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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  August 5, 2015 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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eyewitness news returns breaking developments tonight. yet another movie theater attack. this time, the gunman wearing a surgical mask, armed with a hatchet. then opening fire. after dousing moviegoers with pepper spray. several injuries. late details coming in from the scene. also, a major development in the mystery of flight 370. authorities just today revealing what they now know about that piece of wing. the first big debate. donald trump center stage. and tonight, we learn of a phone call between trump and former president bill clinton. what they talked about. the giant storm swirling toward one of the tallest buildings in the world at this hour. already hitting an island with tens of thousands of americans. and, the mystery of the champion diver. she could hold her breath for nine minutes. diving deeper than the statue of liberty.
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tonight, missing in the water. good evening. it's great to have you with us on a wednesday night. we begin with the horror that played out at yet another movie theater, this time near nashville, tennessee. when police arrived, the gunfire. you can hear the gun battle that broke out there, s.w.a.t. teams storming the theater. the gunman was killed, and several moviegoers injured. and two bags carried by the shooter. and we begin tonight with steve osunsami. [ gun shots ] >> reporter: tonight, shots fired and people running for their lives at a movie theater in tennessee. around 1:13 p.m. the first calls came in describing a man armed
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with a gun and a hatchet. >> it was a lot of shots. they coming from the side of the theater. >> reporter: witnesses say the suspect wearing two back packs and a surgical mask. he walked into a showing of the new "mad max" film. one of the officers who was first on the scene confronted him, and suddenly they were in a gun fight. >> the suspect raised his weapon toward that officer, pulled the trigger. that officer then fired on the suspect and then backed away from the theater. >> reporter: outside officers found a man hit in the shoulder with the hatchet and two women recovering from being sprayed with pepper spray. they're being treated at a nearby hospital. about 20 people were still hiding out inside. >> i went out to use the bathroom and there were two cops out there. and told me to go back into the theater, and if i saw somebody, a white man with red hair, i needed to get out immediately
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because he had a gun on him. >> reporter: then a s.w.a.t. team storms the theater, tearing through the cloud of the gunman's pepper spray forcing out the back door of the theater where police are waiting. [ gun shots ] >> reporter: firing away, and killing him. tonight, bomb squads blew up the backpack the man left behind and they're praising for that brave officer. >> the actions of that first officer who went in to the theater to engage this individual may have saved multiple individuals inside that theater, as officers worked to evacuate everyone in there. >> reporter: steve osunsami, abc news, atlanta. >> steve, thank you. and this coming just two weeks after the deadly attack in lafayette, louisiana. the wake of these attacks and the attack in aurora, colorado,
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there have been calls to keep movie goers safe. but what can they do? here's cecelia vega. >> reporter: just two weeks ago. lafayette, louisiana. the grand 16. john russell houser, buying a ticket. he opens fire, killing two people, injuring nine others, before he turns the gun on himself. just monday, the star, amy schumer, making an emotional plea. >> i thought about the victims each day since the tragedy. >> reporter: and we all remember this. aurora, colorado, 2012. the century 16 movie theater. it was a midnight showing of "the dark knight rises." a lone gunman dressed in tactical clothing, carrying multiple guns, fires into the audience. a dozen people killed. 70 others injured.
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james holmes pleading guilty by reason of insanity. he now faces the death penalty. tonight, sam -- some calling for increased security. beefing up security would extremely expensive. metal detectors cost about $5,000 apiece. >> >> >>. and now, to the major discovery. tonight, malaysian officials confirming it is flight 370. and tracking the ocean currents, turning counterclockwise. this evening, can they now use
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maps to search backward for the rest of the plane? david kerley with the story. >> reporter: tonight, tangible proof. >> it is with a very heavy heart -- >> reporter: the prime minister breaking the news himself tonight. >> the debris is indeed from mh 370. >> reporter: this part of the wing is for now the only piece of the puzzle. mh 370 is the only 777 missing. so, it likely is it. we don't know why or where it crashed. and it's consistent with where oceanographers predicted the
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wind, waves, and currents would carry. >> the real answer is sitting at the bottom of the ocean. >> reporter: sources tell abc news that the investigators here in france have not found a serial number that would connect it to mh 370. so, the language some of them are using, extra cautious. we may have more answers in the days ahead. and the countdown is on to tomorrow night, the big republican showdown. donald trump next to jeb bush. and tonight, google releasing this map. everywhere you see red, donald trump is the most anticipated.
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and now, a phone call between donald trump and former president bill clinton. what did they talk about? tom llamas in cleveland. >> reporter: tonight, donald trump dealing with a surprising new report. aides confirming to abc news that president bill clinton spoke with trump just weeks before he jumped into the race. this could fuel attacks from other candidates at the debate that trump is too cozy with the clintons. trump telling "gma," he won't be the pit bull. >> if i'm attacked, i have to, you know, do something back. but i'd like it to be very civil. >> reporter: candidates like senator marco rubio say their target is not trump. >> barack obama was able to be re-elected because republicans spent a lot of time attacking each other. so i'm not going to spend a second making life easier for hillary clinton to get elected. >> reporter: tonight, hillary clinton, slamming republican candidate jeb bush as out of touch after he made this comment. >> i'm not sure we need a half a billion dollars for women's health issues. >> reporter: bush later saying he misspoke.
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he says he meant funding planned parenthood. trump says he's not preparing for the debate, others like dr. ben carson and mike huckabee, are both seen in front of faux podiums. >> stay away from the "oh, i gotcha" moment. and try to say, this is who i am and this is why i would make a better president than the rest of these people on stage. >> reporter: it's a break through. there are ten on stage fighting for very little time. and all eyes will be front and center on donald trump. and let's get right to jon karl. >> one top trump advisor said that president clinton told trump he could have a huge impact and could be a real dis disrupt disruptor.
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but saying the subject of 2016 never came up. a little hard to believe. >> and some of the candidates, watching "the apprentice" before the debate. but what is donald trump doing to get ready? >> aides with attack lines to expect, and one of them told me, trump doesn't rehearse. they said, we have no idea what the expect. >> he said himself he's not a debate guy, right? >> right. and tonight, president obama taking on critics of his nuclear deal with iran. warning that the only alternative is war. >> let's not mince words. the choice is ultimately between diplomacy or some form of war. maybe not tomorrow or three months from now.
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but soon. >> the president defiant, saying republican opposition to the deal is knee-jerk partisanship. and vowing that if iran cheats, we can and will catch them. we move on to the monster in the pacific churning. the typhoon, the strongest on earth this year. at this hour, headed toward taiwan, and in the shadow of 104 floors of glass, neal karlinsky. neal? >> reporter: david, good evening. talk about a bullseye. the taipei 101 building right there could be in for a direct hit from this massive typhoon.
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the building, as you mentioned, 101 stories, all glass, is built to withstand a typhoon. but this one could put it to the test. typhoon soudelor barreling its way across the pacific had hit wind speeds of up to 180 miles per hour. and after marching across saipan is expected to hit taiwan as the equivalent of a category 4 hurricane. they're experienced with catastrophic typhoons here, but worry this one could be bad. >> thank you. we turn to major developments in the case of the american doctor that killed a beloved lion. now, for the first time, we hear from the professional guide that played a key role in that hunt. ryan smith tonight. >> reporter: professional hunter theo bronkhorst arrived at a zimbabwe court today. accused of putting this man, american dentist dr. walter palmer, in position to illegally kill cecil the lion. rejecting the case against him.
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>> think it's frivolous and i think it's wrong. >> reporter: bronkhorst led the expedition for dr. walter palmer, losing his hunting license after allegedly luring the lion out of the safety of a wildlife preserve. the killing created an international uproar, sending dr. palmer into hiding, his vacation home vandalized. though he has said he believed the hunt was legal. a white house petition demanding dr. palmer's extradition has 230,000 signatures so far. delta and american airlines announcing they will no longer ship big game trophies. on twitter, the hashtag #boycottups growing to pressure the carrier, which has said it will continue to ship them, as long as the hunts are legal. the trial has been postponed until september. if convicted, bronkhorst could face up to 15 years behind bars. david, officials are intensifying their efforts to bring dr. palmer back into this country to face justice for killing cecil. david? >> thank you. and new details in the case
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of the two missing florida boys. setting out on a fishing trip, and vanishing nearly two weeks ago when their boat capsized. a possible new clue, a private search team discovering two life jackets off the coast of georgia. now trying to determine if they belonged to the two boys. and now, dash cam video of a driver and the sound of 12 bullets as he was shot dead. here's mara schiavocampo. >> reporter: tonight, never before seen dash cam video of another controversial police shooting showing the moments just before former florida a&m football player jonathan ferrell is killed. north carolina officers responding to a call of breaking and entering when ferrell walks towards them as the light from a police taser appears on ferrell's chest, he starts
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running. >> get on the ground! >> reporter: moments later, police gunfire, killing the 24-year-old. this video played during the trial of charlotte police officer randall kerrick, facing voluntary manslaughter charges in ferrell's 2013 death. police say ferrell had just crashed his car when he went to a nearby home for help at 2:30 in the morning, alarming the homeowner, who called police. prosecutors say ferrell, who was unarmed, was running away from the taser light. in fear for his life. but defense attorneys say he was charging the officers. prosecutors say afterhe was shot, officers on the scene did not provide medical attention and was handcuffed as he lay dying. >> thank you. still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this wednesday.
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one of the foot's favorite rituals happens at the water's edge. here, they must look their best. smooth, beautiful skin is an advantage. the others can only hide in shame. introducing the new dr. scholl's dreamwalk express pedi. we're going to turn next to the mysterious disappearance of a champion diver. on her most recent dive, vanishing without a trace. here's matt gutman tonight. >> reporter: tonight, the search intensifying for a champion of the deep. natalia molchanova vanished into the depths she'd spent a lifetime exploring. the 53-year-old mother picked up the sport later in life, holding
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dozens of free-diving records some of them unbelievable, death-defying feats. many chronicled on her website. including for breath hold, nine minutes, and depth, well over 400 feet. that's more than two statues 0f liberty, torch to base. but it was a shallow, recreational dive, barely 100 feet, that may have killed her. sport officials saying she disappeared off the coast of spain sunday where currents were strong. while increasingly popular, free-diving is also considered one of the deadliest extreme sports. divers trained to ignore their body's cry for air. something i was taught in the cayman islands. see those convulsions? that's my body demanding to breathe. >> breathe. >> good job. a good, solid five minutes on the dot. >> reporter: the sport has claimed many of its greats and tonight molchanova's family believes the depth's she'd conquered may have claimed her. matt gutman, abc news, los angeles.
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finally, it never seemed fair that only michael j. fox had one. the hoverboard in "back to the future". >> reporter: who could forget michael j. fox in "back to the future"? the great getaway onboard his hoverboard. many of us wanted one ourselves. tonight, what was "back to the future" is now here. tonight, the new images just released by lexus, of a skateboarder floating several inches above the pavement, the ramp, even above the water. but hold on. it isn't easy. a project 18 months in the making, beginning in texas. >> going around the corner as fast as we could and then we started setting up the jump.
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making it higher. making the gap bigger. we progressed quick. real quick. >> reporter: tonight here, the science revealed. here's how it works. superconductors bathed in liquid nitrogen inside the board create a powerful magnetic field. beneath the board, a track embedded with magnets creating their own magnetic field. when the two fields combine, they repel one another, creating that lift. the kind of science that made marty mcfly, fly. >> thanks for watching tonight. we hope to see you tomorrow.
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