -- the number one issue that we face in san francisco. we have a lot of people is it truing ling sw mental health and substance abuse dis ororder. we are changing how we provide support and services and it involves making sure we have i indecreed able partners and whee meals on wheels has been pushing the envelope and doing the great work for years and this facility that will be absolutely amazing is just one step forward in it happen ing continuing the great work they've done for decades. i'm so excited to be here and can't wait to cut the ribbon when we open. thank you all so much.
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[ applause ]. >> thank you so much, mayor breed. you know, nothing this monument al happens without a lot of effort, gathering the skills and leadership necessary to make something like this happen. so we want to acknowledge how we've gotten to this day and acknowledge the team that's going to help us finish this up. first and foremost, i want to thank my board of directors and the many boards of directors who have been engaged in this conversation. i was talking to someone about this earlier. you know, boards by design are the kooerps of the mission and frankly very hesitant to take on risk. this group of people did their job. they made sure that we were taking on something that we could accomplish and the fact that we're sitting here today is a testament frankly that they xem pexemplify the type of leadp and stewardship we want on all
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our boards across the city. let's give all these board members a big hand. [ applause ]. >> i mentioned earlier we went through the slog of trying to find something to buy so then we can figure out what we can build and how much it will cost. the first person who probably had to go through therapy after joining me on this effort was dan mckue our real estate representative and literally we worked for two and a half yeas s to get to this site and bewent through three pricing scoping and buying exercises and so forth. did you thank you, dan, for working with me and still being able to call me a friend. we also have identified an al all-star team to help us with this kitchen and build it. the first person i mentioned earlier but i want to call out specifically again is mike bal
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divrks dwin from kitchen concepts. mike was chosen not because he's one of the best in the field nationally, but because he served for decades in the meals on wheels in anaheim. when i saw his work there, i said you're the right guy for s us. you're the person who understand s how we're different and uni e unique. thank you. we also want to thank that we have a local san francisco lve, local business entrerprise, ja k jackson and lyles architect uru is our architect. the architects could not be here today, but iron ically their parents are. welcome and thank you for being here. we also have engaged a really good friend of meals on wheels for years, an excellent general contractor ain plant constructin and we have an amazing team assembled under the leadership and the determination of don b
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libby. we also have a great owner's p rep. this is the person that keeps our staff from having to deal with the mash nations and tell us what that means is keith d de-brian from skyline partners. keith, thank you. and an amazing three iio of peoe to make sure we build the best building. first is david who is under arrest our operations officer. frank scotted our director of facilities. an amazing asset to the organization. the guys that keep s me out of jail as well as making sure having money in the bank is the cfo. [ applause ]. >> even with the best-laid pl s plans, we would not be breaking ground today without an extraordinary group of
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organizations and people who've g come together to allow us to move this process forward quickly and they have done there through this through the new market task credit process. for those of you who don't know what those are, you're blessed. [ laughter ]. >> but just for the sake of education, basically the federal government incentivize s throug tax credits investment s and stressed communityies, programs that serve dis advertistreasurer that serve dis advertistreasur s distressed populations. our propositiject definitely f t that. it aligns credit s that organizations manage to give to projects and they're aligned with these approved projects and then at the eback end take s a ba bank credit. at the end of the day that's going to deliver about $8.1 million to this project. [ applause ].
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>> i just want to really acknowledge the team that really have pushed this forward quickly on this project. first of all , david wilkin sos has been our consultant from northern california community loan fund. thank you, david. thank you for helping me understand this weave of stuff and so forth. leading the way to make sure that we anchor the new market tax credit that we needed for the project is the city of san francisco and the san francisco community investment fund, or as we call it sfif. without them jumping in and p putting their projestamp on thi project, i don't know if othes s would have joined as easily. we just wareally want to thank e sfif for supporting us. along side of the sfif, san francisco sfif was california
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loan fund who in vvested with u early as well. the group that put us over the top is an organization called community impact partners which is more of a national partner and they came in to push us forward as well. the irony is that two of these organizations are doing more than just giving us credits. they're actually funding our construction loan and that's community vision and community impact partners. we want to thank you for keeping us sane and giving us that option. we really appreciate it. i mentioned only the the back et a bank investor partner usually comes into a project like this, that partner is j. pvmentep. mo chase. we want to thank them to chase bank. lastly, obviously you know that in order to put together a
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complex transaction you have to have a good team around you and i want to thank liouise rodrige and also chris and brine and v novaradik our cpa. you're probably going like, gee, that's a lot of people, but it's not the end. we ultimately also have to bridge our pledges the jen ro generosity the people have pledged to make sure we don't have long-term debt. we need a bridge loan, we want to thank our piartner first republic bank to bridge that pledge loan and fragile for -- frankly for banking our loan. we'll mention again later, they also gave quite a big gift to the campaign. thank you. it's now my pleasure to really move us into thanking the other
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people who really put down significant mark er s and donatn s and pledges to this campaign and invite other people who have really lifted for me so long to come up and thank people who have participated, that's russ flin and hjose allen. [ applause ]. >> thank you, ashley. good morning, everyone. i am hjose allen. i'm a member of the board of meals on wheels frisk san francisco, and along with russ flin, i co chachaired the 50th s anniversary capital campaign. us russ and i are proud to be part of this vital project and to be able to thank each of you for your support of meals on wheels. clearly to be successful in r e raising almost 41, dlr $42 needed for this project require
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s extensive jen rgenerosity for, many support er s. luckily we have been successful in raising the funds necessary to move forward and have secured 80% of our goal. we have 20% left to go. now, it gives me great pleasure to thank the individuals. i call them our first responder s p who helped jump-start this campaign. first, there are two familyies who have been part of the meals on wheels family for over 30 years and have led the way with their lead gifts. the first is my he esteemed co f co-chair russ flin and his wife leigh. actually they didn't stop with just making their personal gift to the campaign, but they added to their gift by challenging their family and friends to join the efforts.
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so for that, we're very, very thankful. [ applause ] sjts. >> the second family i would like to thank is the sanjakamo family through the yvonne and n angelo sanjakamo foundation. here today is the daughter to recognize her mom who could not be abowith us. thank you again and thanks to the sanjakamo family for their support. [ applause ]. >> next, while they could not be here today, i would like to thank our meals on wheels hon honorary board chair andy and a carrie good mman, who have led e way in this campaign not only through their financial contributions to the campaign, but through their in sigsight s un titiring deadication to meal wheels.
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[ applause ]. >> now, there are 42 additional individual donor s thus far, bu our program schedule today doesn't allow me to call each of them out individually, but there are a few that i would like to thank. here they are. emily and sam glick, diane pe c pelaconi and susan sanjakamo, debbie and andy rat cliff, craig and maureen sullivan. rosemary and harry wong and lisa and todd zabel. we are truly grateful for these and other individuals who have helped bring us to the threshold of a successful capital campa n campaign. i look forward to being with all of you at our dedication in the
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last quarter of 2020 when we will have an opportunity to memorialise all the gueift s toe campaign through naming and donor recognition. thank you sooch for your supp t support. [ applause ]. >> thank you, hjose. i'm russ flin. i would like to start off by acknowledging ashley and all of his hue mmility for having the leadership ability to drag this board, some of who left the board because they didn't feel this was a possibility that we could realize. ashley thank you sincerely for our efforts. >> now i'll get back on script.
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hjose, thank you for all you've done. without hjose i wouldn't begin o know how to raise money. he's done this socio mamany tis. while i've raised money for political campaigns, i've rarely raised money for floirp -- p l philantropic. i would like to thank all the organizations and foundations that have contributed to this. the urps foundation, city of san francisco office of economic and workforce development, first republic bank, kooeizer perman e permanententy, crescent port ee hail foundation, walter and a s alise habb foundation, the bob ross fowks foundation, and our
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only one technology contributor, usual -- uber, and that un fortunately has been a little bit of a shortcoming in our campaign. while we have the mayor here -- [ laughter ]. >> -- i'd like to challenge her to maybe open the door to a few more of these folks and give e jose and i a chance to see if we can convince them to make contributions. while we've raised 80% of our funds, we still need 20% fmore. so i'd challenge everyone here who has already given to re consider and think about just stretching just a little bit more and that can help put us over the 41.2 -- 41.5, $42 million that we need. thank you all for coming today and, ashley, it's yours. [ applause ].
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>> sincerely, i think you can see it pretty easily how blessed we are to have russ and hjose ad frankly every board member and b donor associated with this. we wouldn't be here without you. we're coming to the end of the speaking program. i give you the chance to re lla but also to secelebrate a littl bit. we' now we're going to do somethi something -- i don't know how we're going to do this, but i do want to offer a few closing thanks and instructions. flawl first of all , can we jut give our staff that work every day delivering food -- [ applause ]. >> -- answering the phones, i just don't think none of us who don't do this work think about what it means to walk up buil
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buildings and six flights of stairs with food in our your hand and buildings with he wieor s that don't work and getting in and out of a car. we have pretsocial worker s goi trying to help people who literally have nothing and people who have challenges and so forth and we have a staff that back them up that's unparalleled. again, my deep eest and most sincere appreciation to them. i specifically want to thank our development team led by jessica sweedler and we've been working together now for 12 years and we almost feel like we're kind of a dentist function ental -- di dysfunction al family, but a god one working together. frankly i think why both she and i deserve credit is we didn't staff up to run this campaign, we're just running it. we're running it on top of the $
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$7 or $# 8 million that we have already. we had the heart to do it and we've been successful. thank you all. i also want to thank the team who worked hard on this event specifically, david miranda, our events manager, jim on hzwald o communications and marketing director. [ applause ]. >> and the person who has the hard eest job on earth, being m assistant, michelle fur longi longing -- fur long. and if i didn't call your name, please know how appreciative i am to you for what you do to support us in this work every single day. it's not possible to do. what we're going to try to do -- >> okay. everybody let's count down from five. >> five, four, three, two, one. yay.
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[ cheering and applause ] >> my son and i was living in my car. we was in and out of shelters in san francisco for almost about 3.5 years. i would take my son to school. we would use a public rest room just for him to brush his teeth and do a quick little wipe-off so it seemed he could take a shower every day. it was a very stressful time that i wish for no one. my name is mario, and i have lived in san francisco for almost 42 years. born here in hayes valley. i applied for the san francisco
3:34 am
affordable housing lottery three times. my son and i were having to have a great -- happened to have a great lottery number because of the neighborhood preference. i moved into my home in 2014. the neighborhood preference goal was what really allowed me to stay in san francisco. my favorite thing is the view. on a clear day, i'm able to see city hall, and on a really clear day, i can see salesforce tower. we just have a wonderful neighborhood that we enjoy living in. being back in the neighborhood that i grew up in, it's a wonderful, wonderful experience. now, we can hopefully reach our goals, not only single mothers, but single fathers, as well,
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who are living that. live your dream, live your life, >> the hon. london breed: good morning, everyone. i'm london breed, and i'm the mayor of san francisco, and i'm so excited to be here with you today to talk about what we are doing to provide more affordable housing to the residents of san francisco. [applause] >> the hon. london breed: when i first became mayor last year, i noticed that in the capital plan for the city and county of san francisco, there were no plans for affordable housing, and that was not okay. we made changes, we made adjustments, and we started off with a $300 million affordable housing bond, and that $300
3:36 am
million has turned into $600 million, the largest affordable housing bond in the history of this city. [applause] >> the hon. london breed: without raising property taxes. we did this in a collaborative way. we did this with the leadership of the president of the board of supervisors, norman yee. we did this with our community partners, including four amazing people who led the community working group consisting of so many stakeholders. folks from labor were at the table. people from the community were at the table. folks from the housing community, from public housing, from all sectors of the community from this city because when we know we need to do something this big, we need to come together. and yes, it was not easy, but i
3:37 am
want to thank everyone because the people at the table were open-minded, provided feedback, fought for what they believe in, and now we are here united to make sure that the voters pat this bond in november november. [applause] >> the hon. london breed: thank you so much to the folks who led this effort, including myrna melgar, tamika moss, malcolm young, and annie chung. because we knew how much money we had, but we also had to make sure that we provided the resources for the things that we needed the most. and as someone who grew up in public housing in this city, there was no way that i was going to allow an affordable housing bond to happen without providing the kind of support that would help residents of
3:38 am
public housing, and i want to thank all of you for being unwaivering in your public support for delivering public housing in san francisco. [applause] >> the hon. london breed: this affordable housing bond has something for everyone, including our seniors. and president yee was such a true advocate, not because he's a senior himself, but because -- [laughter]. >> the hon. london breed: i thought you were proud of that, president yee? >> president yee: i am. >> the hon. london breed: but let me tell you, no one does salsa like president yee. but he knew it was important, that fact. you knee it was important that we do good investments, and that's what we're doing with this bond.
3:39 am
in addition to providing senior support, we'll be providing housing for our teachers, for down payment assistance, so there's something for everyone. it was a compromise. and again, i want to thank all those on the working group who came together to help make this possible. but you know what? there's also a need to make sure that these affordable housing units that preservation and the rehabilitation of affordable housing are done with our brothers and sisters of labor. and so i want to thank the labor community, including the leadership of larry mazzola, jr. who sat at the table to make sure that labor was an important part of this effort. [applause] >> the hon. london breed: so many amazing people, so much incredible work and time went into this effort. thank you to president yee again and all the members of the board of supervisors who
3:40 am
are very supportive of this affordable housing bond. as i said, this is the largest affordable housing bond in the history of the city without raising property taxes, and so now, the real work begins. once the board passes this bond and places it on the ballot for november, we're going to be looking to all of you and the voters of san francisco to make sure that we pass this ballot measure. we need at least two thirds of the votes of san franciscans, and so we're going to be working out there and stomping and doing everything we can to get it done, and i'm going to be counting on each and every one of you. thank you all so much for being here today, and now i want to turn the mic over to my partner in this amazing effort, president of the board of supervisors, norman yee. [applause] >> president yee: thank you very much, mayor breed. this has truly been a
3:41 am
partnership. it's almost like a model where we start with another end, and another end, we talked to everybody we could talk to, we figured it out. what is the collaboration that we need? what are the elements that we need? how do we serve all the people in san francisco? whether you're a teacher, whether you're a senior, whether you're someone who lives in public housing, whether you just simply can't make it because of the salary that you're living on, well, i think we've done it. we've done it. it's a start. is this going to answer every question? probably not, but this is going to be a big, big achievement for san francisco for us to put $600 million for affordable housing for our residents. [applause] >> president yee: i'll tell you this right now. i won't outline what mayor breed -- what she had already
3:42 am
outlined. it was a battle. we had to fight, we had to claw, we had to prove our point. this came from labor, it came from everybody. even the middle-income folks to came in and say we need help also, we hear you. we will put something in there for the middle-income, as well as low-income. i am so proud of the process that we -- that we took to get to where we are today. today is going to be a historical vote where the board of supervisors will vote on this bond measure, this measure for housing in san francisco. and then, once we get it on the ballot, it's going to be another historical moment in november, because all of us, all of you will fight for this and make sure that we get 17%,
3:43 am
right? and i can't thank the staff and the supervisors enough for their part because the community weighed in early, and we needed to figure out what are the issues that we needed to address. all my supervisors weighed in on the whole process. i want to thank them personally. almost every one of them. thank you supervisors. give them a hand. [applause] >> president yee: and i really want to thank their staff who did a lot of work. please join myself, mayor breed
3:44 am
up here, labor, and just say to you -- just talk to 20 people, all your neighbors, and say this is the most important thing you can do to help our residents in san francisco. we need affordable housing, yes! we need affordable housing, right? thank you very much. >> the hon. london breed: thank you. thank you, president yee. and as he said, this was a collaborative effort, and i just want to recognize, there's so many people here today. i can't start naming names because you guys will get mad at me if i forget somebody. but i do want to say to the nonprofit housing developers here that work in the community, whether it's tndc, mission housing and others, who continue to provide this much-needed affordable housing, ccdc and others, thank you so much for being here today for your advocacy and affordable housing in san francisco. thank you to the yimbys in san
3:45 am
francisco. it means a lot. now i want to bring up one of the cochairs of the committee to help bring forth this amazing $600 million affordable housing bond. tamika moss spear headed the effort. i remember a couple years back when we discovered we had empty public housing units. we worked with then-mayor ed lee to come up with $200 million to rehabilitate those units. and because of those services, we were able to place 179 formerly homeless families in public housing, and so tamika moss, come on up [applause] >> thank you so much, mayor breed. good morning! we are here on this momentous occasion to acknowledge the
3:46 am
leadership of our mayor and our president of this board of supervisors, mayor breed and president yee. i have had the incredible opportunity of leading one of the working groups with my cochairs, malcolm young, annie chung, and myrna melgar to make sure how the community has a voice in this bond? how do we make sure that every single san franciscan has access to permanent, supportive, affordable housing in their communities? and we have been able to come together and bring folks together around this bond, and i am so honored to be a part of it. this bond, as the mayor said, as the president said, is something for everyone. we have to make sure that the residents of public housing are supported. we need to make sure that the seniors in our community have a
3:47 am
place to age with respect. we have a responsibility to make sure that we take care of our first responders and our teachers. the mayor and the board of supervisors didn't just talk about an affordable housing crisis, they did something about it, and i am so excited to stand with them and support this and get this over the finish line in november. guess what, folks? we have a lot more work to do. this is our first attempt to making sure we have affordable housing in san francisco. we have a lot of work to do. let's get to work. thank you so much. [applause] >> the hon. london breed: thank you, tamika. now many of you know this, when we talk about affordable housing, often times when we found in the past in san francisco, you basically make too much for affordable housing but not enough for market rate in san francisco. a couple years -- well, not even a couple years. maybe two years, we worked with
3:48 am
a number of folks to change the affordability rates to level the playing field because i wanted to make sure that teachers and people of our labor community were able to have access to the affordable housing that we build in san francis francisco, to the down payment assistance loans and other things, because that's what makes san francisco a great place is when we have true diversity from various economic levels. so what i'm really excited about in this bond is the amount of support it will provide for affordable housing for middle-income residents. we have here someone who is a beneficiary of the teacher next door program who provides down payment assistance to teachers for the purpose of purchasing housing in san francisco. with us is a seven-year employee of the san francisco
3:49 am
unified school district, and she has been working as an educator in our schools with our kids. and now because of this program, she's going to be within a short walking distance of the school that she works at. and so ladies and gentlemen, please welcome cheryl lu. [applause] >> hello, everyone. thank you for letting me share my story with you today? as mayor breed mentioned, i am an educator, i am a teacher, and i have actually been teaching for 13 years now. eight years of it -- seven, eight years of it was in san francisco, out at star king elementary school, which is out in potrero hill. it's always been my dream to live in the city that i serve and to eventually buy a home. and because of the down payment assistance loan program and the mayor's office of housing and community and development, i am
3:50 am
actually living the impossible san francisco dream right now. as of last week, i closed on a property in san francisco, yeah. [applause] >> pretty exciting, and it all worked out. and as with any buying process, you face a couple of challenges. along the way, we made it happen, and -- there was low inventories when we were looking we were getting out bit. but thank you to the mayor's office of housing and community development and assistance -- down payment assistance loan program, i was able to -- i was able to buy a place, and i'm a teacher, so it's pretty amazing. so i really do thank the
3:51 am
support for what the we can do on the low-income, middle-inco middle-income, teachers, first responders, and the labor industry. if i can do it, and i can live the impossible san francisco dream, many of you can, also. thank you. [applaus [applause] >> the hon. london breed: thank you, cheryl. and our final speaker is someone who grew up in the bayview-hunters point community. she started as a carpenter and is now working as a plumber. she's in fact working at 1950 mission street on that project, and this is why this program was created to make sure that local residents of our city have access to the trades so they could provide the opportunity to help to build this city and also get good wages in the process. but more importantly, she has a
3:52 am
daughter entering college this fall. we are so proud of the work that she's doing to help build the city. and so ladies and gentlemen, please welcome stacey provost. [applause] >> thank you, mayor london breed, for having me. i am a proud member of the pipe fitters and plumbers union local 38. [applause] >> i was born and raised in hunters point, and i began making my living as a cosmetologist. i owned my own business. i opened a hair salon, which i had to close due to rising rent. being a single mother with a daughter going to college, i needed to find a more stable career. at that point, i had found the city build program. throughout city build, i
3:53 am
learned the skills required to be a -- to have a successful construction career. i have benefited from affordable housing which is how i was able to provide and support my daughter during the city build process. after i graduated, i became a carpenter, working for carpenter's union local 22. before having the opportunity and the blessing of joining local 38, which is the plumbers and pipefitters union of san francisco. living here in san francisco in the 94124 has given me the benefit and a stable career to be in and pay rent in san francisco. that's why we need more affordable housing. we need more affordable housing for all of the reasons stated above. we also need this bond to create union jobs for all unions to build more affordable
3:54 am
housing. right now, i'm working for o'brien mechanical in the mission street housing at 1950 mission where we are building 157 100% affordable housing units. [applause] >> so what i'm really trying to say is we need to build this housing so we can support more people like me, more stacey provosts. >> the hon. london breed: thank you, stacey, and thiank you to all the members who came out today. and thank you to all the supervisors who came out today. i know you've got to run back to get back to business. i know we are all looking for a unanimous vote at the board. right, supervisor mandelman?
3:55 am
you heard it from supervisor mandelman and president yee first. we're going to get a unanimous vote and we're going to get it on the ballot. we're going to knock on doors and talk to people so they know how important this is for the future of san francisco. we know we have a number of challenges, and the longer we wait to get this housing built, the more delay it is for so many people we know are struggling in san francisco. yes, sadly, people who are homeless but also people who are living paycheck to paycheck, people who are losing their housing. this is more than just building affordable housing, this is also about preserving our existing affordable housing for the people who are here who are struggling to survive. thank you all so much, and let's get this ballot measure passed! [applause]
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welcome to the historic preservation commission hearing. i would remind the public we do not take outbursts of anytime. please silence your cell phones. i would like


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