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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  August 26, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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he was running from cops and later killed himself. >> the senseless gun violence happened in moneta, virginia, about 30 miles from where the victims worked in 0 an knock. >> reporter: -- worked in roanoke. >> reporter: this was nothing short of a cold blooded ambush. a local crew going about their work. they were killed on live tv. the gunman appeared to be spiraling out of control. he admits that he was a human powder keg. reporter alison parker and photographer adam ward were just beginning their live report. then the sudden sound of gunfire and screams overtaking the airways. parker tried to run. ward's camera falling to the ground but capturing the image of the suspect. >> alison parker, age 24 and adam ward, age 27 died at the scene. >> reporter: 41-year-old vester lee flanagan, a disgruntled
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former reporter who went by bryce williams became the focus of the manhunt. he tweeted i filmed the shooting, see facebook. it is no longer posted. >> troopers giving chase saw the car crash after he apparently shot himself. >> he died approximately 1:30 p.m. today. >> reporter: flanagan previously posted a resume reel on his you tube page that began with him holding a gun working at the same station of the victims had a reputation of being difficult to work with. >> we had to separate him from the company. and we did understand that he was still living in the area. occasionally he would run into people from our company. >> reporter: abc news also reports it received a 23 page fax from flanagan listing grievances that he suffered from racial discrimination and bullying from work and he talked about how he was attacked for being a gay black man. >> goes to show where the
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gentleman's mind was the night before or taking place there that there was forethought given as to the chain of events that would happen. >> reporter: in the material sent to abc, he said the recent killings at a charleston church triggered the carnage. what sent me over the top was the church shooting and my hallow point bullets have the victims' initials on them. he said the church shooting was the tipping point but my anger has been building steadily. i have been a human powder keg waiting to go boom. >> this gentleman was disturbed the way things transpired. it would appear that things were spiraling out of control. >> reporter: meanwhile, stunned colleagues are left grieving. alison and adam were in rips with coworkers and worked closely together, the friendship forged in the grueling hours of morning television. the tourism official was interviewed when she was wounded. she is in stable condition. her family is with her.
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liz? >> tim, thank you. president obama says tragedies like today break his heart. he spoke this afternoon to a reporter monica malpase from our sister station wpvi. >> what we know is that the number of people who die from gun related incidents around this country dwarfs any deaths that happen through terrorism. we are willing to spend trillions of dollars to prevent terrorist activities but we haven't been willing, so far, to impose common sense gun safety measures that could save some lives. >> we want to take a closer look now about the young victims. reporter alison parker and adam ward, they were just starting their careers in journalism and so much to look forward to in their personal lives as well. rock star.
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at 24 years old she was a recent college graduate. she was hired one year ago. >> the most thrilling thing i have done i took a trip to the grand canyon with my family. we went horseback riding down the grand canyon. >> alison just moved in with her boyfriend, an evening anchor at the same station where she worked. he tweeted we were together almost nine months. it was the best nine months of our lives. we wanted to get married. we just celebrated her 24th birthday. 27-year-old photographer adam ward was in a relationship at the station with an employee, actually his fiancee's last day. he put balloons on her desk before going out in the field today making it more heart- breaking. his fiancee, a producer was in the control room when he was shot. she saw the whole thing. he climbed his way up at the station from production assistant to video journalist. it's so heart-breaking. stay with eyewitness news and
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abc news for details on the murders of the journalists. we have more about the victims and details on the fax that the gunman sent to abc news. on world news with david muir you will hear from the anchor that watched the murder of his colleagues as it happened on the air. we turn to the other news of the night. we are following breaking news. this is in flatbush, brooklyn, a child was struck by a car and is in serious condition. shannon sohn is in newscopter 7 with the latest. >> we know it was a 5-year-old struck by that car shortly before 5:30 this afternoon on east 22nd street just off ditmas boulevard. we know now that there is a serious head trauma to the child who has been removed to kings county hospital. as you look here on east 22nd street, you can see police set up a crime scene. as we come down the street toward dismust avenue, you got more police department activity here as well. they are investigating to
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figure out exactly what caused this accident to happen. a 5-year-old with serious head trauma after being hit by a car. reporting live over flatbush, channel 7 eyewitness news, the search is on for the person that killed the father of ten children. the victim was at work driving a taxi when he was shot dead during an apparent robbery. it happened in rahway. here is toni yates. >> the best person in the world. he is the best person in the world. >> reporter: a loving wife completely overcome with grief. her husband of many years, 57- year-old imad alasmar, father to her ten children, the family's provider shot dead in his cab by an armed robber. >> someone's first impression of my dad, strict and all, always aggravated by something. but if to get to know him, he had a heart, you know. >> reporter: investigators say
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alasmar arrived after 11:00 to pick up a fair called in from bedford street. instead a gunman jumped in the cab demanding money. the manager at the cab company said of his driver of three years, he was not the kind of man to be pushed around. >> about as strong wild as they come. he is just not going to give it up. that's his personality. >> reporter: the cabs have no partitions separated the driver and the fare and no camera. he was shot in the head. the cab screeched down the street crashing into a parked car injuring two people inside. the suspect ran off. the cab driver's coworkers remember him as kind and honest. >> not fair what happened. so many are trying to earn a living, feed his kids, large family. not an easy way to earn a dollar and he is out there hustling. >> reporter: his family hearing the words no family can bear, her husband, their father is dead.
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>> you on the get one dad, you know. >> reporter: no one has been arrested. a $10,000 reward has been offered leading to the suspect. toni yates, channel 7 eyewitness news. now to the race for president. donald trump managing quite well to keep garnering headlines. last night getting endorsed by the former head of the ku klux klan. does mr. trump embody the republican party or giving it fits. political reporter dave evans is here with the story. >> reporter: we have seen in the last few weeks donald trump has said controversial things, offended plenty of people and he is the republican front- runner. last night in iowa, a reporter from mexico originally would not back down. some are calling trump's response racist. for reporters donald trump is the gift that keeps on giving. >> who would you rather have negotiating against china, against iran.
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>> reporter: last night trump tangled with univision anchor jorge ramos. >> who is next? please. excuse me, sit down, you weren't called. sit down. sit down. go ahead. >> i have the right to ask a question. >> no you don't. you haven't been called. go back to univision. >> reporter: trumps security then escorted ramos outside where a man in a suit with a trump sticker >> get out of my country. get out. >> i am a u.s. citizen, too. >> whatever. >> we are going to make clear that what his stances are are racist. >> reporter: in new york, he watched and was troubled by trumps univision remark. >> the message he was sending return to univision was a strong message to our community and particularly to latinos, racist undertone behind that is very strong. >> reporter: but trump just keeps doing better in the polls
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no matter who he offends. last night he did let ramos back inside. trump was asked if he could ask this better. >> he stands up and starts screaming, so, maybe he is at fault also. >> reporter: as for ramos, he is accused more of an advocate than a journalist. today he made no apologies. >> how will he deport 11 million people. put people in stadiums. >> reporter: trump tangled with megyn kelly. he was asked if he has a schoolyard crush on kelly because he keeps picking on her so much. trump laughed that off and said trust me, there is no crush on her. >> thank you. another wild day on wall street. this time it was a big rally. the dow is up more than 619 points. the nasdaq up 191 and s&p 500 up nearly 73 points. straight ahead on "eyewitness news at 6:00" on
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this wednesday night, street fines keep literally vanishing from a local town. who takes them and why. >> it's unbelievable. this weather is so beautiful. deep blue sky. a few fair-weather clouds. humidity way down. low to middle 80s. the only issue?
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an offer of amnesty to whoever is stealing street signs. give them back or you will be prosecuted. >> dozens of signs. officials in the bergen county village of ridgewood are trying to avoid the cost of replacing the signs and are offering this deal. >> it comes with a big deadline. here is a.j. ross. signs. it's rude to the community. >> there are other things police could be looking at. keep the signs up, kids. >> reporter: dozens of missing street signs, ridgewood police say they have seen the pattern before. they are hoping a new amnesty offer will help bring the signs back. >> this is an intersecting street. these were just returned and these were reported missing. >> chief john ward says this summer they have seen an uptick with 30 to 40 signs stolen in the last few weeks. it may not seem like a big deal offhand, the signs cost 65
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bucks apiece and that is not including the labor hours to replace them. taxpayers are being faced with a large bill over several thousand dollars. >> costing us, the taxpayer. put the signs back. amnesty program. >> we stepped up patrols marked and unmarked. the village has taken steps to put identifiers on the signs so there is no doubt it's a village of ridgewood sign. >> the amnesty window is open to anyone that wants to return a sign with no questions asked. it will run through mid- september. after that anyone caught with a missing sign will be prosecuted. >> if you want to do hometown pride, we are all for that. don't take ones that cost the rest of the taxpayers money. >> reporter: police received five signs back since offering the amnesty program. a.j. ross, channel 7 eyewitness news. still ahead on "eyewitness news at 6:00," lee goldberg
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with another great patients across the country have spoken. they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid. just seven percent received five stars. among them were four hospitals that are part of cancer treatment centers of america.
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learn more at cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits. appointments available now. it's lovely out there. >> and it will continue to be lovely.
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>> look at the smile on his face. >> nice night for a movie in central park. >> i am introducing -- we missed it. the blues brothers. they cutaway. >> i hope you don't get that type of reception tonight. it will be getting dark close to 8:00 and bill will be wearing sunglasses. blues brothers tonight in central park. rob aren't you introducing -- >> regulary bull. >> -- raging bull. >> i am doing airplane tomorrow night. there is the sheep meadow. letter temperature is 81. 31% humidity and westerly wind at 13 miles per hour. pressure on the fall. high 85. four above average. there is the record. it will get hot in the long range forecast. better headlines, super stretch of weather into friday. over the weekend maybe a stray
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storm but nothing to cancel plans. adjustments to erika's track. 81 in flatbush. hollis 82. only 66 in monticello. i wouldn't be surprised to see upper 40s in sullivan county. 79 belmar. wind direction out of the northwest low humidity feels comfortable out there. light jacket north and west tonight. dew points are in the upper 40s and low 50s. that is pleasant to invigorating. a fallish feel in the morning. more patchy clouds during the midday and afternoon hours. maybe more cumulus clouds than today. most were north and west. big swirling area of low pressure over hudson bay. it influences our weather in a great way the next couple of days. a few patchy clouds but comfortably mild. this will leave the scene by the weekend and the humidity comes up. look at the numbers under the low.
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55 in parts of ontario. we are warm but we have the low humidity. another beauty tomorrow, 83. notice more cloud cover than today especially north and west. that clears out. high pressure on friday. fine finish to the workweek. when the high moves off the coast, more humidity off the back side of the high. erika is disorganized. 45 miles per hour winds. here is the adjustment to the track. not as strong. hopefully beneficial rains. then the concern for south florida and the bahamas. the track has been nudged more north and east. i think the trend will continue. maybe that recurving ideas gets more evidence -- yesterday gets more -- idea gets more evidence. it will keep our temperatures warm and humid through next week. that is the type of impact a storm in that location has, keeps us hot and humid. seven-day forecast, pleasant sun, patchy clouds.
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how about the yankees. >> they are trending downward. not good at all. the offense has been nonexistent this ten day yankee home game wrapping up against the astros. they slip to second place. beautiful day for baseball in the bronx but more beautiful in the visitors dugout. pineda on the mound.
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he was just off the dl gave up five runs in less than five innings. houston was scoring runs. that is a 4-0 lead. yankees get a couple back in the 7th. this is a 2-run shot but today not enough offense. alex rodriguez hitting a buck 26 in the last 19 games. yankees lose 6-2. 5-5 on the big home stand. >> we got a lot of guys scuffling at the same time. it's hard to score runs when you are like that. sure is. mets-phillies tonight. not that this series needed it but extra flavor after last night's game. a pitch before the batter was set. the catcher was trying to stop him from throwing the pitch. phillies take exception. he was surprised because once the batter is in the books it's game on. giants signed a defensive end who probably wantly announced his retirement.
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laura behnke is there. >> reporter: he is one of the best pass rushing defensive ends in giants history, ten seasons in big blue and one two super bowls. two o.c. returned to new york to retire. >> get a chance to experience something else then you realize what family is and new york is home for me. >> reporter: he had his share of contract disputes in new york, there is nothing but love between o.c. and the giants then and now. >> i smell every time i think of it. the picture where 72-92 and 91 are walking away from brady laying on the ground in super bowl xlii. when i think of that, i think of o.c. >> reporter: he always considered himself a giant even the last two seasons at atlanta. >> i would be openly cheering for the giants and they would look at me like i am out of my mind. >> he is heading to london working for the new this morning to help the sport grow
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internationally not before turning down an offer yesterday from another nfl team wanting him to play this season. >> for me it was either i play for the giants or i wouldn't play football at all. >> reporter: laura behnke, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> good to see o.c. >> preparation for the preseason game. last week some say jaguars focused on beckham too much. >> i am just going to be a target in other people's eyes. it's something i have to look out for. protecting yourself and knowing that there are 52 other people that have your back. it makes it less concerning for me to worry about. >> chilly today. cruz didn't practice today. the jets continue their work. they are looking for the same thing the giants are when this kicks off, consistency with the first teams on both sides of the ball. >> consistency, getting off to a fast start, we gel and
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everything is together. takes us a while to get started. i would like to start fast this game. >> they are almost mirroring each other, they want consistency and fast starts. >>that's what we all want. let's check in with sade. >> bill, the question tonight, where is the fire. turns out there isn't one. now a firefighter in big trouble for using false alarms to get on-the-job training. plus, losing weight with water. when to drink it to help you shed the pounds. that and more on "eyewitness news at 11:00". >> see you then. quite a day. quite a sad day for so many people. another gun shooting. we will have more at 11:00. that's it for us for now. thanks for watching. i'm bill ritter. >> i'm liz cho. world news with david muir is up next. eyewitness news returns at 11:00.


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