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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  August 8, 2015 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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a three women raped and robbed by men they met online. tonight the hunt for two of those suspected of carrying out this string of heinous crimes. the first for legionnaires' outbreak contained. that is the word from mayor bill de blasio as the city and state make it an unprecedented effort
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to track down and disinfect possible sources of the bacteria. good evening. i am sandra bookman. >> dozens of wilderness were tested and disinfected today. the number of cases now stands at 108. but no n new cases have been diagnosed in four days. ten have died. >> five new tested positive for the legionella bacteria. >> reporter: well, we begin with the good news. city officials now believe that the legionnaires' outbreak is now contained. however, they continue to find the legionella bacteria in new locations, including the bronx county hall of justice behind me. five more buildings in the bronx were disinfected today -- disinfected today. the additional sites are at this bronx courthouse. new york city house court, ava
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post office on the grand concourse. >> this is unchartered territory. >> reporter: according to the mayor this has been learn as you go. they didn't even have a comprehensive list of cooling towers in the bronx, which is where it can breed. >> we have to canvas a part of our city. today the governor september a state health commissioner and 150 workers to test even more buildings in the bronx. since july, 108 patients have been diagnosed with ten have died. but now the numbers are finally skewing in the city's favor. no new cases have been reported in the last four days prompting the mayor to declare the outbreak now contained. >> and we are trying to put the commissioner
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bassett notes often. there are disease detectives who work like nypd does to put together the pieces and understand why something abnormal happened. >> i think that it's contained. i am a little weary about that. >> reporter: now, officials believe the original source of legionnaires' disease is in one of the first five buildings that tested pos it positive. experts will have to untangle you will how and why this outbreak took hold as it did in lucy yang. >> thank you. police have identified two suspects accused in a series of rapes and robberies. police say 31-year-old isaiah cruz attacked three women. they allegedly met the victims online and arranged a meeting. then raped and robbed them. one of the attacks was in the south bronx back in june. two were in manhattan this week. a third suspect was arrested
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yesterday. new video tonight of a mother from queens charged with the death of her infant son. the 21-year-old is charged with second-degree murder. her baby boy found dead yesterday in the courtyard of an apartment building in richmond hill. investigators believe the 20 day old was thrown out of a fourth floor window. two parents will appear before a judge tonight. they are accused of leaving their child or children in a car while they were gambling. police say maria and segundo left their 6 and 8-year-old girls alone in an suv outside the casino in queens. a security guard spotted them and tracked the parents down inside. the pair charged with endangering the welfare of children. authorities in dutchess county have suspended the search for a kayaker missing in the hudson river. they have been looking for ian jones since ten this morning. jones and his girlfriend's kayak capsized in the water. the woman made it to shore, but
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jones is still missing. the sheriff's department says neither of them was wearing a life jacket. expected to resume in the morning. some new yorkers are heading out west to help with the wildfires that are raging in california. the governor announced 0 employees and volunteers from the state's department of join those. weeks. meanwhile, cooler weather is helping crews to make progress against the rocky fire, which has scorched 70,000 acres and dozens of homes. the fbi has been asked to help investigate a deadly police shooting in texas that killed a college football player. 19-year-old christian taylor crashed his suv into a car dealership in arlington at about 1:00 yesterday morning. taylor refused to surrender and tried to leave the scene. one of the officers opened fire, shooting the angelo state university student. taylor, who was unarmed, died a short time later.
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the officer is on administrative leave. tomorrow marks the one-year anniversary of the death of michael brown in ferguson, missouri. today in ferguson marchers, including brown's father, remembered the 18-year-old who was shot and killed in a confrontation with a police officer. michael brown senior says his family is still hurting. the u.s. justice department and a st. louis county grand jury both cleared officer darren wilson of wrongdoing. wilson resigned in november. thousands of newark residents took to the streets for an anti-violence march and rally today. the mayor's office organized occupy the city. marchers started out from each of the city's five wards. the five groups came together in newark's historic downtown taking over the intersection of broad and market streets. >> we know that we have an enemy out there, and that is crime. and we're tired of shootings and
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we are tired of going to waste. >> organizers hope that getting people engaged in their communities will lead to lower crime and less gun violence. newark had 52 murders through july 26. southeast china is getting slammed by a massive storm that has killed at least ten people. typhoon soudelor has left a trail of debris across northern taiwan. mimss of homes are without power and military units are helping rescue people trapped by flash flooding. a family of seven was saved when their car was buried in a mudslide. the typhoon has been down grade today a tropical storm. new information. a wayward dolphin seen swimming in a new jersey river this past week has died. old bridge police confirmed that death tonight. the dolphin was first spotted in the south river in old ridge on wednesday.
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people watched the unusual sight. . the local music community shocked. details about sean price's death and reaction from fans this evening. plus, donald trump's controversial comments get him kicked out of a major summit. why the organizer revoked his invitation. and why target is removing some signs from their children's aisles. a great day. we have another awesome day shaping up for tomorrow weather-wise. but eventually some heavy and perhaps even flooding dewpoints in the tri-state area. i will tell yo [muted singing throughout] these girls have waited 62 days for this concert tonight. so far i've counted 32 omgs, 75 lols, 13 yolos, and i'm super tired! tweens--fun age, huh? you have places to go. [girls squealing with delight] let us worry about getting you there. bp gasoline with invigorate. fuel the journey.
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rapper shape price has died. a memorial tonight in brownsville, brooklyn. his representative said in a statement that the 43-year-old died at his home early this morning. the cause of death is still unknown. price was married with three children. other local hip-hop artists have been offering condolences. talib green tweeted, sean price went from being a childhood hero of mine to a great friend. he was the most competitive m.c. i ever met and he kept me on my game. new tonight connecticut state police are investigating after a man's death involving a taser. police in the ms and hartford are responding to a call about somebody needing assistance. the 26-year-old was stunned and given a sedative.
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he was given medical aid when he had some trouble breathing. he died at the hospital. autopsy results are pending. yellow sludge that leaked out of an abandoned mine into a river has reached new mexico. one million gallons of the wastewater began leaking out of the goldmine in colorado wednesday when a federal clean-up crew accidentally breached a dam. that wastewater turned the river, which flows into new mexico, a yellow-orange. the epa says the water contains the dangerous metals lead and arsenic, and people are being told to avoid contact with the with with the water. a pilot landed a plane in colorado. that flight encountered a sudden powerful storm last night. the airbus 320 was hammered by so-much hail the windshield was cracked limiting the pilot's visibility. the nose was debted damaging
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plane's gps system. safely. at 11:30 we will hear from ordeal. new drama on the campaign trail courtesy of donald trump. the republican frontrunner was disinvented from a big event over negative comments he made. the controversy now even causing trouble within his own staff. details. >> reporter: uninvited. donald trump finding himself kicked off the list at a major summit with republican >> i don't want my daughter in the room with donald trump invited. i am sorry. >> reporter: eric erickson taking the stage saturday didn't want the gop frontrunner to show up. >> it revolves around this comment he made about megyn kelly during an interview on cnn friday. >> you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her wherever. immediately pounced saying trump was
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attacking kelly because she is a woman, seeming to suggest she was hormonal. he tried to clarify saying wherever meant her nose. some conservative women at the event was banned from aren't buying it. situation. if you want to be the leader of the free world, then you have practice diplomacy. >> reporter: during the about his treatment of women. >> you called women you don't like fat pigs, dogs, slops. >> i have been nice it you, although i could probably not be. >> reporter: trump's fellow gop candidates quickly responded. carly fiorina saying, quote, mr. trump, there is no excuse. i stabbed with megyn kelly. and mike huckabee faced questions after speaking at the red state event. him. she is a person who is as smart as anybody i have ever known. one. >> reporter: 2011 devin dwyer,
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abc news washington. new allegations against bobbi kristina brown's boyfriend. what a lawyer behind the estate says really caused had her death. and a different kind of rescue for the nypd were these adorable animals. plus, sun and hot temperatures today. but there is some rain ahead. meteorologist jeff smith tells
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us when it so, i needed to deposit a check. i was about to head to the bank, but out of nowhere it just started to rain. like really rain. [clap of thunder] i did not want to go out. [clap of thunder]
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we know there is no telling what you find in the subway, right? but skunks? a transit worker and nypd officer rescued two baby skunks that strayed into the station last weekend. they look cute and cuddly in that box. the babies were taken to a vet to be checked out. the city parks department notes that skunks are native to new york and part of the city's wildlife. >> just don't upset them. >> surprised some of those subway rats didn't eat them. >> yeah, because they are bigger. so nothing was stinky about the weather today. it was perfect. >> and tomorrow is going to be adorable, too. i like that. >> i have to give credit to our producers. >> exactly. but seemingly all of new york city has gathered outside of our studio because the weather so nice today. let's take a look. wow. this is the healthiest charge
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we have had. >> nice. >> and it's all for you, jeff. >> oh, yeah. no, it's not for me. it is for the nice weather that we have. i take credit for nothing. 73 right now. humidity at 59%. so humidity has stayed low. it will stay low into the day tomorrow. the high got up to 82 during the afternoon after a morning low of 68. look at these people out here. this is great. normal high this time of year is 84. we are two degrees shy of that today. 99 the record back in 2001 and the sun is setting these days at 8:04. so another nice day shaping up for tomorrow. rather local levels of humidity out there. it will be decidedly muggier monday. dry date lie for most areas. a spotty shower or storm late in the afternoon. but here in the city we stay on the dry what i'm concerned about is late monday night and into the day especially on tuesday there will be thunderstorms developing ahead of a front. and any of these could contain some natural gas downpours.
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there could be an informing of rain in a short period of time. that could be centered around the tuesday morning commute. so that could be an issue for slow travel. 66 right now. morristown, you are very comfy north and west. down to 64 at monticello 68 in belmar. 63 at toms river. upper 60s on the island. dewpoints in the pleasant category. they will be inching up a little bit towards sticky by tomorrow night. then uncomfortable to oppressive during the day on monday. you will notice it by then. the radar satellite showing an offshore storm. the rain from that stays well offshore. we have had high clouds. made for a pretty sunset around the area this evening. that storm has generated higher than normal surf, and the rip current risk is actually moderate into the day tomorrow at the beaches. sun and clouds during the day. 85 tomorrow. a couple of degrees warmer than it was today. heading into monday it will be more humid. there could be a shower or thunderstorm late in the day north and west of the city. as this front moves into the
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humid air mass late monday night into tuesday a lot more shower and thunderstorm fires up. that could contain some potentially flooding downpours. accuweather forecast overnight becoming mainly clear. high clouds out there. those will be clearing out. down to 70 in midtown. but as cool as 60 and upper 50s north and west. mostly sunny at 7:00 in the morning. 71. sun mixing with some clouds tomorrow. warm. still not that humid. the high up to 85. partly cloudy tomorrow night. down to 70. it will be more humid on monday. it's a mix of sun and clouds, a late day shower and storm west. 82. overnight monday night into tuesday drenching showers and thunderstorms around. tuesday's high up to 78. clouds breaking wednesday though. 83. nice and comfy for thursday. heat starts to build again into weekend. nothing too crazy for this time of year. mid 80s. we can deal with that. >> upper 50s in. >> somewhere. >> yeah. north and west overnight tonight. >> wow. >> leave the windows open. >> thank you.
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becky is coming up next with sports. >> the mets are the feel-good story of major league baseball since the trade deadline. but you didn't think they could win out this season, right? baseball never quite works that way. tonight the race were out to prove it. the yankees offense this no answers for david price and the jays this afternoon. we are going to head [african-style music] take my hand to the land take my hand to the land, whoa-oh!
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all right, laura. is it bad news? is that because joe is not here. >> perhaps. when joe is not here, the mets suffer. he needs to come back. there is something about the mets these days ever since their near debacle at the trade deadline. they are making october a very likely reality. but not they can be perfect all the time. going for an eighth strait win. they were starting off on the right note. granderson leading off the game there. that ball is gone. home run. 3-1 after one. syndergaard did not have his best stuff tonight. the two-run shot. 3-2 now. second inning the rays are on top. granderson going to work. that's another home run. second of the game. ties this one up. sindegaard still in it in the fourth and trouble. longoria an infield season. that allows the go-ahead run to score.
11:26 pm
the mets go quietly from there. the streak is over. the nats won. their division lead is one and a half. it wasn't long ago the yankees had the largest division lead in baseball. ever since the trade deadline though things have changed rather quickly thanks to the blue jays. we are making a charge and their 22 year playoff drought trying to move within two and a half games of the yanks. cowboy hat day in the bronx. nova struck out six but ran into trouble in the sixth with the bases loaded. there is justin smoak. he had never hit a grand slam in his career before. 4-0 jays. price was dealing in the first road start with toronto. struck out seven, allowing three innings. then just for insurance toronto long again. troy tulowitzki this time. sole 'jack in the seventh. six owe. the yankees shut out. the jays are indeed two and a half games back.
11:27 pm
golf's final major begins thursday. rory mcilroy looks like he will be there. he practiced at whistling straits today after suffering a serious ankle injury on july 4th. the rest of the tour in round three of the bridgestone invitational today and this was all about justin rose. he started the day in eighth place. a 7 under. a tie for first with jim furyk. and we have much more ahead in sports. when we return the pro football hall of fame is a little more crowded tonight. they cemented themselves in canton. and plus a training camp tour
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the pro football hall of fame is eight people stronger. they took their rightful spot in canton tonight. the final member the late junior saou who took his life in 2012. he was remembered but his four children including his mom sydney and his mom there for his defensive dominance and kindness for all he knew.
11:31 pm
>> he would think every team, teammate, fan, the community of san diego and the chargers for the career of a lifetime. you guys are everything to him. without you he wouldn't have become the player that he was. and i thank you as well. it is his passion and heart that make him truly legendary. and deserving of this tremendous honor. and i would just like to thank my family and everyone else for all their support through this process. dad, i love you and i miss you. congratulations. you made it. >> 21 years old. amazing. they don't open the preseason schedule until thursday night in detroit. tonight the jets got a break from the regular grind of training camp with some almost game action in the green and white scrimmage. as gang green moved from florham park to the big house. metlife stadium. j.l. smith's first few pass attempts incomplete which prompted jets fans to boo their quarterback. it's a scrimmage. smith said later he was unfazed by the reaction.
11:32 pm
well, the giants won't play their first exhibition game for two weeks, but the preseason slate friday night in cincinnati. joint practices this week in cincy. by now we are well aware that janes pierre-paul isn't going to be there. he seems no closer to his return to the giants. he has started talking with the team. first jerry reese. as of yesterday he and tom coughlin have had a heart to heart. >> everybody has had a good conversation. mine was the same. do i know anything more than i did before? no. do i know when he is coming? he is looking forward it, anxious to be here. he is not going to come until he feels like he is ready to play. >> the nfl isn't interested in fights break out during games this season. yesterday they released a video sent to every club warning them the extracurriculars aren't going to be tolerated. perhaps washington and the texans weren't paying they held joint practices for the third and final day today. they went out with a bang with
11:33 pm
not one, not two, three fights breaking out between the two teams. they had to wrap things up early, as you can imagine. neither coach was too happy. this is not what's supposed to happen. >> i love the way they call it extracurriculars. >> a nice way of saying they are doing stuff they shouldn't be doing. >> exactly. thank you. a break in new cases of legionnaires' disease in the bronx. tonight the massive effort to make sure the outbreak is over and prevent it from happening again. an historic moment planned for pope franci ' visit to the united states. how he will be linked to former president abraham lincoln.
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and stories making headlines. police searching for two men they say raped and robbed three women. police say they met the victims online, arranged a meeting and raped and robbed them. one in the bronx. the other two in manhattan. a mother charged with murder of her infant son. 21-year-old rashida chowderry is accused of throwing him out of a fourth floor window. and our top story, mayor de blasio says the legionnaires' outbreak contained. no new cases in four days. >> the number of cases at 108. ten people have died.
11:37 pm
>> the city says five new buildings have tested positive for legionella bacteria. state workers tested and disinfected dozens of other buildings. >> more than 200 health workers methodically testing buildings for a dangerous bacteria that sparked the city's deadliest outbreak of legionnaires' disease. >> we have lost ten people in the midst of this outbreak. >> reporter: the mayor saying 108 people have been infected since the outbreak began last month, but says it is tapering off. >> some of the cooling towers that have been sampled in new york city have tested positive for legionella. no the all have been tested. >> reporter: officials testing for signs of legionella bacteria which when inhaled can cause legionnaires' disease. a severe form of ammonia.
11:38 pm
health officials say it is not containtageous. although know new cases reported in the last four days, the mayor says state and city health workers are rushing to identify any more potentially hazardous buildings. >> we have had to figure out where they are and get to them. then sample and inspect them. then disinfect them. >> reporter: the cooling tower atop this hospital in the bronx is just one of 57 testing today. and mayor de blasio says he hopes to have the rest of the cooling towers in the danger zone tested by tomorrow. police in the bronx are hoping surveillance video helps them find a suspect in a groping ins didn't. detectives say that a man approached a 13-year-old boy who was walking near edison avenue and boston road tuesday afternoon. they say he lured the boy to seton falls park by saying that he was going to pay him to help carry some bags. he grab the boy's buttocks in the park. there are new accusations against the partner of bobbi kristina brown after her death.
11:39 pm
the administrator of the 22-year-old's estate has filed a new wrongful death lawsuit against nick gordon. it accuses gordon of giving brown a, quote, toxic cocktail and then putting her face down in the bathtub where she was discovered unresponsive in january. brown died two weeks ago gordon has not faced any criminal charges. a terrifying flight for some delta passengers. their plane flying through a hailstorm so fierce that the pilots couldn't even see. the cockpit windows shattered. the nose of the plane, you got to see how dented it was. in a moment you will. the plane was forced to make an emergency landing leaving passengers shaken. >> reporter: it's a nightmare scenario. a plane caught in a dangerous storm and the pilots flying blind. >> we are having a hard time here. >> reporter: baseball-sized hail pounding this packed delta jet making it impossible for the pilots to see clearly.
11:40 pm
>> our windshield is severely damaged. >> reporter: on board passengers rattled and terrified, frantically texting loved ones. >> loud klattering as if you were in a oil can and somebody was dutching gravel on it. >> reporter: it was traveling from boston to salt lake city when it hit this. you can see the gap closing between these two storms. in a disturbing twist, passengers honoring the storm on their ipads say they saw the images. the experts say the pilots may not have received the information as quickly. the faa restricts internet in cockpits. >> the people in back using the wifi to look at the radar display may have a better idea of the weather ahead than the pilots in the cockpit. >> reporter: the plane ultimately made an automatic landing and touched down safely in denver. despite the terrifying situation, just one person was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. and experts say this played out exactly as it should with the on
11:41 pm
board technology kicking in so the plane could land safely. mary bruce, abc news jfk international airport. and another plane forced to make an emergency landing. this one in philadelphia because of flames coming from the engine. according to the faa, the crew declared an emergency shortly after taking off for seattle and turned around to land just after 9:00 last night. american airlines says the scare was caused by the plane burning off unburned fuel just as it was taking off. all 133 passengers and crew members were put on another flight. french military photos show the search from the air for more possible pieces of the malaysian airlines flight 370. the search is concentrated on and around the island where a wing part was found last week. officials say paint color and maintenance record matches proved it was a piece of the wreckage were the missing jetliner. the boeing 777 disappeared in march 2014 with 239 people on board. a philadelphia group says
11:42 pm
that it is offering the pope the use of a lectern once used by president lincoln. the stand could be used by pope francis for his planned speech outside independence hall. lincoln gave it when he gave what is known as the gettysburg address. two young girls home alone when a burglar breaks in. how they managed to get help even though they isn't have a phone. a dog stolen from the home. camera. thieves. a live look outside.
11:43 pm
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jeff smit [african-style music] take my hand to the land take my hand to the land, whoa-oh! (narrator) only one family goes to incredible lengths to bring the thrills, the adventure and the best of africa back home to you. kalahari resorts. now open in the pocono mountains. book now at
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a hiker from mops has been killed by a grizzly bear in yellowstone national park in wyoming. the national park service says based on tracks found at the scene and other evidence it appears an adult female grizly and at lest one cub were likely involved. the man's body was found yesterday afternoon in a popular off-trail area. that area is now closed. a terrifying experience for two sisters in california. the girls just eight and 14 were home alone when a burglar breaks in. they didn't have a phone so they couldn't call for help. so what did they do? >> reporter: the intruder forced his way into the little house in fresno, california. >> my friend's daughter is in there. someone broke into their house. they are by themselves. >> where is their dad? >> at work. >> reporter: the two girls retreated to the bathroom, locked the door. they couldn't call the police because they didn't have a phone.
11:46 pm
they had one of these. so instead of phoning in their plea for help, they put it into an app called google hangouts which allowed them to send instant messages. the family, she dialed 9-1-1. the dispatcher struggling with the concept. what number did they text you from? >> from a hangout site. >> there is no phone? >> she doesn't have a control phone. she is completely freaking out. >> reporter: within a minute a police cruiser rolled up to the the house. >> once we opened the door to begin some announcements, the suspect went out the back door officer. >> reporter: the girls' father coming home in time to see the suspect arrested. the father says he figures it's time for a watchdog. today. >> reporter: or maybe just a cell phone. angeles. an ohio woman is offering a big reward for the return of her
11:47 pm
stolen dog. she came home from vacation to find her english bulldog gone. fortunately, they are home surveillance cameras captured got in through a back window. they grabbed polian and walked away. taken. she says poly ann can't be used for breeding. >> she is a female. she is fixed. that dog is my world. i love her. and she loves me. >> she says she has $5,000 for the person who brings polyan back no questions asked. target stores will no longer have boys and girls sections in most of the children's departments in the stores. they are removing gender lane from toys and bedding sections after customers complained about gender stereotyping. signs designating some items for girls and some for boys will be taken down. gender labels will remain in the
11:48 pm
sizing. a symbol of a man's service returned stranger. lindsey young found dog tags with the name gary widener while washington. she did research online to try tracking widener down. it turns out he died of a heart attack last year. but young was able to reach his daughter, who was moved and honored to receive her father's dog tags. >> that was 40 years ago. so to, you know, still have them, that meant a lot at the time of his death. he would want us to have this back in our hands for sure. >> she says it isn't clear how the dog tags were lost. from now on they will be kept in a safe place. still ahead on eyewitness news, a record-breaking water-ski jump. >> wait until you see the
11:49 pm
incred so, i needed to deposit a check. i was about to head to the bank, but out of nowhere it just started to rain. like really rain.
11:50 pm
[clap of thunder] i did not want to go out. [clap of thunder] but then i was like duh, just use your phone. mobile-deposit-techno-thingy to the rescue. i'm rayna. and i bank human at td bank.
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f all right. jeffrey, more of the same tomorrow? >> more of the same. >> sounds so bad. >> like it's such a bad thing. another great day tomorrow. monday is not going to be that bad as well. it's tuesday. tuesday is the day that's got a big ticket weather item in the accuweather seven-day forecast. we could have heavy downpours in the morning. might be enough for flooding in the morning and evening community. here is a live look towards the empire state building lit up in white, red, and green. that's for the 25th annual
11:52 pm
dragon boat festival. we showed video from that earlier in queens. 73 your temperature right now. cloudy skies. that will be clearing out overnight tonight. the wind is on the calm side. highs today up to 82 in the park. that's a couple degrees below average for this time of year. 83 newark. 79 was it in belmar. got up to 83 at islip. 79 on the east end at montauk. a sea breeze early in the day today and that kept the coastal temperatures on the cooler side. speaking of cooler, you head well north of state down to 64 at places like monticello, carmel, and some of these spots that are the coolest right now could get down into the 50s overnight tonight. that's pretty refreshing. you can turn off the air conditioner. save some energy. leave the windows open. west orange 74. 66 on the shore at belmar and upper 60s across long island. speaking of long island, you are goettel some clouds from the offshore coastal system.
11:53 pm
the rain from this is going to stay well offshore, but continue to send some rough surf into coastal waters. that's why there is a moderate risk of rip currents into the day tomorrow as well. we zoom things out. this is our weather for tomorrow. big ridge of high pressure over the ohio valley. nice day tomorrow. much of monday as well. and then this front will approach from the dakotas by late monday night into tuesday, and that's going to really move into an increasingly humid and warm air mass. thunderstorms could be developing by then with heavy dewpoints. here is our futurecast. no weather worries during the day tomorrow and during much of the day monday. late monday afternoon there could be a shower or storm in a couple of spots north and west of new york city. much of the daylight dry. and then it's overnight monday night into tuesday that we get the action. we have some thunderstorms, maybe some heavy downpours, could get an inch or two of rain in a short period of time tuesday morning doors the commute potentially.
11:54 pm
it could be more showers and thunderstorms developing over the same spots right over thetry state area during the afternoon. maybe causing a little bit of minor flooding. lows tonight getting down to about 70 in the park. again some areas well north and west getting down to the 50s for a change overnight. highs tomorrow back up to about 85. so, if anything, a degree or two warmer than it was odd. if you are heading to the beach again a moderate risk of rip currents out there. be careful if you are heading into the water. water temps ranging from 70 on the east end of the island to mid 70s in new york city beaches and the jersey shore. the uv index, put on a lot of sunblock. high. air quality good. pollen creeping back up again. moderate to high. here is your accuweather forecast for 7:00 in the morning. 71. mixing with some cloud cover. warm, but not that humid during the day. 85. back down to 70 tomorrow might. more humid on monday. a shower or storm late in the day. better shot monday night.
11:55 pm
tuesday could be drenching downpours with the storms. wednesday. 83. 82 thursday. wet day on tuesday. we know that at this point. >> we could use a little rain. >> yeah. dry lawns. >> thank you. and finally tonight your idea of summer fine might include a boat and water-skis. but your skills on the water definitely don't look like what you are about to see. >> today at the x games one record-setting daredevil took ski jumping to soaring new heights. here is abc's cecelia vega. >> reporter: do not call this waterskiing. call it crazy. call it a world record. his name is freddy krueger. no relation to the evil horror movie guy. he is an evel knivel on skis, and in the jump that landed him in the guiness book of world records. >> today to get over the 300, that was the goal if the very beginning. i am so excited. >> reporter: soaring 312 feet.
11:56 pm
the length of a football field and into the end zone, too. >> we had the opportunity to go for the record if the weather was right. literally, at the last second we said, you know what? let's go for it. it was a perfect jump. >> reporter: our friends at espn breaking it down. to pull it off he has to hit the ramp at exactly 72 miles per hour. by the time he hits the top, he has accelerated to 80. the aerodynamic lena 30-degree angle like an airplane wing creating higher air pressure that sends him flying. the old record held for two decades. >> freddy, you are official away mazing. >> reporter: krueger grew up waterskiing. two sisters and both parents all competing. there, too, his wife and coach karen true love. yes, she is a skier, too. and of course they are teaching their kids hoping for another high-flying world record holder
11:57 pm
just like dad. >> [cheers and applause]. >> pretty amazing. >> that is awesome. orbit. call nasa, right? >> way to go. >> freddy krueger. >> didn't think i would ever that. that does it for us. >> eyewitness news returns tomorrow morning at six.
11:58 pm
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