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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  August 8, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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it's estimated that one in four san franciscans are food insecure. >> consume. can you speak into the mic? >> oh, sure, sorry about that. can you hear me now? >> yes. >> you want the microphone? >> yeah, could i? it's kind of dropping. okay. so it's estimated that one in four san franciscans are food insecure, which means that they don't make enough money to pay for three meals a day for themselves or for their families. cal fresh, which is formerly known as food stamps is a federally funded nutritional benefit known as snap, s-n-a-p. it accesses better nutrition for low-income households.
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it issues an e.b.t. card is a lot like a debit card in that it can be used at farmers markets, grocery stores, and restaurants. starting this summer, more than 1 million new californians are eligible for cal fresh. and any new recipients who apply and receive for cal fresh will receive no reduction to their s.s.i. or s.s.p. grants. so who will benefit? again, s.s.i. and s.s.p. recipients, and this slide just gives sort of a definition of what s.s.i. and s.s.p. are.
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okay. so california was the only state that did not allow s.s.i. recipients to receive cal fresh, but assembly bill 1811 reversed this policy, so really awesome, positive news there. we want to thank all the hard work for food and nutrition advocates for making this happen. yes, round of applause. okay. so this slide just gives a brief overview of who is eligible -- or what the eligibility criteria is for cal fresh. eventually, it's any household or individual in san francisco with low to no income who's within the income eligibilities, and that limit sort of changes from time to time, so what we do is we include that in a chart on the san francisco h.s.a. website. and if you just do a keyword search for cal fresh eligibility, it should pop up there.
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who else is eligible? s.s.i./s.s.p. recitizenshpient starting june 1, 2019. the benefits, they range from $80 to $250, and it's based on household size and your expenses. if you don't spend your cal fresh benefits in one month, it actually rolls over to the next month, which is amazing. some other pretty amazing perks for cal fresh and e.b.t., we have something called the restaurant meals program where, you know, folks can use their e.b.t. cards at certain parting restaurants in san francisco. they can also get up to $10 in free produce at farmers markets, free and discounted
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admission at various events, and discounted muni passes. [inaudible] >> sorry. a technical glitch here. we're back. okay. okay. so -- so this slide just gives a bit of demographic information. according to the california cdss, california department of social services, there's about 130,000 s.s.i.-s.s.d. recipients in san francisco, and there's a breakdown of
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recipients. more demographic information. you know, so based on those who receive s.s.i. in san francisco, 50% were eligible due to a disability, 46% are due to their age. and again, some more data there about ethnic breakdowns. so this is a really cool slide. it showes sort of the zip code in san francisco and where these people live. if you look at the key there, sort of the darker color concentrations show the higher number of s.s.d. recipients. 92124, that's the hunters point
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bayview area, a lot of recipients there. as well as the bayview, and the tenderloin neighborhood. so what we've done is to help sort of handle the influx of work that will come with, you know, meeting the demand of all these new clients, h.s.a. has hired some new staff. we've hired a total of 33 new f.t.e.s, and this slide provides a breakdown of those classifications. so for instance, 10923, manager two, three clerks, five senior clerks, and so on. so in a nutshell, this slide explains if there's an existing cal fresh household with an
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s.s.i. number who was previously -- who was previously ineligible for cal fresh, the s.s.i. member does not need to submit an application for cal fresh. they just need to wait until their annual recertification comes around, and then, the county will automatically add them to the caseload, so, you know, just want to make that point. and also, that once we do add the member to the caseload, there's a very small chance that benefits may decrease. so i guess -- there was another slide prior to this. i guess it didn't make it on, but there are other slides called the s.n.b. and t.n.b. which may offset any decrease that may happen to the caseload figure. so if their allotment goes down for whatever reason, then
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f.n.b. and t.n.b. will kick in and bring them back up to their original benefit amount. i hope that makes sense. so this slide here just shows a little bit of the media coverage around the expansion of the s.s.i.-s.s.d. recipients. kc-26 as well as kcbs radio. a lot of good press out there about this positive change. community outreach. okay. so -- so this gives you a calendar sort of of event that we've taken on -- sorry. let's get to the right page here. bear with me.
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okay. this is a calendar of activities through the fall. the state of california is conducting paid outreach that will benefit san francisco. if you look on the far left, the may column, you'll see that h.s.a. copartnered with daas on holding two community forums where over 200 food security organizations and daas providers attended, so it is really -- really a -- it was really -- really a great turnout, and thanks to daas for partnering with us on those two events. and then, if we skip to august, you'll see that we launched the two-in-one san diego campaign. so two-in-one san diego, the vendor that we work with, and what they do is an outbound phone campaign to those, you
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know, 41,000 s.s.i. recipients in san francisco to help them apply for cal fresh via telephone. so the first priority group that they're calling is actually the ihss clients, so that's amazing. and they started calling august 1. and then, third, actually also this week, we found five new outpatients sprinkled around san francisco. if you guys remember that slide on the zip codes, daas, they were really instrumental in helping us with our research to finding ageing and disability resources around san francisco that we could partner with and have an out station.
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what we do is we bring or eligibility workers out for a -- our eligibility workers out for a one-day event and they just help all the workers in the building apply for cal fresh.
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okay. so big thanks to our outreach partners, again, cdss, the food bank, daas, 211 san diego, we just want to ask our awesome partners in the community to help us spread the word about this policy shift. help educate your clients about this, and we at h.s.a. developed a toolkit. it's a partner toolkit, and i can share a copy with you all. i can give out to bridget to handout, and please get the word out to apply. it takes ten minutes on this is just a picture of what the partner toolkit with me. i have a few copies with me i
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can pass out today, and ways to apply. we -- this is our mantra -- click, call, come in. so please, you know, to help sort of keep the lines workable in our county offices, we encourage people to go on to, or call our 800 number or come in to our offices. so that's all. >> thank you. any comments or questions from the commission? hearing none, any comments or questions from the public? hearing none, thank you. >> thank you. >> item 8, review and approval of the california department of ageing cal fresh expansion project cf 192006 associated
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budget and all amendments. [please stand by]
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>> that is pretty incredible, but i remember this. my question is, it sounded as if she was saying there was approximately 40,000 new individuals for cal fresh, and so is this effort supposed to help with that? is that part of this contract? >> correct, this is seen as just one part of a larger effort. the county department of social services sent some money over to the department of aging saying, how about you help with targeting folks 60 and over.
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and do an allocation base throughout the state and come up with $66,000 which comes down to us, which is to be used to target older adults, 60 and over , solely recognizing that six a $6,000, and the grand scheme, is not the largest amount of money, but we hope to at least cover some staff time to support the much larger coordinated effort. >> one other question, what would you see as being successful at the end of the day if we were able to in role tenth out -- able to unroll 10,000? >> they are asking us to meet a couple of targets with these funds, and their two categories. there is an outreach category, how many people do we send this
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information to? that is usually calculated as an estimate. the numbers are asking us to meet on that level within the thousands. there's also someone asking us to actually track the amount of applications which are submitted , that is actually not approved, but submission and there is a mechanism to do that. i do not have this exact numbers to me, i will send them through budget to you. those are probably good targets for us to reach. >> any other comments or questions? any comments or questions from the public? hearing none, may i have a motion to approve? >> so moved. >> do i have a second? thank you. any further comments for discussion? all in favor?
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>> aye. >> any opposed? thank you. motion carries. item b., requesting authorization to motto -- modify the contract with central communications inc. for provision of hotline answering services for adult protective services and family and children's services for the time period of september first, 2019 to august 31st, 2021 in the additional amount of $50,000 plus a 10% contingency for a total amount not to exceed $110,000. welcome, carrie wong. do i have a motion to discuss? thank you. carry? >> good morning, commissioners. i am pleased to present to you the central communications contract for your approval. we are requesting for the contract lot to extend two years of $50,000. i do want to note a typo that was kindly pointed out this morning that the annual amount
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is for fiscal year 19-20, not 18 -19 for 25,000, and fiscal year 19-20 is actually 2021, so it is a total $50,000 modification moving forward. so per state regulation, both adult protective services and family and children's services are mandated to accept and respond to reports of abuse and neglect on children, older adults and adults with disabilities. this is on a 24-hour basis and we have been providing the services for a number of years. we are adding to the scope of services for the next two years to extend to hotlines for the public guardian and public conservatorship. this will also be for evenings and weekends, issues range from
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medical decisions to psychiatric issues that may arise after hours. sometimes individuals are sick or require cold -- code org palliative or palliative care decisions, or if they passed away. this will allow the public guardian and public conservator to be more responsive to the care needs of providers such as hospitals, skilled nursing homes , and boarding cares. we will also provide care only 24-hour basis for individuals who are under conservatorship. there will be a pilot phase this first fiscal year for three months in the fall, during the pilot phase, there will be no direct impact on the contract. workers will contact the public guardian or public conservator staff directly based on internal costs. the contractor will be contacted after the after hours program is ready to launch and we will arrange for the numbers and have a market and strategy and be
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able to do presentations to community hardware his. the call volumes are 2504 abs and family and children's services respectively. abs tends to average more of these calls. we are not adding new dollars because the contract itself, there tends to be contract savings and we understand a little bit. and then whatever we develop in terms of the points, we will establish the trends and reset the amount for future needs if needed. >> thank you very much. are there any comments or questions? >> i want to add that carrie graciously moved over from her previous role of long-term-care director to the public administrative public right-hand role. she has currently -- is currently the manager. i wanted to point that out because we have seen her in a different role before.
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>> congratulations. that is a significant challenge, but i'm sure you are up for it. any other comments or questions? >> i have a question. >> this program was established in 2017. how do you measure that it is working? >> this contract is for the after hours contract itself, and so family and children services have had this contract continuously since 2009, and then four abs, it is one -- and then for a.p.s., they reached all the targets every year. we haven't received any complaints or issues from the public regarding any dropped calls or any problems with the hotline. >> thank you. >> thank you.
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>> you mentioned the number of calls, i thank you said 250 -- i thank you said 250. the particular contract, the extra hours. what are the usual number of calls that you get. >> we get monthly reports and then every time there is a call, we also get actual daily reports of the calls. so we average about 250 per program, per month. family and children services of his about 250. a.p.s. tends to have more of them. >> and this contract will include more -- you are seeing
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it expands into the conservatory of the public guardian. >> so during the pilot phase, it will probably be around september to december, so about three months for us to work out the processes internally, and the training staff, and that sort of thing, so there's no direct -- we are not launching any marketing campaign. the public doesn't know, so there is nothing -- there will not be an influx of calls. we will just go through the normal cause of calling -- because of calling adult protective services. we just deal with it internally. really, there is no direct impact on the contract, at earliest, springs. >> that expands a lot. they give very much. >> thank you. any other comments or questions? any comments or questions from the public? hearing none, i have a motion to approve. >> so moved. >> do i have a second? >> any other comment? all in favor?
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>> aye. >> any opposed? thank you. motion carries. item c., requesting authorization to enter into a new contract with thomson reuters for the provision of firm central case management and westlaw online legal research tools during the period of july first -- september 1st, 2019 through june 30th, 2022 in the amount of $100,495 plus a 10% contingency for a total grant amount not to exceed $110,544. welcome to janet for the discussion. do i have a motion to discuss? >> so moved. >> second. >> thank you. janet? >> good morning, commissioners. i am the head attorney for the public administrator and the public guardian, which are two offices housed in dawes --
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housed in daas. the office is currently using both products, however, it is my understanding that in the prior year, we are able to enter into this arrangement through our i.t. department and procurement. due to a change in process, even that there is a ppi and a baa, it needs to be an interest gated contract, and that requires commission approval. that is why i am here. i'm happy to answer any questions about the contract if you have them, but i think it is somewhat self-explanatory. >> thank you, very much. >> my question is, i looked at the budget every year and there
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is a 5% increase. i am just asking this question. >> that is my understanding if you approve it, it will be allowed. >> any other comments or questions from the commission? >> also, when i look at the last page, someone should read out the number because the number is a little bit off. it is still not the correct number. >> okay. >> thank you, commissioner. any other comments or questions? any comments or questions from the public? may i have a motion to approve? >> so moved. >> second. >> any further comments or questions? all in favor? >> aye. >> any opposed? thank you. the motion carries. thank you very much. item d., requesting authorization to enter into a new contract agreement with net smart technologies inc. for access to home health electronic record system during the period
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of september first, 2019 through june 30th, 2022 in the amount of $45,000 plus a 10% contingency for total amount not to exceed $49,500. may i have a motion to discuss? >> so moved. >> second? >> second. >> thank you. >> good morning, commission. my name is rhea and i am the nurse manager for the clinical quality assurance unit here at daas. we started leading nurses into the function of adult protective services and in-home supportive services while our social workers are doing their hard work investigating abuse or allegations of abuse. our community based nurses and
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public health nurses are focusing on the clinical needs of the clients. client. clients with complex functional needs and clinical needs. we partner with a.p.s. chi , i hs with addressing the needs of the clients. to document or chart the medical records, our assessments, medication records, we use net smart and that is the software that we use to not only document our clinical findings, but also we want to report so you better know or understand our client population and also address the risk involved with the population we are serving.
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the commission is requesting we continue to use the software that allows us to document client records and allows us to prioritize what we need to see when we are partnering with our programs. >> thank you very much. any comments or questions on the commission? just one. are we confident and comfortable with the confidentiality? >> i am. >> thank you. >> thank you. any other questions from the commission? any comments or questions from the public? hearing none, i have a motion to approve.
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>> so moved. >> second. >> second. >> thank you. all in favor? >> aye. >> any opposed? thank you. motion carries. >> thank you. now the item on the agenda is general public comment. hello, jessica. >> good morning, commissioners and welcome to the new commissioners. i am with senior and disability action. i wanted to comment on the conversation earlier about pedestrian safety. thank you so much for your interest and attention to this topic. one thing, commissioner asked us about the electric vehicles on the street. that has been a great concern to a lot of us with electric scooters and delivery robots. folks most likely know it, but
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we let scooters run wild in the streets and then fortunately, we really clamped down and put a lot of limits on it. it has been a lot better. we are concerned that once the pilot concludes that, it may change. we will need to be on top of making sure there are serious limits because even with things being better than they were, they are still not perfect, and we still should not have any scooters on the street. we know it is dangerous for everyone, especially seniors with disabilities. similarly, we do need to advocate for the m.t.a. to have clear guidelines about delivery robots, and it is also part of the bigger question of what is happening to public spaces, that are public sidewalks being shrunk and taken over by private companies that are using them to make money? instead of really being spaces at the public can get around freely.
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it was mentioned about bus shelters and that has been a concern as well that a lot of but shelters have been removed, which makes it difficult for seniors and people with disabilities to wait for the bus , whether it is about not having a place to sit, and not being able to be protected. it looks like the transit system is very closely linked to people being able to leave their house and get around the neighborhood and community. as far as the m.t.a., it has been an interesting challenge that we have worked for a lot of engineers, but there are different engineers working on all these different projects. it is a matter of educating all of them to be thinking about accessibility concerns, and we have seen with the parking protected bike lanes, they have been pushed for good reason to make it safer for bicyclists, and it is not good solutions that we don't restate -- restrict accessibility for seniors and people with disabilities. we have been trying to work on coming up with solutions.
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and educating m.t.a. engineers about how they can think about it and coming up with some new ideas. so, i would invite any of you are interested to come up and participate in senior and disability action's transit justice group at least once a month. is a community group putting together seniors and people with disabilities to work on these issues. and tyra is the head of that. there is also a vision zero senior and disability pedestrian safety group that is coordinated by walk s.f. and we also meet once a month and meet representatives of different coalitions. i spoke -- i also want to ask people to save the date at the annual celebration on thursday, october 3rd, and we will have invitations at the next meeting. i hope some of you can attend. thank you. >> thank you. any other comments? thank you. may i have a motion to adjourn? >> so moved.
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>> second? >> second. >> by rising vote, we are adjourned. thank you.
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>> ladies and gentlemen, the chair has called this meeting to order. please silence all electronic devices. please rise for the pledge of allegiance. i pledge of allegiance to the flag, of the united states of america. to the republic, for which it stands. one nation, under god,


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