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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  September 6, 2019 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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side of that wall are different than the rules on the other side of that wall. the use of that address. you are in a different country and jurisdiction and it is really slopy. how do you read that? we are talking about an address that isn't on federal property but a pole that is in san francisco. the question to the planning department is it in san francisco or is it on the federal planned? >> the pole is in san francisco subject to our jurisdiction and permit projects. we have you identify the property it is in front of. it is in front of the presidio. one of my concerns and i did have concerns about the historic issues.
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i want to have the staff review this, particularly with the trust to see if this is a facility they could have approved. we have a staff member who used to work there. they reviewed it and said this would be something they would see as provable for what it is worth. it is an additional step that i wanted to at least get the answer to. they have their own guidelines, wireless telecommunication facilities or guidelines. that is what they use. i have a copy of that. >> one other question before we hammer on dpw. the corridor.
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this case reminds me when i first signed up a few years ago. i think there was a pole out in the sun set and there was a view corder requested. we denied it. it was looking rat golden gate park. far less grand than this spectacular view which i have grown up with as a native of the city. i believe we also sited a view corridor. >> if this isn't in the view corder what is it? >> it is a good street. the issue and what it did have warrant additional review because of th of the historic
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resource. it was found to be in compliance. looking at the application and plan. >> in your recollection of that action out in the sun set. if you remember it was even more screwy because they were careless enough to put italian american flags and borrowed the signs they used in north beach to use in the sun set which was embarrassing to dpw. that is another conversation. leavenworth, i believe, also. >> those were view corridors as identified in the plan as being streets with view ratings. >> this street has no view rating. >> it is average street views. it doesn't have the higher
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rating of good or excellent which has additional street names. >> thank you. any public comment on this item. >> we had a question for dpw prior to that. >> sure. >> again thank you. the question was understanding that is an address and if you are using that lot as the address, shouldn't dpw circle everybody because if you are using that whole thing as your address. >> the planning representative said it has to be the address adjacent to the pole. >> that is the address adjacent to the pole. in regards to notification. i do have -- overhead please.
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>> i got your fingerprints now. >> this is the mailing affidavit that is applicant submitted. it was mailed per public works code article 25. >> i get that. i am not trying to give you you a hard time. it is deceptive if you look at the whole address is the presidio or the whole park. we can't use an address across the street. that is not a correct address. i want across the street from this parcel. that is not correct. we cannot use that.
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six months ago we had another pole and it was the same, two blocks up, because it was at the bottom of the hill. that is where the people was. it was the closest address which was hundreds of yards away. the people across the street were impacted by the installation, their rights were abused. they weren't properly consulted. what really bothers me. >> does anybody from dpw ever make a site visit for these installations? did anybody make a site visit to this or did you just simply do the easy way, the passive
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practice of going to your laptop and siting it and relying on electronics? do you not make a site visit to a neighborhood? >> it is -- was there a site visit? >> we take the address they give us. >> thank you. >> i would disagree. if they are not required to go out and following a procedure you need to discuss with the department changing the procedure. up to that point they have done when they are supposed to do. >> i see their point. i won't get into an argument on it. >> anyone here for public comment.
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since you are part of the party, you can come up at rebuttal time. any public comment? >> we are moving to rebuttal. you have three minutes. >> i think we can agree everyone uses google maps and it is accurate. this shows the disvans. it is over two miles. quite frankly as we emphasized the ordinance requires affirmative determination that each wireless location does not interfere with the local aesthetics. if verizon had made the site visit they would have seen that. you are rubber stamping this and making it routine. we are asking for individual consideration of the impact just as the ordinance has the clerk
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has affirmed local power to you to protect the aesthetics. the city ordinance imposes a duty to protect the neighborhood. we just simply ask that you do. >> thank you. i just want to continue to say that they have argued under i believe it is government code section 65010b this doesn't matter because no one is injured due to error or deception. i des agree. if this is approved the very thing that makes san francisco such a world class city of sweeping views and historical significance will be entered. that is one thing. i want to entasias the view corridor is from the iconic lion street steps looking down towards the bay. we walk the steps every day up and down as do thousands of
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tourists and tons of school children and artists and photographers. you know this. the view will be impacted from many levels of the steps that people come to visit every single day and night to photograph and to see it. >> thank you. you still have 50 seconds. >> in terms of the approval, the notice we received. we have the same notices from 25, 2735 green, all approvals are exactly the same no differ be language. you get my point. >> we will hear from bright. >> thank you.
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you all know we are amateurs. you have seen the map where we went 50 feet, 150 feet around the pole that is required under public orders dpw18504 says 150 feet from around the pole. that is exactly what we did. the notice itself says the amateuthe amamatury loop and thw exactly where its and lions street north and south. i look at the pictures. we have posted on the street three posts with big huge posters on them showing on either side of the site showing exactly where it is. one of our problems in the city. poles don't have addresses. poles have numbers.
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many times somebody said they put that in front of my neighbor's property. there is a decision what address is provided. we were instructed to use these for the parcel on the side of the street where the poll is located. it doesn't have a lions street address. we followed the code, the order. we did all of the notices required. we don't think there was any prejudice and we don't think there was any injury and we don't think it changed the result. this poll is not on the lions street. it is one to two blocks away from the steps. where this is located you don't have that beautiful view that you saw in the photographs. the pole rises from 30.6 feet to 32 feet with a little skinny
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11-inch diameter antenna. that is not impairing the view. i recognize the issue you are addressing. i think this little address issue is a little out of proportion. we do not do anything to try to obscure our applications. you can imagine the result we would get the we did that. we try to cross every t and dot every i. these projects go on for years. we hope you uphold approval. >> one question. you have children? >> two. >> if you were to send them a text to say meet neat 428 and four texas later you sent the picture where it is at. would your kids figure that out? >> if my daughter got a ticket in amatury loop and she was on
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the other side of the wall, i would rather it be in federal rather than local jurisdiction. i understand your point. my daughter knows where i am right now. it is not by some address. she takes an uber and it takes her to the wrong address. my only point is we follow the rules and the addresses that were provided to us. if we have to with hundreds of applications second-guess these. we go out of our way to make sure we provide the notices and affidavits are provided and posted and we appear at all of the hearings and respond. >> thank you. anything further? no.
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okay. mr. sanchez. >> just to reiterate and i think the board knows this. we review every project individually against the standards. there may be standards adopted throughout the years. it is for consistency these are all applied to the same standards. we do review these on an individual basis. there is no correlating address in our records for directly across the street from this. the closest is 2901 lion. it is a few blocks down. there is nothing here that would lead you to directly this location. >> is the lions street steps an
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excellent view location? >> i don't have that information available. the blue angels are flying. >> commissioners this is submi submitted. >> i am not supportive. >> i am not supportive on the grounds that, it is hard to determine fault. it is not the pla planning or attorney. if it is on page one or page 5, i believe it should be self explanatory where this poll is going to be. if the pole does not have a
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number maybe the city needs to figure that out, but to me, to be honest, turk went through. this is similar. i am not supportive of it. >> if there is a move to continue, how many votes do we need with with three commissioners to continue it. >> we can continue it now. there are three. >> we can vote and it doesn't pass. >> it is clear it is not going to pass. at this point you have had your discussion, we would need to vote to continue the matter. i recommend you do that when all commissioners are present. that would be september 18th. >> would you like to move that? >> someone needs a motion. >> i will make that motion. i have made like six tonight. it is my night. >> we have a motion from commissioner honda to continue
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this to september 18th. is every one available at that time? >> i am. okay. >> please come up to the podium. >> i can't hear. >> we have five other parties and a schedule as well. you have seen how much time this takes up. >> we could potentially do september 11th commissioner
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tanner will be missing so we have four. >> for the 18th. that works. thank you. >> you are the named appellant. if it works for you. >> dpw, you will show up? >> we have a motion from commissioner honda to continue this to september 18th. on that motion. (roll call). so that motion carries 3-0. we will see you september 18th. we will putt you
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meeting adjourned.. >> my name is angela wilson and i'm an owner of the market i worked at a butcher for about 10 years and became a butcher you i was a restaurant cook started in
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sxos and went to uc; isn't that so and opened a cafe we have produce from small farms without small butcher shops hard for small farms to survive we have a been a butcher shop since 1901 in the heights floor and the case are about from 1955 and it is only been a butcher shot not a lot of businesses if san francisco that have only been one thing. >> i'm all for vegetarians if you eat meat eat meat for quality and if we care of we're in a losing battle we need to support butcher shops eat less we sell the chickens with the head and feet open somebody has
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to make money when you pay $25 for a chicken i guarantee if you go to save way half of the chicken goes in the enlarge but we started affordable housing depends on it occurred to us this is a male field people said good job even for a girl the interesting thing it is a women's field in most of world just here in united states it is that pay a man's job i'm an encountered woman and raise a son and teach i am who respect woman i consider all women's who work here to be impoverished and strong in san francisco labor is high our cost of good ideas we seal the best good ideas the profit margin that low but everything that is a laboring and that's a challenge in the
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town so many people chasing money and not i can guarantee everybody this is their passion. >> i'm the - i've been cooking mile whole life this is a really, really strong presence of women heading up kitchens in the bay area it is really why i moved out here i think that we are really strong in the destroy and really off the pages kind of thing i feel like women befrp helps us to get back up i'm definitely the only female here i fell in love i love setting up and love knowing were any food comes from i do the lamb and that's how i got here
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today something special to have a female here a male dominated field so i think that it is very special to have women and especially like it is going at it you know i'm a tiny girl but makes me feel good for sure. >> the sad thing the building is sold i'm renegotiating my lease the neighborhood wants us to be here with that said, this is a very difficult business it is a constant struggle to maintain freshness and deal with what we have to everyday it is a very high labor of business but something i'm proud of if you want to get a job at affordable housing done nasal
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you need a good attitude and the jobs on the bottom you take care of all the produce and the fish and computer ferry terminal and work your way up employing people with a passion for this and empowering them to learn >> all right. good morning, everybody. is this working? what a beautiful day in san francisco. you know, if you go to city hall, it is so packed. everybody is celebrating 8-8. we're here and going to be celebrating this new project. i am the director of public works here at the city of san
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francisco. i want to thank you all for coming out our chief and mayor for coming to celebrate this milestone. this facility will be a facility that will serve our first responders and we are very excited about it. just last week around the corner we celebrated the new deployment facility and that is a project that will be completed in 2021. that project also is going really well. then today we are celebrating another capital infrastructure project here in the bayview. this job is not only about serving our first responders, but will also give a lot of people from the community jobs. it will be able to give a lot of our contractors an opportunity to participate in bringing
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supplies. of course make our city more resilient. it's also been one of several projects that the southeast sector of our city has been benefitting from. just in the last two years or so we finished the medical examiner's building, the two shops for large and small vehicles are right around the corner. coming up soon is the new southeast community center. so a lot of good opportunities here, and it's great that the partnership that we have with all the contractors and all the city departments, that we're all working together to really improve san francisco. as you all know, today is very, very special because it's the traffic company and forensic services division that will be in this site. the building itself is going to be over 100,000 square feet and 100,000 square feet is huge. it's two storeys as you can see.
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more than three quarters of this lot will be a building with a two-storey building. we're invited about that. inside the building will be many labs that would be used to help solve crimes. also our motorcycle police department, they will have their vehicles here but we'll also have offices for them so that they can do their administrative duties, which is highly essential because now they're spread all over the place. this building will change that. this building will also be a high-tech building. our crews have been working very hard. as you see this pile of dirt behind us, right after this ground breaking, next week we'll be levelling it out. all that dirt actually is going to be on site here. this area is a little bit of a low land, so we're going to be increasing it by 2 or 3 feet
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high. so we're keeping the dirt. we're recycling. as you know, our city leads the nation in recycling. we're following a lot of the building technologies. with that said, the team that has been working on this, i would like to say a huge thanks to clark construction, our architects, h.o.k. and m.i.i. have been on this contract. some of our subcontractors, i just want to say thank you because this new facility will make san francisco much safer and put us into the 21st century building. isn't that a great opportunity? [ applause ]. >> i can -- there's a lot i can say because i'm excited about this building because i personally have worked in this area for over 30 years. the public works department yard is just up the street. so every day we see these changes.
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we're very excited. in the capital plan the mayor is putting money for us to look at more opportunities to do more projects here. with that said, i would like to call her to say a few words and thank her for our leadership. our city is changing in the right direction. let's call mayor breed and give her a big hand. mayor breed. [ applause ]. >> mayor breed: thank you. mohamed is really excited about this project, isn't he? he's always excited about projects that move the city forward in the right direction. san francisco is in earthquake territory. and it's not a matter of if but when the next big one will be prepared. so we have to be prepared. more importantly, we have to make sure that our public safety officials are in seismically safe facilities so that when they're trying to help the citizens of san francisco, they don't necessarily need help
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themselves. we know that the traffic division and the forensic services division are located in buildings that are not seismically safe. especially with the traffic division and motorcycles and their need to get to people and help protect people throughout san francisco, that's going to be critical. if we have a next earthquake and something happens, how are they going to get their motorcycles out? we have to start thinking about the future and ways to protect all of our citizens, especially making sure that our public safety officials from the police and the fire department and other departments can get out there on the streets and protect and save lives. this project, along with so many other amazing projects that we've done in this city, we're headed in the right direction. the new public safety building that just opened in mission bay is absolutely incredible. the medical examiner building that just open not too far from
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here is amazing. station 49, the firefighters are going to get a new state-of-the-art building. we just cut the ribbon on station 5 and 21 for the fire department to make sure that our first responders have seismically safe buildings that are just really outstanding and worthy of san francisco. now, moving forward in the capital plan finally, after the voters approved a 2014 ether bond, we are finalley here breaking ground, ready to get this building built, not only by 2021 but also on budget, right mohamed? on budget. i don't see many claps for on budget. so i just want to thank everyone who's here today with us to celebrate this milestone and just raise the profile of how significant it is to get these
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projects done. in fact, the voters have been really generous because through the work of the capital plan and under the leadership of our city administrator, we've been able to bring the bond for these projects forward to the voters in a responsible way, without raising property taxes. i know they usually love that. which is why in march of next year, we'll be bringing forward another bond to continue the great work that we're doing to make all of our buildings seismically safe throughout san francisco. this is a great step in the right direction. i want to thank d.p.w. and the capital planning committee and all the contractors and people that are going to make sure that this is not only a beautiful building, but one of the most environmentally friendly buildings and it will be a safe, great place for so many people who serve our city day in and
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day out to work. i'm looking forward to it. i'm sure these guys behind me can't wait to use a nice bathroom for a change in a great facility. with that, i want to take this opportunity to introduce the supervisor for this district, supervisor walton. >> thank you so much, madam mayor. first of all, good afternoon and welcome to district 10. you're actually in a place that is going to be very well protected in the future in san francisco. as the mayor mentioned, we have crime lab out here now in the district. we're going to have -- keep your fingers crossed everything goes according to plan our evidence facility. naturally we have the traffic company and forensic division that is coming right here. our district is going to be well protected, which is exciting for us. any time we can have brand new community gems that are going to be in our district, we get
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excited about that. so i want to thank everyone for coming out here today. i want to thank the commitment from the voters. thank the mayor for her commitment and dedication to district 10. i want to of course thank mohamed who is a constituent here in district 10 and who worked very hard to make sure that we have the opportunity to bring facilities like this here into the district. i want to thank the chief for his partnership on all the work and for looking at district 10 as a place where we can bring state-of-the-art 21st century facilities to the district so our police and law enforcement can be a staple in the community. we're all excited that this will be here in 2021 and we look forward to all the seismically safe opportunities we're providing here in district 10. thank you all for coming to the district and thank you for being here this morning. [ applause ]. >> okay.
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and now let's hear from the chief of police, bill scott. he is a big partner with public works every day, 24/7, all of the partnership we have with the police department, thank you for everything that you do to support public works. thank you for everything you do for our city. welcome, chief scott. >> thank you, mohamed, and thank you for your partnership. first of all, i have a lot of people to thank here. mayor breed, your leadership and commitment to this police department and city is just off the charts. this is a long time coming and it took vision. it took commitment. i just want to thank everybody who made this happen, beginning with the mayor and the director, all the contractors that will take part in this. the officers that are standing here behind me and onto the sides, this is for them. these are the frontline people that do the work. they keep our city safe and they
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deserve seismically safe facilities and facilities that are state-of-the-art as stated. we thank you for appreciating our work and your gratitude for voting to allow this to happen. this facility will not only move our department into the future, but through the advanced services that have been built into this project, we will be better able to serve our city. it will be seismically safe. our employees will be able to respond to major emergencies quickly and efficiently. and as supervisor walton said this part of the city is excited to have us here, and we really appreciate that. our crime lab will be fully modernized to accommodate evolving technologies and employ sound scientific principles to process data. at the end of the day this is about keeping our community safe. we thank everybody for making this happen. our elected leader, the voters, the architect, the engineers, the consultants.
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finally, we thank you, the people of our city again for allowing us to be here and making this happen. thank you. [ applause ]. >> okay. we're going to go over to where the shovels are and we will throw a little dirt and then these contractors can get back to work. right? all right. [
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>> (clapping.) >> in san francisco the medical examiner performs the function of investigating medical and legal that occurs with the city and county of san francisco from a variety of circumstances in san francisco there is approximately 5 thousand deaths annually i'm christopher director for the chief mr. chairman the chief my best testimony a at the hall of justice on 870 drooint street that is dramatically updated and not sufficient for the medical
7:40 pm
chairman facility i've charles program manager public works should a earthquake of a major are proportion occurs we'll not continue to perform the services or otherwise inhabit the building before the earthquake. >> we're in a facility that was designs for a department that functions and in the mid 60s and friends scientific has significantly changed we've had significant problems with storage capacity for evidence items of property and also personal protective if you're doing a job on a daily basis current little storage for prirjs are frirnlsz we're in an aging facility the total project cost forever ever commercial is $65 million the funding was brought by a vote of go bond
7:41 pm
approved by the voters and the locations is in the neighborhood the awarded contract in 2013 and the i'm the executive director we broke ground in november 2015 and that started with the demolition of existing facility we moved into the foundation and january so pile foundation and then with second construction of the new facility. >> one of the ways that we keep our project on time on budget and we're having quality to have regular meeting and the variety of meetings with construction process meeting as well as cost of control meeting and i'm a project manager for public works the office of chief commercial we want walk the project site when we sign up and
7:42 pm
also with a contractor insinuates for a change over we need to verify what or what was instead of. >> the building is 42 feet tall so it is two stories and 46 thousand square feet roughly we're that's a great question to be on time and budget have the roof complete a the exterior moving with the site work. >> and as you can see we've got a lot of the interior finishes installed. >> in an effort of an differentiate the facility that designed to work for 72 hours. >> not taking into account there was a lot of structural updates made into this building not seen in other construction throughout san francisco or other barriers we have friday morning examiners from 8 to one public comment monday to friday because of air circulation we
7:43 pm
literally have to shut the doors and so the autopsy is done without staffing being able to come and go or exit the space and literally lock down the autopsy in the new facility we have bio build one door opens and closed behind you you can gown up and go through a second seizures of doors that has its own independent air supply and now in the exterior opt space having that middle space have greater flexibility of staff as they move in and out of the area. >> in the current facility investigative unit has small tiny, tiny place in the area of the new facility is almost doubled in all divisions from the current facility and the new
7:44 pm
facility. >> the planning we have here gives them the opportunity to have the pool needs to complete theirs jobs in a much more streamlined fashion. >> we're looking forward to have secured parking to minimize the egress of you know visiting and the members of the public but really to minimize the investigators remaining remains from our advancing and so the facility. >> we have a new visitors area we're building that is a little bit more friendly to families. >> one thing you may notice in the room no windows there is no natural light not good for most autopsy but in the new facility at new hall we made that an objective
7:45 pm
they want to insure we were able to look up in the middle of exam and see the sky and see natural lights. >> that's one of the things the architect did to draw in as much light as possible. >> we have staff here onsite we insure the design of the new design enables the investigators and other investigators skiefksz to consider to house on site this meant we needed to design and plan for locker room facilities and shower rooms the ability to sleep. >> third of the construction going into the building has been by contributions of small businesses. >> part of the project is also inclusive to the sidewalk have all new sidewalks and new curve cuts and landscaping around the building we'll have a syrup in
7:46 pm
front of the building and rain guardian. >> the medical examiner's office has been a several if in their contributions of the understanding the exception and needs. >> it's a building that the chief medical examiner has been looking forward to quite a few of the. >> it is extremely valuable contribution to the, neighborhood address san francisco as a whole. >> the building will allow is to have greater very much and serve the city and county of san francisco and the neighboring >> welcome, everybody. it is such a pleasure to be able to welcome you to our event to commemorate not only the acquisition of 270 turk street
7:47 pm
and the barcelona apartments, but to recognize the partnership among the mayor and city, the san francisco housing accelerator fund and others. the barcelona apartment is important, not only because of the accomplishment itself in this building, but also because it represents an important policy direction, and a bigger attempt to address the housing crisis in san francisco. please join me in welcoming our mayor and partner, london breed. [applause] >> thank you, don, and thank you for being an amazing partner in the effort to acquire welding his all over the safety to keep them permanently affordable. because we know that having affordable housing isn't just about new construction, it is about making sure that we
7:48 pm
preserve existing affordable housing, whether it's property that we built under the old redevelopment agency, that are in disrepair, or its buildings like this where we are able to acquire it through our small sight acquisition program so that we can keep it permanently affordable. those are the things that are necessary to make sure that san francisco is a more affordable place for all san franciscans of all income levels. we have work to do, folks. the good news is that in this particular efforts, they basically kept their eyes open and saw that this was an incredible opportunity for the small sight acquisition program. in fact, even though we are celebrating 86 units here, we know that number one, we have almost -- we have acquired almost 300 unit so far through this program, there's another 110 in the pipeline, which is
7:49 pm
absolutely incredible. i am really excited about the future of this program, but a more excited about the 600 million-dollar affordable housing bond on the ballot this november. [applause] because it also provides us with an opportunity to acquire more property. i see randy shot in the back. thank you for coming. we just open the doors to the bristol hotel. another incredible site here in the tenderloin, and we will continue to do everything we can to ensure that our residents have a safe, affordable place to come home -- call home. nothing makes you feel better than to have a roof over your head, to have that kind of security, to know that you will be able to afford to pay your rent. this is not just about acquiring this building, this is about providing a new home for formerly homeless families, it is about providing wraparound
7:50 pm
supportive services, because we want to not only house them, we want to keep them housed. we want to make sure that they have a thriving existence while they are living in their homes, so sometimes it is just more than a home, it involves making the place feel like home and creating the kind of community that we know we can when we acquire sites like this. so i am very excited because this is like my favorite thing to do, and i think that we need to spread the word more about so many great things that we are doing to ensure affordability for all of our residents in san francisco, and so i would like to invite you up to say a few words. he is one of the new residents of this incredible establishment come on up and say a few words. [applause] >> okay, hello, everyone.
7:51 pm
my name is richard, and i live here at 270 turk street in this building. it is really nice, yeah. i come from cambodia, and i came here quickly and settled down in this building with my family and i feel comfortable. i am happy in this building. i have some people who are from cambodia that live here in the tenderloin, and i am so grateful
7:52 pm
for this building, for the new owners, for the tndc. everything, you know, is close, everything. i'm so happy, and i will -- i am comfortable to live in this building. thank you for everyone coming for today. that's all i have today. [applause] thank you so much. >> thank you. rebecca foster from the san francisco housing accelerator fund. >> thank you.
7:53 pm
thank you so much. stories like yours are why we all do this work. my name is rebecca foster, i'm the c.e.o. of the san francisco housing accelerator fund and we are a nonprofit housing fund that was formed by the mayor's office and community stakeholders like many of you who are in the room. our job is to innovate smart approaches to housing finance that put public, private and philanthropic money to work to fund affordable housing. we were created to support important and ambitious projects just like this one. we are a nonprofit developer like our awesome partners at tndc. we are working every day to protect affordable housing, but they don't always have the right funding when they need it. when tndc approached us with this project, we immediately understood its importance. a chance to save 86 units and protect 72 current residents in the heart of the tenderloin in an old, beautiful historic
7:54 pm
building. we knew that if these residents would be displaced, and many of them are long-term teachers, nurses assistance, technicians, restaurant workers, they would likely not find another home that they could afford in san francisco. to purchase 270 turk, tndc needed $24 million. about 18 million to buy the building, which is still a lot, and about $6 million for improvements to ensure that the building continues to provide a very safe and healthy place for all of the residents to call home. our partners in the mayor's office and the great team there will be able to come through with a long-term -- with the long-term funding for this building, but they didn't have the funds ready in 60 days at tndc needed to compete with market rate buyers to save this building. deals that are over $10 million are often nonstarters for most lenders, but at the housing accelerator fund, we pride
7:55 pm
ourselves in being a creative and flexible lender, and even for us, $24 million is very significant, but we knew how important this was, his we rolled up our sleeves and sprinted to raise $50 million in additional capital in a few months, working with the mayor's office, and then working with the mayor's office tndc and the department for housing -- for homelessness and supportive housing where we structure the partnership that the mayor referenced that is really the first of its kind so that we cannot only prevent the displacement of the current residents here, would also open up 24 units over the next few years so that individuals currently experiencing homelessness can also have really quality homes in this building. and not only is that the right thing to do and an amazing way to use the money, it also helped be the piece of the puzzle that helps the financial issue work. we are thrilled that we could step into support tndc and work
7:56 pm
with the mayor's office of housing and community development to get this project across the finish line. this is really hard work. deals like this happened really quickly and other small sights projects and they require very significant capital resources and a high level of collaboration and creativity and persistence, which is exactly why mayor breed continues to bring together such diverse coalitions of funders like ours to support much-needed preservation of affordable housing. some of those partners are here. partners lake city community development, thank you, dignity health, the san francisco foundation, just recently the betty ferguson foundation, and tipping point communities. we can't do this work without all of those partners, and that -- we have been able to over the last two years deploy $100 million to enable the preservation and construction of 417 permanently affordable deals
7:57 pm
-- permanently affordable units. a very complicated transaction, but like this one at the barcelona apartment projects that are way too important to walk away from. to keep it critical, we are working with the mayor to raise $50 million more in philanthropic and mission aligned capital so when nonprofit developers like tndc and the city need a trusted partner for the comp looks project like this, we can continue to stand at the ready. thank you. [applause] >> think, rebecca. thank you, mayor, for your partnership. i want to close with a few observations about why this is so important to tndc and to our community and the tenderloin. the tenderloin, like so much of san francisco, is gentrifying, and there has been a long-standing fear dating back to the seventies that the tenderloin would someday not to be affordable to people with low
7:58 pm
incomes. when we buy a property like 270 turk street, one of the things that is really important about it is the fact that it is no longer owned by a for-profit. i want to break that down a little bit in terms of the way rent control works in san francisco. of course, under rent control, rent can only go up so much for an existing tenant, however, when a tenant voluntarily vacates, not is displaced, voluntarily vacates, that unit's rent can float up to market. that means that the next occupant will be higher income household. one can see that when one looks at the rent roll of barcelona apartments, and 80 or so people who live here, the people who moved in recently are paying a lot more rent than the people who moved in ten or 15 or 20 years ago. the key for us is that, number one, tndc can consider -- we consider ourselves forever owners, so we intend to own this
7:59 pm
property in perpetuity, and when somebody moves out voluntarily, we won't raise the rent to market. we will essentially freeze the rents and the incomes of the people living here now for future occupants for generations so over time, this will become more and more and more affordable housing. it is a key part of the strategy of the tenderloin housing clinic , the tndc, and a lot of groups here to keep the tenderloin affordable for a group of people with low income. with that, we have a unit open on the seventh floor and i want to welcome people to go open -- go up to see it. i don't know if you want to take questions, mayor, or if anyone wants to comment. >> no. okay. thank you so much. i really appreciate your being here. thank you for joining us, mayor. [applause]
8:00 pm
>> good afternoon, welcome to the san francisco planning commission regular hearing for thursday september 5, 2019. i would like to remind members of the public, please sign that your mobile devices. when speaking before the commission, state your name for the record. i would like to take role at this time. [roll call] we do expect -- first on your
8:01 pm
agenda is consideration of items propos


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