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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  September 25, 2019 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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allows for collaborative management while ultimately maintaining port control. while the mechanics of the park and how they are managed or customized, the far park will be incidenintegrated into the manat of the parks. it will have a variety of responsibilities that will be memorialized through a concession agreement and vary from day-to-day responsibilities, such a coordination of maintenance and security crews, to programming and special events. annual responsibilities will include delivering key documents such as the operating -- the operating budget and the performance report. both of which will be subject to port approval. the park's plan identified periodic responsibilities that include housing community meets and coordinating with port staff.
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the management entity will manage the following concession opportunities, two restaurants, four retail kiosk and one rental kiosk, estimated to be 7,000 square feet in space. as you know, programming and activation is a key been provided through this park's plan. it's envisioned this plan will occur at china basin park and mission rock square. this slide shows examples of what small, medium and large events would include, such as salsa in the park, yoga in the park or children's reading programme. media events may include large concerts or seasonal activation. on pages 21-22 of your staff report, a detailed matrix outlines the number of events that can occur within the park.
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it should be noted that medium to large events cannot exceed more than 100 event days in each of the spaces. of those, 24 can be ticketed and 18 can be private additionally, the total number of paid ticketed events and private events cannot exceed the number of prepublic events in the same fiscal year. this provides the operating budget at the close-out and we project we'll have a $5 million operating budget. revenue keys for maintenance and utilities and for programming and other expenses. all revenue-generated on the parks will be subjected to the following allocation. first to budgeted operating opeg expenses and to capital repair
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reserves and to the extent the capital reserves are funded, they may be al lowe low kateed e fund. >> on the phase one budget and parks plan, i want to mention the district scale black-water treatment plan and district energy system is proposed to be run by a nonprofit entity that would run those two systems. in order to support the
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formation of that nonprofit and with support from sfpuc, we will be presenting a resolution of support for nonprofit status for this entity. this will help them to get lower cost financing to build facilities within the buildings and they would then be able to charge lower -- better rates to the utility customers, being the apartment dwellers as well as office tenants. those will be provided on september 24th. scenscenesubsequent to that, wee work on park design review anticipated for early october p. then schematic design review through advisory committees would come back to the port commission for approval in december. prior to that, we'll be working on the parks and open space agreement. the contract between the port and management entity to manage
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parks. we anticipate coming back for that item in october. and that is the end of the presentation. so looking forward to public comments and all of use comments. >> thank you. >> we have one public comment. bruce edgett? >> good afternoon, executive director for berks s, president brandon, commissioners. my name is bruce agette and i'm speaking in support of the mission rock development. for identification purposes, i'm a native, a ten-year resident of mission bay and a rep on the south neighborhood association. over the past seven years, i have worked to be involved in the planning process for the mission rock development. together, we provided input on this project which helped to shape the project we see today.
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it strikes a delicate balance on the amount of parks, desperately needed housing, neighborhoods serving retail and office space. this brought together an amazing and diverse group of experts to fine the optimal mix of land services -- mixed land uses providing neglect to ensure success and delivery of her project. as important the elements of this project, the developers are key. the san francisco giant's organization will enfir inspire. the open space is a perfect example. we provided input to the components of the open space and to ensure was included in the first space of the development. the giants listened and found a way to make it happen. just a few months ago, we were invited to provide additional input mission bay is a developing community. housing is being built but as we know, it's the activated open space, retail, services,
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activities and restaurants which create community. we see this with stage coach greens, miniature golf and a wakwalk along area on fourth street. it is crowded and at capacity. when mission bay and mission rock are built out, we will have 8,000 residences. the 6.5 acres of open space provided in mission rock will fill a need, helping to create and enhance a development a vibrant community. we see this throughout the city and this is what is needed here. movie night nights, marketing ay other activities. with this said, we have a parking lot and community desert on the waterfront. please provide the necessary approvals allowing the mission rock development to move forward. >> any other public comment on this item?
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>> i'm director of the contract division. first of all, i want to thank the commission and staff for their continued and strong support of the lbe community and participation. i, too, like many here have been working with the giants and the ports since 2008 on this programme and i want to make sure that you all know that mission rock team and in particular, phil and boris and bosco and his team have been particularly dedicated on getting all of our lbes as much as possible on to this project.
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i wanted to let you know that have shown a full commitment on trying to get more transportation, especially as we move from the planning stages to more of the actual vertical and build-out. and again, i just wanted to thank you again and we'll be working continuously with the mission rock team. thank you. >> thank you. >> are there any other public comments on this item? >> good afternoon. director forbes and president. i'm the director representing the office of economic and workforce development and i want to thank you and your support of the programme and give you a quick update. with the work we've been working with the giants and mission lock team and a lot of exciting developments, not just to help with the city-build economy that
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trains sa san francisco residen, preparing them for construction work, but we are using this opportunity to supplement what's currently going to expand our programme. as the mayor has said, we don't want to leave anyone behind, through our partnership and efforts, looking at new ways to develop more training so that way workers in and out of the programme are ready for the work happening in mission rock, not just for this development but the expansion happening -- that will be happening at the port. i want to come up and say thank you for your support and i want to acknowledge not just the support of the programme but myself, my growth and i appreciate all of the leadership that you have been providing. so thank you. >> thank you. >> any other public comment? jack, i know you won't miss this opportunity. [ laughter ]
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>> i generally subscribe to the view and you stay seated. [ laughter ] >> bull i will say this has beea 13-year odyssey we've been on, surviving an economic downturn. we've won an election and plotted through a very complex and seemingly never-ended approval process. and now we're on the verge of finally getting started with this project. and i think it's an appropriate time to express our appreciation to our friends and partners at the port. and there are so many people, and i can't thank all of them, but i would call out you, commissioner brandon, and ann lazareth who launched this back this 2007, the leadership of director forbes and the support director and mike and
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becca and phil and all of the staff members that worked for a decade. a partnership at this complexity requires smart, dedicated people and we have this on this transaction. i think it shows in many different ways. i think it will manifest in what we build and the community that we have. at mission rock. i want to say thank you to everyone and including our neighbors. i saw bruce speak. i know alice is here and a special thought to corrin woods and she was insistent about the park in phase one and won that battle. thank you. >> any other public comments?
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seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioner? >> well, i think that i have been here not for the entire journey, but since 2011, sit hat has been a long journey and we've had many discussions as phil can attest to at the commission and its staff and with the executive directors in the past, as well as the current one. so it's taking us a lot of effort with the giants and jack and now tishman buyers. so i want to commend to everyone that it's detailed. there have been changes along the way, but we've figured out how to deal wit changes with th. we can't wait for a brand new neighborhood and to complemen ct what the changes are doing. he was able to give a clear, clairvoyant vision of why this is what the giant's proposition
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is san francisco is all about. so it's not viewed as a stand-alone real estate project but to build a neighborhood around the park and that's commendable as we look at mission bay as well as the ballpark and fills a gap and the fact we will continue in the later phases to provide the parking and whatever we need and transit interim policies of how we will handle that. so i think it's better to see the entire concept vision and not just look strictly at the project itself. obviously the affordable housing is needed and addressed in phase one and we should thank corrin on vision on the parks and we've
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had vision to say they're a part of the development in any phase of our development to have it upfront and the public benefit is there. i think we've hit all cylinders but it's taken a long time to get here and we appreciate that. my only question, rebecca, on the developer return, do you know what the number was originally before we had this increase in cost? do we have any idea what the original amount of return is and i hope the port gets its return because we've been waiting for a long time. >> thank you. and i'm hoping raven will save me with the number. the return metrics continue to be the 18% around return or 1.5 invested in phase. they're projected to get a $90 million return, based on the peak equity and when the bondses come in. do we know what the return number was?
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thank you so much. so project approvals, their return was estimated to be about $40 million. and the reason it's going up, the hue higher cost and anticipd pace of paying them back, we think they'll be outstanding as the bonds come in, from the land bonds and i think there's a third round of bonds as the buildings go up in value a couple years after their completed. >> just remind me, in the port's return will be? >> the port's return will be -- for the whole project -- will be $190 million down from $198 million. and the reason for that reduction is that the land value in phase one and projected lan value on the difference between construction costs and the value of the building has gone down and as there's less land value going into the deal, the port
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will get that land value back on the back-end and we're getting what is equal to that land value and has gone down over time. >> the fact that more residential upfront in an office building would increase that? >> the more office at this point in time, and as a part of the economic cycle, office is more valuable than residential. phase one is balanced and there's more residential than we anticipated at approval. the s building is larger than the k building, so providing about 100 units additional to what we anticipated at phase one in approvals. so more residential means less land value as well, as just the dynamic we're seeing through the appraisals of these sites, is that construction costs have gone up, that the residual land you have has gone down. >> i want to make a comment to
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what you said, this will be an actively open space and just won't be developed and the public comes and enjoys it. it's important and we're going to be looking forward to see how that set as new model to be an actively programmed space and it is going to continue to be under port jurisdiction, under this joint venture agreement. so that's also exciting to go forward. that's all my comments. >> thank you. >> commissioner gillman? to. >> thank you. as the newest member of this commission, i'm excited that i get to be here to help bring this project home. i'm excited to see this project get off the ground and moving. i want to commend the team again because in 2015, there were few developers will doing 30% affordable and the giants helped to set that bar for the stars thastandards that we have today. i'm excited to see the
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front-loaded in phase one. i just had one sort of question, comment. i just want to make sure that we put safeguards in around the use and activation of the park. i agree with the commissioner and i'm very supportive of the activation, both public events and paid events. but i want to ensure that folks moving into the residential portion don't have buyer's remorse and that we five, six, ten years from now have folks coming to us about the deactivation. i hope it will do due diligence. let the new neighbors know the existing neighborhood is supportive, just so that everyone goes in with their eyes wide open. i think it's important to have this much of the park activated with a variety of things and i'm very supportive of it. >> vice president adam. >> i have to tell you, one thing about a good presentation is how many people say, um, and not one time did you have any ums in your presentation. [ laughter ] >> it was very fluid.
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you knew what you were talking about. a lot of time people use the word um a lot. jack, you beat me to the punch talking about corrin. she was the conscious of this commission and a lightning bolt. this is so complex and all of the patience and teamwork that went into this and you've heard me say this many times, i think the giants have shown the city what a good corporate citizen can be an engage in the community and you have brought the community along with you, right? and you can feel the investment that you're putting back. i want to go back to what commission wohoo said about your commitment and it shows by what you're doing. like the affordable housing and things like that. and i know it's been going back and forth and i like it. and also the different mayors. mayors that have seen this, whether
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gavin, the late ed lee. it's a transition about people and i like the fact that the people in sanfrancisco, we never use the word i and me but use the word we and us and woke through it. and then the back and forth. i'm just moved by this project and want to see it get done right. this project, for future generations, you know,lyin' in the city, the average age is 27 years old. the younger generation and generations to come are going to benefit by to. the transformation in the city that i've seen in 16 years that i've lived here, this city has transformed. it keeps transforming. it went from, like, the flintstones to the jetsons and keeps evolving, living in the city. the culture, i think, that the gains and what you're going here is set in a different culture that other cities, i think, across the country want to talk
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about. because everybody always talks about what they have the best-looking stadium in the country. but the social, cultural things we've done and i want to say, jack, to you, because i've seen you out in a lot of things that you -- you are here a lot things other than the giants, the homeless and you know people care because a lot of times as commissioners, we see people that come and they're here about their own issue. you never see them again. i want to say thank you to your organization because it speaks to the best of what san francisco is about and i'm happy about what it is going to be, so thank you. >> thank you. >> rebecca, thank you so much for this presentation. a lot of information that you guys summarized very well.
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i am so excited about this project that i wish we could vote today. [ laughter ] i echo everything my fellow commissioners have said but today, it was worth the wait. so i am so looking forward to putting the shovel in the ground and i want to thank the giants and mission rock team for working so well with our fellow city agencies, with ron at cmd, with workforce development and really creating opportunities for everyone, not just this project. but for all of san francisco. so this is just an exciting project and we look forward to the next meeting when we're actually able to vote on this item and moving forward and get a shovel in the ground. so thank you.
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>> item 12b requests one final mitigated negative declaration and a mitigation of a programme, an adoption of finding to the quality act, public resource's code 21,000, for the mixed use development for sea lots 3.3 and 3.24 and davis street right-of-ways on the west side of the valejo street and north of broadway, two adoption findings, proposed by tck, a limited liability company for the suit providing numerous benefits to the public trust, threthree approval of a with tcd a term of 50 years with one 16-year extension. and an ons that includes 192-room low tell hotel, a dinne
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space and schematic drawings for the development. >> good evening. my name is ricky davani with the development of the port.
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today's presentation will be at a higher level that does not include the level of details which is was presented on augus. we have prepared, however, to prepare for details if you want. i will invite the representatives of mr. wallace to present a project schematic drawing for you. the day after, i will return to conclude the presentation. the request for you today is on the slide and i won't go through them completely but covers the
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sequa findings and a programme of mmr p to authorizing staff about a supervisors approval to move this project forward. next is the location of the site, the site is located at the corner of broadway and the embarcadaro. it includes hotel and entertainment and high limit of 40 feet. in terms of line use control,
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this -- this is a gateway to chinatown. by way of background, how does this project get to where we are.
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a proposal with temporary structures which was deemed not compatible with the historic district and went out, finding a development partner to help them propose a larger project, a proposal compatible with that district. it goes to the board of supervisors to seek approval of awayer froa waiver.
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this is a proposed development. as you ca can see on this side,n 015, after you proposed the dne, they came out with a proposal for $124 million with a ground-level basement. this is the slide that is before you, you can see that the area has been reduced to 127,000 square feet and a community-based basement level.
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why are we doing this project? some of the this is listed on the slide. it includes the sustainability as indicated on this slide. the key to transaction document that you would be approving is what we call the lease development and dispostion agreement. the lgda is the agreement and it is going to be for a period of one year and will list all of the conditions of what you need to complete before the port will
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allow the lease to be recorded. during the period, it will be paying us for staff time. and they will have transaction costs that have will be moving the project forward. they will use this for financing the project and then keeping more time to close escrow because, you know, the nature of the business, they may not get everything down in time. we're providefor them to close escrow. the lease will be for an initial period of 15-year and 16-year extension. it includes rent they need to pay to the correspondent. court. we covered this extensively at
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the meeting on august 13th. we went over all those details we do have the details if you want to see them. next is the key public benefits of the development. this is keeping with the policy of the city. as the space of 14,000 square feet of space which will be privately financed, not putting any money to it and operated by the developer. there'then there will be new jos well as increased revenue to the port.
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were opportunity, i will turn it over to jay and come back to wrap it up. >> president and commissioners, executive director and staff. i'm jay wallace and i'm here with annie jameson. we're happy to go through the slights, buslides, but we wantey thank you to the supporters throughout the city. it's been a great opportunity to present a really positive outcome for the city and we hope
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that it meets all of your expectation and ours. i'm thrilled to be here with annie. she started -- >> in 1998. so tell us a little bit and then we'll get into that. >> i started in 1998 and i was involved with the mayor of san francisco came to meet the mayor of seattle and calm to see the show. they had a conversation about hey, if it closes in seattle, it should come down to san francisco. that is what happened and started a great partnership between the two city. i'm pleased we're able to continue that tradition and move forward. thank you. >> in termsch the desigs of thee project, they're still not able to be with us today. but you have heard from him in the past. the project hasn't changed one bit since you heard from us four
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years ago. a site plan, we find the interior of the building, but the park is the same. the location and size of the theatre is the same, 40-foot height limit is the same and red brick along the exterior, the glass gazebo for the tent, the park in the back and we have been a project that has been moving through the process. we're now here at what we hope to be the lease approval, so we can move on to the board of supervisors and happy to answer questions, but again, the project has been stable since virtually day one. the only thing that did change is the elimination of 16-foot basement deemed to be unnecessary. so happy to answer any questions. so move on, if you like. >> thank you.
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>> very quickly, i'll get to the rest of the drawings. the rendering of the park. a few from valejo street to embarcadaro and there is what the building looks like whenned completed. the next steps is requesting the approval of the items before you. we're projecting approval in september or october and we hope to able to process this by october of next year if everything goes accordingly.
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that concludings our staff presentation. >> i make a motion. >> second. >> we have public comment, linda? >> good afternoon. , president brandon, honourable commissioners and always esteemed the board director elaine forbes. thank you for having me here. i'm here wearing three hats for disclosure, one as a san francisco and secondly, as someone that has extensive background, land use development and third hat i'm wearing for the last two and a half years, i have joined 34 other people in
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sanfrancisco advising this commission that your staff, trying to put together a wonderful land-use master plan that will guide this agency for the next 30, 40, 50 years and beyond. s i waive this project with the overall objections and equity and sustainability. the activities are increasing there and it's what we spoke about a lot. this is a public, private venture which is one of the things we note that you all would be embarking on as in the san francisco giants.
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it's the only way to begin to implement all of those wonderful projects on the pipeline. so this project meets that. let's talk about open space. yes, you have a lot in there as the port manager director said before. and so, you have all of the elements of the economic development and the seawall, the development of the seawall is really the core, one of the core functions. this really makes you all the enterprise agency that you are striving to become more and more. so all of this project is in line with the mission and objective of off all. i can also add that you have value added in terms of job creation. one of the signature elements this is the detail.
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i really want to commend the port staff and the project sponsor for everything you've done. this is a tremendous benefit to our neighborhood with the open space, a hotel that i will say beyond the construction trades with labor and i want to commend the developers for that, as well
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the only question i have, i'm curious if there's any way to close the road sooner and start construction before october of 2020? >> i can let jay answer this question but from my professional experience, there is no drawing as to go to the city dbu approval process. oui quo would like to see that,k
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you. >> we'll make a photo of that, >> commission?at. >> we have reviewed this project with a fine tooth comb as ricky knows. away asked questions and i think we're excited, number one, to see tiattro come back and revenue-sustains source and it's exciting to have a hotel on the waterfront. i think that's a major new development for us and that it is actually supported by everybody in the community, as well was the port and the city. so i think that's a major break-through. i wanted to follow up on the question that commissioner gillman asked on the timeline.
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how long is the construction period and when would we see the project completed and lease in operation? >> the construction period is projected to be roughly a year and a half to two years, depending on what our conditions are. but that is currently the time frame. >> by end of 2022, hopefully. >> yes. >> hopefully we can see it sooner. as someone involved with the cultural organizations in the city, i think it's really sorely needed to have another cultural activity here and i think we would be supported to see that and not only for the city but the visitors to the waterfront. that's a great benefit to have. it.
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>> will this building be tied to some of the things they could provide as a public benefit which would act as a marketing for the site, as well? if people see that, maybe i should see the show and maybe that's a future sort of information session for us. but it would be nice to see how we would use the park and how it would be activated, who would manage the activation and if you could give us details. to get to where we are today, it's a huge effort and this is an add-on to the future to understand. >> vice president adam?
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>> what and introduction and it's good to see an icon coming back, the support, and thank you for being in the house and all of the the jobs it will provide. jay, i don't know what kind of presentation you may and started on page one and went to page 10, it was quick. but i want to say thank you for your patience and being very, very consistent. i look forward to voting on this and supporting this. i tell you something, this is going to add to the beauty of our san francisco waterfront booing dowingbeing down there we terminal. i don't think there's a better waterfront in the world better than what we have in san francisco and it's getting better. i want to say thank you for your
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vision and pass it on to everybody. the port staff, once again, ricky, thanks for all of your hard work. you knocked this one out of the park. and so thank you very much. >> thank you. >> ricky, rebecca and mike, thank you for your patience and perserverance and thank you for walking us through this project with a fine toothcomb and making sure we understood exactly what we were getting. i think because you did that, we are so excited to have this project come to fruition. we're going to get a hotel first on the waterfront. that the port owns.
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we are looking forward to this project. aye. resolution 1936 has been approved. >> congratulations a. >> requesting authorization to ward contract to the harbour service's incorporated, rc environment and the silverado contractors and related professional services. each contract in an amount not to of course seed $300,000.
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>> if this contract will off approved, there will be zero waste by 2020 and environmental
1:52 am
practices and port operations and by ensuring this results in advancements, environmental quality of life for san francisco residents and visitors. the scope for this contract is not fully defined in advance but will certainly as master agreements through which port staff will issue orders on a project by project basis. port staff have already identified areas and projects that this contract can be used for. this is such as recovery, containment and materials. following wiring used the
1:53 am
majority of the work that this contract will be used for is hazardous waste disposal services. because the service is highly specialized and because there is a low availability of people that can do this work, cmd, the subcontractor requirement goes for 5% of the contract. commissioners, on september 11, 2018, you authorized qualifications or rsq to provide these services to the port. on february 26th of this year, we issued the rsq with a due date of april 5th. on that due date, we received
1:54 am
three responses. in a bit to try to increase the interest by suspicion in rsq, we in agreement with cmd decided to reject the three proposals and to reissue the rsq. with had interest in the rsq. notably, we performed in the bay area counties to provide these kind of services. we emailed from various periods and even before the rsq was reissued. we held a pre-proposal conference attended by representatived from over ten firms and we also asked staff
1:55 am
that have been contracted to promote the rsq at any of the events. on the due date of july 12th, we received four proposals for 18 unique firms and all were deemed responsive. this next slide deals with a selection process for this contract. the rsq allowed for the award of up to four contracts. it met all licenses and requirements and we in consultation an agreement with cmd decided to recommend contract awards all for proposals. on july 30th, we issue issued a notice of intent and did not receive any project.
1:56 am
the next two slides provide information about conferences. some of the firms are happy and happy to answer any questions you may have. although the requirements for this contract is 5%, each of the four firms have committed to self-contract nearly 7% of the work to lbds. in fact, 60% of the subcontractings in the teams, on the firms are lbds.
1:57 am
nrc environmental specializes in marine services for emergency services, including the contamination, salvage, removal and disposal vessels and barges.
1:58 am
this was involve in the demolition of removing the bay bridge and their specialization is the demolition services and salvage. commissioners if you want this contract today, we will work to issue the notices to proceed by october 0th. 10th.
1:59 am
also, there's a port contract demonstrators and that concludes my demonstration and i appreciate your time. >> so moved. >> second. >> is there any public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. thank you, that was a very thorough report and appreciate the details you've provided in terms of the outreach which would have been one of the topics of discussion on the lbe side and i can imagine this is a very specialized and so if we feel that hopefullyby giving these firms an opportunity to see increased opportunities for lbes in the future, i'm supportive of this and i think i presume you all have your home
2:00 am
to choose the right firms in each of your areas of specialty. thank you. commissioner gillman. >> no questions. >> i'm supportive and i'm glad to see there are new firms that got chosen, instead of the same ones, new people that got an opportunity and we want to provide more opportunity to support other people just in the same old group of people. so thank you. >> i think we're all very supportive of this. so all in favour? >> aye. >> resolution 1930 has been approved. >> item 14a, a presentation is addressed and waterfront review process and solicitation of public comment


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