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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  September 19, 2019 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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$6.8 million in contingency. and while we recognize that projects of this magnitude is complex, it will have a lot of uncertainty. we actually had concerns about the contingencies that equaled about 35% of the total project. our recommendation is to place $618 million on the budget and finance committee to the extent that it would be need to be used we recommend approval as amended >> thank you very much. >> are there any members of the public who would like to comment seeing none, public comment is closed. any comments or questions? i have a couple. i understand that it has moved into the hall of justice as we
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are trying to get people out of the hall of justice. can you talk to that? >> i was just made aware of that fact myself very recently. we are in discussions with the police department to see if we can rectify the situation. it is not, unfortunately, uncommon for city departments to take over a vacated space. as soon as one unit moves out, before i can move another unit in, someone will take -- squat the space. >> i think this is a different situation. i think we are trying to get everyone out of the building. we see hundreds of millions of dollars and people trying to do that. when it moves in, it is a little concerning because, quite frankly, my next question is, is
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this budget committee going to be expanded to prove -- approve expenditures to relocate the unit? >> if i can interrupt, i share that concern and we are in discussions with the police department that they will have to sell their space needs elsewhere and we can't, as part of the ho jay exit, absorbed that cost. so they moved into the building without my knowledge or permission, and we are working with them to try to resolve that situation, but it is not anticipated that real estate or this committee would be asked to solve so how is it that we move into the hall of justice without your knowledge or permission? >> just to fact check, i heard this number yesterday also.
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if i could just read the information that we provided about what has been going on. it was january of 2019. we increased by 16 to extend the hours of healthy street services to 11:00 p.m. the total number was 43. as of september 2019, the total number assigned was reduced to 40. they stated that they do want to vacate the hall of justice and understand the need to do so and did not validate this number. >> i think people who have personnel on that building know there are 80 people. i have heard this, not just from one source. i just want to say, could you please fact check that? and the idea that they could actually put people into this
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building that we are trying to vacate. it is somewhat frustrating considering that we are asked to approve millions of dollars to relocate people and then we put new people -- it is a crazy thing. and how are they doing that without our permission? there is a lack of control about who is allowed to move in there and who is not allowed to move in there. and what is -- are we not putting new units in there, or are we deciding that yes, we will put new people in there, but if you are going to make those decisions, i think we should be notified before we are asked to approve these expenditures. >> you are absolutely right. i share that concern. the situation that we have is the police department control certain spaces within the building, and then as we are moving certain units to other areas, they backfill with some units.
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we try our best to control that, but we can't be everywhere, and we don't know exactly what personnel they have in the building so it is a little bit hard to wrap your fingers around it but it is a problem we recognize and that we are trying to address. >> thank you. i appreciate it. i just want to say, for the record, we don't blame you. can you please tell us who composed that e-mail to you? >> that was d.c. greg year from the police department. >> now we know. thank you very much. so we have had public comment now. colleagues, this is a huge expect -- huge expenditure. as we have heard, we have already agreed to by these
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places, so i would like to move items 11 and 12, and 13 to the full board with a positive recommendation. fourteen has an amendment. items 11, 12, 13, and 15 to the full board with a positive recommendation and we can take that without objection. thank you very much. item 14, i think we heard, we called all the items together. is that correct? yes. would you like to hear more on i. to 15? okay. i rescind that. without objection can we rescind
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that? thank you very much. item number 15, please. >> thank you, supervisors. i am with the office of public finance. item 15 is a resolution that approves the preliminary official statement and final official statement which are offering documents to disclose the current financial information in order to comply with federal securities and exchange commission regulations. if approved, the resolution will allow the controller to distribute these documents to prospective vendors -- bidders and investors as it relates to the upcoming sale of the c.o.p. related to the 49 south van ness project. by way of background following the board's 2017 authorization for the $321 million in c.o.p. 449 south van ness, the controller has issued commercial paper in approximately 140 million-dollar income to balance the project. in order to refinance these
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notes and finance the remaining portions of the project, the office of public finance public finance intends to sell these later in october. the financing parameters previously authorized by the board have not changed and our intention is to sell them within the not to exceed authorization amount, in terms of project updates, the project is about 70% complete and is scheduled for completion in may of 2020. i'm available to answer any questions related to the finance piece. >> okay. >> good, i think we are all good are there any members of the public would like to comment on item 15? seeing none, public comment is closed. i would like to make a motion to move items 11 and 12, 13 and 15
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to the board with a positive recommendation. we can take that without objection. thank you very much. i would like to make a motion to approve the recommendation from the budget legislative analyst to put $3 million on reserve for contingency for construction of the holding cell. is that correct? >> it was $3 million. >> 3 billion. >> thanks. here we go. can we take that without objection? thank you very much. i would like to move item 14 as amended to the full board with a positive recommendation. thank you very much. are there any other items before us today? >> there are no other items. >> thank you very much. we are adjourned.
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valencia has been a constantly evolving roadway. the first bike lanes were striped in 1999, and today is the major north and south bike route from the mission neighborhood extending from market to mission street. >> it is difficult to navigate lindsay on a daily basis, and more specifically, during the morning and evening commute hours. >> from 2012 to 2016, there were 260 collisions on valencia and 46 of those were between vehicles and bikes. the mayor shows great leadership and she knew of the long history of collisions and the real
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necessity for safety improvements on the streets, so she actually directed m.t.a. to put a pilot of protected bike lanes from market to 15th on valencia street within four months time. [♪] >> valencia is one of the most used north south bike routes in san francisco. it has over 2100 cyclists on an average weekday. we promote bicycles for everyday transportation of the coalition. valencia is our mission -- fits our mission perfectly. our members fall 20 years ago to get the first bike lane stripes. whether you are going there for restaurants, nightlife, you know , people are commuting up and down every single day. >> i have been biking down the valencia street corridor for about a decade. during that time, i have seen the emergence of ridesharing
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companies. >> we have people on bikes, we have people on bike share, scooters, we have people delivering food and we have uber taking folks to concerts at night. one of the main goals of the project was to improve the overall safety of the corridor, will also looking for opportunities to upgrade the bikeway. >> the most common collision that happens on valencia is actually due to double parking in the bike lane, specifically during, which is where a driver opens the door unexpectedly. >> we kept all the passengers -- the passenger levels out, which is the white crib that we see, we double the amount of commercial curbs that you see out here. >> most people aren't actually perking on valencia, they just need to get dropped off or pick something up. >> half of the commercial loading zones are actually after 6:00 p.m., so could be used for five-minute loading later into the evening to provide more
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opportunities or passenger and commercial loading. >> the five minute loading zone may help in this situation, but they are not along the corridor where we need them to be. >> one of the most unique aspects of the valencia pilot is on the block between 14th street. >> we worked with a pretty big mix of people on valencia. >> on this lot, there are a few schools. all these different groups had concerns about the safety of students crossing the protected bikeway whether they are being dropped off or picked up in the morning or afternoon. to address those concerns, we installed concrete loading islands with railings -- railings that channel -- channeled a designated crossing plane. >> we had a lot of conversations around how do you load and unload kids in the mornings and the afternoons? >> i do like the visibility of some of the design, the safety aspects of the boarding pilot for the school.
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>> we have painted continental crosswalks, as well as a yield piece which indicates a cyclist to give the right-of-way so they can cross the roadway. this is probably one of the most unique features. >> during the planning phase, the m.t.a. came out with three alternatives for the long term project. one is parking protected, which we see with the pilot, they also imagined a valencia street where we have two bike lanes next to one another against one side of the street. a two-way bikeway. the third option is a center running two-way bikeway, c. would have the two bike lanes running down the center with protection on either side. >> earlier, there weren't any enter lane designs in san francisco, but i think it will be a great opportunity for san francisco to take the lead on that do so the innovative and different, something that
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doesn't exist already. >> with all three concepts for valencia's long-term improvement , there's a number of trade-offs ranging from parking, or what needs to be done at the intersection for signal infrastructure. when he think about extending this pilot or this still -- this design, there's a lot of different design challenges, as well as challenges when it comes to doing outreach and making sure that you are reaching out to everyone in the community. >> the pilot is great. it is a no-brainer. it is also a teaser for us. once a pilot ends, we have thrown back into the chaos of valencia street. >> what we're trying to do is incremental improvement along the corridor door. the pilot project is one of our first major improvements. we will do an initial valuation in the spring just to get a glimpse of what is happening out here on the roadway, and to make any adjustments to the pilot as needed. this fall, we will do a more robust evaluation. by spring of 2020, we will have recommendations about long-term improvements. >> i appreciate the pilot and how quickly it went in and was
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built, especially with the community workshops associated with it, i really appreciated that opportunity to give input. >> we want to see valencia become a really welcoming and comfortable neighborhood street for everyone, all ages and abilities. there's a lot of benefits to protected bike lanes on valencia , it is not just for cyclists. we will see way more people biking, more people walking, we are just going to create a really friendly neighborhood street. [♪]
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>> mayor breed: i just figured everybody would be at work and it would be a couple of us today. but i see the cole valley community came out. thank you so much for being here today at wooden, one of the newest establishments right here in the cole valley community. this is an amazing neighborhood. so many great places like reverie and the ice cream bar
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and zazie. this is an incredible place to enjoy the day. there's wine that you can buy. there is a postal service. there is hardware. anything that you want is located in this community. it's one of the best-kept secrets in san francisco. i know that because i come out here and hide a lot. [ laughter ]. >> mayor breed: but of course the community, they recognize me because i served as a supervisor and one of the things that we know happens sometimes with our small businesses, they get caught up in the bureaucracy, when all they want to do is provide a service to the community. this is a neighborhood where people know one another, where they walk down the street and see one another, where they hang out in places like this to enjoy each other's company. where we have watched kids grow up in this neighborhood. the fact that small businesses which oftentimes are run by the owners of the small businesses,
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the fact that they have to deal with so much bureaucracy makes me crazy. one of the things i have said we need to do time and time again is can you tell the bureaucratic red tape that gets in the way of allowing our small businesses to just exist and be enjoyable for communities like cole valley. [ applause ]. >> mayor breed: so i'd like to use this as an example, and let me pause for a minute and recognize captain bailey and the folks from park police station and the people who keep our community safe. we really appreciate you. [ applause ]. >> mayor breed: but when i was supervisor, val, you remember this, free gold watch. you all know that, the pinball machines in that place. so free gold watch, an
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incredible place. there were pinball machine tournaments, there were activities, a place where the community came together. well, unfortunately it discovered after they opened that they were basically not in compliance with the law. years ago in the 1980s when we thought that video games were going to destroy young people, destroy civilization as we know it, all these laws were created that limited the ability to have these arcade locations within the certain area of the school or a park or gas station and all this craziness. i just couldn't believe it that we could potentially lose this amazing institution because of some dated laws. of course, it's not just about creating new laws, but about fixing the old laws that put us in this situation in the first place. we got rid of that. free gold watch and all these other amazing places are open to bring back our childhood for
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most of us who lived through that time. this is no exception, where i think you just -- if you just wanted to basically have music and sell a little bit of wine and beer for a comedy night. what he had to go through has been crazy because of some laws that were passed that impact neighboring communities which is sometimes unfair. what we are doing today is making it easier for small businesses to provide what i think is a basic community service. of course, when you're watching comedy, you have to have wine or beer or some kind of beverage in your hand to just enjoy it. because most of the comics sometimes aren't even funny. [ laughter ]. >> mayor breed: so here we are. trying to make it easier for our
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small business community and sign this legislation. my commitment to addressing what we know is a real challenge around how small businesses are able to survive and thrive in this city is important to me. dealing with our empty store fronts, coming up with new solutions, both with changes to our policies but also with financial investments. even if we can't get rid of certain fees, i do think it's important that we continue through the mayor's office of economic and workforce development under the leadership of qua -- joaquim torez to make sure we are working with small businesses to do facade improvements and many others. this is how we're going to get there and the board of supervisors who has been incredibly focused. even before she was on the board of supervisors where she served
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as a legislative aid for two previous supervisors, i was one of those supervisors, there was no one more committed to supporting small businesses and being responsive to the community than your supervisor, district 5 supervisor, val brown. [ applause ]. >> i just want to thank a few people. i have them written down. i want to first thank the mayor. i want to thank the team at o.e.w.d., ben, when we were doing this legislation, it was grinding. just because it was pushed out, came back. ben would come back and think he had a way to do that. i want to thank my aide in the corner hiding like normal. [ applause ]. >> he kept saying, we can do it,
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we can do it. i want to thank the chamber of commerce. they were there all along coming to meetings and speaking in favor. the council of district merchants. and really especially the cole valley community. when this came to me -- i have to say, though, this is kind of a bit of a strange groundhog day for me. when we talked about this, actually planning came to us ten years ago and asked us to clean up a lot of the regulations around these kind of restrictions for businesses, because they said they were archaic, hurting small business. you have to remember ten years ago we were in a downturn, the economic downturn. we just didn't have time or the bandwidth to deal with it. when this came back to me ten years in the making, that happened with clean power. i started clean power and finished it in supervisor breed's office. this was ten years in the making
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again. but this time i said, hey, you know what? this is a heavy lift, but we need to do this for small businesses. we need to do this for the person that comes every morning, opens up their door, is here serving coffee, is here cutting your hair, giving you some of the best cheese you've ever had at say cheese. we need to do this for small business. they're struggling. we, as a city, should be doing everything we can to keep small businesses in place and to open small businesses. we need to be able to take the regulations away that hurt them, to take the time it takes to open a small business. i don't know how you can afford to pay for a space for a year to 18 months before you even have a business. how is that possible? you have to probably save for two years just to open a small
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business. so we have to say no. we have to make sure that we protect small businesses. because, look, i lived in lower haye for 20 years and then i moved into this community. i feel it's a mayberry. i walk down the street and know everybody. i can go from one store to another and get what i need for my everyday needs and meet the people that i absolutely adore on these streets. so we have to keep these neighborhood corridors vibrant. if we don't have vibrant neighborhood corridors, what does that do? that affects the whole entire community. when the neighbors came to me, cole valley, and said, look, we really support this business. they want a simple beer and wine license so he can have comedy night. how many times does a
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neighborhood come to you and say we want this business of a beer and wine? usually it's the owner, right? i said, wow, steve, you must have done something right in this neighborhood because they absolutely loved steve and said, steve, we want you to be here and successful. the least i could do was take this legislation and push it through. now, it took me three times before it went through l.a.n. use and i had third time is a charm and we got it through. we did it and we all worked together, and it was unanimous at the board. i want to thank everyone who was involved. there was so many people who came out for public comment. people behind the scenes saying this is what we need. steve, you came to those public comments. your staff watched the store while you came. your café. you waited and spoke three times. i'm sorry.
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we shouldn't be doing that to small businesses. so really appreciate your time becau because, steve, you helped the whole city. you helped the whole city when the supervisors heard your story and they said, we've got to help this person, this small business, you helped the whole city. so you're an activist. [ applause ]. >> so that point i'm going to introduce steve wikwire that owns this marvelous café and give you a few words. thank you. [ applause ]. >> thank you all for being here. so some of you know i opened this shop after working in san francisco for ten years. i wanted to bring my passion and dedication for really high-end
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coffee service to cole valley, where i thought it was needed. it's been really awesome and amazing being able to contribute to this community. with this legislation passing, we'll be able to contribute more, namely, staying open later, providing beer and wine service, and doing really fun comedy shows here that i think will just breathe some new life into the neighborhood and add to the mix around here. i really just want to thank our district supervisor vallie brown and her team for supporting this. [ applause ]. >> if we do want to see more small businesses opening and being run by community members, people who want to serve their
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communities. it just needs to be a little bit easier to do. we need more pathways for these businesses to grow and adapt as they move forward. so that's really what this is all about. all of your support has made that happen here, so thank you all so much. [ applause ]. >> thank you. up next is rodney fong. >> thank you, steve. congratulations. i feel like it's a new day. it's a fresh breath of air. it literally is a chamber of commerce day here in san francisco. i want to thank mayor breed, supervisor brown for being champions of this legislation. all of the points you bring up about the vitality of san francisco, how important it is for our streets to be filled with people and to get involved
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with businesses. at the chamber of commerce we've put an emphasis on small businesses. i feel growing up in a small business and running our wax museum down at fishermen's wharf, creativity is the secret sauce. if we can give entrepreneurs the ability to be cultivators of things, we're going to do well. i'm happy to be here. i hope we have many, many more opportunities like this. congratulations to the planning department and clearing some of the red tape. hopefully we can get more businesses open here this san francisco. thank you very much for coming, and congratulations to you. [ applause ]. >> mayor breed: thank you, rodney. before we sign this legislation, i just want to thank our two small business commissioners for being here today. thank you so much. steve, who is the president of
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the commission and sharkie, one of the newest sworn-in commissioners because of his challenges with his small business here in san francisco. so you really have some champions helping to push forward the kinds of policies that hopefully will make a difference for our small business community here in san francisco. now, let's get this piece of legislation signed. [ applause ] [ applause ]
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>> today in the omi in district 7 -- [cheers and applause] >> -- they say it takes broad strokes to make something truly incredible, people to enjoy and that's the message we have here today. there's no better person to articulate the vision for
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advancing economic opportunity and equity in our city than our next speaker that is joining all of us and leading these efforts with us today and that is our mayor, london reed. >> hello, lakeview! hello! i am so excited to be here! let me tell you, this centre is long overdue in the omi community. [cheers and applause] i want to start by thanking supervisor safaye, who is really, i think the best supervisor district 11 has ever had. let me tell you, because of his work and advocacy, we are bringing more resources than ever to this community. we saved 21 units just on mission street where low income families were facing eviction.
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he took the leadership, we purchased that property and protected those units for generations to come. [cheers and applause] >> we know that you want your library and supervisor safaye and i are working to get it done for this community, making sure that even though sometimes i know over the years you felt forgotten, your supervisor and your mayor, we're doing everything we can to continue to focus on bringing resources to this community. [cheers and applause] and you know, you only have to look at the data to know that a place to provide employment opportunities should have been here a long time ago. in fact, 94112 had sadly one of
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the largest populations of people who were looking for employment opportunities but couldn't find them. 1600 people in this zip code alone. now while we enjoy this tremendous economic boom in san francisco, too many residents in this community are left behind. we see a significant increase in the number of people who are unemployed and looking for opportunities and that number is even higher for our african-american community. and so we as a city have to look at those numbers and make the right kinds of investments in the communities where we know it could make a difference. and so, it is only fitting that today, we celebrate the seventh workforce or whatever this place is called, access point.
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they changed the name so many times. [ laughter ] >> they used to be job center and this and that, a place where you can come and find help to get employment. that's what it is. [cheers and applause] >> so today is a celebration of something long overdue and i just, i'm so excited to be here and i know that inner-city yout. you're going to speak, right? [ laughter ] >> i know that -- i just want to really acknowledge and thank mike brown, who we all miss and remember for his work and his advocacy. and we know that his daughter, gwenn, carries that same passion for young people and we're grateful for you for following in your father's footsteps, to
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make sure opportunities are available to all of the folks in this community and she needs your support, your continued support to continue the work of inner-city youth in the lakeview community. so today we're opening this incredible place where you can come and get the help and the support that you need to either build a resume, to talk about job interviewing skills, to do mock interviews, to do whatever it takes and i want to thank young community developers and dj brrokter for partnering with inner-city youth to make sure that this space is really a space available to the community to meet people where they are. not let me just be clear, there are so many job opportunities in san francisco. you can drive muni, you can be a police officer. hell, you can run for mayor, but
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after i'm done. [ laughter ] there are so many opportunities and it is time that we look at the tech sector the healthcare sector and all of these other industries and we make sure there's a direct connection between all these companies that want do business in san francisco and making sure that they hire the people of this city. [cheers and applause] >> in fact, your long awaited grocery store, what is it called? h-mart, h-mart is coming to the omi community and here is the thing, they'll be hiring 150 new part-time and full-time employees. [cheers and applause] >> and this center will be ground-daughter roground-zero ft because we will make sure the people who live here have the
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first opportunity to work in their community, if that's the kind of job they want, we have to be deliberate in our investments and connecting the people of this community to these incredible opportunities. and i am excited to be here today. i also just want to point out that our workforce director, josh arsay, is here as well. cheer cheer. [cheers and applause] >> so if you run into problems in finding employment, josh is always there and available. he will pick you up personally and take you to the job interview, take you shopping to buy the appropriate clothes to get ready for that job, whatever it takes. we will make sure that we change those statistics so that everyone in this city has an opportunity to get a good paying job so that they can take care of their families and create a better future for their lives. someone who has been a real partner for me on the board of supervisors every step of the
11:47 pm
way, not just on city-wide policies to address homelessness and housing and the things unnetted tthings weneed to do tn francisco, he's been a real strong advocate for this community, the community he represents. leads and gentleman, your district 11 supervisor! [cheers and applause] >> thank you, mayor. this day is a day of many years coming. i see a lot of history in this room. i see reverend amos brown, who has given his life and dedicated his life to this community. i see dr. honey-cut, marion
11:48 pm
harris. this community has been too over overlooked and forgotten. so when i came into office, it was president breed at the time and melia cohen were having hearings and they were extremely frustrated with work development at the time. they said where the unemployment is, where the violence is, that's where the jobs and resources should go. and that was just a reflection of what was happening in the community. so as mayor breed said, we looked at the numbers. we reached out to the then director of ycd and we talked by gwenn brown and said what can we do and what is the most important thing?
11:49 pm
guess what? this is ground zero for a month before i came into office, there was a murder and the first week i was in office, there was a murder and it was a continuous state of violence. and then you looked at the unemployment in the black community that has historically been here and it was extremely high to the rest of the community. i went to then mayor lee and said we need your support. we want to put money towards a great organization and a great young lady standing and carrying on the tradition of her father and that young lady is gwenn brown. [cheers and applause] >> and we have a phenomenal organization named inner-city youth and inner-city youth should be the beacon and the leader for job creation and job development in this community. they can bring people together and so gwenn, at first was like, are you sure? i said, i'm sure. i said, we'll lock armed and do
11:50 pm
this together. we had the support of shamon and then to dj at ycd and we are here today now because then president breed and now mayor breed invested in i this community. she has been in office for a little over a year and we have gotten more year and more attention ant more investments than any other mayor in the last 25 years. [cheers and applause] so i'm just the beneficiary of great partners. i'm the beneficiary of great leadership from the mayor's office and community-based organizations and those, like, mike brown and now gwenn brown that are taking over the torch for this community. i know gwenn, that your father is smiling down from heaven right now because he truly gave his life for this community. and what is the words they say?
11:51 pm
if you can give someone a job, you can give them dignity and respect for their entire family and that's what this is about. so i just want to end with saying, thank you again to the young community developers. thank you again to gwenn and icy and owd and joaquin torez and never, never finally but least, mayor breed for your continued investment and dedication and love and support for this community because you all, this is called the hub, so welcome to the hub! [cheers and applause] >> and i have a short certificate i'll present to gwenn and icy on behalf of the board of supervisors and the mayor to congratulate her for the phenomenal job she's done and the phenomenal job we know she will do. [cheers and applause] >> take a little photo.
11:52 pm
and next up is our fearless leader and ucy and who will be taking this hub to the next level, miss gwenn brown! [cheers and applause] >> thank you, guys, for coming to our grand opening. i'm be the programme director here at this neighborhood access point that we'll be calling the hub. and the reason why we'll call it the hub is because this is going to be a place where anyone who lives in the omi, whether you're an entry-level job seeker or experienced person that wants to refresh their skills and technology and get training, you're going to be able to get that here. i want to thank everyone who's here, all of the cbo partners, oewd, joshua, arsay. he was literally here at 9:00 sweeping with his team, fatinya homes, ground movement,
11:53 pm
shamon, asha. he's not lying about what he said. are you sure you want icy do it? he was, like, yes. so i thank you for leaving this in my hands and this is my way of thanking my father and grandmother for the work that they've done -- excuse me. [cheers and applause] >> to be able to do this in her honor is my way and honor to pay homage to those who have come before me and who have created pathways. i hope to create pathways for other residents in the omi like i had. i went to school in san francisco, born and raised in this community. i am so honored to be able to give back to the neighborhood
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that i grew up in and sorry for the tears, guys. at this time, i want to invite up my new boss, dionne j. bri dionne j. brickter. >> i work for gwenn and the entire district of district 10. i'm the executive director of young community developers. i always tell myself we have the best weather in district 10 but i tell you what, this weather is beautiful in district 11! [cheers and applause] >> i don't think that's coincidence. i think it speaks to today. i want to thank mayor breed for her jovialness in participating today. but none of this happened by chance. it was a vision. it was a conversation that then
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executive director of the young community developer sat down and we had a conversation with gwenn brown and talked about the needs in our communities. it wasn't just one community. it was communities. and as we sat down and talked about those communities, we said, how can we collaborate and work together? how can we provide collective impact? we're stronger when we work together. i'm happy to say this hub is just that. so i have an opportunity to tell a quick story and i don't even know if gwenn remembers. i remember the first time we came into the omi and we had to follow gwenn and we got an opportunity to talk to young men on plymouth and broad. we stood there for about three minutes and gwenn left me. so it was just me and folks from me and the omi community having a conversation. we talked for 45 minutes. they said for so long people have come into this community and do things and you need to be about it. and today, we're about it. cheer cheer.
11:56 pm
[cheers and applause] so i think as two organizations we're collaborate together just to provide some of the work readiness training we're doing in district 10 and really just want to allow gwenn and her team the resources that they need to ensure that we don't just come into the community and provide economic sustainability. we're about economic mobility. and that's one of the things we'll focus here at the hub. so i want to thank everybody who was involved. of course, our phenomenal mayor, mayor breed, supervisor safaye, supervisor walton, who has quietly been behind the scenes but he's never quiet. pretty sure you know that. our director joaquin torez and gwenn, all of my team at young community developers. when you look in this room, there are so many based
11:57 pm
community-based organizations and helping to negotiate and get this space. it took seven to eight months to get into this space. i want to thank toni brock. all of the things you've seen, that's through toni brock ang ad the work she does in ensuring our community stays beautiful. let's enjoy the hub and this weather and we look forward to providing services to the communities in our communities. thank you. [cheers and applause] >> thank you, dj. you know, these important moments of legacy and creating opportunity for our residents are impossible without leadership and partners beyond d those who are standing and talking to you today but all community members who are tirelessly put efforts and hard work and volunteered time on
11:58 pm
commissions at volunteer associations, demanding resources and i want to give a shout-out to joseph bryant who was here earlier today. [cheers and applause] >> to apri, jackie flynn, to the governor sending his california director here today, to a success center, to the community leadership to reverend brown and, of course, leading efforts for our youth on behalf of mayor breed and cheryl reed at the human right's commission. thank you all for being here and to the urban service's ymca and the beacon team who are also here today, thank you. [cheers and applause] >> and i want to give a shout-out specifically to josh arsay and the element team. they go above and beyond to make this work happen on behalf of all of you. to morris young, thank you for all of work you've done and now, let's cut this ribbon!
11:59 pm
[cheers and applause] >> we create opportunities around here. [cheers and applause] >> there we go. you all ready? ok, you ready 5-4-3-2-1! it's open! [cheers and applause]
12:00 am
>> i am calling the meeting to order at 5:36 p.m. hello and welcome to the tuesday, september 17, 2019 commission. if you are a member of the public there are speaker forms on the front table or come to the microphone. we do ask everyone turnoff cell phones or put them on silence. we want to thank sfgovtv and media services for sharing this meeting with the public. we will start with the roll call. (roll call). >> we have the first order of business public comment. this is for any public comment for items not listed on the agenda. seeing none,


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