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tv   World News Now  ABC  August 24, 2015 2:30am-4:00am EDT

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i'm reena ninan. >> i'm phillip mena. headlines. lep is on the way for fire crews battling washington state's most dangerous wildfire. volunteers are expected on the from overseas will be join joining the fight, as well. ahead. indy car driver justin wilson was seriously injured when he was hit by a piece of debris from a cash yesterday during a race in pennsylvania. hospital. he's in a coma in critical authorities are trying to determine what caused a massive explosion at a u.s. army depot outside of tokyo, japan. the building contained canisters of it compressed gases including nitrogen, oxygen and freon. reported. and president obama back at
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the white house after two weeks vacationing on martha's vineyard. he travels later today to nevada where he will deliver a speech on green energy. those are some of our top stories on this monday, august 24. from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning to you. weather. still extremely dangerous wildfire situation in washington state. across that state, 16 large wildfires are still burning. >> they cover more than 2920 square miles, more than a third of that area has been consumed by a massive complex of fires. abc's kendis gibson is there. >> reporter: tonight, the wildfires in washington growing to a staggering 374 square miles. authorities fearing the return of extremely dry conditions and no rain in sight could make fighting these fires more difficult. the atmosphere instability has the potential to affect all fires in the comrix.
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>> reporter: thousands of residents under evacuation orders. mark desdier rushing to save his lake house at the height of the fires, caught in a firestorm. >> instantly it looked like i was in the middle of a napalm explosion. it was awful. >> reporter: the 59-year-old instinctively drives his quad bike into a lake, waiting out the flames for 35 minutes. what made you say, "i have to go in the lake, and that's my way of surviving this?" >> i had no other choice. it was the only thing i could think of to get out of the flames. >> reporter: battle-weary fire crews getting much-needed reinforcements. dozens of firefighters from new zealand and australia now en route, along with hundreds of volunteers expected on the front lines within days. >> everybody helps somebody out. whether you know them or not. >> reporter: the weekend weather conditions that allowed ground crews to make progress fighting the flames also dealt a setback. low visibility preventing air tanker pilots from flying. kendis gibson, abc news, washington.
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>> in southern california, san bernardino dino mountains firefighters appear to have the upper hand in the new fire burning in big bear. >> it forced the evacuation of about 400 homes, many of them vacation cabins. accuweather's molly con rack is watching the tropics. >> now not the best of news to kick off the workweek across the pack northwest. wildfires continue to burn across washington, oregon and idaho. so the heat remains on for monday. also some winds coming out of the west. southwest helping to fan some of those blazes, as well. so something to be on alert about. meanwhile, woo he keep an eye out on danny pushing into the northern leeward islands expecting to continue to weaken. but still feeling impacts such as heavy rain, gusty winds and also some rough surf. also keeping an eye out on kilo, unlike danny, kilo is expected to strengthen for the early half of the week.
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could become a category 1 hurricane and bring impacts to hawaii. reena and phillip back to you. thank you. three americans who took down a suspected terrorist on a european train are receiving france's highest award today. the long-time friends honored with what's call the prey french legion of honor at the embassy in paris yesterday. they said they were going on gut instinct when they tackled gunman and hog tied him using a conductor's tie. an attorney for the suspect says he's no terrorist and he only intended to rob people on train before jumping off. >> quick thinking of those gentlemen. there are fears that the death toll could go higher after that crash at an air show in britain this weekend. investigators looking into whether improvements should be made to safety standards. here's jennifer eccleston. >> reporter: at the popular air show, stunts in the sky turning to disaster on the ground. leaving up to 11 dead in southern england. all of the victims in cars, on
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bikes or standing. another horrible accident in switzerland. two planes colliding. the allure of air shows is undeniable. thousands lining up for daredevil aerobatics and that little bit of danger. but is the risk worth the thrill? in reno, nevada, 2011, ten spectators is killed and 70 wounded. ramstein, germany, be 1988, 67 dead, over 300 injured. and u craik, 2002, 77 people killed among them 28 children over 500 injured. each accident ideally bringing a review of regulations and a sharper focus on public safety. >> we never accept a high number. we always want to bring that number down. it's going to take a fairly concerted effort to brings standards to a higher level to reduce the number of mishaps we see every year. >> reporter: as the death toll continues to rise here, people are asking if any risk is just
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too high. jennifer eccleston, abc news, london. thank you. if you have concerns about the current volatility in the stock market, your concerns seem very well founded. the stock selloff resumed across asia today. all the monch averages suffering steep declines, some as much as 7% that could signal another big selloff on wall street. all the selling driven by concerns about slowing economies around the world and a possible interest rate hike. well, to presidential politics now and vcht joe biden still considering a run for 2016. an important indicator may have emerged over the weekend. a top level meeting with a democratic rising star. here's devin choir. >> reporter: it's the summer of the political wild card. vice president joe biden is stirring up intrigue among democrats after that secret political meeting with popular star senator elizabeth warren. warren is an icon among liberals. an endorsement eagerly sought by all the democratic presidential candidates.
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so far, she's been cool to frontrunner hillary clinton, telling wbz friday she thinks the race is wide open. >> i want to see all the presidential candidates lay out where they stand on key issues. >> reporter: the meeting with warren, whose stamp of approval could catapult biden, is the strongest sign yet he's getting serious about the 2016 race. while clinton vacations in the hamptons, seen in this photo, biden polls. in a recent quinnipiac poll, only 37% say they trust hillary clinton, while 58% say they would trust joe biden. biden, also said to be privately grappling with the wishes of his late son beau, who recently died of cancer. >> i know beau wanted his dad to be president. i know that he wanted that in 1988, and he wanted that in 2008. >> unbelievable. >> reporter: on the other side, frontrunner donald trump, once seen as a longshot, showing staying power. shaking up the republican field with his call to round up and deport millions of undocumented immigrants. >> i still don't hear specifics
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on how you're going to do this. >> well, you'll see my specifics. my specifics are very simple. i'm going to get great people that know what they're doing, not a bunch of political hacks. >> reporter: sources in both the biden and trump campaigns say what's energizing supporters for their candidates this summer can be summed up in one word, authenticity. biden's expected to make his final decision on a run in the next six weeks. devin dwyer, the white house. harry reid has thrown his full support behind the nuclear agreement with iran. the nevada senator says it is the best path to stop iran from getting a nuclear weapon. his support will make it difficult for upons to muster the veto proof numbers needed in the senate. four days after telling the world that cancer has spread to his brain, jimmy carter was back at sunday school. he's taught as his hometown church for more than 30 years. bazi kanani has more. >> in the tiny town of plains, georgia, the population nearly
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doubled. hundreds lined up outside the baptist church for former president jimmy carter's first sunday school talk since he revealed on thursday his battle with brain cancer. >> when i heard the announcement, i actually cried. >> why don't you tell me what >> d.c. >> i used to live there. >> president carter told the crowd he may be finished with radiation and his treatment will medications. then turn to his teaching for the week on love. citing his 69-year marriage to rose lynn carter. >> but i would say that just being able to admit you might be mistaken and the other person might be right is a very important aspect of christianity and it's an important aspect of love, as well. >> reporter: there's a new campaign in support of plains' most famous politician. the 90-year-old peacemaker
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promises to keep at it for as long as physically possible. bazi kanani, abc news, washington. >> he looks great. >> sure does. back at it. >> yeah, and such strength and passion. i love that. i love that. if you've been watching our show, you know we've been telling you about a couple of beers made with cheat wheaties and even count chock cue la brings. >> the beer and breakfast trend continues this morning. beer with pop-tarts or inspired by tarts. toaster pastry red ale. the beer is not fooling around at 7.6% alcohol by volume. >> dang. that's a lot. it's been -- it's going to be released this coming saturday but pop tart beer. how about that? they've come out with that before. it's called xima. >> you referee xima. going back. >> jolly ranchers thrown in,
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random things like that. everything's a throwback. >> i do not know what you are referring to there, that jolly rancher thing. coming up -- >> we have sports with reena. we have the fastest man in the world, tiger woods attempting to play pro golf. >> also ahead, the young woman who lost her home in hurricane katrina. she returns home with a winning attitude and skills of a celebrity chef. >> first the well-known prosecutor busted for his ashley madison cheating spouses account. his tough apology to his family and the public. you're watching "world news now." "world news now" weather, brought to you by loves. lets do this (baby crying in the background) first kid okay, we've got at least 20 minutes, lets do this by their second kid, every mom is an expert, and more likely to choose luvs than first time moms
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bacteria at all the venues. about two weeks ago, u.s. rowers became ill after a trial run for next summer's games. the doctor blamed their illness on pollution from the lake where the competition took place. >> a huge tower in the amazon jungle was just dedicated, nearly 1100 feet tall, among the tallest in south america. it will monitor climate change. germany and brazil are working together on this $9 million project. scientific equipment will go up to the top to collect climate data. the project should be done in about two years. a high profile florida prosecutor admits he joined the cheating website ashley madison. >> his name turned up as a result of the data like. yef ashton brought the case against casey anthony. our orlando station reports. >> jeff ashton says he never met anyone from the site ashley madison but still called using judgment.
2:46 am
>> while no laws have been broken, these were incredibly stupid choices. >>. >> reporter: the husband and father says he accessed the site while at work over a two-year period. he says he used a personal. credit card and laptop while on the public wi-fi network. >> my hope is only that this incredibly poor judgment in a personal matter will be compared by the public to 35 years of judgments. >> reporter: the news broke over the weekend with his web article from the east orlando post. the website's founder has been critical of some of ashton's cases in the past. we asked the state attorney if attack. >> the post may have been politically motivated but they had every right to do it. i did something incredibly stupid, and i should have been >> reporter: the state attorney says he regrets giving
2:47 am
ammunition to people looking to discredit his office. he says he does not plan to recuse himself from any cases because of the revelation. he's set to be in court on monday for a murder trial. the local county government is now planning to review its databases to make sure no other county employees were accessing the sites on taxpayer time. abc news it, orlando. >> you know in addition to this, there are two firms suing the company because of all the personal information that's out there from all the users. growing. >> tearing a lot of lives apart. coming up, rebuilding after katrina ten years later. the incredible journey of one new orleans woman. a budding culinary career. you're watching "world news now."
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"world news now" nearly ten years ago, katrina slammed into the gulf coast. the destructive floods forcing countless people to rebuild their lives. >> you're about to meet a woman who started over from the kitchen proving that food prepped with hope tastes that much intermediater. robin roberts has her story. >> maui set time is before and after katrina.
2:50 am
>> stuck on the roof of this house was 15-year-old serena johnson. now 25. >> nobody came for a long time. >> she was evacuated to houston, eventually making her way back to new orleans but her old neighborhood a ghost town. >> i could have ended up in bad places for where i came from. i chose to work instead of stay out in the streets to finish school. >> reporter: and she close to enter a program called liberty's kitchen. >> for at risk youth and it's a program that teaches you job skills through cooking. >> reporter: she caught the eye of chef josh besh, at the time a rising celebrity chef who picked her for a scholarship in new york city. >> tell me about your first meeting. >> we talked for a while. i went home and i was like i think i might have this. this man sees something in me. >> she has the energy, she has the smartses. she went to new york and just killed it. >> reporter: soon after graduating, serena began working at some of new orleans' top restaurants.
2:51 am
>> no sooner did she arrive in new orleans than she started working, training those in the same outreach program she came from. >> you all need this program. >> she's made a difference in her world. >> reporter: so when habitat for humanity helped her dream of home ownership come true, a certain someone arrived as a surprised at the dedication ceremony. >> when i think of one hern person that embodies the soul of what this is really all about, it's serena. now i'm crying. >> reporter: her life, once tattered by katrina, now whole again. >> of all the stories robin highlighted, that was my favorite one because ha she's still giving back. she still comes back that scene with the two of them was so emotional. >> still volunteering at the place that changed her life. you know that's someone who appreciates her opportunity. going to do the most with it. >> can you believe it her first cooking gig was actually at mcdonald's. one person can make such a difference.
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all right. it was a big weekend in sports which can only mean one thing. it is time for reena to hit us with the highlights. >> here we go. it's another edition of sports with reena. we start at the world track and field championship. that's where sprinter usain bolt retained his title as the fastest man on earth. did his mama name him bolt because he's so fast? coming from lined to edge justin gatlin in the 100 meter dash. you can see them do it again next summer at the olympics in rio. they'll both be there. i hope his mama is there, too. tennis, all the pros are gearing up for the u.s. open. and number one, novak djokovic. i like how my producer spelled that phonetically.
2:56 am
he's dealing with being denied a title. he was losing yesterday to roger federer at a tournament in cincinnati. the seventh time federer has won that tournament. djokovic is 0-5. some people call it love and five in the finals there. you like how i know the lingo? it's the only one he needs to win to become the first player to win all nine of the tennis atp masters events. good luck. tiger woods season took -- it's a season to forget it appeared. what i'm trying to say this weekend at the windham championship. >> he's not good anymore. >> it was a little too tough for the man. davis love iii became account third oldest winner in the tour history. tiger woods didn't have many good holes including a triple bogey. his season is now over, finishing ranked at number 178. major fantasy football alert for owners looking to drop
2:57 am
packers wide receiver jordy nelson. he injured himself yesterday during the pac's pre-season game against the steelers. preliminary reports say he tore his acl. nelson was ranked fifth among fantasy receivers by espn. that will likely change. >> randall cobb and devon ta adams are up. and how about a carolina panthers fan nursing hurt feelings after being left hanging by his buddy refusing to give up the high five. come on, dude. he taps his friend repeatedly. hit me up, brother. hit me up. an important issue for fans when you do abandon the high five tate and when you do, hang in there. come on. boom. >> you hope nobody ever saw it.
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hour and the sports. this morning on "world news now," americans honored. >> three friends on a european vacation stop a violent attack on a speeding train. the award they're getting today for their brave split second decisions. democrat dynamics. more discussions about joe biden's political intentions. corun for president? who is supporting him and what clinton? a potential game-changer. getting help. the explosive conditions again in the nesterovic fire zone. the exhausted firefighters heart broken homeowners and who is fighting the latest battle. and later sorry star. why one of the biggest names in hip-hop is apologizing now for some serious allegations made decades ago. what's behind dr. dre's apology
3:01 am
on this monday, august 24th. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning. i'm reena ninan. >> i'm phillip mena. those americans that stopped that suspected terrorist attack on a european train are getting a rare honor today. >> such a great positive story. all three of these guys you see here were honored with france's highest award. the legion of honor. they've been telling their story saying they acted on "gut instings." david wright reports. caught on camera, the immediate aftermath of this foiled attack on a train bound for paris. >> he seemed like he was ready to fight to the end so were we will. >> the gunman trusted up on the floor, hog tied with a conductor's red necktie. beside him his small arsenal of weapons. the american airmen who stopped him bloody and wounded but immediately giving first aid to another passenger who had been
3:02 am
shot air man first class spencer stone now speaking for the first time. >> i was going to use my shirt at first but realized that wouldn't work. so i just stuck two of my fingers in the hole found what i thought to be the artery, pushed down and the bleeding stopped. >> reporter: french authorities say the quick action of all three americans saved lives. it was in car number 12 that the attack took place, this car here. the gunman coming out of the bathroom armed with an ak-47 running through the compartment shooting. that's when the americans tackled him. >> we saw him cooking the ak-47. at that time, it was do instinct or die. >> the guy will a lot of ammo. his intentions were pretty clear. >> alan hit me on the surld and said let's go. ran down, tackled him. we hit the ground. alek came up and grabbed the gun out of his hand while i put him in a chokehold. seemed like he just kept pulling more weapons left and right. pulled out a handgun, took out a
3:03 am
box cutter, started jabbing at me with that. >> reporter: french authors have now identified the assailant as ayoub al ca zanny born in morrow rocco. france had him on a security watch list after authorities told them he had ties to islamic extremists he was armed with a pistol, the box cutter plus eight cartridges of ammo. a lawyer who with him claimed he is just a homeless man planning to rob a train. the french president plans to thank them personally bearding them the legion of honor, france's highest honor. david wright, abc news, paris. >> so well deserved. an indy car driver is fighting for his life this morning after being struck by debris during a race in pennsylvania. watch, you see the yellow and red car spin out. and slam into the wall. debris from that crash hit driver justin wilson in the head.
3:04 am
his car going straight into an interior wall. wilson was airlifted to a hospital. right now he's in a coma in critical condition. two men who threatened the pokemon world champion in boston appear in court later today. police say the two from iowa were arrested after a cache of weapons were found in the car. last thursday, the suspects threatened on social media to kill those attending the championship. police got word of the threat and arrested the two at their hotel. >> jeb bush visits the u.s./mexico border today. he will meet behind closed doors with officials in magowan, texas and talk with reporters at a restaurant afterwards. trump has grabbed most of the headlines on immigration with his proposal to deport millions of undocumented immigrants and to build a wall on the border. on the democratic side, a surprise weekend meeting between vice president joe biden and a raising star in the party. this has biden continues to weigh a run for the white house.
3:05 am
here's devin dwyer. >> a spriz sit down, new signs joe bide is nearing a decision on a run for president. over the weekend, biden met with democratic heavyweight massachusetts senator elizabeth warren, a last-minute huddle fueling speculation he was appealing for her support. on abc's this wek wek with george stephanopoulos, martin o'malley says the more the merrier. >> he's a very, very good and decent man. it would be nice to have at least one more lifelong democrat in the race. >> then there's this. abc news obtained a memo from a group of biden supporters draft biden doesn't ask for money but urges democrats to keep an open mind about a biden candidacy. clinton supporter and one-time candidate for president bill richardson bet against a biden run. >> i don't think he gets in. i think the personal situation he's going through and the fact that hillary clinton is way ahead. i don't think he gets in. >> reporter: republican front-runner donald trump also
3:06 am
weighed in on the vice president. >> would he be a tougher opponent than hillary? >> i think they're the same. >> reporter: polls continue to show trump dominating his rivals. so far, trump hasn't detailed his ambitious plans. >> how are you going to round them all up? where will you get the money and the forces? exactly how are you going to do it? what are the specs here? >> it's called management. the first thing we have to do is secure the border. it's called management. >> do you expect neighbors to start turning in neighbors? >> reporter: a summer of ip treeg and uncertainty on both sides of the political aisle. washington. just days after sharing that cancer spread to his brain, jimmy carter returned to sunday school. the former president spent little time discussing his cancer diagnosis. instead, he focused on his lesson for the week. love. carter and his wife rose lynn married nearly 70 years ago. the 90-year-old has taught at this georgia church more than 30 years.
3:07 am
i love that he went straight back to church. the state attorney who prosecuted casey anthony is back in the spotlight this morning. jeff ashton admitting during a news conference yesterday that he was a paid member of the ashley madison website. but ashton intises he never had an affair as a result. he said he visited the site because he was curious and says he's sorry for the pain he caused to his family. exhausted fire crews battled wildfires in washington state and should be getting help in the coming days. hundreds of volunteers from areas threatened by the fires are expected to join the fight this week. firefighters from australia and new zealand all on the way. most dangerous fire area has grown to more than 375 square miles. flames forced one home owner to ride his four-wheeler straight into a lake. >> instantly, it looked like i was in the middle of a napalm explosion. it was awful. >> some evacuation orders in
3:08 am
washington state have been relaxed. but thousands of residents still out of their homes. here's mollily cochran and accuweather. >> the heat remains on across the pac northwest. monday and tuesday so definitely not the best of news with wildfires continuing to burn here. also some raised air quality not looking so great due to the smoke plumes well. we continue to keep an eye out on danny. strong wind shear. that's taking the life out of him but still feeling impacts. heavy rain for the leeward and virgin islands. >> thank you. if you were hoping the weekend might help end the stock market volatility, it did not. not even close. asian markets slumping overnight. continuing the sharp selloff that started last week. the major averages in tokyo and hong kong both losing around 4% of their value today. wall street gets back to work
3:09 am
this morning after the worst performance by the s&p 500 since 2011. >> we have gone 47 months without a decline of 10% or more versus the average of 18 months. so we really have been basking in the sun a little bit too long. and i think we're paying for it now. the selling of stocks is being driven mostly by fears about a global economic slowdown particularly in china. in addition to that, are there are concerns about the possibility of a federal reserve interest rate hike. on to some apple news now. they're recalling the iphone 6 plus have detective cameras. it may cause it to take blurry photos. the recall applies mostly to phones sold between september 2014 and january 2015. the issues have been reported with the phones since last fall. apple says it will replace the cameras for free. you'd hope. they cost enough. >> they sure do. they still have the market on them. >> totally covered. exciting maternity news to
3:10 am
tell you about over the weekend at the national zoo in washington, d.c. twin giant pandas were born saturday night. right now, they're pink and very small, about the size of a stick of butter. >> a stick of butter. officials say they're optimistic that both will survive since the panda mom will nurse only one, keepers are swapping out the cubs to give both mom time so it's work, out so far. they also have an older brother who is 2 years old. >> so they've got five pandas now at the zoo. >> it's kind i have exciting. >> a family. they're down to a couple thousand all together. so it's nice to see them multiplying successfully. >> they weighed 100 days to name the pandas. we have to wait 100-days. >> 100 days. >> chinese tradition. coming up "in the mix" the grown-up who decided to dress up aspirins george for a week. seriously? >> i guess so. we're going to collect that out. also ahead, one of the
3:11 am
biggest names in hip-hop issuing an apology for allegations made a quarter of a century ago. why dr. dre is suddenly sorry. student loans going unpaid. what it means for a graduate in the workplace and hair parents. you can find us on facebook, and on twitter twitter @abcwnn. you're watching "world news now." a new test with pluggable febreze. we rented this resort, hid smelly objects all over each villa and plugged in febreze. then real people were asked to stay for a long weekend. would they smell anything? the room itself was like [sniff] ahhh. feels like someone has pumped fresh oxygen into the room. on the last day we revealed everything. oooooohwoww. we were sitting right on it. febreze is stunningly effective. continuously eliminate odors for up to 45 days [inhale + exhale mnemonic] and breathe happy.
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smart shoppers choose best buys. smart shoppers choose finish. switch and see the difference. authorities are trying to determine what caused this
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explosion at a u.s. army depot in japan. the massive blaze lit up the night sky, but so far, no injuries have been reported. the building housed compressed gases including nitrogen, oxygen and freon. japanese emergency responders joined base firefighters to battle the fire and prevent it from spreading to nearby buildings. now to millions of americans unable to repay student loans. >> some are calling it the next big financial crisis. >> as millions proo prepare for their college dream, a sobering reality. the number of graduates defaulting on their loan payments sharply rising. maria got her degree but not the job she wanted. ten years later, maria makes $10.50 an hour. >> i have to keep food on the table. so student loans is wasn't one of my priorities. >> reporter: she is not alone. the number of former students in default now up to nearly 7 million. nearly a fifth of all borrowers. financial advisor lynnette cal
3:16 am
fonny cox learned lessons repaying her own loans. >> unless you're okay with living with this for decade after decade after decade until you die, this is going to be a problem that lingers. >> reporter: many of the students in this category of extreme default dropped out of school before earning that income boosting degree and some of those who attempted a payment plan found it impossible to catch up with the spiraling interest. >> whenever i got anything from the student loan place, it pretty much went to the garbage because i knew there wasn't any way i was going to be able to pay it. >> reporter: what are the consequences of defaulting? >> when you've defaulted on a stupid loan, that makes it harder for you to do everything from rent an apartment, get a mortgage, secure an auto loan or credit card or even get a job because a lot of employers look at your credit rating in determining who to hire. >> parents should also be aware if they cosign their child's loan, they are equally responsible if their child defaults. it's important to ask for all monthly statements. and after a period of time, you
3:17 am
can ask for a cosigner release which would remove your name and liability from the loan. i hernandez, abc news, new york. ing what? they have to write to check your credit when you apply for a job? >> they can absolutely. when i was in college i had a few jobs where they had to check credit. this student loan thing is a big thing. i've been paying them for almost a decade. i'm going to be paying them till i'm in my mid 50s. this is like a nice -- it's a car payment beak. sometimes it can be a house payment. it's something that thankfully you have the means to at least pay the monthly fee but still, it's going to go on for another 20 years like that. absolutely. >> even president obama said just before he got into office, he finally paid off the student loans. it's a big issue. >> it's nearly impossible to shed that. it can be a real burden. it the rest of life you got to continue on and pay for that. >> so don't go to college?
3:18 am
just kidding, mom and dad. >> get a scholarship. that's what it's all about. coming up, an apology from dr. dre as the film about his early days in n.w.a. tops the box office, his troubled past with women coming to light. what he's now saying about it. >> and ahead in our next half hour, taken out at the ballpark. more fans hit by foul balls this weekend at major league games, leading to more calls for better safety measures by one of sport's biggest stars. you're watching "world news now." my name is amanda and i smoked while i was pregnant. my baby was born two months early and weighed only three pounds. this is the view i had of her in the nicu.
3:19 am
my tip to you is speak into the opening so your baby can hear you better. you can quit. talk with your doctor. for more help call 1-866-ny-quits the blockbuster "straight outta compton" topped the box office again this weekend totaling $111 million in two weeks. >> it's a big blockbuster.
3:20 am
the movie's success bringing to light old allegations. and now one of the biggest names in hip-hop is apologizing. aditi roy has more. >> what up? i got something to say. >> reporter: the hit straight out of compton, the biopic of rap group n.w.a. drawing criticism for not addressing allegations that dr. drail physically abused women. dr. dre expressing regret in the "new york times" saying "25 years ago, i was a young man drinking too much. and in over my head with no real structure in my life. however, none of this is an excuse for what i did. adding i apologize to the women i've hurt." >> reporter: those decades old allegations have resurfaced on social media. and revolve around three women. hip-hop journalist debarns, fellow rapper terry b. and singer and dr. dre's former girlfriend michellea who spoke
3:21 am
earlier this year to urban news site black tv about dr. dre allegedly shooting at her. >> one night we was arguing. he went and got the gun. i just made it through the bathroom door and he shot at me and missed me by that much. >> reporter: nearly two decades later, the form n.w.a. rapper reinventing himself as the entrepreneur behind beats music which apple bought in 2014 for $3 billion. >> dre is one of the greatest most influential producers of all time. he did things he's ashamed of. he acknowledges that's part of his story, as well. >> reporter: aditi roy, abc news, los angeles. of it was such a big movie that a lot of people were excited to see and then this controversy sort of came forward and dr. dre also saying he knows -- he announces he knows this has forever impacted all of their lives.
3:22 am
dee barnes says she suffers from headaches she didn't have before. >> more coming up after the break. >> i'm alex trebek. if you're age 50 to 85, this is an important message. so please, write down the number on your screen. the lock i want to talk to you about isn't the one on your door. it's a rate lock for your life insurance that guarantees your rate can never go up at any time, for any reason. but be careful. many policies you see do not have one, but you can get a lifetime rate lock through the colonial penn program. call this number to learn more. this plan was designed with a rate lock for people on a fixed income who want affordable life insurance that's simple to get. coverage options for just $9.95 a month, less than 35 cents a day. act now and your rate will be locked in for life. it will never increase. your coverage can never be cancelled
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to help keep your home healthier. and now it's time for "the mix." phillip, have you ever been married? >> nope. >> never? one thing you've got to remember, never ever let your in-laws or your parents pressure you into having children. they always ask, when are you going have a baby. this is what one couple did. they decided to do a newborn shoot with their dog. look at this. cute photographs. this is humphrey, their dog as a baby. and these are sort of traditional photos you see that people would shoot with their little baby. but instead, humphrey is right there in the middle walking barefoot with them. you see humphrey's cute little toes. his paws. and these are typical shots bundled up. look at that. all swaddled. they don't mean to make fun of
3:26 am
people who have actual newborns but this was just what they say. they had a lot of time and wanted to get back at the-in-laws for asking them all the time when they're going to have kids. the answer is we don't know yet. >> dogs are cheaper than kids though. much cheaper. but the dog played along. that was nice. >> very cute. . let's talk about a 23-year-old reporter from a website called mashable given an assign ment. he embraced it. it was weird. he'll let you explain exactly what he did, but he had to dress up like a baby. a famous one. >> so i'm max. this week i'm dressing like prince george the royal baby. i'm a reporter. prince george is always making the news for his outfits. he's the most fascinating figure in the world right now. he's a baby. he's done nothing with his life, much like i've done nothing with mine. i'm perfect for this. >>edly you go. he showed up not only to work but went around new york city
3:27 am
spending a week dressed up like the royal baby there be. >> he looked like a baby there. that's a little weird. >> the toddler prince. isn't it a little weird. >>? he said the one thing he took out of this, new yorkers don't care what you're dressed like. >> i don't think people would know it was prince george too it would be hard unless you had the split. you're just a regular new yorker doing weird new york things. >> that's very interesting. yeah. kind of weird. >> very much so. >> to each his own. there is a young girl making the rounds on vine videos. she posted this video. it's the ultimate bat flip trick. look at that. she posted this about 13 hours ago, almost 2 million hits on vine. look at this. she's wearing a cedar hills softball fwirt t-shirt. we think it might be from a school in dallas. she does it so noncha laptly. got it together, doesn't blink. boom, out of there. >> by far the most impressive
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
part, this little kick she does this morning on "world news now," heroes honored. the three american men, two of them from the military, and their incredible bravery. what they're saying about the gunman they stopped on a speeding train and the awards they're getting today. driver struck. the crash on an indy car track and the debris that hit one of the drivers in the head. the shocking scene moments before the end of the race. also new this half hour, the 10-year-old girl attacked by a shark speaks out. >> her injuries, her recovery and her great attitude. why she seems to be laughing it off. and later in the skinny, anxious fans and the most successful boy band on earth waiting to hear what's next for one direction. is the band really taking a break? the bombshell on this monday,
3:31 am
august 24th. from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning. you have to bear with us. phillip mena is trying to maintain composure after the one direction news. >> say it ain't so. say it ain't so the. >> you couldn't name one song, could you? i know a lot of people can. it's important to some people. don't want to belittle that. i have no idea. i have flow idea. >> we'll get you on itunes. >> i'm a 34-year-old man. i don't know who they are. we do have great news. always love to kick it off with good news which isn't always the case. we're going to kick it off talking about three heroic americans. boy, are they getting full honors about now for taking down an armed suspect, a terrorist. they're in france right now and they're going to get the country's highest award. >> absolutely well deserved. the three honored today with what's being called france's legion of honor award. they say they acted on gut instinct stopping a gunman
3:32 am
before a potential massacre. abc's david wright is in paris. >> reporter: slightly battered but back together, three american friends reunited. >> feels like a dream. >> reporter: air man first class spencer stone talking for the first time since the train take-down, stitched up and out of the hospital, his arm in a sling he and his friends alek skarlatos and college student anthony sadler were amsterdam to paris when they >> i didn't know it was a gunshot at the time. >> alek hit me on the shoulder >> stone ran in first tackling the gunman and keeping him in a chokehold. even as the man fought back. >> seemed like he kept pulling more weapons left and right. pulled out a handgun, a box cutter. >> that box cutter nearly severed stone's thumb but that injury didn't stop him from saving another life. this cell phone video shows the 22-year-old shirtless tending to a passenger bleeding from a gunshot wound. that man survived and so did the
3:33 am
gunman identified now as ayoub el khazzani, seen here hog tied. beside him his ak-47 assault rifle. >> we saw him cooking the ak-47. at that time, it was either do something or buy. >> reporter: european authorities say he had been known as a potential threat. france put him on a terrorist watch list in february, 2014. but his lawyer says the 25-year-old is stunned by the talk of terrorism saying he only planned to rob people on the train. >> it doesn't take eight magazines to rob a train. >> he seemed like he was ready to fight to the end. so so were we. >> reporter: david wright, abc news, paris. one within indy car driver fighting for his life this morning after being struck by a piece of debris during a race in pennsylvania. take a look. this yellow and red car spins out. it slams into the wall, debris from the car hit the driver justin wilson in the head. his car going straight into an interior wall. the driver who won the race says on the track, it was obvious
3:34 am
something was seriously wrong. >> i knew it wasn't good when everybody was surrounding him, surrounding his car. >> wilson was airlifted to a hospital. right now, he's in a coma and listed in critical condition. a memorial service has been held in britain for those who died in a weekend air show crash. 11 people were killed and more than a dozen injured in the accident. the pilot is among those who survived but he's in critical condition. and a deadly accident at an air show in switzerland. one person was killed when two small planes collided. president obama is picking up new support for the iran nuclear deal. senate democratic leader harry reid says he'll vote in favor of the deal. stop iran from getting a nuclear weapon. reid is the highest ranking democrat in the senate to support the agreement. congress expected to vote on the deal by mid-september. the iran deal just one of several challenges facing president obama as he returns to washington from vacation. mr. obama is also hoping to push
3:35 am
through a global climate treaty. today the president flies to nevada where he will be the keynote speaker at a conference on renewable energy. >> a disastrous start to the week for stocks. trading on major asian markets today picked up where wall street left off on friday and that means selling big-time. the major averages in tokyo and hong kong both losing around 4% of their value today. what could this mean as trading here in the u.s. gets ready to start? here's abc's rebecca jarvis. >> reporter: stocks are setting the two issues on everyone's mind, global growth, fears it is slowing down and second, the federal reserve for the first time in six years likely to start hiking interest rates from 0% which means the cost of your car loan to your mortgage to even your credit cards, that gets more expensive. wall street has a gauge where they track the amount of fear in the markets, and that gauge called the volatility index spiked to its highest level so
3:36 am
far this year last week which means more volatility in the week ahead. what everyone's wondering, what do you do with this information? it's not necessarily the answer you want to hear but it is the right one. it is to sit tight because historically those who stick it out through these downturns tend to make their money back and then some. take 2009, for example, people who bailed on the market that year lost half of their money but the people who stuck it out and waited made it back and then some within three years. rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. >> good advice there. two iowa men appear in court later today accused of threatening the pokemon championship in boston. police say the men made the threat last week on social media. security at the championship was beefed up as a result and the men were barred from entering the event. police then searched their car and found a cache of weapons. the suspects were arrested at their hotel. more fallout for the case involving rosie o'donnell's runway daughter chelsea.
3:37 am
after missing for a week, the 17-year-old was found in new jersey with a 25-year-old man. he has been charged with sending sexually explicit communications to a minor and endangering the welfare of a child. he was arrested after o'donnell turned over her daughter's cell phone to police. fire crews battling wildfires in washington state should be getting help in the coming days. hundreds of volunteers are being trained and are expected to join the fight this week. also, firefighters from australia and new zealand are on the way. the most dangerous area has grown to more than 375 square miles. across washington, 200 homes have been destroyed by the flames. thousands more remain threatened. also firefighters appear to have the upper hand on a new wildfire burning near the ski resort of big bear, california. despite its relatively small size, the fire forced the evacuation of about 400 homes. many of them cabins and vacation residences. the fire zone can expect no relief in today's forecast. accuweather's molly cochran has the details.
3:38 am
good morning. thanks, reena and phillip. we continue to have some unstable conditions across the pack northwest. wildfires continue to burn. smoke plumes made it to i-5 from seattle to portland. the heat remains on for monday and even into tuesday as well. we continue to keep an eye on danny rushing in to dry air and strong wind shear. really taking the life out of him, but still feeling impacts across the leeward islands and the virgin islands. reena and phillip, back to you. >> thank you so much. a 10-year-old shark attack victim is proof that the old adage is true. laughter is the best medicine. last wednesday, little kaley szarmack was standing in about two feet of water at a florida beach when she felt a tug. she saw the shark's tail thrashing and was bitten below the knee requiring 90 stitches. now she's recovering at home. she has no qualms about returning to the water. >> are you afraid to go back into the water? >> no, not really.
3:39 am
i mean like what are the chances you're going to get bitten by a shark twice. i'm pretty sure i'm good for life. >> you're probably right, kaley. still i'd be nervous. she's starting the fifth grade at a new school this week. hers was the second shark bite at the jacksonville beach in this summer. two large sharks were spotted near the beach on the day of kaley's attack. what spirit? >> it's an incredible outlook i could not have the especially after something that traumatizing. a much more pleasant animal related story now. how about beer for your dog? it's now being created by a brewery in indianapolis. >> that's right. the folks at flat 12 beer works debuted their new dog brew over the weekend. don't worry. don't worry, folks. don't call peta. this is not alcoholic. >> the recipe includes water, meat bones, yeast, carrots and potatoes simmered together for about three hours. the brewery's bar selling it for just $1 a bowl. those proceeds are going to local animal shelters. [ growling ] >> i agree with you.
3:40 am
not quite sure about this one. >> i'm glad it's not alcoholic. dogs are hard enough to handle by themselves. they pee everywhere as it is. imagine a drunk version. >> i didn't think about that. >> coming up in "the skinny," taylor swift setting a new record. and anxiety for one direction fans. also ahead, the pandamonium at washington's national zoo. twin pandas born and why zookeepers are excited and edgy. >> first the major league baseball players who say enough is enough. the latest fans injured in the stands and the new demands for safety. you're watching "world news now." >> "world news now" weather, brought to you by today? balance transfer that's my game bank you never heard of, that's my name > "world news now" weather, brought to you by> "world news now" weather, brought to you by watch me make your interest rate... disappear. there's gotta be a better way to find the right card. whatever kind you're searching for,
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>> an ohio man saw an erratic driver, and he did something. he stopped her. he filmed the driver swerving across lanes and even driving on to a grassy median. sam haynes even screamed at the driver and once she pulled over, he confronted her. she's been cited for operating a vehicle while impaired. haynes said he had to do something because his sister was seriously injured in a car accident. summer may be winding down but that means baseball season heating up. and americans are flocking to baseball parks. fan safety remains in question. >> but another fan was hit by a foul ball this weekend. prompting appeals to major league baseball, including from one of the sport's biggest stars. here's abc's linzie janis. >> oh, back in the seats in a hurry. >> reporter: you can hear the reaction in the stands. barely a second after the ball comes off the bat, it smacks a woman in the face. she was sitting behind the detroit tigers dugout friday night. paramedics taking her to the hospital where she spent the
3:45 am
night. for tigers pitching superstar justin verlander, it was the last straw. >> it's something that needs to be addressed. immediately. >> reporter: in july, stefanie wapenski also hit by a foul ball at fenway park in boston. >> there was no reaction time. >> reporter: part of a broken bat flying, striking another woman in the head at the same stadium in june. but in a sport obsessed with statistics, there isn't one for how many times fans get hurt. one study estimates that number is 1,750 every year. the most dangerous places to sit often the most desirable and expensive, along the first and third baselines. in recent years, pro baseball bosses have resisted attempts by some fans to require stadiums to put up protective netting in those areas. the league saying catching a foul ball is all part of the fan but telling abc news they are
3:46 am
evaluating a number of issues related to fan safety. a number of players have gone on the record, saying they tell their own wives and children to sit only in the safest spots like behind home plate and way up in the stands. linzie janis, abc news, new york. >> they're telling their own that's pretty good advice then, huh? >> it is dangerous. >> here you go. take a tissue. coming up, one direction's harry worried the band is falling apart. are you okay? >> going to make it? >> we'll see. and what taylor swift has in common with the lakers.
3:47 am
3:48 am
"skinny" is next. skinny, so skinny okay. first up in "the skinny," the uncertain future of one direction. >> the boy band has taken over the world, but now they're going to be taking an extended break. starting in march, the four-man lineup of liam, harry, louis, is that neil -- nile, cover blown. they're going to be on indefinite hiatus giving them time to work on solo prongs, something that the former fifth member left earlier in the year to do. >> sources insist this is not a breakup. it means they'll not be touring
3:49 am
after the release of their fifth album later this year. apparently they're on tour right now where you can see scenes like this in toronto. >> check it out. this is harry styles taking a spill there losing his footing. he's going for some sort of move there. oh, well, directioners were streaking at the sight of hip -- him possibly hurting himself. >> directioners? i didn't realize that was the term. >> i was just told about 60 seconds ago that's what they're called. fans of one direction. >> i thought you were freestyling. >> turning to wiz khalifa was apparently restrained he says for using a hover board. he's been riding high off the success of his hit song from "furious 7," but even though he wasn't street racing, he still got in trouble for his ride. >> was the delorean not available at the time? >> apparently not. >> in a video posted online by khalifa shows his apparent detention at lax airport.
3:50 am
handcuffed for allegedly board. >> no arrest made. but he took to social media explain what happened saying "all because i didn't want to ditch the technology everyone's going to be using in the next six months. christmas is only four months away. is wiz predicting this season's must have holiday gift? >> maybe he'll have his own set of hover boards. >> if he's an investor in this, we know what this is all about. >> making sense. the summer of taylor continues to roll long at it swift has yet another accolade. kobe bryant surprised taylor at the staples center with a banner as she is now the performer with the most sold out dates at the l.a. arena. >> i did cry when shaq and kobe broke up. >> that is real. >> you were upset. that is legit. >> precisely the number of championships the lakers have. when you're in the upper echelon of greatness, you can easily turn down over $2 million to at a billionaire's wedding. >> the billionaire is unknown.
3:51 am
we know taylor she instead decided to perform at the christening of her friend's baby. model and actress jami king. taylor is the child's godmother. i guess she kind of had to be there. cutie pie though. >> it's nice to say you know that time i gave up $2 million to go hang out? you're right. the babe will never live that down. >> a great friend. finally a shocker at last night's wwe summer slam in brooklyn, that's what it's called, the highly anticipated title. the match-up between john cena and seth rollins. >> the two went at it in the ring wearing each other down when all of a sudden, jon stewart, that's him, he comes running in with a chair. everyone thinks he's really going to hit rollins due to his history with the wrestler, instead he goes after cena, insuring a victory for rollins. >> hitting him like he's bill o'reilly. the outcome of the match stinging even more this weekend.
3:52 am
cena was honored for granting 500 wishes to children, the most for any celebrity in the great make-a-wish foundation's history. stewart left the daily show and now he's a bad guy. more news coming up.ore news coming up. >> i'm alex trebek. if you're age 50 to 85, this is an important message. so please, write down the number on your screen. the lock i want to talk to you about isn't the one on your door. it's a rate lock for your life insurance that guarantees your rate can never go up at any time, for any reason. but be careful. many policies you see do not have one, but you can get a lifetime rate lock through the colonial penn program. call this number to learn more. this plan was designed with a rate lock for people on a fixed income who want affordable life insurance that's simple to get. coverage options for just $9.95 a month, less than 35 cents a day. act now and your rate will be locked in for life. it will never increase. your coverage can never be cancelled
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switch and see the difference. and new finish max in 1 is wrapper free. well, they are one of the world's most beloved animals and one of the most endangered. the giant panda and one mama bear this weekend gave many of us a big surprise. >> she gave birth delivering one baby cub and hours later another one. even the zoo's top veterinarian didn't see it coming. abc's sara haines has the details. >> and watch. >> reporter: just like in the movie "anchorman," >> nothing quite like this. >> reporter: the national zoo's online panda cams engrossing viewers around the world watching as giant panda mei xiang gives birth and we can't
3:56 am
bear the excitement. >> so excited to confirm we have a new giant panda cub. >> reporter: after spending nearly seven hours in labor, she is seen here cradling her newborn cub. >> she's delivered the cub nicely. scooped it right up. >> reporter: just five hours later, delivering a second cub. coming as a surprise to the zoo's chief veterinarian even after reviewing this ultrasound. >> early on i'm not sure there was two different fetuses. >> reporter: the national zoo tweeting out this photo saying the second newborn appears healthy. >> it's been a very exciting house. >> reporter: a typical giant panda baby isn't so giant. weighing in at less than five ounces. that's the size of a stick of butter. and following tradition, the cubs won't be named for another 100 days. the national zoo's most famous mama bear is no stranger to the spotlight. her first healthy cub tai shan turning 10 last month has been
3:57 am
seen in this viral video by over 200 million viewers. and her second cub bao bao is celebrating her second birthday. sara haines, abc news, new york. >> another good thing that came out of this, scientists are getting a better idea of how their breeding works. just two decades ago, they only 20% were successful and look, now that i've been hanging out with them -- >> what's the rate now that you've been hanging out with them? >> more than 80% in conjunction with the research done by -- >> maybe you make it such a >> look at that. who wouldn't want to keep hanging out? >> and maybe they're in love with your shorts. >> it's wildly known pandas love plaid. >> i didn't know that. don't miss our updates on facebook. we'll be back. this is abc's "world news
3:58 am
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