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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  August 24, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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friday, low humidity lo thes good morning, america. breaking news. american heroes. the three men who stopped the the terror attack on a high-speed train france's highest honor this morning. new details. how they leapt into action. taking down the gunman. saving countless lives. >> it was either do something or die. >> we learn more about thechild hood friends and the last minute decision that put them on the train. secret meeting. vice president joe biden setting set to run for president. his meeting with elizabeth warren. new vid voe showing the escape route those convicted killers took to break out of prison.
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crawling on the catwalks. sweez squeezing through a steam pipe. and out of control. the good samaritan who stopped a woman swerving wildly on the highway, putting everyone on the road in danger. >> stop the car! >> the entire incident caught on camera. how he finally got her to pull over. and good morning, america. happy monday. what a fitting honor for those american heroes. let's look at them in paris. you see them right there, getting the legion of honor, france's highest civilian award. they're in legendary company. dwight eisenhower. douglas mac arthur. . the president called the three men, praising them, saying all americans are proud of their bravery. david wright is in paris.
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>> reporter: this is france's equivalent of the white house, the elysee palace. the frej president honored these three american heroes. making them nights. arm first class spencer stone, army national guard specialist alek skarlatos, and college student anthony sadler. the french president said the trio gave the world a lesson in courage, will, and hope. this, as we learn new details about just what happened on that high-speed train. headed from amsterdam to paris friday night with more than 550 passengers on board. the three americans were on a european say occasion when they spotted a gunman on their train. coming out of the bathroom, armed with an ak-47. >> alek hit me on h shoulder and said, let's go.
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hit the ground. alek grabbed the gun. >> reporter: a fourth american was the first to confront the gunman. he disarmed the man. he didn't realize the gunman had a pistol. mugalian turned to protect his wife, and got shot in the back. that's when the other three americans leapt into action. >> i was able to grab him again. and, choke him unconscious while alek was hitting him in the head. >> reporter: they grabbed the pistol. the gunman fought back with a box cutter. >> he pulled out more weapons left and right. >> reporter: i gather after you were injured you administered first aid. >> i stuck two fingers in the hole, found what i thought was the artery. and then the bleeding stopped. >> reporter: that moment caught on camera.
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the gunman subdued. tied up with a train conductor's necktie. french authorities have identified the gunman as ayoutube el khazzani. a 25-year-old born in morocco. france had him on a watch list for more than a year. >> it feels very unreal. feels like a dream. so. i don't know what to say. >> reporter: el khazzani is being held without charge. french authorities have until tomorrow to charge him. meanwhile. the three americans are living down the block at the ambassador ambassador's bed. one man sleeping in the bedroom that charles lindbergh slept in. let's get more on the new heroes. we're hearing from their families for the first time. linsey davis here with that story. >> reporter: the quick thinking of these throw, long-time
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friends from california being credited with saving the the lives of untold numbers of people. we're learning more about the heroes. >> ran down. tackled him. we hit the ground. >> reporter: this morning, spencer stone, alek skarlatos, and antony sadler, calling their reaction instinct. >> alek came up and grabbed the gun out of his hand. while i put him in a chokehold. >> reporter: childhood friends this thwarting an international attack. >> it was do something or die. >> reporter: 22-year-old stone is a trained emt. >> got a box cutter. started jabbing at me. i was able to grab him again, and choke him unconscious. >> reporter: right bee hind him, a 22-year-old skarlatos. he returned from his first deployment in afghanistan in
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july, completing a nine-month tour. >> i didn't have much of state of awareness. it wasn't a conscious decision. we just kind of acted. >> reporter: overnight, skarlatos face-timing with his dad and step mom. >> going from your worst dreams. sense. >> reporter: long-time neighbors, skarlatos and stone's surprised. >> this is what they've been trained to do. >> obviously, we're both very proud. of them. >> reporter: 23-year-old sadler, a senior studying kinesiology at state university, sacramento. >> anthony physically sun injured. emotionally, in good spirits. but -- traumatized to a degree. >> i just want that lesson to be learned going forward. in times of, like, terror, like that, to please do something.
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>> reporter: three friends, now hailed at international heroes. >> i trust both my friends very much. if it wasn't for them, i would have been dead. >> reporter: the trio will stay many paris one more day and then skarlatos and stone will go to the military hospital in germany to be examined. bravo to them. they're going from their worst nightmares to their best dreams. quite humble heroes. >> hope we get a chance to talk to them here. thank you. >> we're proud of them. imagine their families, what they're feeling right now. now to the fears jolting stocks around the world this morning. markets are down sharply in asia and europe following last week's big selloff. explain. >> reporter: hi, robin. good morning. we're setting up for a much weaker day on wall street. the dow at this moment looking like it will open 400 points lower. overnight, in asia, the worst
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day for stocks in eight years. what's driving this? the chinese economy is stalling. that's driving a global selloff. all the recent declines are adding up to sizable losses for the typical american 401(k). that was already down about $6,000 last week. that same account is up 61% over the last five years. and historically, you're much, much better off waiting out these periods rather than selling as tough as that can be, robin. >> it is tough. but you're right. history has proven, if you just sit tight. it's hard for a lot of people. president. and more evidence this morning that vice president joe biden serious about another run for the white house. he held a secret meeting this saturday with elizabeth warren hillary clinton. jon karl has the latest. >> reporter: this was a meeting between the two democrats who could potentially pose the
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greatest threat to hillary clinton. the most intriguing sign yet that biden may actually run. it was a hastily arranged political meeting between the two biggest kmdemocrats not in the 2016 race. vice president biden returning to washington with liberal fire brand elizabeth warren. >> welcome, welcome. >> reporter: the meeting, requested by biden, come as the vice president is seriously considering whether to take on hillary clinton and jump into the 2016 presidential race. many on the left practically begged warren to make her own presidential run. she's ruled that out. she's refused to endorse any candidate so far. as she told boston station wbz on friday. >> was it a mistake for your party the anoint her at the nominee? >> i don't think anybody has been anointed. we see all the candidates lay out where they stand on key issues. >> reporter: continuing questions over clinton's use of private e-mail as secretary of
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state may provide an opening for the vice president. a recent poll found only 37% say clint season honest and trust worthy worthy. by comparison, a strong majority trust biden. >> he knows that the american people, i think, are looking for authenticity in their presidential candidates this year. that's joe biden the. the original authentic dntd. >> reporter: but donald trump told george sunday a biden run wouldn't make a difference. >> would he be a tougher opponent than hillary? >> i don't think so. i think they're the same. >> reporter: there they be an chance er challenger. in every major recent poll, biden comes in third among democratic voters, trailing sanders. >> okay, jon. thanks. he has a lunch with the president today. would like to be a fly on the wall at that one.
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now to an air show disaster. a horrible accident killing at least 11 people on the road, after a pilot appeared to lose control of the vintage plane, crashing on to a business someday highway. terry moran is in london with that story. good morning, terry. >> reporter: good morning, robin. police say the death toll from this crash now at 11. that could rise. and many here are asking, angry questions. why did they have to die? from the mirror. and they're calling for restrictions on these air shows. this morning, a grim task. workers will lift the wreckage at the scene looking for more victims. the worst air show accident in britain in more than half a century unfolded in a shroudless blue skies as people looked on in horror. >> oh! >> oh, no. >> reporter: the plane, a 1950s
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the pilot, 51-year-old andy hill. trying to make a loop. failing to pull up. the plane exploding on a busy highway. the pilot survived. he's in critical condition at a local hospital. the latest incident at an air show, triggering a sharp question. are the thrills at these events worth the risk. 2011, reno, nevada, ten peck staters killed. 70 wounded. 2002, ukraine, 77 people killed, 28 children and more than 500 injured. just yesterday in switzerland, one day after the crash in britain, at least one dead when vintage planes collide during a stunt. >> air shows are inherently dangerous. they're exciting. they're aircraft doing things fast, low to the ground in close formation. they're at above a level that's acceptable right now. >> reporter: the government's launched an investigation. one proposal out there, ban air shows overland.
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take place over open water. robin? >> terry, thank you. to amy for the morning's ore top stories. a race car driver fighting for his life. unfortunately, robin, another serious crash on a racetrack. this time in an indycar race in pennsylvania. the yellow and red car spinning out. debris hits driver justin wilson in the head. sending his car veering off the track. wilson is in a coma in critical condition. police in boston say they have foiled a violent plot against a pokemon convention full of children. they found these weapons in the car the two suspects had driven from iowa, including a shotgun, rifle, and hundreds of rounds of ammunition ammunition. and in louisiana, police say two passing drivers helped tackle a man who shot a state trooper in the head at a traffic stop.
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the suspect was stuck in a ditch. before then, opening fire. trooper stephen vincent, a 13-year veteran of the force is in critical condition. overseas, new worries about isis destroying art facts. they've reportedly destroyed one of the most important temples in the city of palmyra. it was a photo finish for the world's fastest man. sprinter usain bolt raced from behind to win edging out american justin gatlin by 0.01 of a second. if you're wondering what jon stewart is up to. watch this. he did some slamming of his own, invading the ring and smashing wrestler john cena with a
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folding chair. he got out of there quickly. know, guys. >> yeah. >> it was not planned. it just happened. no one's going to touch that? >> no. >> no. >> let that one go. >> just talking about jon stewart. we're going to move on to new calls for safety at baseball stadiums across the country after scary scenes at two more ballparks this weekend. phillip mena has the story. >> that one is hammered into the seats foul. >> reporter: overnight, an all-too-familiar sight. a woman watching the chicago a line drive foul ball. taken to the hospital. >> oh, back in the seats. >> reporter: friday, another fan seriously hurt after being hit detroit. that fan taken by stretcher in a neck brace.
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>> they'll take her out of the ballpark now. >> reporter: now players, including justin verlander, saying enough is enough. urging baseball officials to take action. >> seems like something happens once a game where, a ball just misses a fan. it's something that needs to be addressed. immediately. >> this is a broken bat grounder. >> reporter: at fenway park in june, a broken bat flew into the stands. tanya carpenter hurt. one month later, stephanie wapinski hit with a foul ball. >> i wouldn't have been looking more flushly at what was going on. the fact that i got hit between the eyes. >> reporter: an oakland a's fan filed suit. demanding protective netting extend down the foul line. >> we have fans that express strong preferences for seats that are close to the field and do not have netting in front of them. that's a fact.
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>> reporter: for "good morning america," phillip mena, abc news, new york. >> so scary. now, a little happy news for everybody. special delivery at the national zoo. actually, two special deliveries. twin pandas born over the weekend. reena ninan has the e details. >> reporter: some very special arrivals at the national zoo this weekend. giant panda mei xiang, delivering a surprise. less than five hours after that birth of one cub. >> a second cub born. a bit of a surprise for us. >> reporter: the babies, who weighed less than five ounces each making the doctors proud. is there very strong vocalization. very, very active. tried to crawl away from me while we were doing our exam. >> reporter: the first days of the baby pandas' lives are critical.
7:18 am
>> she's doing a great job with the cubs one at a time. >> reporter: she's known worldwide for her reaction to the first born's famous sneeze. and on sunday, her son, bao bao, turned two. the twins will wait 100 days to get their names. for "good morning america," reena ninan, abc news, new york. >> they start off so tiny, tiny, tiny. to ginger. a lot of smoke behind you. >> look at this.
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the good monday morning, i'm meteorologist jeff smith with your accuweather forecast. we have locally dense fog that will be burning off momentarily. off to the east some of that fog and low cloud cover. that will be burning off soon. 73 in central park, 75 at morristown. there were some showers over the east end of long island. those are exiting. partly to mostly sunny for the course of today. 86, warm and humid out there. could be a shower or thunderstorm late tonight into tomorrow morning. much more ahead this monday morning. including two abc news exclusives.
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calm and their infant threatened at gunpoint. >> get out of the way. and i felt him shoot me in my left leg. >> what they're saying now about the horrifying moments and they survived. and an inside look at how those convicted killers made their escape.
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learn more at no sixth grader's ever sat with the eighth grade girls. but your jansport backpack is permission to park it wherever you please. hey. that's that new gear feeling. this week, these folders just one cent. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great. the thing is people think boys are loud and immature and don't care about feelings. but they're wrong. thanks. kleenex. someone needs one. this is a channel 7 eyewitness news brief. good morning it's 7:24 this i'm ken rosato. and topping headlines at this hour, a 2-year-old remains in critical condition after a fire this morning filled his brooklyn home with smoke and flames.
7:25 am
family before were forced back by heavy smoke. ambulance workers tried cpr on the lawn outside the house and the child was finally rushed to beth israel hospital. two teens are being questioned after a member of mayor de blasio's security panel was hit with pellet gun. s.w.a.t. teams swarmed the mansion when an officer i was hit in the back. mayor de blasio and his family were out of town. a long island father behind bars accused of driving drunk with his three children in the car. they pulled over carlos sanchez because his headlights were off. he had been driving without a license and drinking alcohol. one of the children was not in
7:26 am
he faces a american pharaoh is getting back in the saddle. the kentucky derby and haskell invitational champ is set to race in saratoga at the travers stake this weekend. it's supposed to be worth 1 and a quarter million dollars. now that pharaoh's in the purse may jump to 1.6 million. thanks a lot ken. inbound lincoln tunnel disabled bus cleared from the bus lane. 30 minutes in, holland 15. george 20. inbound george washington bridge lower level an accident just being cleared from under the apartment. we'll keep an eye on that as well. you're heading to the 1 train downtown terminating at 14th street. 2 and 3 local only both directions 34th to chambers. i'll show you a look at the l.i.e. westbound moving slowly by deer park avenue with an accident cleared. back over to you ken. thank you. meteorologist jeff smith in for bill with the accuweather forecast. >> it's a muggy monday morning
7:27 am
we have some patchy, locally dense fog especially over parts of new jersey. a look outside looking to the west over the hudson river. visibility down to a tent of a mile at morristown. a half mile at belmar. 74 in central park. here's a spin on the weather wheel. we get into the mid-80s by this afternoon. 86 by 2 p.m. falling back into the upper 70s tonight. thank you jeff, and that is the news for now. coming up on good morning
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good morning, america. right now rkt those three american heroes received france's highest honor this morning for thwarting the terror attack on the high-speed train. what caused the explosions that rocked a u.s. army depot. more trouble for cheating website ashley madison. now facing a major lawsuit. two law firms filing a class-ax lawsuit for over $550 million. we say good morning, america on this monday morning. hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. a lot to get to, including this man, being hailed a highway hero. for stopping a reckless driver,
7:30 am
the whole encounter caught on cram. now camera. he's speaking out. >> an ultimate good citizen. we begin with the e let prep school trial. last week's dramatic testimony from the young woman who says she was raped at st. paul's school. this week, the man on trial expected to take the stand. good morning, gio. >> reporter: good morning to you, george. students at the school will also be taking the stand this week to talk about what's been called a sordid school tradition. this morning, 19-year-old owen labrie preparing to defend himself in court against charges that he raped a 15-year-old schoolmate last year at their elite new hampshire prep school. it will follow three days of emotional testimony from his accuser, the now 16-year-old girl breaking down several times on the stand. including during this tense cross-examination. >> why were you cloudy?
7:31 am
>> i was raped. >> reporter: we're disguising her voice because of the nature of the alleged crime. >> you were laughing at various points with owen, wnt you? >> again, laughing nervously, yes. >> while it's always possible that being aggressive with a victim can backfire, they needed to do it in this case. they believe she's lying and it was consensual. >> reporter: labrie's defense team is trying to show that it was consensual, not rape. the defense pointing to the senior salute. seniors try to get underclass men to spend time with them. >> it's owen labrie who is on trial. he's there for what he did to that victim. >> reporter: and the girl saying in a statement,ky now say i'm a
7:32 am
survivor. meanwhile, officials here at the school now say that these allegations are not emblematic of the students and faculty here. robin? to the victims of a violent home invasion in atlanta. speaking out for the first time. man shot twice trying to protect his family. his wife racing out of the house with their 6-year-old, frantically calling 911 for help. it's an abc news exclues pich steve osunsami has their story. >> we're being robbed at gun point. he pulled a gun on my husband. >>. >> reporter: this morning, the young family speaking out exclusively about the moment a crew of crooked broke into their home. >> i remember praying outloud. >> reporter: they had just returned from vacation. they heard a knock at the door. >> my heart just sank. i had a feeling it was an excuse. at that moment, i saw him put
7:33 am
the gun on mike. >> he warned me one last time to get out of the way. and then i felt him shoot me in my left leg. >> reporter: he was shot in both legs. four men forced themselves into the home. inside, their 2-year-old son was take nap. whitney lash ran for her life out the back door, holding her 6-month-old daughter and calling 911. >> you heard a shot being fired? >> i have the baby. i have the baby. >> reporter: one of the men started following her. chased me through the yard. >> reporter: she says it's a wounded. soer parks the one suspect, custody. police still searching for his accomplices. >> we're encouraging them to turn themselves in. >> reporter: mike lash is recovering this morning. >> we value every moment we have together now.
7:34 am
america," steve osunsami, abc news, at lan the. we move on to another exclusive. new video revealing how the two convicted killers broke out of a maximum security prison in june. investigators wearing a gopro camera retraced their steps. >> reporter: from the inmates cells through the underground tunnel system in the prison and out the manhole where they escaped. this morning, abc news obtained exclusive new video, showing the escape route authorities say david sweat and richard matt used to bust out of prison june 6th. facility. >> reporter: the video showing two strait investigators using a camera. the inmates cutting holes into the back of their cells. three minutes later, shimmying
7:35 am
down into the prison's underground tunnel system. >> approaching the first significantly tight squeeze. >> reporter: at about nine inouts in, skreeding through this hole, taking them into another cell block building. >> about nine, almost ten minutes in. >> reporter: minutes later, they're underneath the pridsen's asphalt yard. >> getting warm. >> reporter: at 17 minutes in, squeezing through the now infamous steam pipe. pipe. >> reporter: sweat saying it took four weeks to get the oels cut. >> investigator emerging from the steam pipe. >> reporter: the pipe taking this morning, the new video revealing it likely took just 20 minutes from their cells to freedom through the manhole. their brazen escape kicking off the massive manhunt.
7:36 am
police, sweat captured alive. that entire 20-minute video is george? >> incredible. thank you, linzie. let's go ginger. car underwater. >> yes, in lans >> all that weather brought to you by amazon.
7:37 am
we got so many great picture of rain bow rainbows with lightning. look at the video. they caught it happening. isn't that cool? >> is that unusual? >> to catch it like that is unusual. to see it, probably not so much. we never stump you. we're going to try. coming up, "gma" on the munn. secret ways to save big while getting in shape at the gym. >> that's over $550 savings per year over what you're paying at the old gym. this one is within walking distance of your house. >> ideal. >> how to negotiate fees. new research on the morning cup of coffee.
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we have tips to save you money. here's mara schiavocampo. >> reporter: with a newborn and a 2-year-old, terri's fitness regime cost her over there are 1,000 a year. >> i was paying $85 a month for my gym. i wasn't using it enough. >> reporter: she's shopping around. >> i want to get back in shape. >> reporter: we turned to genevieve brown. timing is key. the most expensive time to buy a gym membership is in january or the spring. opt for those in between months. like right now. it can save you over 50%. >> as the summer's widen down, not that many people are thinking about buffing up. >> reporter: did you know you don't have to commit for a full year? most gyms offer pay as you go or punch passes. the key, you have to ask for it. a recent survey finding people that used puchblg passes saved $600 a year.
7:43 am
that would be great for me. >> reporter: turn to sites like groupon or living social. >> this is a great deal. five or ten kick boxing classes. >> reporter: the most important thing, negotiate, negotiate, negotiate. >> you have to haggle like a boss when it comes to getting a gym membership. it's like buying a car. the first price is never the final price. >> reporter: we hit a local gym. >> you want to go about half of what they say and negotiate up from there. >> reporter: the first gym lowered the $250 fee by $150. the second gym. >> this is the one you used to rnlt yes. >> reporter: they negotiated a paid. the third gym? >> i got a year membership, $39 a month, including classes.
7:44 am
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now to that incredible video being shared by so many people right now. man who managed to stop a woman driving erratically on an ohio highway. alex perez has the story. >> about to kill somebody. >> reporter: it's the jaw-dropping video that this morning is turning heads online. watch as the driver of this white car swerves there one lane to the other.
7:48 am
the driver, sandra harris gets back on the road. >> hey, stop the [ muted ] car! >> reporter: that voice, 26-year-old sam hains. >> i wasn't about to watch somebody die. >> reporter: haynes, whose own sister was paralyzed by an impaired driver a few years ago, trying to stop her. >> stop the car. stop the car! >> reporter: honking and yelling. >> are you okay? >> i'm fine. this is, oh, my goodness. i'm so sorry. >> reporter: once he did, he called police. deputies say she admitted to using drugs before driving. the video going viral. already viewed more than 1 million time on facebook. many calling haynes a hero. >> i was doing what i hope somebody else would do. >> reporter: harris, due to be arraigned in the next couple of
7:49 am
days. haynes grateful. traddy averted. for "good morning america," alex perez, abc news, chicago. >> you think of what could have happened. the top of the hour, the day's big headlines. including the latest on the american heroes in france. and the season's first "dancing with the stars" celebrity revealed. only right here.
7:50 am
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good morning, it's 7:356 this monday august 24th. i'm ken rosato. topping headlines at this hour, police in the bronx need help in finding the men who drove out a public garage with stolen cars. it happened around dawn last monday at the surf logistics parking garage at the grand concourse village west. one man distracted the attendant while a second removed car keys from the parking lot office. it's shaping up to be another brutal day on wall street.
7:54 am
erasing every single gain so far this year, and european markets are down as well. dow futures are down more than 500 points. that follows friday's drop of 530 points with the dow 2011. 7:57. here's debbie duhaime. >> we're going to show you a picture right now of the southern state parkway westbound getting out to our peninsula boulevard. stop-and-go traffic. right. let's go to the maps again. southern state westbound by peninsula boulevard, a collision still being cleared. do watch out for delays as well on the new jersey turnpike. speeds still down to 45 between 7a and 8a with fog. alternate side in effect. back over to you ken. meteorologist jeff smith in forecast. >> we do have some locally dense fog over sections of new jersey, even over the hudson river visibility down a little bit. down to a third of a mile at
7:55 am
morristown. 75 right now in the city going up to 86. warm and humid, maybe a shower or thunderstorm into tomorrow morning. thank you, sir, and that is the news for now. good morning america continues after the break, with the first celebrity contestant revealed on the next danc join the millions who have already switched. we switched. and now, we're streaming netflix. who knew time warner cable's internet was so fast! mom switched. and now, we can watch our favorite shows together, on demand. i switched. so i can connect to the internet just about anywhere with my free twc wifi hotspots. join the millions who switched to time warner cable. for $89.99 a month, you'll get 100meg internet, and hundreds of hd channels. you'll also get unlimited calling to the us, mexico canada, china, and now india.
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don't you dare look back good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. we have the first celebrity on "dancing with the stars" about to be revealed here live. one wild choice. baby boom with a new twist. more and more parents are choosing their baby's gender before they even become pregnant. inside the designer baby phenomenon. so wake me up what's really in your morning cup of coffee? new research on what coffee does to your body. and one on one with tim cook. an abc news exclusive. why the apple krrk eo is focused on an academic revolution. the groundbreaking new plan to educate your kids. and get fit like madonna.
7:58 am
spilling superstar workout as we say -- >> all: good morning, america! whoo! and our "gma" workout crew there with craig smith, madonna's trainer. going to get everybody in shape this morning. >> they're going at it. >> what's in their coffee. who's behind that screen? one of the brand new cast stars." >> some moves. >> we'll vereveal in a little bit. oh, look that. we turn to amy with the morning rundown. the big story. your money. stocks are plummeting this morning after friday's crash on wall street. overnight, china's main stock index plunged more than 8%. the biggest loss since 2007. other markets suffered sharp decline. inverss are nervous about china's economy slowing down.
7:59 am
here at home, they're worried about the federal reserve raising interest rates. breaking overnight, three highway roes being honored overseas. the long-time friends from california receiving france's highest honor today. suspect. they treated another american who had been shot while disarming the gunman. the suspect, a moroccan national, was on a french security watch list. new fallout from the cyber akak on the cheating website, ashley madison. some clients launching a massive class-action lawsuit. >> reporter: it's another dagger right to the heart of ashley madison operations. the hack and leak of information from more than 30 million customers. and now, the canadian based affair site now facing a $578 million class-action lawsuit filed by two law firms in canada. the firms saying the
8:00 am
class-action is not being brought against the impact team hacker who is hacked but against the corporations that run the clients are outraged that failed to protect the users' information. >> the phone hasn't stopped. everybody has a didn't story. >> reporter: over the weekend, the latest victim of the leak. jeff ashton. an emotional ashton speaking out after hackers released he had an can't and accessed the website while on state time. while he was curious about the site, he says he never met any women. ? today, i'm not very proud of myself. >> reporter: for "good morning america," reena ninan, abc news, new york. >> our thanks to reena for that. a health alert this morning. new research finds that taking
8:01 am
beta blockers could extend the life of ovarian cancer patients pi up to four year. experts say the results need more study. new research on the effect coffee can have on your body. our partners created a diagram showing what coffee does to us. it can increase your blood frsh. then your eyes. coffee die lates the pupils, which can improve vision. and your brain. caffeine can boost 'letterness. man, a woman, and their puppy. check out humphrey, being led around by his proud parent there is. he's in his carriage. the star of the photo shoot. set up to look like so many of those pictures parents take with newborn babies. hutch fri getting love. swaddled in his baby blanket. he was spotted under the covers as well. see those feet pictures we take
8:02 am
usually. apparently, humphrey loved the attention. he got a lot of treats. >> he's got a good life. >> that answers a lot of questions for the inlaws, likes, when are we going to have kids? don't worry about it. we have humphrey. >> for a little while. let's go to lara in the social square. >> thank you, guys. in the heat index who is behind that screen? come on over here. you'll never guess who is stars." and would you choose your baby's jerpd before you made the baby, if you could? we're going inside the new baby boom. and then madonna's trainer is here. all that on "gma," here in times square. get ready to get buff.
8:03 am
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i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. welcome back to "gma." time now for the heat index. this morning's hot button. [ bell rings) that big announcement. the first celebrity of the new season of "dancing with the stars." come on out. bin bindi irwin. >> how are you? so good to see you. i'm so excited. >> i like your moves earlier. >> thank you. thank you so much. >> anything animal inspired. >> a crocodile. thinking about doing animal stuff. >> we have a lot of questions. we want to take a look at your journey to the dance floor.
8:08 am
>> good day. >> reporter: she's the wild life warrior from down under. >> welcome to my home. >> reporter: she first appeared on camera at a few weeks old. now she's all grown up. a 17-year-old wild about protecting our animals and planet. >> be the change you wish to see in the world. >> reporter: carrying on the legacy of her dade, steve irwin. >> oh, crikey. >> reporter: he dmid the field when bindi was just 8 years old. she's launched her own children's clothing line. starred in hollywood block busters like "return to nim's island. yts. >> i knew you could do it. i'm so proud of you. >> reporter: even hosted the game show bindi's boot camp. this fearless sweetheart now ready for a new challenge.
8:09 am
taking a break from the outback to taken to dance floor. that's exciting. this is a big step. what inspired it? >> i'm really, really excited. and so honored to be a part of this new journey and new chapter of my life. i have to tell you. this is completely different to anything i have ever done in my life. i am used to wrangling crock dils. i just got back from our annual crocodile research trip about four days ago. crocs. now i'm in new york city. >> can you incorporate any of those moves? >> i'm going to try. i don't know how my dance partner will feel about that. >> we'll have to wait and see. we're used to seeing you in crackies ky khakis. are you ready for the dress and heels? >> you're kind. i'm used to khaki and boots. it will always be a part of my life. we say kangky is not just a
8:10 am
color, it's an attitude. it's a part of who we are. you can't climb a tree or wrangle a snake? a dress very easily. this is completely different. for me, "dancing with the stars" has always been something that i have admired. i have no dance experience at all. >> oh. i believe we have some video that would say otherwise! >> uh-oh. oh, no. >> can you roll that? what have you found? oh, goodness. >> pretty sure. it's like a workout video that you did. >> it is. it's kid fitness. it was about getting kids active and outside. and driving along. not quite sure if it is the same as ballroom dancing. we might be able to bust out a few of those moves. >> so obvious you're so game. that's half the battle. you have to be willing to go for it and take chances. no doubt you will. >> thank you. absolutely. it's about having the courage
8:11 am
for me, it is completely different. i hope i can inspire others in their own lives to seize opportunity and to make a difference and just jump, take the leap, even if it tear fies you. i'm quite nervous about this. >> are you more afraid of the the ballroom than you are of crocodiles? >> oh, for sure. i have to tell you. the judges scare me more than crocodiles. they are so knowledgeable. supreme athletes. i'm just a girl from australia who is used to crocs. >> how are you getting ready? >> for me, i have my family here with me. they're my support unit no matter what. my mum and little brother, robert, are here with me at the moment. i hope my dance partner, whoever it is, is patience and likes animals animals. you never know what i'll bring to rehearsals. >> your mom is beaming. absolutely beaming.
8:12 am
so proud of you. >> i'm trillion edhrilled. thank you. life is filled with adventure. >> there's mom. >> there she is. we love you! >> and the season premiere of "dancing with the stars" is september 14th right here on abc. >> good luck to you. >> thank you so much. whoo-hoo. now to a new series we're launching this morning to answer all of your questions about fertility. we're calling it baby boom. gender selection. a highly controversial topic. some parents selecting the sex of the child all in the name of family balancing. the big question for every modern family expecting a new baby. >> would you like to know if you're having a boy or a girl. >> yes. >> no. >> i want it to be a surprise. don't you, jay. >> reporter: now a huge spike in the number of couples choosing the sex of their baby before they even become pregnant.
8:13 am
>> reporter: it's called gender selection. up to 90% of patients come to this doctor because they want to decide if they have a boy or a girl. >> thousands of cases. we have never, ever gotten the wrong gender. the demand has increased almost tenfold in the last ten years. >> reporter: it's not without controversy. the united states is only one of a handful of countries that allows the practice. >> there's nothing diseased or disordered. you're asking for a preference. will we have people pick traits of their kids down the road? height? eye color? musical aptitude? sexual orientation? >> reporter: gender selection is a way to guarantee a baby of the opposite sex. >> we have the option to do that. we would like a girl. >> reporter: this couple, who didn't want us to use their names says when they learned about the option of gender
8:14 am
boys. we had a son. i said i would like to have a daughter. >> and we got two. daughters. they haven't ruled out using gender selection again. decision? wonderful. couldn't be happier. ashton. let's talk about how doctors go about determining gender. what is the medical science? >> there's two methods. the first is sperm shorting. using a high-tech method, the sperm carrying a y chromosome are separated. the second is pgd, or diagnosis. after the embryo is fertilized. stage. then think of it like a very, very delicate biopsy. or a superearly am neyo
8:15 am
part of the cell is removed and tested. >> obviously, people do this for gender selection. reasons. >> that's how it started. to look for certain medical disorders. things genetically passed on. hemophilia. there are over 100 diseases that can be tested for. it can be used if a parent has an existing sick child to work toward a stem cell treatment. >> can you break down the pros and cons? >> the ethical principles. the things that are for this or for nonmedical gender selection. patient autonomy and reproductive liberty. those are very individual. that sup to that patient or couple. the things on the opposing side, against this, you're talking
8:16 am
about gender discrimination. we have seen that in china and india, where they want a boy child. or inappropriate use of medical resources. we have to remember, there are risks involved. you have to be okay with getting bad outcomes. zblz a a doctor, your thoughts? >> as a doctor and a mom, my motto is stay in your lane. for nonmedical reasons, be surprised. take what nature gives you. >> dr. jen, we appreciate it. tweet her at drjashton. >> stay in your lane. got it. next up, the health trend getting a lot of scrutiny. alkaline water. does the science back up the claims? jez jesse palmer has the story. >> reporter: miranda kerr drinks
8:17 am
mark wahlberg swears by it. it's flying off the shelf. a drink some call superior to regular water. touting extra hydration and better health. maintaining a ph level of 7.4 getting you closer to perfect health. just ask barbara broadwater. >> i feel more hydrated. more energetic. i don't feel tired during the day. >> reporter: are the claims legit. or is this something to quit? we asked michelle to break it down for us. >> there are no studies to support that drinking alkaline water does anything to optimize your health. >> reporter: barbara says the water helped her wrinkles disappear and her joints stop hurting. she uses the water in everything. cooking. coffee, you name it. >> it's changed my life.
8:18 am
>> our bodies need water. it's absolutely essential. but the idea that drinking alkaline water will affect the ph of your blood is absolute nonsense. >> reporter: we retched out to six makers of alkaline water. some responded, showing studies that support the health benefits. critics say it won't help you, it probably also won't hurt you. >> now my knees don't hurt. my joints have very mobile. and i can run and jump like much younger people. >> reporter: barbara says, despite the critics, she'll continue to continue to drink it. it won't hurt. plain old tap water will work just as well. and it's free. >> it's free. >> tths free. it's good for me. >> saving you money.
8:19 am
>> can't put a price on helt,alth, guys in parts of the area. that will be burning off. the visibility is still a mile at morristown and belmar. 8 miles in central park. eventually going up to 86 during the day. partly to mostly sunny. moderately humid, there could be a shower and tomorrow morning as a front slides through. less humid air tomorrow afternoon, wednesday through the weekend looks awesome. >> we have so many great signs
8:20 am
out here. i love this one. three years cancer-free. so look at me. we're looking at you. give me a high five for that one. what's your name? >> nancy, from california. la marada. let's get some "pop news." >> hey, let's start with one direction. they're going in different directions. it's true. the extended hiatus and focus on individual projects. harry styles may pursue a hollywood acting career. the others pursuing writing, business endefers. they plan to get together down the road. in the words of taylor swift -- >> no bad blood. >> no bad blood at all. great run. time to, sort of explore. >> sure, why not. >> they're always there for each other. >> a bad monday morning for a lot of teens. >> we have until march to enjoy
8:21 am
them. also, tracy morgan overcoming the odds and marrying megan wallover sunday night. he vowed to walk down the aisle without the help of a cane of a wheelchair. he did just that 14 months after the automobile crash seriously friend. the two tied the knot last night in new jersey. the blushing bride telling "people" after almost losing tracy last year, i'm so grateful to be married to the love of my life. congratulations to both of them. finally, a story near and dear to my heart. we believe we may have figured out what it whens when they say white elephant sale. the internet will tell you it's from the fact that albino elephants are extremely rare. story. >> oh, no. >> oh, my.
8:22 am
this guy stumbled into a thrift sale in holland. >> is that a thrift owner trying to shoo him away? >> a shopper seeing just how trunk. >> well done. >> thank you very much. >> well done. >> bubba is 4 years old. the star of a nearby circus. he got loose. me and meandered over to the flea market. not sure what he was shopping for. don't worry. it is ir-relephant. >> bah dum bum. peanuts. i'm back, everybody. a week off. i'm rested and ready. >> we might have to bring back the bell. for that. well done.
8:23 am
>> ir-relephant? >> time off does the body and mind good. >> that and 40 cups of coffee. >> great to have you back. one on one with apple ceo tim cook, revealing
8:24 am
education your children. this is a channel 7 eyewitness news brief. good morning everyone. it's 8:27 on this monday, august 24th. i'm michelle charlesworth. topping headlines, a 2 year old remains in critical condition after smoke and flames filled his brooklyn home. an emt wearing a protective mask pulled the little boy from a second floor bedroom. ambulance workers tried cpr on the line outside the house. the child was rushed to beth israel hospital. two teenagers are being questioned after a member of bill de blasio's security detail is hit with a shot. an nypd officer was struck in the back. she was hit after getting out of an unmarked car. the officer suffered only a breeze. no arrests have been made.
8:25 am
mayor de have been out of town. when or 3 trains. no train on the 2 and 3 lines between penn station and barclays and the 1 train will and south ferry. trains will be rerouted which could cause delays on the 4 and
8:26 am
5 trains between the bronx and brooklyn. let's get a check on the commute while we're at it with debbie. good morning. >> good morning. thanks a lot. we're going to show you a picture with our webcam of the l.i.e. westbound. look at the volume, an accident still blocking the left lane. expect delays there. as we head over to the maps i'll tell you what's happening on the garden state parkway northbound at 145. it's an accident being cleared. if you're heading to the inbound george washington bridge, an accident was just cleaned up 5 minutes into the george lincoln 40, holland 15. alternate side in effect. thank you so much. starting out nice out there jeff. >> yeah, you know, a little muggy out there, and with that moisture we've had patchy fog in a couple locations. that will be burning off quickly. looking towards lower manhattan, visibility down to a mile at morristown and belmar. temperatures in the mid-70s. had some showers earlier over eastern long island. we're going up to 86 today, warm, humid, could be a shower
8:27 am
or thunderstorm late tonight into tomorrow. that's the news for now, live with kelly and michael we are back here. good morning, america. welcome back. monday morning. so much to get to. our fitness group is here, right, lara? >> crazy. >> led by madonna's trainer, craig smith. how madonna stays so fit and toned. all ahead. [ cheers and applause ] >> working it hard. >> get that form. >> we'll get a lot more from them coming up. you have something else. >> i'm so happy to bring this to everybody. an abc news exclusive. kids going back to school. millions of them are returning to classrooms without the technology.
8:28 am
apple is part of a growing movement to change that. aspoke to i spoke to the driving force, tim cook. while the sixth graders in mr. moore's social studies class are learning about american reconstruction by producing a news show. >> reconstruction brought changes to the south. >> reporter: apple ceo tim cook is focusing on an academic evolution. that will ensure the students are prepared for the 21st century. apple is part of the white house initiative called connect-ed. this alabama school is among 114 others in 29 states starting this school year with brand-new technology that many kids in these schools have never experienced before. >> i think technology has to be a key part.
8:29 am
i wouldn't be where i am today without a great public education. too many times today, kids are not given the right for a great public education. this isn't right. it's not fair. >> those young people that we just saw in the classroom will now have better access through those ipads. >> kids today, they're born in a digital world. too many kids, when it comes time for the 8:00 bell to ring, go to an analog world. it's not engaging. >> to help with the reconstruction act. >> reporter: the teachers are already noticing a different. what does this mean to you as an instructor? >> you can do a lot at a faster rate. it's hands on. but everything in it. that. this is day seven, eight. and we did a -- a whole lot. >> i remember when president obama made the commitment. what would be markers for you to say it's working? things. you look for engagement. and you look for how many kids
8:30 am
then. so that edge skags is something that desire. >> reporter: it's not just about creating opportunities for these kids. it's about the future of the nation. how do we see more diverse si and more opportunities not only at apple. but in all silicon valley? ments it's a good question. there's not a simple answer. one is there has to be more role models. i think technology in general has not gun a great job of establishing role models. that's changing. that's critically important. >> why is that important? n't in one point of view, it's just and right. if people don't accept that, my fundamental belief is that inclusion and diversity inspires innovation. we make better products because we're murore diverse.
8:31 am
the land will be the most it's a world i dream of. >> what would be your three suggestions, tips for a young person, their world is suddenly opening? >> it's explore. diz cover. create. >> a hint there. >> reporter: i think >> i think we have a new "gma" staff. >> explore. tim cook is from alabama. as he told you, a product, a proud product of the public schools there reminded me, back in the day, remember, memorizing the cap also the. memorizing those things. that's not important anymore. those answers are a click away on a device. learning is all about critical thinking. thinking outside the box, if you will, that will make the biggest difference in a competitive work force and country. these kids were engaged. they were leaning in. i can't remember the last time i went to classroom where you saw excited about learning.
8:32 am
>> fantastic. you got to go home. tuskegee is where you were born. >> that's my birthbirthplace. dogs. for some families, the right dog with bring a lot more than comfort and fun. coach." how one special dog is saving the life of a teenage girl. >> i got it. >> reporter: this is coach, a yellow lab. turned guardian angel. >> hello, mister. >> yes, mister. >> reporter: he may look like an order dog, but coach is on the job. working 24 hours a day to keep 15-year-old elle alive. it was seven years ago when her parrots noticed a change in their daughter. >> she was very irritable. we couldn't explain it.
8:33 am
she was having trouble in her math class, which happened to fall after breakfast. right before her diagnosis, she was sick. >> reporter: a visit to a pediatrician confirmed their worst fears. elle had type i diabetes. >> i had to take blood tests. >> any parent who experiences that wants to trade places with them. >> reporter: they had to monitor her at all hours. if he blood sugar got too low, she could have a seizure. too high, she could sustain serious perm nen dant. >> good boy. >> reporter: then a four-legged hope. diabetes alert dog could keep her out of the danger zone. >> it takes over 2,000 hours to train a service dog. we're doing scent training. can you find this. can you find this toy?
8:34 am
this ball? can you problem-solve? >> reporter: it took two years on a waiting list. when elle finally merit match, it was love 59 first sight? >> an immediate feeling of relief. the first time he alerted me. know heg was going to alert. >> is something wrong? yeah, i'm 339. >> good boy. >> if coach wasn't here, i would have waited another hour. i would have been so much higher. >> coach has taught us that you can find hope and you can find light in unlikely places. >> to watch their bond and watch them move through the world relief. >> i don't know where i would be without him. >> love that story. and "elle & coach" is available
8:35 am
this morning, on ask ze and all that weather brought to you by pet smart. george? >> a lot more ahead on "gma." madonna's trainer is here join the millions who have already switched. we switched. and now, we're streaming netflix. who knew time warner cable's internet was so fast! mom switched. and now, we can watch our favorite shows together, on demand. i switched. so i can connect to the internet just about anywhere with my free twc wifi hotspots. join the millions who switched to time warner cable. for $89.99 a month, you'll get 100meg internet, and hundreds of hd channels. you'll also get unlimited calling to the us, mexico canada, china, and now india. call today. i switched. now i have a free app that lets me watch tv whenever i have the time. for $89.99 a month you'll get tv, internet and phone. and if you call now, there's no risk, no contract, no catch, no kidding.
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i switched to time warner cable and knew exactly when they were coming. thanks to their one hour appointment window. switch to time warner cable today. and now, for a limited time, you could get a $300 reward card.
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well, it's no holiday. getting an amazing body like
8:38 am
madonna, she works out almost every day. six days aweek? >> six days aweek. >> and it shows. her sculpted physique is amazing. sara haines went to her trainer to see how you can get in shape like her. >> reporter: today, the queen of pop has got love and her incredible arms to lift her up. get into the groove >> reporter: but let's face it, madonna's been hot since she got into the groove in the '80s. look at those tons in her 20s. her 40s. and today. so how does she continue the stay one of the hottest bodies in the world? we had a chance to meet up with the man behind that material girl body, madonna's trainer, craig smith. spl she's committed. >> reporter: six days a week. she starts many of her 30 po
8:39 am
watermelon water, cold pressed juice, or an energy bar. sxwh she likes the stealth, toned, dancer's body. >> reporter: you have to get hung up on yoga, pilates, the barre method. she uses just three to five-point weights. how much should the average person at moment be working out? >> if you only have five minutes, start with that. >> reporter: you don't want a beauty in the gym. you want a beast. >> be your own beast, exactly. >> thank you, sara. here is craig smith. madonna goes with lighter weights. never anything too heavy? counterproductive? >> we do body right training, interval training, with heaviest weights. some of the modality, she likes to stay on the lighter side. ? why is hat? >> because of pre-existing
8:40 am
injuryies injuries. >> a lot of woman would worry about getting too bulky. >> we compensate. >> you have three stations here. the first one is really nice accept biceps and shoulders toned. >> this is tones the biceps, the should, and adding in the squat, working the primary muscles in the lower body. working the gluts. and glutes. >> and the compound exercise. working in different planes and rangs of motion. >> much easier with the one-pound pike rowe microphone. i must admit. >> walk out into a plank with a pushup and a leg lift and a walk
8:41 am
back in with a standup to the top. you're toning arms, chest, core, glutse glutes. >> that looks tough. >> they make it look easy. >> you want two sets of five to start? what's a -- >> body starting out, 10, 15 reps, two to three sets. if you want the high-intensity workouts, increase the repetition. >> this is for an area a lot of women have trouble with. the triceps. >> a they're doing a double row. it isolates the muscles. at the base, a heel raise for stability and balance. and isolating the core. >> more of craig's fitness tips. hard candy >> madonna is offering these
8:42 am
of music, entertainment, and fitness. >> i love it. thank you so much. you all slook great. >> come in.
8:43 am
back to school call 1-800-royal-caribbean
8:44 am
abc it's time to kick off our operation back to school verseries. beginning with our friend, andrew shue. first, we want the talk to it's at the time. the kids are starting to getting an shus. parents? >> when we were kids, we got a pair of sneakers. that was it. you're back to school. one of the things amy and i do, we get rid of the clutter. take the kids in the room, say here's the big black bag. >> i can see amy doing that. >> what are you throwing away? get organized. getting organized is important.
8:45 am
i think back to school shopping can be a lesson in budgeting the. you set up a budget. go to a place, make a big deal about i. go in, say this is what you got. hat are you going to keep and what are you going to get that's new? i think getting kids involved in learning about how much is too much. the main thing is to get them excited. >> that could be a way to deal with the brain drain of the summer sflp you do a lot of driving around. family trips. one thing our kids are telling us, what can we do with trivia? we want to do trivia, geography. math. i think that is a cool thing to do with kids. is there that's what we're going to do. let's meet the teams right now. first up, team lara. >> yeah. >> she's with 10-year-old dyllon. he's heading into fifth grade. he's into hot dogs and video games. >> my kind of guy.
8:46 am
>> team ginger. 11-year-old lilian. welcome. >> high five. >> she loves to cook. she can rap the all the top 40 hits. >> yeah. >> that could help us. >> and team amy playing with 10-year-old porter. he wants to be ar architect. wait until andrew finishes the question. if someone gets the wrong answer, another team can chime in. >> science. which of the following animals is an amphibian a, frog, b, bunny, c, goldfish. >> go. >> a frog. >> correct. >> she's got that. >> way too easy. >> easy is to start. math. which type of triangle has three sides that are all equal in lepgt. >> wait. >> we have a problem.
8:47 am
>> team amy. >> okay. >> whoa. >> we have to see the options. they're not up there. >> you have to wait for the'ses. that's why. >> a, hat trick triangle. b, equilateral triangle. c -- >> we get it. >> until you read the answers, those buzzers won't go off. >> we're going to the next one. that was a fail, on my party. which state is home to the windy city. a, illinois, b, maryland, c, california. team amy? >> a. >> correct. >> spelling. one minute. spell the word glacier. >> oh. >> i don't know how to spell it. >> i got juanthat one. g-l-a-i-c -- >> close. ginger.
8:48 am
>> g-l-a -- >> g-l-a -- >> c-i-e-r. >> c-i-e-r. >> team dyllon and are doing it the right way. how many u.s. presidents have had the last name roosevelt. amy? >> two. >> he knew it. he had it on his own. one more question? the hardest one here. which of the following is not a prime number. not. 2, 27, or 11. >> team ginger. >> can you say it again? >> which number is not a prime number? >> 2. >> you can steal. >> we tried to get in there. >> lara? >> go ahead, 2, 27, or 11, which is not a prime number? >> 11. >> 27.
8:49 am
>> we have to go. i guess we have a tie. >> a tie? >> everyone's a winner on "gma." >> this is a tie. >> and everyone is a winner. you'll go back to our school locker and pick out a whole bunch of supplies. thank you for playing along. >> congratulations.
8:50 am
8:51 am
[explosion of fireworks] [crowd cheering] [sounds of tennis rackets hitting tennis balls] [crowd cheering] [tennis racket swing hits tennis ball] [crowd cheering] [player yelling] [tennis racket swings hit tennis balls] [crowd cheering] a day of destiny. prep trauma unit 5. what've we got? bp 64/40 sterilize sites. multiple foreign objects in the body. tweezers. (buzz!) if you're the guy from the operation game, you get operated on. it's what you do. (buzz!) if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico.
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got to tell you, that andrew shue is a cutie patootie. love you. tomorrow on "gma," the brand-new bachelor will be here live. >> not gonna be andrew shue. >> no. better not be. better not be. >> have a great day, everyone. this is a channel 7 eyewitness news brief.
8:53 am
it's 8:56 on this monday i'm michelle charlesworth. just a half hour until u.s. stock markets open. worst. in china. stocks fell 8 1/2 percent overnight, the worst day in eight years. it's being fueled by a global economic. in response to expectations that the federal reserve will raise interest rates. here's a live look at the nasdaq. futures are down nearly 5%. wall street is not looking much better. the dow is off more than 600 points in premarket trades. the s&p 500 is down more than 3%. let's get a check on the commute with debbie duhaime. >> thanks a lot. we're going to go outside and take a look at the l.i.e. the l.i.e. westbound moving slowly. it's an accident still blocking two lanes. l.i.e. westbound bunching upen heading
8:54 am
lincoln 4:00 holland 15 minutes getting into town. the earlier accident at the. >> let's talk about the weather. over to jeff smith. we have a rather muggy monday out there. not too bad considering late august standards. right now a little bit of fog over parts of new jersey that's tending to burn. 77 right now in the park. 73 at morristown, 70 down the shore at belmar. it's a warm humid day, partly to mostly sunny skies. 86 degrees, could be a couple showers and thunderstorms norths and west of the city tonight. maybe a couple storms reaching the city during the wee hours of the morning. clouds give way to sunshine. lower humidity through the day. and beautiful stretch. have a happy monday thank you jeff. that's the news for now live get this. i was at my shop tied up with a customer when i realized the time. i had to get to the bank before it closed, so i made a break for it. when i got out it was almost closing time.
8:55 am
i knew i was cutting it close. but it was ok. i use td bank. it's got the longest hours and stays open an extra ten minutes every day.
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