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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  August 28, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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that is the news for good morning, america. breaking news, tropical storm erika on the move hitting the caribbean right now. the deadly storm battering the islands with powerful winds and raging floodwaters. sweeping cars away and swallowing roads and now the storm is taking 10 million americans in its path. new this morning, soul survivor. exclusive new details about that deadly shooting on live tv. the woman recovering from that attack, now telling her terrifying story. >> she dove to the ground and curled up in a ball. >> her husband speaking out only on "gma." >> badge of honor, the 13-year-old boy scout who saved his father after he was hit by a massive boulder on a remote mountain. how he kept his dad alive for three days all while desperately searching for help.
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and it's an abc news exclusive. hero's homecoming. one of the americans who took down that terrorist on a train back on u.s. soil this morning. [ applause ] the whole airport cheering. his parents in tears. he's telling his incredible story in his first live interview this morning only on "gma." and we do say good morning, america, on this friday morning and it's a big morning because dan harris is here. >> always an occasion. great to be here. >> and alek skarlatos is here. we don't throw this word around lightly. he is a true hero and we have so much with him still ahead. >> he landed on thursday. it was quite a scene at the airport. we're going to talk to him coming up. but we want to start with that tropical storm churning. there's a live look. erika hovering near puerto rico. >> the storm is already picking
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up strength and it could become, could become the first hurricane to hit florida in a decade. it has caused problems in the islands and caribbean causing major damage blamed for at least four deaths. abc's rob marciano is in miami for us this morning. good morning, rob. robin. it has been nearly ten years since this state has been hit by a hurricane and that may hold through the weekend but judging by what erika has done as a tropical storm, miami and the rest of the state taking no chances. overnight, erika battering the caribbean bringing a staggering 15 inches of rain and 50-mile-per-hour wind gusts to the island of dominica thursday killing at least four people. more than 20 others still missing. raging floodwaters proving to destructive. destructive. too much for this church. thrashing this airport runway with debris, damaging at least one plane. sweeping away cars and
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swallowing the roads underneath. the middle of this road gone. others plagued with sinkholes. the storm knocking out power for at least 80% of the island nation. >> we're preparing for a hurricane. >> now erika taking aim at the u.s. with at least 10 million americans in the crosshairs. >> the national guard has 8,000 members that they can mobilize. >> reporter: here in florida which could see its first hurricane in nearly a decade residents already stocking up. >> don't wait till the last minute when there are long lines and empty shelves. >> reporter: many of those supermarket shelves already empty. slice of good news. south florida could actually use some rain. they don't want too much and certainly not the wind. back in 2005 katrina hit close to hire and wilma hit from the other side and knocked out power for over a week and since then miami beach even more built up. erika now about a thousand miles in that direct. here's ginger now with more on the forecast. >> yeah, rob, thank you so much. we are way ahead of it.
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a thousand miles takes you south of puerto rico where a majority of the storm is right now. if it can stay together through these still very unfavorable conditions, a lot of wind shear that's been ripping it apart. it looks like it will take a more northwesterly turn. puerto rico, dominican republic and haiti, a lot of main will be the main threat and that cone and florida in the center of it still hitting as a tropical storm. not forecasted to become a hurricane. the driving force takes all those spaghetti computer models, most you can find in florida. if it goes west it has a lot of land and mountains to get i don't think it lives if it does that. a foot plus, rob said it miami needs it. so, rob, we'll have much more or dan. >> thank you. we'll be watching this. now to the latest on that deadly on air shooting in virginia. exclusive new details this morning from the only survivor of huh-uh tack as we learn more about the killer and his possible plans.
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abc's jim avila is in virginia once again with the story. jim, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. this morning our first look at the crime scene. happened. the yellow tape now taken down survivor's exclusive account of what happened that morning and how she escaped execution. the deck at bridgewater plaza has new wooden planks this morning, erasing the physical traces of the tragic shooting that killed two journalists and seriously injured vicki gardner, the chamber of commerce director, alison parker and adam ward were interviewing as the shots rang out. gardner is now out of a medically induced coma following two surgeries on her back and kidneys and through her husband provides the first eyewitness account of the surprise attack. >> did she get a feeling of who was the target? >> well, alison obviously was the initial target. >> reporter: tim gardner tells
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abc news emotionally his wife could not see the shooter approach because of the tv lights. >> shot three times at my wife everything. he missed twice and then she dove to the ground and curled up in a ball and that's when he shot her in the back. >> he actually came over to do it. >> pulled the trigger several times and only fired one. >> reporter: with both alison and adam dead at her feet vicki gardner got up. >> she didn't know the extent of her injuries at that point but the surgeon told me a couple centimeters and she wouldn't be walking own wouldn't be alive. >> reporter: the gunman now identified as former tv station reporter vester flanagan was wearing body armor and search warrant documents obtained by abc news show police found more evidence of his elaborate planning. in his car, a glock pistol, six magazines and ammunition.
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three license plates, a wig, shawl and a to do list. assistant news director greg baldwin telling abc news, once the station found out who had panic. >> so i immediately think is he >> reporter: roanoke police ring the station and management warned its employees to stay away from windows and closed all remote bureaus until the all clear was given. >> a lot of tears were shed on air and off air but everybody is taking time to hug, reflect for a minute and they go back to work. >> reporter: this morning, the anchors, reporters and producers at the station tweeting we honor them by doing what we do, report the news, weather and sports. dan. >> that is absolutely true. jim avila, thank you. you can see much more of jim's reporting on this story tonight on "20/20" at 10:00 eastern robin, over to you. >> thank you, dan. we turn now to new trouble
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for hillary clinton this morning. some new e-mails obtained by abc news that many have an impact on her campaign. abc's jon karl is at the white house this morning with that. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, robin. these e-mails obtained by abc news show that while hillary clinton was secretary of state, bill clinton tried to get approval for speeches tied to two of the most repressive regimes in the world. the e-mails have come to light because of a public records request by the conservative group citizens united which sued the state department to get them released. while hillary clinton served as secretary of state, bill clinton earned speaking fees totally over $48 million. now e-mails obtained by abc news through a public records request by the conservative group citizens united which sued to get the documents shows just how far bill clinton was willing to go to earn those lucrative fees. trying to get approval for speeches tied to two of the most brutal countries in the world.
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in the first e-mail sent in june 2012, a top official with the clinton foundation forwards a speaking invitation for bill clinton in central africa for the state department's approval. the catch, the dictators for the congo and democratic republic of the congo would both attend and require photos with bill clinton but the speaking fee, a whopping $650,000. clinton's own speaking agency recommended declining the invitation, noting, quote, the prevalence and intensity of sexual violence against women in eastern congo is widely described as the worst in the world. we anticipate you'll want us to quickly decline. still, the clinton foundation official says the former president wants to know if he could accept the speech if the money went to the foundation instead of to clinton directly. hillary clinton has longed defended the couple's paid speeches since leaving the white house. >> i thought making speeches for money was a much better thing
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than getting connected with any one group or company. >> reporter: in may 2012 the foundation also inquired with the secretary of state's office about an event related to north korea. the secretary of state's office advised decline it. but the foundation followed up saying the invite came via hillary's brother who works as a consultant adding, quote, we would be grateful for any specific concerns that we could share. hillary's chief of state 0 wrote back to tell bill clinton, if he needs more let him know his wife knows and i am happy to call him. last night a spokesperson for bill clinton e-mailed, quote, as a matter of course, all requests were run by the state department, ultimately the president did not give these speeches. dan. >> he did not give the speeches in the end. worth noting. jon karl, thank you. we move on to that high-profile rape case at the elite prep school in new hampshire. the jury heading back for deliberations this morning after closing arguments on thursday. the credibility of both the alleged attacker and his alleged
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victim being called into question and abc's gio benitez is on the story. >> reporter: this morning, the jury deliberates for a second day and 19-year-old owen labrie's fate is now in their hands after being accused of raping a 15-year-old girl last year. the defense placing blame on that elite new hampshire prep school right at the start of closing arguments. >> st. paul's school failed the children with their attitude toward senior salute. >> the so-called senior salute, a current school tradition where graduating seniors spend time with younger students, sometimes intimately and labrie allegedly taking the victim to a dark room in the science building where prosecutors say he sexually assaulted her but the defense claims she lied about that encounter to protect herself when rumors started. >> she had to make the decision whether it would be her reputation that was going to go into the toilet or owen's and
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she took the easier choice. >> reporter: the prosecution saying labrie had only one thing on his mind that night. >> this someone was going to get what he wanted and not take no for an answer. >> reporter: labrie testified that he was lying to his friends when he bragged about having sex with the girl writing in one facebook message he used every trick in the book. >> he had to confuse and manipulate a 15-year-old girl to get what he wanted. you only need tricks if someone says no. >> reporter: labrie telling the jury there was no sex. if convicted, labrie could potentially spend 60 years in prison. the jury deliberating here for 3 1/2 hours yesterday. they'll be right back at it this morning, robin. >> we know you'll be there, gio, thank you. to a possible sniper stalking highways in michigan. at least one car was hit by a bullet and damage to several others may have been caused by a
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shooter, as well. abc's alex perez has that story. >> reporter: this morning, michigan authorities hunting for a possible sniper targeting moving vehicles on major highways. >> all of the incidents have occurred between 9 oe:00 a.m. and before 6:00 p.m. >> reporter: the nightmare happening on i-94 and i-69 near battle creek, michigan. investigators say since late july as many as six vehicles driving along the highways have been damaged. tests on one vehicle confirmed the damage was caused by a bullet. it's still unclear if the incidents are related. >> we're still going over the vehicles to ascertain if the damage to those were caused by the same firearm. >> reporter: so far, no injuries have been reported. but investigators now flying up above the areas of the most recent shootings combing for any
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clues hoping to zero in on the shooter. >> we want to make sure folks feel safe driving down the highway. >> reporter: for "good morning america," alex perez, abc news, chicago. >> all right, now amy has the morning's other top stories starting with breaking news overseas. it's tragic unfortunately. hundreds of people are feared dead after two boats carrying refugees headed for europe sank off the coast of north africa. it is the latest stunning example of people from africa and the middle east fleeing violence doing whatever they can to reach europe seeking a better life. just yesterday, 71 mike grants were found dead crammed inside a truck in austria. three people have now been arrested in connection with alleged human trafficking. back here at home a college campus placed on lockdown after a student shot and killed at savannah state university. the shooting apparently follow some sort of argument. no arrests reported but the lockdown has been lifted. well, a major new ruling could make it easier for fast
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food workers to unionize and demand higher pay. in a ruling on thursday, the national labor relations board redefined the relationship between major companies like mcdonald's and the people who work at franchises or people working for some contractors. it could make them eligible for more benefits and give them more bargaining power. business groups say it will cost jobs. take a look at this new surveillance video showing the brutal attack on a bus driver. it happened in phoenix. a passenger starts hitting him causing a crash as two other people try to restrain that man. the passenger says he was on drugs and doesn't remember the attack. well, it wasn't an attack but an accident that had the world's fastest man running scared. whoa. you see there a cameraman fell on top of usain bolt. remarkably bolt laughed it off. he will join us live in our 8:30 half hour with more reaction. finally so many of us are trying to catch those lacerations of summer before it ends but who needs a beach or even a pool
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when you have a wind turbine? check this guy out. just trying to have a relaxing private sunbathe. 200 feet atop a wind turbine in rhode island when he's interrupted by one of those pesky drones. there is a report that while perched up there like a bird he flipped one off at the drone but later when he spotted the operator down below he went with a much friendlier hand gesture, a wave. reportedly he was napping and quite upset when that brrr -- you know how loud those things are. just trying to have his wind turbine to himself. >> either he really needs vitamin d or hates his co-workers. one or the other, no question about it. thank you. we move to an incredible survival story. a 13-year-old boy scout who saved his dad's life. the two were on a hiking trip in idaho when a boulder fell on the father. he was severely injured. his son cared for him for more than two days and abc's neal karlinsky tells us what happened next.
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>> the boulder had landed on me, i'd be dead for sure. >> reporter: it was a father and son end of summer adventure in a part of idaho with the ominous name river of no return wilderness when everything changed in an instant. >> i was hanging off a cliff and, yeah, i thought i was going to bleed out. >> reporter: a boulder the size of a refrigerator broke loose hitting 52-year-old david finlayson and sending him careening 30 feet down the mountain, knocking him unconscious, breaking his back, left arm and heel and gashing his leg through to the bone. >> it was definitely scary at first but then i just thought that i should stay calm and then make sure he was okay. >> reporter: for 2 1/2 days his 13-year-old son charlie, an experienced boy scout, took care of his dad by himself dressing his wounds, keeping him calm and hydrated but with the nearest ranger 13 miles away there was no way to get him out. desperate, his dad made the decision to send charlie for
7:18 am
help with this note explaining what happened and how to find him signed with a simple thank you for your help. >> also i was scared i wouldn't find anybody. >> reporter: this morning charlie says anyone else would have reacted the same way, but his proud father isn't so sure. >> obviously he saved my life. >> reporter: for "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news, seattle. >> such quick thinking there. >> yeah. now ginger and new pictures from some flooding. where is it, south dakota. >> you have to see niece. we're talking about a tropical storm. it looks like they have them but of course not.
7:19 am
flash flooding and all those >> we're in need of good news this friday morning. boy, do we have it.
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an abc news exclusive, one of the men who took down a terrorist on a packed train to paris of the getting a hero's welcome at home. he's here live and will share his story on "gma." "gma on the lookout." how all that texting and walking may be putting you in more
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but the stainmaster pet protect carpeting cushion system is designed to help prevent pet stains, reduce pet odor and easily release pet hair. so put pet protect in your home and let your pets be pets. you're getting 3 here. alright? here goes. yep. [ crunching ] oh! cheddar, sour cream & onion, and salt & vinegar. wow! wow! how did you do that?! i can see through the blindfold. good morning. friday, august 28th. breaking news in brooklyn. the hunt is on for the shooter that killed a man inside a brooklyn lounge. the mayhem breaking out at buddha lounge. the gunman walked in and started firing. three other people were shot and wounded.
7:25 am
a 4th victim hurt by glass. the person killed was the intended target. breaking news in yonkers. three people are hurt including a firefighter after flames burned through an apartment believe. the three-alarm fire started before 5 krohn 30 inside a building on ballentine lane. two people were hurt inside the 5th floor apartment where the fire started. the fire is under control. a homeless man is under arrest in the rape of a woman in brooklyn. police say kareem david is the man in the surveillance video. police say david attacked a 52- year-old woman last week are in a bedford-stuyvesant stairwell after threatening to shoot her. she lost two "many patients and their doctors unfortunately are not aware of the options available to patients with bone cancer. patients with bone cancer deserve a specialist too. "the advantages of being treated at cancer treatment centers of america is that we have
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all the specialists under one roof to take care of every aspect of that patients cancer care. we want our patients to survive their cancer but we also want them to maintain independence and quality of life is so important. four weeks and counting
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until pope francis celebrates mass at madison square garden. the neighborhood around the area is preparing. a mural is partly cloudy painted. his mass is scheduled for september 25th at 6:00 p.m. we check the commute with debbie duhaime. >> thank you, ken. i will tell you what is happening with the george washington bridge. 5 minutes in at the george washington bridge. now, the problem is on the cross bronx eastbound by jerome avenue an accident blocking two lanes. so, very tough ride there h. 684 southbound exit 6 in catana a crash. l.i.e. west at bagatelle an accident. let's go outside. vote yum on the l.i.e. west moving slowly into bagatelle road. alternate sides in effect. back to you, ken. >> debbie, thank you. meteorologist amy freeze nice for bill with the forecast. >> gorgeous, ken. absolutely beautiful. lots of sunshine. temperatures are easy to take, too.
7:28 am
in the afternoon, 82. 50s and 60s to start. a little cool. nice sea breeze through the sank never gets too hot. tomorrow we heat up, 86. a stretch of 90s the last few days of august. a sizzling start to september as well. ken? >> thank you, amy. that is the news for now. coming up next, exclusively on "good morning america," one of the men that risked it all to stop a train
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call 1-800-royal-caribbean or your travel agent today.
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good morning, america. and right now, tropical storm erika hitting the caribbean. powerful winds, torrential rain, battering the islands. at least four deaths are blamed on the storm, which is now on the move possibly towards florida. the former president george w. bush in new orleans today to mark the ten years since hurricane katrina. he'll be at the same high school where he marked the first anniversary. the former president then heads to gulfport, mississippi, to honor first responders. a brand-new trailer for the the internet. first shared on instagram has been like, oh, already 160 times. >> that makes me feel like a 7-year-old in a good way. >> is there a bad way? >> there may be a bad way but in this case it doesn't apply. >> dan harris getting a
7:31 am
jump-start to his weekend. there is a lot of excitement for the new "star wars" trailer trending everywhere. big, new clues in there and we have a lot more on that coming up. also this morning, a new warning about texting and walking. it could be more dangerous than you think. so many of us do this, wait until you see the experiment that our t.j. holmes right there is trying just ahead. robot's got 5 bucks that he takes a spill. nicely done. >> well done. >> somehow, lara, that's got you written all over it. >> i was recruited so -- >> we'll see how you do. >> carrying a glass of water. we'll begin with an abc news exclusive. we're very excited about this. an american hero right here in our studio this morning. alek skarlatos is one of the three americans who helped take down a terrorist on a french train last week. he just got back here to the u.s. we're going to talk to him. there he is in just a moment. but first a look at his welcome
7:32 am
home. a hero's homecoming stepping foot in america for the first time since his life-saving actions, his family in tears. the whole airport cheering for army national guard specialist alek skarlatos. new york city police officers lining up to salute him. this coming just one week after what was supposed to be a european vacation for three childhood friends. instead, the unimaginable, while on a train from amsterdam to paris, a man appeared armed with an ak-47. >> alek hit me on the shoulder and just said, let's go. ran down and tackled him. >> reporter: skarlatos along with spencer stone and college student anthony sadler becoming international icons receiving france's highest medal from the french president telling the trio they gave the world a lesson in courage well and hope and president obama reaching out to commend and congratulate them for their courage and quick
7:33 am
action. and it is an honor to welcome oregon army national guard specialist, give it up for alek skarlatos. [ cheers and applause ] get used to it. get used to it. >> thank you. i appreciate it. >> it truly is a privilege and i hope you feel all that has come your way. all across not just america but the world. how about that homecoming at newark airport yesterday. >> that was unreal. i was so grateful for everybody that showed up for that. it was just amazing. that many law enforcement officers showing up for that was just -- it meant a lot to me for sure. >> i know you're able to see your mother before you returned to the u.s. but it was the first time you got to see your dad and rest of your family. you're not really a hugging family but there were a lot of hugs there. >> there was, yeah. >> and what was the first thing you wanted to say them when you saw them? >> i mean, i just said it was nice to see them again, especially my older brother peter, it's been about a year
7:34 am
and a half since i've seen him. i haven't seen him since i got back from afghanistan so it was nice to see him. >> all the way around. how is your friend spencer? >> he's still stuck in ramstein but he is doing great in high spirits. yeah, he just couldn't be here today, unfortunately. >> go ahead, take a sip. >> is all this settling in? i know you said originally of course it was a nightmare when it was happening and now it's just surreal and a dream, the reaction from everyone all around the world, has it settled in a bit? >> absolutely not. >> no. >> no, i mean, like i said, i mean, even that night i thought they would just question us and put us on the next train to paris. i didn't think it would be this big at all. >> we see you and your friends receiving the highest honor from the french president. you know what president obama has said about you, as well, and it just seems like you are -- part of it is that you all are so humble.
7:35 am
you're not really wanting this type of attention at all. take us back, though. what was going through your mind when you first saw the guy on the train and the fact that he was armed? >> well, i mean i immediately recognized what was happening and i just thought there's just no way. there's no way this is happening right now. i just thought -- the odds but i mean really that's the only thought i had because i couldn't believe it was actually happening and then we just acted and i didn't have another conscious thought for the next two minutes. >> then we saw he was hog-tied there. was that a conductor's tie? i mean how did you all -- >> that was actually chris norman, the british guy, he was the one who did most of the tying up. he gathered up neckties from passengers and scarves and things like that and he was the one who did the tying job on him. that was really good. >> what was everyone doing when all this was happening? the response from everyone else on the train? >> well, everybody behind the
7:36 am
terrorist just ran back about two or three cars and then everybody in our train car either helped out in some way or just kind of sat there in shock. >> because you just -- you never think it's going to happen. >> oh, absolutely not. >> people want to know, is it because you're proud, you just got back from afghanistan, thank you for your service there and what you're doing with the national guard and people want to know, was it kind of like the military training kicking in too or just doing what you wanted -- had to do? >> honestly, like i said we didn't have a conscious thought for the whole first two minutes so it was pretty much a gut reaction just acting on adrenaline doing what we had to do to survive. training kind of kicked in after he was already down and spencer started providing medical care on mark shot through the neck and i grabbed the ak and looked through the other train cars in case there was anybody else. once we were able to think again that's when training kicked in but before that we were trying not to die. >> i know. that's what you said.
7:37 am
as simple as that and what goes along with it, the gratitude of everybody on the cover of "people" magazine and that's the one that you said -- i think we have a copy of that. have you seen it yet? it, yeah. that's again, also just unbelievable like -- >> how does that happen? >> exactly. i have no idea. >> so what do you do now? what happens now? >> i have no clue. i'm probably going to go back to germany, hang out with spencer. >> good. >> it's all up in the air at this point. i don't even know what i'm doing once i leave here, frankly. >> well, we know what we're going to do right now because as we said, the president of france honored you and you also met the belgium prime minister and there was something about chocolates that you had mentioned, sol belgian chocolates so we thought thought -- we thought it's the least that we could do, the best belgian chocolate and it's a word that's thrown around much too much, hero and i know you're very humble and your friends but thank you again for the service
7:38 am
you do for this country, what you did on that train and just about. >> next time it's happening i'm going to be too fat to do anything. >> i think you'll be just fine. thank you, and now to ginger with the weather. ginger. >> yes, so cool to have you, alek, thank you so much for being here. phoenix storms, 45 to >> and all that weather brought to you by sprint. look at this picture, cape coral, florida, two waterspouts at once. fortunately nobody hurt by that.
7:39 am
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[crowd cheering] a day of destiny. it is 7:43 and "gma" is on the lookout this morning. talking about the dangers of texting while walking. we have all done it and now new research finds a dramatic rise in the number of injuries caused by pedestrians on their phones. abc's t.j. holmes reports. >> reporter: watch as this guy walks smack dab into a wall while he's fixated on his cell phone. other than damaged pride, he walked away unharmed. but in a new study researchers estimate more than 1500 serious injuries from texting pedestrians or petextrians double since 2005. >> it is a huge problem. everybody is so addicted to
7:44 am
their technology. >> reporter: "gma on the lookout" hitting the streets to see it for ourselves and in no time we see plenty buried in their phones. my name is t.j. holmes. i'm with "good morning america." actually doing something, walking and texting. >> i think i have pretty good peripheral vision. car, though. >> okay, i'll give you that. >> reporter: you might think you've mastered the art of texting and walking. experts warn, think again. >> we can't make those split-second decisions if we're focused on our phones. >> reporter: francie said she fell. >> i stepped off the curb and twisted both of my ankles. >> reporter: luckily she was not hurt but on crutches for weeks. >> ever since i haven't texted and walked not once. >> reporter: stony brook university putting this obstacle course together to show how hard it is to concentrate on anything
7:45 am
else when you're on your phone. yardsticks while texting. simple enough. it took me nine seconds without distractions but it took me 16 text. but watch what happens when i go through it again but this time some thinking. >> you got to text what you had for dinner last night. >> i got nothing. i haven't texted anything. and then when i tried to pick up the pace. a simple test showing just how easy it is to be tripped up and better here than out there. i'm going to be so much more all right. here we go. lara, it's your turn. whatever you would do walking down a new york street and i'm going to ask you some questions, at the end so go right ahead. i'll ask you the question, ready. >> wait, then -- using my phone so -- >> put it out there. >> first tell me what you had
7:46 am
for dinner last night, go. >> lara. >> okay. >> can i have a do-over. >> no, we have to pick that back up. how about the last movie you saw? >> wait, i have to send that to you. >> you're supposed to keep walking. >> this is a quiz. hold on. what is the last movie i saw? i didn't see it but i'll just write a movie. >> our researchers here, now it's clear how she did necessarily but it gives you an idea how difficult it is to have time. >> that is typical just the whole walking thing for me so, thank you. as you can see, everybody, please don't text and walk. this has been a psa from "gma." back to you. >> texting and walking in 4-inch heels. >> yeah. >> true. >> she definitely stopped trying at some point. she was just kicking them. >> much more ahead this friday morning. why the new "star wars" trailer has a lot of fans buzzing this morning. come on back. d car. but i just keep putting it off. it's daunting.
7:47 am
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7:49 am
7:50 am
back now with "the speed feed" and a big surprise for "star wars" popping up on instagram thursday with no advance notice. a teaser, trailer, just ten seconds long for "the force awakens" sent the internet into overdrive and dan harris in a
7:51 am
time machine apparently. of course, "star wars" super fans breaking down precious seconds millisecond by millisecond. this is a big moment according to the faithful. do you agree, when the new character finn brandishes a lightsaber, what does it mean? >> is he i jedi? that's the question. >> we'll have to wait. >> yes, wait until december 18th to find out. the country star and personal news. "gma's" summer concert series by the makers of dr. scholl's. this one would keep me organized. i could list all the days i've been banned from social media. this one is so hd. you could see everything, even my strech marks. oh wait wait wait. this thing has built-in live broadcasting? what up youtube! introducing the samsung galaxy s6 edge+ and the note5. get $200 or more when you trade in any smart phone and buy a galaxy note5 or a galaxy s6 edge+. fall is in the air at lowe's... get your home ready with big labor day savings,
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this is home. good morning. friday, august 28th. i'm ken rosato. topping headlines, we are following developments in brooklyn. the hunt for a shooter who killed a man inside a lounge at buddha lounge. the gunman walked in and started to fire. three other people were shot and wounded. a 4th person was hurt by shattered glass. the person killed was the intended target. a developing story in new jersey. police are looking for the driver who flipped an s.u.v. being clayed by police. that s.u.v. slammed into a tree about 3:30 this morning near anderson in fort lee. the s.u.v.
7:57 am
erupted into flames but no one was hurt. the suspect took off. it's not clear why police originally tried to pull that driver over. we check the commute. here is debbie duhaime. >> thanks a lot, ken. from fort lee to the george washington bridge, 90 minutes into town because of the earlier problem on the cross bronx. lincoln 25. holland ten. inbound george 90 minutes. avoid that if you can. watch for delays at the brooklyn bridge outbound with an accident being cleared. outside a look at the l.i.e. westbound, bumper to bumper into deer park avenue with an accident being cleared. alternate side in effect. back to you, ken. >> debbie, thank you. meteorologist amy freeze is in for bill with the forecast. >> what a day it's turning out to be. lots of sunshine. temperatures are easy to take. we will go through the sank going low 80s. that is typical for this time of year. planning out the day, by lunch 82 degrees. then we warm things up. clear night 68. back to the middle 80s and
7:58 am
muggy. gets hotter over the weekend. sunday a high of 90. >> thank you, amy.
7:59 am
8:00 am
america" ronda good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and day care nightmare. >> had somebody not spoke up and the worst was to happen -- >> were infants being drugged at this oklahoma day care. police investigating after claims employees were giving benadryl to babies just to get them to sleep. story of my life dress code showdown. high school students standing up for dressing down. right as they head back to school. the push now for a major protest over the policy being called out for body shaming. if i can turn back time is your job giving you an office bod? so many people stuck at their desks all day. what it's doing to your body and the simple ways to turn back time starting this morning. this is my fight song and ronda rousey, fierce in the ring.
8:01 am
but fighting a lifelong struggle. how this little girl helped her and ronda's surprise caught on camera as we say -- >> good morning, america. >> would you look at that great crowd that -- no, you don't need to zoom in. >> oh, yes, zoom in. zoom in. take the shot. take the shot. >> wow. >> that is robin roberts circa what year? >> 1990. >> billy ray cyrus fan. >> business in front, party in back. that was awesome. >> happy friday. good to have dan harris with us. >> happiest friday i've had in memory thanks to those people. >> we'll move on right now. >> nope. >> a great story to end our fertility series. a country star and his wife opening up about their very personal struggle to start a family. they were told they had a 1% chance of conceiving. the common condition she was battling and what got them through it.
8:02 am
we'll show you that. >> such a common problem. it's a nice story for a friday morning. we start with amy and a look at the morning rundown? that's right. the big story this morning, tropical storm erika slamming puerto rico and parts of the caribbean with florida in its sights. the storm has claimed at least four lives on the island of dominica. but more than a dozen people are missing. at least 15 inches of rain have triggered mudslide washing away cars. 80% of the island lost power. erika could become the first hurricane to hit florida in nearly a decade. ginger's forecast is coming up in just a bit. in the meantime, hundreds of people are feared dead after two boats filled with refugees trying to reach europe sank off the coast of libya. the u.n. says more than 300,000 people have tried to cross the mediterranean sea this year fleeing the violence in africa in search of a better life and it's not just a problem at sea, thousands of refugees from syria are trying to enter europe, as well. more than 70 migrants were found dead on thursday crammed inside
8:03 am
a truck in austria. back here at home a disturbing story out of oklahoma. workers at a day care are accused of drugging children so they would fall asleep. abc's reena ninan has those details. >> reporter: this morning, this oklahoma day care shut down. its owner and staff accused of giving infants benadryl to make them go to sleep. parents outraged. >> my heart sunk. >> reporter: leslie said her 6-month-old could barely keep his eyes open after getting home from sue's day care. >> had nobody not spoke up and the worst was to happen what she was doing was messing with our lives. had something happened it would have changed everybody's life forever. >> reporter: at least seven children were allegedly drugged. the day care owner has been in business more than 20 years. police say they were tipped off by a former employee, now more staff members are coming forward. >> they'd come and confess what was going on in the day care and that all stated that they were
8:04 am
ordered to give this by the owner. >> reporter: doctors say benadryl can cause small children to stop breathing. fortunately in this case none of the children suffered any serious injury. now it's up to prosecutors to decide what charges to file. for "good morning america," reena ninan, abc news, new york. >> oh, frightening story. glad everyone is okay. reena, thank you. new video this morning as hawaii's kilauea volcano erupts. the new lava flow streaming three miles from a housing complex but officials say there is plenty of woods in between so right now no homes are threatened. and finally, a marriage proposal sealed with a kiss and a rose. take a look at morgan. okay, not a seal but he's a friendly sea lion close enough in england asked to join a man's marriage proposal. aidan said his girlfriend fell in love with morgan while visiting a wildlife park and asked if morgan could join in on special moment. morgan carried the rose and a
8:05 am
special note proposing marriage. his girlfriend said yes and she was a little more than surprised. look at that engagement photo. all three very happy together. >> owe how will they work it out when he's the ring bearer? >> they don't know if he can make the marriage so the engagement will have to do. >> very sweet story. a lot more ahead on "gma." that big dress code showdown. teens fighting their school's policy saying the rues are body shaming. so many people talking about this video right now. usain bolt, the fastest man on earth taken down by a guy on a segway. he's going to be telling us all about it exclusively on "gma" very soon. keep it here. get up girl, show me what you can do. shake it, shake it baby, come on now. shake it, shake it baby, oohh oohh. shake it, shake it, shake it, oohh. a-b-c, it's easy as 1-2-3 as simple as do-re-me, a-b-c, 1-2-3, baby you and me, yeah. a-b-c, it's easy, it's like counting up to three.
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here's what's coming up on your "gma morning menu." an abc news exclusive. a lade antebellum star and his wife sharing their secret struggle to have a baby and opening up only here on "gma." are you suffering from an office bod? so many stuck behind the desks all day. what you can do about it right now and the one and only celine dion, emotional return to stage. we're going backstage and behind the scenes for all of that. all of that and an amazing crowd minute. that's you. "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by nexium 24 hour. available without a prescription. imagine - she won't have to remember passwords. or obsess about security. she'll log in with her smile. he'll have his very own personal assistant. and this guy won't just surf the web. he'll touch it. scribble on it. and share it. because these kids will grow up with windows 10.
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the new fall collection. white house black market this is my fight song welcome back. time for our "gma heat index" and this morning's hot button, that student standing up to her high school's new dress code. the principal says the policy is about preparing girls to be successful in the workforce
8:11 am
after graduation. she says it's all about body shaming. teenage girls. abc's linsey davis has the story. >> reporter: while most kids are planning for the first day of school this morning emily connelly is busy planning a protest. the 16-year-old speaking out against her high school's new dress code. >> my friends and i didn't agree with it at all. we want to just kind of go to school and sit there for eight hours in a t-shirt and leggings or yoga pants then i feel like we should have that option. >> reporter: cape cod technical high school ruling spandex, tights and yoga pants must be worn with shorts or a skirt stressing the popular bottoms respect completely banned but now considered an accessory. the school's superintendent saying the policy revision is to give students soft skills employers seek including an awareness of appropriate dress for appropriate venues but she argues it is unfairly body shaming female students. >> many of us think that it is
8:12 am
because it's considered more of a distraction to boys. >> reporter: the teen turning to social media encouraging her felony classmates to wear yoga pants and leggings on the first day of school writing they shouldn't have to pay because some boys can't control themselves. this just the latest case of teens protesting school policies. earlier this year connecticut students started a petition after a classmate was banned from prom for what the school considered a dress that showed too much skin. as for emily she is hoping she and her fellow students can help reverse their school's new rule one pair of leggings at a time. for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> thank you, linsey. joined by parenting expert ericka souter. in one corner we have the school, the school is saying, hey, dress for success. the students, the girls are saying it's all about body shaming. your take gentleman. >> a lot of girls have said that. they feel the policies themselves put more pressure on
8:13 am
them and actually sexualize them more than the actual clothing does and they think it's unfair but on the other side of that we hear a lot of parent, a lot of readers saying they have an ally and like that there are boundaries and the school is working with them to help teach their kids how to dress appropriately. >> what mr. this argument some girls are making that the school is doing this because these outfits are distracting to the boys. >> they're also saying they're doing it purely for comfort. i'm not sure if i ever equated tight with being comfortable but yoga pants are always comfortable and parents will tell you teens also want to be cute and trendy but on the other side of that if the reason the school has imposed a policy because boys are distracted that's not okay. boys have to learn to think about women differently. i'm a mother of a boy and a lot of parents have told us it's a teachable moment being lost here. no matter what the sex of your child you have to teach them to respect themselves and respect other people. >> and to focus on the work. the principal says this has
8:14 am
nothing to do with gender but learning how to dress for success. do you think he has a point. >> very good point. people -- what gets lost high school isn't just about fun but preparing them for young adulthood and learning what they should wear is an important part. going to interviews. you can't yoga pants or casual clothing. you have to dress for success. >> i know what it's like in my house but ask you what part do you think parents should play? >> there are a few things they can do. you're the boss so raid their closet. you can tell them what you think is appropriate or not. this is an old school one but the bend over rule. if your kid knows that they bend over and showing too much then they shouldn't wear it. old school but works. it works. and lastly for the parents loosen up a little bit. trends do change and evolve. you know, work with your kids. let them express themselves through fashion but give them boundaries and lips. >> some for the boys too, they have to pull up the pants. >> don't show your underwear. >> it goes both ways. >> thank you very, very much.
8:15 am
we'll move on to our series called "baby boom" and exciting time for lady antebellum singer charles kelly. he and his wife cassie are expecting their first child but it did not come easy for the couple. abc's juju chang spoke with the mom-to-be about her frustrating to get pregnant. good morning to you, juju. >> reporter: that's the happy ending but you know we often think of infertility as an older woman problem but younger women like cassie can have heartbreaking trouble getting pregnant often suffering from more than one baffling issue. they've taken the music industry by storm, the chart topping trio, lady antebellum. and for member charles kelly another reason to sing. he and his wife cassie announcing after six years of marriage they're expecting a baby. >> we're almost four months and i'm due in february and we just found out that we're having a boy so which, gosh, i get choked up just thinking about it.
8:16 am
we're thankful. we're so blessed isn't a strong enough word and up against some incredible odds and it still happened. >> reporter: cassie describing those heartbreaking odds during a two-year struggle to conceive in a post on her lifestyle brand's website womanista. >> when you're young and healthy and red di to start a family you just don't envision that there will be any problem doing that. >> reporter: instead they endured months of negative pregnancy tests and sought out a fertility specialist last november. >> from that we learned that my body doesn't ovulate regularly which is problem number one. and then also i had a blockage in my left fallopian tube which also happened to be connected to my dominant ovary. our doctor told us we had a 1% chance of conceiving a child naturally without doing ivf. >> reporter: because cassie suffers from inovulation where
8:17 am
she doesn't produce an egg every month. >> she had more than one problem and typically they ovulate on every other side. she had six times to get pregnant rather than 12. >> reporter: about 6 million in the u.s. struggle with infertility. >> the plan was to start ivf. >> reporter: but then a miracle. >> to our surprise and incredible excitement, i got pregnant in may and then found out that we were expecting in june. >> i think the most important thing to take away from cassie's story is that hope is always alive for a lot of women we get pleasantly surprised and a lot of women are successful if they continue to strive to get pregnant to pursue treatment. >> and cassie says it was often people who thought they were being helpful who added to the pain of her infertility with comments like, oh, you just need to relax or maybe take a
8:18 am
vacation together and cassie says, you go know, we all need to be careful with our friendly advice. >> very easy to say the wrong thing. >> thank you so much, juju. we're so happy for that. >> congratulations to them. >> time now to yahoo! your day. do you feel like you're stuck in the office all day eating and working and then eating again and then not working out? you could be getting what some are calling an office bod. >> ew. >> sara haines explains. yahoo >> eat up. >> reporter: "the office," the place where the food demons come out to play. so much snacking and take-out not to mention poor posture and weight gain that come from sitting at a desk all day. if this sounds like you, then you're probably like so many of us suffering from a retched case of office bod. >> you get that poochy stomach. your behind is kind of flat. you're hunched over. it's just what happens after sitting for hours at a time. >> reporter: yahoo! senior
8:19 am
writer sara bliss coined it office bod when she realized working at a computer all day was doing her physique problems. i. >> got into my bathing suit and thought, wow, my body is different. >> reporter: you can combat it with simple exercises at the gym so sent some of our own "gma" office bods to crunch fitness. a must do, planks. >> tuck your butt under. >> reporter: for that tummy, single leg toe touches. >> our bodies were meant to move and we were meant to be active. >> reporter: and nutritionists say if you're going to office munch, keep it healthy. >> bring from home, popcorn, nut, fresh vegetables, things that are tasty but don't pack a punch. >> reporter: finally sara says take a stand. >> i feel stronger being at a standing desk. >> reporter: she's rallied the support of her co-workers for motor vegas. >> we're trying to move more
8:20 am
cupcakes. >> amy, i'm glad they have a term for it, office bod. we can all relate to sitting hunched over at a desk. >> at least some of your office work takes you out. >> i'm lucky in that way. >> let's share some of the secrets now. we have fitness manager from crunch fitness anita golden with moves she calls office bod busters and, sara, you're going to demonstrate. >> i'm taking one for the team. >> first of all how many come in to you and say i can't find time to exercise because i'm in the office all day. >> everyone says that. there's a lot going on, 12 plus hour days so very common. we hear it all the time. >> you have the solution. >> sure, yes, i do. >> all right. so what kind of body does it work on, anybody? >> anybody can do these moves. do them at home if you don't have time to get to the gym or step away from your desk and do them. >> some of the moves. >> the push-up and then the mountain climber. get down into the push-up position. hands are going to be close to
8:21 am
your chest and you're going to pull your elbows back and go down into a push-up. there you go and back up and then you'll do a mountain climber. >> one, two, three, four. push-up. one, two, three four. >> how many of these do you do? >> you can do at least ten of those and keep it going. >> so you can take up the intensity with the mountain climber if you like. >> that's your upper body. you also have something for your lower body. >> we have a lunge into a jumping lunge so step back into a lunge, keep your body upright and go back and lunge to the other side and then you're going to jump so jump. there you go. >> all right. you're getting the hang of it. >> how many of those should you do? >> at least ten. >> do this every day it should take 10 minutes, 15 minutes. >> yeah. >> and you've buffed the office bod that way. >> absolutely. >> thank you, anita. for the top ten -- thank you, sara, by the way.
8:22 am
for the top seven office bod-busting moves head to our website at on yahoo! ginger, where are you? >> i'm right over here. i'm in awe of the office bod
8:23 am
busting. >> we have groups of sisters on both sides. look at their matching outfits. let's do some "pop news." >> we begin with a little bit of music. chaka khan >> this reminds me of that era when robin had a mullet. >> i own it, baby. >> chaka khan is ready to rock you making a big announcement, take a look. >> hi, i'm chaka khan and i want you to look out for me this season on "dancing with the stars." >> that's right. the '80s pop superstar heading to the ballroom for "dwts" i hope the judges feel for her on the dance floor.
8:24 am
we know she'll be competing alongside bindi irwin, hayes greer, victor espinoza and the rest of the cast will be revealed right here on "gma." i know. i just want to -- but you know what, you thought that was good, listen to this. mamma mia >> a musical rendition. here i go again. if you're a fan of abba you may want to take a chance and bid on this. the grand piano they used to record hits like "dancing queen," "sos," "knowing me knowing you" is up for auction at szott by's but it will cost you some money, money, money, in the range of 1.2$1.2 million. the piano, though, does come with a certificate. it better, by the way of awe meantification from co-founder who says it's one of a kind.
8:25 am
the auction is september 29th. that's when the winner takes it all. thanks very much. >> i lost count how many times i've seen "mamma mia" on broadway. >> and the movie version with meryl streep. you can't not smile. also you can't smile when you look at phyllo, the cat, just given a brand-new cat toy from his owner. in classic cat fashion he seems to think the little door is beneath him so instead he uses the big door like a proper cat should and you know the saying, when one door close, another opens. and then really quick, this is marvin. this is a mar met. yeah, he feels like we do. fired up. screaming about the fact that it's friday and that is "pop news," everybody. >> sounds like the one direction fans too. >> high pitch. music and animals, perfect "pop news." >> i know, it's like a beautiful recipe. >> i know, way to end the week. thank you, lara.
8:26 am
coming up, celine dion's triumphant return after taking time off to care for her beloved husband. we are backstage and behind the scenes for it all, deborah roberts will bring us that. and the season's changing, so is your wardrobe. how you can make those summer staples work this fall. that's just ahead.
8:27 am
come on back. good morning. 8:27 friday, august 28th. i'm shirleen allicot. topping headlines at this hour, we are following developments in brooklyn. the hunt is on for the shooter lounge. the mayhem broke out before 3:00 this morning at buddha lounge in prospect lefferts gardens. police say the gunman opened fire and started firing. three others were shot and wounded. a fourth person was injured by glass. the person killed was the intended target. nick mangold has a new position, crime stopper. police in chatham, new jersey, say he helped them nab five would be car thieves. they were apparently trying to steal his car from his home sunday morning.
8:28 am
he heard the car alarm go off and noticed the garage door open. he called 911 and police caught up with the suspects. when we come let's get a check on the commute with debbie duhaime. >> first metro north on the hudson line, 15-minute delay with police department activity in tarrytown.
8:29 am
l.i.r.r., new jersey transit on or close. holland about 10. watch for volume on the cross bronx expressway at webster accident being cleared. new england thruway north 18-b up to may har ron -- may march ron near to watch for. let's show you 80-95 up to the george washington bridge bumper to bumper on the right side of your screen. alternate side in effect. back to you, shirleen. >> thank you. now for the accuweather forecast. >> hi, amy. >> shirleen, beautiful out there. great looking skies. lots of sunshine. temperatures have gone from cool, overnight lows in the 40s and 50s to the upper 50s. we have 60s on the island. in the boroughs mid-50s. radar and satellite keeping storms away for the weekend. showers off the shore of cape hatteras. 82 with low humidity today. tomorrow the muggies are back, 86. in the accuweather forecast seven-day forecast, 90s through early next week. shirleen.
8:30 am
>> amy, thank you. that's the news for now. go big or go home, guys. this is the video many are talking about. oh. >> look at this. >> the world's fastest man gets taken down by a segway, what's up with that, dan? >> it's trending everywhere right now. he successfully defended his title but as we see a dude on a segway collided with him. the gold medalist usain bolt joining us on the phone exclusively. sir, good morning. let me first ask you, did you know as you were taking your victory lap there was a man stalking you with a camera on a segway. >> yes, i was aware. he was doing that in the 100-meter also. >> ooh. >> now, we're watching the collision. you popped right back up afterwards. were you okay?
8:31 am
>> yeah. i felt -- there was pain a little bit on my leg, little bit sore but i'm okay. >> you're very talented. are you thinking of gymnastics as well because that backflip, that was very graceful. >> you got to be multitalented. >> yes. >> and you are. >> you could be a stuntman in hollywood. you have publicly said perhaps it was one of your rivals who paid this guy to do this to you. i assume that was in jest. >> i told them i was going to start that rumor. paid off. >> leave it to us to add fuel to that rumor. finally, you reunited with the cameraman and shook his hand after the crash. what did he say? was he embarrassed? >> yeah, yeah, he was. sorry. he was sorry. accidents happen. >> yeah, i know. >> such a gentleman. >> congratulations to you on
8:32 am
your victory and for your resiliency, we admire you on many levels. >> yes, and your perfect form. >> thank you very much. >> he's now going to crusade for legislation to disallow people on segways from carrying cameras. >> once again -- >> i'm just making it up. >> just making it up all the time. we did a piece about sarcasm and being successful. you have mastered it. >> thank you. celine dion, have you heard about this, guys, she is back. of course, the superstar singer making her emotional return to the stage in las vegas last night. she took a year off to care for her beloved husband. she has a brand-new show, deborah roberts, oh, you. >> robin. >> good to see you. >> good to see you too. what a night for celine and her fans. she feared she might not be able to get the first notes out because she would be too emotional but her notes and voice did not fail her taking
8:33 am
her spot back in the spotlight. that heart-stopping voice alive again. celine dion back for the first time in more than a year. >> let's do it. >> reporter: "gma" getting an exclusive sneak peek behind the scenes just moments before she hit the stage. i know you can feel it too >> celine's performance dripping with emotion, a night she's dreamt of for months talking to the press right before the las vegas community that's become her home away from home. >> i have to say that i think they know why i have been gone and what i appreciate even more is never for one second they have doubted me for taking that time and that is grand. >> reporter: recently her legendary ballads taking a backseat. celine caring for her 73-year-old husband and father to their knee children battling
8:34 am
throat cancer again. celine shared with me this past spring how rene insisted she keep performing despite the heartbreaking news. how do you do that? >> sometimes and i think i'm used to it don't feel what you need to feel. just do it. >> go on stage. >> i did. >> because you're a showbiz veteran. >> and i love him and i did and it was very hard. i realize that i couldn't -- >> your heart was someplace else. >> oh, come on. i mean, the fans, they know that i'm an open book. i sing -- that's the only thing i know. >> you did so much of this yourself. >> i do this myself. and so i feed my husband and i feed my kids and unfortunately i had to say, listen, i can't be
8:35 am
half here and half over there. please, allow me to stay home. >> reporter: but now she's back. celine and rene offering us a tour of that famous stage just months ago. >> this is where i'll stand right here. >> reporter: and though rene was unable to be in the audience celine sending him a message. >> we love you. promise me something, just enjoy. >> reporter: his wife of more than 20 years proving once again their love and the show will go on. >> the songs are having a meaning now. i've been singing them for so long but now i mean it. the words will become alive more than ever before. [ cheers and applause ] >> more than ever before. no surprise celine's show sold out. all 4,298 seats filled with emotional fan, later she tweeted out "this is not a comeback. this is a new beginning." oh, robin, she grabbed you so much. we were supposed to be there. >> i know.
8:36 am
we could still get there. i think she'll be there for quite a while. what a lovely couple and the way that she put some things on hold. >> exactly. >> but also how he wants her back where she blocks and that's the biggest testament to love. >> okay. let's get our tickets and go. have a good weekend. out to lara now. >> of course, summer is winding down, but you may not be ready to put away that warm weather wardrobe just yet so sara haines has great tips on how to take your favorite summer styles and refashion them for fall. >> reporter: fall may be right around the corner, but guess what, that doesn't mean you need to put away your warm weather wardrobe. >> up ser is coming to an end. >> yes. >> do very to get rid of everything. >> no, not at all. it's about layering on some newness and taking the items you love for summer and making them your own for fall.
8:37 am
>> reporter: i stop by gywnnie bee, a rental service. sad to put that summer favorite dress to the back of the closet, don't think about it. >> take that great dress and pair it with this black blazer with a little zipper detail and wear it to the office paired with a great strappy heel. >> you can tell with that black it totally changes the look. what about trendy floral printed blouse with a summery jean skirt you wore all summer and now it can look fab in the fall with just a few minor changes. i love this printed shirt. >> here your favorite summer blouse with jewel tone, whether it's a great skirt like this or a pair of pants, instantly it becomes fall. >> reporter: finally a tunic or mini dress can easily carry itself into fall. what did you do with this look. >> with eva we took the white denim a summer staple and traded it in for a great pair of denim
8:38 am
that has a wax finish in black. also a great gold detail and basically accessorized her with great jewelry and also a new version of a sandal for fall. >> you can keep your toes out during the fall. >> absolutely. >> reporter: as we head into fall be sure to savor the last of summer with your favorite warm weather wears. now not only does this mean you can keep your favorite summer staples around a lot longer it's also great news for women on a budget with just a few tweaks you have a brand-new look for fall. >> those are great tip, thank you, sara haines. >> i needed that help from someone that was an expert? we can all use it. to our girl, ginger, where are you? >> i'm a little chilly so i thought i'd wrap up in '90s
8:39 am
by windows, the great food truck now, we've got it right behind us. it smells so good. it is back for a sixth season and this time they are battling it out across historic route 66. we have adam di silvestro of new york's own diso's italian society. you've been serving this up all morning. welcome. >> thank you. >> i'll tell you right now you did the right thing bringing food. you have the big pauly, joey
8:40 am
shakes, vinny chins. >> we were doing like a society thing so i figured what better way to name sandwiches after the guys who actually were in some type of society and people get a kick out of it every time they order, you know, they call it by the mobster nicknames. you have little ladies saying, can i have a lefty louis or something like that. it's a kick. >> this is not just one idea. this is a family tradition. so how long have you been part of the business? >> so i've been doing the truck for 2 1/2 years now and my grandfather immigrated to the lower east side from sicily and dabbled in italian meats and cheeses and it skipped a generation or two then it came to me and i guess it was still in the blood so -- >> it smells like -- >> we want you to try one. i want you to try this >> that's a chicken too. pregnant so -- you can catch adam and the rest of the competitors on "the great food truck race" sunday nights on the food network. >> save me a lefty louis. first i need to tell you what's coming up on "gma."
8:41 am
you have to see superstar ronda rousey revealing how one little girl changed her life. their shared struggle and the way she is saying thank you this morning.
8:42 am
8:43 am
[ cheers and applause ] is there someone in your town who goes above and beyond, a parent, a teacher, a neighbor. anyone in your dmraupts who helps and inspires others? if the answer is yes go to on yahoo! and let us know and we could
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help your whole town come out to thank them in a really big epic way live. this is going to be so good. "gma's" going above and beyond. well, now to a great story about a little girl changing the life of a big-time fighter. you wouldn't know it by seeing her now but ronda rousey had a speech disorder when she was little but it wasn't until she recently met a mother and her young daughter that she finally knew what caused her problem. ronda rousey's one of the fiercest fighters in the ufc. >> wow. >> reporter: and laura smith is a speech language pathologist and mother to this vibrant 5-year-old girl and while their worlds may seem far apart they share a unique connection. >> she's adorable. >> reporter: the three met this past spring at a denver book signing for her best-sealing auto guyography and on a mission to see whether it was the same
8:45 am
as her daughter's. >> i read probably everything she's ever said about her speech impediment and the more i read, the more i was like, that was apraxia. this was apraxia. >> reporter: childhood apraxia of speech, a motor speech disorder where the brain has problems coordinating with the body parts, lip, jaw and tongue needed for speech and can be overcome with frequent and intense therapy. >> at first i was tested for deafness. thought my pronunciation was off because i was hearing things differently. i had them perfectly aarranged in my head but when they came out it sounded different. like there was a divide between my brain and mouth. >> reporter: veal she was diagnosed as having some sort of speech impediment and underwent speech therapy but even then, no one knew it was specifically apraxia. >> i threw the brochure and the bodyguards came in to get it. she picks it up. i said, if you did have it will you say it in your interview because it means so much for the kids who have it.
8:46 am
>> i read through the whole thing and i was like, oh, my god, this is all exactly what it was. i didn't know it actually apraxia until that moment so she really taught me a lot about myself that day and, yeah, i can't thank her enough for it. >> reporter: and so -- >> no way. >> yes. >> i, my gosh. >> she sent a very special surprise. >> hi, laura and ashlyn. i want to say i'm so happy everything you're doing to help awareness of apraxia. you definitely raised awareness in me and, yeah, i just wish you all the best and i know our paths will cross again someday at some point so i can't wait to see you again? how cool is that? who is that? >> that's ronda rousey. >> that smile says it all. coming up next, a very special performance from one direction.
8:47 am
stay with us. welcome to a free online resource for parents of kids with learning and attention issues... with personalized recommendations, tools, and expert advice.
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8:49 am
so i'll do most of the talking here because amy is still digesting a giant rice ball she ate from the truck. >> it was really good. i know you're jealous. >> carb-tastic. so great having one direction here a couple of weeks ago. thousands of people packing into central park to see them. >> and we just couldn't get enough, could we, dan, so we saved one of their performances for this morning. here is one direction with "no control." >> one, two, three, four. stained coffee cup just a fingerprint of lipstick's not enough whoa sweet where you lay
8:50 am
just a trace of innocence on pillow case >> everybody, go crazy, here we go, one, two, three, four. waking up beside you i'm a loaded gun i can't contain this anymore i'm all yours i got no control >> sing. no control powerless and i don't care it's obvious i just can't get enough of you the pedal's down my eyes are closed no control oh taste on my tongue i don't wanna wash away the night before in the heat where you lay
8:51 am
i could stay right here and burn in it all day waking up beside you i'm a loaded gun i can't contain this anymore i'm all yours i got no control no control powerless and i don't care it's obvious i just can't get enough of you the pedal's down my eyes are closed no control i'm defenseless her perfume's holding me ransom sweet and sour heart devoured lying here i count the hours >> yeah, sing it. waking up beside you i'm a loaded i can't contain this anymore i'm all yours i got no control >> sing it.
8:52 am
no control powerless and i don't care it's obvious i just can't get enough of you the pedal's down my eyes are closed no control [ cheers and applause ] oh oh oh oh oh objection no control no control oh oh powerless and i don't care it's obvious i just can't get enough of you the pedal's down my eyes are closed no control [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. >> thank you. "gma's" summer concert series is presented by the
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a party in the park with florida georgia line and they know how to party. next friday on -- >> both: "good morning america." >> present the by the makers of dr. scholl's. >> thanks to diso's food truck. amy still has a little bit of rice. >> i'm going back in line for seconds. >> we have a programming note.
8:56 am
tune in to the fascinating documentary series "save my life" this sunday at 10:00 p.m. eastern here on abc. good morning. friday, august 28th. i'm shirleen allicot. topping headlines at this hour, new this morning, a homeless
8:57 am
man has been arrest for the rape of a woman in brooklyn. police say 28-year-old kareem david is the man in this surveillance video. he is charged with rape and assault. detectives say he attacked a woman last week in a stairwell after threatening to shoot her. the woman lost two teeth during the attack when she bit the suspect on the hand. we are following developments in yonkers. three people are hurt including a firefighter after flames burned through an apartment building. the three-alarm fire started before 5:30 inside the building on valentine lane. two people were hurt inside the apartment where the fire started. the fire is under control. let's get a check on the commute with debbie duhaime. >> thanks a lot, shirleen. on the subways, uptown delays on the 4 train and on the 5. some 5 on the 2 from 149th street. police department activity on the 5. debris on the tracks. l.i.r.r., metro north, new
8:58 am
jersey transit on time. keep in mind heading to the george, still 90 minutes. back to you, shirleen. >> debbie, thank you. >> here is amy freeze with the forecast. >> beautiful day out there. you will love the forecast in front of you. temperatures will go from really comfortable numbers are which are in the 60s to the low 80s. a light sea breeze later this afternoon and clouds remain few and far between. up to 72 in newark. this pattern does hold for the second half of the weekend. we get hotter. 86 tomorrow. then 90 by sunday. more humid. that forecast takes us through early next week. the accuweather seven-day forecast is available any time online. shirleen. >> sounds good. ment thank you, amy. >> that is the news for now. "live with kelly and michael" is up next ava and i needed a little vacay. but we needed to watch our spending. meaning i needed to watch nikki.
8:59 am
she's the spender. i'm the saver. so, mobile banking from td bank helps me keep track... for both of us. she was just browsing... we gotta go. i'm ava.


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