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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  August 7, 2019 3:00am-3:36am PDT

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>> first the consent agenda. there no -- there are no consent agenda items. the next order of business is a regular agenda. item five a., commending and expressing appreciation to services upon occasion of her departure from her position as commissioner of the commission on community investment and infrastructure. discussion and action, resolution number 22-2019. mr. chair? >> we are delighted to be able to honor individuals who have served this particular commission and agency and the first person we are honoring today is the former chair of the
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commission, a very good friend, a wonderful community leader, with that, i will read part of the resolution. on october 4th, 2012, san francisco mayor, edwin lee appointed her as one of the founding members of the commission on community investment and infrastructure. she has served with distinction and excellence and a commitment to the mission of the office of community investment and infrastructure. as a successor agency to the san francisco redevelopment agency, of promoting community, economic , and physical device -- development in blighted neighborhoods, and whereas, during her tenure, marily mondejar provided critical leadership to go cii and serving as its first vice chair from february 16th, 2016 to march 21st, 2017 and then as chair
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since march 21st 2017. since her appointment, the commission has supported the commission and has approved numerous actions to implement ocii's enforceable observations, which will result in the economic vitality, urban landscape, affordable housing opportunities, and quality of life for the people of san francisco. with oversight and approval, ocii has taken action to the next development of the hunter's point shipyard, mission bay, and the transbay project areas. >> and whereas, is a commissioner, she approves the numerous actions that ocii overtook -- undertook related to
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the development agency including the implementation of enforceable obligations that survive dissolution and have created jobs at market rate and affordable housing units and public infrastructure benefiting the city and county of san francisco. approval of the long-range property management plans, confirmation of housing assets, transferred to the city of the housing successor, and approval of for three recognized observation teams and schedules, and whereas, is a long time resident of san francisco, she has been a passionate advocate for women's rights and have worked to ensure the representation of filipina and asian women's voices in the public and private sectors. she is founder and c.e.o. of the filipina women's network, a nationwide nonprofit organization for women and fellow -- women of philippine ancestry, and has dedicated many years to transforming how filipina women transform themselves and how others perceive them. in 2011, mayor lee appointed her to serve on the san francisco
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redistricting task force that redrew the boundaries of the city supervisorial districts. >> and whereas throughout her term on the commission, she has been a staunch performance of the housing programs. in particular, she has been a strong supporter of ocii's efforts to provide affordable housing opportunities to remembers -- members of low income households were displaced by the former agency and are eligible to receive housing preferences through ocii's certificate of preference program. she urged the mayor's office of housing and community development that provides services and sponsored affordable housing units to fill the commitment to provide accessible and user-friendly online access to housing applicants and marketing information throughout the program. >> and, where as, marily
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mondejar, on the successor agency commission will be greatly missed by those having business by the commission. the public generally, and her fellow commissioners and agency staff. her legacy includes the funding of thousands of affordable housing units. the creation of numerous construction and permanent jobs and the specific development project that have improved and will continue to improve the economic vitality, urban landscape and quality of life in san francisco. now, therefore be it resolved that the commission, on community investment in infrastructure, on behalf of this executive director and employee, acknowledges the services that marily mondejar
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has provided to ocii and why this resolution, expresses to her its appreciation of work well done. it is thanks for dedicated public service and its sincere wish for success in all her future endeavours. >> madam secretary, are there any speaker items. >> yes, we have one. >> good afternoon, everyone. my name is helen. i am on the board of international board of international hotel senior housing. i want to affirm the kudos of your commission.
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we have asked her to join the directors of the international hotel, senior housing, recently, and so she is at another housing project. the senior housing was paid for by hub, not the city, and it started with dianne feinstein as mayor. it took a long time, and also -- [indiscernible] i just wanted to let you know that she is a very dedicated member of the community and we honor her today with all your -- we hope that you can find an excellent replacement for marily mondejar. thank you. >> thank you. >> thank thank you. >> no more speaker cards.
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>> marily mondejar, if you don't mind coming up for a quick second. >> do you want me to say anything? >> you can, if you'd like. >> it is kind of weird to be on the other side. [laughter] after so many years on that side but it is wonderful to be back. thank you for the commendation. whoever wrote that commendation, thank you. [laughter] really, thank you so much for honoring me today. it is wonderful to be back. it is kind of weird because the calendar -- we are still marking our calendar for today. it has been a privilege to have surged -- served this illustrious commission from its inception six years ago and to
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work with an amazing staff, amazing staff and working many hours, long hours especially in the first couple of years, so we can be successful in achieving the goals of the commission. serving with fellow commissioners, we were the first appointees of the late mayor, mayor, ed lee, and of course, dr. carolyn scott, and welcome to the new commissioner, and you're famous chair, you know, singer, activist. [laughter] >> our vice chair who gave me a hard time, it has been really truly an honor. it has been truly an honor to be part of this commission. thank you to nadia for your support and all the welcome and help that you provided myself.
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janie, thank you. it is great to see you. and of course, council foxworthy i missed council moralists, but thank you for the commendation. >> thank you. know that our city is in a better place because of you and just know that. your voice, your activism, your ability to want to make sure that people's voices were heard resulted in thousands of units in the city that are affordable, that have dignity for folks. just know that you made that happen. thank you. >> thank you. >> i just wanted to say, thank you helen for being my number 1 fan. she recruited me to the international housing board. as you know, it was the famous hotel where a lot of filipinos and agents -- asians were
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displaced, actually evicted. and many years ago, it took many years to rebuild the site. and helen right away recruited me to join the board. so thank you. >> thank you. we would like to present to you this. if you wouldn't mind coming up. >> if the commissioners could stand.
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[indiscernible] >> thank you. >> we are closing public comment for this item. >> i am prepared to make a motion that we adopt the resolution, but before i do that , i wanted to say, marily mondejar, that the entire six years that we sat on this commission and we started it, and through all all the -- i
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want to recognize your dogged pushed along with me and the commission for dahlia. i think that in the housing arena, and your dedication to community issues, community empowerment, i want to thank you for those efforts. as our chair said, you have made san francisco a better place. >> we have a motion. do i hear a second. >> i second that motion. >> madam secretary, please take roll call. >> please announce your vote and i call your name. [roll call] >> mr. chair, the vote his four aye. >> thank you. motion carries. >> our director would like to say a few words.
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>> wow. i wanted to say, i was fortunate when i started. you have been an amazing mentor and supporter of the staff. and just allows us to do what we do best, which is trying to promote production of affordable housing, trying to make sure the entire community has been represented. you have made a better as a result, and we will continue to keep the good work based on the leadership and all the legacy left behind. i want to extend our appreciation. we will miss you big time. thank you, so much. >> madam secretary, the next item. >> the next order of business is
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item five b., commending and expressing appreciation to darshan singh for his services upon the occasion of his departure from his position of commissioner of the commission on community investment and infrastructure. discussion and action, resolution number 23-2019. mr. chair? >> thank you. >> today we are commending and expressing appreciation to darshan singh for his services upon the occasion of his departure on his permission -- position of commissioner on commuting investment in infrastructure, and the basis of this resolution is whereas, since 1995, darshan singh has served with distinction as a commissioner of the redevelopment agency and the sitting county of san francisco redevelopment agency, at the commissioner of the successor agency for the redevelop and agency, commonly known as the office of community investment in infrastructure.
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and whereas, mayor frank jordan, first appointed him to the redevelopment agency commission in october, 1995, and subsequent mayors including willie brown junior, avenue some, and ed windley edwin lee who reappointed him. commissioner singh served for over 16 years until the state of california dissolved the redevelopment agency on february 1st, 2012, and whereas, after development -- after redevelopment dissolution, the city and county of san francisco established, by ordinance numbeh -- october 4th, 2012, they wanted them to act in the place of the former redevelopment agency commission and to review and approve all actions related to the completion of redevelopment projects. darshan singh was one of the first appointees to the newly formed successor agency commission where he served for six and one half year until
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april 2019 when london breed asked him to serve on the human services commission. >> and, whereas, darshan singh has served a total of 22 and one half years on the redevelopment agency and successor agency commissions. during his tenure, they elected him as commission president on several occasions. he proceeded over commission meetings with fairness, efficiency, and diplomacy. as a commissioner, he rarely missed a meeting and was always respectful of staff and public. even when the commission considered controversial and difficult matters and whereas, in his many years of public
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service on the commission, mr. singh oversaw the completion of several older redevelopment project areas including the yerba buena center and the western addition areas. he also supported numerous redevelopment plans and the specific development projects with his oversight and approval, the agency adopted the hunter's point shipyard, mission bay north, mission bay south, transbay, and bayview's hunter point redevelopment plan certain development agreements associated with these plans survived the redevelopment dissolution and commit the city and successor agency to continue to use tax increment financing, his zoning powers, and other
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authority to create positive changes in blighted areas where tens of thousands of san franciscans will live and work. >> and whereas, mr. singh also approved major amendments to redevelopment plans including the expansion of the rankin point south beach project area to provide land for the construction of the san francisco giants ballpark, the expansion of the center to include the restoration of the historic emporium site can develop into the westfield mall on market street, and the reprogramming of the hunter's point shipyard and candlestick point project areas to include over 12,000 housing units, four-point 6 million square feet of commercial development, and 368 acres of open space. whereas he was steadfastly committed to increasing opportunities for minority and
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this is enterprises and redevelopment projects. he frequently asked pointed questions of public hearings about the level of minority of projects seeking commission approval. mr. singh served along with his colleagues and friends on the working group of a committee created by the commission and composed of private businesses and contractor representatives, staff, and public members seeking to improve and implement effectively the agency's preferences for small minority owned and women-owned businesses and redevelopment agency projects. >> and where as mr. singh has also held other public offices, serving the city and the state, including positions of the san francisco parking and traffic commission, and the administration of the mayor, the california president of the board, the california economic conditions, and is whereas mr. singh's presence on the successor agency commission will be greatly missed by those with
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a business before the commission the public in general, and fellow commissioners and staff. his legacy includes the funding of thousands of affordable housing units, the creation of numerous construction and permanent jobs, and the specific development projects that have improved and will continue to improve the economic vitality and urban landscape and quality-of-life in san francisco therefore, be it resolved, that this excerpt or successor agency commission of the sitting county of san francisco, on behalf of the past and present commissioners, the executive directors, employees of both the redevelopment agency, and the successor agency, recognized his significant public service and hereby express his sincerest appreciation and best wishes to him in all his future endeavours madam secretary, do we have any speaker cards? >> no speaker cards.
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>> we have oscar james. >> you know i'm going to say something. it has been an honor to watch commissioner singh, and a sad moment for him leaving. i'm sorry i came in late, but he has been a tremendous asset to this commission and to the community of the western addition, and the city as a whole. we are going to really miss him. between him, leroy king and benny he, they were the three musketeers. they made sure that the city benefited from and major minorities played a significant part in whatever transpired in the city. if it weren't for him and
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commissioner king, and i don't know where this agency would have been. i hate to see him go. he is like a brother to me. a big brother. i love him and i wish him all the best, happiness, and success that he can muster for him and his wife. thank you, mr. singh -- mrs. singh, for letting him come to these meetings. i know it was a hard thing to let him go, but he has truly been an asset. i want to let you know, mr. singh, i love you and i am going to miss your presence on this commission. god bless you. god bless you, my brother. thank you very much. >> we have one more.
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>> my name is doris spencer. i am a resident of bayview hunter's point. i would like to acknowledge those that are leaving us today. i chose to speak on mr. singh's behalf because i have watched this commission change and change and change. mr. busta is now the oldest commissioner, i don't mean age wise. [laughter] >> mr. singh, i expected to see him up there today. i retired in 1996 and i've spent many hours in this room over those years. because of my aging and arthritis killing me, i still go to the meetings in our community , but i rarely come before you guys. i think that i can do what i
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need to do in the community, rather than come before you, but mr. singh has been a blessing to san francisco, but especially to bayview hunter's point, and we love him, and we wish him well, he and his wife. >> for those who are listening, and those that are here, when you have giants that come before and speak on your behalf, you know you are doing the right thing. madam secretary? >> number speaker cards. >> number speaker cards. i will close public comment and i will turn to my fellow commissioners for a motion as well as comments.
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>> to mr. singh, i have to back up a little bit if i may. i've learned a lot from you and you have modelled nothing but excellence. i appreciate it, i appreciate all that you have shared and all that you have displayed during your character for justice. and for productiveness in the city. thank you so much. i move that we adopt the resolution that has come forth. >> i would like to second the motion and out also like to say thank you. you, too for me, where one of
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the original crew you were the anchor for the commission, i had never been a commissioner before , and certainly i knew about the redevelopment agency and you provided history and that anchor and this stability of the best to understand where the commission has come from so we have a better sense of where they have come from. i also want to thank you for being a steadfast supporter of minority and women businesses, and i want to echo the comments from the community because i know that your work in the bayview's hunter's point was very impactful. >> i think everything that has been said here, i concur with. i am just taking this from an
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emotional standpoint. it has been a pleasure. it has been an honor to work with you. i lucked out. this is my first role as an executive person on a commission for me to come to a commission, where i loved everyone, and i remember working with the three musketeers, and some of the others that have left, it was just a blessing, and it is due to having that continuity from all of your development and to you, and having all the new members join. i wanted to say thanks for adopting me as your daughter, and thank you for making it a pleasure. it was an easy decision for me to transition, and the same with commissioner marily mondejar. i definitely will miss you both and will promise to continue to continue your legacy. we are thankful that we have
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amazing commissioners that will help us through that. i want to echo from my team. thank you for your leadership. >> i would like to make a brief comment before we take a vote today. as one of the newest commissioners on this commission i want to say how proud i am to be sitting in this space of privilege with so many of you previous commissioners being here before me. i used to be on the other side and seeing how contentious sometimes the meetings would get so being able to be here as part of the newer group, but also having a historical context. i hope to have as big an impact as both of you have had.
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>> thank you. i was appointed by mayor newsom and the composition of the board to, or the commission at the time, this was called the redevelopment agency. we had london breed, we had darshan singh, rick sway, myself and commissioner leroy king. it was an amazing, amazing time to be in redevelopment, not because it was an agency that had a good history, but it wasn't agency that needed to fix its history and it was an agency that wanted, especially with the staff and the commission, we wanted to right the wrongs about what happened it was exciting because people like commissioner saying and commissioner leroy king that kept pushing us to do
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the right thing where we, or are we ever perfect? no, but i can tell you that commissioner saying and commissioner king really challenged us to be the best and to do the right thing. i am eternally grateful for you, commissioner singh, because you kept pushing this, and it is a good thing. so, you know, i appreciate everyone's patients, but it is important that we honor people for their work because that informs the next generation of people who will come after us, and hopefully we will do the right thing. with that, would you mind stepping up and wanting to say a few words? if you'd like? >> thank you, so much. it was an honor to serve the
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commission and this commission for over 35 years. during the rest rise asian -- during the -- [indiscernible] mission bay, such key icons as a giant stadium,. [indiscernible] before that, i was there for 24 years in this commission. before that, i was a former general of the parking commission. it was 1988.
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i said okay, i will be year commissioner and he said i want you to chair that commission. i said don't appoint me chair of that and he said, why not, and i said, i cannot speak good english, so nobody is going to understand me. he said, bull shipped -- bullshit. [laughter] it was a really enterprising commission. thank you for the honor. >> thank you. i'm sure people understood you. >> please call your name --
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