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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  August 3, 2015 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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beautiful shot up good morning, america. breaking overnight, deadly storm storms tear through the a huge tent ripped from the ground outside chicago killing at least one, injuring more than a dozen. a popular music festival evacuated. thousands taking cover. people race from the beach. >> oh, my god. oh, my god. >> six tornadoes reported and severe storms moving east this morning. new charge morning, church bombing mystery. two brohmed and the governor calling out the cowardly act. take a look at this. a drag racer in a horrific accident. his car tumbles through the air, somersaults at least half a dozen times. is this reality star pushing it
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too far for tv? big game lack lash. a second american doctor accused of illegally killing a lion using a bow and arrow in a restricted as calls to ban it grow. the american hunters coming to the defense this morning of a sport they love. and good morning, america. boy, what a rough weekend for millions of americans. we'll take a live look. just outside chicago this morning, the aftermath interest those powerful storms overnight. you see that building right there. also take a look at this. a large tree right in the middle of a city street completely uprooted right there. >> wow. so many wildfires burning right now out west. more than 20 in california, more than 12,000 people forced from their homes and they don't know when they'll be able to go back. >> more on that just ahead. but we do begin in chicago, site of that deadly tent collapse. gio benitez is on the scene
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right now. good morning, gio. >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you. look at this mess behind me. crews are trying to clean this up right now. these storms moving in hard and fast killing a father of two. >> reporter: overnight extreme weather creating havoc throughout illinois, garages completely torn down and streets destroyed. and at this superben chicago music festival a horrifying scene. high wind and heavy hail uprooting a tent collapsing over >> chaos. a man had got struck by one of the large poles. these must be 30, 40 feet tall it. >> reporter: ambulances and medics rushing to the scene. 15 people taken to the hospital. killed. >> this is horrible. it started hailing and then started pouring and then before you knew it the pole went up and over. >> nearby another devastating collapse. a sports dome that once looked
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like this completely destroyed. nearby, this remarkable scene, thousands of concertgoers from another chicago music festival lollapalooza evacuated and taken to the streets after severe thunderstorm warnings. >> look at the size of that he things. >> golf ball sized hail pelting lake michigan. beachgoers fleeing the shore as the storm rolls in. >> oh, my god. >> we got to get inside. >> reporter: in iowa, a damaging tornado hitting hard. people frantic i searching for safety. >> oh, man. let's get into the bathroom here. >> reporter: an incredible view of the tornado destroying the ground below. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: and back here live just outside chicago, a tiny bit of good news. luckily this all happened during the band's sound check which means there were less people here at this summer festival potentially saving lives, amy. >> thanks for that. from those severe storms to the wildfires in the west fueled by
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dry windy conditions nearly two dozen large fires burning in california alone right now destroying dozens of homes and forcing thousands to flee. abc's clayton sandell is on the front lines in lake county, california, with the very latest. good morning, clayton. >> reporter: and good morning, amy. you can see the flames here have been creeping along overnight. even more people now have been told they need to evacuate. this fire has already destroyed 24 homes and this morning, the flames are threatening thousands more. this morning, the rocky fire near sacramento burning out of control and spreading fast. since friday, tripling in size. the blaze charring more than 90 square miles of steep rocky terrain, almost double the area of san francisco. nearly 3,000 firefighters working 24-hour shifts trying to stop it but so far the fire only 5% contained. >> yesterday we burned off 20,000 acres in five hours. >> reporter: now the military is
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lending more planes to the air attack joining two dozen helicopters and air tankers like the giant dc-10. right there is a dc-10. he's coming in. he's going to drop fire retardant. this plane can carry 12,000 gallons of fire retardant at once. there it goes. more than 12,000 people till cannot go home. this man has been evacuated since wednesday. >> thank you to all of the fireplace -- the fire people that are out there. >> reporter: the rocky fire is just 1 of 21 major fires in california. many areas haven't burned in decades. trees and shrubs are parched by four years of extreme drought helping supercharge the flames. plus, lightning. thousands of strikes sparking hundreds of smaller fires. and this morning in california there are nearly 10,000 firefighters on the front lines. but what they're really hoping for is a change in the weather for those winds to die down and
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maybe some cooler temperatures. ginger. >> clayton, the cooler temperatures will get. seattle had their hottest month ever on record for july and now coming on down. the winds not going to be so great so as it comes through you see those red flag warnings from idaho to northern california up through oregon and washington state, lightning will spark right along that cold front and out flow boundaries could see gusts 26 to 40 miles per hour. that's why we have red flag warnings. more 220 severe storm records including that hail in hayward, wisconsin. today that same cold front that caused all the damage moves to the southeast. the cape as we call it, the convective available potential energy highest in the ohio river evening. george. >> thank you, ginger. white house. vice president joe biden considering a challenge to hillary clinton. his third run for the white house as clinton launches the first tv ads of her campaign. abc's jon karl tracking all the
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latest. good morning, jon. george. it is starting to look like we might just have a real race on the democratic side. with bernie sanders already giving hillary clinton a stronger than expected challenge there are indications that joe biden might get into the race, as well. when obamacare passed in 2010, the vice president voiced his approval in a way only joe biden can. >> this is a big [ bleep ] deal. >> now biden is at the center of what might be the next big deal in democratic politics, potentially taking on hillary clinton for the white house. abc news has confirmed a "new york times" report that biden's chief of staff has been quietly talking to supporters in democratic donors about the possibility of the vice president jumping into the 2016 race. while biden is not authorized any specific moves, his advisers say he is seriously considering a run. and biden told george earlier this year there was always a chance he'd get into the race. >> yes. there's a chance.
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i don't think you have to make >> reporter: since then he faced the tragic loss of his son to brain cancer in may. maureen dowd reported this weekend that before his death, beau had a mission, he tried to make his father promise to run arguing that the white house clintons. while the latest polls show hillary clinton still has a commanding lead, there could be an opening for biden. he leads clinton in one critical category, 58% of americans view him as honest and trust worthy. compared to only 37% who say the same of clinton. >> when i think about why i'm doing this, i about my mother. >> reporter: in an apparent bid to soften her image hillary clinton released her first campaign ads both featuring her mother. those ads will start running tomorrow in iowa and new hampshire. part of a $2 million advertising blitz by the clinton campaign between now and labor day in those two critical first primary state, george. >> so, jon, president obama
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right behind you in the white house right now. his former vice president considering a run against -- his vice president considering a run against his former secretary of state. that would put him in a tight spot. >> reporter: it sure would. president obama has already basically been treating hillary clinton as an heir apparent. if biden gets in he won't be able to do that. he will have to stay above the fray in this. that is his loyal vice president. way above the fray. >> no question about that, okay, jon karl, thanks very much. >> all right, george. from the race to the white house to the race to find out who is behind those mysterious bombings at two new mexico churches, the back-to-back blasts rockiking the nearby churches during sunday services. the fbi now investigating and abc's tom llamas is here with more. good morning, tom. >> reporter: good morning. police say the explosive devices were intended to harm people and now the governor of new mexico calling whoever set off the bombs a coward vowing to come after them. >> can you contact the bomb squad? >> reporter: this morning, the fbi and other federal agencies
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trying to track down who bombed two churches on sunday in new mexico. one bomb going off in the middle of a catholic mass during communion. >> only a coward would place an explosive device in a place of peace and a place of worship. >> reporter: the first bomb going off at 8:20 a.m. inside a mailbox near the entrance to the calvary baptist church in las cruces. eyewitnesses say the explosion shook the building. >> the impact was so strong it not only shook the ground and the church like you see the immediate impression of an earthquake. >> reporter: then less than four miles away, around 20 minutes later at 8:40 a.m. another blast, this time at holy cross catholic church. >> this large back went off and i could see the papers floating down inside. >> reporter: monsignor john anderson about to start passing
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out communion not sure what to do. police evacuating both churches, bomb-sniffing dogs brought in, luckily no one injured. investigators are not sure what type of explosives were used but assume that the two bombings are related. but the bigger mystery, why? and right now police are advising people to be on the lookout for anything suspicious at any other churches in that area but to make sure they personally don't inspect anything to call 911 if they see any type of device, guy, just so scary on a sunday and in one case in the middle of mass. >> horrible. all right, tom, thank you. there is a manhunt right now for a cop killer in memphis. police searching for this man, he is armed and dangerous, wanted for gunning down an officer investigating an illegally parked car. abc's reena ninan here with the story. good morning, shgs, reena. >> reporter: that man was on supervised release serving a federal sentence for robbing a bank. the memphis police department has now vowed they will pursue the suspect exhausting all means until he is in police custody.
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this morning a massive manhunt under way for this man accused of killing a memphis police officer in cold blood. >> when you look at this coward. >> call an ambulance. >> ambulance is already en route. >> i need an ambulance now. >> reporter: after tremaine wilbourn allegedly gunned down officer sean bolton during what officials say was a routine traffic stop turned deadly. >> it was a traffic stop and he was armed. >> reporter: passerby finding the officer bleeding on the ground, bolton rushed to the hospital in critical condition dying later that night. wilbourn and the vehicle's driver reportedly fleeing the scene. the driver taken into custody sunday but released without charges. wilbourn still on the run this morning. >> a warrant for first degree murder has been issued for his arrest. >> reporter: the war veteran's death sending ripples through the community, the memphis mayor calling attention to the dangers officers face on duty. >> they're dealing with folks
7:13 am
who have no rules of engagement. >> reporter: and bolton's sister issuing a statement sunday saying, my brother's life was just beginning. only for it to end in a tragedy. police now offering a $10,000 reward for any information that will help bring wilbourn described as armed and dangerous to justice. this is the third time a memphis police officer has been killed in the past four years according to officials and as for the alleged shooter he now faces first degree murder charges, amy. >> all right, reena, thanks for that. now to another close encounter at the airport involving a drone. a pilot reporting one within about 100 feet as it landed at jfk in new york last night. this comes on the heels of a new report warning about drones being used in terror attacks on u.s. soil. abc's jim avila has the story. >> say again. >> that drone was on the edge of the runway. >> reporter: another drone close call overnight. a shuttle america flight from richmond, virginia, landing at new york's jfk comes close enough to alarm the pilot.
7:14 am
>> altitude? >> 30 feet. >> reporter: it's against the law to fly a drone over an airport yet it happened twice on friday. first a jetblue flight from haiti, the pilot says it was within 100 feet of the cockpit. >> it just popped underneath our nose. >> reporter: same day a delta pilot startled by what he saw. >> what altitude would you say that was? >> i would say probably about a hundred feet below us. >> reporter: now the department of homeland security alerting law enforcement that there have been 500 drone incidents since 2012 and in an intelligence assessment saying drones can become a terrorist weapon. quote, while many of these encounters are not malicious in nature, they underscore potential security vulnerabilities that could be used by adversaries to leverage drones as part of an attack. already here at home a connecticut college student and his dad rigged a drone with a handgun calling it the flying gun.
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for "good morning america," jim avila, abc news, washington. all right, our thanks to jim for that. now dan has the morning's other top stories beginning with the search for that missing malaysian airliner. >> indeed. good morning. officials in malaysia have confirmed the wing flap that washed ashore on a french island off the coast of africa is from a boeing 777, but the wreckage will be analyzed in france this week for a conclusive link to missing flight 370. experts from malaysia, france, the u.s., china and boeing are all taking part in the process. searchers are still scouring the coast of reunion island but none of the debris found so far is from that missing plane. breaking overnight, president obama has authorized american air strikes in syria if the u.s.-backed rebels there come under attack, there has already been one such mission. a u.s. official says a confrontation with the syrian government is unlikely. new video just coming in now showing a dramatic crash at an air show in russia. an attack helicopter doing air
7:16 am
row battics suddenly falling out of the sky killing the pilot, amazingly, the co-pilot will be okay. here at home, another emergency, a u.s. coast guard helicopter in trouble made an emergency landing on the nearest flat clearing which happened to be a golf course on new york's staten island. nobody there got hurt. today president obama will unveil a sweeping and controversial plan to fight climate change. it would slash carben emissions from power plants and could mean the shutdown of hundreds of coal fired electric plants. opponents in the energy industry say they will sue. a scare on a beach in south carolina. a seven-foot alligator decided to do a little sunbathing there, animal control moved in quickly, however, they caught the alligator before anybody got hurt. it was moved to a more suitable location, whatever that means, i else. a wild scene at sunday's brad keselowski plowing into three of his own crew members on pit road. one guy lost control of a
7:17 am
carjack that went flying through the air. keselowski took the blame for this and he claimed that without this accident he would have won the race, instead he finished second. meantime, american pharoah continues his winning streak winning his first race since his triumph at the triple crown. american pharoah's owner is not saying when the horse will run again. and finally, a display of truly uncommon valor. a police officer in rochester, michigan, happens upon a baby skunk whose head is stuck in a yogurt container. the officer puts on rubber gloves and approaches gingerly and, boom, you see it right there, grabs the container and scrambles away. >> run for your life. >> let's look at it again in slo-mo. grace under pressure. there is now a movement on facebook to nominate this officer for dancing with the stars. >> absolutely. >> absolutely. >> did he get sprayed?
7:18 am
>> he did not get sprayed although the animal is backing up like it wants to spray, it doesn't do it, though. >> everybody, works out for everyone. >> all around? thank you, dan. going back to ginger. look at what happened in florida. >> ridiculous last week and a half or so in tampa.
7:19 am
waking up in the bend of a perfect capture of cloud-to-cloud lightning over a rainbow. that was taken by bob and gene miller. in west michigan. >> all right. thanks for that, ginger. all right, so much ahead this morning, worldwide out jake growing over cecil the lion's death and big game hunting in general. now, a second american accused
7:20 am
of illegally killing a lion. we will hear from the hunters coming to the defense of the sport they love this morning. and that world famous surfer who fought off the shark on live tv goes back in the water. wait till you see what happens next. >> there it is. straight out. i just saw it. directly straight out. >> mick fanning talks only to us right ahead. a-b-c, it's easy as 1-2-3 as simple as do-re-mi, a-b-c a-b-c, it's easy, it's like counting up to 3 sing a simple melody that's how easy love can be 1-2-3, baby you and me it's easy to get it all at target. get up girl, show me what you can do. it's just a summer thing double it up this summer... with a hot deal from mcdonald's. the two-fifty double combo. a mouthwatering double cheeseburger... and small fries for just two-fifty.
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caress presents the world's first body wash with fragrance release pearls. touch your skin to release fragrance up to 12 hours. new caress love forever. good morning. monday, august 3rd. developing at this hour, a new jersey police officer is among several people recovering after a chain reaction crash. it started with one out-of- control driver. the driver of a red minivan was speeding on ocean avenue when he lost control crashing into
7:25 am
the back of a gray car. that car in turn crashed on to the sidewalk hitting several people including the jersey city officer. eyewitnesses say the first driver tried to run from the scene but was stopped. no word on president pent test -- extent of the injuries. >> police want your help in finding this man. they say he snatched a bag filled with $20,000 from an s.u.v. in the bronx last month. police say the victim left the car unlocked in front of a bodega at webster and east 178th in mount hope. the suspect took off in a minivan. police think the getaway vehicle was a honda odyssey. a few hours from now, bobbi kristina brown will be laid to rest, the same cemetery where her mother is laid to rest. a family rift boiled over during a memorial service in georgia.
7:26 am
[explosion of fireworks] [crowd cheering] [sounds of tennis rackets hitting tennis balls] [crowd cheering] [tennis racket swing hits tennis ball] [crowd cheering] [player yelling] [tennis racket swings hit tennis balls] [crowd cheering] a day of destiny.
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we check the commute with heather. >> we will head to the subway status and talk about what is happening with the a trains. looks like we have some downtown service only, local only hoyte into broadway junction. the bruckner northbound near the sheraton is a disabled vehicle. on to newark light-rail bypassing the atlantic station, signal problems. new jersey transit is on or close. bridge work in bridgeport. 30 minutes inbound from the tolls. lincoln 30. holland tunnel is 15 to 20 minutes. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect today. ken, back to you. >> thank you. meteorologist bill evans with the accuweather forecast. >> today we are looking at temperatures starting out around 75 degrees. we have a -- degrees. we have a lot of sunshine. 70 belmar. 67 wrightstown.
7:28 am
a front to the west that might bring a shower later on tonight. we are looking at 86 to 90 degrees this afternoon and tomorrow even though there might be a pop-up shower tonight. 87 wednesday. typical dog days of summer weather. not so much by the end of the week. 76 with rain by friday. sunshine returning for the weekend. have a great day, stay cool and dry. >> that's the news for now. how one family learned to increase the value of their house by $15,000. gma continue get this. i was at my shop tied up with a customer when i realized the time. i had to get to the bank before it closed, so i made a break for it. when i got out it was almost closing time. traffic was bad.
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good morning, america. right now, they are cleaning up in the midwest after those deadly storms tore through the area. one person killed when a large tent collapsed. the severe weather is moving east this morning. >> also this morning, vice president joe biden is considering entering the race for president as 14 of the 17 republican hopefuls take questions in new hampshire this evening, donald trump will not be among them. bobbi kristina brown laid to rest next to her mother this afternoon in a private ceremony in new jersey. police still investigating the circumstances around the 22-year-old's death. good morning, america. we have a lot to get to this morning including that interview with mick fanning, the surfer famously encountering a shark on live television. well now he is opening up to george about his latest close call only on "gma." >> he's smiling there but this was really something. that's coming up.
7:31 am
right now the latest on the killing of cecil the lion by that minnesota dentist. take a look. look at cecil's image projected on the empire state building as the calls to ban it grow and another american accused of illegally killing a lion. cecilia vega with the latest. >> reporter: as you can imagine with this second accusation comes even more outrage but now some big game hunters are stepping up and coming to its defense. this morning, another american doctor caught in the crosshairs of an international poaching firestorm. >> i'm the director of gynecologic oncology here at allegheny general hospital. >> reporter: jan seski. they're accusing him of killing a lion with a bow an arrow in a restricted area and arrested his guides in the april hunt. seski is an avid big game hunter "the daily mail" showing him posing next to slain animals
7:32 am
from an elephant to a hippo and an ostrich. overnight seski nowhere to be found. just like dr. walter palmer, the minnesota dentist wanted for illegally killing the country's most famous lion cecil. >> we are looking forward to his extradition. >> reporter: u.s. fish & fish & wildlife officials say palmer's representatives have voluntarily reached out to them as they conduct their own investigation into the details of cecil's death. zimbabwe has now suspended bow and arrow hunting and the hunting of lion, lep pars and elephants in an area popular with tourists but an international call for an outright ban of big game hunting is now reaching fever pitch. >> all: justice for cecil. >> reporter: tens of thousands signing a petition calling on the u.s. and europe to ban hunters from bringing home trophy kills. big game hunting is a big sport for americans. u.s. citizens booking more africanunting expeditions than
7:33 am
anyone else, one study finding that americans brought home 64% of all lion trophies. but this morning, some of those hunting enthusiasts now coming to the defense of the sport like this idaho woman posting photos of her alongside her kill on safari writing on facebook i got an amazing old giraffe. i couldn't be happier. to all haters, stay tuned. her remarks launching an avalanche of online criticism. and we just now spoke to sabrina who is still on that safari in africa telling us that, quote, hunting is and always has been a family. my hunt here in south africa is 100% legal, ethical and is the greatest tool to date used in the conservation for wildlife. that is definitely the argument that so many big game hunters are making. >> this debate is fierce right now. thanks. now to that horrific drag
7:34 am
racing crash caught onam cera the car flipping half a dozen times. behind the wheel the star of a reality show who's been criticized for promoting a dangerous type of street drag racing. abc's ryan smith has that story. >> reporter: in a matter of seconds, a routine drag race turning disastrous. watch as this race car catapults off the track, somer sauling at least six times to the horror of onlookers. the daredevil driver behind the wheel, daddy dave comestock. one of the outlaws of discovery channel's "street outlaws" reality series. >> i'm sure he'll pull out all the stops. >> reporter: this morning recovering in a texas hospital after miraculously walking away with only a serious concussion, a bruised lung and plenty of bumps and bruises. according to comestock's wife in a facebook post but he till doesn't remember anything that happened. >> we were just in shock. >> reporter: steven standing at
7:35 am
comestock's car spiraled out of control. >> it just overpowered the racetrack. it was basically halfway down the racetrack where it made impact with the guardrail. >> reporter: these accidents while rare proving just how dangerous putting pedal to the metal can be. for "good morning america," ryan smith, abc news, new york. that is one lucky guy. >> yes, indeed. let's go to dan in the social square with "the speed feed." >> hey, guy, the #thingsshorterthanarouseyfight #thingsshorterthanarouseyfight, dominating social media after the ufc star ronda rousey knocked her opponent out bethe correia in 34 seconds. the fight runs on. i'm going to try to hit some memes. the most popular shorter than a ronda fight, lebron james' hairline. followed by this one about kanye west's short-lived smile and surprising tweet from lolo jones
7:36 am
boasting she can last a minute in the octagon with rousey by running around in circles. it seems unwise to challenge rousey in any way, other memes making the list shorter than a rous fight. michael jordan's baseball career and kim kardashian's first marriage. by the way i did that all in the time it took for ronda rousey to win yet again and by the way, somebody did the math. if you add up the total time of rousey's last four fights, 2:10. >> oh, my goodness. >> so dominating. okay, dan, thanks very much. ginger, what do you got in 34 seconds? >> i think i have less, actually. i know i do.
7:37 am
hawaii and a hurricane. >> all that weather brought to you by target, the kye went green, several rounds of storms moving through northern michigan. beeven saw it on video. that is not a time lapse. that's moving that way. >> the sky went green. why would it go green? >> there are so many reasons, i don't have time to tell you. ronda rousey. >> one more thing that's shorter. >> always turned green in st. louis right before we had a tornado. i remember that. >> i'll do it on twitter. >> sounds good. >> twitter, ginger. >> ask zee. why this family is so happy. "gma" is on the money with simple and easy ways to raise the value of your home. how something as simple as paint color could add thousands to its
7:38 am
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we are back now with "gma" on the money this morning. how you can pump value into your home with a few simple changes, you can go a long way. abc's rebecca jarvis shows us how we helped one family do just that. >> reporter: for this family home sweet home isn't so sweet. >> i happen to love this house. i don't know why people aren't looking at it. >> reporter: the family eager to sell their four-bedroom mt. holly, new jersey, house to move closer to mom heather's job in philadelphia. initially listing it for $325,000, they've already dropped the price twice. but so far, not one bite. so we brought in home design expert christieian lemieux. >> reporter: step number one, make a grand entrance. studies show upping your curb appeal can boost your home's value by as much as 17%. the house was hidden behind an unsightly fence. >> think about the exterior of
7:43 am
your space, the first impression they'll get krrt christiane spending $200 on paint and primer taking that first impression from this to this. step two, think neutral. get rid of any dark or vibrant colors like this burgundy in the master bedroom. >> white paint goes such a long way where you're allow people to picture themselves in your space. >> reporter: look what happened when christiane neutralized the family kitscher. declutter and depersonalize. christiane says too many family photos and house plants make it harder for buyers to imagine themselves at home. investing just $100 in storage bins took the area around the fireplace from this to this. home. okay, so take a look. >> oh, my god. oh, my gosh. it looks so much bigger. >> reporter: and this
7:44 am
independent real estate agent agreed with a budget of $2,000 -- >> based on the before and after i think people will be spending to spend about $10,000 to $15,000, they did a good job. >> reporter: happy news for a relieved family. >> all: we did it! yay. >> they did it. another tip plant a tree. one tree on your property can boost the value of your home by as much as 2%. hedges can boost it as much as appeal. now, the family is doing an open house this weekend and our expert will be taking your questions this morning with #gmaonthemoney starting that hedge fund, amy. >> oh, yes. >> bah-dum-bum. >> that house was much improved. i love that. thank you, rebecca. the champion surfer who fought that shark on live tv now revealing another close encounter. facebook founder mark zuckerberg and his wife's emotional post that have so many responding right now. i want to smell the way champagne tastes.
7:45 am
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should be good for you. we're not saying these are the rules we should all live by. but it's a good place to start. panera. food as it should be. we are back now with mick fanning. you remember that video seeing the surfing champ fight off a shark on live tv, but that terrifying episode didn't keep him out of the water. check out what happened when he
7:49 am
went back in from australia 60 minutes. >> as unbelievable as it might seem on his very first surf since the attack, mick sees a fin and races back to shore. >> then we saw and then we just saw a tiny little fin. i swear to god. >> oh, my god. >> that's all right. oh, is that funny. in these wears it's very likable. >> there he is. straight out. i just saw it. just directly straight out. >> and mick fanning joins us now from australia. mick, thanks for joining us. i ka notcannot believe it. what were you thinking. >> when we first went to that spot and saw the brown water i was skeptical anyway and so i was already on edge understandably but, yeah, i was lucky i was just on the back of the jet ski and looking at another wave to catch. >> you were laughing a little bit when you were talking about
7:50 am
it there but i know that since that first encounter you say you've been having nightmares. >> the original attack happened, it sort of took a few days to, you know, come back down to earth and, yeah, there's definitely nightmares and stuff like that but, you know, forward now. >> how did you get yourself water? >> i just didn't want to leave it too long. i felt like if i left it too long i would start playing tricks on myself and having some -- too many mind games go on so i just really wanted to get it done pretty quickly if and your mom is your biggest fan. how did you reassure her? >> yeah, i sort of -- yeah, with mum, you know, sort of just smile and laugh a little bit and make sure that she's okay and then just run away before she can grab you again and hold you in. >> you got a big competition coming up in tahiti in a couple of weeks. are you ready? >> yeah, everything is starting -- i just started to get back in the gym this week and everything is starting to,
7:51 am
you know, feel like it's moving in the right direction and i just hope we get some really good waves over there. >> good waves and no sharks. mick fanning, good luck. >> always, mate. too easy. >> he did run away from his mom. >> he did. it was quite funny. >> i would not go near the water if i was that guy. i wouldn't go in the pool. i wouldn't take a bath. i would just stay clear. >> are you sure he's not just seeing fins everywhere? >> i would be. >> i mean, yes, it would be legit. >> fins to the left, if is to the right. >> right back at the top of the hour with all the day's big headlines and now shopping
7:52 am
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"good morning america" is brought to you by cheerios,
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powered by oats. good morning. monday, august 3rd. topping headlines, brooklyn borough president eric adams will be standing beside ab open casket outside of borough hall. he is launching a five-day campaign against gun violence after a brodie weekend in the borough. adams says new yorkers must work to reduce the act of gun violence in the community. a small pop has big thanks to the nypd. officers in queens tweeted this
7:57 am
picture after rescuing a dog from a hot car. somebody noticed the dog in the car and police were able to get in the vehicle to get the dog to safety. the pup was left there for more than an hour with no water. the dog's owner was issued a summons but allowed to keep the dog. we check the commute with heather. a big problem in new jersey in mahwah as we head to the maps. route 287 an accident and a fuel spill. it's southbound near exit 66. that's the rockland bergen county border. look at a webcam, i can show you the delay bumper to bumper into that spot. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect today. ken, back to you. >> heather, thank you. meteorologist bill evans with the accuweather forecast. >> let's take a look at what the 8:00 temperature will be like. 77 degrees and we like 7s. we have a lot of sunshine. moderate humidity. 77 brookhaven. 77 east hampton. a front may give us a shower
7:58 am
tonight. look how much sun today. 88 by this afternoon. hitting 90. tomorrow 90. maybe a scattered storm overnight tonight. we cool down with rain by the end of the week. ken?
7:59 am
8:00 am
in your good morning, america. it's 8 a.m. and we have an unprecedented warning from the fda about hacking hazards at the hospital unleashing deadly doses of medicine. story of my life facebook's mark zuckerberg and his wife tell baby news and now the extraordinary reaction to their story as other cups share their own. super shopping secrets. the tricks to making them work for you before you spend another dollar and the three things you need to know before you try on any more clothes. all that and candace cameron bure here live as we say -- >> good morning, america. shut up and dance
8:01 am
>> very elegant selfie stick move there from candace cameron bure. we say good morning, america. she is here this morning talking about her new book, "dancing through life" and that "full house" spin-off, "fuller house." she posted them with her many excited. can't wait. >> dj tanner is back, george. also ahead, so many parents are trying to feed picky eaters. well, we have a new alert about the way your kids eat and get this, what it could reveal about them later in life. some personality traits and the new approaches to getting your kids to eat the healthy food you want to feed them that they thud be eating. >> very surprised learn about the consequences. morning rundown from dan. wildfires bearing down on california. the state's largest fire is the rocky fire. it's north of san francisco, so far it has burned 84 square miles, doubling in size in just hours. two dozen homes have been destroyed and officials admit
8:02 am
they cannot predict what this wildfire will do next. meanwhile, the big problem across the midwest overnight, deadly storms, high wind and hail. collapsing a tent at a music festival near chicago. killing one man. storms also force thousands to evacuate another festival in downtown chicago. much more on the weather coming up soon from ginger. a warning this morning from the fda. urging hospitals to stop using a high tech medical device that could be targeted by hackers who might be capable of giving unsuspecting patients a deadly dose. more now from abc's linzie janis. >> reporter: this morning, hospitals across the country scrambling to replace a common medical device being used on thousands of patients. the fda now saying the device, a pump that delivers medications like painkillers and cancer treatments through an iv may be at risk of being hacked. the agency explaining an unauthorized user with malicious
8:03 am
intent could access the pump remotely and modify the dosage it delivers. vulnerabilities that experts say could be deadly like a sce straight out of showtime's "homeland" where terrorists remotely hack into the vice president's pacemaker sending him into cardiac arrest. the former real-life vice president dick cheney admitted to "60 minutes" he once feared the same thing could happen to him. >> i knew from the experience we had had, the necessity for adjusting my own device that it was an accurate portrayal. >> reporter: in recent years cyberexperts warning the government hackers can easily tap into pacemakers and other life-saving medical equipment. >> every hospital should assume its devices if connected to the internet could be attacked. >> reporter: for "good morning america," linzie janis, abc news, new york. >> and we want to add here that the company that makes this pump is already phasing it out. in the meantime, it is offering
8:04 am
existing customers a security update. finally here from the news desk on a much, much, much lighter note, we bring you surfing dogs, why? why? because it's awesome. they held the annual surf dog competition over the weekend in san diego. the dogs are scored by a pam of judges on three criteria, guy, one, length of time on the board, two, size of the wave and, three, perceived comfort while on the board. based on that third criterion i say the winner is the dog wearing shades. that dog definitely takes the prize. can you imagine if they tried to do this surf cat competition? no way. would never work. closest you'll get -- there. >> they all did. training. >> yeah. >> hanging 20. >> hanging 20, get it. >> yeah, got it. took me a while to do the math but i get it now. >> glad you figured it out. jesse in the social square. >> here's a look ahead on the "gma morning menu." in our heat index facebook's
8:05 am
mark zuckerberg and his wife revealing the struggles they faced trying to have a child. and super shopping secrets. what you need to know about trying on clothes in any big purchase. plus, we've got candace cameron bure is here really here with her new book and details on "fuller house," it's all coming up live on "gma." [ cheers and applause ] "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by nexium 24 hour for all day, all night protection from frequent heartburn. urt,but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do, drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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1-2-3 baby you and me, yeah it's easy to get it all, big and small at i'm gonna teach you how to sing it out come on, come on, come on, come let me tell you what it's all about. staying in rhythm... it's how i try to live... how i stay active. so i need nutrition... that won't weigh me down. for the nutrition you want without the calories you don't... introducing boost 100 calories. each delicious snack size drink gives you... 25 vitamins and minerals and 10 grams of protein. so it's big in nutrition and small in calories. i'm not about to swim in the slow lane. stay strong. stay active with boost . welcome back to "gma." time now for the "heat index" and this morning's hot button. facebook founder mark zuckerberg announcing that he and wife dr.
8:10 am
priscilla chan are expecting their first child in a very revealing post sharing with the world that they suffered through three miscarriages. there's been a huge social response including many "gma" viewers sharing their own stories and abc's deborah roberts has the story. >> reporter: it's a facebook post that has struck an emotional nerve all around the world. facebook founder mark zuckerberg and wife priscilla opening up about their emotional struggle to have a baby. zuckerberg announcing the exciting news, we're expecting a baby girl. but also detailing the heartbreak leading up to it saying "we've been trying to have a child for a couple of years and have had three miscarriages along the way. most people don't discuss miscarriages because you worry your problems will distance you or reflect upon you, so you struggle on your own." in fact, an estimated 10% to 25% of pregnancies end in miscarriage. i know that pain having miscarried just before the birth of my first child. >> momma. >> reporter: jessica zucker, a
8:11 am
mom of two can relate, as well. >> at 16 weeks' pregnant, i miscarried. it went from horror to almost more horror to fear of losing my life and just then i lost this life, this daughter that i will never know. >> reporter: as a clinical sigh school gist specializing in women's pro-productive health her work prepared her for her personal struggle. >> talking about pregnancy lost is incredibly important with regard to not feeling alone. not feeling isolated. it's important to know that you can reach out to people at any time. >> reporter: which may explain why the words of one of the world's most famous ceos are resonating across the globe. adding about his expected new baby, in our ultrasound she even gave me a thumbs up like with her sand so i'm already convinced she takes after me. such good news for zuckerberg
8:12 am
and chan who must be in the second trimester because he says they're far enough along to feel confident the risk of miscarriage is low. so many of us applauding them for spreeing out. i have to admit, folks that i don't even talk to friends -- i have many friends and family members who probably never knew i suffered a miscarriage because there is so much pain and a certain amount of stigma. people are uncomfortable and you become uncomfortable and don't share. >> when you hear someone else has gone through it too you feel connected and it feels better. >> opening up makes a big difference for so many people because it happens to so many women. >> thank you for do that. we have dr. jen ashton with us. talk a little about how isolating it is and why it's something people keep to themself sfwhs well, i think the reason that has struck such a chord, it's relatable. this is the pregnancy news that people don't want to talk about and the emotions that are experienced really run the gamut from shame, blame, guilt, fear, anger and that affects the husband and spouse as much as it does the woman.
8:13 am
i think that's why it's really resonating. >> compounded by the fact the cause is often a mystery? we say that by far and away the most common cause of miscarriage is unexplained but then there's a whole litany of other causes that include chromosomal or genetic factors. there's anatomic factors or presence of a septum or maybe a fibroid in the uterus. hormonal issues like thyroid dysfunction or diabetes and autoimmune function so this is a long list but when it's happening to you don't want to hear this is common. >> how common are recurring miscarriages of the variety we've seen with the zuckerbergs. >> single miscarriages happen to 15% of women but recurrent ones are much different and used to be three losses for 20 week, now that definition has changed. it's now characterized as two losses before 20 weeks and important to realize this is not the run-of-the-mill infertility. not saying it's better or worse. it's different medically and emotionally so it's so important for women who have had two
8:14 am
losses, see a specialist in reproductive endocrinology. 60% of those who suffered two or more losses will eventually have a healthy pregnancy. >> looks like they are. >> yeah. >> exactly. >> all right. dr. ashton, thank you. you will be taking questions. i'm sure there are many on twitter throughout the morning so tweet her @dryashton. in the "heat index" to kids who are picky eaters. near hi every family has at least one. can it be a sign of something more serious. a brand-new study may reveal it may be and abc's mara schiavocampo has more. >> reporter: for many parents getting their kids to eat isn't all-out war. >> i have a 21/2-year-old who -- i have no idea how he's alive. [ laughter ] all he eats is white bread, ketchup and milk. >> reporter: even celeb mom reese witherspoon whose instagram is filled with ways to
8:15 am
entire her son, mom jennifer nicholson says her 4-year-old liam is the same way pretty much sticking to hot dogs, chicken nuggets and peanut butter. broccoli is the only veggie he eats and no fruit. >> a lot of ways my friends do it is mix something in a smoothie. >> reporter: liam may be average or a little selective with his diet but according to a new study published in the journal "pediatrics" severe picky eaters were more likely to show anxiety, social anxiety a depression. >> had hyper sensitive to texture and taste and a lot of conflict in the home around food. >> reporter: the study found selective eating in younger years may even predict psychological issues later on. >> we don't know that picky eating causes psychiatric symptoms and we want to be careful not to overstate that connection. but i think it's a good first initial study. >> reporter: so what can you do to get your picky eater to open wide?
8:16 am
>> it's important to have fun with it. you can add attractive straws to a smoothie, you can always shape the fruits adding some spices, it's all going to be part of that positive experience. >> reporter: for "good morning america," mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. >> let's build on that. let's get more tips. candace cameron bure, we'll talk about your book "dancing through teenagers. >> uh-huh. before. >> i had one that was a picky eater but we're real foodies so we change the food all the time and the rule at our table was you have to try it once, one bite, swallow it. if you don't like it, that's fine but i'm not making you anything else so you can have breakfast, if you don't like dinner. >> you got to stick to that? that's exactly the rule in our house too, as well. it was when i was growing up so we've got this recent study. four different picky eater personalities. here's what they are sensory dependent eater. dislike unusual textures and smells. preferential eaters reject the unfamiliar.
8:17 am
then behavioral responders need food exactly how they like it and then general perfectionists have a variety of idiosyncrasies, does this ring a bell for anyone? >> the last one, the food can't touch on the plate. >> i have one that does that too. separates them all. >> no mixing. >> you'll get there, dan. >> yeah, i know. i'm interested in the other end of the spectrum. our 7-month-old, he would eat sweatsocks if you gave them to him. >> i have that too. >> a healthy appetite. >> very healthy. >> he's a big boy. >> he is a -- we think he is around 25, 26 pounds at 7 months so he's a big boy and he's not gentlemen. on the list of things shorter than a rousey fight, me. >> all right. thank you, candace, we'll talk to you in just a bit. first up next, our new series on super shopping secrets, all week long we'll be sharing what you need to know to shop smarter and better starting with dressing rooms. looking in the mirror, we know, can be a humbling experience but
8:18 am
if you've been avoiding them, think given. trying on clothing at the store can save you time and money. abc's becky worley is here with that. good morning, becky. >> that's right. people who use fitting rooms actually return less, saves time, money but we've all been there trying on something. it's a bathing suit. fitted. you look in the muir enand think, do i really look like that? the answer may be a resounding no you don't. the dreaded dressing room. it can really mess with your self-esteem. a reporter from buzzfeed decided to hit 20 dressing rooms to see why some make you feel worse about yourself than others. >> there are so many variables that go into the fitting room equation. >> there is no real standard for fitting room design so each brand has their own way of approaching the fitting room. >> reporter: to see for ourselves i wear a fitted outfit and head to my local mall for a
8:19 am
series of comparative pictures. every bulge and wrinkle jumps to the forefront. >> overheadlighting not working for me. now this next one is dark and, well, pink or is that peach? the only thing you really can look out for is dimly lit rooms. you're not going to really be able to see if something is pulling or cinched or if the muffin top is hanging over the pants. >> reporter: dressing room three, brighter but a realization. when i pay attention i realize how hideous dressing rooms make me feel. blech. but then now we're talking. this light is awesome. lights on both sides of the mirror in this dress many rook make a huge difference and then finally, wow. okay, i could shop here all day. it has even white light and it's bright. i want to move into this dressing room. i look pretty good in here. i'm just saying. so, remember, next time you feel bad trying on clothes, it's
8:20 am
probably not you. it's the dressing room. >> all right, so my take paway, i should just shop at dressing rooms like that. >> the takeaway, you have to try the clothes on. it saves you time. it saves you money. if something doesn't look right in the dressing room, walk out on the floor, find natural light and find out whether it looks good in real -- >> because lighting is everything. >> we are in tv. we know this. >> yes. >> so let me show you this demonstration. so this is your down light. okay. bad. not flattering. i mean look at this. my every bulge -- >> you look great. >> my muffin top has its own 5:00 shadow right here but if we switch to a front light where the light is coming separate on. please, lighting, oh. so much better. now, this is orange light which some stores do in the winter to make you look tan. it's okay but you can't tell the color as well so the optimum is switch to our daylight lighting,
8:21 am
cue, please, gentlemen. ah, looks nice, much better and it shows all of the -- go that mirror i had in the '80s daytime, nighttime. >> you want that in the store. now it's not just the lighting. come over here. >> it's the mirror too. >> it's also, you're right, the mirror so we've got a bad mirror here, okay. so here i am and what happened -- i'm long waisted but what happened to my legs i am like all torso in this mirror because it's bowed, low quality warped mirror but let me show you the good mirror. this mirror is all of the good quality and it's a bigger muir he so i can see and you can see the proportions are right in my body. >> there's also slimming mirrors. >> i like those. okay. >> i buy everything in those stores, right? >> i'll buy if at the lie to me a little. >> ignorance is bliss, becky. >> that's right, that's right. >> kidding. that's not what we're trying to
8:22 am
get here. >> but we do feel better about ourselves in the dressing room because it's them not us. >> head outside to ginger for a check of the weather. >> we were just talking, the
8:23 am
ladies from wow. these screams out here. i don't know if you need pop. they're popping. >> always need pop. thank you. very special edition by the way. we're lucky to have candace cameron bure here. ready to do some "pop news" on a monday. >> let's do it. >> let's get weird. how about tom cruise, guys. the top gun at the box office impossible: rogue nation," one of his best openings ever, so many fans going straight to photo shop after seeing the amazing opening scene taking his stunt to the next level so check clinging tom cruise. raiser. here's the action star riding donald trump's hair. very dangerous. probably the dangerous stunt he's ever done. also catching a ride with paul blart in "mall cop."
8:24 am
here's a meeting of mieps cruise riding hover cat. not easy to do either and candace, a special edition for you. here he is hanging with the cast of "full house." you see him there in the san francisco pennant on the back wall. >> dream catcher right there. what's he doing? telling me bedtime stories. >> tom cruise all over the place. you going to see that movie? >> i haven't yet. i can't wait. >> apparently the stunts in that movie are unbelievable and now people are going crazy. >> what he was born to do. >> hang off donald trump's hair. the next story kids heard there was something strange in the neighborhood so the cast of the "ghostbusters" put this sign in the window asking who are you going to call and didn't take long for kristen wiig and melissa mccarthy, kate mckinnon and leslie jones to answer in full "ghostbusters" gear spreading a lot of good spirits. "ghostbusters" hitting theaters july 2016 and they had the gear, the proton packs. helping make a special day for all these kids in need.
8:25 am
such a great thing. >> yeah. a busy schedule and doing something very nice for those kids. and, of course, it was a big friday last week. you guys heard one direction's new single "drag me down" for the first time on tv right here on "pop news" on friday. well, it took only minutes, minutes to shatter the itunes record becoming the fastest single to go number one in 82 different countries, guys. and the biggest fanband in the world will be back on stage of our epic summer concert and people are already lined up. this. >> i can stay, right? i can stay through tomorrow and i just -- yeah. forget my daughter. i just -- i would like to stay, please. >> 82 countries like -- they're number one in luxembourg and -- >> yes, that's the influpgs that "pop news" has. >> tweet about them and you'll see.
8:26 am
>> thank you so much for joining us today for a special edition of "pop news." >> whoo. >> thank you, a lot coming up including a behind-the-scenes look at the new "bachelor in
8:27 am
paradise." good morning. 8:27, august 3rd. topping headlines, city officials will be answering questions about the outbreak of legionnaires' disease in the south bronx at a town hall meeting tonight. the city department of health says 71 people have been diagnosed with the does since last month. four people decide. four buildings where the bacteria have been found have been decontaminated. tonight's meetings will be held from 6:00 to 8:00 in the bronx museum of art. a commuter alert this morning. fast track repairs will change the overnight commute for r train riders for another week. there will be no service between 36th and 95th streets weeknights between 10:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. r trains will bypass stations
8:28 am
between 36th street and atlantic avenue. wh we check the commute with heather. >> problems on route 287 in new jersey. heading to the maps, we have this accident and fuel spill on 287 south near exit 66. fdr drive north after 96th street an accident. over here heading up to the new england thruway northbound near country club road police
8:29 am
activity. heading to 287 east near the hutch another accident is being cleared away. then a problem over here on the connecticut turnpike as you head southbound near exit 14. that is an accident being cleared away. we can take a look at a webcam and show you the new york state thruway. that delay into exit 66 in mahwah, heavy delays. alternate side of the street parking rules in effect today. ken, back to you. >> meteorologist bill evans with the exclusive forecast. 77 is the temperature as we like to say. we like 7s. sunshine, a southwest wind makes it cooler on the south facing shores but at the same time it really increasing the rip current risk at the beaches on long island and around new york city. watch out for that today. a great day to be at the beach. 88 to 90 this afternoon. humidity makes it feel like 95. tomorrow we do it all over again. 87 wednesday. cooler air out of canada for the end of the week and that will give us clouds thursday afternoon and possibly showers on friday with the temperatures in the mid- to upper-70s possible at the end of the week. have a great day. ken?
8:30 am
>> that's the news for now. "live with kelly and just dance [ cheers and applause ] welcome back to "good morning america." you're looking at candace cameron bure making a star turn on season 18 of "dancing with the stars." >> she was the star in that season and there she is right now. she's going to share all the latest on her new book, "dancing through life," and that "full house" spin-off that everybody is so excited about, can't wait for that. >> all right. but in the meantime, we've got good news. if you're having withdrawal after last week's "the bachelorette" finale, "bachelor in paradise" is back and there is no shortage of drama. abc's nick watt takes us for an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the social tv hit of the summer. >> reporter: it's a bit like
8:31 am
"the bachelor" but more of a free for all. guys and girls in paradise. hot and heavy in the underwear with jade. >> got interesting in the river. >> reporter: tanner already publicly apologized to his mum. do you find love? >> i can't say any of that but -- >> reporter: this is a waste of time frankly. go to the party. >> all right. >> reporter: we joined the cast watching the premiere and partying in los angeles they're also watching the show for the first time. >> you forget the camera is there and make very good conditions or bad. >> reporter: canoodling is a good or bad decision? actually bad. you're a hot mess. >> well -- >> reporter: this time she brought her little >> i'm pretty much the opposite of a virgin. >> reporter: i don't need to know your sexual history. that's not what i'm asking. >> it's morning television. >> she's super awkward and i feel like i'm not that awkward. >> reporter: jillian showed up. the guys respect shy either.
8:32 am
the beefiness is intimidating. a nice feeling. you don't make me feel good. you don't make me feel good. >> i'm sorry. i apologize. >> reporter: here's what is potentially at stake lacy and marcus met on the show last season, last night we watched them wed. okay. love, not craziness, all right. >> you lose, i win. here's the proof. >> reporter: this year ashley and jack? >> i really do like someone, jared. >> reporter: anyone else tickling your fancy? >> yeah. >> reporter: buckle up for the ride. for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> our thanks to nick for that. i think he was having a little bit too much fun there. you can catch a special two-hour episode of "bachelor in paradise" tonight at 8:00, 7:00 central on abc and, ginger, you've got important tips. you guys should pay attention on getting the summer glow. >> bronzer very important. it's time to yahoo! your day this morning. we are taking you back to basics showing you how that bronzer can
8:33 am
give you a summer glow but without all the damaging sunlight. here's abc's mara schiavocampo. yahoo >> reporter: the secret to getting the beach ready glow without soaking in damaging uv rays, the look perfected by a-listers like jennifer aniston and j. lo. >> what is bronzer supposed to be used for. >> you can use it to correct foundation that's not the right direction, you could use it to give yourself a healthy glow. bronzer will absolutely make your skin look healthier. >> reporter: bobbi brown is taking us back to basics. at what point do you want to put the bronzer off? after your foundation, after your concealer put the bronzer on. really hard to choose the color. most would think let me grab one that will make me really tan. you want one that actually works with the skin toeb. one that doesn't have any shine.
8:34 am
it has a little bit of pink in it but it's brown and the way to put it on is to smile, you find the apple of the cheek and blemdz it up and the trick is you also blend it down. >> reporter: you're using a pretty big brush. >> really wide brush because it really does make a difference, again, the smile, the whole apple then i use it a little on the forehead, nose and underneath because what this does when doing it on the neck, it will blend her skin so her face will match her body. >> reporter: those are places where the sun would hit you naturally. >> exactly. >> reporter: the goal not to give yourself a an. >> you just want to tippett the skin. a lot of women put it on the cheek and walk away but you use it, you blend it and put blush on top of it. you could put a little shimmer on top of it. you want to just look very natural. >> reporter: the true key for making that sun-kissed summer sparkle lasts all year long. for "good morning america," mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york.
8:35 am
>> oh, see, ready to call you the kings of contouring. >> i know you were paying attention so we know bronzer after foundation and concealer. >> blush afterwards. >> duly noted. i'm sure you guys have plenty of questions about that but let's go ahead and talk about ask zee, our new segment. kids have millions of questions so our segment put out the word for your kids to send us their weather questions. they have all about the atmosphere so 4-year-old alex from spring lake, michigan, sent us this. >> hi, ginger zee. i'm alex from spring lake, michigan. and i wanted to know where the sound of thunder comes from. >> that is a great question, alex. thunder and you'll hear it here, not in new york really. we just have a sound effect is the sound of lightning so it's actually just the sound lightning makes. we know lightning happens super fast but it's also super hot.
8:36 am
it heats the air around it so quickly the air expands like an explosive. the air compresses making a shock we have and then we hear that. so the air cools really fast so that whole column is sometimes
8:37 am
called a channel vibrates and >> all right, that's a look at your forecast, ginger, thank you. next on "gma" more with candace cameron bure. the latest on join the millions who have already switched. we switched. and now, we're streaming netflix. who knew time warner cable's internet was so fast! mom switched. and now, we can watch our favorite shows together, on demand. i switched. so i can connect to the internet just about anywhere with my free twc wifi hotspots. join the millions who switched to time warner cable. for $89.99 a month, you'll get 100meg internet, and hundreds of hd channels. you'll also get unlimited calling to the us, mexico canada, china, and now india. call today.
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tt0w!to$h9! %4 ("ix tt0w!to$h9! el ((n4 tt0w!to$h9! ed (.lp tt0w!to$h9% )8x-ysd tt0w!to$h9% kzx-d
8:40 am
live central park, the concert event of the summer happens live tomorrow only on "good morning america." presented by the makers of dr. scholl's. we've been having fun all morning with candace cameron bure, so much to talk about. she is coming back as dj on "fuller house." has a new book out called "dancing through life" and she joins us right now. good to see you again and this book "dancing through life," it started outs a completely different book then you go on changed? >> yeah, it was scheduled to write a book about motherhood and after the show "dancing with the stars" finished i called up my publisher and said i just had the most incredible experience of my life and learnedmu about myself in these four months i was at the show and these were not just lessons about being on a reality show or a dance show, these were life lessons i'll take away forever. changed me. >> oil so glad you wrote that. we hear this from contestants all the time. it's the most intense experience
8:41 am
of their life physically grueling and emotionally wrenching, as well. but fun too. >> it's all of those things all at the same time but you really have to have courage to even be on this type of show but that's something for life. zone. something i never thought i would do and because it gets so rough you have to stay the course. i mean you always have the choice to drop out if you really want or quit and it takes a lot of courage to stay -- to stick through it and stand with conviction and that was really the biggest platform. >> what dogs that mean stand with conviction. >> you know, a lot of people -- because i'm pretty outspoken about my faith and i think a lot of people were worried about me going on the show and saying the cause tombs are so sexy, how will you dance with seone that's not my husband. i know who i am in my faith and i think i can do the show and display all the things that i value and stand up with those convictions and do the show that and stay true to myself and i did and i wrote about how i
8:42 am
handled that because there was criticism on both ends from people that were -- that shared my christian faith and then people that don't. so -- >> you seem to go through it all with a lot of joy and had a great time. >> yeah. >> we met you on "full house" and in honor of that we are pulling out a clip from the very first show 25 years ago. take a look. >> do i have to share my room with her? >> honey, it's going to be just like having a slumber party. >> yeah, with only one guest who never leaves. >> oh, my goodness. >> i feel like i've seen them all over because my kis are completely adigged to it, as well. now you are all coming back in "fuller house." how is it going to be differenty. >> well, this show really revolves around the three of us women, dj, stephanie and best friend kimny gibbler and we're all moms now and i'm playing a single mom raising three boys, and kimmy has a daughter and we're -- so this journey is
8:43 am
really about the three women. it's a little flip-flop of the original show and it's -- i mean we taped two episodes already and it has been amazing and the fans, the people that have seen the live tapings are just -- we've had people crying because seeing us all back together and how nostalgic the show is and they're doing it really well. >> how did it work when you guys all get back on set? is it like old times? through. >> we've been friends forever so for us it's normal to hang out but when when we get on the setting to we just picked up right where we left off and the jokes from 20 years ago were right back there i mean, it was crazy, insane in the sense that we all had to top for a moment and say, like, we're all back here and we're together and we're doing this like this is a little bit deja vu in the best way possible. none of us want it to end. >> i'll bet.
8:44 am
we love watching you, as well, on "the view" where you're not afraid to speak your mind there either. >> apparently not. no, you know what, i -- i love having that be the platform to be able to do that and like i said i'm not shy about who i am and what i believe and i'm not afraid to speak that. i think i appreciate people that stand for something, you know, and whether you agree with me or disagree with me, i think that's what makes the world go round. i love healthy conversations. >> and that's what we get whenever you're on. thanks for coming in. the book "dancing through life" is available right now and coming up on "gma" we go one-on-one with some of country's biggest stars behind the scenes of the cma country
8:45 am
music festiv [african-style music] take my hand to the land take my hand to the land, whoa-oh! (narrator) only one family goes to incredible lengths to bring the thrills, the adventure and the best of africa back home to you. kalahari resorts.
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8:47 am
four exciting days of fans rubbing shoulders with hundreds of country's biggest stars and live music on 11 stages and abc's rachel smith was in the center of it all. cowboy boots and down home -- >> reporter: a country music party unlike any other. taking me by the hand hey boy come dance with me >> reporter: thousands flock to nashville and across the world. to get their country on. >> this is so international now. drawing people from all over, the uk and australia and beyond. >> reporter: they're getting to see pretty much every one of their favorite country artists in one weekend and that's rare. i mean there's no other genre
8:48 am
that i think that does anything like that. >> as you as performers have evolved how is the crowd in the festival evolved as well. >> i think they've grown with us. it's worth the wait and what we look forward to. >> such a warm reception. >> reporter: you got to get stretched out. don't want to pull any muscles. and there's plenty happening offstage too. all over town, country music giving back like here at the 25th annual city of hope charity softball game. >> such an amazing charitable game. one of the biggest events for me because it strikes out cancer. that's what the city of hope is all about. >> at the end of the day if you're not helping a brother out then you're not doing what yoush ould be doing. >> reporter: the festival also gives millions of dollars towards music education, something little big town is
8:49 am
proud to support. the band invited this group ofyo ung people from the organization notes for notes for their sound check. >> we give them instruments and they get to make tracks and beats and play drums and lay down some harmonies and vocals. >> reporter: the artists also love giving back to their fans. >> what should we do? >> this ought to be fun. >> reporter: like hunter hayes >> welcome. hi. come on in. >> how are you? >> enjoy yourself. >> reporter: with a ride to a surprise pop-up concert. >> your venue awaits. i know you're gone i look around -- >> why do you make the time every year to come back. >> i remember being -- starting out being a new artist and that was when i was laying the groundwork to my career and i remember dreaming of the opportunity to come do lp field. i just love being a part of the experience.
8:50 am
>> reporter: for "good morning america," rachel smith, abc news, nashville, tennessee. >> that looks like so much fun, doesn't it? >> so much fun. >> unbelievable. the cma musicstival. country's night to rock airs tomorrow night from 8:00 to 11:00 eastern right here on abc. >> i know what i'm oing. >> uh-huh. >> at 8:00. you could call joel edgerton a movie. he recently stopped by to tell us about "the gift," a psychological thriller that he not only stars in but also wrote and directed. joel plays a loner who inserts himself into the lives of a former high school classmate and his wife played by jason bateman and rebecca hall. it's super creepy. take a look. >> a whole lot has happened to me since we last saw each other. some good, some bad. like life. you know, mostly good but i believe that a lot of the good could come from the bad, you know. >> i hear you. >> if you put the right faith behind it. you know, not to bring religion into it. god, but well, just to say that
8:51 am
the bad things, he can be a gift. >> or not. >> or not, yes. >> joel is with us back here on "gma." thanks for being here. >> good to see you again. >> i love a good thriller, a good horror movie. this is so creepy. what's the story all about? >> it's essentially about a woman really who is at the center of the movie whose husband and her move to california. they run into me. the guy that jason went to school with 25 years earlier who he didn't necessarily treat so well and there's a history there and doesn't want to admit he then. and he tells certain lies, more lies by emission and her discovery of who her husband is and the resolution good or bad generally pretty bad between these two men on this sort of bad blood that occurred in high school. >> now, you, we mentioned, obviously starred in the film. you wrote the film. you directed the film.
8:52 am
i mean do you tell yourself cut? how do you do that wearing all three hats? >> it wasn't the most ideal situation to direct and act. my brother is a director who i really admire and he was on set with me to yell cut. it does feel a bit weird when you're in the scene with somebody and then, you know, you call cut and then you try to give them notes on what to do. it was tricky but i'm really glad i did. >> you have three more informants coming out including one with natalie portman and ewan mcgregor, basically a reunion for you from the "star wars" "revenge of the sith." >> we have a clip of the iconic shot from the end of that movie. you holding baby luke skywalker. >> i'm in the last shot of the trilogy. that was one of the greatest -- one of the greatest days of my life was my6th birthday when i found out i got the job in "star
8:53 am
wars" and going to at that time. >> you're uncle owen. >> i'm excited to see the new -- ? you'll be in the theater this december? >> i'll be there with my plastic lightsaber like a 5-year-old kid. >> well, people want to be in the theater for this, fifty"the gift." >> thanks for having me. >> "the gift" opens nationwide friday. you got to check it out and we'll be right back.
8:56 am
>> yes, we will. "good morning america" is brought to you by boost nutritional products. stay strong, stay active with boost. >> we had a nice kickoff to the week and torrow the most special tuesday yet. there they are, one direction live in central park tomorrow. they are already lining up. big debut of their single "drag me down" tomorrow. >> don't want to miss it. have a great monday, everyone. good morning. monday, august 3rd.
8:57 am
developing at this hour, a jersey city police officer is among several people recovering after a chain reaction crash. it started with one out-of- control driver. eyewitnesses say that driver of a minivan was speeding on ocean avenue when he lost control crashing into the back of a car. that car in turn crashed on to the sidewalk hitting several people including the jersey city officer. no word on the extent of any of the injuries. just a few hours from now, bobbi kristina brown will be laid to death in the same new jersey cemetery where her mother is buried. private services take place at fairview cemetery in westfield two days after a family rift boiled over during a memorial service in georgia. bobbi kristina died in hospice care last month. >> we check the commute. here is heather. >> we have issues with our subways. we will check out the sway status. a trains local only both ways between hoyte and broadway junction because of signal problems. e and f trains, uptown e via
8:58 am
the f union turnpike to 179th street. alternate sides are in effect today. ken, back to you. >> meteorologist bill evans with the accuweather forecast. >> let's look outside. we will show you a beautiful day in progress. sunshine, 77 degrees. southwest wind. riverdale 76 to 81. the temperature is creeping up. we will see the temperature getting to 87 by noontime and 88 to 90 this afternoon. we will see that again tomorrow. humidity will be there too if you like 95. warm and sunny wednesday. cooler air on thursday. a shot at rain thursday into mid- to upper-70s. a little break from these dog ken? >> thank you, sir. that is the news for i'm so not ready for back to school. with staples you'll be rdy. i can get thirty comp books and notebooks at a low price? yep, 50 and 25 cents each. oh, can ve money and have less stress! and less drama. he's the drama teacher. got it. teachers, this week get 40% back in teacher rewards. staples, make more happen.
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