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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  September 3, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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good spot to land, a big open field. no kids playing in the field at the time. it came to rest on the tree line. unclear on how the passengers are aboard the plane. all of this happening within the last few minutes. we will keep you updated as more information becomes available and emergency crews work to get the people out of the plane. reporting live over cresskill, shannon sohn, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> shannon, i know you said you are unclear about the victim's possibly inside the plane, are you seeing any other activity closer underneath those trees, possibly pulling someone out? can you zoom in to that shot? >> they are making quick work of this. the emergency crews here got here almost immediately. you can see the fire department is around the plane. we are not quite sure how bad the damage is to the cab of the plane itself. it looks like they are looking around the plane to determine the safety of the situation and how they will extricate anyone from the plane. no one has gotten out yet.
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that is not to say that no one will get out. >> shannon, you mentioned, we could see that huge area. if you go back wide a clear path for the plane to just sort of come in. but, of course, then it clipped by the trees there. >> you got to understand also that when an engine quits in an airplane like this. it appears to be a cessna, hard to plaque out. when an engine quits and you are in forward momentum, you have glide time to look at your spot. i am bringing the shot out. that is the swim club in the center of the picture. on the right side another baseball field. this is filled with children. so, he really did the best that he could do trying to find somewhere to land. as david mentioned, this is a very residential area, lots of tree lines, houses. this looked like the best shot for a landing zone. he did what he could to put it down. it did come to rest against the trees but hopefully it was enough to save anyone on board. >> thank you.
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if you can stay in that area for updates. we have a crew heading to the shannon, thank you. moving on, new at 5:00, another football saying a gay erupting -- saga erupting, this time at rutgers. >> two home invasions and the there. kemberly richardson is live in piscataway with more on the criminal charges. kemberly? >> reporter: well, it is not the kind of attention any university ever wants. police say members of the football team here at rutgers both present and past along with others carried out home invasions and assault carrying guns, knives and bats, stole cash and drugs. nine of the ten suspects were arrested today. the one is still on the run. a dark cloud hangs over the football team at rutgers university two days before the big season opener. five current and two former
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players have been arrested. in a statement to the school telling eyewitness news the students involved are currently suspended from our program. we continue to monitor the situation. >> they get rowdy. i'm not so surprised by it. >> reporter: police say the series of four incidents took spring. in custody, these pictures are from the team's web sites: former players tejay johnson and dylan's brother daryl. police say johnson and two others wearing masks and carrying guns robbed five students, took cash and marijuana. the next day officials maintain johnson and boggs broke into another home on hartwell street and with a bat and knife robbed students of $900, again, marijuana. the pair wasn't finished. may 5th they tried to rob
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students in a dorm on the livingston campus but the kids fought back. the police connected more dots. on april 25th -- >> the road was blocked off. i had to turn around. i couldn't get down the street. >> reporter: here on delafield street, johnson, peele, gross, stevenson and his brother surrounded a group of four in what police say was an unprovoked attack lashed out, even breaking a student's jaw. >> kids get rowdy. if you put yourself in that situation, you should be ready to bear the consequences for it. investigation, just friday police searched a home not far from campus. inside they found 93 grams of marijuana, a stun gun and more than $35,000 in cash. the suspect that lived there, jianna chen. the 19-year-old helped plan the attempted robbery in the dorm.
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for now live in piscataway, kemberly richardson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. we want to take you back to the breaking news that we have been following. a small plane crash in cresskill, new jersey. this is happening right now. there was a call that came in that this pilot said that they had problems with their engine. there was engine failure. clearly tried to make a landing here but it did not happen. >> the crash happening at third and mag joule that -- magnolia street across from the cresskill swim club. shannon sohn is giving us the updates. do you have any updates to >> shannon? >> i'm sorry, guys. you got me now? >> i apologize for that. >> what is the latest. what are we looking at? the scene. do we have any word about the occupants inside, how many conditions? >> yeah, we know a little more about the plane. what we can tell you off the bat is just a few moments ago they did take one person on a
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stretcher out of that plane and in to this waiting ambulance. around. it was a male that was brought in to the ambulance. so, they have gotten one person out of the plane crash. we know a little more about the plane as well. plane. it is a cessna. they usually fly with two pilots on board. we are expecting there should be another person. we haven't seen anyone else being taken out of the plane. they have gotten one person out of the plane that crashed after experiencing an engine failure somewhere over the hudson river and managing to get it in here to cresskill where it crashed into this tree line outside of the field, again after an engine failure. they declared an emergency failure. they had trouble with the engine then glided to the safest spot they could find. one person extradited from the plane. unclear. it looks like there should be a second passenger. we don't believe that passenger has been taken out yet. back to you.
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>> shannon, we have the video. you were talking about that one victim being hauled out of the plane. this is that gentleman there that you were talking about. can you elaborate more on his possible condition at all, shannon? >> reporter: we don't know exactly what his condition is. when they brought him out it appeared that he was moving. that is a good sign. we like to see that. they did get him from the pilot side of the aircraft. we are assuming that is the pilot that they brought out. he is waiting in the ambulance. they are not making huge rushing moves to get him to the ambulance. hopefully that means he is alert and conscious. they are doing their assessment much whatever medical attention he needs. not sure how he is doing right now. because they are not rushing to the hospital with him, we cross our fingers and hope that is a good sign that he is okay. he will have injuries but we hope he is okay. >> you mentioned that this is a coast guard auxiliary plane
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where there are usually two pie lots. hopefully if there is another person on board he will be okay. we will dip back in to coverage with you as new information becomes available. now the 4th quarter come back for tom brady. a federal judge erased his four game suspension for the deflategate controversy that the nfl claimed threatened the game's integrity. rob powers joins us with more. >> reporter: the judge tried time after time to get the two sides to come up with some kind of compromise but neither side budged. today victory for tom brady's camp, what some would say is humiliation for the nfl commissioner's office. 40 pages of legal talk that boils down to this. the patriots get their quarterback now. when the decision was announced, no patriots statement, no we told you so. just this picture of a happy tom brady. no words needed. if a picture is indeed worth a
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thousand words, today's 40 page decision by u.s. district judge richard berman speaks volume. commissioner goodell said to dispense his own brand of justice. today's ruling doesn't prove that brady had nothing to do with deflated balls. it means the commissioner overstepped his authority by handing down an arbitrary four- game suspension. the league disagrees. again, we will appeal today's ruling in order to uphold the collectively bargained responsibility to protect the integrity of the game. brady wasn't aware of the punishment he faced. he was denied access. that's what the ruling states. the four game suspension ordered to be erased immediately. the player's union responds. this decision should prove once and for all that our collective bargaining agreement does not grant this commissioner the authority to be unfair, arbitrary and misleading. the patriots play the giants in
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a preseason game tonight. bob craft said of judge berman, we are gratefully appreciate eave of him. now we can return the focus to the field. suspension overturned, appeal will go through. the league said it is not seeking an emergency stay so brady plays. the public who never heard the term deflategate before eight months ago can move on as well. the season opens one game from tonight. first game steelers at patriots. >> thank you, rob. be sure to stay with eyewitness news, abc news and espn for the latest developments in the deflategate saga. you can get information at abc7ny. a clerk denying gay marriage licenses in kentucky hauled off to jail. how long she could stay and will licenses now be given out? >> a wall collapsed at a brooklyn building turning deadly. construction workers rushed to nearby hospitals. what investigators say should have been done differently.
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>> caught on camera, a gas station attendant dragged by a driver steal
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officials in rockland county are urging residents to voluntarily conserve water. they say the water resources are becoming stressed because of below average rainfall in july and especially in august. eyewitness news reporter tim fleischer is live in nan knew eat. >> reporter: they want residents to think long and hard and serious about the conservation elements to try and save as much water as they can. it's voluntary. it's things you can do not only inside your home but outside
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your home. turn off the sprinkler and let the lawns turn brown. a simple but effective way to conserve water. >> everything is dry. we are not getting any rain. not for two months now. >> reporter: with rainfall down 10% in july and 65% below average in august, david miller, the program manager stresses voluntary conservation measures. >> if we can reduce our water use now, we can help to prevent running into a critical situation later. >> and this time of year the largest usage they say comes from lawn sprinklers. >> little need to water lawns any more. >> if we need to conserve water, that's what i will do. >> reporter: rockland county gets all of its water from inside its boundaries. 30% from lake deforest and 70% from wells. >> given the weather, the dry hot weather cut back and conserve water. >> reporter: the county offers
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on its web site a long list of suggestions from fixing leaky faucets to turning offshore heads to washing the car. >> i had the new toilets put in. use like a gallon of water if that. >> we have a well. so, we don't have too much of a problem. but we don't have sprinklers on them. >> if we conserve water now, we can help to prevent hitting a future. >> reporter: in neighboring bergen county jersey, united water is asking the residents to voluntarily tut back on the use of water. tim fleischer, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, tim. thank you. meteorologist lee goldberg is here with the forecast. >> now a good part of the area is in a moderate drought, northeast new jersey, parts of long island. we are about a week away from signature navy can't rainfall. that is the bad news.
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the good news, we will break the heat wave, have a transition day tomorrow then set the stage for a gorgeous, gorgeous weekend. a shot outside. i want to reset the weather computer. our temperatures are working in the low 90s at this point. a great looking picture of central park in the meadow. hazy skies there. a northeast wind a good part of the day. that knocked down the humidity temporarily. feels like temperatures are close to the actual temperature. 92 at 5:00. 30% humidity. northeasterly wind at 7. barometer is holding steady and 93 the high today. so, that's the hottest of the entire stretch. 80 degrees the average high. running well above that. there are the sunrise and sunset times. a nice toasty evening. last year it was 86 degrees. last september started off warm as well. 88 stan hop.
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east rutherford and clifton 93. wind out of the northeast catching the sound and going over brentwood 83 degrees. off the atlantic and belmar 86. 91 white plains and poughkeepsie. feels like readings are close to the actual temperature because the humidity got knocked down a little bit by that northeast wind. sun and patchy clouds, during the evening hours. there are spotty storms. i will point one out over the hudson valley. isolated storm. then tomorrow morning will look different than the previous several weeks. we will have a fair amount of clouds. maybe a shower through midday to early afternoon. temperatures struggle, low 80s. humid out there. humidity waits until tomorrow night to leave us. most of the area is quiet. a couple of spotty storms. one over orange county will try to get near west milford. one. lightning coming down the pike. it's right near kingston and drifting to new paltz and hyde park and pulsing there. poe.
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we will monitor that. if it holds together, lower hudson valley during the evening hours. a cold front here. this cluster of showers will stay away. it's the spotty storms that we will deal with through the overnight. temperatures north of the front are nice and comfortable. a lag with this front. we don't get the real low humidity until tomorrow evening. humidity is still with us. cooler, clouds more breaks in the afternoon. that is the transition day. then the high parks to the north saturday. back to beautiful. low humidity, 82 degrees. that's the coolest day of the weekend. then we warm things up and the humidity creeps up through the upcoming weekend. hazy warm, sticky overnight. 74. 82 tomorrow. a lot of clouds especially through early afternoon and the showers mainly a.m. then during the afternoon we dry out and become clear and comfortable tomorrow night. at 5:30, the warm and toasty weather pattern into labor day and possible heat wave next week.
5:19 pm
will we break it in a week's time? more on that in the seven-day forecast. >> thank you. coming up, a clerk in kentucky tossed into jail over the same-sex marriage debate. >> we continue to follow breaking news in new jersey where a plane crashed in an
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ld she made national headlines for refusing to issue gay marriage license. now she is in jail and her did you want clerk has been ordered to issue the licenses instead. supporters and opponents rallied outside the courthouse. marci gonzales is here with more. >> reporter: in court, all but one of the deputy clerks that work in her office agreed to issue marriage licenses while davis is still standing her ground and now facing the consequences. today cheering and outrage outside of this federal courthouse in kentucky.
5:23 pm
strong reactions to a judge finding a county clerk in contempt of court putting her behind bars for this. >> we are here to get our marriage license. >> we are not issuing marriages licenses. >> since the supreme court's june ruling, kim davis has repeatedly turned away gay couples refusing to issue any marriages licenses, testifying today her conscious will not allow it. >> under whose authority are you not issuing -- >> under god's authority. >> davis has been married four times. she says while her past may not be perfect she is entitled to religious freedom. >> kim davis is prepared for consequences. the other consequences she wouldn't want to risk, being unfaithful to god. >> reporter: while she has a right to her religious beliefs she is obligated to follow the law.
5:24 pm
the group requesting that davis pay a fine. the judge taking it further ordering her to stay in federal custody until they agrees to issue marriage licenses. >> we didn't want to see that. sad it came to that. again, the judge did his job by following the law. the judge explained his belief that this is the only way to ensure that she come lies. her legal team said this is not the kind of america the founder even fish sound. >> marci, thank you. g.o.p. front runner donald trump says he will support the republican nominee even if it's not him. >> the best thing is if i win the nomination and go against whoever they put up. for that reason, i have signed the pledge. >> trump made the announcement in midtown after meeting with republican national committee chair.
5:25 pm
the party asked all the candidates to sign the pledge. until today trump resisted. a mixed day for stocks on wall street. they rose earlier in the day and fell off in the last hour of trading. investors are looking ahead to tomorrow when the august jobs report is released. the dow managed to close with a modest gain raising 23 points, closing at 16,374. the nasdaq fell 16 points and the s&p 500 rose 2 points. frightening moments at a brooklyn construction site. a wall collapsing on workers and one did not survive. an update from the scene is just ahead in a live report. >> another legionella scare in the bronx. why health officials are handling this case a bit differently. >> a robber caught on camera dragging a new jersey gas
5:26 pm
station attendant with his car.
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we are following breaking news out of bergen county. a small men went down on a soccer field in cresskill. it happened near a baseball field that appeared to be filled with young players at the time. one person on board was injured. it's not known if other people were on board at the time of the crash. >> we learned tom brady has arrived at gillette stadium in foxborough ahead of tonight's game against the giants. a judge cleared brady of the four-game suspension that the nfl issued following the deflategate scandal. the league will appeal the decision. >> good evening, i'm shirleen
5:29 pm
allicot in for diana williams. >> i'm sade baderinwa. one worker lost his life and two other workers were hurt and five workers escaped unharmed when a wall came crashing down. >> it happened around 11:30. mallory hoff is at the scene with new information for us. mallory? >> reporter: this neighborhood is reacting tonight. a 19-year-old construction worker is dade. two other con -- is dead. two other construction workers are said to be stable. it happened around 11:30 this late morning behind the green construction barrier. first responders and fire crews flooded myrtle avenue in brooklyn after awol collapsed during a demolition. a 1-year-old was killed and two others were injured. >> i am nervous about it. >> he was working on a project nearby when the fall fell.
5:30 pm
he is devastated by the incident. >> everyday i come to work. safety first. harness, hard hat, glasses, mask, gloves. be safe. >> reporter: you hope something like this doesn't happen? >> not to me and not to my workers. >> reporter: department of building commissioner rick chandler explains what lead to the accident. >> the rear wall side to side was being excavated. it was under mind. approximately one story masonry wall that collapsed inward on to the workers. >> reporter: chandler said the company had permits to transform a one story building into a five story building. >> they took more of a risk than they should have in doing the excavation. >> reporter: people in the area hope situations like this one can be presented in the future. >> it should never happened. >> reporter: right now crews are in the process of turning the gas off here measure. we have also learned that buildings nearby maybe unstable as well as a result of this incident.
5:31 pm
for now we are live in the williamsburg section of brooklyn, mallory hoff, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> mallory, thank you. new to the latest -- now to the latest on the legionella discovery in a bronx apartment complex. we are getting the first look at the contaminated filters at the melrose houses and what is being done to prevent the spread of bacteria. darla miles is at the melrose section. >> reporter: this is the building from the city said it had a fake post siff for legionella and where the water filters are being installed. the test results from six additional buildings will be in to now if they need more water filters. >> one in the kitchen, bathroom and the shower. shower head. >> reporter: installing these water filters in etch and every apartment at 681 cortland avenue, a quick 15-minute fix.
5:32 pm
undoing the uneasiness with a positive test for legionella, that may take longer. >> i hope people in the building didn't get infected by it. that's all. >> reporter: that is what is city is trying to determinement it says there have been four cases, one diagnosed just last thursday. two cases linked to the opera house hotel and one case in march which the city says was isolated. >> if it was here for six months and we didn't know about it, something is wrong. >> i have a scar. i have a son that is handicapped. i speak with the manager of housing before. now he is waiting six months. >> reporter: that anxiety is real. >> i don't want to catch anything, okay. i smoke, like i said. that is a risk. and i also, you know, have diabetes. i'm not taking any chances.
5:33 pm
>> reporter: the city is trying to curb fears by passing out fliers and installing the water filters as a precaution. >> until we get the additional tests back early next week, we can't tell you there is legionella in the building. we may come back with an ultimate negative on it. >> reporter: half of the apartments in this building have received the water filters. the other half is expected to be installed tomorrow. until then, this building will remain without hot water and there will be a security presence here. reporting in the melrose section of the bronx, darla miles, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. city with eyewitness news for the latest on the legionnaires outbreak and find resources around the clock at abc7ny. police in new jersey released video of a gas station attendant ruthlessly dragged by a robber driving away from the scene. the crook on the loose paid for ten dollars worth of gas at a
5:34 pm
middletown gas station in august. even in he grabbed the attendant's apron full of money dragging him about 35 feet. the apron wound up ripping and the crook got a with with about $1,500. the nypd releasing images of a suspect wanted for a violent groping incident on a subway in brooklyn. police say the man grabbed the woman's thigh on a southbound d train july 30th. he did it in front of the woman's boyfriend then pulled out a box cutter and threatened to stab them. the suspect ran from the train when it stopped in bensonhurst. police arrested a man from argentina trying to climb the brooklyn bridge. here is a live look at the bridge which the nypd is constantly monitoring because it's considered a terrorist target. police say an officer spotted the 23-year-old walking on a cable around 8:40 last night. he got past the first security gate and was nearing the second when the officer ordered him down.
5:35 pm
new york university is dropping bill cosby's name from a popular program for high school students. a spokesman says the university removed william h. cosby from the name of the future filmmakers workshop in light of recent events. nyu joins other schools in distancing themes selves from cosby after sexual misconduct allegations by dozens of women. cosby said any contact was consensual. coming up, a good samaritan trying to stop shoplifters ends up on the hood of a car. >> parents are shocked. three drunk women taking a joy ride on a school bus with children. he keeps going.
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we want to update you on the breaking news in new jersey. a small plane crashed in cresskill, new jersey. a short time ago a person was
5:39 pm
pulled from the wreckage. shannon sohn is over the scene. what is the latest you can tell us. >> now two victims have been taken from the plane and both transported to a local hospital. we understand that they are injured but it does appear that they are both going to make it. this aircraft is a cessna 172 flown out of linden. it is a coast guard auxiliary aircraft. they are doing a survey of the hudson river when they started to have engine troubles. they called into laguardia letting them know they would declare an emergency. just like that the engine quit and they let the tower know down. they landed in cresskill just off third street in a field. this is literally off the tentacle and north of tenafly high school. only the people on board the plane were injured. we can confirm that it is a
5:40 pm
coast guard auxiliary aircraft on official business. two people on injured but nonlife- threatening. shannon sohn, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> all right, thank you for that update. a shoplift is suspects escape thwarted by a bystander determined not to let her get away. it happened in connecticut. he saw the suspect get in a scuffle with a security guard. she held on the hood of the car and punched a hole in the windshield. police chased the car and arrested the suspect and another woman with her. outrage in texas after three drunk women are caught on camera getting in a school bus filled with kids. two of the women walked before the bus driver. the kids tried to tell the driver they didn't know the women. but the driver didn't notice the intruders were there until the bus reached the school.
5:41 pm
>> three grown drunk women get on the bus. why. >> obviously difficult during the very beginning of school as there are new faces. regardless, this was a huge mistake. >> big mistake indeed. the bus driver has been fired. they were charged with criminal trespassing, one was cited for alcohol possession. another charged with assault for grabbing a student's arm. a car thief got more than he bargained for. security recorded him. the suspect started to drive away. eventually the car's owner tossed the would be thief out. bystanders at the station helped detain the suspect until police arrived. an escaped king cobra snake has residents tiptoeing around a neighborhood in florida. the 8-foot long snake was reported missing by its owner.
5:42 pm
the owner is an experienced snake handler who has the proper permit to keep the pet. it is less than a mile from a school but they are confident it will remain near the home. "consumer reports" testing the new features on refrigerators that promise long lasting veggies. >> six flags great adventure treating thrill-seekers to a new ride. coming up, a look at the roller coaster sure to get people screaming, plus this. >> hundreds will take to the water and join the beautiful holiday weekend. one mother wants you to hear
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an update on the breaking news in new jersey. a small plane crashing in cresskill, new jersey. we learned this was an auxiliary aircraft money by coast guard volunteers. two pilots were in the plane at the time. we know they were removed from the plane. no word on their conditions just yet. they were doing a survey of the hudson river when they reported even again trouble. we have crews heading to the scene and we will bring you another live report when we get new information. six flags great adventure plans to bring total mayhem to new jersey. that is the name of the coaster.
5:47 pm
it starts with a 12 story 90- degree hill. total mayhem features new technology including wing seats that allows riders to spin as it moves in the track. it will open in the spring of 2016. you can't eat before that ride. >> i was just about to say that. >> that is a whole new level of crazy. >> would you ride it? would you guys ride it? >> i can't do spin. i can do coasters but not tea cups. >> that's the next level there. >> one and done, get to the park, do that and go. >> i have to try it. it is picture perfect. you said things will cool off but we have the humidity, right? >> exactly. to make this transition the next 24 hours ben thack to the beautiful weather over the weekend. outside, it's hot. the hottest for last. 93. george washington bridge is moving fine. still in the summer traffic pattern. sunny and hot. northeast wind all day.
5:48 pm
more. the winds didn't turn off the water. we thought that would happen. we forecast the highest numbers today. the weekend get away for the holiday weekend, beautiful start. low humidity. at the beaches, cool especially the first half of the day. the rip currents saturday will be an issue. better beach day sunday. climbing in the low 80s from the catskills to the shore. temperatures up into the middle 80s, close to 90 in new york city. patchy clouds around, a spotty shower or thundershower during the overnight hours. one shower just popped up near bergen county. i will show you on radar in a second. the best chance of showers could be the first part of tomorrow. the front is near us. a lot of low clouds. a few showers passing by. then clouds break at times during the afternoon. also a good breeze out of the northeast. a different feel tomorrow. temperatures around 80, a breeze, it could feel cool after the last couple of days. the thunderstorm near kingston
5:49 pm
seems to be dying out over parts of ulster and dutch close county. a shower may try to get to yonkers and thunderstorms over eastern pennsylvania. futurecast shows a spotty shower overnight. warm, sticky. the front is hovering over us the morning hours. passing shower. during the afternoon the shower theft shifts south and west. a couple of breaks. notice this futurecast showing stubborn cloudiness. we will see how it continues at 6:00 and 11:00. through the evening hours, that's when the dry push comes in. saturday morning, 50s north and west. 60s area wide. that will turn into a great day. boaters, it will get choppy during the day tomorrow. wind gusts up to 25 in the afternoon. seas climb to 5 feet, 6 feet during the evening hours. the rip current risk is high with the gusty winds. that will last into saturday. keep that in mind if you are getting to the beaches.
5:50 pm
tomorrow is not the best beach day. drier, delightful on saturday. sunday is beautiful, in the mid- 80s. humidity low to moderate. then we couple the humidity with the heat for labor day, up near 90. another heat wave monday through wednesday of next week. wall to wall sunshine all weekend long. >> love it. i will enjoy every day. >> thanks, lee. well, americans are buying more and more fresh fruits. refrigerator manufacturers are trying to keep pace. >> they are packing the frigs with freshness. "consumer reports" brought several into the labs. does this look familiar in foot wilting and rotting in the refrigerators. some claim to storeed fresh foods so they last longer. maintaining proper temperatures and humidity levels is the key. this samsung has two doors. the first gives you access to frequently used items.
5:51 pm
outside air is kept from getting in. a separate door latch gives you access to everything in the main compartment. some like this g.e. are designed with duel he van torahtive cooling instead of using freezer air to chill the refrigerator, it is cooled by a separate system. "consumer reports" tests find that duel evaporative systems are better at maintaining optimal humidity in the fringe, important for protecting fruits and vegetables. kitchen aid has another fresh knees feature. some models have a replaceable cartridge in the drawer that absorbs the gas that apples and bananas give off which causes quickly. it's important to have separate humidity controlled bins for fruits and vegetables. >> vegetables that generally need high humidity. fritz that ripen quickly need
5:52 pm
low humidity. if you are not in the market for a new refrigerator, here are some tips. store fruits and veggies separately to minimize exposure to ethylene and keep asparagus longer but rolling stems in damp paper towels inside a bag and don't wash fruit until you are about to eat it. some food should not be kept in the refrigerator including potatoes and onions which should be in a cool dry place. the labor day weekend is rolling in. that means more boats in the water. >> there is a danger. coming up, the message one family wants you to hear before a day of fun turns into tragedy. >> i'm liz cho. a wild crash and chase that went or for miles in long island. at one point the suspect stole a tractor trailer then crashed
5:53 pm
it through a fence.
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labor day is right around the corner. people will take to the water ends. >> officials want to make sure that boaters are safe so they will have extra patrols on the look out for intoxicated boaters. >> reporter: hundreds take to the boats trying to sum up the last of summerment one mother can only be reminded of the >> august 17th. >> reporter: 10 years ago but gina says it feels like yesterday. a day of fun for her husband and two daughters on the family boat turned into a lifetime of nightmares. they were hit by another boat near bayshore, marina. >> crushed my daughter. hit my husband and i was standing there and it knocked me out. my other daughter had to help save all of us. >> reporter: 11-year-old briana died and gina's husband suffers
5:57 pm
from head and brain injuries he sustained. police initially charged the driver with boating while intoxicated. charges were dropped after a blood test hours after the accident came back negative. she warns against the dangers of drinking and boating. >> in suffolk county alone there are 64,000 registered vessels which makes the great south bay like the l.i.e. that is a scary notion. >> islip deputy commissioner of transportation says you can expect increased patrols saturday through monday. >> we have increased patrols in the marinas and the docks. >> reporter: gina hopes anyone thinking of doing something dangerous on the water will be reminded of her daughter. >> think of my little girl that will never get the chance to experience anything in life. >> reporter: reporting in the town of islip, renee stoll, channel 7 eyewitness news.
5:58 pm
>> heart-breaking. hoping this doesn't happen again. there is still much more ahead including the latest on the small plane crash in new jersey. >> "eyewitness news at 6:00" starts right now. we continue to follow breaking news. a small plane crashes in a field in new jersey. two people were pulled out of that plane. good evening at 6:00,ing i'm liz cho. >> i'm bill ritter. the plane reporting engine trouble then the engine stopped before 5:00 tonight. >> landed then crashed into trees behind the swim club in rest skill which is in per again county. we know the plane took off from lyndon. two coast guard volunteers were on board. they were surveying the hudson river at the time. an eyewitness news viewer tftd posted this video of rescue workers on the ground after the crash. >> right now those rescue workers are at the scene. this is a live picture from newscopter 7. it has been over the scene since this happened.
5:59 pm
this is 11 miles north of the nearest airport to the south, teterboro. new jersey reporter anthony johnson is on the ground for us with the breaking news. >> bill, we did get word there was a plane in trouble heading to teterboro airport. it never made it there. we talked to a couple of witnesses out on the scene. they said when the plane was traveling over the field there was no power, no engine, the propeller was not moving. let's show you what is taking place on the ground. you can see the plane from this distance, a cessna 172 aircraft that crash landed around 5:00 out here in the field near the swim club. we talked to officials a few minutes ago. they said they are lucky this did not happen around this time now because they said normally around 6:00 in the evening this field would have been full of young kids. at the start of school all the kids come over here and practice. this plane did have problems. it came over the field. it halfway circled the field


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