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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  August 16, 2015 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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the granddaughter of actor morgan freeman stabbed to death on a street in manhattan. tonight the actor is speaking out about his loss as the family awaits charges against the suspect. first, a nightmare for tomorrow's commute. the lirr service is back up and running tonight after a plane crashed on the tracks. good evening i'm sandra bookman. >> i'm rob powers. service was fully restored to the ronkonkoma branch tonight. plenty of headaches for people tonight. >> the mta releasing new images. the plane was decimated and the pilot killed and his name has not been released. one person survived the crash. >> mta crews worked into the night to fix the tracks.
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josh einiger is live for us at penn station for more. >> reporter: from looking at the pictures you can get a look at how colossal it was for them to get things moving for tomorrow morning. it's pretty much back on schedule and just in the nick of time for the monday morning ride to work. the train started moving again after dark along the lirr busy main long meaning a merciful end to a crazy day. >> a lot of people were upset and wanted to rage and get home and get to work or get to the city. >> reporter: they got nowhere fast with the lirr down. work crews rushed to get trains back on track. >> the objective is to have normal service in the morning. that's our goal. >> reporter: that was easier said than done after this fiery plane crash right on the tracks in beth page early sunday morning. the pilot of this single engine
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plane flying from west hampton beach to morris town, new jersey, reported engine trouble and tried to land on south oyster bay road and wounded up here instead. >> a co-worker said the plane is going down. i saw them pulling out the passenger. >> reporter: the passenger identified as 55-year-old carl of new jersey managed to survive. the pilot did not. the impact caused severe damage to one of the railroad's busiest sections of track. by night fail they declared all was repaired in time for the monday morning rush. many riders tried to keep things in perspective. >> someone else died. me. >> reporter: a very important thing to bear in mind. the pilot of the plane did not survive. his name. in the meantime the investigation is underway into what led his engine to fail and
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what caused the fiery crash in the first place. live at penn station, josh einiger channel 7 eye witness news. >> josh, thank you. new details in the search for a man who allegedly rape add 7-year-old girl on staten island. the suspect was in custody following the incident but was released. they're searching for 32-year-old daniel nieto. he entered the girl's home through the back door and went into her bedroom and sexually assaulted her. tremendousing and released before police were made aware the girl was assaulted. we have the suspect's picture. facebook page. thousands have already shared it on social media. tonight actor morgan freeman is speaking out about the granddaughter. 33-year-old ladina hines was morning. one man is in custody but has not yet been charged. tonight freeman wrote on his facebook page i want to
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acknowledge the tremendous outpouring of love and support my family has received regarding the tragic and senseless passing of my granddaughter. thank you from the bottom of my heart. aj ross is in washington heights with the story. >> reporter: sandra, a rising star with unlimited potential is how loved ones described 33-year-old adina hines. she's the granddaughter through marriage of morgan freeman. police have a suspect in custody, there are lingering questions tonight about the senseless killing. >> like 3:00 a.m. i heard a guy yelling and i heard a woman scream. >> reporter: a loud commotion in the middle of the night outside this west 162 street apartment quickly caught the attention of brendan and others who live nearby. >> he was screaming jesus christ is born. i go to the window and i see him
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on top of a woman and i couldn't really see what was going on. then the police came. like two police cars came and arrested the guy. >> reporter: a 911 call brought police to the scene within minutes where they discovered 33-year-old adina hines with multiple stab wounds lying in the street. she was rushed to harlem hospital and later pronounced dead. the granddaughter of morgan freeman, adina graduated from nyu acting program and pursuing her dreams of acting and writing in the city. friends and family offered their condolences as morgan freeman issued the following statement. the world will never know her art and talent. her friends and family are fortunate enough to know what she meant as a person. according to police, a 30-year-old male at the scene
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was taken into custody and was undergoing a psych evaluation. for now, no charges have been filed. >> it's sad. it's scary. i mean this happened 15 feet in front of my doorway. it's very scary. >> reporter: we checked just a short time ago and that unidentified suspect is still hospitalized tonight. live in washington heights, aj ross, channel 7 eye witness news. >> aj, thank you. it was a hot day today. temperatures in the 90s and we could have record breaking heat. jeff smith with details. >> yeah, the daily record high for tomorrow is 95 degrees. that was set over 70 years ago in 1944. we're predicting temperatures at least that high tomorrow afternoon. this is like a heat pump. this high pressure pumping in the winds from the south and west. it will make the temperature in the mid-90s feel like 100 to 105 degrees in spots.
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highs today got up to 93 in the park and 96 in newark. central park hasn't had an official heat wave this year. that would be three consecutive days of 90 plus. right now temperatures haven't fallen down to the 80-degree mark in new york city. the dew point is straddling between uncomfortable and oppressive. week. air quality not that much better. lows tonight getting down barely below 80 in the city. urban areas don't get much highs tomorrow, we're record. 96 degrees in central park and 94 in morris town and low 90s island. we see relief. we'll talk about that in your full accuweather forecast coming up. >> jeff, we'll see you then. a police standoff has ended in new jersey with the suspect and two victims dead.
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authorities say the shooter died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound at 7:00. five hours after barricading himself inside a house in warren. the man shot a man and a woman before taking his own life. the people in the neighborhood reported hearing shots earlier in the day. >> i heard a series of loud pops and bangs. i wasn't sure it sounded like gunshots. i really wasn't sure. there was a quick quiet and three more sounds. >> police have not released the identity of the shooter or the victims. it's unclear how they're related. a man accused of kidnapping an 18-year-old woman in queens facing several charges including rape. 21-year-old jonathan cornell was taken to the hospital after his arrest last night. he kidnapped his ex-girlfriend at knife point yesterday and facing robbery, kidnapping and weapons charges.
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civil rights activists are mourning an icon tonight as they say good-bye to julian vaughan. vaughan died at the age of 75. his wife said he suffered from vascular disease. he served in the georgia state legislature. we'll have more on how he got his start in political activism in the next half hour. straight ahead for us, abandoning the campaign trail to do his civic duty. donald trump set to report for jury duty. also a grandmother renting out rooms in her home facing a huge fine. the profits and pitfalls of home sharing sites.
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rescue officials say a search plane has spotted another plane that crashed in a remote area of indonesia. the flight plane had been missing for several hours after losing contact with air traffic control. the faa says the computer glitch that caused a travel nightmare for thousands of passengers has now been fixed. officials say a software upgrade at a facility in virginia may have caused the problem that
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forced the delay or cancellation yesterday. delays continued through major hubs throughout today. there is no indication that the system had been hacked. happening tomorrow, donald trump will appear in a manhattan courtroom. the republican front runner has been called to jury duty. he posted his program for immigration reform. that would have mexico pay for completing the border wall, triple the number of immigration officers and as he told nbc's meet the press this morning end birthright citizenship. >> you're going to deport children? >> no, no. we'll keep the families together. we have to keep the families together but they have to go. >> what if they have no place to go? >> we'll work with them. they have to go. we either have a country or we don't have a country. >> families with u.s. born children could return quickly if deemed worthy by the government. meantime, speculation swirling again tonight about vice
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president joe biden's potential run for president. the newspaper in north carolina urging him to join the race in an article yesterday. that newspaper says his habit of verbal gaffes shouldn't strike him from the list of contenders pointing to donald trump's rise in the polls. beach goers on long island find themselves up close and personal with sharks today. a fisherman on long beach says he intended to catch sea bass or fluke but caught four or five sharks. it took him ten minutes to reel in his big catch. each was released to the ocean. >> that's not sea bass. he gave police the slip with his hands cuffed behind his back. coming up on eye witness news, the search for a slippery suspect and how he escape frommed custody. plus, the bear that tried to break in through the cat door. why the homeowner is getting
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used to burly guys like this making house calls. accuweather alert. we're in for dangerous heat.
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it'll stick around for a on stage in marcus harvey park tonight. it's a celebration of what they call the modern circus. no tents or animals but plenty of fun with acrobats, jugglers thanks to the city parks foundation sponsored by disney. the parent company of wabc tv. all right, jeff, the summer
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we have a lot of summer left in it, does it not? >> it's interesting. the hottest temperature we've had so far on july 29th it was 96 degrees. we're expected to reach that tomorrow and near records again during the day on tuesday. just when you think temperatures are starting to generally go down a little bit in late august, no, not the case this year. weather has its own we head outside and look towards the empire state building. 82 degrees, that humidity up at 60%. the humidity is sticking around all week. the wind from the north at 3 miles per hour. the high today up to 93 after a morning low of 76. a full 10 degrees above normal for august 16th. the record for today was 96 back in 1944. not quite reaching it today. i do expect to break tomorrow's record. the sun setting at 7:53 these days. near record heat over the next couple of days. i think any thunderstorm
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activity like we got this afternoon stays spotty through wednesday. especially tuesday into wednesday. not expecting anything tomorrow. there's a chance of getting heavier thunderstorms late thursday into thursday night as a stronger front approaches and humidity hanging on for much of the week. 70 in morris town, 75 in belmar. as you get closer to the urban centers you stay warmer on a night like tonight and we'll go below the 80-degree mark. the radar and satellite nationwide showing this southwesterly flow and a big ridge of high pressure over the eastern third of the country. helping us avoid any big time storminess. they're gefting a vigorous front through minnesota but that rides the jet stream to the north during the next 24 to 48 hours. eventually this will kind of break down. this pattern breaks down by later in the week and allows a front to get in here by late thursday into thursday night providing the thunderstorm chance and providing relief thereafter.
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in the meantime, we're talking record heat during the day tomorrow. the high up to 96 degrees as we head into tuesday nearing the record of 94. predicting a high of 93 with the southwesterly flow continuing and the front does work in here. accuweather forecast turning out warm and humid and barely going below 80. we're 79 at 7:00 in the morning under a lot of sunshine. blistering sunshine during the day tomorrow. quite hot and humid out there. 96 degrees breaking the record potentially. warm and humid patchy clouds tomorrow night and we're down to 78. near record warmth on tuesday and 93. maybe a spotty thunderstorm tuesday afternoon and wednesday afternoon. just below 90 on wednesday and late thursday into thursday night that stronger front moves in. could be bigger thunderstorms with that and cooler being to upper 80s into next weekend.
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sglr it's all relative. >> mid-90s perfect baseball weather. >> perfect baseball weather. coming up in sports we're talking about one team going for a sweep. the other team trying to avoid the sweep. the yankees were counting on good defense to show they are kings of the american league east. meanwhile the mets are
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classic cookie flavor in every sip. america runs on dunkin'.
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we saw carlos beltran drop that ball. i'm guessing that dent bode well for the yankees. >> no, they're coming home after first place. they lost the ball and the sun. just almost getting clocked in the head. it was called an error but that was later changed to a hit. troy tulowitzki scores and toronto with a 1-0 lead. two batters later and a jose bautista bomb and his 28th of the season. that makes it 3-0, jays.
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the yankee's offense limited to this jacoby ellsbury in the top of the 6th inning. the yankees down 3-1 and stays that way until the end. mark teixeira grounds out and the yankees holding onto a half game lead against their division rivals. >> i thought we did a good job coming in here and winning a tough series on the road. we snatched one the other day. any time you can win two out of three, that's a good series. the mets licking their wounds this evening after taking it on the chin the last three games. matt harvey did his part. he strikes out starlyn marte. he leaves after being tied at 1. they had a 7th inning meltdown. the man on 1st, bobby parnell picks up the grounder and makes
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the perfect toss over to second base and murphy ducks and ball goes in the outfield and runner moves to 3rd. the pirates take a 2-1 lead and the wheels fall off when travis darno lets this pitch go by and another run comes by. the pirates piled on and they swept the mets, final 8-1 despite lose thing mets are on top in the national league east with a four and a half game lead over the nationals. well, it took 21 starts in his professional career but a major champion. the aussi started the final round of the pga championship with a two stroke lead and no other player got closer than that all day. an emotional event. day finishes the season with a three stroke victory. he's the first player in the history to finish strokes under par.
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>> to be able to walk up the 18th hole and finish the way i did, there was a lot of emotion that are came out of me. i haven't had much time to think about what i accomplished. >> much more ahead in sports. geno is talking and trying to
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stay informed and
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welcome back. geno did not get his jaw wired and he's talking saying get ready for me to come back. geno was throwing near the jet's complex just a few days removed from his surgery for a fractured jaw. it's left up to the team to determine when he'll return to the huddle. the jets talked to geno smith when he came in for a treatment and they were dealing with the matter internally. >> as an organization we handled that and it was fine. he shouldn't be doing it right now. we handled that internally and we had that discussion. they discussed surgery and he doesn't need to get infected. >> the giants signed brendan merriweather. big blue moving onto the next game on saturday. they have to be concerned about their miscues on the offensive side of the ball.
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too many drops and miscommunications. coach tom coughlin making it a priority as they gear up for a visit from the jags. they need to focus. >> definitely need to do more as a receiving group and as a team as well. we didn't play well. can't hang your head on it. you just keep moving and learn from it. >> let's give a salute to the boys from jersey taking on the team from pennsylvania. the winner has a spot in the little league world series. cole wagner was in great form as he was mowing down the kids from jackson, new jersey. he struck out 8 batters as the team from pa beat the boys from jersey 12-0. the little league world series begins on thursday. that's it in sports. >> cole wagner. i wrote it down. >> write his name down. get tickets now. >> thanks, anthony. a tragedy in the sky leads
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to trouble on the tracks. the latest on what happened and the affect on train service. plus the fugitive. a handcuffed suspect still on the loose after escaping police custody.
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a let's take a look at the top stories. one man in custody in connection of the stabbing death of morgan freeman's granddaughter.
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adina hines stabbed multiple times this morning in washington heights. the actor said the world will never know her artist and talent. a search for a man accused of raping a 7-year-old girl. he entered the home through the back door and sexually assaulted her in her room. he was arrested, charged with tresz passing and was released before they were made aware she was assaulted. a standoff ends with a gunman and two others dead. police in warren say the suspect killed a man and a woman and turned the gun on himself. topping the news this half hour, service on the lirr now fully restored ahead of tomorrow morning's commute. >> service suspended after a small plane crashed on the tracks near south oyster road. the pilot was killed. a passenger is in the hospital recovering. >> eye witness news reporter nj burkett has the story.
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>> reporter: the pilot was killed in the flaming wreckage of his single engine plane moments after investigators say landing. instead the plane miss it had street and crashed in the middle of the main line of the long island railroad. passenger. pulled to safety by an eye witness news to the crash. >> my coworkers saw the plane upside down and he said that plane is going down. at that point he ran out and told me to call 911. i call and had he ran out here and i saw him pulling out the passenger. >> reporter: according to the faa, the plane was a four seater, single engine beach craft be 35. according to flight aware, registered to a charter pilot in west hampton beach, long island. >> the plane left the airport in suffolk county and reported to farmingdale airport they were
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experiencing difficulty maintaining altitude. >> reporter: moments after that, controllers warned other aircraft to prepare for an emergency landing. >> it'll be a couple minutes. an emergency bonanza. >> reporter: the plane already went down. service was suspended all day. as rail workers struggled to repair the damage, riders were forced to transfer to buses. lirr spokesman sal. >> the objective is to have normal service in the morning. >> reporter: rail workers worked into the evening to restore service on the main line. they believe the cause of the crash was a form of engine failure. in beth page, nj burkett, channel 7 eye witness news. another prisoner escaped
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police custody in east harlem. police say officers arrested austin stevenson on trespassing charges. they were escorting stevenson in handcuffs to the station house when police say he shoved an officer and ran away. stevenson is the third prisoner to escape from officers in upper manhattan since june 23rd. the other suspects were eventually caught by police. dozens of yellow cab drivers took their anger against uber to the street. an alliance of workers protested their decision to abandon the plan to limit the size of the fleets of new car service companies. companies like uber take businesses from traditional taxis. it gives them the exclusive rights to pick up street hails in exchange for following set safety and rules.
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>> yellow cab driver, rain, shine or snow, we're there in the streets. the mayor's office says the city is studying the impact of for hire vehicles on traffic and the rights of passengers as well as drivers. a cruise ship on its way to new york has abandoned the search for a missing crew member. the queen mary ii retraced the course but it was abandoned after experts determined nobody could have survived that long in the chilly atlantic. it was headed from south hampton, england, to new york yesterday when the crew member went overboard. an icon of the 1960s civil rights movement died, julian bond. he was a southern poverty law center. he was 75 years old and he is
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being remembered as a man whose helped several people. he was born in nashville, tennessee and grew to be a major force in the campaign for racial equality. often seen at the forefront of protests against segregation, bond later pursued laenthy career in politics and never seated his position as a rights icon. in 1960 he helped to start the student nonviolent committee. it gave younger african americans a voice in the civil rights movements. in 1965 bond was elected to the georgia house of representatives and refused his seat because of his antiwar stance on vietnam. the u.s. supreme court eventually ruled in his favor and he was seated two years later. in 1971 he helped found the poverty law center and in 1998 he was elected board chairman of the naacp.
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a post he held for ten years. today former ambassador and activist andrew young said of bond "i think his legacy is going to be he was a lifetime struggler." . president obama called him a hero and a friend. julian bond helped change this country for the better. what better way to be remembered than that. >> julian bond, 75 years old. he was survived by his wife and five children. a brooklyn man was diagnosed with this season's first case of west nile virus in new york city. he was over 60 and was treated at the hospital and released. health officials say a number of queen's neighborhoods will be sprayed this week to deal with rising mosquito populations. a pier on the jersey shore is set to be rebuild.
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the owner of casino pier have received approval to recon truck part of the site. it's where the jet star roller coaster plunged into the ocean when sandy hit in october of 2012. becoming one of the most enduring images of the storm. >> it is an image you can't get out of your head. continues to grow. why one woman was fined $25,000 to renting rooms. baby alligator stolen from a petting zoo. the surveillance video and why it might have been an inside job. let's take a look outside.
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meteorologist jeff smith tu an army sky diver hurt has died. 32-year-old cory hood collided with another military jumper during a stunt at the chicago air and water show yesterday. he died from his injuries this afternoon. army officials say hood was a 14-year u.s. army veteran and served five tours of duty in iraq and afghanistan. recover. one person in critical condition after a hot air balloon accident in
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pennsylvania. that balloon carrying two passengers and the pilot and it actually landed safely. when it was deflating the top blew over and it hit power lines. all people suffered electrical burns and the pilot was treated and released. the passengers are still in the hospital. for anyone looking for an easy way to make extra cash renting out your place on air b&b seems to be an easy way to go. more cities are cracking down on using sites like this one. one woman faces thousands of dollars in fines for renting out rooms. >> come on in. >> reporter: tonight rachel smith, a retired teacher and grandmother is smack dab in the middle of a debate raging in neighborhoods across the country. smith did what so many homeowners do to make extra money. she began renting out rooms
11:48 pm
charging $80 a night earning $15,000 over two year. >> this is one guest room available. >> reporter: she thought she was following the rules. >> we contacted the city tax office that assured us we were covered. >> reporter: but the city recently shut her down slapping her with an $18,000 fine for running a bed and breakfast without a permit. communities from coast-to-coast now scrambling to catch up with the vacation rental craze. santa monica, california, cracking down, too. requiring air b&b hosts to live on the property during the renter's stay and collect a 14% occupancy tax and new york city considering fining hosts up to $50,000 for running illegal hotels. air b&b telling abc news says it lists the rules for some cities on the web site but up to hosts to make sure they aren't breaking the law.
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>> one office says one thing and another office says something else and i don't know which way to go. >> reporter: as for smith, she's fighting the fine saying she's happy to play by the rules if they were made more clear. takies. the two suspects broke into the facility and stuffing more than a dozen alligators into bags. most of these gators were less than a year old. he believes the suspects were no strangers to the farm. >> there's no way they hadn't been here before. they knew exactly where they were going. it made us mad. especially the little guys. they're so cute. they're only that long. >> yeah, he wants the suspects to be caught but he really hopes the gators are being taken care of. a homeowner gets a surprise
11:50 pm
visitor at his back door. >> sure did. imagine walking in on this.
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the moment a bear tries to b he didn't run for three years, two months and 16 hours. close enough. barkley owner slice completed a 3,000 mile marathon. days. started in california may 9th and finished yesterday. ran more than 30 miles a day and raised $11,000 and that will help drill a well in africa for folks who need one. >> we take our hats off to him. >> you don't want to do any strenuous activity when it's 96 degrees with humidity at 80%. it'll feel like 100 degrees tomorrow afternoon. we head outside right now and it's 82. we're going to be lucky if we go much below 80 in the city
11:53 pm
overnight. clear skies and the wind from a northerly direction for the time being. about 3 miles per hour. it switches back to a southwesterly wind during the day tomorrow. the heat continues to build tomorrow. tomorrow is the peak of the heat wave when the values of 95 to 105 degrees when you combine the heat with the humidity. that's when it'll feel like when you're stepping out in the hot son tomorrow afternoon. 82 in the park, 84 at laguardia and 83 at newark. even urban areas of northeastern new jersey staying warm overnight. they have all that concrete that traps all the heat during the day and it keeps it warm at night in those areas. 71 at sussex and 70 at morris town. you head farther away from the cities down to 66. the suburbs much more comfortable than the cities overnight. dew points, which measure the amount of moisture in the atmosphere, kind of in this area between uncomfortable and oppressive. it'll stay that way through the
11:54 pm
middle part of the week. finally we'll get relief from the heat and humidity later on in the week at the expense of a couple of thunderstorms. air quality warning in effect through midnight. they get reishsued tomorrow. outdoor activity. everyone will want to and you want to stay well hydrated. lows down to 78 in the park and highs tomorrow back up to 96. that would break a record that was set over 70 years ago in 1944. that was 95 degrees. we're forecasting one degree above that. if you are heading to the beach tomorrow, waves about 1 to 3 feet and water temperatures in the low to mid-70s and the rip current risk is moderate. air quality, moderate to unhealthy. uv index is an 8, which is high.
11:55 pm
we're heading into ragweed and grass pollen season. here's your accuweather forecast, mainly sunny and just barely below 80 and 79. mostly sunny and quite hot and humid tomorrow and the high up to 96. 78. near record warmth on tuesday. the record on tuesday is 94. we're going for 93. maybe a late day shower and thunderstorm in a couple of areas. better chance of storms late thursday. behind that, some relief. weekend. bill evans has much more in a few hours. that's great. >> thanks, jeff. finally tonight, the animal picture of the day. maybe the picture of the year. >> check this out. a bear sticking his snout idaho. the owner says he snapped the picture and he's getting used to having the bears around his house. sarah haines with the story. >> reporter: imagine walking
11:56 pm
into your kitchen and spotting this furry fellow peaking his head through your cat door. >> i see the bear keep trying to get through the door bobbing his head in and out. >> reporter: doug harder is no stranger to bears rummaging through his deck. like this not so cuddly one seemingly trying to get in. >> you know, it's very common. i live up on a mountain. this is the wilderness. >> reporter: his first visit occurring in may when he woke up to these friends on his back porch. >> i heard a rukus outside and i saw a momma bear and one cub and another one. >> reporter: he was off the hook for a few months until arriving home to this after a brief vacation. this time the bear making it inside leaving claw marks on his door post. guzzling down a 12 pack of pepsi and chowing down. >> i was gone for a couple days.
11:57 pm
i left my sliding glass door open 7 to 8 inches and apparently hit squeezed through that. >> reporter: he scrubbed the porch clean. there's no telling when or where they'll pop up next. >> look at that face. >> that was abc's sarah haines reporting. doug is remarkably calm about that. >> a big bear just came in the glass there.
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