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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  WABC  August 4, 2015 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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that ramp goes over the turnpike. it is -- its structural columns that that truck crashed into this morning. now not too long ago, state police reopened this ramp but down below, local police did -- but down below, state police are still continuing their investigation into that accident. that tanker slammed into the overpass igniting a massive fire and as it burned it brought down owl kinds of utility -- all kinds of utility wires that were damaged and dangling over both sides of the turnpike. backups only getting worse as time passed and miles and miles of backups. police began diverting traffic off the turnpike and over here on southwood avenue. police shut down the damaged overpass. >> there were several businesses and unfortunately this is the only route for them to get off for access. they're pretty much stranded on the other side of the bridge. so the state police and everybody is working as quickly as possible to reopen the
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bridge but like i said, you know with the power and also the structural integrity. we have to determine that before we can let anybody come across. >> reporter: this update. engineers late this afternoon obviously deciding that that overpass can stand the usage. the weight of those heavy trucks allowing traffic to finally flow across again. and of course, you can see behind me utility trucks still traveling over that overpass. now we're going to break down and go a little bit closer so we can see what's happening on the turnpike at this point. we also got chance too speak to some of the drivers who were stuck out on the turnpike for hours. their story coming up at 5:00. for now live here in linden, toni yates, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thanks a lot. well, from the ground with to knee to the sky now. let's check in with shannon stone. she's in news copter 7 continuing the coverage with more on the traffic situation. shannon? >> reporter: yeah, and it is a nightmare to say the least. we are looking at the southern end of the closure which is happening on the new jersey
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turnpike at interchange 10 and we can show you with sky rider 7 which right here is the root to all evil. that interchange 10 on the turnpike, they are shutting down that inner roadway and only leaving the outer roadway open. so this is what it means for you as you travel through the area. we'll bring this shot back and you get on to interchange 10 from route 287 so we're going to bring you there first. so look at this delay on the southbound side of 287. it takes you well back into piscataway. the people trying to avoid the turnpike at all costs, they are taking route 1. look at what is doing to route 1 through mckitchen especially on the southbound side and we can show you look at that line of cars just going southbound trying to get off the new jersey turnpike. turnpike itself,well it is a bumper to bumper standstill for five miles. this delay takes you all the way back to interchange 9 and we just want to point this out because this is important here. what's happening is the car lanes are opening up until this point and then everyone is trying to exit here as well as people trying to exit at interchange 10 for the turnpike. so this is causing a huge
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bottleneck right through the area. once you get past interchange 10 while only the truck lanes are open, it is a clear ride. so if you can get on at interchange 11. that's going to treat you better. unfortunately, route 1 and everything around this area is gridlocked. simply because of this closure on the turnpike. reporting live over interchange 10, shannon stone, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> what a mess. okay shannon thank you. it's not just the turnpike the closures are having an impact on roads across the area. >> debbie duhaime is in the news room right now. >> reporter: we're going to also show you a web cam look right now of the staten island expressway. heading westbound. this is volume trying to get out towards the bridge and trying to get out to new jersey. and everything is closed at the goth els bridge and you will be diverted to 440 down to the outer bridge crossing, that's why the staten island expressway is so heavy trying to get out to the bridge. here's a look as well at 1 and 9 and more volume once you get off the turnpike or for using 1 and #, northbound bumper to
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bumper here over in linden and also more volume here on 1 to 9 getting up through elizabeth. again we're going to go over to the maps and remind you that new jersey turnpike car and truck lanes closed southbound 13 to 12. you'll be diverted off at exit 14 to get to route 78 and northbound car lanes closed 12 to 13. again the car lanes are diverted at exit 10 and truck lanes reopened 12 to 13. if you can get to the truck lanes you'll be in good shape. that's staten island expressway bumper to bumper, head south on 440 to the outer bridge crossing and if you head over to the parkway northbound at 141 an accident there as well. heading to newark airport, please allow a lot of extra time be you're heading to -- if you're heading to the airport. flights anewark are -- at newark are not affected at all. back over to you. david, sade? >> okay thank you. and we'll keep you posted throughout the evening on the turnpike but we have another breaking story.
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a massive fire ripped through an apartment complex in monmouth county, new jersey. the flames broke out this afternoon at the twin brook village apartment complex in ocean township. all 18 garden apartments were damaged and as you can see, from the video, just how bad the fire was news copter 7. we are told that two police officers and one firefighter were taken to the hospital after suffering smoke inhalation. they were the first on the scene. rescuing residents. fortunately, no residents were injured. right now is ocean township mayor christopher sis la know, and mayor thank you so much for joining us. can you tell us at this point how many people were impacted by this fire? >> caller: yes, well, there was 15 apartments and so -- upwards of 30 to 40 people individually. no injuries to the individuals thank goodness. four of course -- there were also the fire -- and first responders and none for the police incidentally.
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all may more, a couple of smoke inhalations and one fellow was carried off for the excessive heat and another one got blasted by a fire hose, but all minor, just taken to the hospital to be checked out as a precaution. >> mayor that's great to hear that at least you know on the physical side, the people are going to be all right. but in terms of their homes and some of the aid that -- they going to need with all of this damage, this is right there. what kind of impact from people trying to help out here? >> caller: thank goodness we had -- first a shoutout to the surrounding boroughs for showing up there. allen hurst must be crazy helping the volunteer fire department and also -- what a mess to put out the fire. we did get most of the folks are going to be placed tonight and just one right now we're looking for a home for. and i did get a call from a governor's office offering any assistance as far as housing and that was very nice. great rapport over there. [ inaudible ] i'll tell you, it was totally engulfed in flames.
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a total loss. >> wow. >> reporter: now the complex itself is one of our third largest in the town. which is probably has about 900 apartments in it. so can you imagine just that in the middle of this complex? catching fire. folks are all -- bewildered look and displaced folks. just probably the most heart- wrenching thing i've ever seen up close. >> okay major thank you so much. -- mayor thank you so much. we really appreciate your time and it's good to know that no lives were lost in this. well right now we want to turn the damage from the or night storm -- overnight storms and a frightening headline to bring you. some people on long island will not get their power back until friday. now the storms are brought down trees and power lines and right now, there are more than 27,000 customers without power in suffolk county. >> we do have two reports, meteorologist lee goldberg with the storm's path and ahead. but we begin with meteorologist
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jeff smith live in suffolk. jeff? >> reporter: and sade we're here along shoreham and miller avenue. this tree literally pulverized by 70 to 90-mile-per-hour straightline winds. that moved across with that line of thunderstorms earlier this morning. need lets to say it was a rude awakening for residents around here. >> this was not the usual thunderstorm that came through. >> reporter: madeline knew this storm was something different. >> i didn't know that i had a lot of trees down in front of my yard until i came out at about 8:00 in the morning. >> reporter: the scenes were similar throughout shoreham and wading river here in suffolk county. trees and branches blown down and signs almost blown over. the sky just got back from vacation. white picket fence no more. >> we came back into the development and i made a left and i saw this. which didn't make me happy. called up a landscaper, he came within 20 minutes. he goes -- you have to get this tree picked up in the next like hour to save it. that's it. >> reporter: some of those
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trees came crashing down on wires knocking out power to tens of thousands across eastern long island. not something you want to have a long afternoon. >> the food you know. we just went shopping for the weekend. and got people coming over. and boy, that's going to go bad pretty soon. >> it's a hot day out there. pretty tough not to have ac now. >> it's horrible and disgusting. [ laughter ] >> i've just been waiting for the electric company to come. >> reporter: for some this storm was played out one to remember. >> one of the worst storms you've seen out here? >> for a quick 20 minute storm absolutely. yeah. it definitely reminds us of sandy around here. >> reporter: and right now, we're watching some interesting cloud formations some towering cumulus and sometimes these can develop into showers and thunderstorms with the front still yet to pass over eastern parts of island. also news on the commute front. the lirr and port jefferson branch, east of smithtown you have to take a bus.
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so it stops at smithtown due to branches and wires down on the tracks. if that condition is resolved the trains will resume to port jefferson. i'll be back here on eyewitness news at 6:00 for now live in shoreham, i'm meteorologist jeff smith for channel 7 eyewitness news. >> okay thank you jeff. meteorologist lee goldberg is in the weather center with the latest on the storm, lee? >> all right it was a really classic situation. a lot of times in the middle of the night if you see a spike in humidity, it results in some pretty feisty thunderstorms. this was from about 2:00 in the morning until about 7:00 in the morning. but if you look at it even smaller window take it from 4:00 in the morning to 6:00, when the storms just blew up over parts of new york city, and then especially over the north shore of long island, this is right where jeff was. if you look at stobbing it all the way to wading river and look at the lightning display there and the big time winds. the rainfall by doppler radar estimate showing us the path here one to two inches of rain over the north shore of island and new york city and all the -- long island and new york city and all the storm reports. with just a 39-mile an hour
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gust here and breezy point. then it starts to go up to 50 miles an hour in near that on the north shore. nearertons neck and once you get to that tree limbs start to come down. 70 to 890-mile-per-hour winds and we had two inch hail golf ball sized hail here right in mount sinai. so now this afternoon, what we're watching is severe thunderstorm watches out for dutchess county until 8:00. the real warnings and real bad weather is up toward new england. they had some tornado warnings earlier. on the radar, most of the bad stuff is really bypassing us to our north this afternoon. watching a couple of showers that have been over sullivan and ulster and dutchess. that's what jeff saw on the north fork of long island. nothing severe but a shower going out to sea. through the afternoon hours it's still hot. but with that nice westerly breeze, the dew points and the humidity starting to come down. so there's only a short window here over the next few hours with a scattered storm or two and we'll be watching it for you. complete accuweather seven day forecast just a few minutes away. sade, dave back to you for now. thanks. and as we continue on this very
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busy tuesday, new cases of legionnaire's disease detected. dr. besser will join us to separate fact from fiction. >> also ahead a massive sinkhole opens up in brooklyn. why did the street just suddenly give way? >> and growing outrage over this incident. a little boy handcuffed to a chair inside a classroom by a sheriff. did the officer go too far? plus this -- >> samantha says her dad ross needs a lot of help when it comes to doing her hair and now there is help.
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what? well, it has been a rough ride home for many especially
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through central new jersey. but the shutdown on the turnpike is also led to delays on staten island. so let's check in be salesman noon stone. she's in news -- with shannon stone. she's in news copter 7 with all the problems. >> here's the crux of the problem, they're trying to keep people from getting on to the the turnpike in the middle of the problems over there by interchange 13. if you're traveling west on the staten island expressway, this is what you have in store for you. we can show you with sky rider 7 right when you get to the west shore expressway they have it all shut down so they're forcing you on to the west shore expressway essentially closing the bridge to folks trying to access it from that staten island expressway. down the west shore expressway and look at this volume. it is literally a delay from end to end all the way down to the outer bridge crossings. you're sitting in all of the traffic and it's taking you really far out of the way of where up to go. and in addition to that, because of the closure we're going to bring you back around staten island to show you the staten island expressway itself. because here it is, this is a bumper to bumper delay back to
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the verrazano bridge and unfortunately this is in the going to get better anytime soon. reporting leave over the staten island expressway. shannon stone, channel 7 eyewitness news. shannon thank you. right now we want the turn to the latest in the legionnaire's outbreak in the bronx. mayor de blasio says the disease is slowing is. there are now a total of 86 cases of legionnaire's up from 81 yesterday. at least seven people have died and all of the cases have been in the south bronx area. today the mayor de blasio addressed what he called a growing problem. >> we're going to keep emphasizing to all new yorkers particularly folks who live here in the south bronx, if you have symptoms that might be associated with legionnaire's disease, please seek treatment immediately. >> the mayor says the city is aggressively investigating the outbreak but the original source has not yet been found. you know there can be at will have omission information -- a lot of misinformation from people on the internet especially.
4:17 pm
joining us right now is abc's chief health and medical editor dr. richard besser to separate fact from fiction. you tell us. everyone is at risk? >> that's false. so the people who were at risk here are for one people who live in this neighborhood. but among those people is people who have risk factors. that's people who are elderly and smokers and either current or former smokers. people with lung disease. people who have cancer or diabetes. or on drugs that lower their inmoon status. if you're healthy the risk of getting the disease is very, very small. >> you can get the disease from someone else. fact or fiction? >> this is also fiction. this is a disease that's very dangerous but it's not contagious. you don't spread this disease person to person. rearising is from inhaling -- your risk is from inhaling some of the infectious -- the plume, the risk the vapor in the area. >> here's the question. fact or fiction -- you cannot get legionnaire's disease from drinking the water. >> that is true. there are a lot of people
4:18 pm
concerned about their water supply especially people who live there in the south bronx. and it's perfectly safe the drink your water. thousand with your water, that's not -- to shower with your water. >> thank you for separating fact from fiction. >> much more tonight on world news tonight. >> okay good stuff. dr. besser will start answering your questions right now. in a twitter chat. tweet him directly and also find extended coverage of the legionnaire's disease outbreak online at abcny7. let's take you outside right now with meteorologist lee goldberg and looks beautiful lee right now. and the question is how long is it going to last and how much of this can i just soak up before rain and other problems show up? >> i think a lot of it occasioning up. there's a lot of ways instability in the atmosphere is released sometimes it's clouds and sometimes it's storms. sometimes it's just a gusty breeze and that's kind of what we have right now. is we get sort of in a transition right now. leaves have been blowing around and 20, 25-mile-per-hour wind that's what we've had during the afternoon right now kind of in-between gusts at this hour.
4:19 pm
but it's warm and a nice breeze especially out of the straight sun it's pretty nice. here's a look as we look downtown and over toward the park. right on toward the east side. you see more of a deeper blue sky? just indicates some of the moisture coming out of the atmosphere. some drier air coming in. and things looking a little bit more crisp. we're at 88 but the humidity the starting to drop with that west wind. the pressure is on the fall in the high 89. if it sticks 89 four out of the last five days 89-degree high in new york city. if there's a thunderstorm at 7:00, it's probably over -- ulster and sullivan and dutchess county. maybe the east ends of island or maybe ocean county along the shoreline. at that point though i think the storms are really east and northeast of us. partly cloudy to clear overnight. mostly sunny to partly sunny tomorrow with a low breeze and mid- and upper 80s should feel fantastic. radar and satellite right now. really on the southern fringe of the real feisty storms. they're up toward new england. that's where they have the severe thunderstorm warnings right now. but again a couple of these cells can still stroll across the mountains the catskills and then into parts of dutchess
4:20 pm
county and then you see, we just saw meteorologist jeff smith looking at what looked like a couple of threatening clouds over the north shore. don't seem to be anything severe by a brief little sprinkle over rocky point and also over the north fork of long island right now. also watch the jersey shore because there's a front nearby offshore. something could fire up near lbi. and our futurecast is still suggesting that is a possibility. and that would only last in a few hours of the evening hours and then the showers would begin to move away. high pressure is going to settle. a wonderful day tomorrow. even a good chunk of thursday looks great. the question is how long will this high be able to hold off this storm developing on the front range of the cockries and -- rockies and plains and now looking at the storm track and i'm sure you've heard about the forecast worrying about a soggy friday even lingering into part of the weekend. well, this storm track continues to trend south. that's good news for your outdoor plans on friday and saturday. i'll explain in a moment. less humid tomorrow. beautiful day. it's really the pick of the week at 87 degrees. got a front going through a high pressure settling in. standing guard for us because that low is starting to get
4:21 pm
into the tennessee valley. so clouds will be collecting especially south and west of new york city. more high clouds but the daylight hours are dry on thursday. isolated thunderstorm early this evening. otherwise partly cloudy to clear. the humidity continues to lower really nice breeze. nice summer night. sunny to partly cloudy tomorrow. breezy and warm but 87 with low humidity should be great and tomorrow night is really comfortable. 67 i can see the 50s in the northwest suburbs. coming up is this low going to end up to be a nearby miss or at least are we going talking about nicer weather north and maybe some rain to the south? that's something in the accuweather seven day forecast with a brand new futurecast when i come inside. but right now beautiful no imminent storm threat and we're going to get out of this one this afternoon. we have the severe thunderstorm watch over dutchess county until 8:00. but i think the storms are going to stay to the north this evening. guy . >> that's good to hear. a shocking and disturbing discovery. a crying newborn rescued from a bathroom. up next, the mystery that police now have to unravel. >> and a case of mistaken identity.
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a heart-breaking story that some of you may find disturbing, a baby is pulled out of a public toilet in china and incredibly, she's alive. they called police when they heard cries coming from the bathroom on sunday. the officer who saved the newborn says her body was pressed against the drown.
4:25 pm
once pulled out -- drain. once pulled out residents helped police before she was sent to a nearby hospital. the baby girl is in stable condition but her mother is nowhere to be found. >> just so disturbing to see. well, here's another story that's getting a lot of news, big game hunters will no longer be able to bring their trophies home on some airlines. delta airlines which has the most flights to africa said it won't ship lions, leopards and elephants rhinoceroses and buffalo trophies anymore. american airlines made a similar announcement but it's symbolic says the airline different go to -- since the airline doesn't go to africa. united has yet to make a decision. several foreign airlines also have an animal trophies ban. a case of mistaken identity has a dentist in louisiana taking heat for the dentist accused of killing cecil the lion. james palmer says they have been receiving death threats. the problem is he didn't kill the 13-year-old iconic lion in zimbabwe last month. that was dentist named walter james palmer. from minnesota.
4:26 pm
he tried to clear up the mixup by proclaiming his innocence on his facebook page but his office still is getting messages. >> constantly checking there's another one and i have to delete that one. i have to respond to that one. always on guard. >> now dave i'm more like to -- watch the animals than to hunt them. >> the threats are so bad james palmer called the police and asked them to increase patrols around his home and his business. a street swallowed. what caused this massive sinkhole to open up in a neighborhood in brooklyn? >> a port authority officer makes a special delivery at the world trade center station. >> i'm lauren glassberg at a dallas teaches dads -- class that teaches dads all about braiding their daughter's hair
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it's 4:30. and all new this half hour, a massive sinkhole in the middle of the street in brooklyn. so big, it swallowed up an entire intersection. why did the street suddenly give way?
4:30 pm
growing outrage over this. >> do what we asked you to do. [ crying ] >> a little boy handcuffed inside the classroom by a police officer. did police go too far? and a close call caught on camera. officers rescue a man from an oncoming train just in the nick of time. and we continue to follow breaking news in new jersey. a massive fire relationshipping through the apartment complex -- ripping through the apartment complex in ocean county in monomoth mouth county. the -- monmouth county. this is again in ocean township and all 18 garden apartments damaged and we're told the two police officers and one firefighter were taken to the hospital after suffering some smoke inhalation but no residents were injured. and our top story this half hour. a neighborhood in brooklyn shaken by more gun violence. five-time shot in a drive-by shooting. >> among the victims a 19-year- old pregnant woman. eyewitness news reporter darla
4:31 pm
miles in red hook with more on the victims and the call for action to curb the violence across the city. darla? >> reporter: dave, this was more than just a drive-by shooting. police say the two suspects actually got out of the suv and advanced into the house across the street and continued to shoot victims as they laid on the ground. and as you mentioned, the victims are two men and three women. >> she was in the operating room. and we was waiting hours. the only person that was able to speak with her mother at the moment and she had to speak to the nurse. >> reporter: from the bullet that grazed destiny jones monday night she will have a scar. >> we was at the hospital last night and i think she's recovering. everything is nice and setting at the moment but still in shock for what's going on. we can't believe it that people was coming around shooting women. pregnant women. >> reporter: 19-year-old special houston is that pregnant woman shot in red hook monday night just before 11:00.
4:32 pm
>> one of the females was shot and lost her baby. she was four months pregnant. and in regards to the shooting, what we have a two individuals who alight from a car. san suv. another male driving. together they get out of the car and they fire into is a crowd. >> reporter: two victims had been released from the hospital and 20-year-old devon callahan shot three times in the leg and is the expectant father who just lost a baby. his 22-year-old sister deanna smith is also home shot once in the left leg. >> they wasn't doing anything but waiting for their food to comb. one -- come. one was in the house, when she opened the door because she heard them screaming, the shooter saw her and shot her. >> reporter: community leaders joined some of the victims' family tuesday afternoon. renewing their calls to an end to this senseless violence. >> this was about a retaliatory shooting on the wrong block.
4:33 pm
this family had nothing to do with the senseless madness of that that the shooters carried out. >> reporter: this is a photo of the suspect the nypd is looking for. 19-year-old marquis frederick. the nypd believes this shooting is retaliatory shooting between two crews from gowanus houses and red hook houses but the problem is the family struck in the incident, this isn't red hook housings just a few blocks away. so if you know of his whereabouts, frederick, please call crime stoppers at 1-800- 577-tips. reporting live in red hook, darla miles, channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you darla. also in brooklyn, crews are trying to deal with a huge sinkhole. surveillance video shows how the massive sinkhole opened over the course of the morning at 64th street and fifth avenue in sunset park. and you can entire intersection. investigators say the cause looks like a 48-inch water main that was leaking under the road. >> appears to be some sort of
4:34 pm
water leak that undermined the road and washed away theth and that's why the street gave way. >> i guess this is part of the aging city. and mother nature. >> a water service expected to be in and out for a while because of this. roads in the immediate area are closed to both pedestrians and traffic. the mother from connecticut is accused of leaving her child in a hot car can't be alone with her baby for now. she faced a judge who made that ruling then she dashed out of court in norwalk. investigators say that she left her 4-month-old in her suv while she went to the gym for an hour last month. then the child was still reportedly left alone for another half hour. her husband is not around and she needs some other type of supervision with the child as the case moves forward. she also has to undergo a mental health evaluation. and nypd trying to find the man who attacked a first gay couple to be married at west point military academy. police release this side picture of the man they're looking for.
4:35 pm
they say he punched a man in the face in a soho bodega. but then the fight went the other way. according to the nypd attacks against gays are down 20% this year. new york city has created its first permanent task force to ensure there's no cheating at public schools. it's just one step in enforcing a zero tolerance policy for violations. the task force will provide training and resources to all schools to make sure they comply with policies and standards. also, an outside auditing firm will double czech data and any -- check test data. also new at 4:00, citi bike is coming to jersey city in mid- september and hundreds of bikes will be available to riders. and there's good news if you are a member or plan on becoming one. you can use the bikes in jersey city and new york city. there will be a 350 bikes at 35 stations in jersey city over the past two years the city has
4:36 pm
added 22 miles of bike lanes. beachgoers on long island can now upload their selfies at robert moses state park. wi-fi became available there just today. the service is called o ranger is and available thanks to a partnership with the state park department and toyota. toyota provided the equipment installation and maintenance and monitoring at no cost to taxpayers. officials say the wi-fi service will also help promote upcoming programs and events volunteer itchism and identify park visitation patterns. scientists now reversing course and some alarming findings. they previously reported. federal and city health officials disputed the report's claim that researchers found traces of anthrax and bubonic plague in several stations and now after further study scientists found no evidence the suspected dna samples belonged to any infectious bacteria. a special delivery at the world trade center p.a.t.h. station. earlier this morning a woman
4:37 pm
welcomed a healthy baby girl with the help of port authority police officers, the woman with her husband and 2-year-old son were going to the hospital for delivery when the woman said she felt the baby coming. the officers prepared the area for a possible birth. and when ems arrived there she came. >> she gets to decide you know? the time it's time. well, do you think you can walk and text at the same time? so many of us are doing it right? why multitasking could have a side effect you may not even expect. >> for some dads doing their daughter's hair can be hair- raising indeed.
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we're going to shoyo and we've been following some breaking news and there's a traffic mess on the new jersey turnpike. due to a truck that overturned and the southbound lanes near exit 12 in linden. this happened around 10:30 this morning but as you can see it's still causing massive massive delays. shannon stone is live in news copter 7 over the scene and shannon last time we checked in with you, you said that some areas it stretched back more than five miles? any better? and it -- >> yeah it's even worse depending on which way you were looking at it from. we are now to the north of the accident and looking at the new jersey turnpike i'm showing you
4:41 pm
with sky rider 7 that's the eastern spur. remember the southbound closure is sat 14. that eastern spur delay takes you back to 16 e. and i'm going to take you for a ride along the western spur because it's even worse here. this is a good six mile jam up and his it goes almost back to the vince lombardi service area, a nightmare and 1 and 9 unfortunately is the alternate and not going to be any better, reporting live over the turnpike, shannon stone, channel 7 eyewitness news. all right thanks a lot shannon. you know -- i just can't separate ourselves from this and maybe this is the next step with the cell phones. people are adapting so we can walk and text at the same time. researchers tested out the theory by having 30 people talk around an obstacle course. while trying to text. and the salts slowed their walks and shortened the length of the steps to decrease their risk of running into something. you do in unconsciously. but a separate study found walking and texting also forces people to hunch over leading to poor posture and balance.
4:42 pm
these researchers say distracted walking can still be dangerous. well, it doesn't have to always be fancy but for some dads it can be hard braiding their children's hair but help is on the way. >> there's a class to teach fathers how to get that perfect braid. eyewitness news reporter lauren glassberg checked it out. >> reporter: we're going to start with the very basics. >> reporter: cozy freedman is breaking down barriers. >> and here is everything that you need. >> reporter: by teaching dads how to care for their daughter's hair. >> this is your secret weapon. >> reporter: from detangling to braiding to creating a bun. >> i don't know how to do a bun. i don't know what a bun is. >> reporter: which is why the free class is perfect for ross and his daughter samantha. hair styling harder than his legal work. >> documents and clients usually sit still you know. children don't always do that. >> reporter: if you asked 8- year-old pia the issue isn't with kids. >> just not that patient. so he always just tugs my hair. >> reporter: so cozy explains in relatable terms.
4:43 pm
>> i like to think of the tangles sort of like a traffic jam. >> reporter: she says more dads are taking their kids to her salons these days. and that they can bond with their daughters over hair. >> i'm always scared for him to do it so i sort of never let him do anything but brush it. >> reporter: but today forare and her dad tom are game for something new. >> anything for your kids, absolutely. yeah and i do enjoy combing her hair you know at night. i'm good at that brushing it back and getting knots out. but this is a little different. >> reporter: to be fair sometimes moms struggle with braiding hair. and cozy has classes for the moms as well. >> we like to keep the dads separate because we want them the feel comfortable. and -- to feel comfortable. and you know i was joking it's their man cave that they shouldn't feel embarrassed because the other dads are there that are the same skill level as well. >> reporter: well, rick perez had the edge with twin daughters and now he's mastered the bun. but not every dad is so ambitious. >> i think i just want to get across with the basics.
4:44 pm
so i can brush her hair without her screaming. and generally get it into a state where she can go out and meet the general public. but yeah. >> reporter: lauren glassberg, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> think that lee is going to try that on his daughter. >> already an expert. no trying. well, dramatic video no show you. a man pulled from a car just moments before a train passed by. you will hear from the heroes who were in the right place at the right time.
4:45 pm
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two sheriff's deputies risked their own lives to safe a man from an on coming train. a man was still sitting inside his car on the train tracks as sunnyvale. one deputy dragged him out of the vehicle and the other waved at the train trying to get it to slow down. it wasn't able to stop so the and the driver out of the way in the nick of time. police believe he may have been under the influence. >> wow. that's no question the bravery involved in that. he just got that guy out. >> moving video. all right. beautiful. >> beautiful weather. >> i thought you were going to stay outside a little longer. >> i like to. i like to yeah i just have to you know -- totally give the all clear sign on the storms just because we're so close to this front and had some tornado warnings over parts of new england. on the southern fringe of that and the humidity is just about to be wrung out of the atmosphere.
4:48 pm
but so far so good. just these puffy clouds and a gusty breeze the only instability we have. we have appeaser of 8s right now sunshine and west wind 14 to 25 miles an hour. continuing to bring in the dry air. and it's partly cloudy at worst overnight numbers are in the evening hours beautiful summery in the 80s dropping into the 70s overnight. a low of a comfortable 73. the last place red sox visit the first place yankees oh that hurts. 81 degrees and westerly breeze about 11 to 23 degrees, i have to give props though right? mostly sunny skies and 7:00 in the morning tomorrow and then partly sunny during the dale tomorrow. a beautiful wednesday and the best day of the week. all a big thunderstorms over new england along i-90 a couple of them have been sneaking into sullivan and ulster and dutchess county. but osteoses winds -- you see the southwest winds shifting to just west. a cold front coming through and still very am out there. reached 89, 90-degree across parts of the area but the hie dew points only along the eastern end of long island and connecticut.
4:49 pm
these are the areas with a cell these are the areas with a cell or two flare up during the evening hours. of a thunderstorm. and then futurecast still suggesting that. i mean even during the early evening hours where we see one or two along the coast. because there's still a front sitting right here offshore. so i wouldn't be shocked to see coastal ocean county i mean down toward let's say long beach island. stafford township. maybe point pleasant. then that would leave the scene. tomorrow is a great day in the low and mid 80s during the afternoon hours. i'll get to a long-term futurecast in just a moment. about that friday storm system. west wind tomorrow boaters little choppy. the rip countriesing is down from high to -- current risk is down from high to moderate. the air quality will be going back to good. all right, watch the trend with this storm systemment only one computer model but look at this low coming out of the middle of the country on wednesday. and all indications of last couple of days it's going to be very close to us. pretty good soaking rain but where it's taking most of the steady rain here as it goes into friday. slipping it right underneath the tristate area. i'm not ready to buy that far
4:50 pm
south yet of a track. i still think at least some cloud cover and some rain from the city on south. but very close call and you have to like that trend if you want the outdoor activities to be okay friday into saturday. so the very least i'm forecastings increasing clouds on thursday and sun icon there on friday. pretty decent conditions especially north of the city. 78. bumped up saturday's high and clouds giving way to sun about 80 the better half of the weekend is sunday but saturday is improving. we like all the trends as we go through the week. so there you go. i'll have the latest seven day at 5:00. >> so from one trend to another wednesday. what do you have for us? >> wow yeah. boy we're trend happy here, here's on this tuesday, and sadly, many breakups make the trend. but i never thought i would zoo this one. and kermit the frog made it official on facebook. he and miss piggy are done. splitsville. >> what? >> yes. this according to his post. and he says it was miss piggy that broke it off. now no word if this is a publicity ploy to get the new
4:51 pm
shows but at any rate he's devastated by the news. >> booker my? >> that was sad. all right back to the real world and reality star kim richardson was one of the stars of "the real housewives of beverly hills" was arrested on sunday for allegedly shopping. this was her second arrest this year, the first one took place in april where she appeared to be intoxicated outside the hotel. meanwhile reality is the basis for the upcoming movie on the life story of mma champ ronda rousey. fresh off the heels of a 34 second victory in the ring. this weekend. she announced on her facebook page today she is set to star in a movie based on her life story. her book "my fight, your fight" getting the green light to come to the big screen. she's got a great story to tell. somebody took the time to go through a box load of movies and pull out all the dialogue and find the lyrics to "uptown funk" and this is what they got.
4:52 pm
>> girls hit you -- >> hallelujah. [ laughter ] >> i like this. >> can you imagine? you know my fear is that some poor intern got the job of finding all the lyrics to the songs right? the makers of the clip sorted through 280 different movies. >> wow. it's a lot. >> to finish this song. >> you have sand lot and breakfast club and -- wow. there's a lot. >> puppable fiction there. finally. check out how smart this german shepherd is. once it realized where everybody else in the house is getting -- it knew it would never have to bark for a ball again. just take a look at this. all right, not for nothing. i don't want to have water on that right now. >> yeah. yeah. >> ridge traitor, but it's good for the dog. all right. >> the highlight making it -- light makes it exciting too. jackpot.
4:53 pm
>> it is jackpot. >> he's like i need bottled water too. >> check out the trend at 7online and send us the trend ideas using the hashtag hetrend. that's how smart the pets are. >> really smart. okay thanks david. well, a story that sparking outrage worldwide. why did a sheriff handcuff a little boy inside the classroom and it's not the only incident. >> and we've concentrated so much of the problems on the turnpike, here's a look at the delays at the hudson river crossings. the biggest problem? 30 minutes at the spinning pinwheel of death. the disappearing wi-fi icon. the frozen download bar. you don't need a magician to fix these things. you need fios internet. get fios 50 meg internet, tv and phone now for $79.99 a month, price guaranteed for 2 years.
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an 8-year-old boy inside a classroom and now we are hearing it happened to two children in kentucky with adhd.
4:56 pm
the incidents have ignited firestorms both in their neighborhood and on the internet. >> reporter: an alarming classroom scene caught on video, watch as this kentucky sheriff handcuffs an 8-year-old boy. >> do what we have asked you to or we are going to handcuff you. >> reporter: this third grader crying out in pain, his hands behind his back, handcuffed for 15 minutes because of behavior his attorney says is related to his adhd. >> sit down in the chair like i've asked you to. >> he stands 3 1/2 feet tall, weighed approximately 54 pounds and at no time is he ever a danger to himself or anybody else. >> reporter: the video was released monday by the american civil liberties union, part of a new federal lawsuit just filed against this sheriff, the aclu and attorneys for the parents alleging he subjected this and another child with
4:57 pm
disabilities to unnecessary and excessive handcuffing, claiming as a result they experienced pain, fear and emotional trauma in an exacerbation of their disabilities. >> handcuffs have no place in schools with little children who are having discipline issues. >> reporter: according to department of education, students with disabilities make up 12% of public school students but make up 75% of all students subjected to physical restraint at school. >> it was your decision to behave this way. >> reporter: now the aclu is calling for an end to this kind of discipline saying it does more harm than good. >> if you want the handcuffs off you're going to have to behave and ask me nicely. >> reporter: the sheriff's department says it will not comment until it reviews this lawsuit. shirleen allicot, channel 7 eyewitness news. more news ahead including another update on the turnpike delays.
4:58 pm
eyewitness news at 5:00 begins right now. this is new york's number 1 news, channel 7 eyewitness news with diana williams and sade baderinwa and lee goldberg with the exclusive accuweather forecast, now eyewitness news at 5:00. major developments on three big stories. power problems from a massive storm on long island could leave people in the dark for days. and firefighters still on the scene of a fast moving fire that destroys most were an apartment complex. right now the search for a cause. also a fiery crash on the new jersey turnpike still being cleaned up hours after it happened and causing a big backup. good evening. i'm sade baderinwa. >> and i'm diana williams and we begin with an update on that accident that has impacted tens of thousands of drivers on one of the busiest highways in the northeast. right now crews still trying to clean up the mess which is causing traffic backups for miles. >> a sign that some progress has been made with the last hour, new jersey reporter toni yates has been able to move closer to the scene. toni.
4:59 pm
>> reporter: sade, diana, take a look at all of the work happening behind me on the southbound lanes of the turnpike. they are trying to repair utility lines that run under the overpass. now, we are behind some fences on a lot nearby. that dump truck is it still out there -- is still out there on the turnpike as state police investigate. meantime no traffic flowing southbound and right now no official release yet about the truck driver. an eyewitness news viewer sent us this video as he was passing the dumpster truck fire in his tow truck, the vehicle lying on its side slammed up against the support columns for the south wood avenue overpass. newscopter 7 overhead showing us the immediate impact of the crash. turnpike traffic backed up on both sides, a full stop and an hour's long wait for drivers. >> very upset. going 5 miles in three hours. >> where are you going to? >> i'm going to philadelphia. >> very slow, very slow.


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