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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  September 4, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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the injuries said to be terribly terribly serious. live in bryant park, channel 7 eye witness news. >> your, thank you. another tree down this one in connecticut. seriously hurt a man as he was getting into his van. he was pinned and firefighters were forced to rescue him. crews are now busy cutting that huge huge branch and nearby vehicles were also damaged but no one else is hurt. now to the unofficial end of summer kicking off tonight in a big way. every summer weekend of course important in the north east and we've been so luck toy have great weather even if we could use a little rain and the get away for this labor day weekend? well it's well under way. the new jersey turnpike near newark airport, traffic heavier on the south bound than on the north bound. going to look out for another great weekend weather wise. lee goldberg is outside with the weekend forecast. >> bill this is as bad as it gets over the next three to five days, just one little dark cloud hanging over midtown surrounded by more blue as the sunshine comes back and we clear out and we dry out as we go into the upcoming weekend.
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here is a picture of central park also that cloud causing a shadow over the reservoir still hazy. we're at 82 degrees right now and you could still notice the humidity. we have had some gusty around and just responding to some of the concerns around the area for more tree limbs potentially coming down. we have wind gusts around 20-25 miles an hour you can see that in belmar. we have not had a lot of rain in some trees just maybe stressed could be older trees or rotted trees. there's a possibility some small limbs coming down but the winds will back off as we go through the evening hours but still breezy right through tomorrow. right now our numbers in the upper 70s and lower 80s you'll see the thunder threat is basically over that's over eastern pennsylvania a couple sprinkles around, dry air- cooler air coming in from new england only 60s coming in tonight you'll see futurecast showing a nice clearing out and drying out overnight so ranking the holiday days, it's hard to say there's one, two and three. it's just right sunday warm and dry and labor day is probably the best beach day because it's
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warmer and a bit more humid. tomorrow is beautiful but rip currents are an issue tomorrow but it's the best activities day whether it's a hike or run tomorrow is that high energy day. your compete seven day accuweather forecast coming up soon on eye witness news at 6:00. bill and liz back to you for now. meanwhile great news for those hitting the road. gas prices right now at a ten year low. a gallon of regular at garden state parkway dipping to $2.20 a gallon this morning. more than $1 cheaper than labor day last year. meanwhile, drive drunk, get caught, go to jail. today an announcement about a dui crack down in long beach enhanced program will go into program in place putting more cops on the streets and check points. officials are encouraging people who want to party at long beach to take public transportation or a cab. we are learning more about the suspect who was shot during a gun battle with police in brooklyn. police say officers were trying to arrest 27 year old gerald harris for shooting a 52 year old man in the arm and six officers fired about 70 shots
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hitting harris in the leg. police say they recovered a gun at the scene and harris has at least 12 prior arrests. and two daycare workers accused of creating a kids fight club in new jersey have plead not guilty to child abuse charges. prosecutors say they provoked shoving matches between the kids who are as young as four years old and kenny then posted the video of those fights online. it happened at the light bridge academy in ran ford. the children were not seriously hurt. the women have been fired from their jobs. a new round of calls tonight to regulator even out ladrones after a close call involving a drone that crashed at the u.s. open in the stand during a game. it happened last night in queens and a new york city teacher apparently losing control of hysterone and it crashed with tennis fans watching in horror. here is eye witness news darla miles. >> my father called me first thing this morning and said there was a drone that landed
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at the u.s. open and are you still going to go and this little guy said mom you're still going to go right? >> reporter: no one was sitting near the drone that crashed into the stands at the u.s. open on thursday night but the incident definitely had daniel roman and her eight year old son looking up when they attended a match on friday. >> i was more nervous that if something would happen i'd take my little guy getting out of there as fast as i could. >> police say that drone belongs to 26-year-old daniel verley, a new york city school teacher and they say he was operating it from the marina on the opposite side of city field before it crashed. >> seemed as if that fell from somewhere, a bit of a distraction. >> i thought someone was trying to get a picture of the tennis match and then the drone just broke and fell in the court. >> do you think he's a good guy or bad guy? >> good guy he wasn't home to answer questions about exactly what his intentions were, but for law enforcement, it doesn't matter. in a written statement the queens district attorney richard brown says we were
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fortunate that no one was injured as a result of last nights incident. but we can't rely on happen stance to protect the public. those who engage in conduct of this nature will be held legally accountable for their actions and senator chuck shumer is looking for a long term solution. >> all we need to do is pass legislation that requires that all drones have geofencing and we could have drones but none would ever fly near an airplane, none would never fly near the u.s. open or any other sensitive place and i will be just >> darla miles, channel 7 eye witness news. well newark is honoring the bravery of police officers who risk their lives for wild carjacking and robbery spree. the mayor and law enforcement officials paid tribute to the officers today at city hall. six men carjacked a jaguar and went on a crime spree involving several robberies and a shooting and ends with a surrender of two suspects barricaded in an a band and home.
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police arrested three other suspects and the sixth died in from juries suffered when he was hit by a car. the latest u.s. jobs report show unemployment falling to 5.1% in august a five year low. good news didn't translate on wall street though. the number of jobs created were not enough for investors dow down 272 and nasdac losing 49 and s & p 500 dropping 29 and change. as we continue with eye witness news at 6:00 on this friday night he put his own life on the line to save children as his plane went down. we're now hearing new details about the small plane crash in new jersey and the selfless pilot at the control. and it was a historic moment pope francis speaking to dozens of americans through a virtual discussion. abc joins us next to describe
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his meeting and the well it is the virtual meeting the word is still talking about. three groups of people from across the country fortunate enough to be part of a groundbreaking virtual audience with pope francis, a first for any pope and the first news anchor to host the event our very own what was it like? you and the vatican with the pope. how did the come about? >> yeah, i wish afterwards maybe afterwards but you know i was telling you both about this when we arrived at the vatican we're inside vat it extra walls and i'm standing at the doorway and they tell me the pope will emerge and there i am about 15 minutes goes by and the door opens and watch. the pope doesn't come out. they call me behind the door and it closes and right behind the pope is standing right
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there. he wanted to meet me privately first which speaks volumes about the pope was called the peoples pope. he wants this connection before he could do this historic town hall. >> as he mentioned his reputation is of a man of the people so what was it like to meet him? >> oh, just extraordinary and when you see how he connects with people every day americans in three corners of the country you'll be moved by this. we didn't see it coming when we're sitting two feet away from pope francis and the surprises he has in store. there was one nurse who spotted himself in the crowd and he said can i talk to her? he liens over to me and says can i talk to her and i said of course you can. i want to show you what he said. >> she was hidden among the
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people. sister. i want to thank you personally. through you all the sisters of religious order in the u.s. for the work that you have done and that you do in the united states. >> trying to contain her tears, pope francis asked her to stand up. >> any is surprises? >> completely surprised he was hearing the story of this teenage girl who endured bullying and she said to pope francis i use music to endure the bullying and he broke out into english and he says to her will you sink a song for me and lock at this. this is the pope in the last 24 hours getting new lenses for his glasses before his trip to america do you know what he said to the shop keeper? i don't want to pay too much to this. >> very simple. >> the peoples pope. >> one year anniversary.
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any surprises of what you expected? >> well listen what a year. we've had an extraordinary venture and this moment it's an honor to be in that chair and to make the walk across the building to join you guys. >> we're really looking forward to watching tonights special. we know you have to go because you're on the air in about 15 minutes now. >> pope francis at the vatican, special edition of 20/20 on channel 7 at 10:00. now we move on to other news. friends of a coast guard volunteer who crash landed a small plane in new jersey tonight say they aren't surprised he managed to avert a disaster. the 41-year-old flying for the coat guard auxillary when he had to make an emergency landing yesterday. he managed to avoid hitting anybody on the ground. brave piloting. he suffered injuries to his leg. he and his passenger in stable condition and he has always been cool under pressure. >> i visibly saw how he steered the plane away from the
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children in the soccer field on one end and away from buildings on the other. that obviously shows his professionalism and of course that he's putting his life second to the safety of others. >> he does a lot of work and that is where he lives. governor christie is speaking out in support of the suspension of seven students at rutgers university facing charges including assault and robbery. five of the accused are rutgers football players and one of them is acused of two home invasions. governor christie says that he believes that the athletic director took the appropriate action against the students. >> obviously it's an enormous concern when you have folks who are scholarship athletes at rutgers who appear to have that so let the prosecution run its course. >> five football player were already suspended from the team and will not play in the teams first regular season game this weekend. a high school on staten
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island rocked by a hazing scandal learned tonight its football suspension has been lifted. the department of education put the football team games on hold last week after at lost two jv players made disturbing hazing allegations. the team can resume all activities but the games scheduled this weekend remain postponed. still to come we're talking suv's. tonight we're talking speed. the new suv speed record, wait until you hear how fast they can go. and we're looking at some beautiful days of weather ahead and beautiful friday night out there. lee goldberg returns with much more on the labor day weekend
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the first bently suv will also be the fastest car in its class. it's a 12 cyllinder bently and is able to reach 170 miles an hour on a test track, sorry i know that's not fast enough for you. according to the auto maker
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it's the fastest recorded speed for the production of an suv. >> wow. >> wow. >> oh, yeah. >> do you want your suv to go that fast? princess charlotte may not be able to work but she's already giving the british economy a big boost. brand finance records the four month old is expected to be worth about $5 billion to the british economy. that's about one and a half billion dollars more than her big brother george brings in. >> wow. >> consumers are snapping up everything the little princess wear, her influence is so great, retailers have dubbed it the charlotte effect. similar to the kate effect, her mom. >> her first car, a bently. george is so a few years ago. >> really. it's just lovely. lovely. >> right and this is the transition day the day that gets us into the most beautiful stretch of the weather. it's just appropriate to end an amazing summer with a beautiful stretch over the
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still hazy skies and this is the camera that usually reacts the most to a busy wind and right now out of the north east somewhere between 8-16 or 20- mile per hour gusts the humidity is still up, it will drop easterly wind now at 12 in the park, 84 for the high today so heat wave ends but first time since september of 1973 the first three days of september in the 90s average high in the upper 70s record highs in the upper 90s last year in the date 87 and sunshine. a story is come in at 82, jamaica queens at 79 and more sunshine coming in from north and east to end the day. 79 sessex, 73 in belmar but that northeast wind so we're running on average anywhere from four degrees to 12 degrees below yesterdays pace. the dew points are still in the 60s measure the amount of moisture in the air, still feels a little on the humid side but ku see the lower dew point just coming down the pike and it will be here during the
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late evening hours really notice it if you're out late so clouds are breaking partial clearing mainly clear overnight. lots of sunshine tomorrow, still a bit of a breeze out of the northeast choppy on the ocean and also rip current risk is still high tomorrow. mid 70s at noon going to a high between 80 and 82 and the clouds are melting away so thunderstorms to our west. no rains for us and all that dry air courtesy of this huge canadian high setting up shop here for the next several days and dry stretch really continues. you'll see it's 65 in boston so that cooling is come in from the north and east and erasing our heat. back to beautiful tomorrow a refreshing day low humidity day. even a little coolish in the morning hours. 82 should do it. as this high sets up shop over the weekend we get a little warmer on sunday. the humidity is still low to moderate that's the best day and monday is warmer probably the best beach day because the temperatures are up and humidity is creeping up as well. here is your accuweather forecast. clearing skies tonight dryer more comfortable. tomorrow it's a high of 82.
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a refreshing day lots of sunshine low humidity, and highs in the low 80s. tomorrow nights a nice night. clear skies maybe even light jacket in the suburbs dropping into the 50s and then seven day accuweather forecast sunshine all weekend long. temperatures creeping up even near 90 by labor day and a little bit more humid not too uncomfortable. if we can touch that 90-degree mark monday probably get a heat wave monday, tuesday and wednesday of next week, steamy back at school and hot and humid next thunderstorm is on thursday and we're still a good week or 10 days away from getting any days staying in the 70s but not real autumn air in sight. dealing with a lot of stuff the yankees coming back home and right away they deal with injury news. straight ahead we'll take you to the bronx for the start of a long home stand and the wake continues for their big hitter. plus just like old times venus williams 35 years old and making a move at the national
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tennis center. they have to make september their month. >> they have to make up some ground here. they won two out of three in boston the yankees do come home where they play every other team in the al east. the rays, orioles and blue jays and it all start tonight with first of three against tampa bay out at first place by a game and a half. won 13 of their last 20 games overall, they could start wednesday good news and bad news, hitting the 15 day disabled list today with the bruised right shin. retroactive to last thursday originally hurt august 17th. missing a big bat and glove and big stretch. >> he's still sore. the fact that we decided to put him on the dl makes us think we aren't going to have him in a weeks time so if i said the
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other day i can't tell you when we're going to get him back. >> mets first base man out with back trouble set to play a couple double a games this weekend works his way back after that. some kind of wrist problem out a couple days remember daniel murphy is out too with a quad and john hammond reports trouble brewing with matt harvey his agent has been in touch with mets gm sandy alderson about shutting harvey down once he's pitched 180 innings, says it's doctors orders coming back from surgery. he's at just over 166 right now and see where we're going with this? that wasn't the plan. mets are in a playoff run here with a month yet to play in the regular season and they have got to figure this out. steve weatherford released by the giants popular punter set to earn over $3 million this year and giants have a trade with the steelers for brad wing who will punt for $510,000 this year. last night final preseason game at new england everybody on tom
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brady watch. didn't play. wasn't on the field game ended up a battle of field goals giants won 12-9 and chris boswell hit on four kicks and reserves played in the game to keep the starters healthy but a win is a win. nice game for stevie brown and his giant return. >> i woke up this morning and kind of looked at my schedule and everything and had the big ny, i was kind of excited. >> the competition for the jets back up quarterback job was ratcheted up last night. they played the eagles and fitzpatrick the starter, genox smith has the broken jaw and matt flynn looked good in the first half. it will be flynn or josh johnson in the back up to start this season. >> i just went out and played. i didn't look at it as i have to go play good or well to be able to make the team. >> i hadn't been out on the field a long time and i was trying to soak it all-in and
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enjoy it. >> after tom brady's victory in deflate-gate yesterday there's word nfl team owners are ready to discuss commissioner roger goodell's role enemier discipline. some people have described it as judge, jury, execution and appellate court. >> at the u.s. open touch match for venus williams who happens to be the last player to beat serena williams. a quarter finalist at the open last year over matched today by venus williams, she looked great. 31 winners only 15 unforced errors almost twice as old as her opponent. a 6-3, 6-4 win for williams who advances to the round of 16 for the first time in five year. now serena plays later on tonight. she keeps winning, venus keeps winning. they are just coming at each other in the quarterfinals we could have a williams-williams match. >> again. >> again. >> soon enough. >> friday. >> yes! >> wow.
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>> are you about the baseball the last couple weeks? >> i don't know. >> fans are begging them. >> practicing it? >> stretching. >> the ham string stretch. thank you. >> [laughter] >> sade is a look at what will be on tonight at eye witness news 11. >> well, tonight at 11, could weight loss surgery be the key to helping control type ii diabetes for some people? also remembering a young boy killed in a hit and run accident, the special honor his teammates are doing tonight to remember him. we'll have those stories and much more coming up at 11. bill? >> it's an emotional story. thanks we'll see you there and on that note that's it for us right now. thanks for watching have a safe weekend. >> world news tonight is coming up next. eye witness news returns at 11:00. have a great night and a safe


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