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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  November 18, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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to us as well. we heard about cleanpowersf and learned they had commercial rates and signed up for that. it was super easy to sign up. our bookkeeper signed up online, it was like 15 minutes. nothing has changed, except now we have cleaner energy. it's an easy way to align your environmental proclivities and goals around climate change and it's so easy that it's hard to not want to do it, and it doesn't really add anything to the bill.
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>> may i ask the audience to come to order and please have a seat? >> good morning everyone. the meeting will come to order. welcome to the november 18, 2019 meeting of the rules committee. seated to my right is walton, and to my left, mar. our clerk is victor young. i would like to thank sfgovtv for taping this meeting. [reading notes] can you please call item number one. >> hearing to consider term ending february 1, 20202 the parks and recreation and open
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space advisory committee. >> come on up. good morning. did you want to share any remarks with us? [laughter] >> thank you very much. morning. thank you, supervisors, for hearing this agenda item. my name is james, i'm a resident of district five and a volunteer leader with friends of the urban forest. i'm here today seeking this appointment to the park recreation and open advisory committee. i work in environmental policy why research environmental regulations and i provide program support to babbitt -- private clients. in order to support the advisory committee, particularly interested and to apply my expertise in order to advance
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biodiversity and resiliency efforts, bike and pedestrian safety. more generally to review and commenting on the san francisco rec & park strategic capital and operation plans. as a volunteer leader with friends of the urban forest. i am meeting on engaging with san franciscans. helping in the plant trees in our neighborhood. professionally i am about public hearings. if appointed, i will apply this expertise in communications and stakeholder engagement to serve as representative of the advisory committee to my district and the community at large. lastly, i am happy to take any questions from the rules committee getting my qualifications. thank you so much. >> thank you so much. we appreciate your willingness to serve. any questions? i don't think we have any questions. thank you so much. i will now open up this item to public comment. if you wish to speak, and's your time.
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seeing none. public comment is closed. is there a motion? >> i move -- . >> supervisor mar: i recommend appointment of james falino to the rec & park open space advisory committee, seat number 19. . >> supervisor ronen: without objection that motion passes. can you please read item number two? >> a hearing consider appointing one member to them ending march 1, 20202 the commission on aging advisory council. . >> supervisor walton: i don't see ms. leslie smith in the room i now. oh, she just walked in. >> perfect. [laughter]
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. >> supervisor ronen: good morning. how are you? >> i am fine. please excuse my tardiness. hello supervisor walton, thank you so much for inviting me. supervisor mar, my name is diane smith. i am appearing before you today because i am one of the few left to live long enough in san francisco, having grown up in hunters point housing projects. my mother views education as a bootstrap to hold our family at their education. i am now a senior citizen, 67 years old. i've seen so many things happened. i stand here by god's grace as a homeowner, have a wonderful home, that is just increasing in value. the things that i have been able to accomplish, this is what i want for other people and it's just something that can be done.
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the train has left the station but it is still making stops. from my generation, there is nothing available, the people that are my age, so they didn't plan. whatever it was, people are where they are now. my generation is in trouble. i like what i see with the agent commission. i just want to help shorten it up. there is nothing new that we need to do. we just need to do what is already there. we need actions and to the plan. we need resources. i thank you so much for this opportunity. my track record is very long. i've always been an advocate for society, because my mother taught me i had a responsibility supervisor walton, that is live i was so active when i was your age, you know? it just never stopped for me. and then i see people that i know, they don't have a place to live. they can get a job. we need partnership with these tech companies for older peopl
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people -- there are certain things we can do very well. with or without education. i'm asking, i am planting the seed that we create some partnerships with viable senio seniors, we are mindful of the transportation accessibility. by god's grace, i started exercising. if i were to beg my foot, how my going to get around? i see it is getting very difficult for poor people. blessed. finally, there's something called the certificate of preference. i would like to see an amendment with the senior citizen agenda. seniors of 65, but with what has happened in our district and the things that you fought for, the contamination, the lack of opportunities and the drug addiction and various impedance.
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things that have impeded our progress. we got caught up. the fact remains we are dealing with the results of this and we need to do something about it. we have the resources. a lot of these people, you know i'm old enough to be a grandmother. people are old enough to be your parents. if you live long enough, right, you will be here. we can do something about the quality of life. i love san francisco. they let -- the fact that we are growing and breathing. let's not forget about the elders. and the disabled. do you have any questions for me? you know i can go on. [laughter] . >> supervisor ronen: really appreciate your presentation. . >> supervisor walton: as you can see, ms. smith is very passionate and dedicated to making sure that their lives are improved not only for seniors, but for everyone in san francisco. i am happy to have someone who is willing and ready to go to bat for our seniors and all of
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our communities. that is why i'm a denomination. thank you. >> thank you. . >> supervisor ronen: i will now open this site for public comment. does anybody want to speak on your appointment they can come forward and now is the time. i don't see any public comments. i will close public comment. supervisor walton, would you like to do the honors? . >> supervisor walton: i would like to move this forward with a positive recommendation to the full board. . >> supervisor ronen: without objection that motion passes. congratulations. thank you so much for saving. [applause] -- serving. president trump's. that rarely happens by the way, he made quite an impression. supervisor walton knows how to pick them. that's all i have to say. thank you so much. can you read item number three? >> and motion or rejecting the mayor's nomination of the appointment of susan dimon to the planning commission for a
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four-year term ending june 30, 2020. . >> supervisor ronen: hello. we talked on the phone, but i do not see him person. i did not know who i was looking for. good morning. how are you? >> thank you so much for having me this morning. the las vegas at that bar really high. i am susan diamond and i'm very honored to have been honored by the planning commission. i've long been interested in city planning issues. after graduating from stanford and 79, i obtained a law degree from harvard and a masters degree in city planning from mit. i wanted to live in san francisco so i took a job with the big san francisco law firm, practicing land-use law. representing primarily companies and seeking entitlement for the headquarters and other facilities around the bay area. in 2,003, my 100-year-old firm
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abruptly went bankrupt. it was a brutal wake-up call to me about what was important and how i wanted to devote my energy going forward. i threw myself into community life serving as a volunteer board member for the numerous organizations in our community. two that really resonated at me was jcc of san francisco for many, mercy housing california because of the work foundations that they do for community centers and four affordable housing. two incredibly important needs in our community. representatives of both are here to speak on my behalf. i also moved into academia, teaching law at stanford law school for many years. in 2,011 i decided to combine my skills and my passion for the invaluable work of our nonprofits who fill the gap in our very expensive city for low income families and for my own law firm representing exclusively nonprofits who are
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undertaking transformative real estate projects. some of those nonprofits are here to speak, too. the arc of my city planning interest over the years has covered the private sector, community work, academia and the nonprofit sector. the big missing piece for me as public sector service. that is why i would like to serve on the planning commission. over the years i have become adept at listening to a large range of views of stakeholders and experience in figuring out how to develop a consensus among various interest including importantly the public interest. this is a big job. a very big job with a great deal of responsibility because planning commission decision-making affects so many critical aspects of our future. the need for significantly more housing, especially affordable housing, and missing middle housing. the impact of the housing on various populations in our city and our need for more transit. it affects our economy, climate
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change, preparedness and the physical form of our city. it would be a true privilege to serve on the planning commission. . >> supervisor ronen: thank you so much. i have a few questions that i wanted to ask you, and i'm sure my colleagues do as well. when we had a chance to talk on the phone a couple weeks ago i had talked to you a lot about what has been happening over the years in the missions district with the rapid displacement of low and middle income latino members of the community. that same process of displacement is happening in many communities throughout san francisco, especially with communities of color. we had also talked about the trend coming from the state of this broadbrush approach to development, planning, or really to forcing upon communities, you know, one way of seeing things
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and how that, you know, comes head-to-head with the displacement efforts that we have seen in the mission district. san francisco already has significantly up zoned areas of the city that have happened as a of community driven planning processes. nevertheless we know often times developers will continue to forgo less profitable development opportunities in areas of the city that haven't undergone as much development because of popular neighborhoods like the mission district. those happen to be the neighborhoods that have been reeling from decade upon decade of gentrification and displacement. i don't have a question per se, but this, you know, but keeps me up at night i what i am
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constantly working on and struggling with as a district supervisor of the mission. i wanted to hear your thoughts about this major challenge facing our city? >> i believe that is the number one issue facing our city, and the planning commission is one of the two places, ground zero, where we see those issues and that tension. the board of supervisors being the other place of course. a few thoughts. it is important to me that we look at the entire city as a place where we should be increasing housing. particularly among the commercial corridors. displacement is a hugely important problem and would need to be thinking not only about the impact of housing proposals and those of my displays, but what additional housing -- i mean, how do we protect and
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preserve and take into account the interest of those people who might not otherwise have a place of the table are allowed lot enough voice of the table. i believe that is incumbent upon to take w viewpoint into account when considering projects that are in front of me, or policies that are being set forth for the commission to vote on. it is also important that we are increasing production of housing, and not limited to the commission -- mission district. i think the gary corridor is one of the areas of the city we should be looking at and we need to look at what it is that is preventing developers from wanting to propose projects in that vicinity. we have talked about sp-50 which is his very broadbrush approach, he paints with a broad brush, as you said in order to remove what he sees are obstacles.
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the flip side of it is is we are city of incredible neighborhoods and it's not clear that every neighborhood should be given the same broadbrush solution. i do really believe in the intent of the bill which is try to increase housing for all populations across the city. that was a lot of thought. it depends on the project that come in front of me. those are all of the issues. believing it is incumbent upon me if i were commissioner to think about those issues. >> and more specific question along the same thing. what would you do to help fight displacement of low income communities? particularly communities of color, district nine, the african-american community, west of, bayview, the filipino community, the chinese communi
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community, and chinatown. do you have any thoughts or ideas of how you might play a roll not that on the planning commission? >> of course, there are two things. it depends on the individual project that comes front of me and the need and considering those projects in the condition, whether those projects are approved at all. to make sure the needs of those communities are attended to. it's also a policy matter. i believe one of the rules of the commission is to look at the individual projects and see trends that are developing on to with the planning department to perhaps propose legislation to the board to take into account the cumulative effect of these individual decisions that are coming forward. . >> supervisor ronen: one more question and then i will hand it off to my colleagues they may have additional questions. >> supervisor, let me give you
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one more example, doug shoemaker is here, mercy housing worked on the sunnydale project, or is still working on the sunnydale one of the aspects of that project that really resonated with me is the opportunity, the redevelopment of that entire community, but the opportunity for residents who currently live there to move back in again. that strikes me as a great approach. it was a long time in the maki making. that is a really great model that i think we need to think about. . >> supervisor ronen: i will ask one more question and then handed over to supervisor mar. did you support the recent amendments to increase the jobs housing linkage fee? >> you know, that is an interesting problem. it is clear from the studies that were done, how is it that office development does have an impact on housing? those studies led into different directions. the board of supervisors ended up, if i understand correctly
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not listening to the advice of the planning department, but taking a higher fee than the planning department that was appropriate. they were concerned about the impact. you know, i think studies are a really important component of the work that we do. we need to reach out to experts. i also recognize that studies are done by economists and have one perspective they are looking at. we need to balance with the studies say what the political on the ground experience of the people who live there. i think that is what the board of supervisors did when they adopted the higher fees than what was recommended by the planning department. i do think it is important to have a long view about this and take a look at what happens when we impose those higher fees, as a stopping development, is that changing the makeup of the tenants who are in those buildings?
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this is not a one-shot deal. i do believe it is incumbent upon the department, the commission on the board to be monitoring the impacts of what it has been doing and see whether or not more changes are necessary. . >> supervisor ronen: thank you. supervisor, mar? >> . >> supervisor mar: thank you so much for your willingness to serve, it's an important roll in our city. i really appreciated the opportunity to meet with you a few weeks ago and have an initial discussion about your qualifications and for really important roll. also have been hearing comments and feedback from our wide range of stakeholders in my district about this appointment, again giving the incredibly important roll that the planning commission plays on so many challenging issues in our city right now, at this moment. i did have a few quick follow-up
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questions i didn't get a chance to talk to you about when -- i guess, the first one is around balancing commercial development and housing development in our city. i think we're all pretty well aware that there has been -- in fact, a recent report the jobs housing data reported that the commission found we created 8.5 jobs for every housing unit produced a more significantly most of the housing units that have been entitled to produced over the last decade have been market rates, and we have been failing miserably at creating the housing needed for working-class and middle-class in our city.
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in the context of the affordable housing required for the jobs created, and more specifically i don't know if you are aware of the proposed balance housing, balance development act that is proposed for the march ballot by community advocates and what is your position on that? >> having survived, i have multiple viewpoints on this, too. i believe that would be my roll as commissioner to listen to multiple viewpoints. having survived the .-dot com bust and recession i'm aware have an economy can change very quickly. i would want to be cautious about turning off more jobs. i believe attention to that part of our economy is important. the flip side of it is, the
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current situation is unsustainable. we not only, you know, are producing enough affordable housing. i know from my experience with all of the nonprofit clients whom i would represent or whose boards i serve on, the number one problem they'll face and have in common whether it is schools, community centers, the whole gamut. the number one problem is they cannot attract and retain workers because of the cost of housing. those are people who earn a little too much to be in our definition of affordable housing. but way too little to compete with tech workers. that missing middle housing i believe does need attention. we need to understand what our roll as a city in figuring out the economic leverage we can pull in order to increase the production of that kind of housing. i am aware of this, i think you are referring to the proposed
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legislation that would pays off in his housing -- -- office housing with affordable housing. i'm not even show studies have been done around that. i think it is an interesting response that bears for study -. i want to make sure that there aren't unintended consequences about it. i don't have a position about it at the moment except i understand the motivation behind it, and i think it is interesting as a solution that should be studied. . >> supervisor mar: thank you. one other question, you have a very impressive 30 year history of land-use legal work that afford you former and current clients. do you intend to recuse yourself when former clients have matters before the planning commission?
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if so, have you prepared a list of former clients and how many former and current clients on the list? do you feel like it is fair for the rules committee to move your nomination forward
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sue diamond seems very well qualified to represent clients before the planning commission. i don't think she has the type of perspective that the city is a in desperate need of at the moment. we don't need legal counsel. the planning apartment has lawyers.
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the planning commission has access to lawyers. but we desperately need is people who really understand the major crisis being faced by low and middle income families, and individuals right now in our city. i think she mentioned she supported sb-50. that was what i heard. i think that is something that i will board of supervisors passed a resolution in unanimous opposition to realizing it was a wolf in sheets and clothing. that took a lot of control i believe she's a woman of integrity that has done a lot of great work in her career. i don't think that is the perspective it that we need to in the planning commission right now. i would strongly support doing a broader search and finding someone who brings the perspective of the crisis we are facing. thank you.
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>> supervisors, doctor shoemak shoemaker. i have the same privilege of knowing sue diamond. she served as a board member farmers mercy housing. i can say he'll before you, and i think i have met and talked with all of you over the years. i don't think you will find a better prepared planning commissioner. i think she might be the best planning commissioner generation. i have some friends in the audience here who i know are concerned and have testified, or i can't explain why folks don't know her. i don't know the history there. i think to my friends, if he sat down i met sue, you would really understand that she is bringing the perspective that you are looking for. i can look at you all, supervisors, telling if you are looking balance that passionate person who cares about affordable housing, who will listen to all sides and do a great job as a planning commissioner regardless of the client is in front of you. you will never get a better planning commissioner then sue
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diamond. i encourage my friends that a way to talk to her. she is a person of incredible integrity. she cares deeply about the issues you care about. i'll totally understand we live in a polarized political world in which people are confused and feel the need to speak out against folks that they think may not be speaking in their interest. i stand before and tell your supervisors. i know everyone of you in. she is a fantastic commissioner and she will make you proud if he support her moving forward. thank you. >> hello, supervisors. her name is david, i was born and raised in district five were. networking community development and district six in the south i am here to ask that you reject the appointment of a real estate lawyer that has primarily represented corporate interest to the planning commission. the lens that such an employee would see development through is a prophet, not equity, not community and justice.
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the inequality that exists in the city continues to grow the day, and this is a result of planning, development, and policy decisions that are made by bodies such as the planning department and the planning commission. the appointment of diamond to the commission will help ensure that the city continues to plan for gentrification and displacement. this does not promote equity or community planning. please reject this appointment. thank you. . >> supervisor ronen: thank you. next speaker, please. >> good morning, supervisors. my name is oscar. community planner, lifelong san francisco native. i call excelsior my home. you know, i don't know sue diamond personally. i have not worked with her in the past. i am sure she's a remarkable lawyer. i don't know her. my community don't know her. we are ground zero when it comes
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black and brown communities are being displaced. we are being removed from the city that we built that we groomed and we nurtured. we love. it just doesn't love us back. i think, yes, cool, let's get a balance device someone that has all sides. we are done with that. i don't think being a lawyer gives you an automatic pass. you can save on a commission. this is a shock collar position. this is a key leadership appointment. i think we need a lawyer. we need activists. we need people that are going to fight for us. they are going to listen to us. they are going to collaborate and not organize people's color, leadership and expertise. again, i don't know her track record. it sounds awesome. in our community, we don't know her. we are in a crisis. over 10,000 latinos displaced from the mission district. we are less than 3% african-american population in a
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major city. you know, thousands of filipinos are displaced in south of market. i think we need an advocate. she did not reach out to our community. we don't know her. i recommend no recommendation. thank you. >> 's hester. under the charter in the planning code needs the voice of the public on development issues that come before us. the voice of the public really needs someone who understands and is grounded in the public. i am a land-use attorney. i am not advocating that i be appointed because i certainly do not think that is appropriate. but, right now, we are in a huge crisis. populations are being forced out of the city with no housing for
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working-class people, and poor people. the planning commission is the frontline where a lot of things happen. there is also other commissions, because the redevelopment agency was abolished. everything goes to the planning commission. then it comes to the board of summit -- supervisors. the planning commission needs to work through issues with the public. sitting at a desk up there, is not the right perspective). up until now, the planning commissioners have had a history before they came onto the commission of understanding and working with the public. two of them were current commissioners, one was on the board of permit appeals, one was on the board of appeals and others had experience working with the community in area
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planners. we need people that have really talked to people, and understand in their heart what is the current crisis that comes before the planning commission, and that comes before the board of supervisors. i ask you to think seriously if this is the right candidate? i have questions that it it is not right. dinky. -- thank you. >> good morning, supervisors. i share the concerns that have been mentioned before. sue diamond has excellent credentials for other positions, but not for this one. when somebody can say here that she is concerned about the missing middle. well, we are concerned about the working class, to come and the
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communities of color. seventy that sounds like they're going to advocate for affordable housing for the ami of 140% is not what we need. we need 70 who understands the people that work, and make the city run and i keep exporting our working class and communities of color. i am very upset about the direction of the planning commission has taken, that has basically been a rubberstamping group. we don't need somebody that might add to that. we need to have a bold leader in the planning director position. we need to protect who is going to be selecting that person. the planning roll has got to be working with the community, and not letting developers have a free reign. thank you. [please stand by]
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i actually couldn't pick sue diamond out from the audience. i've been working on community planning and development issues for the last 15 years and she's been at the forefront for forwarding one of the complex development projects, the jewish home for the agents, a market rate development project that does provide sorely needed assisted living facilities. so why is it that we haven't met her? i think that's an important theme today. arguably the most important theme impacting the city and the
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planning commission is issues of equity. ms. diamond has no clear track record bouncing these multiple goals. they haven't had one around equity and stabilizing vulnerable communities and developing authentic dialog with those most impacted by development decisions. now more than ever we need an equity champion on the planning commission and we ask you not to recommend ms. diamond, thank you. >> good morning supervisors, my name is nina. this item greatly effects the item i will be speaking about, which is cannabis social equity. from the testimony of a lot of the community organizers in this room, if this planning commissioner is not operating from a


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