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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  August 6, 2015 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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until then, enjoy your evening. tonight, the big debate is here. donald trump just landing. our reporter waiting, trump saying he's no debater, so was there no debate prep. >> welcome to cleveland. is it true you did not prepare? >> how we're also with jeb bush tonight who will stand riekt next to trump on that stage. are we about to see fireworks. also the movie theatre horror, what we have learned about the lighter fluid. what was the plan. the airborne disease in new york city. ten dead, nearly 100 sickened, and the case in another state. the cdc called in tonight, and dr. besser shows us how it spreads. the fight that breaks out on a flight to chicago. passengers recording it all, revealing what ignited the whole thing. too close for comfort, the
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scare for taylor swift. good evening and it's great to have you with us tonight. as we come on the air, our team is on the ground in cleveland tonight. the republican candidates arriving at this hour. the first big debate about to begin. and the video coming in late today. you can see there donald trump touching down, about to take center stage, the man to beat, well ahead in the polls. saying he's no debate, but our tom llamas asked, did you prepare at all. look at the lineup tondight, the ten con tnders. let's great straight to tom llamas on the ground where he talked to trump just a short time ago. good evening. >> reporter: good evening. tonight you can feel the electricity out here. usually it's for the cleveland cavaliers and king james that play here but tonight it's for the republicans with all eyes on trump. will he falter, will he fielt and can anyone break through? >> reporter: tonight, trump force one landing just hours before the debate, carrying not only the republican frontrunner
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but the entire trump clan. >> welcome to cleveland. is it true you did not prepare? >> i'm not too -- well, let's put it this way. i've been preparing all my life. we have to make our country great again. that's what we have to do, make america great again. >> reporter: what is it like to have the bull's eye? his closest competition, governor jeb bush, earlier reaching out to a higher power. >> this is the main way i plan pray to my creator. >> and so are you excited, are you nervous? it's been awhile since you've been on the debate stage. >> none of that stuff matters. i'm going to speak from my heart. it'll be fun. i'm looking forward to it. >> reporter: also at the top of the pack wisconsin governor scott walker, one of the last to arrive in cleveland, local politics coming first. >> a lot of people are wondering why are you not in cleveland? because i love to come to the state fair. >> reporter: abc news tracking all the candidates. some spending time with family, taking time out for supporters, and like governor chris christie who barely cracked the top 10 on the move today. >> how are you? >> we'll be ready. >> reporter: tonight many
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wondering if trump will get specific about policy, a trump tax plan now back in the headlines. trump once proposed a one-time 14.25 percent tax on those making more than $10 million. >> it would pay off in its entirety the national debt of $5.7 trillion. sglr david, this is going to be the largest live audience for a republican debate. 5,000 people are going to be inside that arena. it's going to get loud, so loud, at one point fox news considered using the nba buzzer sound to cut off candidates when they went overtime. thankfully that's not going to happen. >> tom, thank you. let's get right to abc's chief white house correspondent, jonathan karl who is inside the arena tonight. jon, so much talk about trump being the target. is there somebody else on that stage candidates might be going after. >> reporter: for all that talk about the bull's eye on dond trump, i see no candidate coming into this debate trying to pick a fight with donald trump.
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he may be the obvious front-runner right now but they don't see him as having a chance to win the nomination. they will be going after jeb bush. still seen as the man to beat. >> jon karl, thanks for that. let's get right to one other question tonight with matthew dowd. donald trump said this. >> i've never debated before. i'm not a debater. >> he said i've never been in a debate before. what do you make of this? >> that's probably an accurate statement. he's much more used to giving orders in his previous life. >> delivering it out there. >> telling people what it is. >> when he says no debate prep, you've prepped candidates for years before you became our analyst here, do you believe there's been no prep. >> he's been prepped. this is about lowering expectation. what every candidate wants to do is lower expectations far enough so you can exceed them so the story is in the aftermath that you exceeded the lower expectations.
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that's exactly what dojd trump is doing. >> thank you. we turn to major developments in that movie theatre attack outside nashville, the gunman wielding a hatchet, back packs with fake explosives, wearing a surgical mask, dousing the crowd with pepper spray and tonight what we're now learning. he was also carrying lighter fluid and propane. then his confrontation with police, a hail of gunfire as s.w.a.t. teams moved in. tonight here for the first time we hear from the hero cop who saved so many lives. abc's steve osunsami again tonight. >> credit lies here. >> reporter: tonight we're hearing from the officer who police say stopped the attack at this nashville area movie theater. >> immediately upon entering the theater, i was engaged with what i perceived to be small arms fire from the small caliber handgun. >> reporter: officer jonathan frith confronted the attacker in the dark. he and other officers had come from a car accident just minutes away. >> i engaged that figure with one shot with my patrol rifle
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and immediately backed out >> reporter: we're also hearing the calls for help. >> and he pulled out like a hatchet and started attacking this family and then he pulled out a gun and we all ran out of the theater. >> reporter: police say that 29-year-old vincente david montano was carrying canisters of propane and lighter fluid to use as explosives. witnesses say he was also spraying pepper spray in people's faces and carrying what police now know was a fake gun. he wounded this man in the shoulder with the hatchet. >> i have no idea why this gentleman decided to attack us. >> reporter: a s.w.a.t. team forced montano outside, where he was killed by police gunfire. [ gun shots ] >> reporter: his own mother sounded an alarm three days ago, filing this missing person's report, telling police her son was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. he was institutionalized four times since 2004, the same year police arrested him for assault. montano was clearly looking at a life-long struggle with mental health issues and he lost that struggle here at the movies. authorities say it's a blessing
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no one else is seriously hurt. david. >> our thanks to you again tonight, steve. we're going to turn now to the growing outbreak, the new numbers coming in, that deadly airborne bacteria, legionnaire's disease now in two parts of the country. here in new york city 100 infected, the death toll rising now, ten dead. officials pinpointing the source. they say cooling towers meant to cool down buildings are able to spread bacteria through mist in the air. victims might never know on the street. the mayor of new york issuing a major call to action, the cdc called in and here's gio benitez. >> reporter: tonight, america's largest city on alert for legionnaire's disease. >> we've never seen an outbreak like this. >> reporter: officials have been saying they have it under control, but today calling in the cdc with that rising number of cases, now 100 infected and 10 dead. the disease a type of severe pneumonia caused by breathing in water vapor that contains the legionella bacteria, five cooling towers in the bronx testing positive for it. our dr. richard besser climbed to the top of a similar tower to
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show how bacteria spreads. >> it's shot out of these giant fans into the air. if it's contaminated with legionellae, it can travel for as far as seven miles. >> reporter: today the city's health commissioner ordering all building owners to test and clean their cooling towers within 14 days or face a misdemeanor. the disease is not linked to water towers like these that store tap water or to home window or central air conditioners like these. >> reporter: the people who died all had other health issues as well, but the scary part is, david, that everyone who contracted the disease got it by just breathing the air in this neighborhood. >> real concern here in new york. thank you. our dr. rich besser was a top expert on legionnaire's at the cdc and rich sat down with the new york city health commissioner asking her are he confident they really have the source of this. here's what she said. >> we are confident that we found the cooling towers that were the culprits. >> the governor of new york just
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called in the cdc to send a team. is he as confident as you are that this is under control? >> they offered and we accepted. we are still in the ink base period. >> still in the incubation period. that means people can still get sick, rich? >> exactly. at least for another week here. if you've been to that area where this is taking place and you develop flu-like systems, you need to get seen right away. there's an eebt that can save your life. >> the women another flint i believe that's not connected to this case? >> exactly. there's cases all over the country. it's a very dangerous disease. >> rich, thank you. we are following another breaking headline now from the pentagon. word of a sophisticated cyber attack targeting the joint chiefs of staff, thousands of american workers, their e-mails hacked. tonight of reports who could be behind it, russia, possibly china. abc's chief global affairs correspondent, martha raddatz live in washington. good evening.
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>> reporter: the good news is these were unclassified e-mails but you're still talking about a network of 2500 people on the pentagon's joint staff, war planners, decision makers, a pentagon officials tell us they have never seen an attack quite like this one. a phishing attack, meaning that the hackers dummied up either an e-mail or a log-in that looked so real that a member of the joint staff could have been fooled by it and clicked on a link that opened up all kinds of opportunities for the hackers who they do believe were from russia or china. >> we turn to the severe weather tonight, 20 million americans in the storm zone, flash flood watches in 7 states. in oklahoma, sheets of rain overnight and this super cell forming in the skies over arcadia, oklahoma. two very powerful pockets of weather and ginger zee tacking them. >> dozens of reports, especially in the southeast.
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the trees are down from south carolina back into georgia. that severe thunderstorm watch goes until 10:00 p.m. there's another area in pink. the primary threat is hail and even a reported tornado already. south, dallas, little rock, oklahoma city, the story is all heat. not only will you be hot in general but the heat index could reach 110 and surpass it all the way through the weekend. >> 108 in houston. ginger, stick with us because we're also tracking that typhoon. this taken by scott kelly from the international space station. one of the tallest buildings in taipei, and neal karlinsky sending us this from inside the building. >> we're near the top right now. being in a 101 story building made of glass might be a terrible idea in the middle of a typhoon but they insist they can take it. they can withstand up to 134
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mile per hour winds however this typhoon might come in with winds up to 140 miles per hour. >> it's really the sustained winds, how long it's going to last is the real concern. >> yes, the sustained winds are 110 miles per hour. this storm has the potential to restrengthen. warmer water, less wind sheer. as it goes towards taiwan, it's going to hit tomorrow. the time is important with the wind because the northeast quadrant is where you're going to see the most storm surge. then you talk about rainfall, land slides could be a problem, well over a foot of rain in some places. >> ginger, thank you. we're also following a developing headline on malaysia flight 370, claims of more debris now washing up, what appears to be a piece of a plane window. reports of possible seat cushions, aluminum foil discovered on the same island where this part of a wing was discovered last week. malaysian authorities confirming that the wing is from the missing plane, they believe. we've shown you the map here, the currents that may have carried that debris thousands of
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miles. tonight word from french investigators deploying new search teams to reunion island to look for more debris. back here at home tonight and to louisiana, the arrest late today of an accused cop killer. the suspect charged with murder, wanted for shooting a shareveport police officer. the suspect already wanted for a to another manhunt hunt in california. the suspect presumed to be armed and dangerous wanted in a string of violent crimes, a murder, a kidnapping, a shoot-out with police. helicopters lifting water and supplies to search teams. the suspect believed to be breaking into homes in the area, stealing supplies. to arizona and the case of mistaken identity. bounty hunting raiding this home in phoenix, receiving a tip about a wanted fugitive pounding on the door of a police chief
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instead. abc's ryan owens on the bounty hunter who got it wrong. >> bail recovery. open the door. >> reporter: nearly a dozen armed bounty hunters closing on a fugitive inside this phoenix house, or so they think. >> open the door! >> reporter: a tip on facebook brings them here in their search for 310-pound black man wanted on drug charges. >> i'm looking for roderick. open the door! >> reporter: a white man, who weighs about half that, refuses to open the door and his girlfriend calls police. >> we have some -- i don't know if they're bounty hunters. they just banged on our door and they're looking for somebody. >> reporter: the wrong somebody. this home belongs to phoenix's police chief who was dead asleep late tuesday night and came to the door in his underwear with his police baton. >> you're looking for who? >> roderick. >> reporter: and when one of those bounty hunters allegedly property, he's the one who ended up behind bars. >> someone could have been killed. >> reporter: so who polices
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these bounty hunters? the answer to that is all over the map, quite literally. here in california, they are licensed and trained. in arizona, critics say it's a lot more like the wild west. >> ryan, thank you. we turn overseas to japan, the solemn conversation in hiroshima, marking 70 years since the u.s. dropped an atomic bomb, killing 130,000 people. caroline kennedy, the u.s. ambassador to japan in the crowd there. the "new york times" headline from that day, the bomb equal to 20,000 tons of tnt. these images showing it then and now, healing these past seven decades. there's still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this thursday. the case of air rage and the fight right before takeoff. it was all recorded by passengers. the passenger punching another man, fighting with police, and the video tonight now revealing how this whole thing was started. also at this hour, the
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famous hockey star winning the stanley cup two months ago, tonight facing disturbing new headlines headlines. the concert scare for taylor swift, the fan rushing the stage, trying to grab her in the middle of the concert. her response tonight coming up.every insurance company understands the life behind it. those who have served our nation. have earned the very best service in return. usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. to you, they're more than just a pet. so protect them... ...with k9 advantix ii. it's broad-spectrum protection kills fleas, ticks and mosquitoes too. k9 advantix ii. for the love of dog .
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spiriva helps me breathe better. to learn about spiriva respimat slow-moving mist, ask your doctor or visit next tonight, the new case of air rage before takeoff in chicago. an unruly passenger punching another man, fighting with police trying to get him off the plane. and all of it allegedly starting when the passenger refused to turn off his cell phone. here's abc's ron claiborne. >> reporter: a passenger who wouldn't get off his cell phone is ordered off this plane at chicago's o'hare airport. as he's walking off, he argues with another passenger, then punches him. police rush on board and take him down. >> every single day we see a passenger disturbance that we have to deal with. >> reporter: we've seen this kind of thing before. sometimes passengers taking matters into their own hands like on this flight from iceland to new york. in russia, when an intoxicated passenger threatened flight attendants, a group of men
6:49 pm
wrestled him to the floor, tying him up with seat belts and tape. disruptive passengers are a big problem. more than 8,000 incidents just in 2013 alone. melees like these can delay flights, waste fuel and cause passengers to miss connections. and it can cost airlines up to $200,000 per incident. that plane in chicago had to return from runway to gate to remove that out of control passenger, turning what should have been a quick flight into one more air travel mess. ron claiborne, abc news, new york. when we come back tonight, the champion sports star under investigation, the disturbing new report coming in tonight. also too close for comfort. did you see this? swift. tonight the big headline for one of america's sweethearts. many cheering at this hour for
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chicago blackhawks, stanley cup champions, there are reports of a woman accusing him of sexual assault. an investigation is under way. the flightening moment for taylor swift on stage. she's performing here and an overeager fan grabbing her ankle. swift not approving but moving on with the concert. she did post on instagram she can't wait to be back on the stage tonight. to another of america's sweethearts, this time jennifer aniston is married, tying the knot with long time boyfriend justin theroux. a picture of the couple boarding the plane on the way to their honeymoon. we wish them well. when we come back here tonight, saying good night to a late night favorite. can you remember some of his greatest hits? so you're a small business expert from at&t? yeah, give me a problem and i've got the solution. well, we have 30 years of customer records. our cloud can keep them safe and accessible anywhere.
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finally tonight here, after 16 years, the end of an era on late night tv. with all due respect to jon stewart, your moment is in. >> reporter: 16 years after he started, tonight jon stewart
6:57 pm
will welcome us one final time last night thanking his correspondents. >> you guys are amazing. >> we're going to miss you, jon. >> reporter: even the tears bringing laughs. louis ck with his own theory. >> the best way to make it go bad is to hold onto it too long. you got to let it go. it's really time to go. >> reporter: it's hard to remember "the daily show" before jon stewart. >> welcome, welcome to the daily. >> reporter: he grew up in new jersey, his parents divorcing when he was nine. challenging those in power. >> let me deflate the attention right off the bat. apology accepted. >> reporter: presidents fair game, too. making fun of president obama and his campaign promise. yes, we can. >> it wouldn't be yes, we can, given certain conditions? >> no, no, i think what i would say is, yes, we can, but it is not --
6:58 pm
>> reporter: the president turning to say good-bye. >> i can't believe that you're leaving before me. >> reporter: it's been an unforgettable run, laughter and some tears after returning off 9/11. through it all jon stewart and his self-deprecating humor and his question last night. >> do i amuse you? how do i amuse you? am i a clown? is that what you think? >> the irreplaceable jon stewart. thanks for watching here on a thursday night. i'm david muir. i hope to see you right back here tomorrow.
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