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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  September 1, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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baker, he heard the alarm, smelled smoke and started pounding on her door. >> all of a sudden the alarm went off in the hall. i went out and there was smoke so i went to her door and pounded on it and called her name and then i opened the door and there were flames in the kitchen and the living room and i -- smoke everywhere. i couldn't go in, so i closed the door and got my family out of the building and we told what was going on, within two minutes they were here and they carried her out. >> reporter: the woman was rushed to nearby mt. sinai roosevelt hospital. her condition last we checked is serious. we are not far to the entrance from the lincoln tunnel, we are about a block north. thankfully the fire department moving out, traffic has not impacted the evening rush at all. i'm joe torres, channel 7 eyewitness news. now an eyewitness news exclusive, an mta bus driver who accidentally killed a pedestrian speak out today after the de blasio administration makes changes about arrests under the right- of-way law.
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>> at least half a dozen new york city bus drivers have been arrested after accidents under that law, even though the union says there was no proof they did anything wrong. >> eyewitness news reporter lucy yang in east flatbush with her exclusive interview and with the driver in our lead story. >> reporter: well, bill and liz, it was a big victory today for mta drivers who sued the city over vision zero, they complained they were being automatically arrested for pedestrian accidents before fault was even established. i spoke exclusively to one driver who says his career is now ruined. 58-year-old reginald prescot drove a new york city transit bus for eight years, eight years without a blemish until last december. he came in on his day off to help and while making a turn to the next bus stop here at east flatbush, we are told the pedestrian was fatally struck. >> i was never arrested before in my life and i was arrested in front of my family. >> reporter: he was handcuffed and humiliated at the hospital,
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but going forward an automatic arrest will not be the case anymore. the city and transport union on monday agreed to a settlement, giving drivers the benefit of innocence until culpability is established at an accident scene. >> it was absolute common sense to us from the very start that a bus operator who engaged in no negligence should not be arrested. >> reporter: mayor de blasio issued this reaction, quote, protecting new yorkers is our top priority. ever since the mayor's vision zero went into effect last summer, the union reports half a dozen bus drivers have been automatically arrested at accident scenes. in prescot's case it was a dark and rainy night. we are told he was driving over 3 miles an hour through the intersection. he used to love operating a city bus, not anymore. the accident and arrest continued to haunt him -- continue to haunt him. >> i wouldn't want to see anyone go through what i went there. >> he's operating a bus with blind spots going 3 miles an hour, accidents happened and
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yet he was criminalized and arrested. >> reporter: the union says the settlement is actually a victory for all drivers because the same rule now applies to even civilian drivers involved in a pedestrian accident. no more automatic arrest. as for prescott, the mta told us he has now been demoted to cleaner because of this accident. they determined it was a preventable. the union says that is standard mta procedure in a fate al accident -- fatal accident. >> thank you, another rough day for investors on wall street. another big sell-off after new signs of weaknesses in china's economy. the dow plunging more than 469 points, that's a one day loss of nearly 3%, the first of the -- worst first of the month stock performance in six years. the nasdaq down 140, the s&p falling 58 and change. chaos in the streets of newark today when six carjacking suspects went on a two-hour crime spree that was followed by a police chase. cops say the men stole a silver
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jaguar from a woman in the vailsburg section, happened about 6:40 this morning, then used that car to commit robberies and shootings. when officers caught up to them, the suspects got out of the car. one of them was hit and killed by a police car. two others barricaded themselves in a house but later surrendered. also in new jersey, no charges have been filed tonight against a 50-year-old driver who hit a woman while she pushed her kids in extraordinarily. it happened on route 9 in lakewood last night. police say a town car slopped into -- slammed into a mother, a 27-year-old as she crossed the street with her children. kids ages 1 and 4 seriously hurt. their mother now in stable condition. a rally is underway right now against the iran nuclear deal. opponents holding it outside senator kristen gillibrand's office. dave evans is at the rally right now with much more. >> reporter: as you know, this rally here that began at about 5:30 in midtown, it is a good example of how badly this issue what split the new york
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congressional delegation. for example, senator schumer, he has said that he will be voting against the iran nuclear agreement and senator gillibrand whose office we are in front of right now, she says she will be voting for it. >> on the verge of surrender. >> reporter: late today a rally denouncing the iran nuclear agreement that the president has lobbied so hard for this summer. he's argued it's the only viable option to keep iran from developing a nuclear arsenal. today two more senators sided with obama giving him almost enough votes now in the senate, just one shy to prevent a veto override. that is terribly disappointing news to this crowd. >> the game is not over until the fat lady sings and we are sure that we will be victorious. obama is putting tremendous pressure but so are we and there's nobody that's saying that we are not going to be victorious and the deal will not be approved. >> reporter: also, three more new york congressmen sided with the president, all say they
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will know support the iran nuclear agreement. >> this is our only chance for peace. >> reporter: velasquez late today called it an awfully difficult decision. she says there are parts of the deal she doesn't like but she calls it crucial for peace in the middle east. >> we concluded that the only and the most effective option to prevent iran from becoming a nuclear power is by having this agreement. >> reporter: and again this rally began at about 5:30 this afternoon here in midtown. it is scheduled to go until 7:30. the speakers list, it includes joe lieberman and also a current u.s. senator, lindsey graham who is also running for president. again, tonight's rally supposed to go until about 7:30 tonight. for now reporting live in midtown, dave evans, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> david, thank you. police in new jersey are searching for a sexual assault suspect. they say 15-year-old boy was alone at his home in wayne back on august 18th when someone knocked on the front door.
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the teen says when he opened the door, a man forced his way inside, began to kiss him and then tried to take off his clothes. the boy fought off the man. he fled in a light colored extended pickup cab seen in surveillance photos. pope francis today making it historic and -- a historic and controversial announcement during what he calls a year of mercy. the pope allowing priests to absolve woman who have an abortion if they seek forgiveness. he said god's forgiveness cannot be denied to people who repent. the church of course teaches that abortion is a sin that could be grounds for excommunication. vatican announcing another stop in new york city. a pope mobile parade inside central park, free tickets now being offered for this latest public event along west drive. eyewitness news reporter shirleen allicot in the central park with the story. shirleen. >> reporter: bill, that is going to be one highly coveted ticket. in just a few weeks this quiet
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stretch of west drive will be filled with all the pomp and circumstance and tens of thousands of people vying for a glimpse of the holy father. >> it's a terrific thing. he's, you know, a man of the people, it seems. >> definitely try to make my way down here and be here personally. >> reporter: a popular pope in one of the world's most iconic parks, on friday, september 25th, history will be made. the pope's motorcade will start on 72nd street and go 12 blocks south down to 60th. his holiness getting exactly what he wants, a chance to be face to face with the faithful. >> people are so excited, they actually have the chance to receive the -- to see the pope up close, maybe get a handshake, maybe interact. >> reporter: but pulling it off will be the logistical undertaking with security of utmost important. cardinal timothy dolan spoke on the topic in a recent interview on up close. >> he does not want to be separated by his people by bulletproof glass. the secret service says we are
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going to try our best to respect that but we still have to have extraordinarily rigorous securing. >> reporter: as for scoring one of the hottest tickets in town, the mayor's office plans to distribute tens of thousands of tickets through a lottery. >> they can do it two ways. they can call 311 or they can go online to www.nycgirlfriend/papalvisit. eachpersoncanapplyfor2ticketsfor aspotalongthemotorcaderoute --foraspotalongthefor a spot along the motorcade route. >> reporter: from the comfort of your couch we will be broadcasting the pope parade live. reporting from the upper west side, shirleen allicot, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. for more information about tickets for central park and the pope's visit for the united states, philadelphia, new york,
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washington, go to our website, and as we continue with eyewitness news at 6:00 on this tuesday night, charges against some day care workers. we are going to tell you how they are accused of abusing infants and toddlers in their care. and a local tennis player who just turned pro plays her first match at the u.s. open. rob powers with highlights coming up in sports. and i'm meteorologist lee goldberg. upper 80s in flushing this afternoon but hit 90 in the park so the second heatwave of the season official today. and it's a warm, sticky evening. we are at 84 degrees, hazy skies awaiting that cold front for the relief. we will have the timing on that, your seven-day accuweather forecast into the
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stunning charges tonight of abuse against workers at a day care center on long island. >> police say infants and toddlers were force fed and some of them even slammed onto the floor. the day care center in southampton and suffolk county. >> here's long island reporter kristin thorne. >> the allegations are they force fed children, pushed the children as well as threw children to the ground. >> reporter: those are the allegations against day care workers kathleen culver and sarah dobber, the two employed at side by side child care in southampton. police say they became aware of the alleged abuse after receiving phone calls from some parents last week. lieutenant susan ralph says one of the allegations is that they force fed an 18-month-old child.
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>> so much so that the child actually got sick, threw up. >> reporter: but parents we spoke to today defend the center. amanda says culver has been watching her kids for quite a while and she fully trusts her. >> i think that she will be cleared. i think it was someone who was probably angry, a coworker, and where are they? you make an accusation and you leave. if i'm going to make an accusation, i'm a kindergarten teacher, i wouldn't hide. if i believed someone was hurting children i would stand up for those children. >> reporter: meanwhile the new york state family services as well as southampton town police are continuing their investigation into the center. >> looking to see exactly how far this dates back as well as any other children that might have sustained any injuries. >> reporter: southampton town police say management here at the center is fully cooperating with the investigation. we attempted to speak with anyone at the center here today but they refused to come to the door.
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in southampton, i'm kristin thorne, channel 7 eyewitness news. just ahead on eyewitness news at 6:00, amazon making changes to its prime delivery schedule. we will tell you what it all means for customers next. and lee says we are not quite done with our heatwave, quite yet, or the hot weather. his accuweather forecast coming
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. the list of benefits of amazon's popular prime membership could be getting smaller depending on where you live. the online retailer now allowing some sellers to pick about they want -- where they want to provide free two day shipping. most prime items shipped directly from an amazon warehouse and are not affected by the program. >> not very happy about that, are you? >> i don't have it. my wife does so i go onto her account. she buys me stuff -- >> not the same household account. >> this one happened. she
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>> look at you smiling. he's in trouble, i know he is. >> last week she is like, where did this phone case come from? >> i don't know. >> they just sent it to me. >> thank you. outside we go this afternoon where we have what is a hazy sky as we look towards the george washington bridge, it is a warm, humid night, we have our heatwave, we are down 6 degrees from the high of 90 because of a southeast wind at about 5 miles an hour. 80 degrees the average high, we will be a good 10 degrees above that the next couple of days, settle back to 5 degrees above by the end of the week. sunset tonight at 7:29. heat headlines, second heatwave of 2015 official, the last one august 15th to the 18th if we can get 90 tomorrow and it's a question mark, we will definitely have 90 thursday, that will be the longest heatwave of the summer. 90 may be a reach tomorrow but still feel like low and mid- 90s, the humidity is higher than today, heat peaks thursday. the afternoon thunder threat looking less and less on thursday, maybe north of town. this is a difference today with the wind coming out of the east and southeast, more of a westerly wind off to
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there's a little front that just went through overnight, that's why you see the difference from the long branch at 79 and a few miles inland at sayreville, looking at 87 degrees. hussion vall still doing -- hudson valley still doing well in the upper 80s, pair of sevens in montauk right novel. the dew points in the upper 60s. the feel-like readings aren't that high. they will be a lot higher tomorrow in the low and middle 90s. a mostly sunny early evening, haze tomorrow morning, a few high clouds around because of the southeast wind, increased humidity but also some high clouds and again you see those winds coming off the water and that's because of that front that settled to our south. but as that front weakens and pulls away to the north and east, we get into that return hot flow tomorrow, around this high pressure in the mid- atlantic, then we will look to this front and it is not that strong, but it's slowly inching eastward and should be to our north on thursday, out ahead it the hottest day and then eventually the humidity and numbers get knocked down a little bit on thursday.
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chilly air over hudson bay. get a little taste of it. balmy at the bus stop tomorrow, 90 degrees and even hotter on thursday because the front isn't here yet. won't get here until at night. maybe that's when we have a spotty storm around especially off to the north and west. boaters south wind five to 10 miles an hour, light waves. mainly clear, warm and humid tonight, 74, for tomorrow a high of 90. sunny to partly cloudy skies, hot and humid. then tomorrow night partly cloudy, warm and sticky, only down to 76. plenty of summer left. look on thursday, 94 feeling like 97. more comfortable on friday, 84, still moderate and then over the weekend warm things back up again, near 90. when you're this dry, it's easy to get higher than normal temperatures and we will be average anywhere from five to 12 degrees above average right through next week. just looked at next week's forecast. still no significant rain threat, a spot storm here or there. but nothing too big next week. >> jess called, she wants to speak with you after the show.
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>> get us out of here, rob powers, quickly. peak heat on thursday, we've got two nfl preseason games. giants fans concerned about the big blue offense. we will hear from the quarterback to see if he shares your concerns. we head to jet practice as well, one more preseason game and then they start playing games that count. a look ahead at florham park.
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for more help call 1-866-ny-quits the centers for medicare and medicaid services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3,500 hospitals. fewer than 10% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia.
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it's that time of year, september. in new york that means the u.s. open tennis. >> you got to wait for the red light to go on. >> i did. >> i said some really interesting things before the red light went on. >> fun couple of days. roger federer a round one winner at the u.s. open today. but seated women are leaving the open. that's been a theme already.
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if you count maria share popea -- sharapova before it started -- wozniaki not included but for her to win jamie loeb would have to lose. winning the ncaa title at north carolina, 20 years old, used to come watch the open from the stands. spent 67 minutes on the court. wozniaki won 6-2, 6-love. jason marrow won't play at all. >> training camp is officially over and the season opener just 12 days away for the jets. but first one final preseason game as gang green hosts the eagles thursday night. >> everything is going to happen the way it's going to happen. you want to come out healthy. >> todd bowles hasn't made a final decision but most starters will sit out which means their focus will focus on cleveland.
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>> get your mind right as you're finishing up >> starting to get in the phase where we are looking at the film and starting to get into -- on the cleveland week. >> reporter: with the final roster cuts coming this weekend, thursday's game is crucial for those on the field who must prove their worth. >> you got to focus in on your assignment and you got to understand that starters will get hurt and you make this team, you're going to have to play so i want to see if these guys can play, you know what you're getting when they make the team. >> one player they will begin the season without, jason marry rowe -- jason marrow. today he was placed on season ending injured reserve with a torn labrum. laura behnke, channel 7 eyewitness news. giants at new england thursday, first team offense so far in the preseason, 12 possessions, 10 points. so many expectations for that offense and so far the dress rehearsal hasn't been great. while it would be nice to be productive, the goal is to be good when it counts. >> i think we have been close
6:28 pm
on some stuff down the field and big plays. we got to -- you know, can't be close anymore. we got to start hitting on it. mets have a 6 1/2 lead in their decision. they get the phillies tonight. the mets 13-against them. bartolo colon, 16th inning scoreless streak. colon smacked a two run single so he was on base for curtis granderson's home run. the yankees say mark teixeira has a bone bruise on the chin. out at least two more weeks. gregorius two outs bases loaded, top of the ninth, not quite far enough, close but no cigar, 4-3, yankees lost they had their chances in boston, they stranded 14 runners. still a game and a half behind the jays in the a.l. east. rutgers football contest
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wraps up with a contest for ice cream, a dance-off. offense against defense and gets off to a strong start. team was into it. the coach made sure of that. but taking it to a whole new level, 6'3", 295-pound freshman defensive tackle kevin wilkins, his moves so good. defense wins. "dancing with the stars" is calling next. >> awesome. sade is here with a look at what we are working on for eyewitness news at 11:00. >> you can do that move, bill, right? >> absolutely. coming up tonight at 11:00, a warning about powdered much more popular. why the fda is telling people use them with caution. also, hundreds of thousands of iphones hacked. we will tell you what all of them have in common and what to do to protect your phone. we will have those stories and more coming up tonight on eyewitness news at 11:00. bill. and that's it for us. thanks for watching. i'm bill ritter. >> and i'm liz cho. world news tonight with david muir is coming up next with the very latest on that urgent manhunt for a cop killer that


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