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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  September 4, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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the tree crash down. >> i heard the sound and just heard a tremendous really loud crack and a lot of extremes and people were running out of the way and the tree was on the ground and a couple looked like there were two people still on the ground that looked a little more seriously injured although they looked like body parts were hit by a branch or something. >> the office of emergency management, parks department, police department and fire department all trying to get to the bottom of how this happened. the parks department says things left here from that tree and they're going to keep them and then an arborist is going to start an investigation to figure out what caused it and if other trees of course they will get to work on trying to investigate that. we'll continue following this store as we learn more information we'll bring it to you but for now live in midtown, channel 7 eye witness news. >> josh, thank you.
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we've got more breaking news. another tree down, seriously a man getting into a van in connecticut. this happened in old greenwich, the man was pinned and firefighters had to rescue him. nearby vehicles were damaged but no one else is is hurt. eye witness news aj ross is gathering new information right now. we're going to check in with her in just a few minutes. now to a wild shootout involving npd in brooklyn and tonight we know that police fired approximately 70 shots and the suspect fired those. >> all of this happened and eye witness news reporter
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[inaudible]. suspected in an earlier shooting. police say you could hear it. listen to this surveillance video. >> it felt like fireworks and louder than fireworks you know? something loud. >> police say they tried to arrest 27 year old who by the way has 12 prior arrests. he fired at them, but missed. they returned fire and missed and a chase began and 70 shots were fired and the suspect emptied 11 rounds and was eventually struck. >> it was one after another
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after another and i looked outside and saw the police presence and it was like okay. >> back here live now this is at 1:30 in the morning police are still here trying to sort it all out and figure out where all those bullets went and if anybody else might have been hurt inside a home. apparently no one else was hurt. only the suspect and his injuries were minor. reporting live from bushwick, channel 7 eye witness news. >> jim, thank you. labor day holiday weekend is here and get away is upon us with 35 million people across the country expected to hit the roads. >> we have a live look at george washington bridge where traffic is moving along. gas prices are at the lowest in more than ten years. meteorologist lee goldberg with what everyone really wants to hear about. that accuweather forecast. hi lee. >> it's all coming together and
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no doubt about it. it's going to be a beautiful week. we had our share of cloud cover today a sprinkle here and there and this is the worst day of forecast. now. by the way the breeze is always in the back and seeing some of the trees and this is a camera that i always look at when we have gusts. it's not moving too much. we've had guests that have been over 20 miles an hour, 83 degrees right now and the humidity is still up. these are the same winds about 7-14 and the only are reporting a gust at central park at 20. we do pretty well with a north east wind because less friction coming off long island sound so you take these winds in new york city they're amplified between the buildings maybe more like a 30-mile an hour wind near bryant park if you have an older tree like in greenwich it a possibility that's why the winds are getting knocked down with the gusty breezes out of the north. 81 newburg, couple of sprinkles
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from time to time but the main thunder activity is over eastern pennsylvania, dry air is building in and right now as we go through the evening hours we'll continue to clear out and you'll notice the lower humidity toward midnight is when the difference really starts to come in and certainly by tomorrow morning. let's rate though weekend days. instead of doing one through three it great because it's just right because of a great combination of warmth and low humidity. monday is the best beach day because of the highest temperature and humidity is up and sunshine as far as beautiful we'll put it as 1 b because it's coolest, and if you're talking about a hike or run or a round of golf fantastic tomorrow because it's so refreshing. we'll get into the details on the seven day accuweather forecast. accuweather is up in a few. back to you for now. >> lee thank you. investigators ruled the deaths of a couple and two sons on the
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jersey shore a murder suicide. firefighters found the bodies of amanda morris and their sons brian and all-in a bedroom of their home tuesday. investigators believe he shot morris and their children and then turned the gun on himself. tonight we're learning more about one of the pilot on board a small plane that crashed in new jersey. that pilot being hailed as a hero in the grips of fear and uncertainty the pilot maneuvers away from children on the ground an instead crash land in a grove of trees. tim fleischer in spring valley with reaction from those who know him, tim? >> reporter: that pilot suffered serious injuries but we do understand that he is improving. now here in the spring valleyarea. >> he was still able to land his disabled plane on the edge of this field next to the crest hill community center is well
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known for being calm and pressured. >> he exemplifies the meaning of dedication. >> a fully certified pilot for the coast guard auxillary he was surveyed of the hudson river en when he radioed he was having engine problems. >> we are experiencing engine roughness. >> we are trying to get to teterboro as soon as possible. >> he was calm and we're going to make an emergency landing. >> a friend knew him well. >> saw how he steered the plane away from the children. obviously shows his professionalism and of course that he's going to put his life second to the safety of others. >> he saved the lives of many many people by what he did. >> as a founding member of the volunteer group, he is is well
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known for coming to someone's aid. recently as head of search and rescue, he is shown here with other volunteers looking for five boys lost in the woods. >> he has been a dedicated member of this community and he is everyone. >> this is a guy who does unbelievable things in his community to help other people, to make a difference. >> investigators from the ntsb are still pouring over the plane trying to determine the cause of the crash. he is being treated for serious injuries. the coast guard identified the second person with him as eric pierceon, another auxillary member. >> reporting live in spring valley, tim fleischer, channel 7 eye witness news. including assault and robbery. governor christie spoke out on the campaign trail in new hampshire saying that he
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acted appropriately. five of the accused are football players and one is acused of two home invasions. >> obviously it's an enormous concern when you have scholarship athletes at rutgers who allegedly have that and let the prosecution run its course. >> the five football players were already suspended from the team and four charged with assault for a fight that left a fellow student with a broken jaw. the teams' first regular season game has been cancelled. a new development in another football team scandal. players at a high school in staten island just learned the team suspension has been lifted. the department of education put the sue an wegner football game on hold last week after two jv players made disturbing hazing allegations. the department of education just announced the team can resume all activities.
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and to the nfl, steve weatherford is looking for a new team. the popular punter relieved by the giants. he was a post season hero during the winning season in 2011 and also very popular with fans and highly visible and social media but he struggled in preseason games this year after injury plagued his season last year. the move saves the team more than $1.3 million in salary cap space. the latest jobs report offered mixed news about unemployment. u.s. employers added 170,000 jobs in august. that's not as many as analysts expected but the rate dropped to 5.1% the lowest its been in seven years and that is the news that didn't translate on wall street. the dow tumbled 272 points closing at 16, 102 and the nasdac lost 49 points and s & p
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dropped and may prompt the fed to lower key interest rates sooner rather than later. new information about that so-called fight club at a daycare. two former workers in court today and one of their neighbors speaking out tonight. plus, days after the city swept away homeless people, the homeless are returning. why they say they have know where to go.
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and seeing doubl
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a breaking story we're following a man injured when a tree fell on him in greenwich, connecticut.
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eye witness news reporter aj ross is live on the scene. aj? >> reporter: let me show you this is what is left of that massive tree that came crashing down here along benjamin street earlier this afternoon. this is just the base of the tree. the rest has been cleaned up but you can see it was extremely large. now according to police a plumber getting into his truck was struck by the fallen tree and pinned in the road. we shot video of his mangled truck as it was taken away from the scene. first responders quickly administered aid to the victim before he was rushed to stanford hospital with serious injuries. police say several other vehicles were also damaged by the tree but fortunately no one else was hurt. now, exactly why and how this tree fell is still under investigation. there doesn't appear to have been something that provoked this unfortunate incident and we're also getting some updates on that victim. at last word he was alert and responsive, we're still trying to get of course some more
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information on just what caused all this. but again fortunately just one person hurt, no one else hurt and several cars damaged by this massive tree. we're live tonight in old greenwich, connecticut, aj ross, channel 7 eye witness news. aj, thank you. officials in hungary say they are sending buses to take migrants to the border with austria. the move comes after hundreds of migrants left a train station in budapest and started walking toward western europe. hungary's prime minister says busing the refugees is an effort to keep the country's transportation system from being paralyzed. austria has not responded to the plan. also today a syrian toddler who drowned attempting reach greece was buried along with his mother and brother. mayor deblasio will not be among the new york legislators traveling governor cuomo's delegation to puerto rico. the governor's office isn't commenting on that but the mayor says he was not invited. the delegation will travel to puerto rico for a juan night visit on monday to discuss the
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commonwealth debt crisis and healthcare problems. eye witness news will travel to puerto ricond his live reports begin monday and you can follow him on social media. returning to the labor day get away, and what a weekend to hit the beach, ha? >> definitely. eye witness news reporter live at long beach on long island. great day to be out there, mallory. >> reporter: it certainly is. it feels great and city officials tell us they want this to be a fun but safe weekend as well and families we've spoken with say they couldn't agree more. well some people had today off, others told us they were playing hook it. >> sand and sun, they're the staples of summertime. these kids know the warm breeze won't last too much longer. >> tell me about how it feels in the winter. >> really cold and really snowy. >> in long beach, long island the labor day holiday weekend is a sign that the season is winding down. this woman will go unnamed. that's because she called out sick today. she says she knows the summer is fading fast. rumor has it you called out of
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work today to be here? >> this may or may not be true. you know, those new york winters they can be tough but i'm really enjoying basking in the sunlit that is coming out from time to time tuned it's really enjoyable thus far. >> this weekend all beaches are open and all life guards are on duty. in preparation for a busy time the is city has stepped up dui enforcement. officials are urging visitors and people who live in the area to plan ahead. >> if you're coming down to long beach certainly have a great time but take public transportation and don't drink and drive. >> and as families pack the beach many told us they plan to enjoy time together before the school year begins and mother nature puts a chill in the air. >> well it is a little sad because we're going back-to- school. see i'm a teacher and i'm back- to-school already and i'm not happy about that. >> and then of course it will be snowing and raining so make the most of it while we can. >> life guards are on duty here but parents should always know
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where their children are on the beach and while today was busy, this weekend is expected to be packed. live in long beach long island, channel 7 eye witness news. i'm looking at the woman behind mallory's shot the person on the bike. it's like oh, that breeze flowing through the hair. great day. great day. >> great day and to string together three incredible days and still have sort of their own strength through it, i know how much you love to work out. tomorrow is the one to get outside and do your boot camp the whole thing and then you sit back. >> i'm all over it lee. >> and take hold the rest of the weekend so outside we go right now. we have a breezy conditions and we talked about that. you are looking at the upper west side lincoln center is one of the windier areas of the city. i'm not seeing leaves blow all the time but occasionally it gets gusty 20 miles an hour we saw with mall or it where at the coast, certainly there's gusts over 25-mile an hour near 30 so we've heard of trees coming down across there at least tree limbs. be mindful of that with very dry lately maybe some of the
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trees are stressed out a little bit and it doesn't take a 50- mile an hour gust to put a limb down. 83 degrees east wind 10-20 bar onlier on the rise high 84 running five degrees above average this is the first day where we are normal so in the upper 70s sunsets at 7:24 a few hours after that you'll notice the drop in humidity. last year on this date it was 87 lots of sunshine. on long island down to 75 in east hampton the cooler air come in from new england backing in from the north and east 80 in danbury, hudson valley low and middle 80s, 75 belmar, more clouds as a way over new jersey and those clouds are tending to break up. the 24 hour temperature change more than 10 degrees cooler than yesterday at this time. we have three straight days of 90-degree temperatures to start september a first time that its happened since 1973. dew points are still in the mid 60s although they're falling a little bit but still on that humid range but look off to the north. 50s even some 40s that's the comfort that comes in later tonight into tomorrow morning
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so clouds are breaking partial cloudiness at midnight, 65 tomorrow morning and the northeast wind is still a bit of an issue not that it's terribly gusty but noticeable breeze at times and that will probably accident wait the rip currents again at the area beaches so 76 at noon going to a high of 80-82. clouds again are already breaking up a few more clouds near staffford township otherwise clouds breaking up and thunder activity the threat is now all to our south and west. big area of high pressure coming in setting up shop absolutely perfect timing for the next three to four days. you can see the heat here to the west, but then look at what's going on in new england. don't get that cool but a little piece of that cool air. back to beautiful tomorrow at 82 degrees, the high just stretches out across the area on sunday. it's warm, it's sunny and 84 degrees the humidity is still in check and the humidity only starts to creep up on labor day. it's nothing like it's oppressive. just the warmest day of the weekendment clearing skies dry more comfortable breezy at
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times 65 with a high of 82. our refreshing high energy day, lots of sunshine, the deep blue sky and low humidity. tomorrow night 50s and the suburbs might need light jacket outside of town but 64 in the city. here is what's coming up at 5:30. another heat wave on the horizon maybe early next week and it is dry for at lost another five days and when we go back to normal and a cooler pattern by next weekend. that's all-in the seven day accuweather forecast in our next half hour. back to you for now. >> okay lee thank you. still ahead on eye witness news weather woman who recorded this video of a bear in connecticut is now facing death threats. few details on a fire in manhattan that adjusted justin timberlake's restaurant
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a big unveiling of the much new information on that deadly shooting on a college campus in california. police say 25-year-old roman gonzalez was a student killed in a parking lot of sacramento city college yesterday. two other students were injured. investigators say a physical fight between two groups else can lated when a knife and gun were pulled out. police are still searching for the shooter who ran away from the scene. also in california, a judge ruled today that juan francisco lopez sanchez must stand trial for murder. the 45 year old is charged with second degree murder in the death of kate steinley, killed
5:25 pm
while walking with her father along the san francisco water front in july. the shooting triggered national debate over immigration when the sheriff's department reclosed lopez sanchez despite a request to detain him for possible deportation. newark is honoring the bravery of police officers who risked their lives during a wild carjacking and robbery spree. the mayor and law enforcement officials pay tribute to the officers today at city hall. on tuesday, six men allegedly carjacked a jaguar and then went on a crime spree involving several robberies and a shooting. it ended with a surrender of two suspects barricaded in an abandoned home. >> our men and women did an excellent job that day in making sure that that incident ended safely, not just for the perpetrators but more importantly for our officers. >> police arrested five of the suspects and the sixth died from injuries suffered when he was hit by a car as he fled. well it's shaping to be a
5:26 pm
quality of life crisis. coming up on eye witness news a surge of homeless on the streets we're going to show you how city hall is cranking up on a crack down. also, same sex marriage show down history made in kentucky as a controversial clerk cools her heals in the clink. star wars fans out in force as new toys on the hotly
5:27 pm
anticipated movie go on
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a city wide crack down on a rise in homelessness, but in this turf war who has staying power? good evening again. >> new at 5 an escalating battle over the fate of new york city's homeless.
5:29 pm
>> city forces swept into remove dozens of homeless en campments but many of the vague rants have already returned. eye witness news political reporter dave evans joins us now with more on this cat and mouse game, dave? >> reporter: well, as you know teams of police, sanitation and homeless advocates this week are clean up dozens of en campments offering help and shelter but if the three to 4000 on the street refuse help there's little the city can legally do so a homeless en campment might be gone in one neighborhood only to pop-up in another. >> below the sherry done expressway today on the east side of the bronx, city crews cleaned up a couple of tons of debris. this was a homeless en campment and neighbors complained for months. >> i'm glad that someone brought light to the situation because it's always an ongoing problem and i lot of people are going to be very happy with the change they did. >> on wednesday, police brass announced there were 80 homeless en campments spread
5:30 pm
across the city this one in the hunt point section of the bronx is the latest to be cleaned up about six or seven homeless people were living here and they will now have to find a new place to call home. and this location, at 150th street in the bronx is where the mayor visited wednesday. crews put up a fence today and a few homeless lingered nearby. >> it's gone. it's gone. that's lost. i'm starting from scratch. >> are you upset about that? are they upset about that? >> yeah, but what can we do? it's not the man's fault. >> this man won't go to a shelter. city officials have tried and offered him and others counseling, drug rehab, intervention. neighbors say they will all be back. >> i mean, they shouldn't be down there because that's trespassing, but they aren't bothering nobody. i feel bad for them and they have no place to live. >> and others worry the problem will just go to a different neighborhood. >> i hope that there is not just pushing them somewhere else. i hope they will get them
5:31 pm
services. >> but if they don't want do go there's little else the city can do. we asked william today where he goes now. >> in the streets. we know how to survive in the street. some of our things i got there 12 years on and off. >> well city officials say if there is evidence of drug dealing or other crimes police can take action but they point out simply being homeless, simply begging or sitting on the street is not breaking the law in new york city so the city policy is to keep trying, several times if you have to to try to get these trouble people the help they need. sade? >> dave, thank you. i'll take it. we need to make a correction about a story we reported earlier. we said that the rutgers game this weekend has been cancelled. that is not the case. the game will be played as scheduled. new information about that fight club at a daycare in new jersey. two workers accused of encouraging the four to six year olds to fight and then recording it were in court today.
5:32 pm
new jersey reporter tony yates has the story. >> reporter: 22 year old eric and 28 year old white both pleading not guilty toy charges that are flat out disturbing, both accused of encouraging fights between the children they were hired and trusted to nurture and protect at the light ridge academy on south avenue east. all-in a playground with security cameras and the charges cruelty and additional charges of child endangerment who prosecutors say she recorded cell phones of the kids swinging at each other and knocking each other down august 12 posting it on snapchat where the images were grabbed and turned over to police. >> you're charged today. how do you plead? >> not guilty. >> one of white's neighbors has been following the story. >> i was really surprised because she seemed to be a very nice girl. >> white and penny were fired the daycare saying in part while no children were physically hurt during this incident we have a zero
5:33 pm
tolerance policy for anyone who acts in conflict with the core value of light ridge academy, the safety and well being of children. this mom was dropping off cupcakes for one of her two children's birth day parties. >> my daughter would have gone into that class with those two teachers, so that was a little close to home. >> but she has full confidence in how the school is handling this. >> i think this is a case of two bad appels and they made the right moves, we are sorry to see the last director go, but they've been wonderful with her family, so we're keeping them in. >> >> neither of the former daycare workers have hired attorneys yet and they are both due back in court october 15, tony yates, channel 7 eye witness news. the county clerk in kentucky jail for refusing to issue marriage licenses says she will appeal the contempt of court order against her. meanwhile, fellow employees of kim davis at the roan county
5:34 pm
clerk's office issued the first lances to at least three same sex couples today, but davis says that the certificates are void because she did not authorize them. she's been refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples based on her religious beliefs. a restaurant co-owned by justin timberlake was not damaged in a fire that broke out in an apartment above. the fire started in a fifth floor apartment of the building on 45th street and ninth avenue just after 3:00 this morning. the singer's restaurant southern hospitality is is on the ground floor. crews quickly put out the flames and fortunately no one was injured. a tsa screen era rested at kennedy airport after she allegedly stole a passengers diamond watch. the 41-year-old is charged with grand larceny and official misconduct. prosecutors say she swiped a diamond master wrist watch last month after it was left behind by a passenger. the watch is valued at more than $7,000.
5:35 pm
average women the deal is done. its completed the $240 million purchase of the former long brooklyn. that's according to new york, they won a controversial property. the firm has promise today preserve the lich medical facility while also creating affordable housing in the area. the three day electric zoo festival soon getting under way on randalls island. attend. dance music festival. this is the first full festival since 2013 when electric zoo was cut short after two concertgoers died from drug overdoses. the nc pee dee says a large number of officers will be patrolling the event. good news for weekend travelers. amtrak is expanding its popular express service between boston and new york. the newest train leaves south station in boston at 7:35 and gets into pen station less than four hours later and amtrak says the new trains are a result of high demand for high
5:36 pm
speed service between the two major cities. well backlash over an encounter with a bear. the animal is gone but find out why a connecticut woman is facing new fears. also come up on eye witness news a terrifying sight at a fast food restaurant captured on camera. and why justice may soon be served to a group of crazed customers. also return of the ring, how a fireman came it took serena williams years to master the two handed backhand. but only one shot to master the chase mobile app. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank.
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a woman in connecticut who videotaped a bear nibbelling at her knee is now receiving death threats because the bear was put down. stephanie rifkin posted the video on facebook showing the bear trying to bite her legs in the woods. wildlife officials shot and killed the bear on wednesday fearing it was a danger to the public. she is now receiving hate mail from animal lovers. she says she too is outraged the bear was killed. three teenage girls and an adult were arrested in louisiana after a violent attack at a fast food restaurant was caught on camera.
5:40 pm
police say the young woman pulled the 16 year old worker through the drive in window by her hair in louisiana. the victim was then punched and kicked and police say one of the suspects recorded the attack and posted it on social media. >> it's disturbing. it's embarrassing. i think that we have some young ladies here that may have lost their way to think that this is acceptable. >> police say the victim and suspects know each other but detectives are still trying to determine what triggered the attack. a judge has granted actress selma hayak a restraining order against two fans who impersonated her and made a threat to kidnap her daughter as a judge ordered them to stay away from her, her husband and their seven-year-old daughter for three years. she thought she had a relationship with her and her marriage ended because of her in fetch asian with her but she
5:41 pm
didn't realize she was scaring her. retailer in england say the so-called charlotte affect is is spelling big bucks for their bottom line. brand finance reports the four month old royal is is expected to be worth about $5 billion to the british economy. that's about $1.5 billion more than her big brother george brings in. consumers are snapping up everything the little princess wears. paris hilton's loss and very expensive ring returned by an honest fireman. she lost it while on an air shuttle in poland. a few days later a fireman who works at the airport found it. well he was investigating who could have lost it and saw that hilton on tv at a fashion event in town and just made the connection. he called the event organizers who reunited the star with her ring. coming up on eye witness news, life in the fast lane. we'll show you the video of a crushed corvette getting repaired in just seconds. also, a fan force awakens. how star wars fans around the world are celebrating the
5:42 pm
release of the new line of toys. plus this. find out what record these kindergarteners are breaking for their school. i'll have that story coming up, next. i'm meteorologist lee goldberg. over at the park hazy skies, the sun is coming back and a little bit humid. our temperature is working at 83 degrees and looking at a lot of dry air trying to come in on the gusty north east wind at about 20 miles an hour so that dry air is coming in tonight and the only thing we have to worry about going into the weekend a little choppy on the waters nearby. keep that in mind.
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seven day
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5:46 pm
opened up underneath the national corvette museum last year. look at this, time lapse photo show its restoration. the car is the one millionth corvette. car and driver says it's worth at least $750,000. >> just like that. >> you remember that? i knew you'd appreciate the story. >> i love me a 57 corvette. >> wow. >> it's some of the new ones are gorgeous. they have really gotten the style back. >> probably even better than the ones before now. >> it's sweet. >> nice job. >> sweet ride indeed. >> we could take that on a ride in this weather. >> yes, top down all weekend. maybe a little bit of sweatshirt. >> i like that. >> outside we go. the hazy sky out there this afternoon. speaking of the george washington bridge right now and you'll notice pretty good traffic flow up there right now, if everybody is gone it's pretty much off and already off to their destination.
5:47 pm
we are at mostly sunny sky easterly wind 10-20, the high today in the middle 80s no more 90s. heat wave is broken still nice and toasty. wanted to check out the winds in the wake of the tree down, we've had gusts over 20-25 and maybe just because the trees have been stressed with the recent dry weather that limbs are coming down with less of a wind than we usually consider knocking down tree limbs 50- mile per hour gusts. meanwhile it's choppy on the waters, we'll have gusty 30 miles an hour rip current risk is high into the day tomorrow and seas will be about three to five feet keep that in mind but the labor day weekend planner is unbelievable. here. you've got a lot of sunshine all three days, cooler really dry saturday, humidity maybe creeps up by labor day is the warmest day but it's just outstanding from start to finish. few patchy clouds are already breakup this evening, numbers actually go down into the mid 60s tonight. we'll be in the low to mid 60s tomorrow morning 70s as we go through the middle of the day again low humidity and a bit of a breeze a really refreshing
5:48 pm
feel to the day tomorrow. dew points are still in the 60s start to drop into the 50s later tonight. that's when you open up the windows and certainly by morning dew points are in the 50s, that's a real september feel during the afternoon hours but we'll get that summery feel back for the sunday forecast. so the patchy showers here are being overdone by this computer model. it's really just showing clouds leaving us and then we're in the low 60s tomorrow morning and really struggling to get to the low 80s during the afternoon hours with the deep blue sky and again a nice breeze out of the east. air quality goes back to being good tomorrow. uv index is a seven, pollen count is high because its been dry and breeze is well rag weed is a problem. easterly wind boaters tomorrow 10-20 miles an hour, water temperature is nice and warm but be aware of that rip current risk high into tomorrow and then it waynes as we go into the day on sunday. sunday is a warmer day but
5:49 pm
still the humidity is in check on labor day, it's near 90, the humidity is creeping up but by no means oppressive and if we can hit 90, we'll have another heat wave monday, tuesday and wednesday of next week, next chance of a thunderstorm is thursday and by next weekend probably into the normal range for your daytime highs next weekend but it's no real autumn stretch coming up nice and warm and extended summer. >> good. >> because eventually we'll get there. >> jackets will be pulling out okay thanks lee. well the force of global commerce is strong today on friday. stars in new york and around the world opened their doors early to sell new star wars merchandise to eager fans. the force awakens in times square as dozens of star wars
5:50 pm
fans lined up eagerly waiting for the chance to storm troop their way to the disney store and grab new toys and collectors items. >> i love star wars and my dad it's really special. >> the force is also strong in san francisco. away. >> i'm hoping for one of everything so i'm hoping that because that looks fun and some of the little characters. there are a lot of great female cashings and the excitement of it and just the excitement is kind of like opening day. it's like disneyland and opening day. >> on their list of course is bb8. based on the new droid from episode 7 the force awakens . adam wilson, chief scientist is the co-inventor. >> he was like can you put a head on there. >> you see spirox was already making them but bb8 is is so much more. >> what i love the most about it is the little cuteness like you think it's looking at you
5:51 pm
with the little eyes like really bring it to life. >> and then there's this. >> what that is is when you look at the products through your phone you get the camera to see it and it becomes something else that projects messages. very secret star wars messages that you have to get to see. >> it's not a toy. it's a robot. retailing for $150, but for fans, being a part of this midnight release is priceless. >> star wars, you know it's like childhood and to be able to share it now with my 12 year old is pretty incredible. >> even in a non-movie year star wars merchandise has consistently sold well $2 billion annually around the world the new star wars movies are being produced by disney the parent company of wabctv. >> lee already wants that toy of the robot. >> he's got his claim on it. well a enrollment has teachers on long island doing a double take. >> coming up on eye witness news seeing double in kindergarten but one of the
5:52 pm
sets of twins is not like the other. new at 6:00 we have new information about the tree that crashed in a crowded bryant park in manhattan. five people were hurt. we have exclusive new video moments after the accident happened and we're digging deeper to try to find out why this tree fell down when it did. the latest case of drone operator error, leading to an arrest after a public school teacher crashes hysterone at the u.s. open, in the middle of a match.
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
that and more next at 6:00. is it a case of seeing double or double trouble? 11 sets of twins are enroll at a kindergarten center in nassau county. >> just amazing that will make it a bit harder for the teachers to get everyone's name straight. eye witness news with more on a special class that's twice as nice. >> reporter: it's not easy wrong eling a group of kindergarteners. especially when the entire group is made up of twins. >> it first started with five sets and all of a sudden it became six and then seven and once we hit eight i said okay, a record with seven now we're up to eight and then a few weeks ago we received our 11th set of twins. >> ten sets of fraternal and one identical set. the staff at lindberg kindergarten center finds the unusual number of twins exciting but it seems the concept of having a twin hasn't quite fit in for some of these four and 5-year-olds. >> what's your favorite part
5:56 pm
about having a twin brother? >> i don't know. >> some were quick to show off what makes them the same. >> i like the matching pants though. >> yeah, we have the matching pants. >> while others are already looking for their own identity. >> do you guys dress alike? >> no. >> they will get plenty of time to let their different personalities show. principal ellen has strategically separated the siblings yet each of them will have class with another child who is also a twin. >> it's nice to establish independence and set their own personalities and their own goals and then be able to cheryl of their friendships that they've made in their class with their twin. >> is that the first time you've ever been separated? how did you feel? were you sad or happy? >> they may be better off apart. >> you guys don't ever fight do you? >> we fight sometimes but not a lot.
5:57 pm
>> reporting in lynnbrook, >> so cute. >> yes. case of drone operator error leads to the arrest of a new york city public school teacher. eye witness news at 6:00 starts right now. following a developing story tonight on a busy afternoon and summer. a tree crashing down in a crowded bryant park in midtown manhattan. several people are hurt. good evening everyone. it's 6:00. i'm bill ritter. >> it happened late this afternoon. the park jammed with people and as scary as it was, it could have been a whole lot worse. >> the picture is terribly frightening, again in a busy bryant park on this friday night, five people taken to the hospital. >> josh is at the park tonight
5:58 pm
with our lead story. josh? >> reporter: liz, bill a very scary moment for people in the park at that point. let's just show you right now exclusive video that eye witness news has obtained and you can see the immediate aftermath at least one of the victims on the ground after that tree came crashing down. this happened at around 4:00 this afternoon here in bryant park right at the corner right off the corner of 40th and 6th. dozens of people enjoying the beautiful afternoon and not too warm, not too cold, not too windy. according to people who were here when all of a sudden out of blue they heard this loud crack and his tree just slammed down on the people who were right beneath it. five of them hospitalized, two with serious injuries but we're told none of those injuries are critical. none of them are life threatening. we could show you video now as some of those victims were taken away to waiting ambulances and taken to nearby hospitals.
5:59 pm
we did speak with eye witnesses who heard this come ocean who witnessed all of this and they said this really did seem to come right out of the blue. >> we got like a strong current of wind and all you heard was the tree cracking and all you heard was like everybody was in awe, then everything just big tree just dropped and as it dropped people were screaming. >> back live you could see the very top of what's left of that tree and then as mark widens out you could see how tall all of the surrounding trees are so that gives you a sense for how big this tree was and how much wound up on the ground in bryant park. you can also see from the leaves it's really not all that windy at the moment and not clear whether it was a gust of wind or not. the parks department hauled away chunks of the tree that fell and they are doing basically a forensic analysis to figure out what went wrong but the good news this could


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