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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  September 9, 2019 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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historic buildings. i am extremely proud of the work i did in making these historic buildings engaging to the public. most recently, as a parent of presidio, i serve on the master planning committee and led the efforts to rehabilitate a building. this building is a contributing structure to the historic landmark building next door, the st. joseph's church building. this work involved applying to secretary of interior standards to making decisions about retaining and replacing historical windows, rebuilding the historic corners as its defining features and creating a new entrance by interpreting the standards. i have worked on other projects with historical buildings throughout this country and in china. i understand that work outside of the united states might not include applying to the secretary of interior standards, but i think this experience is important and provides context for the architectural, historical work that happens in san francisco. as a chinese-american woman, i'm
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proud that our chinese community has contributed so much of the city. chinese helped build san francisco. and my community will continue to play an important role in this future. fundamental to my culture is a respect for history and tradition. while embracing change. three years ago, i founded my own company. my work touches on historical site contact and exterior treatments. since i'm familiar with the issues at hand, i offer decline solutions that meet the requirements and with my client's approval -- meet designs that appropriate. so far my projects don't need to apply for certificate of appropriate or of any other exemption from h.p.c. back in 2017, i was appointed by the mayor to serve on the arts commission. my duties are to review the buildings. to allocate funding, fiscal funding and serve as the liaison. i appreciate and have in-depth understanding of the complexity involved to get a building built
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purposefully. i frequently review civic projects an urban master plan with historical landmarks, as it relates to history of the artwork and the architectural elements, including how to appropriately restore them, so they are resilient to natural hazards. through my work with the arts commission, i have been working with local communities to create cultural heritage work. i work with tndc and other projects to ensure the work complies with the transgender cultural district. i work with project sponsors to enjoy -- to ensure that the design of the eagle plaza met multiple city department requirements and was consistent with the lgbtq district. i led the multiple design review process for having the plaza redesigned, with multiple holders, including the city, the c.b.d. and the residents, as well to ensure compatibility with the significant and landmark buildings at the plaza. this work may not be about our architecture and buildings. but it is critical to ensure the
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cultural heritage of san francisco's communities are recognized going forward. the cultural heritage work is incredibly important to me. and another way of which i have found to make historic buildings and neighborhoods reflect the community that we lived in and around them. so through my work in san francisco, as an architect and a commissioner, i have found my calling to serve our beloved city and represent the women and minorities' voices that are often excluded in art, architecture and preservation. when you're trained as a technical architect, as i am, you are trained to work in applying your skills to any and all technical guidelines, including historic preservation. and the secretary of interior's standards. i hope that i have demonstrated not only my technical qualifications, but that i will bring compassion, advocacy, community representation to the historic press advise commission. and thank you for your time. i would be honored to serve on
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this commission. >> supervisor ronen: thank you so much. is there any questions? a couple questions. first, i just want to thank you for all of your amazing work with the city and with the arts commission so far. i'm a big fan of yours. and really know that you have provided invaluable, sort of incredible insight work to the arts commission. you know, whenever you're considered for everything, it's exciting for me. i just wanted to ask you specifically a little bit more about your experience in historic preservation, just because it's such a highly technical field, which, of course, you're capable of. but we're looking for someone especially for the seat, who has had tremendous experience in historical preservation. because we are a city -- a historic city that has incredible landmarks that we have to often fight to preserve.
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so have you ever been or related with the historic preservation commission or been before it or talked to anyone there or testified before the commission? have you any interaction with the commission at all directly? >> directly i don't have to go in front to testify on the cases. for san francisco what i am always able to do is to -- just knowing what we have to work with. we look context and i was able to convince my client -- because it's a complex solution. it's schedule, time and money and also the ability and the willingness to be patient, right. so a lot of my clients they're smaller project sponsors. so usually we take an
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alternative interpretation approach to just to do the right thing and without needing to actually testify and deviate away from what we have to do for the project. >> supervisor ronen: yeah. in addition to, you know, the research work that you had done for the adobe project, and the work -- the amazing work for the cultural districts, which as you know, i was the sponsor of the legislation. so i can not tell you how important that so to me and how much i appreciate that work. in terms of sort of the technical work around historic preservation, can you describe any other circumstances or in addition to that circumstance, exactly how you've interacted with our city and with the historic preservation commission and advocating for the preservation of either a building or a community. >> okay. well, i can speak for that as a parent of my daughter's school. actually, in fact, today is her golden birthday. she turned 9 on september 9th.
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so i am heavily involved with my daughter's school. when we had to renovate the building, which is deemed to be the contributing building, resources to the neighboring st. joseph's church. >> supervisor ronen: uh-huh. >> and i am, as part of the contributing member to my daughter's school, i am on the master planning committee, which is representing the owner in charge of actually getting this rectory restore and rehabilitated and turned into kindergarten and also elementary school. and these are two different occupants and it has different requirements. and also guiding the consulting engineers and architects and what hurdles we need to go through in making a sound decision at the right time. we interpret together of how we treat the entrances, the gate
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that is opening up to howard street. historically it swings out and it doesn't meet our current sidewalk encroachment requirements. so we have to come up with an understanding of redesigning the gate. and get it through the determinations of acknowledging that if we swing out, then we're encroaching and we can't meet the building and sidewalk code, and then we come up with a new gate design, that ends up being approved. and also some part of the -- >> supervisor ronen: that was approved through the h.p.c.? >> yes. then it was also -- i'm acting as a client. we have a school in this case, it's a school architect. so we have basically architect can do a bit of everything. so we have the school architect that we hired, that designed our entire school, just to interface with the planning department and
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partially the historic preservation commission. as a client, we agree with how to interpret the design, and the budget we need and then the time we meet we can pay for this and we can have the school open for the next school year. and that's the overall picture of things. and then we have the primary architect of record for this project to move forward, to get this approval. similar, too, we identified the design features and determine the corner of the exterior of the school rectory building is a character-designing feature for the schools. so we agreed to come up with a -- i was helping them to kind of pick out what kind of coloring and that will meet what was there before. but also could sustain the future weathering of our city.
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it's getting really technical in this kind of thing. i'm on the owner capacity to approve what we can move forward to get the project -- >> supervisor ronen: thank you very much. >> i hope you answered your question. >> supervisor ronen: yes. yes. okay. thank you so much. >> thank you for your time. >> supervisor ronen: i'll now open this item up for public comment. if anyone would like to speak, please go ahead and make a line behind mr. wright over here. mr. wright, if you want to start us off. >> both are good candidates. a lot of people always talk about how the nationalities got a lot to do with the history of san francisco and building san francisco. well, i got news for you. the original nationality, skin color people, that's got the most to do with building, not only san francisco, but the overall united states of america
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is black people. and while doing so, we were slighted. in fact, the white house was built on the backs of blacks, understand me. 98% of the labor that was built and put together to build the white house was built by black people. black slaves. you got that. under slave conditions. under no housing conditions. under no payment of conditions. ain't nobody got nothing more to do with the building of not only the united states of america, but every god damn san francisco too, the black people. is that clear. after all of those black people finished building the resident of the presidents of all of the united states of america's administration, after all of those blacks skin color slaves finished building that place, you had the audacity to call it the white house. it should be called the black house. understand me. i'm tired of watching other
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nationalities come up here and act like they got over 90% to do with the building of the united states of america. everybody has contributed. but nobody has contributed more than black people. [bell ringing] as far as historical sites is concerned, you talk about renovation. when the truth of the matter is, you do a lot of gentrification and renovation. and you water down and use the word gentrification, when the truth of the matter is it's discriminated based on geographical location. you only do it in areas that's predominantly black. we used to be 18, 19% in the field more. and 44% of the bay view. [bell ringing] [microphone turned off] >> supervisor ronen: mr. wright -- mr. wright, those are the applicants for the commission. every public speaker has two
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minutes. next speaker, please. >> other people come up and talk. you let them keep talking when the alarm goes off. you even discriminate in here. you do it right in front of my face. >> good morning, members of the committee. mike bueller, president and c.e.o. of san francisco heritage. as a leading preservation organize in the city, heritage shared this city's commitment to ensuring all candidates for the historic preservation commission meet the minimum object qualifications set forth in the city charter. indeed, ten years ago, we helped craft the minimum qualifications mandated by the charter. as part of this responsibility, heritage has thoroughly revealed the qualifications of both candidates, including in opinion person meeting with heritage staff and board members. mr. foley has been nominated for seat 5 of the h.p.c., which as stated in the charter, is reserved for a professional in the field such as law, land use,
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committee planning with specialized training and/or experience in historic preservation. mr. foley's real-life experience in getting projects done in san francisco, often in partnership with non-profits, will provide a valuable perspective on the commission and we work loader to working with him as a member of the h.p.c. we're happy to endorse his candidacy. by comparison, miss south has been nominated for seat 2 of the commission. it should be emphasized the minimum qualifications are -- much more narrow, specific, and rigorous than the requirements for seat 5. seat 2 is one of two seats on the commission reserved to historic architects. as stated in the charter, these seats must be filled by, quote, licensed architects, secretary of the interior, professional educational standards for architecture. we certainly recognized her professional accomplishment and her outstanding commitments as a member of the art commission.
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however, based on our meeting, heritage does not believe that her qualifications in the field of historic architecture meet the objective requirements for seat 2. for this reason and this reason alone, we're unable to endorse her candidacy for seat on the preservation commission. [bell ringing] >> supervisor ronen: thank you. next speaker. >> rudy. i'm born and raised in san francisco. executive director of a violence prevention organization here in san francisco. that will be serving the city and county for 25 years. i'm here in full support of my brother chris foley. he's been so instrumental in the community. i just want to speak on his character, this gentleman right here is not only a good father, he loves his city, he loves his community. he has demonstrated through his actions what he has done. i have met him in 2009.
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for the last ten years, i put a ring on his finger and told him he needed to make a commitment to the community, which he's been loyal, he's been committed and he has done everything that he said that he's going to do. inin addition, he's within workg with the community-based organization to make sure they stabilize their centers. this man right here helped fix the church in the neighborhood where i was born and raised, on 10th and hollow. in '89, it got, you know, messed up. but here comes chris foley. he mixed it up really nice. now people attend there. and, you know, it's a nice location. in addition to helping us stabilizing our building, we have served over 200 kids this summer and everything that we have done for them has been free. and so you're not going to say this man right here has a very strong character and his integrity is very powerful and i
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just hope you guys, man, put him in place for this chair. thank you. >> supervisor ronen: thank you very much. next speaker. >> good morning, supervisors. thank you for having me here. and supervisor ronen, i want to thank you for all of the work you have done in the community. and we are facebook friends. i'm maria jenson and i'm the creative and executive director of sow mar cultural center. and previously on the external relations team. commissioner sow has played a significant role in running the design community and community investments committee and street artists committee, utilizing her professional expertise as a licensed architect. and she offers solutions to committees with respects to all cultures and heritages. it's important to underscore her commitment to the community, as much as we are underscoring her very capable technical skills. she's dedicated, competent and an award-winning architect.
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she's able to strategize with ns, lawyers, community leaders, contractors and, et cetera. we has vast experience in working with and reviewing architecture in the cultural heritage districts. she's also very hands-on and solution driven. as the lee -- she works and collaborates with staff and community leaders to streamline the process of bringing more affordable housing to our underserved and formerly homeless communities she performs critical work to keep the cultural neighborhoods thriving and artists from being displaced. [bell ringing] she is also fun and joyful to work with. we forget the importance and need to not only work with knowledgeable and skilled people, but the importance of working with people who are generous, kind, and also empathetic. thank you very much. >> supervisor ronen: thank you so much. next speaker.
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>> good morning, supervisors. my name is preston turner. on behalf of the reverend dr. amos brown and the third baptist church, i stand here as the chairman of the trustee board in full support. we endorse chris foley. you heard the story, reverend brown reached out, found out who redeveloped and restored that st. joseph's church. we've been in communication with him for the last year. we can say that he's very honorable, more than qualified and we fully, fully endorse him. we can also say that just before the bagging of mayor ed lee, one of the main things that he did was made third baptist a historical landmark. we appreciate that. and because of that, chris is planning on helping to restore
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third baptist to its luster, as it should be. and we thank him for that. also as i'm here today, i would also say that reverend brown would also like to endorse lydia sow as well. thank you so much. >> hello, my name is sarah white. i'm associate director of housing development, with t.n.d.c. i'm here to support lydia sow's nomination. tndc's mission -- we provide tenant and community services, community organizing and property management. we currently own and operate about 43 buildings across san francisco. and i've come to know lydia through her work on the arts commission, most recently i worked with her on an architect selection process for a project we're working on in the comptons, transgender, cultural
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district. in my interactions, i'm impressed with her technical skills and reviewing the proposals before her. what really stands out for me is her leadership skills. she's diplomatic, thoughtful, kind and she will listen to the perspectives of all parties involved. balance competing interests and build consensus around policies that will best serve san franciscans. she's committed to the city's goals to protect heritage and preservation is a use to promote growth, revitalization and the appreciation of our diverse neighborhoods. i think we are background, knowledge and experience will meaningfully enhance this commission. and i encourage you to approve her appointment. thank you. good morning. members of the rules committee and friends, i'm darlene jangtemperature.
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i'm a principle of my firm. my firm has had over 30 years and over 30 projects in historic preservation projects in san francisco. i'm here today to support the nomination of lydia sow, to serve on the historic preservation commission. i also know lydia as a fellow member of the board of the asian-american architects and engineers. as her colleague, i'm familiar with lydia's professional background, practicing historic preservation projects in san francisco, portland, and elsewhere in the united states. she's experienced in design, management, and decision-making process on renovations and adaptive reuse of buildings. this is work that is very important, because it brings new life to often dilapidated and neglected buildings. these historical preservation projects bring vibrancy, growth, and renew vitality to our surroundings.
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preservation of these building are the acknowledgment of the historic and cultural significance of san francisco. i believe the historic preservation commission will gain valuable insights from lydia's observation and review of alterations and restoration projects. lydia is respectful with the existing designs of landmarks and historic buildings. [bell ringing] she will evaluate proposals for new work that embraces the intent of the original architect or designers and yet incorporate their new uses. she drawses from her experience and her intrinsic understanding of building and construction. and more importantly, she knows how to communicate and understands of possibilities and preservation. she's resourceful and passionate on the issues that she's supported. she will persevere to get the job done. [bell ringing]
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>> supervisor ronen: thank you. thank you so much. thanks for being here. next speaker. >> hello. my name is joy mcdonald. i am the g.m. of the market on market, which is located at 1355 market street, within a historical building. i'm here to support chris foley. he is an amazing gentleman. it's not just his work and historical buildings, which pulls him apart, but he has a huge heart also. when you're talking about community, his aspect for the market in that area is to build a community center. and also expose people to historical landmarks. so i had pleasure of working with him in that aspect. but on a personal level, he's also allowed me to make the market on market a second chance employer. with the extremely important to our community. this gives us a chance to help people rebuild their lives and do something different. myself included.
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i spent ten years at the lancey street foundation. i learned how to live life, be a good manager, all kinds of skills. but i also started at the bottom, at the market, i actually was a receiving clerk. and now i run the whole operation. so to be able to work with somebody that believes in community enough to give people a second chance is important. we're also working on a program with chris foley's help, to be able to donate food to non-profit programs, that will help building our community and make sure that people are taken care of. we work with several non-profits. we, of course, delancey street. i was very tied to them, no matter what you want to say. but we also work with helping with 36 to and other programs that are in need. [bell ringing] so i'm in full support of chris foley. thank you. >> supervisor ronen: the next speaker. >> hi. my name is david. i'm a longtime san francisco resident and also the coo -- a
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school located at 250th 10th street. our school community has grown from 30 students to over 350 students. and this year we implore 110 faculty and staff. i actually know both of these candidates very well. and endorse both of them. i will say that i'm here to talk about lydia. lydia sow is an accomplished architect. and i want to voice my unwavering support for her. she's been a dedicated member of our school's master planning committee. she understated, i think, the importance and the impact that she's had. she also has a very uncanny ability to get things done through thoughtful consideration, collaboration and hard work. over the last ten years, our school has completed the entitlement process and three significant construction projects, including a recently
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constructed 30,000 square foot building. and a renovated two-story rectory building, that lydia talked about earlier. the rectory building has special historical significance in san francisco. and it's part of the st. joseph's church footprint, located at the corner of howard and 10th. during lydia's time on the master planning committee, she provided a strong voice and worked tirelessly to deliver the projects, that respected the historical and cultural heritage. and provided space for the school to grow and thrive. and ultimately enhance the city of san francisco. clearly lydia is a dedicated professional who gets things done. i also know lydia as a parent, she's a wonderful mother, who cares deeply about her kids -- excuse me, her daughter and the school community. she would be an excellent person to serve as a commissioner on the san francisco historical board. [bell ringing]
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>> supervisor ronen: thank you. next speaker, please. >> chair ronen and members of the rules committee. thank you for the community to appear before you this morning. my name is doug chan. i'm a member of the board of directors and council of the chinese historical society of america. for the last 56 years, we've 4 had an abiding interest in the preservation of the physical legacy of california's and america's chinese-american pioneers. we currently occupy the julie morgan-designed building at 965 play street, which we had restored in 2001. the qualifications of nominee sow are without question. she meets them. but i think it's important for you to understand, you have the opportunity of making san francisco's government more representative here. chinatown's historic communities across the country are threatened and endangered. what's literally at stake is the physical environment that was created in the aftermath of the
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earthquake, by a canton eses -speaking community. you have the community to appoint an architect with extraordinary competence and experience. it would be highly regrettable if you succumb to the temptation to appease a special interest, and to have this process devolve as an exercise of supremacy and privilege. that would truly be regrettable. [bell ringing] we hardly endorse your approval of ms. sow's nomination. thank you. >> supervisor ronen: next speaker. >> good morning, rules committee members. i'm the former executive director for home ownership san francisco. we helped a lot of low to moderateman income homeowners
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get b.m.r.s in san francisco for many years. i'm here today to strongly voice my opinion in support for both chris foley and lydia sow. they're both very, very qualified, as you can see, as you can hear from other speakers that have come before me. and especially pertaining to structural integrity, the historic preservation of buildings in san francisco. and their care and their love for the city. for myself, i do a lot of business in chinatown and throughout the city. and so i especially care for the historic preservation of those structures. i can see why they would want to be on the commission and would add a great deal of value for the commission. i strongly support them. i urge you to support them as well. thank you very much. >> good morning, supervisor ronen, mar and walton. my name is andrew sun. a privilege to speak with you today. i'm here to fully endorse and support the nomination of lydia
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sow, as one of the first chinese-american architects to ever serve on the historic preservation commission. she's demonstrated that she's fully qualified and experienced 378 she's demonstrated the fact that he's really engaged with our community. as an exceptional designer and architect. the presentation by heritage is appalling. there is no person that's more qualified, that's demonstrated her technical capacity to be involved with this commission and to give the board sensibilities that are necessary in san francisco. just because one isn't part of your special club, does not mean that you don't meet the qualifications. every one of you have known, as a woman, as an african-american, as a native american, when we apply for jobs in the past, they will say to us, you have great
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experience. but you haven't done this. so you don't necessarily meet the qualifications. it is undeniably a club that needs now to be opened up, so that we have a chinese-american, fully qualified architect, a.i.a., and lead-certified on this commission. there was at one time in a sign in san francisco that said "no chinese or dogs should apply." that no longer holds its case in san francisco. and i am proud that we have a competent, qualified architect that is able to serve and willing to serve on this commission. thank you. >> supervisor ronen: thank you. is there any other member of the public who would like to speak in? seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues, did you have any comments? i'm happy to -- sure.
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supervisor mar. >> supervisor mar: actually, i have actually a question for the deputy attorney about the requirement -- the required qualifications for these two seats. but i actually just wanted to thank mayor breed for putting forward these two nominees for the historic preservation commission. and then thank both mr. foley and ms. sow for your willingness to serve in this really critically important role. and both of you, you know, are obviously very -- have very impressive professional experience and qualifications. and also, you know, your civic leadership work that you've done as well, is truly impressive and very much appreciated. but, you know, given that this commission, you know, as chair ronen has stated, you know, involves very technical work and actual decisions that impact,
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you know, our -- the physical and even cultural makeup of our city and the commission was created, you know, by voters, you know, through proposition j in 2008. i do think it is important to really understand -- or i would like to understand better the specific required qualifications, particularly for seat 2 and seat 5. yeah. victor. >> deputy city attorney john givener. so i'll start with seat 5, because mr. foley spoke first in this meeting. but generally supervisor ronen at the start mentioned that the charter sets off some general qualifications for all h.p.c. commissioners, that they be especially qualified by competence, knowledge, training and experience in the historic architecturals a stettic and
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cultural traditions of the city, interested in the preservation of the historic structures, sites and areas and the residents of the city. so that applies to both seats. just that general rule about interest, knowledge, experience, et cetera. in addition, seat 5 must be a historic preservation professional or a professional in a field such as law, land use, community planning or urban design, with a specialized training or demonstrable experience in historic preservation or historic preservation planning. that's seat 5. seat 2, in addition to the general criteria about interests and knowledge and experience, must be a licensed architect and must meet the secretary of the interior's professional qualification standards for historic architecture.
11:36 am
i think that's the issue that some members of the public have discussed today. i'll tell you what those criteria are in the secretary of interior standard. the minimum professional qualifications under that standard, for historic architecture, are professional degree in architecture or a state license to practice architecture. and one of -- one of the following two categories. either at least one-year of graduate study in architectural preservation, american architectural history, preservation planning or closely related field. or the second criteria, at least one year of full-time professional experience on historic preservation projects. and that experience or graduate study must include detailed investigations of historic structures, preparation of
11:37 am
historic structures research reports and preparation of plans and specifications for preservation projects. ms. sow spoke about her experience on historic preservation projects. ultimately based on her experience and the speakers who spoke about their knowledge of her background and experience, it is a decision for the board to determine whether in your judgment she meets these qualifications. and, of course, a policy decision for the board whether you choose to approve either candidate. >> thank you. yeah. that's very helpful. you know, just to have that explained. and also publicly, too. >> supervisor ronen: i wanted to suggest something. it is -- there is no doubt that these two candidates are highly qualified, accomplished individuals, who have deep
11:38 am
connections to the community. and have, you know, already given so much to the city and our city to get more. that's not an issue at all. and, you know, i can see why the mayor chose to nominate these two candidates. unfortunately the timing of this whole thing was that we got the nomination letter in the middle of our legislative break. and we have been struggling to get back and get caught up from being gone. so i personally haven't had a chance to sit down with either candidate. it does concern me that s.f. heritage, that is an organization that i have great respect for, who works, you know, daily on these issues, has concerns about one of the candidates. i think we take a couple of weeks to vet these and hear the concerns and make, you know, our
11:39 am
opinions before we take a vote on this item. this is -- these are really important appointments. and they're highly technical. and not being an architect or a historic preservationist myself, i feel like i need -- i need to do a little bit more studying on these nominations. so i would make a motion to continue this item two weeks to the september 23rd meeting. i did check with amy, at my office that will give us enough time on the c.r. -- to approve or take action on these items, in time for, you know, based on our legal requirements. so i would make that motion. does anyone want to speak or can i take that? go ahead, supervisor mar. >> yeah. well, i appreciate -- chair ronen, i appreciate your -- you know, your interest in allowing us, you know, more time to
11:40 am
really, you know, vet these appointments. you know, i have to say, you know, after finding out about this, you know, to sort of have the hearing or consider these appointments, just at the end of last week, you know, i did speak the weekend a little bit just trying to get more up speed on these very complex issues around historic preservation and the role the historic preservation commission, as well as, you know, reviewing the qualifications of the applicants. so and i think through this -- through the hearing this morning , and -- i mean, i guess coming into the hearing, i still had some questions about -- yeah. about this. hence even the question i posed to deputy city attorney givener. but i actually feel comfortable, you know, that both nominees are
11:41 am
qualified for the positions. and so and i feel comfortable supporting, you know, the mayor's nomination for them. so i'm not going to support your motion to delay. >> supervisor ronen: okay. >> it looks like it's on me. [laughter] yeah. i definitely take what s.f. heritage has to say very seriously about candidates when they come before us. but i have to say, during this hearing, i was very impressed with both candidates. and after listening to the city attorney givener, in terming what would make someone qualified, i was satisfied by what i heard from the candidates, the work that they have done, what they have demonstrated from their
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experience. and i do feel that it also matches with the intent of -- what the commission is for. so going out along with my colleague, supervisor mar, i think we should move these candidates forward and make an amendment for items 4 and 5 to remove rejecting and replacing it with approving of candidates for the mayor's nomination of the appointment of chris foley and the appointment of lydia sow to the historic preservation commission. >> supervisor ronen: so i -- to make things easy, we'll withdraw my motion. i am going to vote "no" on your motion -- well, on your motion,
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supervisor walton, not because i necessarily don't support the candidates. but because i would have preferred to have more time. but i will do my best in the weeks to come to meet with you, both directly and to meet with heritage and to catch up on what i think about this. so i'll be in touch with all three of but. and just want you to know that when i'm voting "no," it's not on the candidates. it's on i wish my colleagues had given me more time, because it's very busy at the moment. but i will do my best to meet with you all before tuesday. so with that can we take a roll call. >> yes. >> clerk: on the motion po attend to approve, to recommend. vice chair walton? >> yes. >> walton aye.
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>> member mar? >> aye. >> clerk: chair ronen? >> no. >> the motion passes. >> supervisor ronen: thank you very much. mr. clerk, is there any other items before us today? >> clerk: that completes the agenda for today. >> supervisor ronen: thank you so much. with that, the meeting is adjourned. [gavel]
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>> three, two, one. [applause.] >> congratulations everybody. thank you. >> so the project was driven by the need to improve conditions for people biking and walking
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from beach street to mcallister. between 2010 and 2015, there were 290 traffic crashes including two deaths, 110 bike collisions and 78te 78 pedestrin collisions. the construction was a little over two years. it including pedestrian crossing, better bike facilities, new street trees, we repaved the entire corridor. fern alley has decorative street plants and new palm streets. cbd helped maintain the alleys and they are planning farmers markets and pop ups and bands.
11:54 am
>> the goal was to build on the economic vibra vibrancy of polkt and to provide a safe street for the whole >> san francisco and oakland are challenging each other in a battle for the bay. >> two cities. >> one bay. >> san francisco versus oakland. are you ready to get in on the action? >> i'm london breed. >> and i am oakland mayor libby schaff. >> who will have the cleanest city? >> we will protect our bay by making our neighborhoods shine. >> join us on september 21st as a battle for the bay. >> which city has more volunteer spirit? which city can clean more neighborhoods? the city with the most volunteers wins. sign-up to be a bay protector and a neighborhood cleaner. go to battle fofofofofofofofofoo
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>> good morning, everyone. welcome to the thursday exit a fifth meeting of the government audit and oversight committee. i am the chair of this committee i'm joined by supervisor aaron peskin and supervisor vallie brown who will be joining us shortly, and we are also joined by supervisor safai. thank you to the committee's clerk. i would also like to thank san francisco government tv staff for staffing. mr. clerk, do you have any announnt


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