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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  September 2, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> they didn't know he was gone that long. >> it doesn't look like it. >> reporter: parents were alarmed. >> considering i have a 5-year- old here, that is very scary. >> i am happy and thankful that he made it across the street. above all, kids have to be watched. >> i'm surprised in this day and age with the security that they have as far as locked doors -- >> reporter: here is why, the superintendent said the little 5-year-old was outside with his class at the time having lunch on the playground. people at friendly's tell me he kept asking for his grandmother and looking for his mom. the superintendent tells me there have been changes already today. they have closed off a pass through next to that playground where the little boy, the 5- year-old was having lunch, they closed off that area and also as a result of the investigation today, a supervisor, the person that was supposed to tampa bay watching these children has been suspended. i will tell you we have been here all day. this is a busy broad street.
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maybe my photographer and i have seen five pedestrians. think about the chance of someone happening along as that 5-year-old was ready to cross the street. live in bloomfield, new jersey, michelle charlesworth, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank goodness he is okay, michelle, thank you. new details about a suspect wanted for raping a woman at gunpoint in brooklyn. turns out he raped a second woman on the same night. police hope this video will lead to the suspect. investigators say the man covered his face in a shirt and sexually assaulted a 19-year- old woman in a backyard in canarsie. this new sketch shows what he may look like. >> now to the tragedy in new jersey. a family of four is dead tonight after a fire was apparently set inside their home. their bodies were discovered inside a bedroom on the second floor of their home on joline avenue. anthony johnson is live with new information. anthony? >> reporter: well, just a short while ago i had an opportunity
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to talk to a neighbor who knows the family. she says she will miss seeing the two young victims running in the yard of that sage color home directly across the street. she said she actually had a friend that died in the charleston massacre so it has been a tough time for her and she can't understand why anybody would want to take out an entire family. >> like a bang, two big bangs and i was trying to figure out what is happening because you don't think something that late is going on. i run outside because i think somebody is fighting. that's when you see this lady and about two other gentlemen in front of the house screaming, you know. there are kids inside, help, help, get an ambulance. >> reporter: there was a large emergency response to the fire scene. but it was too late to save the four victims trapped inside a second floor bedroom. it appears they had been injured before multiple small fires were set inside the home. >> we tried to break the windows on the bottom and by
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that time the ambulance and the firefighters were here. >> reporter: authorities believe linden beharry killed his common-law wife and took the lives of his two young boys brandon and brian who were just 7 and 4 years old. >> when the fire department went inside, they located more than one origin of this fire. we can tell you that based upon what we see, that this is not an accidental fire, we are looking at this as a potential intentional fire that was set. >> reporter: no one knows what sparked this anger. the couple had recently moved into the house, sharing it with their children and amanda morris' parents. >> they were fairly new on the block. they just had the house redone. just a sad situation at this point. >> reporter: investigators have been spending the day looking for a motive that would drive a local dpw worker over the edge and apparently take the lives of his two attractive young
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boys and his common law wife. >> it was sad because you are watching it and you almost feel helpless, like there is nothing you can do. >> reporter: and the monmouth county prosecutor's office says they will have more comments tomorrow about the case. they are waiting for the autopsies to be complete by the medical examiner's office here in monmouth county. that is the latest live from long branch, new jersey, anthony johnson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> anthony, thank you. new at 5:00 the nypd began a crackdown on even campments. ten have been cleaned up in the last two weeks. another 70 or so are targeted. officers will go in with other city workers to offer help. the city estimates there are 50 to 60,000 homeless people in shelters. we will break down the details on the city's new steps on "eyewitness news at 6:00." well, tonight things are so
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far so good on the long island railroad after a frustrating morning commute for thousands of rideers. a signal system lost power during rush hour forcing the l.i.r.r. to stop sending trains into penn station and terminating them in brooklyn and queens. things are back on track right now. eyewitness news reporter n.j. burkett is live at penn station. n.j. >> reporter: good news and bad news. the good news is, of course, the system is up and running and commuters are heading home tonight. the bad news is that this is a fragile temporary fix. the railroad hasn't isolated the problem. so, yes, it could happen again. commuters packed penn station for the evening rush hour trains hoping the power could hold up long enough to get them home despite the temporary fix the mta spokesman was making no promises. >> if something were to go wrong with the temporary fix until we get a permanent fix we
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may need to resort to canceling and providing trains, use atlantic terminal, hunters terminal and others out of manhattan. >> reporter: the trains were moving this afternoon with few if any residual delays. this scene was far different this morning when tens of thousands of commuters jammed the platforms in jamaica where the trains from nassau and suffolk counties were forced to terminate. railroad officials said a major power disruption knocked out the vast network of signals and switches that allow the railroad to run nearly 150 morning rush hour trains in and out of manhattan. the system had to be shut down as riders poured into the streets headed for buses, taxis and sways. >> i have been going to school for four years in hunter and i have never seen a delay like this before. >> reporter: although railroad officials are not expecting similar problems tonight, they are urging riders to stay informed and have a plan b. >> we are investigating because
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we want to find out what happened so it never happens again. >> reporter: until you determine what it was, you can't be sure it won't happen again. >> that's true. >> reporter: plan b doesn't help you if you are already on the train. the trains are up and running. commuters are heading home. the railroad expecting a normal evening rush hour. that is what we are seeing at this hour here at penn station tonight. i will have updates. i will post them on twitter at nj burkett 7. >> all right, thank you. the calendar may say september but we are in the middle of a summer heat wave. the mercury reaching the 90s again today triggering new york state to issue a health advisory. tomorrow is going to be worst. meteorologist lee goldberg has an update on the accuweather forecast. lee? >> toasty shirleen. no doubt about it. no wind. it feels stuffy. we hit 90 today. that's the fourth day of the heat wave going on 5. that
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could be the longest of the summer. central park has been hazy, warm and humid. hit 90 a couple of hours ago. we back off to 86. one thing about a september heat wave, the days are charlotter and we tend to cool off earlier. so, numbers are backing off through the low to middle 80s. feels like are in the low to upper 80s. 82 islip. 82 belmar. 91 in poughkeepsie. feel like readings, the highest over the hudson valley are in the low 90s. tomorrow 90 to 95 for the feels like readings in the afternoon hours, even in the upper 90s across interior parts of new jersey as the heat peeks. air quality is poor through 11:00 tonight but again through the day tomorrow. radar and satellite, thunderstorms are not far away but they are not coming our way. we look to this cold front for relief and maybe a couple of storms but many of us will be dry through the holiday weekend. day four of the heat wave going on.
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the heat peeks tomorrow and breaks tomorrow. feels like mid-90s. relief arrives friday. heat builds by labor day. holiday seven-day forecast is a few minutes away. >> thank you. you can get weather updates any time. look for our weather planners on your facebook feed. you can download the news and weather apps by searching abc7ny. two suffolk police officers were hurt during a traffic stop. the officers pulled over a car in hauppauge. a third car rear ended the police cruiser causing it to hit the first car. the two people in that car are in the hospital with serious injuries. the driver of the third car facings a -- faces a number of charges. scrustles out of a courtroom in baltimore where a hearing is underway for the six police officers charged in freddie gray's death. the chaos outside didn't stop the judge from handing down several key rulings. he denied a request to dismiss the charges against the
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officers and he refused to remove the state's attorney over a press conference. >> it was not a pep rally. it was a much needed speech. it served and important law enforcement purpose and served the purpose of kind of letting the citizens of baltimore understand that the state's attorney has a handle on the sidewalks. >> the judge ruled the officers can stand trial separately. gray died from a spinal cord injury he suffered in police custody in april. president obama now has secured enough votes to block opposition to the iran nuclear deal. today barbara mikulski of maryland announced she favors the agreement giving obama the votes needed to uphold a veto of a disapproval resolution if one passes as expected. 10 democratic senators have not said how they will vote so the administration continues selling the agreement saying critics have it wrong. >> there is not a single sentence, not a single paragraph in this whole
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agreement that depends on promises or trust. kerry's speech in philadelphia was carried live on iranian television. the vote is expected in about two weeks. welcome relief on wall street. stocks rebounding just a bit today. investors are anxious over the troubled economic situation in china and looking ahead to the latest u.s. jobs report due friday. the dow rose 293 points closing at 16,351. nasdaq jumped 113 and the s&p 500 gained 35 points. so, is new york ready for the pope? the nypd commissioner talks about the unprecedented security for what some call one of the most significant challenges ever. >> don't punish all the football players for what a small number of them may or may not have done. i'm kemberly richardson. frustrated parents showed up demanding answers about an
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we are weeks away from the pope's first visit to new york city. the nypd has been busy figuring out how to protect the pontiff.
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eyewitness news reporter tim fleischer is live in central park. tim? >> reporter: this could very well be central park, the biggest challenge for the nypd. you have to remember that the pope will have a procession down through here. i will tell you about it in a moment. overall this promises to be a monumental and colossal challenge for the city and federal security officials. >> the nypd faces one of the most significantly challenging security environments maybe in the history of policing. >> reporter: the visit will be a national special security event. that's a federal designation where the secret service will be the lead organization for coordination but it will fall on the nypd to provide the manpower. >> you could be dealing between 3 and 5,000 police officers assigned to the u.n. general assembly and the united states and handling the pope.
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>> the pope could visit a number of manhattan sites including madison square gardens, st. patrick's cathedral and 9/11 memorial and museum. one of the biggest security challenges will be a procession by pope francis through central park allowing people to line the west drive and see the pontiff. >> it's a logistical situation but we have made the decision to do something that i think has not been done before and we are excited about it. once in a lifetime opportunity to see his holiness in central park with the procession. >> reporter: the pontiff wants to enjoy the presence of as many people as possible. >> we have to secure the visit but we have to keep it as open and viable to allow the real purpose of the trip to flourish in there. >> reporter: the nypd stresses that prepared necessary and the multitude of security measures will be ever changing. reporting live in central park, tim fleischer, channel 7
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eyewitness news. >> all right, tim, thank you. you can find information about those tickets, public transit changes and road closures at abc7ny and a special programming note, this friday night there will be a special edition of 2020. abc news goes inside the vatican as world news tonight anchor david muir sits down with pope francis friday at 10:00 on channel 7. it's been in the making for months. now finally completed. a special gift for the family of a fallen officers. renovations are finished at the detective home where detective wenjian liu's family lived. liu and detective ramos were executed in their squad car. the suspect later took his own life. female soldiers can become army rangers. the u.s. military announcing
5:18 pm
today it has officially lifted letter ban. last night christine greece and another became part of the ranger school. they and all the other women that passed the elite ranger course will eastern the rain gear title. >> love that. >> no woman can be rangers. >> if you live in new york you don't think about that kind of inequality or restrictions. >> you know what it is. >> that's what the show is about, girl power. >> that's right. full bloom here. >> i got a text i'm going for coffee, what do you need. >> i saw you outside, it was hot and steamy. i have to take care of my lee. >> that was nice of you. i was hot. >> it's september, only so many days like this to go. we have a fair share as we go through the upcoming weekend. there is the george washington bridge. good to see no traffic. what is worse when you have this heat sitting in traffic
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and the car overheating and getting sticky. that is not the case. still in a summer traffic mode. 86 degrees. southeast wind at 7 and the high 91. that is 11 above average. we will continue the streak tomorrow. sunset at 7:27. long island benefiting from the wind off the water here 83. 83 woodmere. i can't think hank 82. a nice beach day. waves are light. 82 belmar. 89 andover and 91 poughkeepsie. the heat indices are working in the low 90s. not through the roof but in the mid-90s through the afternoon hours tomorrow. plenty of sunshine. have to watch for patchy fog tomorrow morning, 87 at noontime with a northeast wind and low 90s in the afternoon hours. a couple of patchy clouds. thunderstorms to the west won't reach us yet. it's this cold front that will snag down to the tri-state area tomorrow and tomorrow night. most of the storms tomorrow afternoon will be focused to our north. the other thing that is
5:20 pm
interesting tomorrow, if you are worried about winds, there is a little high to the north that will keep us in more of a northeast wind during the day tomorrow. could actually knock down some of the humidity during the afternoon hours if it's strong enough. the wind is light. that will keep temperatures going up during the day. we can do a degree or two better. storms focused to the north tomorrow afternoon. tomorrow night a lot more cloudiness. an isolated storm. could linger into the first part of the day friday. relief arrives friday and sticks around saturday. clear to partly cloudy skies if your forecast. warm and humid. 74 degrees. hot and huh need with a spot storm mainly north tomorrow afternoon. 93. tomorrow night partly cloudy, warm and sticky. the humidity doesn't necessarily go down tomorrow night, waits until during the day friday. friday, whether or not there would be a morning shower and clouds linger. limited sunshine on friday. for the weekend, wall to wall
5:21 pm
dry and is it back up to 90 on labor day? we will answer that in the accuweather seven-day forecast. back to you for now. >> >> absolutely. ready to shop? macy's opens the first discount stores in our area. >> where you can find them. >> 3 1/2 months ago there was little hope this long island teen would ever walk again. but now look at him. i'm stacey sager with the amazing story of how he recovered coming up. >> it's supposed to be back to school for these high school students on long island. why have hundreds of them been
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back to school time. here are photos people shared with us. send in your pictures using the hashtag abc7ny and they may appear on our air the special back to school section is on our web site. new york's attorney general brokered a deal that would end a lawsuit against cooper union. the agreement creates and independent financial monitor for the engineering and architecture college in manhattan. students sued when the school
5:25 pm
began charging tuition in 2014 for the first time. attorney general eric schneiderman hopes the deal could lead to the school restoring no tuition. two men are in custody in connecticut for a shooting in june. jamal hamilton and livan bennett are being held for $1 million bond. police say the two men opened fire on a group of people outside of the trumble housing complex in bridgeport. they are expected to be charged with murder and first-degree assault. new gate assignments affecting commuters were unveiled at the port authority bus terminal. it is expected to reduce crowding and improve the flow of buses during the afternoon and evening rush. it moves new jersey transit and coach buses into separate areas. passengers will use the new gates on september 8th. macy's department store took the first steps into the world of outlet style stores in our area.
5:26 pm
macy's launched three discount stores called macy's backstage. in elm's hearse, sheepshead bay. they offer brands from macy's department stores at marked down prices. leaders in sheepshead bay say it's an investment in the community recovering from superstorm sandy. >> almost three years ago we were really hurt by superstorm sandy where this particular area was flooded and the water was up to the steps and so many of our businesses were hurt. >> three more locations are slated to open by the end of the year. new details in high school hazing scandal you will hear from parents of students on the staten island football team at the center of it. find out why they say the school's punishment goes too far. >> the massive manhunt for the killers that gunned down a police officer near chicago. here the officer's final message and where investigators have turned for clues.
5:27 pm
>> nearly three years after superstorm sandy, some
5:28 pm
5:29 pm
uci_n masivaeh a hazing scandal turning a staten island school upside down as classes begin. tonight parents with burning questions and demanding to know why their kids have been benched. >> good evening again, i'm shirleen allicot in for diana williams. >> i'm sade baderinwa. tonight parents are furious over the school's decision to suspend all football games and practices. they say their kids are innocent and shouldn't be punished for what a few players have done. kemberly richardson is outside the school with more. kemberly? >> reporter: college scholarships possibly in
5:30 pm
jeopardy and parents left largely in the dark. that alleged hazing scandal at susan wagner, some are calling it horseplay. either way, parents showed up with their kids, football players who did give statements. still, some left even more frustrated than when they showed up. >> to see these boys heartbroken, the look in their faces, it's heart wrenching as a patient. >> reporter: a ground swell of emotions as parents of the varsity and j.v. teams came looking for any information about the alleged hazing scandal that has until further notice grounded all football games and practices. >> it is sad to see something like this go down. you don't know the facts. you don't know anything that really happened. we don't even know. >> reporter: this came to light after two bus loads of football players and coaches returned from a seven day training camp last week. two jv players went on record
5:31 pm
with disturbing details, how the older kids allegedly shot the younger ones with bb guns, hit them with socks filled with powder, drew fall like symbols on their body while they slept and one sade and night he was beaten with a broomstick. this parent didn't want to show his face and told me what his 16-year-old said went down at camp. >> taking some of the kids that are sleeping and putting their rear ends in kid's faces. >> reporter: as words got out the d.o.e. was looking into the claims, a flood of text messages from students at camp. >> don't let this get out. >> did some of this happen or none of it happen. >> some of it happened. what happened kids getting drawn on. >> reporter: michael plays was at the camp. >> they should handle the kids that did it. the whole team should not suffer. >> reporter: these parents agree. they feel everyone is being punished for what a small number of players may or may not have done. >> if the allegations are true,
5:32 pm
we are looking to handle it and we are looking for the justice for the innocent kids that had nothing to do with it. >> reporter: and, again, no word if or when practices and games will resume. the season opener is saturday. we learned two parents who say their kids were hazed, they will meet with the doe on september 17th. i spoke to police in columbia county. that is where this camp is. one lute low tide told me he is aware of the case and does expect to hear from parents. we will keep you posted. for now live in staten island, kemberly richardson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> kemberly, thank you. today the next step in fighting campus sexual assaults. new york governor's announce that the enough is enough law will expand access to law enforcement. a sexuality assault unit is
5:33 pm
being put in place within the police. >> it is a crime. it violates the law. i don't care what the school things about it. >> 12 senior inspectors will be assigned to the program statewide. the massive manhunt continues in the murder of an illinois police officer. tonight there is a race against time to find his killers. abc's marci gonzales is following the latest on the search. >> today the manhunt expanding. officers still trying to track down the gunman who killed one of their own as residents in the small northern illinois town of fox lake nervously wait for their capture. >> i am shaking. i'm shaking like that. >> lieutenant charles joseph gliniewicz was shot to death yesterday morning after radioing in that he was chasing three suspicious men. >> maled in from scene taking officer's firearm and pepper spray. shots were fired.
5:34 pm
unknown direction of travel. >> he said two of the men were white and one was black is all investigators know about the killers explaining they are scouring surveillance video from the area looking for any sign of the men and relying on the public. >> all it takes is one tip or a good lead to break a case wide open. we are vetting through those right now. we have hundreds going in. >> reporter: gliniewicz, a father of four, an army veteran nicknamed g.i. joe has been on the force 32 years and was weeks away from retirement. today attorney general loretta lynch sharing condolences and her concerns about what she describes as an uptick in violence across the country. >> it's a sad fact now that no one is safe. >> reporter: investigators in illinois say evidence collected from the crime scene is now being processed. they explain it will be at least a day before they know if the killers left behind
5:35 pm
fingerprints or dna. marci gonzales, channel 7 eyewitness news. so what lessons were learned about public safety since superstorm sandy? a forum on that question was in monmouth county beach today. since sandy, a lot has been done to make sure different agencies can communicate better with each other. he wants officials to try to anticipate problems. >> the problem when you talk about natural disasters is that obviously things keep changing. we don't anticipate certain things. we try but we can't always do that. >> wabc-tv general manager dave davis was there talking about the importance of tv after natural disasters. as students in yonkers kicked off the school year, police were out in full force to make sure the streets are safe. officers are stepping up traffic enforcement throughout the week. drivers must come to a complete stop in both directions for school buses that have flashing lights on. violators face a $250 fine and
5:36 pm
five points on the license with stiffer penalties for repeat offenses. >> james bond backlashes. a to the top furry. the soccer team picture that sparked outrage on social media. a robber steps up to a bar, orders a drink and does something the bartender never
5:37 pm
saw coming.
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hear you better. you can quit. talk with your doctor. for more help call 1-866-ny-quits a photo posted to social media by college soccer players is causing major backlash. members of the wentworth women's soccer team dressed with their faces planned in black face. the school said some of the
5:40 pm
students involved were not aware of the histories of black face and didn't know it was offensive. >> the students that i spoke with that are involved are contrite, remorseful and we don't believe there was intention to hurt or harm. >> the school says the students will be held responsible and say that they will use the incident as a teaching tool going forward. the author of the new james bond novel is apologizing to the black actor rumored to be up for the role of 007 in the next movie. in a review with the daily mail, he said he was too street to play bond. he wasn't referring to his race and didn't mean offense. he can think of other black actors that would do a better job. the guy in the surveillance video ordered shots at a bar in washington state.
5:41 pm
he handed the bar typedder $100 bill. when she turned around to give him the change he held her up at gunpoint. after he took the cash, he left the bartender a tip, 50 cents. some folks in wisconsin got an opportunity to walk in oprah winfrey's shoes literally. she donated about 400 items from her personal collection to a pop up store in milwaukee. they picked up scarves, bags and shoes from high-end designers. funds from the one day only sale went to a group that brings help and school supplies to communities in africa. >> i'm sure her shoes are fabulous. the new "dancing with the stars" unveiled. >> who made the cut and the one twist we have never seen before. and this. >> labor day sales are already underway. but you got to get them while
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it's getting me in the mood. >> wow. >> we have an exciting new season with "dancing with the stars." the rest of the cast was announced today. >> can i hear that one more time. >> here is a look at everyone competing. chaka khan and nick carter, tamar braxton and hayes grier. the first time spouses are included. alex ex pena vega and her husband carlos and then there is singer andy grammer and entertainer kim zolciak. >> paula deen, gary busy and bindi irwin, victor espinoza
5:46 pm
and one of the men that thwarted the europe train attack alek skarlatos. season 21 "dancing with the stars" prenears monday, september 24 on channel 7. >> the best mix. >> they really, really do. i was excited about chaka but then you saw alek skarlatos. >> he is a hero. >> make the early call on bindi irwin and derrick hough. >> great combining we had in weather fall is coming. >> absolutely. there are only so many of these left. we have to deal with the heat through tomorrow and then it breaks and we have a great weekend. one little bump in the road in the forecast that pumped up the last day. we will get to that t. ladies i think they want to see you again. a huesy sky.
5:47 pm
maybe roll that r again as i go to the forecast. hazy sky downtown. hot afternoon. temperature 86. planning forecast, should be mainly clear. temperatures slowly dropping through the 70s and 74 is your overnight low. phillies mets tonight, 82. first pitch a beautiful night for baseball again at citi field and great in flushing, a hot week at the u.s. tennis center. 74 tomorrow morning, haze, patchy fog. be aware of that for the morning commute. mostly sunny skies through the morning. patchy clouds in the afternoon. this should be the hottest day in the low 90s. forecast of 92 or 93 tomorrow. feeling like 95. partly cloudy skies in the evening hours. late day a spotty storm. catskills, poconos maybe into the hudson valley. the feel like readings will be the highest of the week. 90 to 95 new york city, western half of long island. east end 85 to 90 as does the catskills. futurecast looking like this with mainly clear skies, patchy
5:48 pm
fog at 7:00 in the morning. 60s to mid-70s. during the afternoon, most of the storms are focused to i-90. a few can sneak into the low 80s. the front will cross thursday into friday morning then only slowly slip to the south. it could actually be a focus for not only cloud cover but a few showers around the area through early afternoon on friday then the clouds start to break up. so, first part of the day may not be great. look at these temperatures, they will be down 10 to 12 from tomorrow's highs. u.v. index a 7. pollen count is moderate. boating the winds will be variable out of the west or northeast and eventually south in the afternoon. waves light and bear temperature warm current risk low. holiday weekend weather shows a dip in the jet stream. that means the heat pump is back. after the dip in temperature friday the warmth will build through the upcoming weekend
5:49 pm
and we could be 90 by labor day. bus stop tomorrow morning, similar to this morning. the 74. seven-day forecast, after the heat on thursday, friday is just an okay day. more sun in the afternoon. clouds may linger in the morning hours. maybe a couple of showers, 82. we get that out of the way and three fantastic days for the weekend. humidity down and feels great saturday. warm on sunday and 90 and more humid by labor day. that will continue into next week. tough to string together three straight days. we will do it again. attention shoppers. the time is now to take advantage of september bargains. >> there are lots of big deals. you have to hurry up before they disappear. here is nina pineda. >> spend as little as 350. >> act fast on laptops. the computers are at back to school prices that will end after labor day and not return until black friday.
5:50 pm
>> so, if you are going to wait until mid-september they will be back up. either get it now or waiting until november. >> the next week is the sweet spot then over. >> clock is ticking. >> after labor day the industry buzz is that apple will unleash new products. >> they have a keynote september 9th and announce a new iphone 6 s. >> reporter: with an improved camera and new touch screen reacting to pressure, dan says watch for the old iphone 6 to drop in price dramatically. >> best buy and walmart and other stores you will see it for $50 for a two-year contract. >> reporter: the ipad will go on sale with ipads and ipad minis on the horizon. >> going for about 359 at a good deal. it will get cheaper than when the new one comes out. this is the one i would buy when the new one comes out. >> don't stall on a new microwave, fridge or washer drier.
5:51 pm
now is the time to move on the major appliance purchase. >> you will see 50% off or more sometimes. the breast time to buy a major appliance like a washer drier dishwasher until the black friday time. look in the back of the store and find open box models. they are floor displays or customer returns and they will be like 20% less than anything else. >> grills, patio furniture and all things summer hit the lowest prices of the year in september. >> now is the time to stock up on summer clearance items. >> reporter: don't buy fall items like coats at full price. stock up on summer for next year. >> $5 a pair, who can beat that. nina pineda, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> ladies, i'm sorry to report. kermit is no longer on the market. that is right. he is on the rebound after his break up with long time love miss piggy.
5:52 pm
new photos of the rumored new lady in kermit's life. the pretty pig is named dennis. this comes less than a month after kermit and miss piggy called it quits. while he is dating again, denise is a close friend. find out more on the muppets right here on channel 7. he thought he would never walk again. >> yes, now a teenager seriously injured in a swimming accident talks about his amazing recovery and the people who helped save his life. >> i'm bill ritter. new at 6:00, he was wanted for rape and murder. new york cops had no idea when they arrested him for stealing a car. if it weren't for a high-tech app to track the stolen car, he would probably still be on the run. >> the new york top cop says the city's homeless problem is as bad as it has ever been. he is taking action.
5:53 pm
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a teenager on long island seriously hurt in a swimming accident is back on his feet tonight. >> nico fiorello broke every bone in his neck after jumping in the ocean in jones beach. stacey sager has the remarkable story. >> reporter: nico fiorello begins his senior year this week against all odds. it was 3 1/2 months ago he was motionless in a hospital bed after he dove into the water at jones beach unknowingly hitting a sand bar. >> i dove in then i hit the ground on my head. after that i just couldn't move anything. i was like oh, my god. like he will never walk again. what am i going to do. he is 17. this can't be. not to my -- not my baby. >> the saving grace, he was rescued and treated immediately by doctors at nassau university
5:57 pm
medical center and they operated shortly after. he broke two bones in his neck. the one fragment was piercing his spinal cord. >> remove a bone and put a cage in so he has a belate in the front. >> reporter: there was a second surgery but no guarantee that nico would never walk again. in fact, his doctor says that for everyone patient like him, there are at least 100 others who don't walk. >> he has just made incredible strides that i would have honestly -- i totally, totally thrilled. >> reporter: they say virtually no one with his injuries can do this, that is walk without any assistance. nico just hopes others here his story to understand the power of positive thinking. >> i started getting the strength back in the other parts of my body which will start to get me thinking i will return to minor mall self again. >> above all, the power of patients. at nassau university medical
5:58 pm
center, stacey sager, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> way to go, nico. amazing. still ahead, a chair fit for a pope. meet the people that made a special seat for the pontiff's mass at madison square garden. >> "eyewitness news at 6:00" starts right now. a man wanted for rape and murder tonight busted in new york city. but it was a stolen car that did him in. and the smart app that cops used to find him. but first we have been reporting on it for more than a year. tonight the commissioner of the nypd admits new york city's homeless problem is worse than ever. he is taking action. >> good evening at 6:00 i'm bill ritter. >> mayor de blasio's critics have for months been blasting
5:59 pm
city officials for rising numbers of homeless people living on the streets. police commissioner bratton revealing that the city is targeting dozens of homeless even campments and will break then up. >> where do the people go and will this solve the homeless problem. dave evans at city hall with the lead story. >> reporter: bill, two developments. governor cuomo acknowledging there is a serious homeless problem in new york city. he said the state may be willing to help the city. the other development late today with the police commissioner and top brass saying there is a new effort underway in dealing with the homeless in new york city. a crackdown, full, and also there is now a serious number of homeless even campments across the city. for weeks now new yorkers have complained about a growing homeless problem. the mayor finally acknowledged it recently. the commissioner admitted he knows it's real. >> it has reached the tipping


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