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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  September 2, 2019 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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cannot allow people like rose pak to get named in our community. many people from chinatown are against naming the chinatown station after rose pak but they're not to speak up publicly due to their fare of rose pak even after her death. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> my name is jason, and the reason i'm here today is against the use of chinatown rose pak for naming of chinatown station. chinatown in san francisco is over 100 years. in we have to use another name to confuser more people? yes, rose pak is a chinese, but
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if we use her name for chinatown station, it will be breaking up chinatown community in san francisco. also hurts the tradition of chinatown in san francisco, so please reconsider naming chinatown station. thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. [speaking native language] >> hi. my name is lisa and i'm a business owner in chinatown. i want to use my statement to
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say name the station in chinatown chinatown station only. no rose pak. >> and i'll do the next speech. >> would you tell us your name please. >> yeah. hi, board of directors. i think it would be wise to name the station chinatown only. >> your name? >> shalina. rose pak is too controversial to make everyone accept her name of the new station. rose pak not only offended a lot of chinatown people, she also suppressed planmany other and i mentioned she slandered doctors without borders, dalai lama, and she voted against nancy pelosi because
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she boycotted the olympics. my question to you is when we are choosing to side with rose pak are we supporting the u.s. or the china communist side? >> thank you very much. >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> hi. my name is scott shields. first of all, i'd like to comment that society is very difficult to manage and operation so i encourage you that they're participating to make difficult decisions in their environments. it sounds to me that people are standing for their interests of money and friendships and relationships. i understand that. that's politics. i heard what you said earlier on that tape. if you change your mind on that, you've got to answer
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that. this is a picture of democracy in hong kong. they fight for people so they can get decisions based on intellect and fact. i've been a liberal all my life. i've fought against the owe pressed. oh, my god, this man, 12 years -- standup. 12 years in prison, smuggled video and risked his life for the b.b.c. and me to report on this. >> thank you very much. >> don't vote for her. >> next speaker, please. >> you know what i'm going to say. stop it. thank you mr. chu. >> dear board members. people's republic inference --
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>> can i get your name for the record. >> alisha chow. -- and a san francisco politics are obvious to many people but you may not have realized that. according to the hoover institution report, china's interest and american interest, beijing took a systematic position to exploit overseas communities as a means of advancing its own economic security and political interests. one of the commissions is china overseas commission where rose pak was the director. it was directly led by china's state department. chinese americans like rose pak at the commission have
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oppressed people who are marginalized by the p.r.c. >> this is the hoover institution report. rose pak was also given admission to chain a's most national front body, a conference held in beijing. members are expect today write reports about how their activities have aligned with china's interest and to detail their work on china's behalf. as supervisor peskin said in 2011, rose pak represented the p.r.c. interests. the hoover institution represents the united front members should be beirequired register as a foreign agent in the united states.
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>> thank you very much. next speaker, please. [speaking native language]
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>> my name is ray wong and i'm a chinatown resident. -- crime rate went up, home business got worse. we've got lots of problems in chinatown to deal with. yet we have to spend hundreds of hours funding all of this nonsense of naming rose pak, and you have to listen to all of us arguing back and forth because somebody not doing their jobs all because willie brown and others want to force rose pak name down or throat. nobody will have any problem with the naming chinatown station. please do the right thing and
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let us all get back to work. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. my name is linda a. three years ago, m.t.a. already voted on the proposal to name subway station rose pak. your staff spent a lot of time researching other city's policy. why waste so much time to revisit this issue again because of a policy inference? it is not right. you ought to follow your policy and in our case, the city is watching. please do not support naming the station after rose pak. thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> when rose pak attended the
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chinese peoples political conference national committee in april 2014, she said to the chinese reporter, i can come here just to enjoy free room and board. i have prepared several agenda items. she told the reporter that she spent a month preparing for the proposal. no wonder she is called china's communist party's agent. please don't name chinatown station after rose pak. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> she has two videos to show.
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[video] [video] >> if we name it after rose pak, we'll know who to curse when nobody takes it to north
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beach, total moscone center. if we name it after rose pak, we'll know who to curse if there's a problem like the millennial tower and like so many won't open until 2020 and wait until we fix whatever, or it could be like the salesforce thing, where it's not working. also -- well what other people are saying about her being an agent of communist china and voting against what's good for taiwan and what's good for tibet, okay. thanks. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello esteemed members of the board. i'm here to speak against the
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naming of the central subway station after rose pak. the chinatown community has seen a side of her that's negative, so i think there's some controversy. three years, you guys came to a decision to not name public stations after -- after people, and to be after geographic locations, and i think that's a great thing to do. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please, and if people can mute their phones or put them on silent. >> my name is jennie, and i live in the sunset district. my family and i were upset by the claim made by aaron peskin during the june 4, 2018 meeting that the majority of recommendations is coming from physicians in the south bay rather than san francisco.
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this directly invalidates the many residents in chinatown who are opposed to naming the chinatown station after rose pak. >> hello. my name is maggie. another point that needs to be clarified is that there are many members of the san francisco community practicing
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falun go falunn gong. rose pak marginalized them in the community. thank you. >> good afternoon board of directors. my name is lee may, a long time resident in san francisco. so i want to continue maggie's point of view. many falun gong members came to san francisco to escape religious persecution and yet at the hands of rose pak they suffered that.
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>> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> we have two videos to show. say your name. >> marie lee. >> i'm going to be the interpreter. >> what's your name? >> marie lee. we do not support rose pak naming. we want chinatown only. make is simple, no ambiguity.
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there's another. i'm the business owner 757 grand avenue. i'm for naming it chinatown station only. everybody knows where to get off at the station. if we use rose pak, nobody knows. i am confused. was it a park's name? it takes away from the business owners. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> thank you. >> we have two videos. >> good afternoon board members. my name is tina, and i have a video to show you. >> i'm a resident in chinatown. i've been living here for over a decade. i support chinatown only.
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everyone, locals or tourists, know what it is. >> i am a restaurant owner. i am for chinatown station only. we don't need rose pak. my address is 699 jackson street. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> my name's alina. i am against rose pak. she doesn't deserve such honors. she only deceived under chinese. i only want chinatown.
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i'm -- chinatown turbo company. i do not support -- i support chinatown station. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> my name is peter lu. my family has ties to chinatown. here are reasons not to take the chinatown subway station after rose pak. it has divided the community. we know better than you. history has proven again and again that directing statutes on i naming public places afte figures have been redone time
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after time. the rosy pick painted by -- picture painted by her supporter ignores other facts. we urge you to make a wise choice not influenced by a small group of special interests. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. my name is barbara ting. please allow me to continue. there are over 100 testimonies at board of supervisors and m.t.a. against naming rose pak including death threats on newspaper published by rose pak. these voices are from the san francisco community. many in chinatown are still in fear of speaking up due to
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retribution by her supporters. multiple media reports that pak was coopted by chinese intelligence and was influencing san francisco politics in ways purposely beneficial to the chinese government. supervisor peskin's own words refer to pak as corrupt and representing people's republic of china's interests. we urge you to make a wise choice and not to be influenced by a small group of special interests. thank you for listening. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello, supervisors. naming a public facility after a particular person is not a right move in this day and age. one person might be a hero to some but a villain to others. rose pak might have been a good friend to some, but many are deeply offended and hurt by
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her. you've heard those voices in the past few weeks. more than 16,000 signatures are collected and 4,000 businesses are against the chinatown naming. naming after pak is like forcing people to honor someone we don't want to. we're talking about a public facility in san francisco, a city of diversity. the station should be for the general public, not for a small group of special interests. just name it chinatown station. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please.
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>> my name is jay and i own a business at 1010 stockton street. i support chinatown station only. if using a person's name, travelers won't know what it is. it will be a loss to our business. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please.
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>> hi. i have a video. >> my name's amy chan. i am for naming chinatown station only. >> i was not aware someone putting up a sign supporting rose pak outside of my store. i support chinatown only. i do not support rose pak station. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker >> good afternoon, board of supervisors. thank you so much. i stand here to represent my daughter -- >> and what is your name?
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>> cassie bahr. we just came here from china because my husband was persecuted in china for eight years. my daughter asked me, why is rose pak name on the station? i love chinatown, i love china, but they use rose pak name on the station. this is america. our teacher told us america is free country. what is difference? is it right? so please, please help us help the children. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please.
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>> greetings, board members. my name is wendy. i've been living in san francisco for 20 years. i love san francisco, and i love chinatown. i'm compassionately supporting the naming of the station chinatown station. that's the best fit for chinatown which has over
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110-year history. >> -- already changed names. why don't you learn a lesson from that? >> your name is up. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, m.t.a. board members. thank you for your time. rose pak obtained housing from mayor's office of below market
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housing in san francisco when she already owned a home in oakland. the rose pak trust was opened last year. that's $1.2 million. you can do a title search on-line. here's the house. 143 saratoga drive, oakland, california. this is one of the reasons we don't want rose pak named in chinatown. thank you. thank you for listening to my voice. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello, board of supervisors. my name is doria lu. according to sf gate news
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report, former mayor art agnew said he was shocked to hear of the trust for rose pak's sister. for those of you who say she was your friend, do you really know her? how do you honor a liar and someone who committed purge like rose pak? think about it, how the public will rate if you make the decision to honor her? so please do not name the station rose pak. please name the chinatown station after chinatown only. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> my name is lu chung.
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i want to play a video. thank you.
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[video] >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> just want to encourage you to take a deep breath. my name is eddie zheng. 100 years ago, the woman received the right to vote. the truth is when people are riding on that subway station, and the people who's going to chinese hospital, it's because rose pak has put her life and her commitment into creating opportunities and resources to enjoy the life that we have today, so we cannot forget her now that we have resources.
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so i'm 100% in support of the naming of the rose pak chinatown station. that is how we not only honor this generation, but to honor the seven generations before us and the seven generations who come after us. >> thank you. next speaker. >> we cmy name is eric huang. i'm a resident of san francisco. can i start? >> please, please, please. >> we come here today to debate in the naming of chinatown subway station after rose pak. she was instrumental in
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securing the funding for the station for chinatown and bringing resources to our community. if this is the sole reason, i ask you to consider the large number of closed stores in chinatown and the residents who vocally expressed their displeasure for rose pak during the significant collecting drives. please vote with a vision for future generations who will thank you with a no vote. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> my name is cecelia chen. goal through, improve the quality of life environment in san francisco. so many chinatown -- to many chinatown residents in san francisco, rose pak's name representing bully. putting her name on a station would constantly remind them
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they are suffering at her hands and not improve their quality of life. it could delay first responders due to naming confusion. also most tourists won't know what rose pak is and take it at rose pak. the name would not have them navigate to chinatown, and that hurt business in chinatown. besides, no matter which side you are on, everyone can see that the name of rose pak is not the favorite to chinatown community. so please call it where it is where everyone can leave it, chinatown station. >> next speaker. >> good afternoon. my name's jackson gibb.
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when rose pak was alive, she openly supported people's republic of china and threatened old-time immigrants from taiwan. now the naming has once again caused division in the chinese communities. you cannot force anyone to like rose pak and honor it. when the name creates such division, why create such conflict in the community. the core chinatown station, it does -- calling it chinatown station, it doesn't hurt anyone. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello. my name is wayne, and i'm an employee of the california department of public health. i come here, i want to say
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chinatown is a very good choice for the subway station. it's very intuitive, it's very direct. it's very easy to understand. it's good to the local communities. it's good to the city of san francisco. it's good to the global travelers. new york city has a subway station called the chinatown station. washington, d.c. has a central station called chinatown. i've been there, and they're very easy to catch. rose pak is a communist. she's a chinese secret agent, so supervisors, i ask your attention in your private life, in your personal life, do you want a long-timer --
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>> i'm sorry. your time is up. >> thank you. it's the next speaker, please. please come forward. >> hi. my name is eva liu, and i am here on behalf of chinatown station only coalition. in the first two months, we collected 10,000 signatures. only san francisco residents can sign the form. in the first two weeks of august, we collected 5,000 signatures, and in last two days, we collected 4,000 signatures. altogether, we've gotten 16,000 signatures in less than two months. and we want you to know that we've delivered 40,000 door hangers to the homes in san
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francisco all by volunteers. please think about it, directors. how many distaste does this naming bring to people that shows them going to such lengths to do all this. thank you. >> thank you. next per, please. you can just leave them there if you want us to have them or whatever you want to do. okay. next speaker, please. >> my name's tia, and i'm a resident of san francisco. you may see that rose pak as a saint, rose pak as a bully. you may believe what we told you or you may believe what we told you. but there's one thing that's crystal clear, which is the naming idea is controversial and it's brought division to our community. this consequence of law is enough for you to make a call, so how can you do a naming as a public, like, facility and have
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your community divided? so in this case, a very simple decision, which is walk away, do not force it, and do not divide our community. as a public agency, like, should never do things like divide your community, right, so no rose pack and chinatown station only. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello, again. my name is lisa pang. the major popular media has controlled the media saying without rose pak, there's no central station because she brought us 900 million in federal funds. in fact other people said she brought this project, $100 million funds. i go to chinatown more than any
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of you guys maybe twice, three times a month. if you guys don't go to chinatown as many of us, this is a bad news experience. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> my name is ling ling, and i'm san francisco resident, and i have a video to play for you guys. we have two readings.
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[video] >> thank you. and personally, i don't like to station after rose pak, either. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> dear m.t.a. board members. my name is eva chi, and i'm standing here urging you not to name the chinatown subway station after rose pak. the prorose pak people have put out large, half page newspaper ads promoting her accomplishments, but they're avoiding mentioning the fact that f.b.i. investigated her
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corruptions. if you look at the pro-rose pak parties, they're all the people who benefited from here. this is factual. these people do not represent the san francisco community. i urge you to vote for the people, not vote for any political power. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> my name is sonia eng. i've been in san francisco more than 46 years. i'd like to say that rose pak does not represent all the chinese community in san francisco. i am the volunteer collector for the chinatown station, and also, we are the test pair. we are the money for building
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chinatown station. we all should put the name on it. please, no rose pak, chinatown station only, chinatown station only. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> and if i can ask you not to hold the microphone to speak because it causes that piercing sound, thanks. >> my name is daniel and i'm a student at san francisco university. i'd like to play a video for you. >> i'm located on 709 clay street. yesterday, when i came back to my store, i found a poster that supported rose pak. someone put it down, without my consent. i do not approve. chinatown is only what i stand
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for. some people are -- without our consent, they put up a sign. we do not support rose pak. we support chinatown station only. i own a shop on stockton street. i like to use chinatown station. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, dear board. it's a long way here. i wait for at least three hours. >> what's your name? >> i'm samuel. i'm against the naming after pak. tonight, san francisco's corruption is at play.
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i understand supporters are paid $25 an hour and the supervisors support it. on the others, this is volunteers collecting signatures of people name by name, block by block, park by park. so dear board, you are making a decision for we the people or a group that has special interest. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, directors. my name's michelle yen. on the debate of the subway station actually is the
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d-packet. the total cost estimate to name the station after rose pak is $17,000. they could have spent the money to include chinatown, but they used the money to waive the many right. however, our voice comes from people's heart, not from people's pocket. we don't buy any voice. actually, people have to speak out their voice to conquer their fear, their fear of being bullied by rose pak and the fear of her community, so please do not name the subway station after rose pak. thank you so much. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon. my name is ya shing.
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we have two videos to show. >> my name is glen shea. i'm the owner of camera stores at 555 grant avenue, and i support chinatown station. thank you. >> 566 grant, and i support chinatown station. thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. [speaking native language] >> greetings.
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my name is chi. i live in san francisco, and during the last two weeks, i went to the streets to collect signatures. all my friend and relatives asked me to come on their behalf to support the chinatown station only. rose pak does not have the moral value to deserve this honor. thank you. >> thank you. >> my name is shen, and i live in resident. i live 38 lucy street,
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something like that. i object to naming the chinatown station after rose pak. i'm all for naming the station just chinatown. i wish that you would think this over. >> thank you. next speaker -- is it the next speaker? yes. [speaking native language]
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>> i'm here to tell you that many of my friends and relatives are living in chinatown, and i come here on their behalf and saying that they all object to naming the station after rose pak. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi. afternoon, everybody. my name is sophia liu. i'm strongly against naming chinatown subway station after rose pak.
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her name -- she doesn't deserve to be commemorated. no rose pak. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> harry c. kwan, k-w-a-n. chinatown is only for me. no other person. don't put this.
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this is the community of chinatown. where we're all educated. this is the time for you to choose to be a man or -- supervisor. >> thank you. thank you. >> two more minutes? >> everybody gets the same. next speaker, please. >> hi, everyone. i'm a resident here for 30 years. >> and what's your name, please? >> my name is ming tai. i support new station named
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chinatown station because it's very clear to everyone not to name it rose pak because she's not a good person. no rose pak. thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> hello, everyone. i'm an uber driver, and every day, i ask the passengers, do you support chinatown subway station or rose pak station? 100% support me, no rose pak, only chinatown. so please, rose pak nomination is a bad idea. thank you for that. >> thank you.
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next speaker. [speaking native language]
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>> i'm a ph.d. from a famous university in china. >> what's his name? >> his name is robert by, so i was the v.p. of a well known company, but i had to flee to america because there's freedom in this country and there's democracy in this country. on this particular issue, naming chinatown station after chinatown only is the most natural thing. i wish you would think about that. >> thank you. next speaker, please.
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>> rose pak is for controversy. i think if you decided to stick chinatown with this name, i think it will continuously be, like, a controversy in chinatown until this name --
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>> -- behind that is the power that's controlling and suppressing people. i hope that chinatown will continue to thrive and be prosperous. i do not want any of the communist china's political inference to be controlled here like china. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please.
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[speaking native long] >> my name is dora long, and i have been in san francisco 30 years, and i always have to ride on b.a.r.t. and bus getting around. >> please don't hold on to this. would you tell speakers not to hold on to that. if you hold on to it, it makes it worse. [speaking native language] >> i always have to ride on a b.a.r.t. bus every day, and if
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i have to see rose pak's name every day, i feel a lot of name. it's not the name for the station. i really hope that all of you can carefully consider, you know, to name this station only as chinatown station only please. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. [speaking native


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