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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  August 31, 2019 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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that. it's a good time of year. >> any public comment on our comments or questions? seeing none, public comment is closed. we will adjourn this meeting at 6:29 p.m. [adjournment] >> ladies and gentlemen, we're going to order the sfmta board of directors. please call the. [roll call]
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you have a quorum. item three, announcement of prohibition sound producing devices during the meeting. the bringing of sound producing electronic devices are prohibited at the meeting. any person responsible for one going off may be asked to leave the room. also, directors, please be advised we do have an overflow room for today's meeting. due to fire codes, if you're sitting or standing in the aisles, you must step outside, and fanned a -- find a chair. item four, approval of the minutes of the july 16th regular meeting. >> board members, anyone have any changes they would like to make? i will entertain a motion. >> so moved. >> second. >> all those in favor of moving these minutes please say aye. >> aye. >> any opposed? >> item five? >> item five, communications,
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mr. chair, i have none today. item six is introduction of new or unfinished business more members -- by board members. >> board members, and a newer unfinished business? >> yes, we brought up the idea of looking into no right turns on red, and ever since she brought that up, i have been noticing it more and more around the city and i really understand now what a good idea that is, not just for the cars turning right, but the cars creeping into the crosswalk to look to see if it is clear, which has been impeding the pedestrians' ability to get through. i'm hoping that we can have a report on can we do that, do we have to do it citywide and can we do a citywide, and just to say that it really was a great idea to bring up a name looking forward to us being able to discuss that. >> as i understood the response to the director's response, it was two things. one, do we have the legal power, and what other cities have done it and what sort of results have
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been met there. is that fair? >> i think that's fair and i think it sounds like something we may be able to get into more in september 3rd. >> correct. okay. any new or -- any other new or unfinished business? >> there was a great article in the chronicle about getting people to slow down. it brought the topic of automated speed enforcement and i think our police officers union or association might have signed on about that. i would like to get an update on that and where is in the state level and remind people to slow down. >> excellent. okay. any other newer unfinished business? >> item seven, director's report >> this is normally the point where i turned it over to the director of transportation and we go through the report, and i will note as i do this that today mr. maguire is in the
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chair and we're thrilled to have you on board as our interim director. thank you so much for agreeing to the task, thank you so much for being capable to the task and we very much look forward to working with you over the next few months. before we get onto this report on the recognition, i want to recognize the man who used to sit in that chair, a consistent with his personality and humility declined a ceremony that would normally be fitting of someone who has given so much and so long to the agency. he was a true public servant. account him among one of my great personal accomplishments as well as this board's accomplishment getting him into the position as director of transportation and he will be dearly missed. we wanted to say this to him publicly, maybe regaled him with some gifts, but true to his form , he was humble, preserved and rational. that is the way ed always carried himself. those of you who work at the agency know that to be true. those who work here at city hall and worked with him know that to
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be true and those members of the public would have dealt with him know that to be true. and reiskin was the consummate public servant. for that and for his awesome professionalism, diplomacy and humility, you will always have my respect. director maguire, the floor is yours. >> thank you. they are certainly big shoes to fill and i will do my best to fill them. i would like to ask julie kirschbaum, or director of transit, to come to the podium and present an award to one of her employees. >> this is the fun part. i would like to invite darius chan. i'm thrilled today to be recognized dennis chan. he started his career at
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munimobile about four years ago and he is in our maintenance training unit. what i want to recognize him about is the work that he has been doing to support the new flyer training program. as you know, we have put in an massive investment in our fleet and the commitment we made to this board and to the writing public was that we would maintain that fleet to the absolute highest standard and making sure that staff has all the training and the support they need to make those changes is a critical part of that commitment. dennis was assigned to help coordinate all of the filming logistics over the last several weeks. we have him making training videos for our hybrid and traditional coach fleet. they were out in our system. the film crew had such a positive experience that they
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wrote praising his work. i just want to quote them because i don't think i could have said it better. they said, i have been producing training videos for new fire across north american -- america since 1982. dennis was the best prepared, most engaging, and knowledgeable executive producer i have yet to work with. i'm truly looking forward to the remaining weeks of our production schedule. i just want to thank dennis for representing m.t.a. so positively and for representing here, to you, our mechanic, and a retraining program, which i know you don't get a lot of exposure to, but are really the men and women behind keeping our fleet in such incredible condition. i wanted to introduce and congratulate dennis chan.
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>> if he was producing it, that award would have been right there ready to go. [laughter] stick to buses and trains, julie >> fire appreciation, thank you so much. [applause] >> i will make this short. good afternoon, directors. thank you. i'm honored to receive this recognition. i'm grateful for the recognition i have received for my work. this award would not have been possible without the help of my colleagues whom i have the deepest respect. i sincerely thank each one of them for helping me reach this achievement. thank you. >> wonderful. all right. a lesson to everyone on the power of brevity. dennis, thank you so much for your service to the city.
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thank you and congratulations. >> thank you. >> okay, i'm moving around, this is a director's reporting which i get my steps. the next award we will give, i will do this one myself, i would like to ask paul road to join me at the podium. many of you already know paul, if you don't know him personally , you've seen him on t.v. or seen him in the class over the last nine years. he has served as the m.t.a.'s chief spokesperson and media relations manager. he doesn't incredible job. he is about as close as we have to 24/7 on-call employee. he has taken calls with the media as early as 4:00 a.m. in the morning. i have been on the phone with him as late as midnight. he is always e-mailing, texting, and making sure that the right information the public needs and our message about the goals of the transportation system are always getting out there and are always being represented properly in the media. is a really difficult and stressful job. i don't know how he still has the smile on his face after nine years.
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he is a consummate professional, a real gem, we are so sorry to lose him, but we know he is doing -- he is going right down the street working the private sector. hopefully we will still see you writing munimobile to work every day. we are clearly grateful to paul because he started nine years ago. when he think about where the agency has been over the last nine years, we have been through leadership changes, political changes, but he has been a real constant and somebody who helped me and many other people find our voices with respect to the media and he gets our story out there. he has a large number of family matters with him here today so hopefully we will be able to spend more time with him not be taking those calls in the middle of the night from people like me and the press. i would like to ask you to join me in recognizing -- recognizing him. was pause -- [applause] >> thank you very much for the honor. i want to point out i do have my
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family in the entire front row and kind of going into the second row. i really appreciate their support in allowing me to do this job and take on this adventure. i have two people who want to introduce themselves, though. >> i'm link in, his son. >> i'm brooklyn, his daughter. [laughter]. >> they really wanted to get in front of the microphone. i guess it runs in the family. [laughter] thanks again for the honor. it has been my privilege to represent this agency. every time i start an interview i have to state reporter's request to say your name for the record, and every time i started with paul rose, spokesperson for the sfmta, and it has been a point to pry through my professional career. no matter the issue, i was always proud to do that. i just want to thank the staff i have worked with. without them, nothing that i have done would have been
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accomplished. i just want to thank you for your work pick you guys should be proud of the work you do. the leadership that you provide is something that i'm proud to associate my name with and i just thank you for the honor and thank you for allowing me to be your spokesperson. >> thank you. if you would stay there for me. [applause] i think all of the board members and all of the staff have an appreciation for what you do, we take on a special appreciation when you sit in this chair and deal with you as often as chairs at this agency do. i would like to call on, if i may, director brinkman to share some thoughts. >> thank you. paul, we will miss you so much and i just want to say what a fantastic job you have done at the sfmta. although, when he turned on the news in the morning and saw you, i knew something was going on. i always had every confidence that you were going to relay the information in the most concise and straightforward and
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reassuring way possible. thank you, again for all your years of service. we will miss you very much. again, to your family. thank you for sharing him with us. you have obvious a race of two very bright and articulate kids will have no problem following in your footsteps. we will miss you. best of luck. >> i will say this, lincoln in brooklyn, you are lucky, most people don't get to see what your parents do. you get to see paul when it is the bad stuff that he is dealing with, but please know behind the scenes at the office, with members of the community, with us, he is always the same, levelheaded sweet guy dealing with difficult situations well, guiding us to what we need to do professionally, and frankly just a really good colleague, someone who is really a pleasure to be around and that is not true of all great professionals, but he is a great professional who is also a good person. thank you for being here, paul,
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thank you and best of luck. >> thank you. [applause] >> next up i would like to ask our human resources director. him to join us -- i don't think he is here. >> we could put paul back into service. >> unfortunately we have had three more traffic fatalities since we last met and had our last update on the vision zero initiative. we are now 23 fatalities year-to-date and i will give you an update on the three
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fatalities pick the first happened on july 18th at 5:42 a.m. at the corner of eddy and mason street. a. a 54-year-old was walking north crosswalk. we were installing a pedestrian scramble and were prohibiting all turns on red at the corner of eddy and mason. at 2:00 p.m., another pedestrian got hit as a driver read a very light -- ran a red light and struck an eastbound vehicle and killed a man. this collision occurred on a street that we have recently made safety upgrades to as part of our safety or -- it -- safer taylor project. we have installed 12-inch signal headset all approaches to the intersection and we will be changing the signal timing to make pedestrians more visible and give them priority as they cross the street.
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finally, the third fatality happened on august 4th just before midnight on carroll avenue near the new alice griffith apartment complex. a pedestrian was found in the roadway and transported to hospital where he died. his name is not been released at this point. there were no witnesses, but the medical examiner does believe the cause of death was motor vehicle collision, and the police department are investigating this as an active hit and run investigation. again, these three fatalities remind us of the gravity of the vision zero commitment. twenty-three matches the number fatalities we had last year and it is only late august, just a reminder that many of the decise make at this board are about reengineering our high injury streets, including the streets that i just mentioned, to put our engineering tools in place. we have been taking the momentum that you put behind us to implement quick build improvements on some of the
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streets, a couple examples of that are the recently opened protected bikeway with painted safety zones, daylighting upgraded traffic circles from townsend all the way to 16th street. we also updated the traffic signals along the valencia street corridor, and later in august and september, will be upgrading townsend street and brennan street based on legislation that this board passed earlier this summer. we continue to try to shorten the amount of time we spend delivering projects and get those improvements on the street as fast as possible. we know engineering is not the only component to vision zero and we have watched several educational activities in the last month. we released a biking in san francisco campaign, free bike focused social media videos, we launched another round of our safe speed campaign which reminds drivers that excessive speed is overwhelmingly the most common cause of traffic
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fatalities in our streets, and the campaign will include shelter adds, radio adds on 15 bay area radio stations in english, spanish, and chinese and we'll be using our variable message signs, the signs of direct drivers around congestion and parking. you may have seen those signs this week that satan messages that kids are back in school, slow down. and finally, our director of government affairs is representing san francisco m.t.a. and many of the large city in california on the zero traffic fatalities task force, which grew out of a piece of legislation that was discussed and he simply last year. the task force to set up to rethink the approach we take to sitting speed limits in california with an eye towards safety and reducing the excessive speeding that doesn't just plague us in san francisco, but is the cause of fatalities statewide. we're looking to identify new ways and new policy ideas that we haven't san francisco forward and given a statewide focus to save lives in california.
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the task force met for the first time in july and in august, and they are due to have recommendations by the end of the calendar year. that is the update on the vision zero program. i know later on we will be having a deeper discussion of the central subway, but i did just want to update everyone that our central subway program director is here. they are in the process of assessing our budget, timeline, and schedule, working closely with our contractor, and we do look forward to coming to this board with some more clarity about the timeline and the cost of what it will take to finish this transformative project and open it for the public. the good news we have is that we are continuing to move construction activity off the streets, particularly in chinatown. we believe that by early september we will have all of our construction footprint off of stockton street in chinatown, and the only construction materials remaining in chinatown will be the half walk up -- half
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block of washington west of stockton which provides access to the area where we continue to work on the station. the conditions on the street in chinatown and union square, and south of market are a far cry from what you would have seen just a few months ago. finally on the more short term maintenance, we have crews who work every night in the union subway to maintain tract -- track structure. they have a two hour window to get in there after the subway shuts down at night and before it starts up again in the morning. that activity is happening almost every night. however, we have identified critical maintenance work that cannot be done within those two hour windows. that include work -- that includes work with including overhead lines, and working on automated train controls. i'm telling you this because we are implementing some early closures. we started early this month. we will be doing it through late august and doing another early closure window in december.
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that means passengers was lightly inconvenienced in the subway shuts down at 9:30 p.m., but gives our crews a long maintenance window to repair things like the overhead wires, which causes so much trouble. we did have a brief subway outage this week resulting in overhead wire difficulties. the early subway shutdowns that we are announcing our august and december, they are all about preventive maintenance and making sure we've got the time for our crews to get in there and do the work they need to make sure the subway is running more reliably. that concludes my report. >> directives, any questions for director mcguire before we go to public comment? >> i've two comments. i know we'll get into this more deeply on september 3rd, but related to vision zero, one is just a request that as we think about our some timber third meeting on vision zero that we really take a hard look at the data and what we are learning from the data.
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we need to learn about how we prioritize our action plans. i'm looking forward to the conversation. secondly, please know that we are making some of the changes like the pedestrian scrambles that director brinkman referred to earlier, preventing all dangerous vehicle movement and intersections. i am just wondering if as opposed to reacting after a tragedy, there was some sort of way that we can be a bit more predictive, analysing the types of intersections that are likely to be dangerous, a typology of intersections, and if we know that we had plenty into -- with plenty of engineers on staff, if we know they are the same speeds , the same ratios, the same geometry as the places where we just had a fatality, don't just fix the intersection, fix every intersection like the intersection before more tragedies happen. i know you are aligned with me on this, i know we don't need to tell you this, but i wonder if we can keep getting smarter about how we react to these
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tragedies and be more productive in our approaches as opposed to reactive. thank you. >> okay. is a public comment on this item >> yes, mr. chairman. >> okay. welcome back. >> thank you members. it is good to be back. congratulations to tom on being our new director. concerning this specific report, vision zero has become more important and relevant to me because i am out there in the street, writing shared mobility, doing a lot of walking. i average 5 miles a day in walking, sometimes more. so we have to be proactive in -- and our number one problem in this community is the single
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occupied, nonrevenue automobiles , thousands of them come into this city. and ultimately we will probably have to have congestion management and pricing, so i think we have to work on our streets because when you have streets that are cracked and potholed, they set us up for accidents with vehicles with small wheels. i remember the days when our city councils and county commissions were very much focused on the idea of fixing potholes. we don't think much about that anymore, so sustainable streets. i'm borrowing the title from your department. it should be very much about fixing potholes and washboards. and concerning the subway, we have to do a lot of work. i still think about the new
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haven line several years ago, which severely disrupted traffic on that very busy railroad. we have to fix all these old parts. the subway is approaching 40, and it is not as old as me, but we have to stay ahead of the game. thank you. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. also nice to be back. it has been a while. they're two new directors since i was last here. welcome to you. >> thank you for being better branded than our last speaker. >> at least he has a on. [laughter] -- at least he has a part shirt on. [laughter] maybe i am the only one in this room who remembers attending those meetings.
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with regard to the early subway closure that was mentioned, i haven't gotten an explanation for exactly what critical maintenance is being done. i heard some examples, but i haven't heard the specifics on that. i would also question why a second closure is being planned for december when it is raining and cold at night, and that is going to be a greater inconvenience for passengers, and if there's any way to avoid that, i would encourage that alternatives be considered, including limiting that to just weekends with a later subway opening saturday and sunday mornings as has occurred with other closures. i'm also not clear on how that particular two-week closure that we are now seeing was approved because that was not a project that i could find in capital improvement programs.
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one thing that the director did not mention was an upcoming cable car shut down, which i understand is to be a systemwide shutdown of roughly three weeks for which communications are being prepared for passengers, but i just wanted to be sure that there is lots of advanced notice on that for current city residents and visitors. thank you. >> thank you very much. >> herbert weiner, i wish to express my concern about the m.t.a. task force. it is clearly stacked with people that are friendly to m.t.a., therefore you are not going to get any critical feedback. >> that is not an item under the director's report. >> they're discussing the m.t.a. board, they discuss the schedule >> that is an item later on in the agenda. >> it is? okay. fine. >> thank you. any further comment on this particular item?
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wonderful. public comment is closed. it is my understanding, as we're having these multi- reports about the metro service and the data, we will be doing that on september 3rd. is that correct? >> we have a service update today. >> okay. >> we will do that on -- that is why he said this is the fun part later. thank you, julie. next item. >> item eight is an advisory council report. mr. weaver is here to present. >> welcome back. thank you for being here and for your work. >> thank you. at our last meeting we adopted a motion. i will give you the text of that the sfmta c.a.c. recommends that
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because cable car passengers experience long wait times at the powell and market to turn around, line be promoted as an alternative for those passengers who wish to ride cable cars without regard to destination. we also had an interesting discussion with a representative of the m.t.a. district supervisorial district liaisons, and what tasks they do and how they relate to projects of specific liaison people who come into work with neighbors on particular projects, and what a nice, big, mess that can be, and people don't know what is going on often because, i'm not sure, but for whatever reason, we thought maybe it could be smoother if the regular liaison
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for a particular district also talked to all the people in the district about what was going on then and what projects were coming up in the future. so that's the basic presentation of highlights of our meeting. thank you. >> wonderful. board members, any questions for c.a.c.? okay. thank you for the information. as always, for the continued work. any public comment on the report seeing none we will move. >> general public comment. this is a member of opportunity to address the four. >> to be clear, this is on items not on the agenda today. county cards do you have? >> four. >> okay.
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that is a very nice shirt. >> thank you. i have two caltrain insureds, too -- two caltrain shirts, too. so first of all, i went back to the cable car museum, something i have been doing for ten years, and i enjoy it. this agency owns that property. i feel that museum is in need of refreshing. we are watching videos that are about 35 years old, and, yes, it is a museum of historic preservation, but as historic as cable cars are, they are also relevant today. because when i have stayed in the very round north beach in the off hail, i use them on a daily basis. they are serious transportation. i think it is time for us to look at that museum and refresh it so it can be something that
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people will continue to come to, much as art museums change their exhibits out. i am concerned about the central subway. that subway, when open, will make it easier for me to go to south and market. i hope it doesn't slip any longer. i was reminded of the second avenue subway in new york which was a project about a century in the making, and it only opened finally two years ago. i hope that we can get this done more quickly. i am out there using our shared mobility, and it is important we continue to innovate in that area. we are a community that strives to be good neighbors. someday some day you may see me on the street with it -- seeing an errant scooter, and i pick them up and move them over. i just want to be a good neighbour out there and do the right thing for people. so we are out there doing our
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thing to keep this city safe and moving. thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. speaking of shared mobility, i am the director of partnerships at spin. we operate electric scooters in cities across the country, bringing sustainable last mile mobility solutions to diverse communities. we are also an applicant to the city's powered scooter share program. we are committed to working with cities we operate in and that's why we created our partnership. want to partner with cities, we work really closely and diligently to meet shared goals around safety, organization responsiveness, and equitable service. we also engage with sfmta staff and are hopeful to be selected in san francisco.
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were committed to providing good , quality jobs without making employee settle for independent contractor status. they are all employees. our commitment to the community means we hire directly from community nonprofits and workforce develop mint organizations, and in addition to our workforce, we are really concerned about equity. we are proud to offer spin access, which provides discounted rates to eligible, low-income residents, and he's eligible low-income residents can use cash to purchase spin access cards at partner locations. in addition to this, we just really want to focus with you on forming collaborative relationships, and these relationships are the backbone to our success. we look forward to canoeing to work with sfmta and the city of san francisco. -- we look for to continuing to work with sfmta and the city of
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san francisco. >> thank you. next speaker, please.
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>> herbert weiner, followed by david. those are the last what were people who submitted speaker cards. >> i wish to submit the annual record award which was given to executive director at reiskin reiskin upon his resignation. this is for the board to review. the second thing i want to give up is the 27 line. what is happening on the 27 line right now is for the same amount of buses, but less stopped, so basically there is less service. this is a pattern. the removal of bus stops. basically the public loses. this is a policy of not fixing munimobile, it is called fixing the passenger. this is been a consistent pattern.
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there has been a net lack of service. the 27 is an example of it, like on taylor and o'farrell, a bus stop was removed that was a very long distance. this is not service. basically we have to stop this policy of fixing the passengers and let's fix munimobile instead thank you. >> thank you very much. >> this is just a general comment about the service. i know that julie is listening while she is doing a lot of things to run the place. i'm concerned because in the last week since the new operator sign-up took effect on august 10 th, i have noticed a number of runs late at night, including
1:38 pm
owl service, that hasn't been filled. i know there is an ongoing challenge with missing runs due to operator unavailability, but i thought that we had something known as a must fill or run list so the first and last trip on every line, including all of the will service that runs all night , was covered as a priority , so that people didn't miss the last trip, so all of those first and last trips were coverage, and some of the runs i noticed missing last week were exactly those services. i hope that some attention will be given to reprioritizing and ensuring that those runs are filled. the other comment i was going to make is hoping that item 14 will be covered before 3:00. >> any other public speaker cards? >> no. >> in our directory report we were going to have one of our staff members addressed something that was not on the
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agenda that had been raised before. for procedural order, if i could have you state your name and give public comment, you can comment on whatever you like, but if it happens to be addressing those questions, that will be dandy. >> i am the acting director for sfmta. i wanted to come in and talk about some of the change effort and some of our programs that we have conducted and we will be continuing to do so to improve workplace and make sfmta desire -- a desired destination for careers here. some of the training education that has taken place in the last -- last fiscal year has been respecting the workplace training. already sessions have been held with almost 400 attendees. we're were scheduled to unroll another almost 100 managers and staff. the goal is to train an additional 200 by the end of the calendar year. we also made, in compliance with
1:40 pm
a sitting county, we mandated 24 plots, which is a manager and supervisor training. the last fiscal year, nearly 400 took the training, and we have an additional 45 enrolled before the end of the calendar year. we have also started rolling out emotional intelligence training, and we are hoping to have at least over 100 trained in the emotional -- emotional intelligence. the city -- we are working with the city to also rollout fairness seen hiring training that will be first required of all the managers, and everyone will be serving on a selection panel. in order to be part of the selection panel, you will have to go through the fairness in hiring training. also, in accordance with executive director, which is recognition expansion and reaffirmation of inclusive gender identities, we are in the process of reviewing all communications including forms
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and policies and training materials that are required under the director, and that has literally happened this week. we are also going to be providing customer service and de-escalation training for our frontline staff because culture change efforts is just not about internal, but also is what we show to our customers and clients. another thing that we have done is we started to engage our employees to have them engage and empower, but really to let them know that we are listening to them. we started having roundtable events. nine events were held over the past six months. we continued to have our surveys , as you guys know, the surveys are also utilized to give stakeholder input. our workplace committee continues to work biweekly. i am proud to say that director reiskin reported out on the gem
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award events, the going the extra mile events, which are calling to colic nominated awards. we have more than doubled the number of nominations, and on june 25th, the reception was a huge success at golden gate park of course, we also have some staffing issues that will be directly related to insurance. we want to improve and change our culture at sfmta. as recommended by the report, someone was hired and transitioned here to sfmta. he was involved in training, especially related to racial equity training, and will be providing post- racial equity follow-up workshops. is also working with all the division liaisons, and he is also continuing to provide more services. additional staffing that we feel will be crucial to ensuring a continued strategic approach to
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the culture change is that we are actively recruiting for a new employee relations manager. we are also recruiting for the service exam manager, as well as the workforce and talent acquisition manager, one of the persons who is responsible to reach out to previously, i will say communities that needed to be reached out to that haven't been there yet. they will work on apprenticeship , and really make sure we have a recruitment approach that meets the needs of all different levels, not just the executives, but all the way down to the apprenticeship and administrative positions. most excitedly in september, we will have a new h.r. director who will be here and will ensure that we continue to set
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priorities and ensure a strategic approach to all of our training and culture change programs, so thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to report out on these efforts. >> very good. thank you. any questions? seeing no further public comment , public comment item nine is closed and we will move on to item ten, consent calendar >> is there any public comment on mr. kim's report? seeing none, will move on to item ten. >> item ten is a consent calendar. all matters listed considered to be routine. items can be severed and considered separately. we be -- we have received a request that 10.2 be be severed. >> we also have a neck a request on item 10.8.
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>> the director wishes to have 10.8 -- >> very good. we will consider the consent calendar. 10.2 c. and 10.8. and all remaining parts of the calendar. i will entertain a motion if there is one. >> second. >> aye. >> any opposed? okay. >> it is establishing no stopping on 47th avenue west. >> i just want to speak very briefly in support of this. this is the area that is important to talk about. >> this is near the terra vale terminal. for whatever reason, the track loop at the zoo was rebuilt. it was rebuilt with the track down the center of 47th avenue so it makes it difficult for
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cars to travel on either side of the train when they are stopped there, which they often are because they can't pull in to the terminal. this would remove a small amount of parking on the west side of 47th avenue and presumably direct cars to travel around to get by. the next time that loop is rebuilt, probably in another 30 years. it would be great if the track were offset from the center of the street so that it doesn't block both sides. that is another generation to think about. >> thank you very much. any further public comment? seeing none, i will take a motion on ten-point to see. >> i take that as a second. >> all in favor please say aye. >> aye. >> 10.8 is the bike share permit program with social bicycles on
1:47 pm
the terms to pilot consistent with a court order and related vacation of any terms of may conflict with the new permit requirements. >> thank you. i asked a couple of questions about this item. i think we all received a memo today that was an attempt to answer those questions. i had a couple of follow-ups that i can do briefly with council here. the first one is on the litigation itself and whether the city has any plans to appeal the ruling that was made. >> hello. the director asked if there any plans to appeal the preliminary rule and there are not. >> just so and understand our process here, if you had intended to seek an appeal, you would have consulted with this board before doing so. is that how we do things? >> under the charter, and around litigation decisions, i refer to
1:48 pm
the city's attorney's office. we do consult with our clients on such matters, with that is not a requirement. >> okay. i would certainly encourage you to keep consulting. secondly, on the right of first offer process, and i don't know whether this is you or a member of the staff, what role might this board play in that, if any? >> i'm the livable streets director. for the right of first offer process, we recently issued our initial first offer term sheet to enter into a negotiation period. if we reach a successful agreement, we're not sure what the approval action would be, into terms on the specifics of the agreements and what the nature of it is. it could be the director of transportation, it could be the intake board. it very much depends on the specifics of the agreement. >> again, i would probably
1:49 pm
encourage you to air on the side of consulting us, given the fact that we are in court for a reason. there's a lot of controversy around this question. i think it would be good if this board to be involved in that decision-making. those were my questions, mr. chairman. i would be happy to move the item. >> so there has been a motion on the item. is there a second on the item? okay. >> i just want to ask question about the issue around delivery because i know that we were moving forward with a judge's injunction to allow us to deliver these bikes. the fact that there was an inability to deliver, that is part of the conversation that we are having. >> one of our goals is to provide a reliable service for san franciscans and we're we are looking through these negotiations to insured that we can make this happen. it is a huge part of what we are looking for in our system.
1:50 pm
>> great. as related to that, we want to make sure we test. unfortunately they have had multiple issues with bikes catching on fire and we don't want to rush to get more bikes out there at the expense of public safety. >> any public comment? okay. you will be the final public speaker. >> i am letting you know, as i am sure i have before, i am a user of these services. is important that we have continuity in this program because it is a popular program that helps me to get around, and i am a user of the jump bikes, and jump has been very responsive to my conversations and needs.
1:51 pm
i have had -- they have responded to me in very timely manner when i have needed something. in order for us to keep these vehicles on the road, i would advocate for the removal of the permit for jump. thank you. >> okay. public comment is closed. there is a motion and a second. all those in favor please say aye. >> aye. >> any opposed? that passes. >> you're moving on to your regular agenda. would be appropriate at this time to invoke attorney-client privilege and can -- invoke closed session. >> is there such a motion? >> yes. >> second. >> any oppose
1:52 pm
all in favour, please say aye. >> item 14 is an overview of the transit performance working gro group. >> i think we probably can and should open the doors. >> you might want to reconsider your answer. >> item 14. >> so, ms. chair, this is a
1:53 pm
presentation discussion. i've already called the item. so we're just waiting for the presenter. >> good afternoon. julie kirshbom, director of transit. i am here to give the update. i continue to be so impressed by the ownership that staff has taken in delivering these 90-day plans and there's a lot of incremental progress that i'm going to share with you today. that being said and i think you'll see it in the numbers, the service is still not where it needs to be. we do have a lot of key outcomes that are going to be happening in the next six months, including making much better traction on the operator availability, increasing our lrv4 availability. but our current trends of missing service and not having
1:54 pm
enough trains is impacting some of the data you're going to see today. the 90-day initiatives are currently focused around five critical areas: safety, service reliability, subway performance, and then the lrv4 challenges that we've been facing. there's a fifth one, the chase center. it is, as you know, requiring us to completely rethink and rework how we deliver service in that corridor and we are actively preparing for that work. i think the importance of metrics is a foundation of these 90-day plans, both because they allow us to report out on our progress, but also because they allow us to make incremental adjustments. i think you'll see some adjustments of that here. the first under reducing preventable collisions. at the time we circulated this
1:55 pm
information, we had 53 preventable collisions, but that increased to 67 as we graded some of the collisions that came in at the end of july. i'm going to walk through each of these in detail so i won't spend time on this particular chart. >> we hired on the bus side 29
1:56 pm
fuelers and parkers, which is critical because one of the issues we were having in the yard was buses backing up without a spotter. so this extra staff support will make sure that that rule is always followed. the second area that we've been focusing on is our low-frequency routs. on-time performance is critical on a route like the owl network, where people are really relying on on-time arrivals so that they don't have to wait for long periods for the next vehicle. here we have seen what i would describe as a pretty negative trend, but there is some information behind it. we've seen an increase in early departures, which we're focusing on because we feel that's the area we have the most control over. over this month we saw an increase in early departures, but the on-time performance didn't change.
1:57 pm
what was happening was that when we had previously been leaving late with the increased focus from the transportation management center, saying you got to go, you got to go, we weren't hitting that one-minute on-time threshold. so what we've done is we've gone through and enhanced our techniques in this area, in particular taking time to sit down with the operators on these routes as well as to increase how we're managing it in our control center. i did follow up during the closed session on mr. pilpow's comments about owl service. we did have three or four owl runs that were open last weekend, and it was as a result of competing must fill. so we were trying to prioritize service for the early subway and that impacted our owls, but
1:58 pm
we've made some course corrections there and we'll make sure that the owl service is prioritized. i'm anxious for the september 13 class to graduate and to continue this positive trend of operator availability, so we don't have to make these types of service choices that have such an impact to our customers. part of what we've been talking about under your leadership is that we don't want static milestones. so the rapid network was an area where we had consistently been achieving our goal of 88% headway adherence. so in this last plan we increased the milestone to 90%. we're not quite there yet, but i'm confident that we're going to continue working to meet this goal. another place where we chased the milestone was on the collisions as well. with the exception of june, we
1:59 pm
had been meeting our target of less than 68 preventable collisions a month. so we would do -- we raised the bar by reducing that goal to 61. we did not have a strong july, but i think it's still important to be hitting -- striving for kind of important, incremental milestones. as you know, driving all of our performance is the operator shortage. while we are slowly crawling back from what was a low point in april, we're still not where we need to be. in july and in the first week of august, we also saw a decline in our rail availability. that was troubling to see because we had been so consistently delivering our rail service. part of that was related to attendance management, and we did see an increase in people
2:00 pm
calling in sick over the summer holiday. as kids are getting ready to go back to school, but we have seen that trend up and we have a new class graduating in september that will help. and as we've talked about and derrick covered in his comments, more help is on the way. this is the super sharp class that graduated in july. our third large operator class. i'm really excited for the next one in september. one of the targets that we added in this 90-day plan had to do with switchbacks, and this was at the recommendation of supervisor mar when we were presenting to the board


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