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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  August 17, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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comes an air quality alert through this evening. you can see how hazy it is out there tonight. we have several reports on the heatwave and begin to meteorologist jeff smith. he is in for lee goldberg tonight. >> reporter: you know what was interesting, we had brief relief from the heat earlier about a couple hours ago, and 86. we had nearby storms and some cloud cover, you can see right here the sun has come back out and the temperature has gone back up to 89 degrees and check out the high that we had during the day today. got up to 95. that tied that record that was set 71 years ago back in 1944 for the date. 97 also tied a record at newark, 93 was your high down the jersey shore in belmar, stayed in the upper 80s over the island where you had a little bit of a wind off the water. still 95 at newark, just no relief out there, 91 at teterboro, you have temperatures in the lower to middle 90s in morristown, little bit of relief from sea breezes down the shore and onto long island and the dew point, that measures the amount of moisture in the atmosphere and basically your comfortable level, kind of straddling
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between uncomfortable and oppressive right now and it will stay that way. the humidity will stay high for much of the week, even if the heat starts to tail off a little bit tomorrow and especially on wednesday. we do have that air quality alert in effect until 11:00 p.m. and this type of really stagnant, hot, humid air mass a lot of ground level censor and par tick -- ozone and particulate in the air. radar satellite shows a couple of thunderstorms did develop but they weaken -- have one developed over the bronx over the gw bridge for a while and then that moved off to the east and a couple of little showers over in monmouth county new jersey trying to provide a little bit of relief. the first heatwave in central park in over two years since july of 2013. this was our third consecutive day and we are going to extend the heatwave into tomorrow. won't be quite as hot but you want to stay in air conditioned places if you can. if you can't, stay hydrated and
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avoid heavy exertion outside. eventually we have regionwide relief in your accuweather seven-day forecast a little bit later in the half hour. liz, back over to you. >> jeff, thanks so much. one of the worst places to be in this weather, down below waiting for subway. it is just sweat inducing ugly down there and making it worse the mta says you're going to need more time if you're riding the e, f, m or r lines during the weekday rush-hour in the morning and evening for the next two weeks, that's because the agency is doing track repairs. eyewitness news reporter nina pineda is in herold square tonight hanging with the folks there. nina. >> reporter: liz, eight fewer trains an hour, that's what we can expect during this track work and the mta says on its own, that's like three to four minute delays but add to that express trains running on local tracks, well, that is a whole different ball game making for a hot and sticky commute. >> it's crazy because there's already delays so imagine them announcing there's going to be delays.
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it's crazy. >> reporter: riders on the e, f, m and r subway lines will eventually. the track work requires trains to run at slower speeds, translation, longer waits on unbearably hot platforms. >> it's really hot down here and i really hate it. >> i think i waited about 45 so -- >> reporter: these delays >> yeah, it is. i will be taking the bus. >> we selected essentially the three slowest weeks of the year where ridership is at its lowest to do this work in the hopes of minimizing the impacts to our customer. >> reporter: e line repairs no trains from jamaica to 179th street, riders using f trains instead and transfer at union turnpike and f line repairs will impact some jamaica bound trains running local from 21st queens bridge to 71st avenue. >> probably take the f train to queens plaza and then from there take the a. >> reporter: these tourists transferred successfully from queens to get to macy's in herold square.
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it wasn't the detour it's the heat getting to them. >> new delhi. >> do you find it hotter here india? >> yeah, way more. >> reporter: hotter than the capital of india, which has a humid climate, yeah, that pretty much describes what it's like down there and when people get to the top of the steps, they welcome this 95-degree heat up here. the track work is going to continue, liz, through the friday before labor day so if you're traveling during rush- hour on the subway on these lines, plan accordingly. we are live in herold square, nina pineda, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> pack an extra shirt with you. all right, nina, thank you. now to those who got to enjoy the weather and if you could get time off from work, the popular spot, the only spot to be today was on the beach. lots of folks crowded the jersey shore in what is typically a busy vacation week. toni yates drew the long straw today. she is on the beach with her hat in belmar. >> reporter: it has turned into
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a beautiful evening here along the shore. it has cooled down drastically and yes i still have my hat on but i have hat hair at this point so you don't want to see that. i want you to see the shore out there, still a lot of people out there, but lifeguards are not on duty so let's talk about hitting the water tomorrow and start by showing you why you're so much more safe when the you. >> you can see the gentleman fighting his way in now. although he's in chest deep water, he's literally pushing against it so if he was any deeper, we would have pushed >> reporter: it's the lifeguards who ramp it up even more as the beat the heat crowds swell into a busy monday for the shore. >> people out there remember, they are swimming in the north atlantic which can get very rough at times but they are always there and they are on duty and on call. >> reporter: staying with inside of the lifeguards just one of the good ideas you don't want to take for granted while you're seeking heat relief along the ocean. also, skin, especially 10 to
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new skin needs the sunblock to avoid sunburn and more serious problems. and he's 2 years old so the sunblock and all that stuff is really important, right? >> yeah. i make sure i do it every half hour. >> reporter: and stay hydrated. you could easily see the heatwaves rising from the boards and that's with a breeze. the ocean water at 74 degrees and that's where a few members of seton hall's soccer team was headed after a tough time on the field yesterday. >> we had a scrimmage on the turf yesterday so it was like 105 degrees. >> reporter: heat and humidity fighting checklists packed, water, water, water, sunblocked skin, line of sight of the lifeguards, hard to go wrong with a list like that. >> this is the place to be. the summer is very short so enjoy it while we can. >> reporter: yes, indeed. and remember, you cannot replace being safe. lifeguards are not on duty right now so if you have friends or relatives down the shore still, you may want to text them and tell them to just make really good choices right now while the beaches are
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unprotected. for now we are live in belmar, eyewitness news. >> toni, thank you. you can get the latest weather conditions during this heatwave anytime by downloading our free accutrack weather alert app. now to the other news of the night and we are going to begin on long island, an accused killer on the run for 16 years today faced a judge and the victim's family in balkumar singh was arrested in trinidad for a deadly shooting during a wedding in hicksville back in 1989. kristin thorne. >> reporter: balkumar sync says he's -- singh says he's sorry. >> i'm sorry for that, for the that's t. >> reporter: the 38-year-old was in court today facing second-degree murder charges in the death of abzal khan 16 years ago. >> in my heart always thinking of him. >> reporter: khan's mother, father and brother were in court today to see the man who allegedly took their loved one
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from them so many years ago. >> 16 years we cannot rest, our heart always think about this killer that he will get caught one day. >> reporter: it was june 1999 when prosecutors say singh opened fire on the 19-year-old khan standing over him and allegedly shooting him seven times. it happened during a wedding reception in hicksville. prosecutors say y the two had gotten into an altercation on the dance floor and singh waited for khan to leave the masonic temple and then opened fire. >> my son was a very quiet son, he always go to the church, taking care of the poor and the needy and he always do the right thing. >> reporter: investigators say right after the shooting in '99, singh fled the country to guyana, they say he spent years living in different countries under different aliases, but law enforcement caught up with him recently in trinidad.
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he was homeless. >> after law enforcement tip, the trinidadian authorities moved us they had a lead and we followed up on it and he was apprehended in trinidad. according it a detective who insisted in getting singh back to the u.s., singh told authorities he was, quote, relieved that he was arrested because he was happy to be coming back to the u.s. he's being held without bail. in mineola, i'm kristin thorne, channel 7 eyewitness news. taking a quick look at wall street right now where stocks started the week higher. the dow gained more than 67 points, the nasdaq up 43 and the s&p 500 picked up nearly 11 points. and as we continue with eyewitness news at 6:00 on this monday night, republican front runner donald trump takes the day off from campaigning but still manages to create a little chaos. the wild scene as he reported for jury duty today in lower manhattan. plus, yankees pitcher cc sabathia gets into a shouting match with some fans in toronto.
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jury duty got quite chaotic today at the federal courthouse in lower manhattan. donald trump, the republican front runner took a break from the campaign trail today one day after unveiling his controversial immigration policy to fulfill his civic duty. just like most things trump does, it created a spectacle. local reporter dave evans was in the middle of it all.
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he's in lower manhattan tonight with more. >> reporter: as we just saw there, there was a huge media presence here in lower manhattan all day long today both locally, nationally, even internationally for donald trump facing something all of us had to face and that is jury duty or at least some of us have had to face. ultimately he was dismissed from the jury but trump is in a lot of controversy for another reason and that is his new policy on immigration. it could affect millions. donald trump says he didn't know he had been summoned to jury duty before, claims those summons went to one of his many addresses, he got fined but today no complaints at all about jury duty. >> it's the system, we go through it and it's a great system. it's a system that works and they do a fantastic job and i met some wonderful people. >> reporter: trump is taking this jury duty break from the campaign trail right as the latest polling shows him still way out in front. jeb bush has fallen all the way to fourth. over the weekend trump complained at the iowa state
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fair and promptly caused more controversy with his latest on immigration. >> we are building a wall, it's going to be strong. >> reporter: trump's new immigration policy includes paying for his wall by increasing fees on mexican citizens visiting the u.s. he would end welfare for new immigrants and end birth right citizenship if your parents are illegal. >> we have to keep the families together but they have to go. >> reporter: on sunday trump told nbc, that's right, ship everybody out, citizen or not. >> you can't get rid of families that were born in the united states. i mean, that's just ludicrous. >> reporter: hispanic republicans are becoming increasingly angry at trump's rhetoric and strong polling numbers. >> it's entertainment. it's not real. you can't get rid of 11 million immigrants. i mean, who built america? america was built by immigrants. >> reporter: back at jury duty onlookers were well aware of trump's latest on immigration and most not happy at all. >> i think trump should look at
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his gene background where his ancestry lies and understands how his family coming over here, how important it was for him to establish his roots, how important to make themselves and how he's a better businessman because of that. >> reporter: just before 4:00 today, donald trump along with about 380 other potential jury members were all dismissed because there simply were not enough cases for this week. so donald trump, he has done his civic duty, will not be called for potential jury duty for another for now reporting live in lower manhattan, dave evans, channel channel 7. >> thank you. just ahead on eyewitness news, new technology with a real twist. you can bend it any way you want. and jeff smith returns with much more on this oppressive heatwave.
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when are we finally going to patients recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid. only seven percent received five stars. including four of ours. learn more at
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so when you're renovating the future of technology, you got to be, you know, a little flexible or at least that's the belief of a tech startup that
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has developed a new bendable screen. the flexible display uses black and white epaper technology, also used in e-readers which is thin, durable and apparently energy efficient. the company's first wearable wristband slated to roll out sometime next year. what will they think of next? really cool. however, wearing the band won't keep you any cooler. >> no, it won't. maybe they can add flexibility to those air conditioners in the band or something. >> yeah. >> speaking of a band, let's head out to central park, this was taken earlier, summer stage tonight. guess who is playing a free concert at 7:30? >> someone who really wants -- who i really want to see. >> stevie wonder. that is awesome. it's a free concert, you have to get tickets, go online search summer stage nyc. you can get the tickets online if they haven't already sold out. couldn't really sell them, it's but you know what i mean. here's another look at the park right now, it looks like at this point we should remain dry
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although a couple of pop-up showers over parts of new jersey. we will have to watch and see if they migrate into the city. 10 or 20% chance of that happening: temperature right now 89, that wind coming in from the southeast around 3 miles per hour. the high on the day 95 after a morning low of 78, way above normal for this time of the year. in fact, we tied the record which was set over 70 years ago on this date of 95 degrees set back in 1944, sun going down at 7:52 right after the start of that concert. still steamy tomorrow, spotty storm, mainly north and west of new york city, not as hot tomorrow either. we are barely going to get past 90 so we will continue the heatwave but we are not expecting mid-90s here in the city. near normal on wednesday and thursday, normal, low to mid- 80s but humidity will hang on and there could be a spotty shower or thunderstorm each day. next chance at widespread and heavier storms comes in thursday night into the day on friday as a front tries to kind of stall over the region. that could mean some heavy downpours in the area.
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95 right now in newark, 89 at laguardia, 83 at jfk airport. head out onto the island, much cooler, low 80s because the wind coming in from the southwest. that's off the atlantic ocean for long island. 86 down the shore in belmar. we have been watching a few showers popping up and this type of an air mass showers and thunderstorms can pop up at any time because it is so humid out there, one popping up over here over bergen county. more significantly, right down here along the line of monmouth and ocean counties in new jersey just south of i-195, right along the garden state parkway just west of man issaquah muggy, the high getting up to 84, maybe some storms around. accuweather forecast for tonight going like this, maybe a stray thunderstorm early and then quite warm and sticky, we are down to 78 for a low. sunny to partly cloudy, hot, humid tomorrow, spotty afternoon storm especially north and west of the city, 91, spotty storm early tomorrow
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night and then just muggy out there, 75. warm and humid on wednesday, not quite as hot, only getting up to about 84, about normal for this time of year, maybe heavy storms coming in thursday night and lasting into friday. we have to leave that storm chance in there all day friday, 83, and then over the weekend mid-80s, we should clear out, we should dry out by that point. >> can't complain about that. >> nope. >> thank you. rob is up next with sports. >> down to the mid-80s, there you go. baseball, the yankees deal with an jawstled distraction -- off field distraction. late night incident surrounding one of their starting pitchers. plus the giants offensive line gets a key member back. got it all for you next in
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just a little out of character. >> as joe girardi would say, it's not what you want but you move on and play baseball and then you talk about what else happened. they just missed the sweep in toronto but the yankees still have the lead over the blue jays in the al east -- a.l. east. the yanks host. the frontrunners meet seven more times before the end of the season, brian mitchell pitches tonight against minnesota. cc sabathia gets an extra day rest with the yanks in the goal of 16 games in 16 days. sabathia caught by tmz in a verbal altercation over the the yankees say this has nothing to do with why he's not playing today. >> i just found out this afternoon is when i first learned of it. when i got to the ballpark. you try to remind your players all the time, everything is fair game, so there is no there isn't. >> i'm with you. the mets off today after a rough weekend. they were swept by the pirates.
6:27 pm
sloppy play sealed the deal yesterday. they hadn't beaten the pirates yet this season. mets are just 9-20 against teams from the nl central. that could be a problem come playoff time. baltimore is up next starting tomorrow but even with a lost weekend and these plays show you, it was ugly. the mets are still in control in the nl east with 44 games left to play in the regular season. and part of the reason for that is that the nationals are in free fall right now. they have lost six in a row so with about six, seven weeks left of play, the mets have a 4 1/2 lead over washington and play six more times this season. nfl training camps continue this week, the giants get ready for preseason game number 2 at home saturday against the jaguars. has been about injury. they are starting to take a toll but there is good news out on that front. offensive lineman jeff schwartz who didn't make the trip to cincinnati last week says it's full speed ahead as of today. >> i'm approaching this week as i'm playing saturday until at
6:28 pm
the tell me otherwise. >> the time that he's been away from the field, he's ready to practice and we need him to practice to get going to see whether we can count on him. the jets get the falcons friday at the meadowlands, ryan fitzpatrick leads the show the starting quarterback with geno smith out with that broken jaw, it's fitzpatrick behind center now, started at detroit. the jets are getting used to him. he seems relaxed, in control in practice. good to move up from the second team. >> if i have something in my beard they will hand me a napkin rather than laughing. give me a water in i need it, that kind of stuff. life is a little bit easier in >> sounds cool. and finally from us back from the ballpark plays you got to see, rays, rangers, this is a home run ball, deep leftfield, crowd gathered in in the stand -- gathered in the stand, it's the little kid probably with his eyes closed who makes that grab. reds. foul ball down the leftfield
6:29 pm
line, made the attempt. but couldn't make the play. he gets an a for effort. but no ball: he had he was fine. we are not poking fun. >> the other kid was like, hey. >> and he deserved it. >> that was awesome. >> fantastic. >> thanks, rob. go ahead and check in with shah daye, see what's -- sade, see what's coming up at 11:00. >> tonight a search for a dangerous crook. tonight what he was after when he tackled a woman to the ground and what he actually got away with. plus this is no stool pigeon, quite the opposite. wait until you hear what this bad bird was caught doing. we are going to have those stories and much more tonight on eyewitness news at 11:00. liz. >> thank you, sade. and that is our news for now. thanks so much for joining us. i'm liz cho. world news tonight with david muir is coming up next. eyewitness news returns tonight at 11:00.


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