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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  September 7, 2015 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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back to his community. >> governor andrew cuomo confirmed his first deputy counsel carey gabay was shot in the head walking by a dispute that didn't involve him. >> he was shot last night as a random event. a dispute that had gunfire and he was walking by with his brother and apparently was shot. >> it happened on bedford avenue around 3:30 this morning. crime scene investigators scoured the street for evidence but still no arrests have been made, and the governor is demanding justice. >> i had the pleasure to work with him many, many times. he did great work. he was the lawyer who rewrote the rent reform laws that protect so many tenants. >> earlier this morning during the annual festivities one person was stabbed to death in a crowd of thousands.
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4,000 officers have lined the parade route. the governor says enough young people have died and called on the community for it to stop. >> it's a reminder that the violence -- the violence has to stop, and we all have a role and a responsibility carey gabay's wife is pregnant with their first child. she remains at the hospital by mr. gabay's side as well as the governor, kala rama channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. now to the labor day holiday, and it's a day to honor the american worker and also known as the unofficial end of summer. one of the largest labor day parades stepped off in south plainfield new jersey. this is the 58th year the parade has been held in the middlesex town. tens of thousands are spending this holiday along the jersey shore. we're going to be in with meteorologist bill evans outside our studios on the upper west side on a perfectly beautiful unofficial day last day of summer.
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>> you're exactly right. it's warm and we're in a little bit of some unusual weather. we're going to have three days of 90-degree weather in september. so summer is going out kicking and screaming. today is going to be hot but not humid. here at noontime the temperature now 88 degrees. we'll easily get to 90 this afternoon. there's a little bit of a west, southwest wind, places like sunset park are going to be a little cooler but places like murray hill are going to be a little warmer. 88 in newark and 83 from nassau island. there's hardly any humidity. now. the heat index will come to tomorrow when you see the southwest wind is going to change more to a southerly wind and pick up the moisture. from today into wednesday, we're about 10 to 15 degrees in the normal. we're going to be looking at 80s and lower 90s especially tomorrow and wednesday. we've got hot air that is poised to our south and west to keep sliding eastward ahead of a cold that front comes to us on thursday.
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the heat index this afternoon is hovering around 90. notice the heat index for tomorrow. that's going to be into the mid- 90s and just west of the city in the urban areas of new jersey into the upper 90s. we'll talk more about that and thunderstorms for thursday all in your accuweather seven-day forecast in just a moment. back to you in the studio. >> as bill said it's great beach weather and a lot of people trying to squeeze in a couple more days in the sun and surf. anthony johnson deserving of such a break. we sent him to belmar with that part of our coverage, anthony. >> reporter: don't make me laugh, but you know the key to simple. here along the jersey shore they have had plenty of that, a lot of sun all summer long, and when you have so much sun, you profits. now as a last treat of summer down here in belmar, beachgoers get free parking on this labor day weekend, and beach access. now some restaurants along the
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jersey shore have reported 10 to 20% increases in profits this summer because every weekend has been great. the weather has been sunny every single weekend in the months of july and august, which is a real treat, and of course it's sunny this september weekend. another big factor is bringing in the big crowds. cheap gas prices throughout the summer. this labor day you can buy regular gas in some places here in jersey below $2 a gallon. that means more people have been driving down for the weekend and quick day trips. the tourism business in the state brings some $42 billion into the economy, much of that comes from shore businesses during the summer. it also creates 300,000 temporary jobs. this has been a banner year for many business owners. >> actually we're about even with last year. we had a successful season last year. we've been here 20 years now, so we're just about even. we might even turn up a little positive because of having this extra week. we'll know tonight by 12:00 tonight, but don't worry, we're still going to disney world.
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>> reporter: and they're going to disney world, and the dolphins are out here in the water enjoying the jersey shore. we saw a pod passing by just a few momentsing a just having a few little last minute bits of summer in the waves here along the jersey shore. now with the temperatures expected to remain warm, possibly throughout the rest of this week, they hope that more people come down to the jersey shore. they're going to try to squeeze every dollar they can out of this tourism season. that is the latest live from belmar new jersey, anthony johnson channel 7 eyewitness news. >> such a great shot of those dolphins. anthony thank you. as we mentioned earlier in the newscast, the annual west indian american day parade for brooklyn is another sure sign that it is labor day. more than a million people are expected to line the streets from eastern parkway and neck tee avenue in crown heights. revelers expect to be dazzled by the floats and the music and of course all of those costumed dancers.
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>> it's all about unity and feeling beautiful and about showing how amazing the caribbean and unique and diverse it is. >> one island, one people one culture. that's what we're trying to project about brooklyn. we're a melting pot. >> one of the grand marshals for the parade is maxine williams, facebook's global head of diversity. new at noon, police are investigating an accident that has seriously injured a pedestrian in new rochelle. a 20-year-old man was struck by a vehicle. he's been taken to a local hospital in serious condition. we also have new information in a deadly hit and run in brooklyn. police say the driver of the minivan believed to have struck and killed a disabled woman has turned himself in for questioning after seeing his vehicle on television. the nypd released the video of
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this van where marlene zotti was killed. her brother says zotti was crossing the street with a walker when she was hit. no word on whether the driver will face charges. in a few hours from now, governor cuomo will head to puerto rico for a one day visit to discuss the financial crisis in the u.s. territory. he's taking a special delegation which includes congressman nadyaville has quiz and reuben diaz junior. diaz says the situation in puerto rico is grave and something must be done. >> there is $73 billion in debt. they don't get the reimbursement rate from the federal government that other states get even though they pay into the medicaid system. one doctor per day is leaving puerto rico. puerto ricans have to come to the united states to get health care. taxes are being raised. >> diaz says he hopes the visit pushes the u.s. to help. joe torrez is headed to cover the governor's visit. you can see his report today
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and online at abc7ny. a major move by the white house, president obama plans to sign an executive order requiring sick leave for employees of federal contractors. the new protection will affect 300,000 people. >> making sure they've got decent benefits. when you reward people who are playing by the rules, that's how everybody does better. that's how america gets ahead. >> the white house has said the cost will be made up by lower worker attrition and better loyalty. >> and still to come, exclusive video, cars go up in flames on a street along the island. now a mystery left for police to try and unravel. >> plus the dentist who killed cecil the lion is ready to go back to work, and is now backlash. we'll tell you what he wants the world to now know. >> and a referee blind sided, tackled during a high school football game.
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now the players behind i
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new numbers out this labor day weekend reveal big changes in the race for president. hillary clinton losing ground to her democratic challengers and in matchups against republicans. abc's kenneth moden live in washington. >> a lot of candidates are laboring this holiday. in a newly released poll bernie sanders is at his highest in new hampshire. clinton is at her lowest. >> my voice is a little raspy. >> hillary clinton is losing her voice and support 1 percentage point at a time to her rivals. >> i think they're getting nervous. >> a new poll has bernie saunders a 9 point lead.
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a man who hasn't entered the race has 16%. vice president joe biden was in pittsburgh kicking off the annual labor day parade, his audience members of the large and politically important union united steel workers who chanted run joe, run. >> build labor, we build america. >> gop front runner donald trump is not laboring today, taking a break but his name is still being mentioned after his foreign policy blunder on the radio last week. >> are you familiar with general solamani? >> yes, go ahead, give me a little -- go ahead, tell me. >> he runs the kuds forces. >> trump responded over the weekend calling that radio host a third rate got you guy. >> you have to find a way to elevate the debate to focus on the changes that would actually get us a government that could work again, that is not captured by the tiniest fracture of the 1% who fund campaigns.
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>> that new poll has trump beating clinton in a hypothetical general election matchup in iowa. we are months away from the first caucus and primary votes and things can change quickly on the campaign trail liz. reporting live here in washington, kenneth moten, channel 7 eyewitness news. across europe leaders are pledging to take in more refugees fleeing syria in the escalating crisis. germany is expecting around 2500 people today, another 20,000 arrived over the weekend. others are streaming in to austria and france agreed to take 24,000 people. most of the migrants are escaping war in syria. greece is working on a plan to move up to 18,000 people crammed on to a small island without enough services. a law enforcement officers from around the country converging in illinois at this hour. they're gathering to attend the funeral of a police officer who was fatally shot on the job. funeral services for lieutenant charles gliniewicz are being
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held in his hometown of antioch. the 52-year-old was gunned down on tuesday after he radioed he was chasing three suspicious men on foot. police in las vegas say they've arrested a gunman who ambushed two officers in their squad car. the man allegedly opened fire on the officers, with a semiautomatic handgun while they were stopped at a traffic light. one officer was shot in the hand, the other officer chased the suspect and caught him. the injured officer is listed in good condition. las vegas started putting two officers in its squad cars after another attack on police on friday. we are counting down to pope francis' historic visit to the united states and new york. today is the last day to enter a lottery to receive two tickets from the city for the pope's procession through central park september 25th. anyone in new york state is eligible. go to to sign up. a local high school coach who has inspired people across the country, now it is time for
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her to receive something back. see the surprise that left her thrilled beyond words. >> and quarterback tom brady talking for the first time since winning his fight with the nfl, his what he calls new focus. >> and a beautiful look outside on this labor day monday. are we about to hit another record, meteorologist bill
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evans is up
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seen haley? abc7 and your tri-state ford
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dealers thank you for helping protect our children. check this out, that's a polar bear who became tangled in a fishing net. this happened on a small island in alaska. government scientists hit the bear with a tranquilizer from a helicopter then residents who live in the island helped keep him from drowning as a sedative took effect. once it was sedated, the bear was untangled. he appeared uninjured after waking up he headed back into the wild. >> wow. it's a good deed. it's a frightening one because you want to make sure the bear's sedated. it's a good deed nonetheless, something i would imagine our meteorologist bill evans doing in this situation. >> he works better unsedated actually. here's what's going on n is the type of weathers that's mesmerizing today. here we've had a beautiful summer. we've had rain, it's been like during the week. we are a little short rainfall, but the weekends have been really good, and of course we're ending the unofficial end of summer on a really good
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note. humid. we have a lot of the sunshine as we look from our camera here, brooklyn to the lower east side. 88 degrees, look at the humidity, 35%. that's why it feels so nice. a west wind is a dry wind. it's a warm wind. the temperature goes up. the humidity remains low. we have bermuda high over us, and that's why we have such a nice day. we have a sunset at 7:19 that's going to be gorgeous. normal high is 78. we're going to crush that today. we're going to get to 90, maybe 91 this afternoon. abnormal heat for september. over the next several days it's going to be 90-plus with a real feel around 95 and 100 in some spots. then a potential strong thunderstorm line comes through with a cold front on thursday, and that's what you kind of get this time of the year as you start to slowly change into fall. massapequa and north port are 81, 82 in hauppauge, the west and southwest winds south facing shores are a little cooler. we'll see the inland numbers pile up, 88. the dull snowman in central
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park and across manhattan and over towards newark in the urban areas of new jersey. a wind out of the southwest, 5, 8, 10, 12 miles per hour, that keeps it dry. that keeps the humidity away. tomorrow and wednesday you'll feel that humidity, especially tomorrow as the temperature probably gets to 93 which could tie or break the record set nearly 100 years ago in 1919. so you see it's clear back to the great lakes. that cold front gets here on thursday. most likely overnight thursday into thursday night. here's our futurecast. you see we're dry through tomorrow, we say there you see -- wednesday there you see some clouds and there comes the front on thursday about 2 a.m. as we go into friday. once that plows through we cool off for the weekend. the real feels tomorrow, the heat index around 94. you see those red shades there into the interior, essex, hudson, union county, that's 95, 98 maybe even 100. southwest 5 to 15 miles per hour this afternoon, water temperature up to about 75
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right at the beach. rip current risk is moderate. it's hot today on this labor day, it's 90. it's the humidity, the humidity picks up tomorrow with some record heat. the real feel tomorrow is about 95 to 98 and we could tie or break that record high. it's comfy tonight with 73, the humidity picks up tomorrow. we'll see if we can tie that record of 93 degrees and here's your accuweather seven-day forecast. thunderstorms thursday, maybe a leftover friday and that sets us up for a drier, cooler weekend coming up. feels really good out here. there. it feels great out here. >> we need to go out there. all right. see you guys in a minute. >> thank you. >> and still to come, a man he survives. today he's telling his story. find out why he says the hammerhead shark, the one that bit him is the real victim. >> and caught on camera, a
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a ref blind sided by players, a street performance by a rock star, and a squirrel raising a racket, just some of the stories that were caught on
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camera and caught our attention. we're going to begin with two high school football players in texas facing possible criminal charges after they were accused of targeting an unsuspecting referee during a game. watch as a defensive back from jon jay high school runs directly at the ref as soon as the play begins. the player hits the referee from behind knocking him to the ground. that's when another player dives into the ref head first. reports are they were not happy with an earlier call. both players have been suspended from the team and school. the referee has not decided if he will press charges [ music ] >> because i miss you babe and i don't want to miss a thing >> that's aerosmith front man steven tyler. he spotted a street performer in moscow and decided to jump in and join him. people could not believe it. he's in moscow to celebrate the city's birthday. isn't it great.
12:26 pm
>> and one player didn't need a tennis racket, a squirrel invaded a women's double match during yesterday's session. tennis officials tried to corral the critter but it eventually ran off into the crowd. >> poor thing looks so freaked out, doesn't he? >> where are my nuts, they were all in the stands, he didn't realize it. >> meanwhile, steven tyler sounded amazing. really really cool, awesome for the people who happened to be walking by. >> it's incredible that he had >> very cool. >> comenting up next -- coming up next, two cars erupt in flames overnight. we've got new exclusive video and why police think they may have been set intentionally. it's coming up in a live report. >> the latest on a search for a
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caring in so many ways. call 1-866-386-4180 or visit you're watching new york's number 1 news, channel 7 eyewitness news with david novarro, shirleen allicot and meteorologist bill evans, now eyewitness news continues. >> violent erupts in the hours before the west indian day parade in brooklyn. overnight governor cuomo's first deputy counsel was shot in the head. corey gabay was walking with his brother in flat bush when he was hit by a stray bullet. he is in critical condition this afternoon. another man was stabbed to death, governor cuomo called the violence pointless this morning. >> meanwhile the parade god underway around 11:00, more
12:30 pm
than 1 million people are expected to line the streets from eastern parkway and schenectady avenue to grand army plaza in prospect park. >> and the beaches are packed. many people are enjoying the long weekend and celebrating the unofficial end of summer. >> but could we get another heat wave. that's the big question meteorologist bill evans is working on with the exclusive accuweather forecast in just a few minutes. hello again, i'm david novarro. >> and i'm liz cho. shirleen is off today. we're going to begin this half hour with new video of cars that may have been set on fire intentionally. >> overnight, two cars went up in flames on long island. now police are trying to figure out if they were intentionally set. this happened in hicksville in nassau county. >> kristin thorne is in hicksville with much more. >> reporter: nassau police tell me they believe the same person is responsible for doing this, that is something the owner of these cars also believes. look, you can see one of the cars here that was set on fire early this morning. if you look
12:31 pm
there. this is -- these two cars are the family's only two cars. a neighbor tells us that she saw someone pouring gasoline over these cars early this morning. we obtained this exclusive cell phone video which shows the cars on fire. this happened on morgan street in hicksville around 2:00 this morning. a local fire department did have to respond to put the flames out. neighbors tell me they did see a suspicious person around the neighborhood yesterday, the day leading up to this just before this happened. a family tells me, again, they think they were targeted but they just don't know why. >> i think they knew what they were doing because it was specific my cars. >> why would someone do that to you? >> no idea. no idea because my husband, he, you know, he's a landscaper and i stay with my kids at home.
12:32 pm
no idea who would do something like that. >> reporter: so the family has car insurance, but unfortunately only liability insurance which will not cover this. right now odelia perez is trying to figure out how her husband will get to work every day. >> kristin, right now a family is desperately searching for teenage immigrant who vanished over a week ago in brooklyn. ryan mathewss has not been seen since august 28th. never came back. volunteers have put up flyers but so far there has been no sign of him. >> there's no indication of where he went, who he could be with. we've contacted his friends, his school acquaintances, i mean nothing, so we don't -- we have no clue. >> we need him to come home. everybody's worried, very worried. i'm very worried. his sister, family, every family member, friends would like him to come back home. >> mathews moved here from
12:33 pm
ghana a year ago. anyone with information is asked to call police. after months of silence, a man who sparked an international outcry is talking. the dentist from minnesota who killed africa's famous cecil the lion says he's now ready to return to work where he is likely to face public backlash. story. >> dr. palmer who's been staying quiet since becoming the target of threats and his office was shut down by protestors, but now he says it's time to get back to work. >> breaking his silence and insisting he was not in hiding, dr. walter palmer says he's been with his family and friends for the past two months keeping a low profile for their safety after someone vandalized his florida vacation home and his family received death threats n. an interview with the minneapolis star tribune and the associated press, palmer says this has been especially hard on my wife and daughter adding i don't understand that level of humanity to come after people
12:34 pm
not involved at all. >> he talked about it with some level of agitation that people close to him had been vilified because they knew dr. palmer. >> in his first interview since he has killed zimbabwe's most celebrated lion, palmer told media outlets, despite reports cecil was shot and killed he used a bow and arrow. he believed the kill was legal. >> he was fidgety at times but he didn't want to get into the core detail of how this lion was killed. >> an african guide and a farmer who assisted palmer in the zimbabwe hunt have been criminally charged. palmer's been out of work since protestors shut down his minnesota dental practice when the story broke back in july, but he says he is ready to resume his professional life, professional. i need to get back to my staff and my patients.
12:35 pm
they want me back. >> he says his plan is to get back to work tomorrow morning stressing he has yet to be charged with a crime and again, maintaining he had no idea the lion he killed was a protected animal. i'm elizabeth herr for channel 7 eyewitness news. back in new york this weekend you may have noticed something different on the front of dozens of mta buses. the s53 routes are testing three types of bicycle racks. they hold two noncollapsible bikes and are available on a first come first serve basis. this is a pilot program. let's go ahead and return now to meteorologist bill evans. >> bill with the afternoon accuweather forecast. >> it's good that no one had the idea to go to the beach today. this is asbury park as we look down the beach here headed down towards point pleasant and belmar, and the jersey shore. it's a great day to be at the beach. by the way, the wind is out of
12:36 pm
the west, all right, so for you boogie borders that holdsed waves up, makes for great boogie boarding waves. another piece of advice. it's 88 degrees. we're looking at temperatures of 84 around new city, 82 around sussex. we have 88 around newark to staten island. with a southwest to a west wind here, it's warm, it's dry, it's a land breeze, so this is across the area. but the heat and the humidity return tomorrow. we're in the midst of a heat wave in september. who off >> tom brady breaking his silence since a judge overturned his deflategate suspension. >> and coming up hear what he also has to say about the nfl's appeal of the case. >> and apparently you can forget about taking a shower. could a new spray be the new scrubdown. we're going to take a closer
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new england patriots quarterback tom brady is breaking his silence for the first time since winning his fight against the nfl. ryan smith has the story somewhere patriot's quarterback tom brady speaking out for the first time since a federal judge overturned his four-game deflategate suspension. >> i'll be excited to run out
12:40 pm
there thursday night. >> the super bowl mvp set to lead his team in the season opener against the pittsburgh steelers thursday night. >> obviously been a long seven months for everybody. now the goal is to focus on what my job is. >> brady mostly quiet during this tumultuous off-season, the case pitting him against nfl commissioner roger goodell. >> it's been a very tough situation for everybody. >> everybody deals with things differently and i dealt with them the best way i know how. >> while brady is cleared to return to the gridiron, the two new england patriots employees accused of conspiring with him not. they're suspended indefinitely. >> i certainly feel terrible for them that they're not able to be with us right now. >> it's not game over for the nfl, which is appealing the judge's decision. >> that's their choice, and i think that's part of -- it's just part of this process. >> the 38-year-old quarterback now hoping his off-season support will stay by his side
12:41 pm
as he retakes the field. >> have so much support from family and friends. there's a lot of people that have supported me and, you know, we'll need that support this season. york. a kayaker recovering from a nasty bite after getting too close to a hammerhead shark off the coast of malibu, but he says he considers the shark to be the real victim in all of this. dylan marks was fishing for sharks when he hooked the hammer head. the shark then made a move. >> i swung my body around and when i was doing that, it got scared, you know, and it the way. >> yeah, that shark sunk its teeth into mark's foot. the 29-year-old paddled to a good samaritan nearby and that person helped him to shore. mark said he's learned a lesson and will not risk catching a shark again on a fishing line. new research out of connecticut finds parents may want to keep a close eye on
12:42 pm
teenage smokers who use e- cigarettes. a study of high school students found 25% who use the electronic smokes have inhaled pot using the vapor technology. the e-cigs gives students a better way to hide the they are using marijuana. and how would you feel if someone told you you could improve your health by not showering. >> hmm, a chemical engineer from mit created a product line called mother dirt. the claim is that it restores natural bacteria, which then improves your skin, and the creator even replaced bathing by using the spray. so how long has it been since he's taken a shower? >> i have not taken a shower in over 12 years. no one did clinical trials on people taking showers every day, so what's the basis for assuming that that's a healthy, you know, a healthy practice. >> don't you miss taking a question. for people who agree with what
12:43 pm
the company's doing but still want to bathe the traditional way, apparently there's shampoos and cleansers that are also available. >> i'd be curious to see if this takes off or not. >> i don't think that it's bad for you. >> i don't know. i love my showers. an inspiring coach from our area getting a big surprise from abc news. she started an after school program to mentor kids and got a special classroom makeover. now she's getting another unexpected gift. >> and today is the unofficial end of summer. there. another heat wave could be on
12:44 pm
12:45 pm
12:46 pm
maria? abc7 and your tri-state ford dealers thank you for helping protect our children. now to a nice surprise for a westchester county basketball coach inspiring so many young kids. nesta felix started an after school program to mentor students. she's received a classroom makeover and now she's getting much more. >> everybody got it? >> got it. >> everybody got it? >> got it. good job.
12:47 pm
>> many were inspired when abc news special contributor tim tebow brought us the story of a college basketball coach who started an after school program to help mentor her students in mount vernon. >> she's a miracle? >> she's very inspiring. >> she always drives me to be my best. >> with a little help from some friends, she gave her time, her energy and her heart, and gma wanted to give something back to nesta. >> this is your brand new computer lab. >> oh, my gosh >> a beautiful new computer lab, a classroom makeover courtesy of way fair, and a brand new ford flex to help her drive her kids to their after school programs, and one more surprise that would come later, a new basketball court courtesy of conner sports and soon after the seasons changed and the weather turned warm, the trucks rolled in and carter and his
12:48 pm
team from carters kids got to work. >> everybody heard nesta's story which is so amazing we wanted to help. we have this great new sports court that kids are going to go bonkers. >> literally within hours the basketball coach with the huge her kids. >> unbelievable. our children are so excited and i am thrilled beyond words, so thank you so much. >> how cool is that to see. >> amazing to see. so great, and a lot of kids are going back to school this week, so weather-wise it's going to be nice out at the bus stop right bill? >> to start the day it will. to start the day it will, but to end the day not so much. particularly tomorrow and wednesday when kids get back to school. you're going to have to be very careful with the heat. the humidity picks up tomorrow. today we're looking at 90 degrees. the humidities are in the 30% range. tomorrow that percent goes to the 60% range. that will be tuesday and wednesday. enjoy today. hey, let's go to the beach.
12:49 pm
we're going to asbury park where it is just a beautiful day to be there. the water temperature is at about 76 degrees, and right now we're at 88, 35% humidity, and a west wind. that's what makes it feel so nice. our air quality is moderate, uv index is 7. put on the sunscreen, sunblock, notice the started to pick up. this is the time of year for that to take place. 84 in long branch. 86 in brick new jersey, 87 around sayreville, long island is little cooler and coastal connecticut because of that west and southwest breeze along the beaches. for the afternoon we'll still have that wind, and we've got a bermuda high across the area all the way back to the great lakes. so that front that's in the great lakes is going to be slow to move east because of the high, so it will until about thursday. it will bring us some relief from this 90-degree weather. that will be thursday and friday. let's look at buoys, here's the buoy at sandy hook new jersey where you can see the water temperatures about 76 degrees.
12:50 pm
a southwest wind there, the new york harbor, water temperature about 76 degrees there. and out across long island 77 degrees and the wind is kind of gusting up to around 19 miles an hour. some nice weather on the sound and just a beautiful day all the way around on this labor day with that west southwest wind. so for the afternoon we're looking at about 90, between 2 and 4. it is going to tap 90 degrees, and then it will be a nice wonderful evening to end unofficially the summer of 2015, but tomorrow afternoon, we've got school tomorrow and back to work all that good stuff. the real feels will be in the mid to upper 90s west of the city. we'll be in the 80s across long island. we're looking at a southwest wind this afternoon, waves 2 to 4 in 2 in the sound and that low risk of rip currents at the jersey shore. a moderate risk at the new york beaches and long island on the south shore with that southwest wind. 90 today, 93 tomorrow, that's the record for the day, 93 set back in 1919.
12:51 pm
we'll see if we break that. 80s at the beach. 73, clear and comfy tonight, tomorrow we're at 93. we'll see if we break a record. we are in a september heat wave which in and of itself is rather unusual. 91 on wednesday, and then a thunderstorm starts to cool us down for the end of the week with that cold front pushing through and that cools us down for the end of the week. i've got to go, i've got my bathing suit. >> not so fast mister, not so fast. >> i can't say i blame you though. thanks bill. >> all right. >> so here's the thing, facebook apparently may be hurting your relationship with your significant other, at least according to a therapist here in new york. he says couples who unfriend each other on the social network are more likely to stay together. he says facebook makes it easier to avoid face-to-face conversations. a sure sign that fall is just around the corner. >> the pumpkin spice latte loved by some, reviled by others has officially returned to the menu. starbucks says there's a new recipe this year.
12:52 pm
they took out the artificial flavors and colors and added real pumpkin, a tall size about 300-calories. there you go. >> okay. and we're going to be right back. first here's a look at what's coming up on the chew right after this. >> hey guys, we're turning you into a barbecue master in the chew's just grill it. our viewers are serving up everything from a grilled
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breakfast pizza to spicy
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and you get dental, prescription drug and otc coverage. choose a plan with 30 years of experience. call elderplan now to enroll. the news is going to continue this afternoon beginning on eyewitness news first at 4, a dog that got hit by a stray bullet that could have hit his owner during a home innovation looking for a new place to live. what's being done to find him a new home. >> plus a 13-year-old new yorker, one of the best in the country at table tennis. meet here and see how she's training for the olympics. those stories and much more beginning today at eyewitness news first at 4. >> that's awesome. archaeologists believe a
12:56 pm
new discovery could be the greatest neelyic site in england. nearly 100 stones that are 4500 years old were discovered buried a few miles from stonehenge. the blocks were buried under about 3 feet of earth. scientists have dubbed the stones super henge because the site is five times larger than stonehenge. >> pretty cool. in vermont a contest rewarding people for their bad baking skills. >> that's all you've got to have. the uglier your cake is the prosthesis. these are three of the entries in the ugly cake contest at the sharp lain valley fair. the decorators used victory. >> are those onions. >> onion rings, pasta, fishy crackers, never thought of using sardines in a cake did you. the top three bad bakers receive ribbons for their hard work. i think this is a contest i could win. >> i think the person who wins is actually the person who
12:57 pm
tries the cake. you know, so i saw gummy worms and sardines. >> you also win most disgusting cake. >> yeah. all right. bonus for creativity. >> it sure is. we like that. >> and with that, we end the noon newscast. please enjoy and have a great one for eyewitness news at noon, i'm david novarro. >> and i'm liz cho. >> make sure you are back this afternoon for eyewitness news first at 4, we will see you then. have a great afternoon. it's the little things in life that make me smile. spending the day with my niece. i don't use super poligrip for hold, because my dentures fit well. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable.
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