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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  August 27, 2019 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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memori secondly, some of you may recall that late last year, which seems like a lifetime ago, i requested a budget and
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legislative report. that report was released today and i'm requesting a hearing on the report so we can better understand the city's use of these conservatorships. -- contributed to a decrease in the total l.d.s. conservative caseload. interestingly, that caseload has increased somewhat over the last year. now one of the perhaps surprising things i learned from this report is san francisco is conserving gravely disabled people at an alarming average and is ranked ninth among counties in its per
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capita rate. so what's going on? are there fewer people in need of conservatorships in san francisco county or are we failing to meet the needs of residents that cannot take care of themselves? part of the explanation of that decline is the loss of the last decade of appropriate placements of people suffering from serious mental illnesses. plainly, there's more work to do, and the report and the experience of my office over the last year suggests that the lack of placements may not be the only reasons for san
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francisco's low conservatorship rate. i hope we can all agree that caring for the sickest among us, ensuring that the gravely disabled are not left to fend for themselves is among the most basic obligations of a humane and caring community. by that test, san francisco has been failing for some time, and although i hope we have turned a corner and there is actually some evidence for that in the b.l.a. report, we are far away of meeting that threshold of decency. above all, we must use information to build a complete and compassionate system of care for those who cannot care for themselves. i love forward to discussing these issues with the b.l.a., department of public health and
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the office of the conservator in the fall. and the rest i submit. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor. supervisor mar. >> supervisor mar: thank you, madam clerk. colleagues, i have two items today. first i am requesting a hearing for the city's internal auditors to present the comprehensive financial coffer and their single management letters, if any, related to the city's audit for fiscal year ended june 30, 2018 and to present their plans for fiscal year 2019. this hearing is required under charter section 9.117, and we look forward to sharing their findings at the government audit and oversight committee in september. secondly, following growing incidents of property crimes
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targeting chinese residents today, i'm formally requiring that the san francisco police department provided aggregated data over the past ten years. this is critical to developing more effective crime prevention strategies in ensuring all communities are safe. thank you to supervisor walton for cosponsoring this request. i first requested this in february.
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four months later, chinese americans have been victims of violent and serious crimes, but the police department has not provided this data to the public. at my hearing in march on home invasion robberies, over a dozen chinese residents from the sunset district spoke out about this, yet the police department was not able to confirm or respond. four months later, they haven't responded despite the violent attacks on two community leaders in chinatown and numerous other incidents in other neighborhoods. we have also seen other communities being targeted for crime. supervisor walton has indicated how the african american community bears the burden of the most violent crimes, including homicide.
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given these alarming trends and urgent public safety concerns of many different communities, i am submitting a formal letter of inquiry today requesting that sfpd provide al ravated demographic data on victims of crime by category, police department district in even year for the last ten years. furthermore, to ensure this data is tracked, aggregated and disclosed going forward, i would urge that the police department be mandated on reporting the aggregated data yearly. this information is critically important to strengthening our crime prevention strategy and keeping our districts safe. it's information that other police departments already provide to the public.
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for example, new york city police department has been providing reports on the ethnicity in annual reports for ten years. the rest i submit. >> clerk: thank you. supervisor peskin? >> supervisor peskin: thank you. today, i have several items. while there's certainly a rationale that everyone, regardless of their status of tena tenant, there are some on fixed or low-incomes who budget their income down to the last penny with no room to deal with further rent increases, and
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they should be subject to hardship petitions. we've heard from tenants across the city in virtually every district on pass throughs on top of the annual allowable rent increases. this will allow a process by which those tenants can petition for the same relief as operating and maintenance and capital pass throughs in order to keep them in their homes. speaking of tenant displacement, we have also seen a citywide increase of tenant displacement as a result of construction and mandatory retrofitting. i'm sure you're all getting the same complaints and e-mails that i am. this applies both to residential and commercial tenants and has serious ramifications, and while i was not on this body when the mandatory seismic retrofit was adopted, i think we are all along overdue in creating some protections and mitigations for
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those displaced tenants. our own rent ordinance allows landlords to temporarily evict tenants for the performance of capital improvements, but a lot of these go on way too long. for example, a pending project in my district threatens to evict four long-term tenants, seniors, in my district, without replacement housing. even given for those at the top of the income scale, a temporary capital improvement eviction notice is a disaster in the making. as a result, some unscrupulous investors and landlord attorneys have utilized the
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mere threat of these to vacate their homes. additionally, i know that many of us have been approached by tenants, particularly, veritas tenants struggling with pass throughs on their rent. there are residents in my district that did not make the cutoff for reforms. this means that all the low-income tenants are absorbing the property and rent pass throughs mostly which are banked over a number of years. we're talking about what is potentially balloon pavement increases that some of these
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tenants were not contemplating and you go yare struggling to . i am contemplating proposing an answer for those who need relief, and i am looking forward to discuss with veritas and i appreciate their willingness to discuss this and hopefully we will find a solution. on a different topic, i want to repeat what we said at our last transportation authority commission meeting. as we all mourned another pedestrian fatality due to running a red light and excess ti sive speeding, as we say speed kills. it's one of the top five serious cyclists and pedestrian injuries and fatalities. and while we've added additional resources to the traffic addition of the p.d., we need to use every resource to expand our ability to
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highlight that speeders will be caught and they will be ticketed and there will be consequences. that's how we're going to save lives. the city of san francisco and organizations like walk sf have alo long asked us for automated speed enforcement, and i think it's long overdue. we've been blocked by everyone from law enforcement to my friends at the teamsters, and that proposal has not seen success in sacramento. at our last meeting, i called on the san francisco police
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officers association to call for a carve out for the city of san francisco and i am happy to say that they responded in the affirmative, and i am hopeful that this moves forward in sacramento. if sacramento does not get it done, it would not be a san francisco first, mr. givner, if we went our own way. we did that in same sex marriage. we did that back in the day as it related to needle exchange which was not legal under state law. we declared an emergency and did it any way. to that end, if san francisco cannot get it done, i will be asking the city attorney to draft some policy ideas, even if they are accompanied by a cautionary memo as to how we
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can moderate discretionary speed enforcement, law be dammed. finally, i would like to adjourn this meeting in memory of ronnie sawyer, passed away this sunday in north beach of pancreatic cancer. ronald was the best of what north beach has to offer. he embodied the spirit of the beach, uncompromising, unwaivering while leading his own undelighted liiluted life. over the past two years, we watched as ronald fought his illness in a way few of us could imagine. there was no bitterness, no self-pity, no regret. he stood tall and strong,
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reading his latest works with passion and commitment even as his body was giving out. who could listen to his words and not be touched by their power and brilliance? ronald, we will miss you, and back to his partner of many years. >> clerk: thank you. supervisor ronen? >> supervisor ronen: if you google corporate rental s.f., you will find a seemingly endless list of units markets
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for extended stay and corporate housing. they offer direct billing to corporate accounts, stocked kitchen and bathrooms, concierge amenities. by loose count, there are more than 100 of these in the mission and many more spread throughout the city. they include condos, apartments, rentals, and single-family home. what they have is the abuse of california law that defines rentals over 30 years as housing. every one of us on the board is struggling to find solutions that will help us meet our housing needs, real housing for real san franciscans, whether they've been here for generations or just completely arrived. what we need is housing for
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people who will make san francisco their home, who will enroll their children in our schools and will become neighbors in the community. how can we in good faith approve new residential construction if we have no assurance that what we are approving is what we will get? this has serious implications for both our housing stock and for san francisco tenants, so i'm requesting our budget and legislative analyst to prepare a report on the proliveration of housing and rentals in san francisco. now, there's a new loophole that we have to fix. if it's true that we need temporary options, let's take control of planning for them, consider where we want them, what controls are enforcement, and make sure what revenue we can get from our hotel works,
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and prepare for hotel housing. clearly, there are state regulations, but i also need to know what exists now or could be included in our planning codes or rent ordinances. and lastly, i want to know how this is affecting individuals and the hotel industry. supervisor mandelman is just as appalled as i am for this trend, and i want to thank him for cosponsoring this request for me, and i look forward on working with him on sensible ways that we can address this issue. and the rest i submit. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor. supervisor safai? >> supervisor safai: just one
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brief announcement, wanted to recognize the 17th annual jerry day, celebration at the jerry garcia amphi theater. i just wanted to show the poster for sfgovtv, if we can. it's a big day. we're very proud of the jerry garcia amphitheater, and everything that happens there. we have some money set aside for some capital improvements, but we are going to be pushing for some additional improvements going forward. and in addition to the jerry day, we are going to be having some other events going on throughout the day. jerry day, august 4, from 11:30
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to 5:30 at the jerry garcia amphitheater, and the rest i submit. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor. supervisor stefani? >> supervisor stefani: today, i'm submitting an ordinance for the current site of the -- the development agreement i am introducing is for a 744 unit housing project with 186 units dedicated to much needed affordable housing for low-income seniors. the developer will be responsible for developing on-site senior housing and the development agreement is the best way for the city to ensure that this major benefit is realized. as many of you know how we as a community care for our senior
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neighbors has recently become very personal to me. four days before i became a supervisor in january of 2018, i was sitting in a room with my family, waiting for a doctor to diagnose my father, who was 75, after many trips to the doctor because of memory loss. in that room, we were told that my father has lewy body dementia, and there's no cure, and that he has maybe five years, but there's no cure, and it will get progressively worse. when i was sworn in, it was one of the greatest joys of my life. he knew what was going on, but when i came out of this chamber and i saw him at my door, he
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knew what was happening. why do i mention all this? since my father's diagnosis, i have been immersed in what it takes to properly care for our seniors, especially those with disabilities. i have learned how complicated the medical system is for them, and i have learned how precious few resources are available to our seniors. i've come to understand the dearth of housing opportunities for our seniors in san francisco, how expensive housing can be, and how even with family health it can be hard to age in place or find a suitable family home. i am determined to do everything in my power to address our seniors' needs, especially when it comes to finding them a place to live. that's why i'm proud to propose this agreement which will build more homes in district two than we have in the past decade.
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i know that this is a priority shared by this board, and i'm thrilled to have negotiated this critical piece of the project. the affordable senior building will be located on california street, adjacent to transportation and retail and across from the j.c.c. it will have 186 units for seniors, and it requires a direct preference in marketing for seniors. the majority of this is designed with multibedroom units and will include a large child care center on-site to encourage families. the project will accommodate a wide range of needs while maintaining our community's family friendly character. as we begin this legislative process, i look forward to continuing to work with the community and the developer to
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refine the project in the coming months so that in the end, we all get a project that we can be proud of. also, as president yee mentioned at the start of our meeting, the community of gilroy was terrorized by gun violence this weekend all because an unstable young person consumed with hate was able to easily obtain a weapon and open fire on an unsuspecting group of people at a garlic festival. here in california, we have some of the strongest gun prevention laws in it the country, but that -- laws in the kreecountry, but that didn stop the gun man from purchasing an ak-47-like weapon
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and open fire. unfortunately in the united states we are only as safe as the weakest law in the closest neighboring state. this incident alone should be enough to spur national action, but we all know that the united states is plagued by an epidemic of senseless gun violence that lap dog politicians continue to ignore. every day, 100 americans are killed by guns. every year, there are over 36,000 gun deaths and over 100,000 gun related injuries. a mass shooting is defined as four or more people shot at one time. in addition to gilroy, there were three other mass shootings over the weekend, and since then, there have been at least three other mass shootings
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across the country where three people were killed and 35 were injured. we know what measures and laws to put in place to stop this carnage. we know that strong gun laws result in fewer deaths. the gun homicide rate is 25% higher than any other higher country in the world. the gun ownership rate is two times higher than that of any other country in this world. there are 393 million guns in this country. that means that there are more guns than people. if more guns meant more safety, america would be the safest
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country in the world. our country has been hijacked by political extremists. the problem persists even though our elected representatives all across this country took an oath swearing they will defend the united states against all enemies, foreign and domestic. today, i am introducing a resoluti resoluti resolution designating the national rifle association a domestic terrorist
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organization. the n.r.a. aggressively tries to block every sensible piece of gun violence prevention proposed, even after 20 first graders were murdered with an assault rifle in their classrooms. the n.r.a. values the manufacturing and sales of mass killing machines over the
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innocent life of a six-year-old boy and over a community's ability to gather for a festival. the n.r.a. stokes fear and a culture of hate. the n.r.a. clinics to a definition of the second amendment that is far beyond what the framers of the constitution intended when they authored it. does anyone really believe the founding fathers who emphasized life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness put a man firing a gun over the life of a
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six-year-old boy? the second amendment is not a suicide pact. in addition to that, i am also asking the budget and legislative analyst's office to review the city's contracts to determine if our contractors or subsidiaries have any business with the n.r.a. whatsoever. we must use our considerable leverage to dislodge those who would enable the n.r.a., and we must encourage other jurisdiction to see jurisdictions to do the same. finally, i would like to close this meeting in memory of those victims of gilroy whose lived ended too early. we say or prayers and honor with actions all those who were
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shot or injured and all those whose lives have been shattered forever, and the rest i submit. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor stefani. [applause] >> clerk: supervisor walton? >> supervisor walton: thank you, supervisor stefani, and thank you, madam clerk. today, i will be announcing two in memoriams for the record. the first record is for mr. clifford benjamin henry, also known as c.b. henry. mr. clifford benjamin henry, a 71-year resident of san francisco and a community activist died on july 23 after a brief illness. he was 94 years old. mr. henry worked for s.f. municipal transportation agency for over 40 years as a bus driver and cable car operator.
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he was a licensed realtor and helped hundreds of african americans become homeowners. he and his late wife, christine, were the parents of two daughters. he was also the grandfather of four and a great grandfather of six. a committed family man, mr. henry once said, i told my children to work hard, take care of your family overall things. whatever you say you are going to do, do it. be a model citizen. as a community activist, he worked with his daughter, barbara, in helping to elect the first african american woman, london breed, mayor of san francisco. he attended the yearly s. s.f. naacp galas and supported
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countless others with his time and money. he was a member in good standing at the pilgrim community church. the second memoriam is remembering husband, father, grandfather, brother, uncle and legend of the bayview community andrew thorton, sr. he was born on may 22, 1932 to james thorton and addy lee jones. he moved to louisiana at the age of ten and later, encouraged by his eldest
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brothe brother, came to california. he worked for the united states post office as a letter handling, advancing to manager. he retired from the san francisco municipal ray way after 30 years of service with numero numerous accolades. he established numerous businesses over many years partnering with his family and friends. in 2011, he established let's eat barbecue and more with his wife, miss monique hayes-thorton, and was operating this establishment until his untimely home going. other businesses were the horse
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and cow bar and bayview triple t bait shop. all of his businesses were in the great community of bayview-hunters point in which he shared his love and was loved by everyone. he was a pillar to his city and community. he served his city with great dedication and love for all. he was a founding member of the third street big boys, which for 30 years he and his colleagues sponsored many programs within the bayview-hunters point community. he was always excited to host the third street big boys annual community barbecue. mr. lee, known affectionately by many, will truly be missed. and i would also like to introduce a resolution today,
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along with supervisors brown, haney, mandelman, mar, ronen, safai, and stefani, that calls for the supports and resources for a vision zero on homicides and violent crimes plan. it is time for us to take a major stance against homicides and violent crimes in our communities. it is time for us to allocate resources to our areas that suffer from the plagues the most because it can be committed. we have to take the steps to say that we will prioritize services and resources in areas that have the most violent crime. violence does not have a color or ethnicity in mind. violence happens to all, but we can stop it by coming together. this year in bayview alone, as of july 19, we've had seven
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murders, 17 shootings involving injuries, and 55 shootings without injury. although these are not as high numbers as we used to see years ago, this senseless violence has to stop. for too long, the bayview, viz valley, sunnyvale, the tenderloin, bayview, western addition has been plagued with senseless violence. we've had plan after plan and work today significantly reduce violence in our neighborhoods, and crime is down. but i am committed to addressing this and we are committed today to work towards a vision zero on homicides and violence plans with you. our vision zero plan is calling for a violence prevention coordinator for each district affected by violence that would assist in providing more central and organized
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management of violence resources. our plan calls for community and foot beat officers to be concentrated in areas with the need for vie visibility. our plan calls for ambassadors and the placement of cameras in the community to deter violence. the plan calls for focused mental health and trauma supports for our most vulnerable young people. we are bringing together a team of formerly incarcerated a inc
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individuals, people that prove you can change. they will mentor some of our youth at highest risk, and we will work strategically to address violence in our community. i want to thank everyone who came to the rally to support this plan and this vision as we are really dedicated to making sure we do everything we can to prevent all violence here in san francisco. the rest, i submit. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor walton. [applause] >> president yee: so i just want to remind the audience out there that we really like to keep the noise down so we can continue our presentations, and if you're in support, your supportive fingers, and if you don't like something we're
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saying, go like that. >> clerk: mr. president. >> president yee: colleagues, today, i am introducing legislation to ensure that we can continue to put seniors and people with disabilities at the forefront of our housing crisis. today, we put a bond before the housing that will put $60 million in the housing pipeline. as we continue to chip away at this growing crisis, it has become clear that we have a long way to go, and we need to make sure that we are tracking our progress every step of the way. when we held a hearing on senior housing earlier this year, we heard from countless seniors about their challenges for staying in housing or
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getting eligible for new projects. by 2030, 26% of the population will be seniors. while many seniors are getting into our senior funded housing units, we learned that only 12% of our current pipeline is designated for affordable senior housing. we also see similar challenges for people with disabilities who are often also on fixed incomes and often ineligible for affordable housing units because they are extremely low-income. this legislation will task the department of ageing and adult services as well as the mayor's office of housing to jointly work together to provide a comprehensive needs assessment of seniors and people with disabilities in san francisco.
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we will also be requesting that this report include data on the current pipeline projects and how seniors and people with disabilities are being served. ultimately, we want to be able to demonstrate how the city is able to address the unmet needs, but in order to do that, we must have a distinct focus on those items. the second item that i'm introducing today is a resolution that makes public and transparent agreement reached between the office of the mayor and the community stakeholders in records to the removal of the homelessness commission from the ballot.
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it requires the homelessness commission to change specific policies to help make the department more accessible and more effective when it comes to supporting and serving individuals and families struggling with homelessness. i want to thank supervisors haney, fewer, and supervisor peskin for their representation of the community to help us through the impasse that the two bodies have reached. i want to commit to ongoing dialogue, including the mayor's commitment to meet monthly including service providers. the four points in this resolution are one, to make pregnant individuals eligible for family housing and services
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much earlier in their pregnancy versus in the third trimester. and two, to ensure that families living in s.r.o.s and doubled-up situations are provided access to housing options as recognized homeless families. three, to allow the local homeless coordinating board as an advisory body to develop their own meeting agendas. this made perfect sense to me because what is the purpose of having an advisory body if they are only advising on items approved by the department? and lastly, number four, to support the mayor's commitment to meet monthly with serving providers with expertise and
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proven track record of serving homeless individuals and families to discuss policy concerns. thank you, colleagues for your support and cosponsorship of this item. i believe it's a very positive development for the legislative and executive branchs of government to come to agreement whenever and wherever possible and show our city how we are able to work together to address some of most serious issues facing us today. the rest i submit. >> clerk: thank you, mr. president. supervisor brown? >> supervisor brown: yes, thank you. first of all, i'd like to thank my legislative aide for the actual a.d.u. and especially the business streamlining legislation that we got through. i think this streamlining took a couple years off his life, so i really want to say thank you
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for digging deep and getting this through. today, i'm introducing an ordinance to allow a grocery store in the fulton grocery store special use district. i have spent over seven years working to bring a full service affordable grocery store to 555 fulton. i'm introducing this legislation because finally there's a light at the end of this tunnel. a potential tenant will be subject to make sure that the western addition and hayes valley neighborhoods can have access to fresh, affordable, and healthy food. moving forward, the interested tenants will work with the community and my office to make sure the grocery store dream is a reality. the next piece is i am going to be introducing this
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legislation, and i'm actually calling a hearing with my cosponsor, sandra fewer -- supervisor sandra fewer, to examine the frequent conditions of landlord pass throughs that result in rent increases on san francisco tenants, and i want to thank supervisor peskin for also addressing this issue because i think a lot of us deal with this. this hearing will examine the criteria, regulations and frequency of use or deferral of these pass through charges due to hardship used by landlords when faced with a rent increase. the legislation was led by supervisor fewer.
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howeve however, additional things have come to light, and i'm asking for a budget and legislative analyst's report concerning issues include but are not limited to timing and accumulative impact of pass throughs, how these pass throughs impact long-term tenants, potential limitation for tenants to apply for and receive the hardship exemption. given our housing crisis, we have a responsibility to keep people in their homes and to make sure we're not destablizing rent control protection for tenants. colleagues, i hope you will be joining me in learning more about this issue. and finally, i'd like to adjourn this meeting in honor of jana siguri. on july 29, 2019, we sadly lost jana. she was one of the first
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recognized female muralists in san francisco. she arrived in san francisco in the spring of '67. she was inspired to paint her rainbow mural on a wall at the corner of haight. in 1982, the building on which the mural stand changed hands and was painted over. its absence was immediately noticed by the neighborhood. the community mobilized with protests, petitions and with the support of the community, the mural was indeed restored and today stands as a memorial to the summer of love.
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jana was also an accomplished illustrator, song writer, and film maker. she worked closely with wavy gravy, modern buffalo, and many icons of that era. jana, we miss you and thank you for your amazing service to the haight-ashbury community and the city of san francisco. the rest i submit. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor. supervisor -- [applause] >> clerk: to the good in the public gallery, we welcome your support, but we ask you to do it silently pursuant to the board rules. thank you. supervisor fewer?
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>> supervisor fewer: thank you. today, colleagues, i'm requesting a hearing with the department of good health and the sheriff's department good food purchasing. these departments have been working -- in that time, these departments have been working closely to conduct the assessment, and now that they are completed, i am calling for a hearing to hear the results as well as the plans for the two departments to officially adopt the good food purchasing standards and set goals for they procurement moving forward. it was a model that was developed in 2012 to
3:53 pm
incentivize communities. it works with the institutions to establish a buy chan transparency -- buy chain transparency from food to fork, measures progress and celebrates institutional successes in shifting toward a value-based purchasing model. i want to thank the center for good food purchasing, teamsters joint council 7, spurs, and the mayor's office and task force, to support this further. departments have a strong commitment to healthy and sustainable food and have already taken steps to ensure good food processing. thank you also to supervisor hillary ronen for your support on the original resolution and
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for your support and your sponsorship of this hearing. the rest i submit. >> clerk: mr. president, seeing no other names on the roster, that concludes the introduction of new business. >> president yee: okay. let's go to -- i see that everybody knows -- public comment. >> clerk: this is the time for the public to comment on items within the substance matter jurisdiction of the board, including the minutes, item 61 through 65. public comment is not allowed where an item has been subject to public comment at a board committee. please direct your comments to the board as a whole and not individual members. if you're utilizing interpretation services, you'll get twice the time. if you're using a document, please indicate to sfgovtv and remove the document when you'd
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like it to resume to live coverage. >> president yee: okay. mr. wright. >> i've already demonstrated to you several times how to solve this housing problem. sfgov. here's an 87-unit apt complex in -- apartment complex in emoryville. by the same response, this company in emoryville that's responsible for this 87-apartment building complex made gavin newsom a guest at the building and he sat up there and still tried to criticize and said he would fine them $600,000 if they didn't build on time. we should fine him. i've done that, and i've done better than that by showing you
3:56 pm
an apartment complex that's being built in emoryville for $56 million, a 144 z-unit building that's better than the complex i just showed you. in fact, the 144-unit complex for $56 million, three-story building, with the $1 billion that newsom says he's giving to the homeless, you could build nine. and with the other billion, you could build a 27-story apartment unit complex right next to each other. you've got 11 districts, and if you build this type of apartment building complex in each and every one of your districts, that's a total of
3:57 pm
22,174 units for low-income bracket that you claim each and every one of you help. you sound like a hypocrite when you say you want to build affordable housing, yet you don't move on. >> president yee: thank you, mr. wright. next speaker? >> clerk: sfgtv, please. >> and began speaking about the signs that would occur right before he returned. so what that shows us is the destruction of jerusalem shadowed the day before itself. this is quite interesting. as mentioned last week, there were precisely 84 seven-year cycles between the two
3:58 pm
destructions of jerusalem. there's 84 months in a cycle, and the exile itself in babylon, it said that. as jesus spoke before the high priest, and he asked him, he said are you the son of god, he said i am. i'm christ, the son of god, the son of man. he was obviously saying to him daniel, chapter 7, where the son of god, the son of man comes in the clouds of heaven. psalm 2 was well aware of these scriptures. says yes, ye be happy, and
3:59 pm
beware of the wrath. jesus said you are going to see me coming in the clouds of heaven seated at the right hand of god. he had to see that in the sense that jerusalem was destroyed. he gave that in a parable about a king. he said the king was roth and he sent forth his army --
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i want to extend the invitation to everyone, foz on the community, and every union member to attend the closing party tomorrow evening, once again 6:00 p.m. it is free, local 34 hall, just to the east of the ballpark, 801 second street. i wanted to report that my information, the last negro in san francisco, which i consider a brilliant film, it's last run is at 9:15 p.m. on thursday


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