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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  August 7, 2015 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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check on the child after it fell. in fact, they say that when police knocked on the door, sources were saying this family denied there was even a child in that household. that was the condition of a 20 day old baby boy, dressed in a blue and white onesie when mosul looked into her courtyard friday morning. >> 4:00 in the morning i step out and i hear something fall out the window, like a book, and i go downstairs into the courtyard and i say the young boy. >> reporter: that baby identified as -- born only on july 18th. she called 911 and in two minutes her building on 115th street in richmond hill was swarming with officers. >> as i am sleeping, i wake up to the noise of people just running up and down the stairs, lights are flashing outside my window, my dog is barking. >> reporter: at this point police believe ahmad was tossed out of a fourth floor window.
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his 21-year-old mother taken to jamaica medical center for observation. there were three other adults in the apartment at the time who are still being questioned by police. and while taylor resa heard the aftermath, his brother overhead noises minutes before the infant was tossed. >> we live right below them, so he heard like a huge tantrum of a kid crying and like just running up and down. that's all he heard. >> reporter: now, this is a live look at the apartment building where this child was tossed from. you can see there's still an nypd officer guarding the front entrance of this building. we are told by sources they are still serving a search warrant on that apartment and those family members are still being questioned at the 102nd precinct but no charges have been filed in this incident. reporting live in richmond hill, darla miles, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> darla, thank you. new information about a disturbing discovery in rockland county, a fetus found
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in a sewer grate, the county now tells eyewitness news that the fetus was not viable, consistent with a miscarriage, a worker spotted it this morning while cleaning. the medical examiner will determine the exact cause death. new at 4:00, an unpleasant surprise greeting some drivers in new jersey this morning. they woke up to discover their tires had been slashed. police are trying to figure out who slashed the tires and around two dozen cars overnight -- on around two dozen cars overnight. tow truck drivers were busy all day taking the cars away for repairs. >> this morning numerous cars got towed due to tires getting slashed and now we are told -- we are toed by aaa -- towed by aaa. >> my dog didn't hear them. >> investigators believe the vandal or advanced builds were on -- vandals were on foot because all the damaged vehicles were in the same area. state and federal authorities on the scene of a deadly accident at a shipping terminal in new jersey. police say a 40-year-old female
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dock worker was hit by a large piece of equipment at the port marine terminal in elizabeth at about 1:00 this afternoon. she was pronounced dead a short time later. the woman's name has not been released. several agencies including the port authority are investigating right now. new information about the legionnaire's outbreak that killed 10 people so far and kickened -- and sickened 101 others since july text. today new york state health commissioner met with local officials and experts from the centers for disease control in midtown. they discussed how to handle the outbreak. the bacteria has been found in five buildings in the south bronx but zucker says this isn't just a city problem, it's a state problem and requires all hands on deck. >> a situation like this requires a great deal of detective work, clearly this is a sleuth mission of trying to find out where this is happening and we must get out there, the u.s. -- figure out the problem, cut it off at the source and prevent further spread. >> starting tomorrow the state
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will send teams out to test cooling powers for the bacteria. >> joining us in the studio is dr. richard besser. now we hear the state is getting involved but do we get a sense, dr. besser that everything is a little more under control than it was three weeks ago when it started. >> i think we are getting there. there are a number of good signs. if you look at the numbers, there was only one new case that's and -- case today and that's the lowest number we have been seeing. the number of cases occurring each day new is a good sign this is declining. the cooling towers that the health department thinks are responsible for this have been cleaned and i think the health department has every right to believe the cooling towers were the cause of this. if that's truly the case we would expect that over the next week or so the number of cases would continue to go down and this would be over. >> so what can we expect then in the next couple of days? >> a lot of action. as you heard, the governor is providing resources to help testing of buildings, the mayor has -- is requiring that all buildings with cooling towers be tested and cleaned, that's
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going to go on, there are 29 hospital, hopefully they will recover but as you know, this is a very severe illness, and some exciting news, the health department now has nine bacterial islets from patients. what they are going to be doing is comparing those bacteria from bacteria that they got from the cooling towers. they can do that in a molecular level and if those things match up they will know for sure that they found the source of this and that it's been put out but that testing can take a couple of weeks, hopefully the cases >> okay. dr. besser, thank you so much. for extended coverage on the legionnaire's outbreak, go to our website, 7online ny -- abc7ny. we are following news, shannon sohn is in newscopter 7. why don't we go to her right now and get the very latest. what do you have there, shannon? >> reporter: yeah, we've got some big problems here on route 78 and we can zoom into this tractor-trailer that was on fire just a little while ago.
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in fact we can show you with sky rider 7 in the back end here over here, you've got damage to the wheels as well and because of that, it's going to be a while before they are going to be able to get this guy out of here. don't know what he was carrying but all of this happened on the eastbound side of route 78 around exit 40, you can see they still have that right lane blocked off but when they go to get the wrecker out of here you can bet that all lanes are going to be shut down once again and with lanes closed previously, this is what it has done to traffic. it is a bumper-to-bumper nightmare and this is really not moving from miles -- for miles and miles. the delay takes you back to exit 36 in basking ridge. if you can take it down to route 22 or route 28 it will get you around this much better than sitting in this mess. reporting live over route 78 in watchung, shannon sohn, channel 7 eyewitness news. the fire started on bergen street in newark just before 4:00 this morning and quickly spread. several people were injured,
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including children. eyewitness news reporter toni yates is in newark with the very latest on this fire. toni. >> reporter: yes, indeed, david, the fire started on the third floor unit of the building you see there behind me and if i take a look in the back, you can see how badly, how intense this fire was. not only did it burn down that building, it burned to the next building right next door to this one. so at 3:30 this the -- in the morning there were 39 people literally running for their lives. into the afternoon families who lived in the three damaged buildings with the help of friends packed up what they could fish out of the debris and ashes, a single picture left for one family. >> very important, we lost everything, everything is over there and i couldn't get anything. >> reporter: the fire began in the third floor apartment of the blue three story house where two children ages 9 and 4 and their parents were rescued by firefighters. the children and mother in critical condition.
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>> he said they woke up and there was severe smoke in the room and, you know, panic set in and luckily the firefighters got here so quickly coming from the avenue, they were able to get up and effect a rescue and get them out. >> reporter: tenants said they smelled burning plastic, it was the vinyl siding melting under intense heat. >> they are very old houses. when they go up, they go up. >> reporter: this freeways says family members in his apartment lost about $5000 cash total that they had had for rent and upcoming car payments. all the money burned to ashes, he tells me as he holds onto the one picture he has left of his kids as youngsters. >> three of them, boys, and they are young. >> reporter: how did you get them out? >> we have to rush them outside, just, you know, that's why i have to leave everything, i have to just run them outside. >> reporter: and they are okay? >> they are okay. we thank god. >> reporter: now, two of those
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firefighters who had to make the rescues, they were injured but they are expected to be okay, one cut his wrist on one of the windows and the other dislocated one of his knees but they are expected to be fine. coming up at 6:00, we are going to talk to another family because eight hours after this fire, they went looking for some treasures that they lost inside and they found them thanks to their 14-year-old son. that story coming up at 6:00. for now we are live here in newark, toni yates, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> toni, thank you. authorities in new jersey have released the identity of a swimmer whose body was found this morning off the shore of sandy hook. andros vega pea from red bank vanished two days ago after swimming in an area where there was no lifeguard on duty. a fisherman found the body of the 25-year-old about 6:30 this morning and reported it to authorities. a family's nightmare just moments from burying their family -- their father, they discover it's not his body inside the coffin. it's happened again, two people hospitalized after a
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drunk driver goes the wrong way on a westchester parkway. i'm marcus solis. the story coming up. and it was a highly anticipated showdown. the faceoff between 10 g.o.p. presidential contenders, the winners, the losers and what donald trump is saying. and i'm meteorologist lee goldberg. all winners with this accuweather forecast. another fantastic day and the momentum continues into the weekend. here's your signal. if you're traveling out and about it's like traveling on a freshly paved road. it is smooth ride. first great weather for the first place yanks in the bronx tonight, looks great for baseball, playing the blue jays and maybe just a light jacket north and west, the humidity is low, might have a little coolness in the air. seven-day accuweather forecast right through the weekend,
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it is 4:13, time for a check on the afternoon commute. and this is a live look at the fdr drive and traffic is moving along all right for a friday evening. a lot of people probably want to get home and then maybe head out to the beach, get their weekend started but as you can see right now, 83 degrees, clear skies and people are working their way on that fdr drive. we have breaking news to tell you about out of colorado where a jury has decided whether it is life or death for convicted shooter james holmes. abc news has just learned that the jurors have filed their verdict forums. this jury found holmes guilty of murdering 12 people and trying to kill 70. now under colorado law they must be unanimous to impose the death penalty. their verdict will be read in just a few hours. stay with eyewitness news on air and at abc7ny for updates on this story. it was one of the most
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watched debates in recent memory. 10 g.o.p. candidates duking it out on stage in their first debate. abc's stephanie ramos reports on the winners and the losers. >> former florida governor -- >> reporter: the day after the big debate, top g.o.p. presidential candidates gathered at a forum in atlanta, hosted by red state, a conservative blog. >> for a guy from new jersey, it is a relief to be in a red state. i guarantee it. >> reporter: the memory of last night's debate still fresh in their minds. donald trump, the main attraction, flanked by nine other republican presidential candidates raised his hand when asked whether he would consider running independently. trump then called out by moderator megyn kelly for his offensive remarks and tweets about women. >> what i say is what i say. >> reporter: after the debate, trump complaining he was picked on. >> the questions asked of me were much, much more difficult.
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>> reporter: while trump may have been the center of attention, the other candidates tried to grab the spotlight, ohio governor john kasich got a big reaction when he embraced gay marriage. rand paul and chris christie clashing on spying by the nsa. abc news political analyst matthew dowd says there were three winners, marco rubio, john kasich and carlee fee reason -- carly fiorina who appeared in the night's earlier debate. >> jeb didn't show up. i thought he was probably the biggest loser of the night. >> reporter: in 2003 senator schumer was among those who voted for the iraq war, a difference of opinion the white house says president obama and senator schumer have had to this day. in washington, stephanie ramos, channel 7 eyewitness news. and what did you think of the debate? join the conversation on our facebook page and also catch up on some of the best lines from the candidates on our website, abc7ny. and you just heard stephanie talk about differences between senator
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schumer and the president. long time ally of the president refusing to support the president's nuclear deal with iran, new york senator chuck schumer saying he is against it. he says he will vote against the agreement and now justifying his reasoning to political colleagues. schumer's position became known shortly after fellow senator kirsten gillibrand pledged her support and today in an interview with cnn the president said critics of the agreement are only playing into the hands of the iranian hard liners. >> the truth of the matter is inside of iran the people most opposed to the deal are the revolutionary guard, the cuts force, hard liners who are opposed to any cooperation with the international community. >> congress is expected to start voting on the deal next month. right now typhoon soudelor is starting to hit taiwan. wind gusts of up to 160 miles an hour are expected. strong waves are washing
4:17 pm
ashore. mountain villages could be destroyed as this storm passes through. taipei, taiwan's major city is bracing for all of this. millions of people there are hoping that the storm loses strength before hitting them. >> wow, those waves were impressive. meteorologist lee goldberg outside with our exclusive accuweather forecast. i know people are looking forward to some wave action but of a more timid kind this weekend. >> reporter: that's a great point, lauren is the waves are going to be kicked off because a couple of storms sitting offshore so that's our big story of the weekend is seas will be choppy for boaters and swimmers. i have a picture for you of soud loor, soudelor -- of soudelor, a big storm, right now winds sustained at 120 miles an hour, equivalent of a category 3 storm and will make a direct hit on the northern part of taiwan and after that it will probably be the equivalent of a strong cat one or cat 2 storm as it approaches china.
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getting back to our forecast, we are in beautiful shape, we are at 83, 36% humidity, the air is nice and dry and ab easterly -- an easterly wind. we were in the dog days late july and early august and we have settled into a beautiful pattern here through the second week of the month. going to be great. 83 degrees in murray hill. riverdale doing well and if you look up to the north, it's 82 in poughkeepsie and 82 in sussex, glorious day. mostly sunny this evening, couple patchy clouds around, it's mostly sunny tomorrow, can turn partly sunny at times during the afternoon with a few decorative high, thin clouds from that storm offset and again -- offshore and -- offshore again and a nice breeze. the bulk of the area is sunny. this is a loop that goes back 12 hours and it was ocean county starting out with a lot of cloud cover, even sprinkles early near stafford township and down toward little lake harbor and that has shifted offshore. it's ominous over the atlantic.
4:19 pm
a pair of lows working offshore but they are going to ride the jet stream about 300 miles to -- just far enough to get us out of the clouds, the rain shield and all we have to deal with is a little more from the storm. third low coming out of the great lakes, that's going to weaken but maybe later sunday a few extra clouds in the catskills. that doesn't come in and team in with the atlantic lows. if they teamed up earlier they would have been in trouble. safely south and east with that storm tomorrow, we go 85 and it's so nice, why don't we do it again? mostly sunny to partly sunny on sunday, we are perfectly placed in between storms at 85. mainly clear and comfortable tonight, some 50s in the coolest spots north and west, 68 in town, tomorrow is 85, sun will be mixing with some patchy high clouds, it's warm, the humidity is nice and low and what a great looking saturday night, 70 degrees, 60s in the suburbs. coming up at 4:30, had to update that weekend getaway for the better, we will look at that and of course your sea and
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sand and weather wellness coming up on the seven-day accuweather forecast when i slowly come inside. guys. >> take your time. amazing how much is going on around us and yet what we are looking at here is so beautiful, so nice right now. >> we have really been charmed. >> good summer so far. >> see you in a bit. potential break in a half billion dollar art heist case. coming up the fbi releases never before seen surveillance video as they hope to solve the 25-year-old mystery. and brace yourself for subway disruptions this weekend. what you need to know to get around. and the latest version of the fantastic four-story, is
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the reboot worth the price first at 4:00, newly released surveillance video gives a never before seen look inside the isabella gardner museum in boston about half an hour before the heist. it shows a watchman allowing an unauthorized visitor inside the museum. the fbi believes that man had a role in the theft 25 years ago. in 1992, two pen posing -- two men posing as police officers stole art. the crime remains unsolved. >> you want to get a better glimpse of that. >> i see george clooney in that role. a reboot of a popular superhero series hitting
4:24 pm
theaters this weekend and an all new cast brings to light a new version of the fantastic 4. >> so you go see it? entertainment reporter sandy kenyon here with his review. >> not much enthusiasm for this one anywhere. the fan boys and girls have greeted fantastic four with a big yawn. the studio releasing it was so embarrassed by the movie 20th century fox didn't screen the picture for critics until the day fantastic four opened which still gave reviewers plenty of time to hate it. if the first half doesn't put you to sleep, there may be just enough excitement to make it worth seeing fantastic four. >> there is sacrifice and there are consequences. >> reporter: but only faithful comic book fans will care about the leisurely origin story told here. a quartet of young geniuses get
4:25 pm
together to try and preserve a device to teleport them to a fourth dimension and a brief scene in which they short circuit manhattan is the best moment in a first half that is long on science and very short on action. >> this guy doesn't take orders well. >> yes, especially from people who say i don't take orders well. >> reporter: michael b. jordon is a star of tomorrow here today. miles keller from the oscar nominated movie "whiplash," jamie bell as his pal and kate mara are talented individually but together they make a whole so dull to be a lot less than some of the -- than the some of the parts. >> don't blow up. don't blow up. >> oh, yeah, that's what i want to hear before going into another dimension. >> reporter: once there events go horribly wrong leaving each of the four with superpowers and a fifth guy as the villain known as duke. >> people want to stop him,
4:26 pm
it's going to take everything you have. >> reporter: doom begins suinging -- sucking the life out of our plant and when -- planet, and when interesting it's just about done. fantastic four is based on characters developed by marvel which is owned by disney, the same parent company as abc7. to see my review of meryl streep's new movie ricky and the flash which is new in theaters today, log onto my facebook page or go to abc7ny. lauren, dave. >> thank you. >> i was afraid you were going to say that about that movie. thank you. >> find other planes for the weekend. >> i'm going to have to. still to come on eyewitness news first at 4:00, an update on sandra lee's condition after complications following surgery for breast cancer. and a driver arrested after a wrong-way crash on the saw mill parkway. what we have learned about the driver. plus the search for a man who tried to rape a woman, what she did that some of my competitors plan to reduce the use of antibiotics over the next few years.
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it's 4:30 and all new, a family just as they were about ready to bury their father, they found out it was someone else's body. the lines that will be shut down this weekend. a young couple struck by lightning. >> next thing you are we are on the ground and we gave each other like the most terrified looks you could possibly imagine. >> reporter: what they did that likely saved their lives. and our top story this half hour, another wrong-way crash on the saw mill parkway. >> at least one person is in critical condition and the wrong-way driver has been impaired. eyewitness news reporter marcus solis is live. >> reporter: police have actually gotten a number of 911 calls before the crash alerting them there was a wrong-way driver on the parkway but they could not intercept that vehicle before it was involved in that head-on collision. this accident taking place just before 1:00 this morning on the saw mill river park way. the wrong-way driver traveling southbound on the northbound lanes and that crash occurring
4:31 pm
just south of the exit for route 120 in chappaqua. police say it's unclear where the car got onto the parkway but after the crash, the wrong- way driver was able to get out of her car but the victim that was hit had to be cut out of his vehicle. identified connecticut -- the unidentified connecticut man broke his leg. but the injuries not considered life threatening. also injured the woman who police say was drunk behind the wheel, tess wakabuck charged with dwi felony and reckless driving. police are all too familiar with wrongway crashes on the parkways. >> the nature of our parkways controlled access with guardrails so if someone gets on the -- goes the wrong way, because they are -- >> reporter: kegan charged and she is due in court later this month. you hear about these wrong-way crashes, coming up at 5:30, we
4:32 pm
will hear a tip from police about what drivers can do to best avoid getting involved in one of these accidents should they see a wrong-way driver headed their way. for now we are live in valhalla, marcus solis marx. are following breaking news out of new jersey. firefighters on the scene of a house fire in fair lawn and shannon sohn in newscopter 7 over it. looks like they got that fire out, shannon. >> reporter: yeah, they are finally getting the upper hand on it but we can show you over here, you still have some smoke billowing up out of this house at 41-77 rees terrance, you can see the fire department has made entry into the house but if you look at the top floor, clearly there is damage to that upper floor and it's become in between these two houses, it almost looks like ground zero of this fire was between the homes because you can see the damage to the home right next door. pretty severe for how far apart these houses are. no word as to what caused this fire yet and at this point there are no injuries being reported but rees terrace, a live with fire department
4:33 pm
activity, shutting it down this entirely. getting around this takes you to saddle river road. you can see on the street all the fire department activity and residents out watching. reporting live over fair lawn, shannon sohn, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> shannon, thank you. now to the story of a woman in brooklyn who convinced a would be rapist to back off. it happened last saturday night at mccarren park. police say this man grabbed a 24-year-old woman around the neck, fondled her and then told her he was going to have sex with her. she pleaded with him and offered him money not to harm her. the two then went to an atm where she withdrew $20 and gave it to the suspect who fled. next on eyewitness news first at 4:00, a nightmare for a brooklyn family already morning the death of their father. when he passed away last year, his orthodoxed jewish family arranged for his burial at a cemetery in staten island. during the burial service they noticed a name tag on the
4:34 pm
casket bearing a woman's name. they say they were hoard find when they -- horrified when they looked inside. >> right before him being buried, they performed a service for the woman who was in the casket that my grandfather was supposed to be in. at that time we came to the conclusion it's possible they buried my grandfather in the resting place of the woman. >> crews ended up having to dig up his casket. his daughter who was tasked with identifying her father's body says she has not been able to sleep since this incident. family now suing the cemetery and the funeral home. thousands of subway riders in brooklyn are bracing for service change that is going to affect their weekend travel options for an entire year. the a and c lines will run on the f track between west 4th street and manhattan and j street in brooklyn. the agency says the tunnel needs to be shut down so crews can repair damages caused by superstorm sandy back in 2012. the changes start tonight and are expected to continue nearly every weekend until next
4:35 pm
summer. >> luckily, you know, we've got plenty of alternatives for our customers so the a and c on weekends will run along the f line in both directions between west fourth street and jay street. >> eyewitness news reporter renee stoll will have more on the changes and the work being done coming up on eyewitness news a boil water warning has been lifted in two communities in new jersey after that big water main break in cliffside park. united water customers in fort lee and englewood cliffs are being told their water is now fine. the company is now recommending the residents run their faucets for three to five minutes before using the water. the water advisory was issued after a construction crane crashed a 24-inch water main on anderson avenue in cliffside park on wednesday. and power has been restored to all the customers on long island impacted by that destructive storm on tuesday. at least 80,000 people lost electricity when the heavy wind and rain knocked down trees and powerlines. the hardest hit community the town of brookhaven had more
4:36 pm
than 1900 customers without power. pse&g long island crews worked feverly to get everyone back online. spider man did not need to sling any wednesday in times square to take down a man who was allegedly harassing costume characters. cell phone video those spiderman striking the man several times in front of the toys "r" us store. the two wrestled for a moment before spidy put the man in a headlock. the scuffle the two eventually went their separate ways. no arrests were made. a chicago blackhawks hockey player from the buffalo area appears to be at the center of a rape investigation. police in hamburg will only say they are investigating an incident last weekend at the home of chicago blackhawks star patrick cane. the buffalo news reports the 26- year-old has been accused of sexual assault. cane helped the blackhawks win three stanley cups including this year's. >> i was really surprised about it. i got the update on my phone from the espn app and i was just like, wow, i was shocked. >> i'm a fan so, obviously, i -- i mean, i'm on his side but,
4:37 pm
i mean, i don't know the whole story. i won't know the whole story until it comes out. >> cane has been accused of physical violence in the past pleading guilty to a disorderly conduct in 2009. he has not responded to requests for comment. new at 4:00, representative for food network star sandra lee says she will be allowed to head home from the hospital this weekend as she continues to fight an infection. according to a post on lee's facebook page she will be on heavy antibiotics and closely monitored and could face more surgery next week after doctors review her progress. governor cuomo's girlfriend was rushed to the hospital on tuesday after suffering a complication from her recent double mastectomy for breast cancer. close call for a young couple struck by lightning. what they did that saved their lives. plus, of course you want your children to grow up eating healthy but what do they need to do when they are just babies
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4:41 pm
were -- to be fussy eat he understands when they were 4 years old. the study does reinforce the importance of introducing healthy foods early on. >> they make it sound so easy. i wish -- >> my son. >> eat a vegetable once in your life. it's hard to think about on this beautiful summer day but almost time for kids to head back to school and next to buying supplies you may need to add a checkup to your child's list. recommends a physical exam every year, this is the opportunity to discuss your child's physical, social and emotional progress as well as any challenges with the doctor that might be occurring. heading to the same medical home every year may help track your child's progress. records and they are going to flags. >> you know another critical part of seeing the pediatrician annually is making sure that all the vaccines are up to date. this is an incredible story, a romantic gesture between two teenagers in
4:42 pm
california likely saved their lives from a lightning strike. dylann and lexy were walking along a tree line street on thursday holding hands when they were struck by lightning. doctors suspect the bolt first hit dylan's head, traveled through his hands to her and exited through lexy's foot. >> these two were lucky they were holding hands. it helped to diffuse that electrical current that grounded their bodies -- that ran through their bodies. >> it felt like i was getting hit over the head with metal. >> next thing you know we are on the ground and gave each other the most terrified look you could possibly imagine. it was definitely weird. >> i would say. it appears the couple suffered no lasting effects from the strike. the teens now joke it was like an electric arrow by cupid. >> that's what love feels like. you hit them like a lightning bolt. i like how they got them walking hand in hand. >> check back with them in 10 years. >> yeah, right, see what happens. big night for the g.o.p. so where was hillary clinton? was she even watching the debate?
4:43 pm
and kelly ripa nursing a leg injury but she is not the only one injured. how her husband is taking
4:44 pm
spousal empathy to switch now, new york and get installed as early as today. mom switched. we switched. i switched to time warner cable and knew exactly when they were coming.
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thanks to their 1 hour appointment window. for $89.99 a month, you'll get 100 meg internet, hundreds of hd channels, and unlimited calling to the u.s., puerto rico, canada, mexico, china and india. and for a limited time, you could get a $300 reward card plus tv equipment and epix included. get installed for free as early as today. call 1-800-341-9716. a father in serious trouble after police say he left his infant daughter alone in a hot car with the windows rolled up. surveillance video shows the father pulling up his cadillac escalade into a walmart parking lot in iowa. he gets out to shop and later tells police he had forgetten his -- forgotten his 5-month-
4:46 pm
old daughter was in the car. another suv pulled up to the cadillac, that family heard the crying baby and called 911. >> the baby inside of a carrier screaming and no one around. >> an act like that of carelessness or recklessness or even forgotfulness could cause the life of that child. >> police arrived who rescued the baby. her father is charged with a felony. >> all of us up here talking about how much we hate those stories. this is just unbelievable. >> it happens instantly, the cars get so hot. >> yeah. >> within seconds. >> yes. let's move onto weather. the rest of us watch sports, you look on tv, look at a sporting thing or maybe you see something else that you find interesting. this guy, he looks at weather maps. he's like this, he stares at it and goes where's it going, what's it gonna do? i was watching you stare at the map. i was like only lee can find a joy in that video.
4:47 pm
>> on a summer day like this, i could spend hours looking at the minutia. all the details even with a big magnifying glass, everything still looks great. outside we go right now, we are in really pretty -- i don't know if you have an outside shot for me in the control room but looking good and temperatures are in the lower 80s right now at 79 in riverhead, 73 in monticello, we have a lot of blue sky out there, been a couple of patchy clouds, very comfortable, here's a great look toward the george washington bridge, you see just a few decorative clouds north of town, and you can see just a bit of a light chop in the hudson right now because of a northeast wind but so glorious out there. so with that, how about the weekend getaway looking from the catskills to the jersey shore, an updated weekend getaway, mostly sunny in the catskills tomorrow, 79. jersey shore, a few afternoon high clouds can spin in, as we go through the afteternoon hours on sunday a few extra clouds in the catskills, like like aye partly -- looks like a partly to mostly cloudy days. the beginning of the week
4:48 pm
turned out to be beautiful in the forecast. blue jays at yankees, 79 degrees, mostly sunny skies, another nice night in the bronx. a few patchy high clouds in the afternoon, northeast wind busy the first half of the day starts to ease out of the east during the afternoon hours. 76 in the park at 10:00, 74 at islip, it will be 69 in newburgh, may be just a -- the humidity so low that even though these temperatures are really comfortable might feel a little cool if there's a breeze out there. 71 in belmar. tomorrow morning upper 50s to start the day well north and west and during the afternoon hours we will be in the low and middle 80s, sunshine, patchy clouds, that's basically a few clouds that are breaking off from a system that's way offshore and you know what? there's a second low on sunday and that's why it's almost the same forecast. a few patchy clouds getting in here during the day, low and mid-80s and low humidity. sea and sand, choppy, northeast wind 10 to 20 miles an hour, may ease a little bit during the afternoon. but two to as much as five, 6
4:49 pm
feet on the jersey shore, 72 degrees, the water temperature looks great. the rip current risk on the moderate side. air quality certainly good. first time i have seen the grass pollen high in a while because of the breezes and humidity kicking that up. still not in ragwide season -- ragweed season yet. minor delays through the midwest and the atlantic, west coast is looking good. with all the heat in the middle of the country, thunderstorms through the midwest on sunday that cause some delays in the afternoon. here is your seven-day accuweather forecast, rough surf, little choppy, otherwise great beach day, great really for anything tomorrow. so comfortable, 85 with low humidity feels nice. like it so much we will do it again on sunday. two for two, another great august weekend, sun will yield to clouds on monday, i think the daylight hours are dry but showers and thunderstorms could be pretty good soaking rain on tuesday, but it's only a one day thing, it will clear out on wednesday, clouds give way to sun, 84 and then we go into a pattern which it's normal to extreme. we are not getting back into the pattern we saw in the 90s on and on.
4:50 pm
>> the 90s are done for a bit. >> for a little bit. >> you know how enthusiastic you are about the weather? >> yes. >> that's how enthusiastic david is about the trend. >> this is true. you really know me. i like that about you. >> here's what's trending on this friday. last night's republican debate still red hot on social media as political observers debate who came out on top. the most mentioned candidate on twitter was donald trump and the most tweeted moment was the interchange between chris christie and rand paul. meanwhile, democratic candidate for president hillary clinton was busy raising money with stars like kim kardashian and kanye west tweeting out selfies of themselves. clinton say she didn't watch the debate, instead, attending a fundraiser at the home of the music manager of justin bieber and ariana grande. >> the future of political skits on snl is so strong. >> jon stewart's final good buy after 15 years making us laugh on the daily show is trending, his last show included cameos
4:51 pm
from four former carats and politicians -- correspondents and politicians. fans sounded stewart after taping the show in hell's kitchen, #bon voyage became one of the top trends on twitter. we are going to miss him. our own kelly ripa is trending. first she hurt her footworking out and now her husband is wearing a similar boot. mark cons -- con wallace has a tear in his calf. it wasn't a rain delay but a squirrel delay at a baseball game. check out this rare black squirrel dashing around the diamond in kansas city during last night's royals tigers game. fans cheered for the critter. go, you, you goat. finally under the title hope this makes you smile is a
4:52 pm
dog that loves cheese. >> let me tell you something. i don't get it. but right away, you got lauren and lee laughing and it's getting a lot of love on youtube today. >> it's what's -- >> my dog, cocoa, you know, gone a year now, but she loved brie. we would buy her brie. >> there you go. poppy liked hard cheeses only. >> and that's how we end the trend for friday. as always check out the trend@7online, send us your tread ideas using the hetrend. nothing was happening. >> you had the dog. >> people loved it. >> do you have the dog? >> not currently, no. >> you don't get it. >> the heartless heartless navarro. i don't get it, nothing exciting it happening. i'll work on that. >> have a good weekend. >> thanks, david, lee, from dogs to ducks, an 8-year-old pennsylvania boy learns how to make a big difference in his
4:53 pm
community, a duck was killed by a car near his home and the boy decided to write a letter to the city council asking for a duck crossing sign and he was able to present his idea to the council in person. the measure was approved unanimously. what a nice sign. well, is there really a drink better than water? there are plenty of options from flavored waters to sports drinks and consumer reports
4:54 pm
tests them [african-style music] take my hand to the land take my hand to the land, whoa-oh! (narrator) only one family goes to incredible lengths to make sure your family time never becomes endangered.
4:55 pm
kalahari resorts. now open in the pocono mountains. book now at eye degrees right now and in this summer heat it is more important than ever to stay hydrated, but what are your options besides plain old water? >> you might be tempted to try one of the many flavored waters or sports drinks.
4:56 pm
consumer reports dug in to find out if they are better for you than regular water. nina pineda has the results. >> reporter: clenching your -- quenching your thirst become complicated. some drinks claim health benefits. want to boost your vitamin intake or feel the power of cactus? there is a drink for that. consumer reports looked at 20 different beverages to help you decide which to sip and which to skip. >> you might be surprised at what's in this stuff. some are packed with calories, sugars, including high fructose syrup and they are pricey. >> reporter: many people turn to them to replace sodium. some gatorades have 12 -- high fructose corn syrup as the second ingredient. they are probably unnecessary except after intense lengthy workouts. water with vitamins may sound like another smart health move
4:57 pm
but this vitamin water has 32 grams of sugar. >> also no need to replenish vitamins just because it's hot out. you don't lose vitamins when you sweat. >> reporter: plant waters are trending. this claims to reduce inflammation and for almost $3 a bottle the makers of artie artichoke water size artichokes -- say artichokes increase metabolism. >> ignore the claims. consider them a nice but pricey way to stay hydrated. >> make sure to read labels. ingredients vary a lot, even among drinks that seem similar. nina pineda, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> how about a slice of orange in a glass of water. >> what an idea or even an artichoke. >> we should bottle that up, and make some money. still more news ahead. >> eyewitness news first at 4:00 -- eyewitness news at 5:00 begins right now. >> this is new york's number 1 news, channel 7 eyewitness news with diana williams and sade baderinwa and lee goldberg with
4:58 pm
the exclusive accuweather forecast, now eyewitness news at 5:00. encouraging news in the fight against legionnaire's disease. new details at 5:00 about how officials are handling the outbreak as the number of new cases slows down. and a 20 day old baby thrown from an apartment window. tonight looking for answers and questioning people inside a queens apartment building. and good evening at 5:00 i'm diana williams. >> and i'm sade baderinwa. it appears the baby may have been thrown from a fourth floor window. police continue to question his mother and other people in the building on >> eyewitness news reporter darla miles joins us from richmond hill. darla. >> reporter: diana, within the last hour a forensic unit just arrived to collect evidence from that fourth floor apartment, four adults and two children were there at the time and at this point police are considering everyone. >> my family, my kids, my grandkids. it was sad.
4:59 pm
>> reporter: this is pretty much the standard reaction upon hearing the news that 20 day- year-old rismon ahmad was thrown from a first floor window. this is the 20-year-old mother who heard the infant slam onto the concrete. found him laying on his side in a pool of blood in the courtyard and called 911. >> told me to go back in there and do like cpr and i was like, i can't. i'm sorry. >> reporter: it happened just after 4:00 a.m. at an apartment building on 115th and myrtle avenue in richmond hill, queens. witnesses say the parents did not immediately rush outside. only coming outside after cops knocked on their door. >> after the baby fell, they started to look where it came from. from what floor and somehow they figured out it's from the fourth floor. the window was open and they went upstairs and got the guy. >> reporter: the child's 40- year-old father, two other adults and two girls ages 8 and


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