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tv   ABC World News  ABC  August 16, 2015 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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hope you will too. welcome to "world news tonight." fires on the move. thousands of firefighters battling more than 80 major wildfires. now burning across eight states. homes destroyed. crews overwhelmed. why there's no relief in sight. flying high. republican front-runner donald trump gaining momentum. tonight, his controversial new immigration plan. and just how much money he's prepared to spend to win the white house. hero clerk. the man who came face to face with a suspected killer. how this man helped end a nearly three-week alleged crime spree. >> how this man helped end a nearly three-week alleged crime spree. deadly blast, what we're
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finding out tonight about that finding out tonight. renter beware. the grandmother renting out rooms in her home now facing a massive fine. tonight, the profits and pitfalls like home-sharing sites like airbnb. good evening, thanks for joining us on this sunday. we begin tonight with the growing wildfire crisis, tinder-dry conditions, erratic winds and soaring temperatures have created the perfect recipe for a series of raging infernos. those fires are stretching resources thin. with firefighters working overtime, many brought in from across the country. and many residents are staying behind, protecting their homes and their livelihoods, like this rancher in washington state, and tonight worry for the region a blanket of smoke stretching hundred of miles. creating a toxic smog. we begin with our coverage with kayna whitworth. >> reporter: the west under assault tonight by flames, with
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>> resources stretched so thin here that smaller fire departments can't afford to send crews where they're needed most. and on the front lines, firefighters working 12 hours shifts in temperatures over 100 degrees. in washington state, the national guard is using blackhawk helicopter for drops. 9,000 in the area without power. the fire taking out a substation and power poles. at alta lake, residents who had rebuilt after last year's fire, >> down again. one burnt down to the ground. >> reporter: evacuated again. evacuating with her family and her dog as fire threatened their home. shelter. >> it concerns me we have people here who don't know if they have
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a home. >> in idaho, a 70-year-old woman died while getting ready to evacuate for the lawyers complex fire that destroyed 30 homes. in oregon where dozens of homes have burned, courtney fox snapping this photo as she fled the flames returning an hour later to find this. all that smoke now spreading over 155,000 square miles, affecting the air for more than 3 million people. here you can clearly see what years of extreme drought has done the mountains in california, firefighters say their fuels are so dry that they're about two months ahead in fire season. tom, they're calling these conditions explosive. >> that area absolutely charred. kayna, thank you. let's bring in rob marciano. we're tracking a storm heading that way. is it going to help? >> it's not going to help. no rain and more wind. we got more red-flag warnings up tonight and also critical fire danger for idaho, parts of wyoming. where it's not windy it's going to be dry. look at fresno and sacramento. hot in san francisco and l.a. today. phoenix, palm springs near record-breaking.
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will cool down a little bit as we go through midweek, but not much. extreme weather threat. the high plains, on tuesday and wednesday, we stretch it out, this is a very strong system, tom. >> rob, thank you very much. the heat being heat up in the 2016 presidential race. at the head of the pack is donald trump. hovering over the competition in more ways than one. abc's devin dwyer has the story. >> reporter: tonight a so-called trump tsunami still sweeping iowa. >> i'm not supporting. i'm talking about him. >> reporter: the gop's helicopter spotted above the fair for a second day after that dramatic arrival saturday. our martha raddatz exclusively tagging along. >> you know where we were four years ago, the people at the bottom of the polls didn't do so >> who was here?
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>> michele bachmann and rick santorum. they're not me. >> reporter: tonight, trump getting more serious and specific about his policies. >> we're building a wall it's going to be strong. >> reporter: trump says he would force mexico to foot the bill for his border wall. by hiking fees on visas. he tripled the number of immigration officers and end birthright citizenship which he calls the biggest magnet for illegal immigration. it's full steam ahead for trump who's willing to spend more of his own money on campaign than >> i would do that if i had to. >> reporter: trump still way ahead since that first debate, while jeb bush has taken a hit, down to fourth place. ben carson surging to number can you catch trump in iowa? >> it's a marathon not a sprint. >> reporter: iowans have been casting their kernels all day here at the fair. no surprise, donald trump, hillary clinton right out front. tom.
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>> abc's devin dwyer from des moines. let's turn overseas to china where rescue crews are scrambling to find survivors in tianjin, new images show how that blast is. that death toll is up to at least 112, nearly a hundred more remain missing. most of them firefighters. chinese officials say deadly sodium cyanide stored there, may have been 70 times allowed amount. next to another airline tragedy. this time in the skies over indonesia, a plane packed with passengers suddenly disappeared from radar, the indonesian airplane flying with a troubled safety record. forbidden from flying over the european union. tonight, the search for that plane and those passengers, abc's jennifer eccleston joins us now from london. jennifer, good evening. >> reporter: tom, it's a routine commuter flight. just over 170 miles in papua, eastern indonesia. but just ten minutes before touch down, the plane vanished. the flight was heading into the airport in oksibil. 54 people on board, 5 of them children.
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air traffic control saying there was no distress call. but villagers telling local police, a low-flying plane hit the side of mountain. weather, also a key factor. with heavy rain, strong winds and fog. it's a harrowing wait for the family of those on board. well known in southeast asia, trigana air service is blacklisted elsewhere. >> the european union won't even let them in because of their safety compliance record in the past. >> reporter: it's daybreak now in indonesia, and the weather forecast is for more fog and rain, but villagers are providing clues.they say they've found some wreckage. tom. >> we hope so. jennifer in london. back here at home another aviation disaster on the west coast. late this afternoon, two small planes collided in mid-air over san diego, crashing, killing at least four people. police are reporting fire and debris scattered across a wide area. both the faa and the ntsb are
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looking into the cause of this crash. next to a very different kind of aviation accident. outside of philadelphia, a summertime sightseeing excursion aboard a hot air balloon, all three passengers rushed to the hospital. electrocuted after their balloon came into contact with power lines. abc's karen travers has more. >> reporter: with darkness setting in, chaos and confusion. >> hot air balloon crashed, down over the wires. >> reporter: the balloon actually landed safely in a field. but when it was deflating the top flew over hitting power lines, sending a surge right down into the basket. >> now we're getting reports of one in cardiac arrest. >> the basket was laying on the ground. by that time, all the, you know, the ambulances were coming. >> there were three people in the balloon. all three were injured and suffered electrical burns. >> oh, my god! >> reporter: it's just the latest terrifying incident involving a hot air balloon and power lines. last july, in massachusetts, a
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balloon with six people onboard crashing into electric lines, setting off two explosions. a similar incident just two months earlier in virginia, killing three. accidents are rare. over the past decade, government statistics show only around 120 involving hot air balloons and less than 20 deaths. the faa is investigating this weekend's incident in pennsylvania, officials tonight list one passenger in critical condition. the other, stable. the pilot treated and released from the hospital. karen travers, abc news, washington. a nearly three-week manhunt for a suspected killer in california has ended, with the suspect gunned down by sheriff's deputy. his crime spree cut short by an eagle-eye store clerk. here's abc's aditi roy. >> reporter: a manhunt for benjamin peter ashley is over.
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ashley hiding out in a remote area 40 miles east of bakersfield, recognized by store clerk gary welfl. >> just came in, got food. >> reporter: unable to call for help, he texted his sister who then called authorities. officers finding ashley on a remote road, shooting and killing him after the suspect brandished a firearm. the manhunt for ashley began after a man was reported kidnapped at gunpoint. those men escaped. august 1st, two officers are shot in a gun battle with the alleged suspect, both survive, but the suspect flees the scene. two days later, police release a sketch of ashley and link him to all three crimes the next day. investigators say ashley walked more than 30 miles over 18 days before authorities tracked him down.
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tonight, a community on edge, breathing a sigh of relief. while authorities believe the man deputies killed is ashley, they're still waiting on finger prints and dna evidence to positively identified him. turning now to the closing of an important chapter in the struggle for racial quality. civil rights activist julian bond has died. the tennessee native was a pioneer. the former naacp chairman was also the first black american nominated as a vice president candidate. president obama is calling bond a hero who helped change america. julian bond was 75 years old. another change in america, beating even the optimistic expectations. "straight outta compton" has gone straight into the record books. raking in more than $56 million this opening weekend. unlike other summer block
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buster there is are no superheroes. its success lies in telling a far bigger story. >> reporter: moviegoers flocking in record numbers to see this. the portrayal of youth struggles with police resonating today just as it did more than 20 years ago. "straight outta compton" first broke on the scene. with music. >> reporter: nwa's rallying call, f the police. in this era of ferguson, these images fueling today's black lives matter movement. but before there was a hashtag, nwa's lyrics struck a similar >> it was our only way to shed light on what was going on. an era when crime in compton was at an all-time high. bangers to make sure they're clean. >> these are not bangers, okay,
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these are artists. >> reporter: the landscape of compton has changed. now the city is predominantly hispanic. since 1989 to 2014, overall crime has done 65%. but gangs are still rampant. would you live in compton? your silence says a lot to me. compton, still a work in progress, but fighting to fix problems generations old. >> what up? i got something to say. >> reporter: byron pitts, abc news, compton, california. >> hey, that was dope. we thank byron for that story. still ahead -- an airbnb battle. >> i'm a good neighbor. this was never a party house. >> she was just trying to make some extra money using the popular rental site. why has she been slapped with a huge fine. zmrmplt and dangerous rescue. what happened next?
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new larger size now available. welcome back. like many looking to make some extra cash, you may be considering renting out your place on airbnb. but more and more cities are cracking down on hosts who use sites like this. tonight, one woman who went from making money to owing fines. what you need to know before getting snagged. here's abc's linzie janis. >> reporter: tonight, rachel smith, a retired teacher and grandmother is smack dab in the middle of a debate raging in neighborhoods across the country. >> i'm a good neighbor. >> reporter: smith did what so many homeowners do to make extra money. she began renting out rooms in her san diego home on airbnb, charging 80 bucks a night. earning $15,000 over 2 years. >> this is one guest room that was available. >> reporter: smith says she thought she was following the rules.
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>> we contacted the city tax office that assured us that we were covered. >> reporter: but the city recently shut her down, slapping her an $18,000 fine for running a bed and breakfast without a permit. cities scrambling to catch up with the rental craze. santa monica, california cracking down too, requiring airbnb hosts to live on the property during a renter's stay, and collect a 14% occupancy tax. and new york city considering fining hosts up to $50,000 for running illegal hotels. airbnb telling abc news today it lists the rules for some cities on its website, but it's up to hosts to make sure they aren't breaking the law. >> one office says one thing, and another office says something else, and i don't know which way to go. >> reporter: as for smith, she's fighting the fine saying she's happy to play by the rules, if only they'd been made more clear.
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after almost 3 weeks, i just really wanted to give it a shot. you know, i'm not feeling it today. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about your risk. back now with our "instant index," starting with one of the dramatic boat regs cue caught on patrolmen in new jersey got out of their uniforms, jumped into rescue two people. after a fishing boat slammed into a pier. huge waves knocking around the rescuers who jumped into the dark waters to search for other possible victims. police say the operator of the boat may have been intoxicated. on the west coast, many beachgoers are watching where they are steping this weekend. on the beach in marina del rey, it's being invaded by hundreds of stingrays attracted to this spot because the water is so calm. painful.
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people are being advised to shuffle their feet around to scare them off. now to a historic moment in the world of sports, here they are the nfl's first female referees sarah thompson, and the league's first assistant coach, they met before the game in arizona. ground-breaking moment before they both got back to work. all right, still ahead after overcoming a rare illness, how this little girl is back on her feet and raking in some big birthday bucks, but she's not keeping a dime of it, so what is she up to? the story when we come back. (dorothy) toto, i've a feeling we're not in kansas anymore... (morpheus) after this, there is no turning back. (spock) history is replete with turning points.
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finally tonight, a birthday girl who wanted one gift -- a lot of money, only to give it all away, after overcoming a rare bone disorder in her legs she's now walking, running and determined to help other kids at the hospital that got her back on her feet. tonight, why the money is rolling in. here's abc's john donvan. >> reporter: standing on that street corner near her home in north texas, addie bryan is collecting money, because for her 8th birthday, as a present to herself, she wants to give some money away.
6:57 pm
>> for my birthday wish, i want to raise $8,000 for texas scottish rite hospital. >> reporter: that's a thousand for every year she's been alive, to give to the hospital where she knows there are a lot of kids wanting to get back home. >> i think all the kids are going to be happy and they can get out of the hospital faster. >> reporter: because she herself was born with a rare bone disease, her knees basically backwards, but years of treatment at the scottish rite hospital that, and her own pluck, literally got addie on her feet. >> she's the one that's helped probably pull us more through than the other way around. >> reporter: plus, look at this, addie can fly down the sidewalk. well, when her story caught the attention of our affiliate, wfaa and "people" magazine, a lot more came in. in fact, she bagged $19,000. >> wow, that's a lot of money. >> reporter: and then this happened. a letter come the hospital
6:58 pm
pledging another $50,000. >> she has big dreams. >> the big donor anonymous. >> her birthday wish definitely came threw. >> only today, she reached that 8th birthday with a plan to try something next year. >> and i'm when 80. >> $80,000 for a girl like addie, that should be easy. john donvan, abc news. "good morning america" first thing in the morning. david muir is right back here tomorrow night. i'm tom llamas in new york. have a great evening.
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good night.


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