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tv   World News Now  WABC  September 3, 2015 2:35am-3:41am EDT

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her second round loss, is the rackets fall, obviously, cocoa calls it a nervous energy moment. millions of people who have seen the viral video call it something else. >> now she is on eyewitness news. >> she was just a little
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that's it for us. thanks for watching. i'm bill ritter. >> and i'm sade bederinwa. we return tomorrow morning at 4:30. from all of us here, have a great night, and we'll see southern turkey.
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actor dean jones has died. he's best remembered as the star after many light hearted disney comedies in the 1960s and 70s starting with "that darn cat." the most successful the love bug". jones also worked on broadway and television and in other movies including "clear and present danger" and "beethoven." he was 84. it might be hard to get your mind around 3 million of anything but researchers from yale found that's how many trees are on the planet, eight times as many as earlier estimates. they found we're removing about 15 billion trees a year with perhaps only 5 billion being planned back. call it revenge on big game hunters. a new video shows an african bull elephant charging a safari truck last month. he knocks it around easily and nearly injuries a passenger. the elephant also used his tusks on a tire as well as the side of the truck and then having proved had his point, whatever that
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point was, he walks away as if nothing happened. they know. they're smart, animals are smart. >> they don't forget. >> they don't forget. it's been a mostly quiet trading session across asia today following a bounce back session on wall street. stocks rebounded nicely yesterday. the dow posting a 293-point gain. nasdaq up nearly 114. the momentum was held by a report showing american businesses added jobs at a steady pace last month. the government relations its august jobs report tomorrow. all right. one stock that can diagnose rather well in yesterday's rally was mcdonald's. it was up nearly 3% on the news about their all-day breakfast. that had ronald mcdonald getting down. >> i can't believe this one. there he is. he's doing the whip and nae nae with some youngsters at micky d'sness detroit. showing his moves. that's not the nae nae. there you go. >> he didn't only stick to the
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new stuff though. he also did the hustle. see with the women the husbandle? just to be clear, this was actually last week though, not yesterday. after the market closed but who cares? we're seeing ronald mcdonald do his thing. even more impressive with those big shoes. >> it's hard to do the nae nae with big red shoes. >> but people all over the country dancing just like that after hearing the news. >> after hearing about ronald mcdonald into it was trending all day on twitter. it's a big deal. >> now they're going to say ronald is too street for mcdonald's. remember yesterday. >> i think he's always been hood though. yeah, mcdonald's is in every hood. there's nothing more street than mcdonald's. coming up, cashing in your old toys. we'll dive into the toy box to see which of our childhood faves are treasures and which you can just toss in the trash can. >> and the nanny accused of murder who spent years behind
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bars. how she was eventually found not guilty. but first, here's a look at today's weather. you're watching "world news now." "world news now" weather
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we've got trouble in tummy town. peptocopter! when cold cuts give your belly thunder, pink relief is the first responder, so you can be a business boy wonder! fix stomach trouble fast with pepto. the thief is under arrest here in miami after he was caught on camera. you see stealing a package from one someone's front door. the homeowner turned out to be a retired police detective. he didn't hesitate to confront the man and call 911. the suspect was picking up his son from a school across the street when you saw the ups delivery. he was bold enough to back up his mercedes in the driveway while his kids were in the back seat. a california student saved by his iphone. it stopped a bullet during a robbery near campus. the phone was in his pants pocket. it does appear that that iphone
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will be making any calls but the student was unharmed. the robber did get away with his laptop and has not been caught. thank you, siri. a former nanny from ireland is blasting prosecutors here in the u.s. after she spent two and a half years in jail for murder. >> the young woman has been cleared of the charges and is back home still very much shaken by the ordeal. >> after spending more than two years behind bars awaiting trial for a crime, authorities now say she did not commit, ashley mccarthy is now a free woman. >> she's absolutely thankful to the medical examiner's office for doing this rereview. >> reporter: justice long overdue after the former nanny was arrested and charged with murder in 2013 when 1-year-old ray ma sa beer seen in this picture died suddenly. prosecutors sustained the baby sustained brain damage consistent with shaken baby syndrome. the examiner ruled the death a
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homicide but just last week saying the baby's past medical issues raised the possibility she had some type of disorder that was not able to be completely diagnosed prior to her death. and given the uncertainties can no longer rule the manner of death as a homicide. prosecutors immediately dropping all charges monday. >> we where the evidence takes us. when the evidence changes we have to consider that. >> reporter: the family could not be reached for comment. now mccarthy is returning to her native country of ireland. >> she has to try to rebuild her reputation. >> mccarthy was visited in jail by other parents of whom children that she will took care of. >> but what's really troubling also because she overstayed her visa, it could be more than ten years before she can visit her husband who lives in the boston area. tough case to follow. coming up, could your toy chest be a treasure chest? how to turn childhood favorites
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into big bucks. >> meet one collector who says toys could be better investments than the stock market. i want to hear this one. you're watching "world news now."
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well, if you have kids or remember your own childhood, you probably have a houseful of toys. wouldn't it it be nice if you could get back some of the money you spent on them. >> it is possible to turn old toys into cash and sometimes a lot of it. abc's becky worley checks it out. >> reporter: dave from new jersey grew up in the '70s and cleaning out his parents' garage recently took him straight back in time. >> pretty much every single toy that i had is still here. >> reporter: but are such recent
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toys worth anything? enter jordan, aka the toy hunter. >> toys are a better investment than the stock market because toys go up in value. >> reporter: he says toys stir up nostalgia. >> wow, okay. bobo fat. awesome. >> reporter: steak "star wars." star wars. >> wow. wait a minute. this is cool. these old retro t-shirts? >> reporter: and big franchises like star wars, my little pone nil are coming back. >> all the little numbers at 20, $15 adds up. the whole box is about $100. >> reporter: next working toys especially the sounds. they trigger our emotions and get people to open their wallets. >> the nastalgia i totally get it. ga laxia was my favorite arcade game and it works. this is worth $50 to $75. >> reporter: for dave these items are treasured memories. >> i bought that in disney world in 1979.
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it. >>. >> reporter: that paid off. the jackpot. you've got all these beautiful disney figurines. these are bought at the park? >> yep. >> you've got a beautiful set. worth about $500. >> total number on all of these toys, what's your estimate? >> i would say on everything probably about $1900, almost $2,000. >> amazing. >> reporter: becky worley, abc news, new york. >> i collected baseball cards more than toys. they're not even worth the cardstock they're printed on anymore. >> not even the stick of gum? >> no. >> do you have any toys that were your favorites? >> i wish i had saved my strawberriry short cake toys or cabbage patch dolls. >> they had lunch pails. remember alf? thunder cats. he man. >> save the boxes apparently that's where all the money is if you have all the pieces. >> save the boxes, no fun but you'll make money.
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on the upcoming season of dancing with the stars revealed. year. >> all 13 stars have less than two weeks to rehearse before time. brandi hitt is in los angeles with the new lineup. hey, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. most of these celebrities have no dance experience whatsoever. you can see the nerves start to kick in a little bit with less than two weeks till their first performance. actors, a jockey, even an american hero will kick up their
2:56 am
heels for season 21 of "dancing with the stars." >> i hope i learn a lot. >> that's alek skarlatos one of three american who's took down a terror suspect on a paris bound train >> ain't nobody shack cag khan is also competing against andy grammer and nick carter, back street boy. then there's celebrity chef paula deen returning to the spotlight two years after a racial slur controversy. >> this is the first time in a few years that i felt like my weight would allow me to participate. alexa penavegaing is competing against carlos penavega. >> i'm cleansing you prosecutor and gary busy seen in entourage has his shoes ready. >> getting my pants sturdy so they canscopy like seaweed. >> hayes greer is taking on jockey victor espinoza.
2:57 am
kim zoll zi yak, bindi irwin tamar braxton. >> i'm used to crocodiles. >> all getting ready to hit the ballroom and compete for that mirror ball trophy. >> bindi irwin is one of the youngest stars this season at 1737 hayes greer is just 15. you can watch the first round of competition when "dancing with the stars" premieres september 14th on abc. phillip and reena? >> thank you so much. it's a good mix of people. i'm curious about bindi irwin. >> i'm going to make it a point to watch this season and i already have the guy i'm rooting pore. gary busy, if it can't be me, it's going to be gary busy. >> it could be us. don't rule us out yet. i've been practicing more than
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this morning on "world news now," the search for the alleged cop killer continues. >> but the massive manhunt may have changed course. breaking overnight, authorities focusing on a new location as emotions run high. the slain officer's family speaking out. new overnight, hard landing. an army black hawk helicopter goes down in a forest. injuring the soldiers inside as investigators try to piece together what happened. donald trump and jeb bush battling it out in a war over words. trump telling bush you shouldn't be [ speaking spanish ] . this latest round of political jabs taking a tough turn. and the sounds of summer still going strong. we've got a roundup for you of the hottest concert tours and even though the young acts have been grabbing headlines, classic rockers are grabbing ticket sales. for those about to rock, he we
3:01 am
salute you on this thursday, accepts 3rd. from abc news, this is ew now". a cdc song. >> i would try but i can't go there with that. young voices. >> it's too much. >> you cannot duplicate that. guitar player i was told. there you go. there you go. >> you're not a rocker. >> clearly not. swung and missed. >> swinging, right? what was it? you missed every shot you don't take. >> michael jordan i think. from the sports analogies we have breaking news. we're focusing on an area right now in the search for three alleged cop killers just north of chicago that the search is intensifying at this hour. >> police in the air and on the ground responding overnight to reports of suspicious circumstances about ten miles from the village where lieutenant charles joseph gliniewicz was killed. >> earlier hundreds gathered in
3:02 am
a fox lake, illinois park for a vigil in memory of lieutenant gliniewicz. gio benitez has more. >> the three suspects in the death of police lieutenant joe gliniewicz still at large. new audio obtained byw ls appears to capture gliniewicz's last call from this isolated back road. it all started tuesday. the lieutenant reported seeing the three suspicious men. he says he is pursuing them on foot into a swamp area and just moments later calls for backup. two backup units arrive on the scene and minutes later they find gliniewicz unresponsive on the ground about 50 yards from his car with a gunshot wound. >> send everybody you possibly can. officer is down. >> reporter: the shooting launching this massive manhunt from the air and from the ground.
3:03 am
canine units and s.w.a.t. teams. investigators are now turning to the evidence. in fact, right here at the crime scene you can see them searching for any clues. the lead investigator saying they will turn over every leaf in this desolate swampy area. the widow of the fallen father of four speaking out for the first time at a vigil for her husband. >> joe was my best friend, my world, my hero, the love of my life for the last 26 and a half years. >> reporter: an emotional message as authorities warn residents to be aware of anything out of the ordinary. >> shot a police officer. i think that speaks for itself. extremely dangerous. >> reporter: investigators have been looking at surveillance videos and want to see if they can spot the men before crime or after the crime. so far, they have not been able to see them in any of the recordings. gio benitez, fox lake, illinois. a manhunt is also under way near boston after a man shot at a police cruiser. the car crashed into a tree and
3:04 am
burst into flames yesterday afternoon. but the officer behind the wheel was not hurt. polices in massachusetts say the shots came from the driver of a maroon pickup truck as a precaution, schools in the town will be closed today. a middle school had received two threatening phone calls but they're not believed to be related to the shooting incident. a judge refused to dismiss charges against six baltimore police officers in the death of freddie gray. a 25-year-old black man whose spine wasnerly severed while in custody. the judge rejected calls to remove the prosecutor from the case that sparked the worst rioting in baltimore since the '60s. he ruled the officers can have separate trials. charges range from reckless endangerment to murder. as the pretrial hearing got under way, protesters called for justice and change. at least one man was arrested after the demonstrators blocked track and faced off with a line of police officers. the military is looking into the crash of a black hawk
3:05 am
helicopter in colorado. it went down in a dense remote forest area near denver. all four soldiers on board the helicopter were injured. but none of their injuries were life-threatening. the incident happened during a routine training mission. they say it could take up to a week to recover the helicopter from where it went down. this was a major be foreign policy victory for president obama. maryland senator barbara mick cull ski has announced her support of the iran nuclear agreement. that means there are 34 votes for the accord meeting that the president's expected veto of a republican vote to block it cannot be overridden. a high level meeting later today here in new york between donald trump and the head of the republican national committee. the rnc trying to get trump to agree not to run as a third party candidate. trump has stepped up personal attacks on jeb bush. here's abc's jonathan carl. >> reporter: after donald trump
3:06 am
hit yeb bush in english and in spanish -- trump slapped bush for. [ speaking spanish ] . telling the conservative he's a nice man, but he should really set the example by speaking english while in the united states. spanish, by the way, is the native language of jeb bush's wife colum ba and more than 37 million other americans. bush's campaign manager danny diaz tweeted donald trump against spanish? says reagan's not a conservative? looks like a one-man mission to kill the gop and he tweeted this video using trump's own words against him. >> hillary clinton is a terrific woman. i've known herr for years. >> in no time, a trump video using jeb's own words. >> the commitment of someone who has devoted her life to public service. i want to say thank you to both secretary clinton and president clinton. >> reporter: after weeks of
3:07 am
ignoring donald trump, jeb bush and his campaign is going right at him. even bush's son jeb junior has joined the fray viaia via twitter tweeting i can't wait for this summer reality tv show to be over. jonathan carl, the white house. new details about the shooting of a texas taker by a rookie cop last month. autopsy results show the chris christian tail area likely used a psychedelic drug and marijuana prior to the deadly confrontation at a texas car dealership. the officer has since been fired but his attorney says this new evidence should have the department recoring. in the biggest synthetic drug bust in the history of washington, d.c. police seizes more than 260 pounds of a blueberry flavored drug labeled i know this sounds odd, it's called by czaro. that's the name of the drug. treat value of $2.3 million. they also arrested two menace they confiscated nearly 20,000 packets of the drugs from a storage facility. they believe the shipment came
3:08 am
from the west coast. the kentucky court clerk who won't issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples is seeking help from a higher power. a federal judge. kim davis is asking for an emergency injunction while her case goes to court. she says her religious beliefs stop her from issuing the licenses despite an order from the governor. that same federal judge presides today over a contempt of court hearing. electric car sharing is under way in indianapolis. it's called blue indy. 26 charging stations are now open. most of them downtown. eventually, there willable 200. drivers can pick a car up at one location and drop it off at another. they're charged by the minute with a 20-minute minimum. charges start at $4 plus a membership fee. as a general rule, whenever somebody calls a press conference, the press gathers, that official expects to get paid 100% attention. let's say here's an example of things not going the way you expect. >> check out connecticut
3:09 am
governor dan malloy. being photo bombs by a beluga whale. he was talking about tourism in his state. >> that whale there, we call nim juno was the star of the whole show. no one bothered to tell the governoren about the distraction till he was 13 minutes into his 15-minute session. even beluga whales need fame every now and then. >> can you imagine what he was thinking the whole time? he probably thinks i'm giving the most captivating speech on tourism this state has ever seen. everybody enthralled. >> at the mystic aquarium in mystic, connecticut which is a fantastic place. great to bring the kids. >> interesting thing to look at though. coming cup later in the mix," a fair of fist a great grandmothers trying to beat each other in a bicker fest. the doctor accused of killing patients with prescriptions but was she just doing her job. later, summer of the show.
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i take prilosec otc each morning for my frequent heartburn. because it gives me... zero heartburn! prilosec otc. the number 1 doctor-recommended frequent heartburn medicine for 9 straight years. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. a crazy scene caught on camera at a gas station in washington state. the owner left his car running when he went inside. then a would be thief jumped in
3:14 am
so the owner got into the passenger seat and then they started fighting as the car starts to roll. the fight then eventually moves out of the car and onto the ground. the suspect was then held down till police arrived. he's now facing several charges. more than 100 students and teachers went home sick in the raleigh-durham area. the classrooms are being thoroughly cleaned and schools will be open today. health officials are looking into exactly what caused the sickness. a murder trial in los angeles could set a precedent for doctorser from. be careful what you prescribe. >> experts also worry did may make doctors reluctant to prescribe painkillers at all. mara schiavocampo reports. >> reporter: a california doctor accused of killing patients was prescriptions. lisa sing facing second degree murder charges in the overdose deaths of thee patients after prosecutors say she ignored several warnings including the
3:15 am
overdose deaths of 12 patients overall and continued prescribing powerful painkillers like oxycontin. >> during this period of time, the defendant's practice of prescribing did not change at all. >> reporter: three pharmacists testifying they even reported hair concerns to authorities. >> the strengths were high and the quantities were low. >> but defense attorneys say sing is not guilty and her patients are ultimately responsible for their own behavior. >> they took excessive doses in some instances they mixed alcohol, they mixed other drugs. >> reporter: now the patients' families hope cases like this one can help save others. >> don't want anybody else to lose their life because of irresponsible prescribing. >> reporter: mara schiavocampo abc news, new york. >> if convicted tseng faces had ha years to life in prison. >> doctors are traditionally they face a civil lawsuit of
3:16 am
malpractice but it's pretty rare that they would face criminal charges. that very notable exception of in the michael jackson case, dr. conrad murray. even he that was involuntary manslaughter he was convicted of. like we mentioned earlier this could set a precedent for doctorser from when it comes to prescribing in that way. coming up in our next half hour, the hero teachers. what they did when a student whipped out a gun holding the glass hostage. how they got everyone through the ordeal. first, summer isn't over yet. a wrap up of the season's best rock 'n' roll concert tours. who was the hottest and who can you still get a ticket to see. you're watching "world news
3:17 am
3:18 am
yes, it is september. but labor day is still ahead. for millions of us, it is still blazing hot. so really it is still summer, isn't it. >> september's going to be really warm. i've asked viewers not to pray for snow. if you want to keep the summer spirit going, check out the big rock concert performances. bruno checks out the hottest tickets. bruno. >> hey, guys, this year the hottest ticket belongs to the veterans. of course, one not so newbie who goes by the name of t. swift. after 142 sold out shows, eagles are finally winding down their history of the eagles live in concert tour. they kicked off in the summer of 2013. clocking in at almost three hours this is the definitive show for anyone who is a fan of
3:19 am
the eagles and fearings the band's greatest hits and some of their lesser known songs. 40 something years after their founding, the eagles are still soaring and higher than ever. >> reporter: a rolling stone gathers no moss and neither does the world's greatest rock 'n' roll band. the stones zip code summer stadium tour launched 51 years after they first toured the u.s. and two years after the last stones' u.s. tour. i like it like it yes, i do >> reporter: mick and the boys have been one of stubhub most in demand tickets and all bets are they'll continue to keep rolling in the years to come. after a long absence, australia's rock gods a cdc
3:20 am
return to u.s. shows with the rock or bust world tour which kicked off earlier this year the at coachella. this is a head banging celebration of hard rock at its form. let there be rock, courtesy of angus young and company. i was raised in a liar's den >> reporter: despite their ha enormously successful fair three well shows it looks like members of the grateful dead will keep on trucking. the band came together on their 50th anniversary to play their final slows grossing over $50 million for just five concerts. it was easily one of this summer's hottest tickets. the dead heads don't despair. three of the four surviving members have enlisted john mayer for a new incarnation, dead end
3:21 am
company playing at madison square garden on halloween. >> reporter: and add another accolade to taylor swift's ever growing list. she is now the number one touring songstress since she starred touring in 2011. it's no surprise that she's hot this summer. she sold over 500,000 tickets so far this year and she'll be touring throughout north america this fall. nothing seems to be stopping her from world domination. i know it's only rock 'n' roll but we like it. oh, yes, we do. try and catch some of these amazing entertainers in action. time waits for no one and the summer's still young. back to you guys. >> bruno, thank you so much. bruno has like a casey case many don't you you think? and we are a bunch of dead heads. >> far out.
3:22 am
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and now it's time for "the mix." have you siblings, right? you hope the older you get you might be able to gel a little bit better. rivalry might not be there. but grandmas are 101 and 96 years old. they prove they still have their own bicker fest. take a listen. >> will you shut up a minute? >> what is she saying to me. >> i'm telling you to shut up. >> would you guys ever consider moving in together? >> no. god for bid. >> everybody makes me mad. >> this cracks me up. they have their own youtube channel. this one has more than 2,000 views. they're 101 and 96. they still go at it. >> love her peering over the steering wheel.
3:26 am
i'm glad they have this channel because they are hilarious. check it out. they bicker back and forth. it is great to watch. why did the chicken cross the road? >> to go to mcdonald's. >> in northern california, they actually had -- i don't know if they asked them where the chicken was headed but this is a couple of pictures of a chicken wandering around. that looks like in the parking lot but it is actually crossing the road here. police had to intervene and get the chicken out of the road because it was not doing so in a timely fashion. >> no, they didn't. >> so it got popped. it has a record now. it's on probation. as long as it doesn't do anything else wrong, it can go ahead and live its own life, go to mcdonald's. >> >> was the chicken remorseful or not really? >> pretty silent. just a few chirps here and there. >> nice, nice. that was funny. you know one of my favorite songs from the summer was i can't feel my face.
3:27 am
i'm always humming it. i love that song. it this could be the new song for denyists offices everywhere. take a listen she told me don't worry about it she told me don't worry no more we both know we can't go without it >> that is andrew hong he has more than half a million hits since posting it on youtube a few days ago. his local dentist office used their instruments and redid the song. it's hilarious. i think during the commercial break i'm going to play it for you. >> this guy has plenty of others all over youtube. >> yep. breaking bad theme. chemistry equipment. >> all sorts of talent on youtube there. that will do it for "the mix" and the news for this half hour. >> moore news coming up from my name is amanda and i smoked while i was pregnant.
3:28 am
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3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," marriage standoff. more same-sex couples denied by the county clerk. still refusing to issue marriage licenses. why today she may no longer have a choice as she faces a judge. breaking overnight, manhunt changes course. police searching for the suspects in the tragic death of a beloved officer. his wife's emotional message just ahead. and new this half hour, is joe biden dropping hints? as the nation waits for his decision to run or not, the vice president gets support from a would be adversary. new developments ahead. >> and dancing days are here again. the new lineup of "dancing with the stars" is set. find out who rounds out the year's ballroom hopefuls that's later in "the skinny" on then thursday, september 3rd. from abc news, this is
3:31 am
"world news now." our top story this half hour is the kentucky clerk refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. >> kim davis appears in court today for a contempt of court hearing. abc's alex perez reports that despite a court order to issue the licenses davis is sticking to her guns. >> reporter: county clerk kim davis defiant, her husband at her side arped with a handgun tucked in his waistband. waiting for inside, another gay couple looking for a marriage license. >> your interpretation of the bible does not trump the constitution. >> no, this is not. >> my god is loving. >> >> davis asking a federal judge to allow her to deny marriage licenses to same sex couples while her case makes its way through the courts. the controversial clerk catapulted to the spotlight in july with this cell phone video. david moore and david ermold arriving for a marriage license. >> if i can mention, i have the
3:32 am
letter from the governor's office stating that all the county clerks are to issue marriage licenses. i also have the supreme court ruling. >> reporter: davis turning them away. they tried again in august and again same result. >> when you heard her say she's working under god's authority, what did you think? >> you are not in the church. i respect religion. i respect people, people's faith. okay? but this is a civil institution. >> reporter: but in this small town of about 6900 people, kim davis has her supporters, too. >> i'm standing behind her because i believe she is right. she's following god's law and i believe that trumps all. >> reporter: and the u.s. attorney saying it's time for davis to follow the law. she will be held in contempt of court. alex perez, moorhead, kentucky. breaking news in the search for suspects in the killing of a police officer just north of chicago. police on the move both on the ground and in the air after
3:33 am
reports of suspicious circumstances about ten miles from where lieutenant charles joseph gliniewicz was killed tuesday. last night think remembered and honored gliniewicz who was known as "g.i. joe." his wife speaking about his publicly for the very first time. >> joe was my best friend in my world, my hero, the love of my life for the last 26 1/2 years. he was my rock as much as i was his rock. >> reporter: gliniewicz leaves behind four sons. he was planning to retire at the end of this month. at that vigil last night, the mayor of fox lake said he'll miss gliniewicz daily comments especially the one in which he reported being vertical and caffeinated. a new video raises questions about the so-called hands up shooting in texas. in the first video, the suspect gilbert flores appears to have his arms raised in the air before sheriff's deputies shot and killed him.
3:34 am
a second video has not been made public but reported appears to show something possibly a knife in flores' hand. that video has been sent to a state crime lab for analysis. court records show flores asked police to kill him before and during an arrest in 1999. >> the justice department releasing a final report on the police response to the unrest in ferguson, missouri, following the death of michael brown. the scathing report flushes out a draft version that came out in june and blasts ferguson police for poor community relations infringing on rights and using military style tactics and found the police response offered lessons how not to handle mass demonstrations. >> there is an escalating war of words between donald trump and jeb bush. trump said that bush should set a good example and speak english while in the united states. this comes a day after bush spoke spanish to supporters in florida. spanish, by the way, is the native language of jeb bush's wife columba as well as more than 37 million other americans.
3:35 am
speculation continues to grow whether vice president joe biden will join the race. biden tested the political waters during a fund-raising trip to florida. here's abc's cecilia vega. >> reporter: in this key battle ground, did joe biden drop a hint? >> people who aren't willing to risk failing never succeed. >> reporter: the vice-president looking a lot like a candidate during his first road trip since he began quietly exploring a possible 2016 bid. behind the scenes, biden land is heating up, his supporters hiring staff. one source close to him telling abc news it now seems more likely than not that biden will run. challenging not just a political ally but a friend. biden and hillary clinton working side by side for years. just last week, the democratic front-runner, offering nothing but praise. >> i have a great deal of admiration and affection for him. >> reporter: will he or won't he? it's a decision that may not come until the end of the month.
3:36 am
>> one of the things weighing heavily in this decision is the death of his son beau. biden recently telling supporters his heart and soul has to be in this decision. and right now, he says he is pretty bang add up. cecilia vega, abc news, new york. president obama is on his way home from a three-day visit to alaska. highway he was in the arctic circle, the white house wants to understand and lessen the effects of climate change. mr. obama used the slowly sinking town where he was speaking to show the effects of warmer temperatures. he said if another country were threatening the town, americans would rush to help. i thought he was going to walk on a glacier but he did not. i was slightly worried what the secret service would think about this. apparently he walked to a glacier on tuesday. he was about a couple hundred feet from the bottom of the glacier but he did not walk on one. >> important distinction. >> we would call them the wallenda brothers if that was the case. the president watched a
3:37 am
cultural performance by students and surprised them by joining in on the last dance. he told them he had been practicing and it appears he really had. looks pretty good. look at that. >> nice. >> he's got rhythm. >> yeah, he always has. serena williams is safely through to the third round of the u.s. open, but she did struggle a bit yesterday afternoon against her dutch opponent. williams double faulted ten times and made two dozen more unforced errors but she pulled out the win in straight sets trying to become the first player to win all four grand slam tournaments in a single season since 1988. >> and serena's older sister venus has also advanced to the third round. one woman who didn't, cocoa vandeweghe. >> here she is losing her mind, going nuts on her racket after fall behind five games to none in the first set of her second round loss. vandeweghe acknowledges the crowd, as you saw, took a bow, kept slamming it.
3:38 am
>> forget that racket. vandeweghe lost the match 6-22, 6-1. afterwards she said i definitely had a lot of nervous pent up and frustration and i let it rip. oh, you sure did. maybe the wwe will call. >> she also had a little bug about to climb up and had to make sure it would not. >> is that what it was? a little mosquito? coming up, the skinny, the familiar face who is rosie o'donnell is reportedly dating >> but first the heroic actions taken at a school. the teacher who kept her students safe. >> and later the sprying trend selfies. true. we'll explain. weather. brought to you by fixodent plus
3:39 am
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a video posted on facebook showing a high school football coach and nearly 20 players in georgia being baptized before practice last month. critics say because they're from a public school, the mass baptism crosses the line. school administrators weren't aware it was going to happen. they say they're looking into the incident and will take appropriate measures. one person who attended called it a soulful bonding experience. a huge poisonous snake is on the loose in orlando. the owner of a king cobra like this one reported it escaped within the past 24 hours. the missing snake is about eight feet long and so venomous one bite can kill an elephant. wildlife officials are canvassing the area near an elementary school hoping to find
3:43 am
that cobra before anyone gets hurt. >> near an elementary school? it can get into a pipe, it can get in through a toilet. >> anywhere, yeah. it makes it that much more scary. >> i would not be going to school. yes, it's scary. it makes me -- we talk about every teacher's other nightmare a student holding a gun and her class hostage. >> a west virginia woman last week not only kept her cool but resolved the situation peacefully and talked about it with our friend t.j. holmes. >> it was just nine days into the new school year and phillip barbour high school in philly me, west virginia, goes on lockdown. the hostages according to police, twyla smith and her class of 27 students. the hostage taker a freshman who walked in and put a gun to smith's head. >> he said that he was going to kill people and himself. >> reporter: what were you in there talking to him about? >> i just kept asking him to let everybody leave and he and i would stay, anything i could
3:44 am
think of. just telling him that he hadn't gone too far. >> reporter: when the bell rang, for the next class to come in it, other students began knocking on door but smith turned them back and signaled another teacher, jen swift. >> he was standing by the bulletin board with the gun raised and said you can get in here too. swift ran for help. smith now credited with keeping her students alive. >> when they walk in here, we're supposed to teach them and we're supposed to take care of them. >> reporter: for these two teachers, job well done. t.j. holmes, abc news, philippi, west virginia. >> look at mr. holmes in his element there. >> that teacher now she had been teaching there -- she has been teaching for three decades and guess what, all of this didn't traumatize her, she was back the very next day in school teaching after really her heroic actions. >> that's pretty incredible. it's unsuspected.
3:45 am
there's obviously no plan. you have fire drills, have you tornado drills but not often do you have drills for somebody who walks in with a gun and takes your entire class hostage. i'm such a big fan of teachers on the show. we never express enough gratitude for teachers. don't forget, school starting up, say thank you to those teachers because they do so much more than we realized. >> that kid who is a freshman is now facing charges. he's in juvenile detention facility. he actually was not in that class but his ex-girlfriend who he had just broken up with was in there. that's why he went in there. teenage kid couldn't handle the breakup, walked in and did that. won't be going back to school, that's for sure. not that one. up next, a "dancing with the stars" shocker. >> a new lucille ball movie. who is set to play the redhead. "the skinny" up next. "world news now" continues after this from our abc
3:46 am
3:47 am
io skinny, so skinny >> he topping the
3:48 am
skinny, so skinny . >> topping "the skinny" this morning, the final four surprise contestants on the new season of "dancing with the stars" were revealed on "good morning america"ing >> two reality tv stars among them. kim zolciak from "real housewives of atlanta" should add spice to the cast, tamar braxton who shares the limelight with her sisters on the show "braxton family values." the third new contestant celebrity chef paula deen making a career comeback after her racial comments and the biggest surprise, alek skarlatos. look at him. of course, you remember one of the three american heroes from that train attack in france. just two weeks ago, the national guardsman just back from afghanistan was apparently added at the last minute and dancing host tom bergeron joked that he might double as security. >> that's awesome. >> how his life has changed in the last couple weeks is incredible. he was out there. this really scary situation happens. he handles it in an incredible
3:49 am
way and now has all the honors. you've seen him on red carpets. and now this. well deserved. >> interesting to see paula deen back, too. we haven't seen much of her. i'll be interested to see how it goes. >> and can they dance which is the big question. there are two celebrity names they are reported to be in a relationship. rosie o'donnell and tatum o'neal. this report coming from "people" magazine saying they've been romantically involved for about two months now. rosie's reps say that they just friends but so did -- i remember kermit and his rep said that he's just friends with his new girl. >> who knows. a rough few months for rosie. she separated from her second wife in november. her daughter ran away last month. tatum who is divorced from tennis great john mcenroe related to people" in may that she is dating mostly women now. >> rosie o'donnell and tatum o'neal are in two of my favorite baseball movies of all time.
3:50 am
rosie o'donnell in "league of their own," and tatum was the kid pitcher in "bad news bears." >> i forgot about that one. >> walter matthew, terrific performance. but ran a little tidbit. both baseball movies. >> speaking of movies, an authorized biopic about the comedian lucille ball is in the works and cate blanchett has agreed to play lucy. >> according to the wrap, the move will chronicle her 20-year marriage to desi arnaz with whom she created the "i love lucy" show. one of the most influential tv sitcoms of all time. the couple had two children and divorced in 1960. it is their children producing this film. >> that should be really good. cate blanchett is not known as a comedic actress. that should be interesting. no word who will be cast to play desi. aaron sorkin is in talks to write the movie. it's early though and it's not clear when the movie would actually be released. but i would love to see it. the fact her children are producing it might make it to a
3:51 am
really authentic movie. >> perfect casting. she -- i can already see it. >> a good actress. >> all right. justin bieber fans an biebers, you there? you can be fanatic about your boy. now the model who stars in his latest video says she's getting death threats. here's why. take a look what do you mean you nod your head yes but you want to say no, what do you mean >> is that zenia deli? >> i think so, his love interest in the video. she says she was doing her job and didn't expect so much hate online. some fans are loyal to selena gomez. justin's one-type girlfriend, remember? >> oh, yeah, i remember. i can't stop thinking about that. >> people are thinking backoff. the two were seen having dinner in l.a. last month and he had glowing things to say about her on ryan seacrest's radio show.
3:52 am
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so let's face it, divorce is awkward. how do you tell your friends, your family or your colleagues? >> now some modern couples are making the announcement on social media with one final selfie. >> oh, boy. >> abc's sara haines on what could be a new trend. >> reporter: it's the post breakup phenomenon taking social media by storm. divorce es ditching their marriage and saying i do to divorce selfies. finding a silver lining in splitsville by turning a heartbreaking situation into a fun photo op. >> a light-hearted way to announce your divorce in one shot. and also let people know that they don't have to feel awkward around you. >> reporter: this is florida couple keith and michele knight on their wedding day.
3:56 am
fast forward three years, they're happily divorced. >> the most amicable easy going divorce in history. >> reporter: the exes sealing the deal with a selfie right outside the courtroom. >> she said you want to take a selfie? kind of as a joke. and i said why not. sharing this photo on instagram with a caption, here's to the most friendly, respectful and loving split imaginable. the response? >> 99% positive. we're celebrating the fact that we can move forward. >> reporter: but keith and michele not the only ones showing divorce can have a happy ending. chan couple shannon and chris newman declaring their 11 year marriage officially over by snapping a selfie outside this calgary courthouse thursday. >> we kind of high fived and did a silly selfie and went on our way. >> reporter: in a matter of days, the candid photos gone viral, shared on facebook a whopping 36,000 times and counting. >> it shocked me that other people were responding to it.
3:57 am
>> reporter: shannon hopes her kids will appreciate it too when they're older. >> i think they'll recognize that we love them. we'll always work really hard to be -- this makes me cry, to be their parents. >> reporter: the selfies proving divorce doesn't have to be ugly. sara haines, abc news, new york. there's one way to get it done. >> i kind of get it now after seeing the piece. shannon who was mentioned in the piece says love your kids more that you know hate your ex. >> there you go. if there are no kids involved, and my friends are getting a divorce, congratulations. they usually feel that way. they're happy to do it. that's one way. you got to post something before you do that status change because then it gets weird. >> then we're talking social media etiquette. >> that's what we're doing. >> we'll be right back. this is abc's "world news now" informing insomniacs for two decades. informing insomniacs for two decades.
3:58 am
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