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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  September 2, 2015 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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new jersey reporter anthony johnson is in long branch this afternoon with the late details. anthony. >> reporter: liz, we understand that two people living inside the house, family members, were able to get out and escape before the four victims, they simply never had a chance. it appears this comes down to an unspeakable family tragedy. this picture shows a happy couple and a solid family life for lyndon beharry and his common spouse amanda morris. their two young sons were enjoying their youth which have been stolen from all of them in an act of unbelievable rage and anger. >> i run outside because i think somebody is fighting and that's when you see this lady and about two other gentlemen just in front of the house screaming, you know, there's kids inside, you know, help, help, get somebody, get an ambulance and it was sad because you're watching it and you almost feel helpless. >> reporter: the fire last night has been described as
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small but smoky. neighbors rushing to the scene tried to rescue those trapped inside. >> we tried to break the windows on the bottom and by that time the ambulance and the firefighters were already here. >> reporter: it appears several small fires were ignited inside the multifamily house. by the time firefighters got inside, they found the four victims inside a second floor bedroom. authorities say they had apparently been injured before the smoke started engulfing the home. >> we can tell you that based upon what we see, that this is not an accidental fire, that we are looking at this as a potential intentional fair that was set -- fire that was set. >> reporter: from initial indications this appears to be a triple murder-suicide, but such a horrible act comes as a complete shock to those who knew the family. >> i have a nephew, he goes to school with one of the kids. the kid's name is actually brian that passed away. they were in the same class together.
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to find out, my mom is so upset that this happened. >> reporter: brandon and brian's father worked for the dpw here in long branch for the past 16 years. the final cause of death in all of the cases will be determined by the monmouth county medical examiner's office. that is the latest live from long branch, new jersey, anthony johnson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, anthony. now an eyewitness news exclusive, police in new jersey investigating how a 5-year-old boy managed to wander out of a school all alone. the child was found walking across broad street and bloomfield this morning. a woman spotted him, ran into traffic and grabbed the boy. she dropped the child off with the manager of a friendly's restaurant across the street. management called police who say the boy wandered away from brookdale elementary school unnoticed. apparently the school did not realize he was gone for at least 45 minutes. he was not hurt. hear from what friendly's manager has to say coming up on eyewitness news at 5:00.
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and new information about the hunt for the masked man who raped a woman at gunpoint in brooklyn on sunday night. the nypd says the suspect also wanted for another attack later the same night. police have just released new surveillance video of the suspect. they say this man sexually assaulted a 19-year-old victim in a back yard in canarsie. they say he then assaulted a second person. police say crimestoppers vans will drive around the neighborhood for a few nights looking for any leads they can find. well, after a morning of chaos on a day full of delays, the rush-hour is looking up for lirr commuters, just within the past hour we have learned that trains are expected to be running on schedule for the afternoon commute. that is welcome news for riders. eyewitness news reporter n.j. burkett is at spaition this -- is at penn station this afternoon with the very latest. >> reporter: outside penn station where the evening rush- hour is just now getting underway and, yes, for the moment the news is good news for lirr riders. about an hour ago i spoke to the railroad spokesman and he told me that they are
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predicting what he described as a normal status quo evening rush-hour but let's be clear about this. the fix is a temporary fix and they are hoping it will hold for the night. so, yes, the trains are moving into and out of the city up and down the system with few, if any, residual delays. of course that was not the situation, liz, 12 hours ago, when commuters jammed the platforms in jamaica when their trains from nassau and suffolk counties were forced to terminate there because of a major power disruption in the system on the queens side of the east river tunnels. that power problem affected the vast network of switches and signals that enables the railroad to run roughly 150 morning rush-hour and out of the city. it is a vast complex network that requires an enormous amount of power. so, yes, the system had to be shut down leading tens of thousands of riders to head for buses and subways to get to manhattan. and, no, they were not happy about it.
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>> we are coming from lynbrook and this is what the e train looks like right now. so i'm late for school, first week. this is crazy. >> we have been sitting on the train for about 30 minutes right now and everyone is on the phone, causing their job -- calling their job and trying to explain to their bosses, i'm pretty sure, that they are trying to get to work and they cannot get to work so everyone is very frustrated. >> right now we have power restored to the signal system through a temporary fix -- for a temporary fix and we anticipate a normal rush-hour this evening but because it's a temporary fix and haven't fixed the underlying problem yet we encourage you before you start your journey, check >> you can keep track of this on our website, we will continue to follow this developing story. we are going to follow the rush-hour with an update on eyewitness news at 5:00 tonight. for now we are live at penn station, n.j. burkett, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, n.j. and with this heat getting
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stuck in a commuter nightmare, no fun. we are creeping closer to labor day and it is still -- it still feels like mid-july right now. today is the fourth day in our area where temperatures were 90 degrees or above. meteorologist lee goldberg outside on manhattan's upper west side with your exclusive accuweather forecast. when are we going to get relief, lee? >> it is going to be friday. definitely can see it's starting to get to people a little bit. last couple of days not so much. today is hotter, the humidity is up even though temperatures aren't too far from yesterday. the humidity has crept up. it's sticky outside right now. temperatures over central park, 89 degrees, there are some thunderstorms that are just to our west but that's where they stay. there's the relief over eastern canada with thundershowers but they may not even reach us during the afternoon hours tomorrow and we wait to the relief late thursday night into friday. this is day four of the heatwave and it's going on five. the heat will peak tomorrow and it will feel like mid-90s even upper 90s over interior parts of new jersey. the relief will arrive on
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friday but the heat returns again by labor day. so the sunnier pattern and the summery pattern definitely continues for the first two weeks of september. we will look at the seven-day accuweather forecast, more details on your labor day holiday coming up on accuweather in a few minutes. david, liz, back to you for now. >> thanks a lot. the nypd is not yet going into detail about stepped-up security professions for the upcoming -- provisions for the upcoming visit by pope francis but it is assuring new yorkers that significant security measures are being taken. >> public is coming to see the pope, those that are coming from the u.n. should feel very comfortable as always that we will ensure a safe event, a productive event and certainly in the business of the pope, a celebratory event for those that want to see him. >> mayor's office will distribute tens of thousands of tickets for his procession through central park on september 25th. starting tomorrow and through labor day new york state residents can register online or call 311 to enter to win a pair of tickets.
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winners will be randomly selected. meanwhile, the chair the pope will use while celebrating mass at madison square garden was delivered to msg today to much fanfare. it was handcrafted by three immigrant day laborers in a garage in port chester. the chair has a light brown finish and a white cushion seat. it was designed to emphasize the pope's values of simplest and humility. for much more on that story and the details on all the tickets, the transportation, when the pope gets here, you can head to our special section on our website, we have new details about a rape and murder suspect from north carolina captured here in new york city. police say 21-year-old kendrick gregory stole a car on warren street and broadway in tribeca using a tracking device on a phone app they tracked the suv which was traveling on the brooklyn bridge. police were able to catch up with gregory in downtown brooklyn and found guns, they say, in the car he was in. gregory is accused of opening
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fire during two robberies in raleigh on monday, killing one person. police say he also raped a 15- year-old girl. well, on long island a man is under arrest accused of shooting a construction worker with a pellet gun for making too much noise. police say timothy brasinski shot the man from the window of his home in nassau county. the victim was treated for a minor injury. prosecutors say the pellet gun as well as seven other firearms and ammunition were recovered from his home. he is now facing assault and weapons charges. well, right now, wall street breathing a sue of re-- sigh of relief. stocks rebounding today from a costly slide earlier in the trading week. investors still anxious over the troubled economic situation in china. now looking ahead to the latest jobs report due out on friday and here is a live look at the big board and take a look, the dow rose 293 points closing at 16,351. president obama with one more lawmaker in his corner now
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has secured enough votes to block opposition to the iran nuclear deal. democratic senator barbara mulkuski of maryland says she is in favor of the agreement. her backing gives obama the votes needed to uphold a veto of resolution of disapproval if one passes as expected. still democratic senators have not said how they will vote. secretary of state john continues to sell the agreement. >> even before the income, the agreement was dry. we started being bombarded by myths about what the agreement will and won't do and that bombardment continues today. >> kerry's speech at the constitution center in philadelphia was carried live on iranian television. the vote on the agreement is expected in about two weeks. we have new details on the search for three gunmen who gunned down a police officer in northern illinois. law enforcement officers have changed their tragedy on the second day of this massive manhunt.
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state and federal officers have widened their search after scouring the area where lieutenant charles dillwitz was charred yesterday. this afternoon investigators say they are reviewing video and following up on tips. >> homicides in general are greatly assisted by public information and all it takes is one tip or good lead to break the case wide open. so we are vetting through those right now, we've got hundreds of those coming in. >> officials admit the investigation is hampered by limited description of the suspects. the officer only said he was pursuing two white men and a black man before he was shot. liz. well, horses, cows and dozens of rabbits, all rescued after being found neglected in an orange county farm. find out what happened to the owners who were supposed to be taking care of them. plus, heart stopping moments on the other side of a bridge. we will explain what led to this tense rescue. and imagine looking into
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your car and seeing that. we are going to hear from the surprised driver who says she was carjacked
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it's 4:14. a check of the roads on this wednesday evening. here's a look at the williamsburg bridge at the brooklyn tower and look at that, traffic moving slowly headed into williamsburg, it is hacked. as for the hudson river crossings, 20 minute delays outbound at the holland tunnel and the good news is no issues at the lincoln tunnel or the george washington bridge. well, a woman was arrested on a train in washington, d.c. after she allegedly tried to grab a 2-year-old girl but then was tackled. the little girl was strapped
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into her stroller while riding the train with her mother this morning when the woman attempted to kidnap her but she wasn't able to get her out of the stroller. another passenger tackled the woman and held her down until police arrived. clashes between police and protesters today outside the courthouse where the hearing for the six officers charged in the death of freddie gray is underway. today a judge denied a request to dismiss the charges against the officers. he also refused to remove state's attorney marilyn mosby from the case. later today the judge could decide whether the officers should be tried separately. gray died from a spinal cord injury he suffered while in police custody in april. caught on camera in china, a little girl dangling from a window's safety bars. the girl who had been left home alone tried to crawl out of the fourth floor window. fortunately her body got -- while her body got through the bars, her head got stuck between them. a neighbor who heard her cries bravely climbed out the window
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of the apartment next door, he held her in place with a broom handle for about 10 minutes until her parents came home and were able to pull her inside. >> still can't get over that story. well, park worker had to do a double take when she spotted a very hairy figure sitting in her car. the national park inspector in tennessee may have thought she had a real life yogi the bear situation on her hands when she spotted a mama bear behind the wheel of her car, a baby bear sitting right there in the passenger seat. >> she was cruising around, like she was fixing to take off. she grabbed my purse, that is green thing you see sticking out of her mouth. mama was the bad one. she was the bad bear. she just wanted anything and everything she could find that i had in my car. >> carjacked by a bear is the quote of the day. she says she realizes she is probably to blame for this because she did leave the windows of her car open so lesson learned.
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smarter than your average bear, folks, that's what you got there. >> lesson learned. kind of funny, though. >> you know which direction you're going to go? >> which way? >> probably going to bear right or bear left. we don't know. >> uh-huh, ha ha. you have clearly been out in the humid weather too long. >> don't blame the sun for that joke. >> i thought it was cute. >> it's great. >> my kids are going to tweet me and say that was cute, dad. >> that was good. it is a little steamy out here, getting hot under the collar as we have temperatures around 90 degrees and feels like we are in the low to mid- 90s, a hazy sky and not much wind to help you out. go out and check what is a hazy sky over the park right now. we are at 89, 45% humidity. when the air is very warm, there's a higher capacity to hold moisture, so it's actually fairly humid. the high today 91. i think we will match that or
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maybe a degree or two above it tomorrow. air quality alert for much of the area going through tonight and be hoisted during the day tomorrow. it's 86 in manhasset, you have a wind off the water. earlier in the season that would cool us into the 70s but now your water temperatures are near 78, 83 ronkonkoma right now so it doesn't have that real natural air-conditioning effect it did earlier in the season. 84 in belmar, a pair of 87s in white plains, poughkeepsie coming in at 90 degrees. feel-like readings as high as the mid-90s in parts of interior new jersey, that's where they will be tomorrow. through the evening hours it's toasty, it's 83, 78 at midnight, 74 7:00 in the morning, and patchy fog. there's a lot of moisture around. by midday tomorrow, 87 degrees and a mostly sunny sky. radar and satellite awfully quiet. look over to the west in parts of pennsylvania showers and thunderstorms but those are bypassing us to the south and west today. we are really turning to that cold front over the great lakes, which dips down toward the area tomorrow afternoon. i think the focus is going to
4:19 pm
be across i-90 or north tomorrow afternoon, a couple of those storms may slip into the hudson valley north of new york city into connecticut but most of us are going to stay dry other than an isolated spotty storm tomorrow afternoon so with that in mind the feel-like readings in the low to mid-90s for many of us, even 95 to 100 across interior parts of new jersey. so the heat will peak tomorrow and the heat will break tomorrow night into friday. there's that cold front even if it doesn't get here during the day, it will get here later at night. and the thing is, with the front nearby on friday morning, we may actually have a shower threat on friday morning along with some stubborn low cloudiness. look at the temperatures, it will be down about 10 or 11 degrees because of the cloud cover being stubborn, the relief arrives and the humidity drops during the daylight hours. clear to partly cloudy skies, warm, sticky tonight, 74, for tomorrow a high of 93, hot and humid, can be a spot afternoon thunderstorm, mainly north of new york city and then tomorrow night partly cloudy, warm and sticky and again that spot thunderstorm is still around because the humidity is still up tomorrow night and then it drops during the day on friday. coming up at 4:30, we are
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getting closer to the holiday weekend and we take a look at what's going on across the country and locally are we going to be in that sweet spot where we just have three great days and it's just more summer weather? we will talk about that at 4:30. maybe a few more jokes. guys, back to you. >> i can't wait. lee, that's a -- thanks a lot. >> thanks, lee. a wild scene in the waters off the beach at the cape. more shark sightings to add to what we have already seen this summer. later this hour, the warning for swimmers as they head -- as we head into the holiday weekend. and you feel like you've tried every single allergy medicine out there? uh-huh. one group of experts says relief might be hiding in some
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i'm sid. and i bank human at td bank. well, the early morning sky lit up over cape canaveral, florida this morning as atlas 5 rocket lifted off, on its way to a navy communication satellite in orbit. three similar satellites already been sent up. the system will provide smartphone communications to u.s. troops anywhere around the world. officials hope to test the system next month. and a big celebration in brooklyn where macy's debuted one of its first discount back stage stores. >> three, two, one, whoo.
4:24 pm
>> little bit of cheers and a drum line greeted shoppers at the store in sheepshead bay this morning. the new chain is an attempt to attract bargain shoppers. lawmakers say the business means a lot to the community still recovering from superstorm sandy. >> almost three years ago we were really hurt by superstorm sandy where this particular area was flooded and the water was up to the steps and so many of our businesses were hurt by the storm. >> well, back stage stores also opened today in elmhurst queens and melville, long island and three more are coming to the tri-state area by the end of the year. oh, yeah, you know what that music means? "dancing with the stars" is back and today we got a look at season 21's ballroom competitors. there's some reality stars, real hero and even some music icons. brandi hitt has the details. >> reporter: actors, a jockey,
4:25 pm
even an american hero will kick up their heels by season 21 of "dancing with the stars." >> i hope i learn a lot. >> reporter: that's alex scarlatos, one of three americans who recently took down a terror suspect on a paris bound train. [ music ] >> reporter: ain't nobody shake ca kahn is -- shaka kahn is singing and nick carter. then there's celebrity chef paula deen returning to the national spotlight two years after a racial slur controversy. >> this is the first time in a few years that i felt like my weight would allow me to participate. >> reporter: actress alexa is competing against her husband, big time russia's carlos penevaga. and gary busey has his dancing shoes ready. >> getting my pants sturdy so they can sweep around lie seaweed. >> reporter: haze greer is also taking on triple crown winning
4:26 pm
jockey victor espinoza. reality stores kim biermann, tamara braxton and bindi irwin. >> i'm not used to any of them. >> you don't have to convince us, bindi, we believe you. >> reporter: all getting ready to hit the ballroom and compete for that trophy. bindi irwin is one of the youngest stars this season at 17 and haze greer is just 15. you can watch the first round of competition when "dancing with the stars" premiers september 14th on abc7. brandi hitt, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> two words. >> yeah. >> gary busey. that's the lone reason to see this season. it's going to be incredible. i can't wait. >> it's going to be fascinating. still to come, you're looking for allergy relief? the answer might be found in ancient medicine. we've got that story coming up. and a couple arrested, accused of animal neglect. what investigators found on their farm. plus the labor day weekend is just right around the corner. many folks planning to hit the
4:27 pm
beach. we are going to tell you what lifeguards want to keep swimmers safe from sharks
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now new york's number 1 news, channel 7 eyewitness news. it's 4:30 and all new this half hour, just days before the labor day holiday kicks off, new footage captures three great whites off the coast of cape cod. the warning from lifeguards. killed trying to take a selfie. >> he's just crazy -- it's just crazy how somebody could be here one minute and then in a second they are gone. >> what police say happened. he was willing to make the ultimate sacrifice, and when a world war ii vet was in danger of losing his home, strangers swooped up in to help him. >> i thought it was a joke when i first saw it but it wasn't along. >> our top story this half hour, a couple from port jervis arrested for animal neglect. >> dozens of animals including rabbits, horses, cows found in
4:31 pm
poor condition at a farm leased by a couple in the town of menacing. marcus solis has been posting updates on social media and he's live in orange county with more. >> reporter: it was a teenaged girl who tipped off police that something was amiss and now a husband and wife are under arrest charged with neglecting dozens of animals, some farm animals, many of which are being treated here at this shelter. >> really concerned he's going to lose his eyes. >> reporter: they are barely recognizable, rabbits in such poor health, it's almost hard to look at them. at the humane society of port jervis they are used to taking in cats and dogs but they are now caring for 32 rabbits, three goats, one of them pregnant, and a pot belly pig, all are underfed but the rabbits are in the worst shape. >> some of them have upper respiratory infections, eye problems, their nails are in deplorable conditions. the cages they were in were
4:32 pm
filled with feces and urine. >> reporter: steven and loretta doss of port jervis are under arrest charged with animal neglect. state police were tipped off and a search warrant was executed at the couple's home on church street. the building has been condemned and a few animals were recovered there but the real find was at a barn leased by the couple 10 miles away in west town. there authorities removed the pig which is estimated to be 50 pounds underweight, the goats, as well as horses and cows. >> to me it looks like a case of neglect and just people having too many animals to care for and being unable to give them all the care they need. >> reporter: the shelter is evaluating and treating the animals while the particulars of this case remain under investigation. the dosses are due back in court september 21st. >> most of the people that are hoarders of animals love animals in their own way, but they get overextended and have a hard time caring for the
4:33 pm
numbers of animals that they collect. >> reporter: as the shelter nurses these animals back to health, their fate rests on the outcome of the court case if they are not turned back to their owners, then the shelter hopes they will be able to nurse these animals back to health, get them good homes, put them up for adoption. we are live in port jervis, marcus solis, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, marcus. on long island many students at hempstead high school have spent the first two days of the school year sitting in an auditorium instead much a classroom -- of a classroom because schedules are not ready. the head of the association says the school switched to a new schedule but did not allow enough time to enter all the students in the computer system. some students say that that problem left them signed up only for lunch period or were put to classes they already completed last year. >> i can't get my schedule until monday. >> this is something that the superintendent's office and the school district takes very seriously. right now they are just working around the clock to make sure that all these students are going to get into class as soon
4:34 pm
as possible. >> coming up on eyewitness news at 6:00, what the hempstead school board president says is being done to get students into classrooms. new york's governor making an announcement about the next step to prevent campus sexual assault. he addressed a crowd at nyu announcing the enough is enough law signed a few months ago will have funds in law enforcement, a new sexual assault victims unit is being created within the new york state police. governor cuomo says the problem of sexual assault goes way beyond school policy and disciplinary action. >> it is a crime, it violates the law and i can't care what the school thinks about it. >> 12 senior inspectors will be program. well, with the labor day weekend approaching, many folks are making plans to hit the beach one last time before saying goodbye officially to summer but with so many shark sightings and encounters, there
4:35 pm
is a new warning, especially for folks heading to cape cod. eyewitness news reporter shirleen allicot explains. >> reporter: just days before the labor day holiday kicks off, new footage captures three great whites off the coast of cape cod. >> we have already seen as many sharks this year as we did last year. >> reporter: in the past, just one sighting was enough to threaten to close the beaches. marine biologists are tracking nearly two dozen of them along a 10-mile stretch off the coast of cape cod on monday alone. just a few weeks ago the atlanta white shark conservancy captured this scene, a hungry great white trying to catch a seal. with the holiday weekend approaching, lifeguards are now calling for higher towers, purple watch flags, possibly even a spotter plane to keep an eye out for great whites. so far no shark attacks yet this summer on the cape and the beaches are open for labor day. >> they are fun to look at from the shore.
4:36 pm
i wouldn't get any closer than i had to of the shore. >> reporter: swimmers beware. what lessons were learned about public safety communications in superstorm sandy? that is the question that new jersey congressman frank pallone brought together. pallone says since sandy a lot has been done to make sure different agencies can talk to each other. he said reaching the public is a continued challenge. >> social media is much bigger than it was three years ago and so now you have to constantly think about, you know, are we going to communicate with the traditional, you know, tv and radio or do we have to put more emphasis now on, you know, twitter and facebook and other social media means of communications. >> wabc tv general manager dave davis was there talking about how tv remains important after natural disasters. >> very much so. and still to come, a photo ends in tragedy.
4:37 pm
coming up, the selfie that turned deadly. we are going to tell you what police say happened. and do you suffer from allergies? relief may be found in an ancient medicine. tough ragweed season especially because it's dry and a little bit of wind outside. our temperatures are at 89- degrees, we hit 90 so it's the fourth day of 90-degree temperatures. feels like 91. be careful, the air quality warning goes right through tomorrow. that's when the heat breaks. we will tell you about the relief and then the heat making a comeback for the holiday weekend.
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introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle. it's ragweed season and if the stuffy nose and sinus pain is making you miserable, you might find relief in acupuncture. the cleveland clinic says stimulating different points with finey needles or even fingertips may provide relief. hair needles are inserted into acu points and has become an acceptable treatment at many medical facilities. >> you will feel your nose opening up if you have nasal congestion, you will feel the pressure of relief in the head, oftentimes headaches will go
4:41 pm
away, you know, so patients will oftentimes experience immediate relief. >> well, for allergy relief, experts tell us there are two places on your face, at the base of your nose to focus on and you can use your index fingers to press and hold to relieve sinus pressure. second spot, they tell us is at the top of each in our eyebrow which can help relieve pressure in your forehead. they say gently press and hold each spot for about three minutes. well, the obesity epidemic is showing no signs of slowing down in the u.s., but weight loss apps may offer help for some children battling their weight. the sanchez family says that that was the case with their daughter alonea. -- alanna: they found a weight loss app that group foods in red, yellow or green. children are taught to -- according to dietitians, research shows that keeping track of what you eat makes you more mindful and may help you lose wait -- weight. >> and now i'm more aware of what i'm going to eat.
4:42 pm
>> it's taken the fighting over food away from me and all i have to do is guide her and remind her. >> if a child or family needs additional help, some apps offer coaching but usually at a fee. police in texas say the death of a young father who shot himself while taking a selfie was a tragic accident. investigators in houston still aren't sure how 19-year-old deleon smith got the gun he was holding as he snapped an instagram picture yesterday afternoon. smith died instantly when he was hit in the throat. >> he's just crazy -- it's just crazy how somebody could be here one minute and then in seconds they are gone. try to get your life on the right path, the devil try to mess with you. >> very sad. investigators say smith's cousin was in the apartment but in another room when it happened. family members say the father of two was supposed to start college today. president obama is making history becoming the first president to visit alaska and showing his selfie stick skills as well. >> interesting.
4:43 pm
and he right there has become known as the saddest book worm. what had this little boy in tears after the story was over? we will tell you what's going on here in the trend. by the way, it's back to school as we leave you with a tear there. we love seeing pictures of kids going back to class with big smiles on their faces.
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get this. i was at my shop tied up with a customer when i realized the time. i had to get to the bank before it closed, so i made a break for it. when i got out it was almost closing time. traffic was bad. i knew i was cutting it close. but it was ok. i use td bank. it's got the longest hours and stays open an extra ten minutes every day. i'm sid. and i bank human at td bank. well, a familiar pooch in jersey shore, pennsylvania no longer standing guard. that's patches right there. parents and kids say they would
4:46 pm
see him every day, he was considered a crossing guard assistant at this crosswalk, until the jersey shore school system found out about him. and now patches is banned from the crosswalk. school officials say that he is a liability. but parents say it's upsetting because kids enjoyed seeing patches every day. well, when the guy that is robbing you leaves you a tip, i guess you shouldn't expect it to be a good one. surveillance video shows a man ordering shots at a bar in washington state. he handed the bartender a $100 bill, distract him, when he turned around to give him the change, he held her up at gunpoint. after she entered the register, leaves the bartender a 50 cent tip. fortunately the bartender was not hurt. >> that is the good thing of it. >> with his face fully there. that's the good thing. >> wanted, armed jerk. any reaction from your bear joke? >> tremendous support for humor from our viewers.
4:47 pm
>> two tweets i consider tremendous support. i had a text from my daughter saying that was cute, dad. first day of school for the kids today. exciting. went well. everybody is happy, everybody is good. >> it was warm at the bus stop this morning. >> sticky at the bus stop this morning, right? and going to be muggy tomorrow morning as well. outside we go this afternoon, we got hazy skies, hot, temperatures have been near 90 degrees, it's great that columbus avenue was freshly paved so it's so black that it's emitting as much heat as possible. 89 degrees, sunshine, south wind around 3 miles an hour. very thankful, actually, the west side is paved. clear skies overnight, 79 at 10:00 so it's a warm night, we will go down to 74, similar to last night. great for phillies and mets tonight at citi field, game 2. we've got haze tomorrow morning and patchy fog and then we are looking at a mostly sunny, probably late morning into midday, clouds are mixing in especially north and west during the afternoon. we get to 91, that will be day five and the final day of the heatwave and a few patchy clouds tomorrow night.
4:48 pm
there will be a few spot storms around, especially north and west and then just about anywhere tomorrow night but a lot of the time going to be dry and storms will be very, very isolated. notice during the afternoon hours how we are in the upper 80s and low to mid-90s. there are the spot storms especially over the catskills and poconos and you say these numbers don't look all that bad but the feel-like readings are peaking tomorrow in the mid-90s in many spots and even upper 90s across interior parts of new jersey. so it's the most uncomfortable day. air quality is moderate to unhealthy again, we have the air quality warning going through tomorrow, the uv index at a 7 and the pollen count moderate. another nice boating day tomorrow. the winds will be actually night northeast as we go through the day and maybe turning southerly in the afternoon. holiday weather looking good. the dip in the jet stream remains out west, it's going to be a huge ridge in the east meaning there's a lot of warm air that even though it gets squashed for a day or two and we are near normal and still nice friday, saturday, warmth builds throughout the weekend and probably near 90 by labor day again.
4:49 pm
tomorrow 74 degrees, sun, patchy clouds, dense fog to be aware of tomorrow morning. here's your seven-day accuweather forecast so the peak heat at 93 tomorrow, mix of sun and clouds, the one thing about friday is we may have a tough time shaking the low clouds in the and then the sun tries to break through, only 82 with lower humidity through the day and then in the worst case there are a couple of showers around through about lunchtime which is wildly scattered. a nice start to the weekend, sunshine, low humidity, saturday great, you want warmth, you will get that on sunday and monday we get close to 90 again on labor day and we will be right around 90 into early next week. so like we told you, first 10 to probably 14 days of september will be nice and summery. >> we like that. all right. thanks, lee. >> you bet. oh, look at this. >> see that? that was barely acceptable joke but good enough. i like that. thank you very much. i'm trending now. >> glad you see those as support. >> he's a little delusional but that's okay.
4:50 pm
he's shooting up to the trend setter. here's what's trending on this wednesday and it's not every day the president of the united states pulls out a selfie stick and gives you a behind the scenes look at one of his trips. here is president obama at a national park in alaska. his trip designed to shed a spotlight on the impact of climate change. >> behind me is one of the most visited glares in alaska -- glaciers in alaska, it is spectacular. >> scientists say that glacier has receded more than a mile over the past 200 years because of rising temperatures on the planet. ufc champ ronda rousey has amazing moves but now we will find out if she can handle the dance floor. she has accepted an invitation from a 22-year-old serviceman to be his date at a marine corps ball. launched a viral campaign to convince her to accept his offer. here is his facebook pitch that quickly ended up on social country.
4:51 pm
>> which it why it would be my honor to take you to the marine corps ball on november 7th. i hope it doesn't get in the way of your training for your next fight in january but i hope you take this into consideration because if you do, you will truly be making my dream come true. >> how could you say no? she didn't. she said yes. >> rousey says she will go with one condition, that he find dates for her girlfriends too. i don't think that's going to be a problem. i think she will be all right. speaking of dates, liam hemsworth posting on instagram that he spent 40th with the most beautiful -- spent friday with the most beautiful girl in the world, and that would be miss piggy's. kermit now dating denise. not everyone happy about that. the muppets premiers here on channel 7 on september 22nd. turns out rapper and musical artist t pane can sing without auto tune. he made that effect famous but he doesn't need it.
4:52 pm
>> land of the free >> that's just a little taste. t pane singing the star spangled banner. >> wow. >> wow is right. at the dodger game on monday. everybody is talking about it. >> that dodger game went until 3:30 in the morning. isn't that the one? >> wow, look at you, sports expert over there. >> it was on at my house. finally, a baby loves story time so much that every time the story ends he burst into tears. like are you kidding me? it's over? look how happy he is right before when she is reading to him, he's so engaged and he's so happy, he's so bright. the second she goes "that's the end," that's the reaction. so i got a feeling we got a really good reader. read him another book, mom. come on. she is like gone through every -- she has like gone through
4:53 pm
every book in the library. he's like, i love this. don't let it end again. as always, check out the trend online at >> mom is going to say he was always a reader. >> very cute. well, he has called it home for nearly 70 years but a world war ii vet almost lost his home. we are going to tell you how strangers came to his rescue. and here's a quick check on the delays at the hudson river crossings, 20 minutes outbound at the holland tunnel, 25 minutes inbound at the lincoln tunnel and no delays i'm giving you a gallon of bp gas. because you're my best friend. i'm giving you a gallon of bp gas. because you're my best friend. why are you giving me a gallon of...
4:54 pm
because you're my best friend. i'm giving you a gallon of bp gas. because you're my best... get gas rewards for three friends and even one for yourself. when you sign up for bp driver rewards.
4:55 pm
he has lived in his home for nearly 72 years. >> he fell behind on his tax
4:56 pm
payments but thanks to the kindness of strangers he gets to keep his home. eyewitness news reporter tim fleischer with the story. >> i thought it was a joke when it first started but it wasn't. >> reporter: abram bellies couldn't believe someone would set up a go fund me account to help him save his home. he has lived here almost 70 years. after he lost his wife in 2008 he fell behind on paying taxes for the home. >> i would borrow money from the bank and from the credit union. >> in three weeks his home was set to go up for auction. out of options, said he was preparing himself for the possibility of losing the place he has called home for nearly
4:57 pm
70 years until a man named john daley heard his need for help. >> that is john. he used to clean my house, my carpeting. >> reporter: a man set up a go fund me account saying in the description bellies supported his business in the past and he just wanted to return the favor. that was about a week ago. now nearly 200 people have donated about $9,000. >> i don't think i can thank them enough. that shocked me. >> he owed about 8,000 in taxes. >> the money will pay off what he owes and give him a comfortable cushion for future tax payments. >> good people out there. >> yes. >> still more news ahead. >> "eyewitness news at 5:00" begins right now. fire tragedy.
4:58 pm
new information about a deadly fire in new jersey. an another family dead and it does not appear to be an accident. >> a scare on the first day of school. a young boy wonders away from kindergarten. good evening, i'm sade baderinwa. >> i'm shirleen allicot in for diana williams.we begin with the story you will see only on eyewitness news. a young boy wonders from school. >> the child may have been missing from school for nearly an hour. a stranger saw the little boy walking across a busy street in bloomfield and quickly jumped into action. >> eyewitness news reporter michelle charlesworth picks up the story from there. >> reporter: what a first day of kindergarten it was for this 5-year-old boy. he darted into this street, broad street, behind me and this good samaritan brought his hand and brought him to more good samaritans. >> luckily no cars were crossing through. >> reporter: mark arnaut is the manager.
4:59 pm
he and his servers took care of the boy 2345eu78d michael. he head -- michael. he headed to friendly's alone. this is a busy street. the question is, how did this 5- year-old boy by himself get across the street? he didn't. a random woman saw him going out into traffic, ran up behind him, grabbed his hand, got him across and brought him overment. >> she ran behind him and grabbed his hand. the girls went out, we called him. we grabbed the kid inside and say the him at a table and talked to him. >> do you know if she was a mommy, teacher. >> from the street. >> nothing to do with the school or anything. >> no. we grabbed the kid, offered him ice cream, food. he was laughing and enjoying, having a good time. >> reporter: the superintendent tells me the child was gone a short time but the manager who took care of the boy says it was longer. >> at least an hour total.


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