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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  August 21, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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well, as you can imagine this incident is causing major traffic issues in the area. it's happening during rush- hour. this is in lower manhattan. shannon sohn is in newscopter 7, she is over the scene right now. shannon. >> reporter: yeah, it is traffic nightmare through this area. the little bit of good news that we have here is you can see the cars coming from right to left across your picture. that is varick street. for a while there in the first few pictures we showed you, that street was completely shut down right at the intersection with houston street. they have since managed to reopen it, captain randy empey repositioning us so we can show you down varick street and you can get an idea. it is a nightmare through this area. keep in mind this is just a few blocks north of where varick street comes into the holland tunnel so this disruption in the middle of the rush-hour is the holland tunnel. we will bring this picture back. it is limited in the amount of lanes that are available but that's the intersection right there where it meets up with seventh avenue and you can see huge delays. it is going to cost you at least 45 minutes trying to get into the holland tunnel because you have to get around the
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scene which literally happens on route -- en route to the tunnel along varick street with the intersection of west houston so keep in mind as you travel through if you can take it to the lincoln tunnel, one of those nights where i would say it would be a better bet for you. reporting live over lower manhattan, shannon sohn, eyewitness news. >> please keep on top of that and keep us in touch with the situation going on right there. we are tracking breaking news that happened within the hour, this happened down in lower manhattan. there was a shooting inside the federal building at 201 varick street from, a security guard has been shot. he has been taken to lenox hill hospital. we have been told by the nypd that the gunman then turned the gun on himself and killed himself. there has been a massive police presence down there and traffic, as you can imagine, on a friday night in the summer, traffic is at a stand still but again we are continuing to follow all of the developments. as soon as we get any more information, we of course will bring it to you.
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we are going to turn now to the other news in the night. two people are dead tonight after a terrible crash on the new york state thruway. a tractor-trailer, two box trucks and another vehicle were all involved in this accident. and parts of the highway near exit 14b remain shut down at this hour and traffic there as well stretches for miles. eyewitness news reporter jim dolan is in rockland county with the very latest. jim. >> reporter: well, liz, this was a violent collision, head- on collision, two trucks traveling in opposite directions this morning, one driver lost control, veered into the other lane. the driver of the car who lost -- of the truck that lost control, he died in the collision. his passenger died in the collision. this all left behind, a traffic mess that won't be cleared up for hours: the southbound lanes were littered with what was left of two trucks that collided head on this morning along with other cars involved in the crash, it was sudden and violent and happened when a
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truck traveling northbound on lost control. >> one of the box trucks that was involved in the collision attempted to pass another vehicle, one of the other box trucks and when he attempted to merge back into traffic from the right lane back into the middle lane, he lost control of the vehicle and ended up -- he ended up going across the guide rail and struck a tractor- southbound on interstate 7. >> reporter: two people in the truck that was trying to pass died in the accident, two others were injured. the accident shut down the thruway in both directions for a while. some northbound lanes later opened but it snarled traffic as police rerouted people around the scene. >> terrible incident. >> reporter: it was. some sat for hours only barely moving and some didn't move, had to get out of their cars to stretch their legs. >> we had a stand still. yeah it was really tough, you know, and it's hot. >> it is what it is, it's the hand we have been dealt so we got to play it. >> reporter: many who were
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stuck mindful of the tragedy on the thruway. >> if this is the consequence for us, we are alive and well, we have to be thankful. >> reporter: traffic was rough, steve zenson posted on twitter this afternoon that he was going to nanuet to suffern, usually takes 15 minutes. took him three hours today. reporting live from suffern, jim dolan, channel 7 eyewitness news. manslaughter charges filed tonight against a husband involved in a bizarre crash that killed his wife. police say 35-year-old andrew berkowitz and his 29-year-old wife danielle aaronson spent the night drinking. aaronson got into the back seat of the couple's car after they got into a fight. when the suv made a turn, she fell out. aaronson hit her head on the pavement and later died. well for a second straight day dismal days of trading on wall street today. the dow jones took a nosedive today.
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the nasdaq fell 171, the s&p 500 lost 64. this was the biggest sell-off five years. experts say it was prompted by concerns over china's economic stability. well, a suspected gunman under arrest in france tonight accused of opening fire on a high speed train. three people are hurt including an american. the train had left amsterdam and was headed to paris. the shooting happened while the train was traveling through belgium. the alleged gunman, a 26-year- old man from morocco was later taken into custody in france. two american passengers subdued the gunman. one of the soldiers is hurt but expected is survive. it is being called a costly mistake, city officials say a match lit by a construction worker is what caused a massive blast that destroyed several floors of a high school in the bronx. three workers were seriously hurt and we have now learned that the school will not reopen in time for the first day of school. eyewitness news reporter stacey sager is in the bronx tonight
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with much more. stacey. >> reporter: well, you know,ries, these -- liz, these workers are lucky to be alive, one in critical condition, two in serious condition here at jacoby medical center, and we now know more about the moments leading up to the blast. authorities say the workers had become desensitized to the smell of gas, that was a thought the gas was off and then one of them made a terrible mistake. less than one day after the powerful explosion here at the john f. kennedy high school campus in marble hill and mayor de blasio says that fire marshals know the cause. >> one of the workers lit a match to test a gas line. they gas line and he used a match to test it and caused quite a massive blast. annihilated a whole section of wall on the campus and damaged three speculate floors. there were 16 workers in the building last night installing
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a new gas line to the building's sixth floor science three workers severely burned. as for the match -- >> i believe this was and i would say very costly one for the three workers involved been affected. >> reporter: authorities say the workers were from marcell plumbing and heating here in jamaica. it was shuttered today as the injured remain here at jacoby hospital with friends and family by their sides. 36-year-old luigi baralarro still in critical condition. 53-year-old charleston marulo here on the scene and james seriously burned as well. the next question, what happens to more than 3000 students at these seven different schools, all housed within that building? >> more confused than anything. i don't know if i'll be ending -- if i will end up in a different school. >> i'm confident that no student will be in a school unless it's totally safe. >> reporter: and the mayor says
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alternative arrangements are already being made. >> we are now in a -- we are now working to make sure every student has a appropriate place for school. will not be reopened in time for opening kay at school -- day at school. done. >> reporter: here's what we know so far about student relocation. the two charter schools in that on monday. they have now been relocated to intech academy on tibet avenue. arrangements still be made for the other five schools in the building. as to who lit the match, which about that. and there are questions being raised about this company and whether they even had the proper permitting to work past 6:00 at night. we are live outside jacobi medical center, i'm stacey sager, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> stacey, thank you. we continue to follow breaking news out of the west village where there has been a shooting inside the lobby of a federal building. one person is dead.
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the gunman, a security guard who was shot has been taken to the hospital. the developments.
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we continue to follow the breaking news happening in the west village right now. live pictures from newscopter 7. there is a -- there has been a shooting that has happened at 21 varick street. we understand that a gunman walked into the lobby about an hour and 15 minutes ago, shot a security guard and then turned
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the gun on himself. the gunman, we understand, according to police, is dead. that security guard has been taken to lenox hospital for evaluation and to be checked out. police have just told us they have reopened as you can see by the cars moving slowly, that varick street has been reopened. but there was a massive police presence down there for the last hour or so and traffic is at a stand still. we are going to continue to follow all the developments as soon as we get any more information, we will bring it to you. turning now to politics and president obama ticked up a key vote today -- picked up a key vote in his push for support of the iran nuclear deal. new york democrat congressman jerrold nadler broke wiwith the state's party to pledge his supported. nadler who was the first jewish lawmaker from new york to back the plan but the decision drawing harsh criticism from the jewish community. political reporter dave evans has the story. >> reporter: the president is now counting on jerry nadler, a democrat and jewish who released this statement today.
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i have concluded for all its flaws gives us the best chance of stopping iran from developing a nuclear weapon. accordingly i will support the agreement. >> i am absolutely astounded, can't believe it. >> reporter: doug hikind a conservative assemblyman was furious with the decision. he even took a bus with say terror call -- satirical posters and parked it in front of nadler's office. >> i would say to jerry nadler if a republican president, george w. bush had presented the identical deal, nadler, gillibrand and all of the rest of them would be rushing to the hike phone to -- microphone to is. >> reporter: he says the only decision that mattersty moment is whether to support or reject the agreement that is on the table now, not on whether we could or should have gotten a better deal. other jewish democrats in new york, steve israel, he will i don't know the inning -- eliot engel all have said they
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will vote no and so would senator schumer. >> that it is now, terrorist, it's very hard to be for this agreement. >> nadler represents one of the most jewish districts in america. he knows his decision on iran will be controversial at home and in israel. >> i mean, this is pathetic, this is not going to result in a nuclear weapon. i just got back from israel. the people of israel, left, center, right, united as one that this is a threat to the survival of israel. >> reporter: dave evans, channel 7 eyewitness news. coming up next on this busy friday night, amy freeze in -- amy freeze is in for lee goldberg and she will have your weekend accuweather forecast. continue to follow breaking news out of the west village where there shall be a shooting on varick street. the fbi is now investigating.
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well, it's nice to say it turned out to be quite a beautiful day considering how it started. >> really. i mean, it was a deluge in some spots, really drenching rains soaking a lot of areas and we had some nuisance flooding and some problems with some of the drives this morning but, man, what a recovery it's been. beautiful skies through the afternoon. spectacular. so if you have outdoor plans tonight and you can do some maybe dining or just do the barbecue in the back yard it going to be a nice one, looking down to lower manhattan, you can see visibility is terrific and it's going to be a fantastic sunset that's happening at 7:46 this evening. 85 degrees currently after a high of 87 in central park. hottest spot today was newark, 89 degrees, we had a cool 77 north in monticello, they are going to be cool for much of the weekend. right now temperatures are falling a few degrees, in fact tonight under clear skies we could see some areas north and west go down to the 50s. so it is going to be a chilly night for some here in the city we will keep temperatures in the upper 60s. now, keep in mind here, sunset over the next five weeks is going to drop off about an
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hour, so sunset five weeks from now will be about 6:46 so enjoy these long hours while we got them. sunny and warm tomorrow, clouds and a passing shower for sunday. so if you're looking at this like what's the better day of the weekend, serial saturday is. this front that we have had affecting our area with the rain earlier today has stalled offshore. what that means is the eastern portion of long island and parts of connecticut will be affected with passing showers, quick rainstorms coming right through the area. there's the front, doesn't move much, all the way through monday morning. so what that means is although the rest of this evening looks pretty good once this last shower get outs of riverhead, the futurecast shows us by saturday late in the afternoon and in the early evening we have a possibility of some showers, breeze from long island could come as far inland as islip. then on sunday for the early afternoon, even into the evening hours, there's a chance for the rain to really push back westward. not just long island, into the boroughs and coastal connecticut along 95 affected by that.
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even by monday enough instability to create a shower by noon and then start to clear things up for the middle part of the week. weekend getaway, catskills upper 70s both days but again a shower on sunday likely. hamptons low 80s, again, rain possible, mainly on sunday, but we won't rule it out for late saturday as well. jersey shore low 80s and shower on sunday late. tonight partly cloudy, low humidity again, some spots could get into the 50s north and west, but in the five boroughs we are looking for 68 as the overnight low. tomorrow it's sunny and nice, 86 but best -- the best day of the weekend. take a look at the trong stretch here, are -- the long stretch here, the accuweather seven-day forecast keeps us with showers monday and even humid on tuesday with a thunderstorm but then second half the week, wednesday, thursday and friday, it's like perfect golfing weather. it's gorgeous. low to mid-80s expected and that's right on target for what we would see this time of year if we are looking into the history books at the climate averages. all in all a decent weekend, not perfect but a decent weekend.
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nothing to cancel plans over these showers unless you're in the far eastern long island. >> not perfect but better 130 yards now... bill's got a very tough lie here... looks like we have some sort of sea monster in the water hazard here. i believe that's a "kraken", bruce. it looks like he's going to go with a nine iron. that may not be enough club... well he's definitely going to lose a stroke if you're a golf commentator,
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breaking news we have been following all evening long, that shooting that happened inside a federal building just a short time ago, eyewitness news reporter carolina leid is at the scene with the very latest. carolina. >> reporter: liz, the area of course still roped off and a lot of investigators here in the area. there's supposed to be a press conference going on shortly. of course we have a crew on that side ready to get that information. some workers walking out of the federal building right now. here's the new information that we have. sources say that a 68-year-old man from fort lee walked into the federal building with two weapons.
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he shot a private security guard in the upper body, that security guard in critical condition at an area hospital. then the shooter, according to sources, shot himself here at the federal building. this all happened at 201 varick street, that's the federal building as i mentioned. this building houses multiple agencies including the passport office, the post office, many different agencies are housed inside the federal building. we are told that the security guard who was injured works for a private security company that provides security for the federal building but again right now as you can see, really an incredible amount of investigators, police officers, counter terrorism officers here at the scene working this scene right now. the area really just closed off, traffic of course a nightmare, considering where we are, west houston and varick which of course holland tunnel but right now police still trying to figure out why exactly this man walked into the federal building and
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just opened fire. reporting live, i'm carolina leid, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> carolina, thank you. much more on the story coming up tonight on eyewitness news at 11:00. rob is here now with sports. we are going to begin with a little friday night lights. >> game night at the meadowlands, the friday night lights shine on the jets, who take on the falcons. this came kicks off -- game kicks off in over an hour from now. the jets lost their preseason opener on the road last week in detroit. the goal tonight is to build on that game. the starters will play more, the coaching staff looking for improvement week to week. >> i expect to see us a little more polished than where we were in week one, little more calm, hopefully the tackling better change and, you know, just got to get better week by week as a progress, you know, we got a long way to go from last week so hopefully we will see a steady progression this week. >> giants get back to work tomorrow night against the jaguars. that game at the meadowlands as well.
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plenty of guys have knacking -- nagging injuries that have made it tough to get the whole group on the field at one time. still the coach says his confidence level is growing, and he's looking forward to seeing his team play. >> this weekend will be an outstanding test because you have a team that's trying to be physical, wants to run the ball, has a good run defense so it will be a good test. yankees honor hor say, "posada -- jorge posada and andy pettite at their game this weekend. 3-1 on this 10 game home stand so far. final score 3-2. the yanks had two hits through seven innings, five in the game as a whole and difference of opinion with home plate umpire about the strike zone. it reached a boiling point when brian mccann at bat, the runner on second base bottom of the ninth -- the yanks still lost. >> you know, i just wanted to make sure everything was all right. and then, you know, obviously, he threw me out and then i just
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kind of, you know gave me my 2 cents. yankees first place lead stands at a game and a half. the mets lead in the nl east. mets have lost four of their last five. one in nine in colon's last 10 starts. watch this, it not only hits the foul pole, it hits the tippy top of the foul pole which is really a fair pole. count the home runs. unlike any home run i have ever seen before. round two at pga's windham championship. tiger woods fired a 61 in round one. woods trying to qualify for the fedex playoffs that open next week in new jersey. he needs to win this tournament or maybe even finish second and move up enough spots to keep playing. on hole number 5, he bounced it into the crowd and then bounced it onto the green, ended up with birdie. on 15 even better, for eagle.
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and a share of the lead. tiger's tearing it up, he shot a 65, tied for the lead at 11 under par. it's like tiger of old here. looked good. >> he certainly did. thanks, rob. we are continuing to follow the breaking news down at that federal building that happened just a short time ago. we have just learned that the security guard who was also shot had been taken to the hospital. we understand that he has died from thinks -- from his injuries. we are learning a little bit more about the gunman, according to authorities, he's a 68-year-old man from fort lee, new jersey. he apparently walked into the federal building around 5:00 this evening, armed with two weapons, shot that security guard and again we have just learned that the security guard has died. we are waiting for a news conference from police, the fbi is also investigating this incident. all of this happening inside the federal building at 201 varick street, we are going to continue to follow all the developments, have the very latest tonight coming up on eyewitness news at 11:00.
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