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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  September 6, 2015 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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now, new york's number one news. channel 7 eye witness news. >> a teenager from guyana missing for more than a week. his family pleads for help tracking the boy down. first, it is going to be a hot one for labor day. temperatures to climb to 90 setting up another heat wave. i'm sandra bookman. >> i'm joe torres. >> lots of people got outside today packing the beaches to soak in the last bits of summer. now if this does become a heat wave, it will be our third and summer. >> real late. meteorologist jeff smith is here with how high temperatures will climb tomorrow. >> hey, rob, sandra. poughkeepsie you started the heat wave early.
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got up to 90 there and 87 in the park. natural air-conditioning at the beaches. 80 degrees or so on the island. it's cooled down overnight. you're down to 59 in morris town. 73 in central park. dew points around 55, which is considered pleasant. humidity hasn't been that bad but humidity should stay low during the day tomorrow on labor day. 68 eventually for a low tonight. a lot of 50s in the suburbs. check this out. we get our 90-degree day in the park. first day of a potential heat wave probably in the upper 80s at the jersey shore. mid-80s, low 80s on parts of long island with the natural air-conditioning with a southwesterly wind. speaking of the ocean if you're heading to the beach, i'm sure more than a few people will. waves about 2 to 3 feet. the rip current risk is moderate. keep that in mind if you're swimming on the beaches of new york city and long island. it's a low risk on the shore. water temperatures from 70 to 75.
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this sets up a heat wave from monday through wednesday. we'll tell you about much needed rainfall by the end of the weekend. your full accuweather forecast later in the half hour. >> we'll see you then. a labor day tradition. the west indian american day parade. that event takes over more than one million revelers celebrating caribbean culture. the barriers are in place. celebrations get started early in the morning. rene stoll has more on how police will keep everybody safe. >> reporter: the parade is 12 hours off but we've already fun tomorrow. over here you can see the barriers are already in place for the more than one million out. we found out just how nypd will keep you safe. it's the music and the costumes. you belt yourself in. >> yes. >> reporter: i imagine this is pretty heavy? >> yes.
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it has a little weight but sometimes when the music hits you you don't think about the weight. >> reporter: all of it bringing more than a million people out every year to the west indian american day parade. william howard has been with the parade since inception 48 years ago. >> this year we have 43 costume bands in addition to maybe another 15 or 20 floats. >> reporter: some have spent fortunes and months of preparation on a queen costume worthy of the grand prize worth thousands of dollars. not to mention the feeling of having thousands watch you. >> oo, girl. >> reporter: music, dancing and food are the main attractions. police and event officials are watching for trouble.
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new standards have proven to work. >> by having the police person with the leaders of the parade have the confrontations. >> reporter: more than 4,000 officers will be on hand to make nothing gets out of control. a good time. >> you name it we forget it and we go out and party. >> reporter: i can already smell the food that will be on hand tomorrow. the parade starts at 11. we have state and local officials kicking off the fun with the breakfast at 8. reporting from brooklyn, rene news. new tonight, a family in brooklyn desperately searching for a missing teenager. 16-year-old ryan matthews hasn't been seen since august he moved here from guyana a year ago. his family is peppering the neighborhood with flyers hoping to track him down.
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eye witness news reporter mallory hoff has details. >> reporter: investigators are hoping to learn more about this situation. this as this teenager's mother tells us he went for a run, often. nothing out of the ordinary but home. volunteers put up these flyers matthews. his family members say they've been searching for the teen since friday august 28th. that's when they say he left his home in east new york, brooklyn around 4:00 in the afternoon. he was wearing nike sneakers and was headed out for a run at highland park a mile away. >> it's not normal for him. he goes to the park and comes back home. >> it's very abnormal. he's never done something like this. there is no indication of where he went and who he could be with. >> reporter: investigators believe he was carrying a wallet and a backpack.
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the teen is an introvert and moved here from guyana a year ago. >> we need him to come home. everybody is very worried. >> reporter: tonight family members telling us they have been tirelessly searching for this teenage boy since he went missing. they say they've reached out to other family members. they've reached out to friends but so far they say no one was heard from this young man. live from the 79th precinct, mallory hoff channel 7 eye witness news. >> mallory, thank you. there is a new clue in the case of a hit and run driver who killed a brooklyn woman. the nypd releasing video of a white van that may be involved in the crash that killed the 59-year-old woman. she was trying to cross 9th avenue when she was hit overnight. the victim's brother said they saw each other earlier in the evening. he said she was suppose today call him when she got home.
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>> i call her, no answer. i realized it's 1 in the morning and she's not picking up her phone. she's a great girl. she's got a great heart. she never got a break in life. >> police have set up an electronic sign at the intersection where she died helping a tragic turn this holiday weekend with the death of a boater. he fell off a sailboat in the hudson river. police were able to pull him out of the water and they did cpr at the terry town marina. the man was taken to the hospital where he later died. his name hasn't been released. on this last sunday with no nfl football tom brady reacts on camera to his four game suspension being overturned and matt harvey when it comes to the playoffs. are you in or out? developments with big stories. laura behnke is here with details. >> reporter: matt harvey is
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coming off tommy john surgery and they met with him as well as his doctors months ago to come up with a plan to best and most safely use him this season. over the last few days harvey and his agent not denying he could miss the playoffs. harvey met with the media yesterday but today changing his tune. in an article he says he will not shut himself down before the post season saying i understand the risks. i'm also fully aware the mets have this post season winning the divisions and getting to the playoffs is our goal. once we are there, i will be there. switching to football, for the first time since his press conference in february, today tom brady addressed the media after practicing with the patriots in fox borough. it was the first time since his suspension was overturned. he's not very forthcoming with his thoughts dealing with this. >> anything that's happened over the past seven months, you know,
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obviously i have a lot of personal feelings but i really don't care to share many of those. i really care to think about what i need to do going forward. >> reporter: we'll have much and brady in sports. plus baseball highlights. the mets and yankees in their own pennant fights right now. >> laura, we'll see you in sports. shocking tackle at a football game. it wasn't a player that got hit. details behind this disturbing video as a referee is knocked to the ground. hillary clinton takes a new hit in the polls where she trails with voters. and the flight attendant
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a high school football game in texas takes an ugly turn. a referee is watching the play and his head snaps back when he's levelled from behind on back and another player dives on top. both players were eject ed from the game and suspend frommed the team. more than 13,000 migrants have arrived in germany. the flood of refugees coming after hungary's surprise decision to stop visa checks on trains. poep frances says the vatican
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will shelter two families. he's calling on all members of the catholic church across europe to do the same. a doctor from new jersey who was a member of the historic tisgege airman has died. dr. span was a standout athlete at weatherford high school before joining the air force during world war ii. he flew 26 combat missions as part of the red tail fighter pilots. he was 90 years old. the race for president is taking interesting twists and hampshire. the democratic front runner, bernie sanders and he's got a healthy lead, too. nine points over hillary clinton. on the republican side, donald vote. the financial crisis in puerto rico is becoming a hot button political issue. happening tomorrow, a delegation
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led by andrew cuomo will head to puerto rico to discuss the territory's financial crisis. the governor is set to meet with local officials to talk about the ongoing health care and economic challenges. eye witness news anchor joe torres will be in puerto rico covering the visit. joe's reports begin on tomorrow right here on channel 7. you can follow him online at abc 7 ny. their dream vacation became a nightmare. the couple from new jersey who experienced great joy and agony overseas. no showers, no soap, no problem. the mit grad who made a clean break from traditional bathing and the strange spray he uses instead. it may be the unofficial end
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of summer but we're not done
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it's like a heat wave, huh? i was going to sing it but i thought i wouldn't. >> you can start singing if you want. how about we leave your mic on in the background. news. way. terrible. it won't feel that bad because the dew points and the humidities stay fairly low. as we head into tuesday and wednesday, that's when the muggies come into play here. it's going to feel hot as temperatures get up well in the 90s. right now temperature 73. that humidity still reasonably low at 53%. the wind is calm and the pressure falling from 30.1 and
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officially getting up to 87 during the day today. the almanac showing temperatures get up to upper 70s and it looks like my graphics are going to freeze up on me at 11:19 on a sunday night. i'm going to explain the weather. we have our accu track. calm winds in central park and temperatures that are basically in the low 70s. what's going to be happening? we have a heat wave starting and temperatures around 90 tomorrow. this is a little bit distracting in the background with the wind information. we have temperatures up around 90 during the day tomorrow. we have temperatures up to 93 or so during the day on tuesday. the humidity is really going to start increasing at that point. wednesday we're going to be in the low 90s and very muggy out there. there could be a shower or storm as we head into late wednesday especially north and west of new york city. as we head into thursday and friday, much needed rainfall in the forecast.
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we're talking maybe downpours in the area by thursday. much of the area is in a moderate draught right now and we could use the rain. a lot of places four or five inches below average and could get downpours thursday into friday. get ready for the heat the next few days. 90 plus tomorrow tuesday and wednesday. tomorrow doesn't feel bad. the humidity stays low and it really ramps up for tuesday into wednesday. >> all right. we'll get the graphics together for the next half hour. >> i didn't touch it. >> yeah, good one, rob. >> the only variable here that's new tonight. >> i'll take the heat out of you. will he or won't he pitch in the playoffs? that's the questions for the mets about matt harvey. everyone from the ace to the agents to the general manager has had a different thing to say.
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this matt harvey thing grows every hour.
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>> met's fans cannot catch a break. just when everything has seemed to go the met's way, trouble in paradise. matt harvey is at odds with the teams over his inning limit. his agent has said 189 innings. sandy said it's a soft limit. he refused to say whether or not he would pitch in the playoffs or choose to be shut down. he said in an article for the player's transcribe bun web site he and the team are on the same page and have a plan. i would not give that up for anything. i know i want to be able to play and win for a long time. there's never been a doubt in my mind i will pitch in the playoffs. i'll be healthy, active and ready to go. first the mets have to make it to the post season and their lead has shrunk just a bit. today in miami, steven matz
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making the first start since july. he allowed two runs thanks to jeff mathis. next inning the lineup lifting him up. flores launching the own two run shot. the bullpen will give it back. tyler clippard on in the 8th. justin bore makes it a tied game and that led to heartbreak. martin prodo with the liner. it's a great snag but he can't make the play at the plate. 4-3 the marlins with their second walkoff of the series. the mets lead is down to four. four weeks from today baseball's regular season will come to a close. that means four weeks of intense score board watching for the yankees and their fans who entered a day and a half behind the surging blue jays. they wrapped up a series against the rays. 2nd inning, it's 2-0 rays. the yankees can play that game. they invented that game.
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brian mccann three runs in right there and it's a tied game. alex rodriguez belts his 28th 4-3 yankees. the rays kept things interesting as cabrera with the fourth homer of the game cuts the lead to one. andrew miller gets his 31st save of the year. they're a game and a half back. the first regular week of the regular season begins tomorrow for most teams in the jets will be without dee milner. he will mis the first eight weeks of the season. gate update. past. he could join his team on the field today as they begin preparations for the opener thursday. as far as he and the rest of us are concerned, it should now just be about football. >> i love football.
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i love the sport and i love playing in the nfl. to get the opportunity to do it and certainly with all my teammates and my friends, i've had so much support with my family through all of this. >> we have much more ahead in sports. a sister act is about to hit the u.s. open with both william sisters in action today trying to earn the right to face each other in the quarter finals. the liberty on a mission to finish the regular
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we've reached the halfway point of the u.s. open and novak djokovic lives to see another round. on the women's side, serena william's challenge was madison keys. the 20-year-old proved she is one to keep an eye on in the future. the present belongs to serena. she is three match wins closer to the grand slam and this we know for sure, a williams will be in the u.s. open semifinals. serena will face venus in the quarter finals as she won in a match that took about 50 minutes. >> it's more fun than it used to be. we really relish the opportunity and we're happy to be involved
11:31 pm
in getting so far and it's still super intense. she's doing well and she wants to win this. so do i. >> with four games left in the regular season, the liberty needed just one win to secure the top seed in the eastern conference. that was not the only important thing going on in tonight's match up as new york met the lynx. the team they're battling for the best record. liberty now one and tina charles just being tina charles. she nails the long jump sxer that basically sealed it up in the 4th. 75-68, the liberty clinch the top seed in the east. they're the best team in the wnba right now and they're one to look out for in the playoffs. >> you and i will be looking out for them. >> baseball playoffs, wnba, football. >> bring it on. >> sorry, sandra. you can join. >> thanks. well, she went out to buy groceries and never made it back.
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coming up on eye witness news, a disabled woman using a walker hit and killed by a vehicle a half block from her home. tonight the hunt for that hit and run driver. an emotional homecoming for a family from new jersey that got stranded overseas. how their vacation turned into a nightmare and how they finally returned. idea. saving money on the cost of
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living and
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more than 4,000 nypd officers will be on patrol in brooklyn overnight and into tomorrow for the west indian day parade. that celebration kicks off about 4:00 a.m. tomorrow. >> a man died after he was pulled unconscious from the hudson river. west chester county's marine unit pulled him out of the water a mile south of the bridge. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. missing teenager. 16-year-old ryan matthews left been seen since. top thing news this half hour, the search is on for a hit and run driver in brooklyn. >> police releasing new video of a white van they say hit and killed a woman a half block from her home. kristen thorn reports from sunset park.
11:36 pm
>> she's a great girl. she got a great heart. >> reporter: robert said his sister was a lovely woman and she didn't deserve being left for dead in the street. he had been at the grocery store with her hours before she was hit and killed by a car. >> i'll be right behind you. i get home around 9 and i haven't heard from her. so i call her. no answer. i had to take a little nap. it's 1 in the morning and she's not picking up her phone. >> reporter: the next phone was from police saying his sister had been hit by a car only a half block from her apartment. the driver fled the scene. his sister had some physical handicaps. >> seeing her stuff in her cart smashed like that is devastating. >> reporter: she was crossing 9th avenue when she was struck. we spoke with people in this neighborhood and they say it's a dangerous street and they're not entirely surprise thad something
11:37 pm
like this happened. >> this is a very busy section, very busy. because of the transition from the block, i said it was a matter of time. i'm sorry the lady died. it's time to put a traffic light here. >> god have mercy. i think that's very wrong. i feel bad for the family. >> reporter: police describe the vehicle which hit sshgs adi as a white minivan. a disaster was narrowly avoided when a tractor trailer overturned in nassau county. a refrigerator truck hauling groceries struck scaffolding and sent the truck toppling on its side. the compressed natural gas tanks
11:38 pm
were not compromised. the driver was treated for minor injuries. four firefighters hurt in a blaze in new jersey. flames broke out in a three story residential building. that fire became so intense one of the stairways collapsed. the red cross assisting five adults and a child unable to return home. hot water is now back on for tenants of an apartment complex in the bronx where the bacteria that causes legionnaires disease was discovered last week. yesterday the city housing authority installed ionization systems to treat the water. it releases ions harmless to people but kill the legionnaire bacteria. a drone crashed at a college football game two days after it crashed at the u.s. open in queens. a student's drone crashed into the press box at the university of kentucky stadium yesterday. police are considering what steps to take there. meanwhile a high school teacher
11:39 pm
faces charges after his drone crashed thursday at the u.s. open. no one was injured in either incident. starting today something different on the fronts of dozens of mta buses. the s-53 and s-93 routes are testing three types of bicycle racks. they hold two noncollapsible bikes. the mta released a video showing how they work. this is a pilot program and a study will be conducted to decide the program's future. a homecoming months in the making for a family from new jersey. they were celebrating a baby moon when the unexpected happened. the birth of twins. that quickly turned into a kemberly richardson with this story. >> it was a crash course. exhausted. hayden. they're back home and touched
11:40 pm
down just after 2. >> we feel like we're coming home incomplete. we're happy to be home but it feels like there's a part that's missing. >> reporter: he's talking about his son hudson who died two weeks after they were born in a hospital in portugal. kim and fred after getting the okay from several doctors headed overseas for a baby moon back in may. kim went into labor and the twins were born 13 weeks early. hudson didn't pull through but hayden was holding her own. >> we could tell they had some highs and had a lot of lows during their stay. we shared those with them. >> reporter: the couple wanted to bring their little girl home but their insurance company high mark blue shield said it wouldn't pay for a medical transport. elected officials helped them and late last week the insurance company reversed the decision. so the family began their cross atlantic trip on a private jet
11:41 pm
from fox flight that specializes in medical transport. it was a success. this home video showed the crew carefully taking hayden off the plane. did she sleep? >> she slept a lot and she was awake for quite a bit as well. >> reporter: this family faces a long road. hayden will have to stay in the hospital for some time. and then there's hudson. >> their rooms are gorgeous and all set and you happen for my daughter she wants hudson to be remembered and he will be. >> reporter: they plan to one day take her little girl back to portugal to meet the doctors and nurses considered family now. kemberly rich ardson. >> faith, a flight attendant and a court date. also ahead, we'll meet the chemical engineer who hasn't showered in a dozen years. find out why he'd like a billion
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people a day to follow his lead. we take a live look outside. meteorologist jeff smith will return with hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle.
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two brothers are in custody tonight for apparently trying to kill their parents. their mother's 911 call likely saved her and her husband from the boy's violent attack. the brothers stabbed their father, seriously wounded their mother yesterday at the family's home in georgia. police say the boy's father distracted them while the mother called for help. >> she stated to the operator that her sons were trying to kill her and her husband. there was commotion in the background and then the line went silent. >> if she hadn't been able to make that call, it's uncertain what would have happen. >> officers quickly arrive and boys. natural gas. they believe the pair planned to start a fire to destroy the evidence. a flight attendant claims her airline suspended her for refusing to serve alcohol. she's muslim and goes against her faith. now she is suing that airline for discrimination.
11:46 pm
>> reporter: shireese stanley was suspended from her job because of her religious beliefs. this week the 40-year-old michigan woman filed a charge of discrimination against regional air lien express jet. the issue, stanley converted to islam two years ago. she and the airline worked out an accommodation for two months until one of her co-workers filed a complaint saying she was not fulfilling her duties as a flight attendant by refusing to serve alcohol. four weeks later her religious accommodation was revoked by the airline. she was suspended. her lawyer says her clients seriously held religious beliefs should not keep her from being a flight attendant. a spokesman declined to discuss the complaint but said we
11:47 pm
embrace and respect the values of all the team members. we're an equal opportunity employer and a long history of diversity. a reasonable accommodation for stanley may be difficult given she works for a small airline. >> in the case of the airlines you have one flight attendant on a flight of 50 seat or less the pilot can't come out and serve the drinks. a chitacheetah escaped the indiana. park guests were ushered to safety this morning. staffers found the cheetah named its exhibit. they used a dart to subdue it. it'll be kept out until it's determined how it escaped. queen elizabeth ii is two
11:48 pm
days away from a historic milestone. on wednesday she'll become the longest reigning british monarch massing the record set by her great, great grandmother queen victoria who buckingham palace calculated reigned for 23,266 days 16 hours and 23 minutes. >> that's very specific there. how would you feel if somebody told you you could improve your health by not showering? a chemical engineer from mit creating a product line called mother dirt. the claim is that it restored natural bacteria which improved skin. the creator even replaced bathing by using it. so how long has it been since this guy took a shower? >> i've not taken a shower in over 12 years. no one did clinical trials on people taking showers every day. what's the basis for assuming that's a healthy practice?
11:49 pm
>> for people who agree with what the company is doing and still want to bathe the traditional way, shampoos and cleansers are available. this story is drawing interest. it's one of the most read stories on and our app as well. >> mother dirt or -- can i say that? a college student ditches his dorm room for new digs.
11:50 pm
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we now know you can use lightning to stop a tiger. intense bolts close to the lsu stadium. the opening game was called off before they scored. officials were worried about
11:52 pm
player and spectator safety. >> as they should have. jeff standing by with a look at the accuweather forecast and you got your computer problems straightened out. >> we do. we'll show you some visuals here to go along with our heat wave, which starts tomorrow up 90 degrees and the humidity starts increasing. after tomorrow won't feel that bad. if you have outdoor plans don't cancel them because of the heat. it'll be nice out there. live look right now towards the empire state building. lit up in patriotic colors as we celebrate the american worker. temperature 73. the high today got up to 87. that's well above the average for this time of the year. el it only gets up to 79 on a typical september 6th. the sun setting at 7:20. here are the headlines. really abnormally hot for
11:53 pm
september. we're talking 90 degrees plus tomorrow through wednesday. it'll make outdoor activities uncomfortable. especially for tuesday and wednesday when we start to increase the humidity. then we watch a potent front coming in on thursday. that could bring locally heavy rainfall. much needed rainfall. much of the area in a moderate drought. a lot of brown lawns out there. 55 right now in morris town, 62 in sussex and upper 50s down the jersey shore. what's going on is high pressure that provided us with a crisp and coolish air mass has moved off shore. you get a wind from the southwest and that will pump up the heat and eventually the humidity. we're talking 10 to 15 degrees above normal tomorrow through wednesday and upper 80s at the beaches. lower 90s from the city and points west. heat index values of 90 to 100 degrees. a good old fashioned heat wave at the wrong time of the year. the high up to 90.
11:54 pm
the hottest day of the period will be tuesday and i say record heat. the record was last tied back in 1919 on that date of 93 degrees tuesday. here's the accuweather forecast, patchy clouds and down to 68. temperatures around 70. up to 90 in the afternoon and low to mid-80s at the beaches with a sea breeze off the ocean. clear tomorrow night and down to 71. tomorrow the humidity higher than it was today. but still not oppressive by any means. here's the 7-day forecast. 93, the peak of the heat is on tuesday and the humidity joins it. 91 wednesday and there could be a shower or storm west of new york city. there's a much better shot on thursday. maybe some downpours with those storms. much needed downpours. 87. not as warm friday and less humid clearing out just in time for next weekend. bill evans back in the saddle
11:55 pm
tomorrow morning with more. >> thank you, jeff. if you've ever seen a college dorm we know they're not known for their space or luxury. >> a student in michigan decided if he was going to live in a tiny space he would save money, too. he built a tiny house for his last two years and wait until you see what he did with 170 square feet. >> everyone else was you're crazy man. >> even chris's mom thought the idea was outlandish until the 21-year-old junior convinced her living in a tiny house would lead to big savings. >> seeing the money going to rent and you never see that money again. >> we are talking tiny. a 170-square foot house on a trailer roughly 20 feet by eight and a half feet. from the oak floor to the metal roof it was a labor of love he completed and brought from his
11:56 pm
hometown to school in ann arbor. a landlord let him park it in a loft. >> you might be surprised what you can fit in this small space. a kitchen count sxer a loft with a double bed, a couch, a functional shower and a compost toilet. >> it actually doesn't smell at all. he'll spend his two years of college here and five years after that and planning to ask his girlfriend to move in after graduation. >> i made sure there was enough closet space. that's important. >> the house cost $13,000 to build but chris says monthly housing costs including utilities will run him $400. half of what he paid last year. the tradeoff, he'll live off the grid and use solar power and propane and five gallon buckets to haul in water. >> it's not easy. it's not like a cute little tiny house. it takes more work doing it but i would say it's rewarding.
11:57 pm
>> the true test of seeing chris can make it, though, is the school year that lies ahead. >> yeah. i take my hat off to him. >> that's when the fraternity in. >> my apartment has never seemed so big. >> that's going to do it for us. thanks for staying up i'm sandra bookman. >> i'm rob powers. eye witness news returns tomorrow at 4:30.
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