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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  August 26, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> good evening. i am strongly supporting this against the name. it is so natural. thank you very much. >> next speaker, please. [ speaking foreign language. >> good evening. it is an honor to be here to
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speak in front of you guys here. i strongly support the naming of the subway station. thank you very much. >> hello. [ speaking foreign language. >> i am against the administration because she has divided the community. >> . >> does the board want to stand on the side of people who have
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gained benefit personal fortunes from this? >> or on the side of about 90% of the community and citizens side? >> the former mayor -- so during his time, the embarcadero was destroyed and the citizens no longer support him. >> so i hope the board can stand on the side o of the people.
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>> thank you. >> in future years when it is exposed that the rose pack acted on behalf of the chinese communist party abroad what will we do? >> next speaker, please. >> good evening, commissioners. i am commissioner of war memorial and performing arts and commissioner of the art museum. today i am speaking as a personal friend of rose pak. we have our own story to tell and mine was respect. i respect rose because as a political figure her agenda had never been personal, not for the financial gain for herself. she directed the gains to her community. chinatown parade, hospital,
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cultivations for young asian politicians. many false accusations were made that she lived lavishly, a two bedroom apartment with her corruption money. the rose pak i knew lived on a first floor of less than 500 square foot apartment. it took her 10 minutes in pain to climb one flight of stairs every day. she died in her loved city, chinatown. >> good evening, commissioners. i am a personal friend of rose pak.
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to name the subway after rose pak. the m.t.a. subsequently formed the policy to not name any transit station after a person but on the geographic location. i want to set the record straight that the policy came about after senator wiener unanimously passed the resolution in support of naming the subway after ms. pak. i am here to speak to this notion that chinatown is divided. >> i am sorry. your time is up. >> good evening, directors. i am malcolm young. i lived in san francisco for 18 years and worked in chinatown
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over two decades. tonight rose's sister asked me to speak on her behalf. she wanted to come but decided not to in the end. it was too hard for her to suffer through the negativity she knew was coming out tonight and it has. tonight we heard the eulogies from the community that i wish joanna could have heard. for the last 30 years she watched rose pursue the grade love of china time. that superseded friendships and family. it is what rose lived and died for. i can say that chinatown is here as an immigrant gateway because of rose's love. she gave her life for our community. let's give rose a little something back. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> goo good evening.
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i am vice president of north beach business association. >> your name again? zabe. >> i am here to read a statement in support of naming the station chinatown rose pak. we would like to lend support to name the new chinatown statement in honor of rose pak. a chinatown that serves all constituents when it came t to e addition of the station. it is clear it would be a suitable honor in memory of ms. pak. we work closely with chinatown and recognize what a huge mentor she was to so many of the community. thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good evening. i am here to support the naming
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of the central subway station for chinatown rose pak. william jennifer powell, john bearon montgomery, james manness, portland chase. george richard masco mass masco. they are former mayors and they all have central stations named after them. for once let's celebrate the heroes of the community, the women of color the, trailblazers. rose was the first journalist hired at the san francisco chronicle who did not cover fashion. she was the first asian-american journalist woman at the chronicle. she went to columbia school of
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journalism and always fought for her community. >> next speaker, please. >> good evening. in the past five hours. >> your name. >> carry horn. >> you have in the past five hours you have seen how controversial it is to name the central subway station after rose pak. it is dividing the community and is not good for peace and unit of our community. how can you do a naming of a public institution to cost your committee division? we have support from 90% of the chinese community in chinatown and san francisco who is outside of chinatown. we have 16,000 against the naming after rose pak.
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the number will grow bigger. peaceful for the people not special-interest groups. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello, i am jen. i bring all my guests of the bay area to chinatown. he takes tourist groups to
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chinatown. they wish they could spend more time there. they ask about public transportation and i told them about bart. they all want to name it after chinatown station because it is easier to tell. thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> hello, i am chow. i live in long beach. i want to support the chinatown rose pak station. public station is my primary
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mode of transportation. most people in this town love muni. i have worked for public transportation in chinatown during those times, including advocating for the a express into chinatown. rose understood public transit to chinatown and business in chinatown. it is easy to attend one workshops. rose attended hundreds of hearings in the many years before she passed away. rose organized this about 10 years ago for the centra for thy project. it is the right cause. >> thank you. >> good evening. i live in russian hill, a short
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walk from the proposed station, and i am in support of naming of chinatown rose pak station. my family and i spent a lot of time in chinatown. to be a wonderful teachable moe meant to teach my daughter who is part chinese herself about the legacy of rose pak and the work she did over 30 years to preserve chinatown for what it is today there. is an article in the atlantic monthly about china towns all over the country and how they are under risk of being demolished. rose and the generation of advocates led to supporting prop m and fought for the subway. i can't think of a better honor for her and her legacy to name it chinatown rose pak station.
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thank you. >> good evening. residential builders association. as a city, we need as much leadership as we can get. it is something that should be coveted and encouraged. nothing, nothing is to be gained by negativity. rose pak's community was under pressure. rose stepped forward. when rose stepped forward and fought, the community followed. the morose fought, the more the community followed. every future leader regardless of race, color or gender, needs to step into a station and be inspired by the namesake and say to themselves, i want to make my community a little bit better. >> next speaker.
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>> before the next speaker if there is anybody in the north light court who still wants to speak they need to come up to this room now, room 400. thank you. >> good evening. my name is yen shell. rose pak chinatown station ole. >> next speaker, please. >> i am larry. i came to san francisco in 1964. i am 83. this is going to the record books. i came at 1:00. we had-an hour foreclosed station. i am going home. i was waiting for the vote.
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regardless of the vote, chinatown is chinatown. your vote is not going to change anything. chinatown is chinatown. >> thank you very much. >> i have in san francisco. i have more than 50 tenants that -- [ inaudible ]
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>> like today i listened for five hours. some people think rose pak is a hero. most of the important chinese community. >> thank you. next speaker, please. [ speaking foreign language. >> i am from china.
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i have been here four years. my husband and i were persecuted. my husband was persecuted to death. i come to free society. this has made me really afraid. i felt like i was in china. >> from what i understand other than hurting practitioners, rose pak has hurt many chinese community members. i am opposed to naming the station after rose pak. thank you.
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>> next speaker, please. >>. speaking foreign language. >> . >> good evening, directors, i am kelly. i am a san francisco resident in district 11. i am strong leagainst using rose
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pak because if we use a person's name. this person must be morally lofty and respect the majority of people. rose pak doesn't fit for this. her many chinese community people, in chinatown, many people said we are against her. it was very negative comments on her. chinatown has over 160 years of history. using rose pak to name the chinatown subway system will damage san francisco and hurt those people hurt by rose pak. thank you very much. >> next speaker, please. >>. speaking foreign language.
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>> hello everyone. me name is sophieia. i support chinatown station only. this will be the name for the long-term interest of chinatown and people living here and where people come from, hong kong, taiwan or china, they share the sense of identity and belonging. naming chinatown station after rose pak will only divide our community. >> next speaker, please.
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>>.>> i just came to the united states from china not long ago. i was really surprised to see so many people against and for naming the station after rose pak. naming a public facility after someone, that person is usually
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a hero or martyr or something like that. i have heard that rose pak is not such a person. this is not respecting the human rights of all chinese people we all have something to say about naming of the station. underneath the gate to chinatown says peace in all of the world and we are very proud to be there. with rose pak's name we will feel shame. >> next speaker, please. >> good evening, directors.
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no matter you think rose pak is good or bad person one thing is crystal clear, this renaming has a huge divide in our chinese community. this effect already is enough to help you make a decision.
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how could you use a name that causes a huge divide in the community? under this division the most simple way is to don't use that name in anything. don't force us to use san francisco whole city referendum. as mte directors you should never divide our community. thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> i am here to oppose rose pak's naming of the tunnel. >> what is your name? >> mark. there is a problem with her being the one because she opposed having the statute of liberty in chinatown. i would like to have it at alca taz and she is promoting the persecution of those people from that time until now and she is
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the one. when she persecutes, she is the one, she is the one who is saying they shouldn't be in our parade. i mean, why are we promoting this kind of thinking? china with all of the people in hong kong being hauled off to giant prisons that they are making for them, and all of the people i in tibet, where are wen all of this? i thank you. this never would have happened if it wasn't for rose pak. >> next speaker, please. >> i am david chu. everyone has seen the trouble the rose pak name has caused
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everyone. hearing your position on the board because you are all smart people. the wise chinese person said a smart person doesn't stand next to a wall that is about to fall down. another wise person once say the best solution to the problem is to walk away. so i hope you all can think very carefully about this naming. thank you very much. >> next speaker, please. >> hello i am long chen.
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i live in the sun set in san francisco. i am a volunteer for chinatown station only. since may i visited many districts in san francisco and merchants in chinatown to visit to see their opinion about this issue. the merchants in chinatown as well as the citizens encountered more than 90% oppose this naming.
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in these few months or volunteers have gotten 16,000 signatures and the numbers are growing. this has reflected the people's voice. there is a lot of controversy who wrote the pack from the merchants. people say that she was a bully. she threatened people who didn't listen to her. thank you. >> next speaker, please. >>.speaking foreign language.
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>> good evening, board of directors. my name is erin chen. i live in san francisco 335
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palace street. i strong low against the naming rose pak for subway person. i think she did not make a career distinction between china and chinese party government. she actively followed the chinese government and she thinks it is to love china. that is why she did a lot of bad things and hurt many chinese people. i am against naming rose pak for the subway station. thank you very much. >> next speaker, please. >> hello everyone. i am ella. i am an american citizen living in san jose.
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i like the name to call it chinatown station because i feel it is closer to my heart. i am against the naming of the subway station after rose pak. she committed a per jerry perjury and was investigated by the fbe. she obtained low market rate housing. you can see the report here. so she has no right to represent our community, represent the chinese americans.
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her name cannot show up in the public facility at the subway station. she doesn't represent the righteousness. think about it. if a child asked who is rose pak? how can we explain that? if the tourists from around the world come to san francisco and they search rose pak and she was investigated by f.b.i., how will they think about san francisco? thank you. >> next speaker, please.
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>> deputy is there anyone else outside who wishes to speak? thank you, deputy. >> i live in san francisco. i am a practitioner, because i was in china, my families were afraid of persecution. they distanted the family. they know i am a good person. when i was getting out of -- can't get anywhere in china, i
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thought about coming to america. i thought america -- when i am in america -- when i come to chinatown, i was attacked by different people several times. someone was going to beat me with umbrella. later on i found out those people were utilized by rose pak for hatred. now in front of my house there would be a subway station named after rose pak. i don't know where can i escape
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to so i can have a real home? >> next speaker, please. >> i am fore. thanthank you for your patience. i think you can name chinatown station and nobody will be against it. from 11:00 a.m. to now several
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hundred people hav have been hef it is not out of their passion or being bullied or discriminated or arrested by rose pak they wouldn't be here for that long. i cannot stands for those who benefit from rose pak you want to commemorate her and you can do it in your private home but not at a public facility and not at expense of hurting public feelings. >> this is a society of
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democracy and not to discriminate against minorities. not because of money and power that you have upper hand. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> thank you. [ speaking foreign language. >> i am un i. i was persecuted for religious belief in china and in prison
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for 12 people. people are fighting for religious freedom and freedom for thoughts. the problem of hong kong is because of the chinese communist party, and rose pak represents the chinese communist party as you have seen a lot of the documents. i hope you realize this and do not make san francisco as the next hong kong. [ speaking foreign language. >> this will not be good for san francisco's future and economy and political environment. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> thank you for your patience. i am fong su. i have been here more than 10
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years. today i strongly object to naming the subway after rose pak. i have heard a lot of stories about her. her behaviors are like the head of a gangster. everybody knows she was a powerbroker of chinese communist regimes. she represents ccp more than the people living in chinatown. an f.b.i. investigation shows she was a liar for cheating a low income center. i wish you could make aways decision tonight because this decision not only for people living in chinatown but also for you and the people you love. it is a moral standard for children, grandchildren and for the future of society. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> good evening.
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[ speaking foreign language. >> i will translate for her. she is saying that today we expose those so-called supporters of rose pak. they have a group to pay people to come here $25 per hour. the person who sent this notice actually was here today. you can see her picture here. we have the we chat group with
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her icon. that is her. she is saying, please, really realize this truth. we are exposing the facts. plea consider not to name the central subway station after rose pak. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> my name is. [ inaudible ] [ speaking foreign language.
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>> hello everyone. i am a resident of san francisco. if you say the name trump the whole world will know that trump is the president of the united states. if you say the name rose pak chinatown most of the world won't know who she was. hopefully we don't name the station after her. >> next speaker, please. >> good evening, board members. i am janice leo. did you notice that rose pak supporters from non-profits or personal friends.
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they got favor from her one way or the other, some even got paid to come. we got through. last time they used free food and transportation to get them to come. some got paid. it has got exposed. this time they paid 25 to some young people as their job for the day. it got exposed again. the point is they are here to support because it is enough money for them. people on the other side, mainly merchants and the rest of us and 16,000 san francisco support it because the practical business impact and believe in moral standard. thank you very much. >> next speaker, please.
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>> good evening. ladies and gentlemen, i say. >> what is your name? >> patrick wong. i am here in san francisco over 40 years. i know rose pak personally over 35, 36, 37 years. the first time i met her, i like her. ever since when i find the real personality, i regret sitting at the same table with her. to to many, many of my friends, cousins and uncles. they tell me to be careful with this person. how can a station so great be
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named for such a person? chinatown. rose pak is a liar. >> next speaker, please. thank you. >> one more? >> no. not a 10:00 to 5:00. next speaker, please. >> no, no, no rose pak, please. >> we understood you the first seven times. next speaker, please. >> i am stephanie lee. [ speaking foreign language. >> my name is stephanie.
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many rose pak supporters want to take off that no one is perfect. we are not talking about parking tickets. we are talking about a person investigated for corruption and defrauding the city of san francisco by the fbi. someone accused of abuses in san francisco residents of terrorizing chinatown merchants are death threats and a likely agent of the chinese government. it is not rose pa k's detractors. it is widely reported by the media. please ask yourself can you in
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good conscience vote to honor this person forever link her name to this great city with public naming. thank you. >> thank you, next speaker, please. >> deputy, are will more folks outside? >> thank you. [ speaking foreign language. >> good evening, directors, i am
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a san francisco chinatown resident. me and my neighbors don't like rose pak. the many chinatown merchants that i interact with. 90% are against using rose pak for the naming of the station. we are not using an individual person i's name to name the station. don't harm many people. those who like rose pak could memorize her in their home. >> thank you very much. >> good evening board of
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directors, i am david zang. thank you for your parens. we have heard from both sides. a lot of people call rose pak bully. even those who supported her admitted she was a bully. if i was there i wonder if we want a station in history as chinatown bully station or bs in short. we have 16,000 signatures collected from representing those in san francisco. the decision is easy. simply just stick with the decision made two years ago and put an end to the madness. last thing we want is this on the ballot next year for san franciscans to vote on. i encourage you to make the right decision. >> there is no one else outside. we have a have an ad from superr
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peskin's office. >> convey that to your boss. >> all right. i am sonny and i am proud to be representing the district three office but the more than 10,000 residents of chinatown who depends on our advocacy when they announce another delay to a trans it is projector fails to do competent outreach. this is the work of the transit justice organizers that you had an opportunity to meet this. is a struggle of low income meetings of color including tenderloin. rose pak was not about challenging us. she was not just linked to manifesting an impossible
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project. she had a vision for holding the city accountable. three knew there would be future struggle that only someone who truly loved chinatown to fight for. making sure that service was affordable to families and making sure the station plaza had programming by and for the community. regardless of the vote today that work and those grassroots stakeholders shai have worked with and i hope you will get to know better in years to come l continue to fight for representation and recognition. i hope you all get an opportunity to really drill down and work with these people in the years to come. thank you fothank you for your consideration. >> ms. lee.
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>> commissioners, i am speaking on behalf not only board president norman yee as a city college board of trustee for identification purposes only. on behalf of norman yee i want to be sure you hear his words. his words were we should name the whole damn central subway after rose because it wouldn't exist but for her. i think norman is known for his summation of his dealings. that is it. as a san francisco resident and mother of three children i am raising in san francisco, i want to tell you that i didn't just hear about rose pak. i knew rose pak. rose pak was a chain smoking woman with a great sense of humor who loved to cook and carried candy and toys in her pockets to give to children in chinatown. i know this because she did this
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for my children. we need more like rose pak who will not say i am going to smile more, i am going to fight to protect my community. i was told my entire life be nice. don't rock the boat. smile when you go out in public. don't make enemies and clearly rose listened to it. i was inspired by her to also not listen to that. frankly it is bullshit. we need moroses. more -- more l. for her name to be that there you want a plaque with her name on it great. we should be telling our children especially daughters this is what you can be.
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this is what you can achieve. you do not have to smile, you do not have to be nice. you can fight and achieve and be a public servant for your community. that is what she did. at the end of the day that is what she did and she should be recognize for it. >> supervisors kim and fewer are here. would you like to address this issue? please supervisor kim welcome. nice to see you. >> supervisor kim: nice to see you and to the entire board and welcome to our new commissioner. by the way, martin luther king was also investigated by the fbi and we have a street named after him in the san francisco. all leaders and fighters have fans and detractors no one is a exception even the board as you know from the e-mails and attending meetings.
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i first met rose as a young organizer in chinatown. i attended the meeting and she was there. i had heard many things. the one thing i knew to be true she was a force of nature. she we woulded influence and power without a position or money. what is most misunderstood about mer and what i did not understood about her is what drove her. yes, she is good at the blood sport but tough as nails and relentless. when i got to know her personally, i understood she was driven by her heart and in fact when i got to know hershey ex -- her that she ex sows as -- exhausted this every year. by merchants who labored to succeed and serve the community,
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she fought for parks for children to play in, she willed the new chinese hospital and was a big part of central subways before us. asian-americans make up over 30% of our city population we are part of 250 year history, part of building the city to make it more just. it was the six-year-old who fought the policy that prohibited asian-americans from attending the public schools. they went to the california supreme court and won. six companies in chinatown fought the first racial ban in 1892 and resisted the registry. people of color and immigrants make up the majority of population. their names are not on streets and buildings. stations are named after the streets and acknowledges


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