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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  September 8, 2015 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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an accident on an exit ramp between route 17 and route 80 is causing big delays. >> and we want to check in in news copter 7 over the scene with the latest. >> reporter: yeah, and what a mess here. you are looking down at the truck that is trying to clean up the debris that fell from a tractor-trailer when it overturned on this ramp from southbound 17 to eastbound route 80. and i think that's that's all that needs to be said, those roadways so busy. and you can see the fire trucks on the bottom of the scene. that's route 17 itself. and with the emergency activity there, they have route 17 completely shut down as well as that route to route 80. everyone going to south summit avenue and down two boulevards so it's causing a local headache as well. but we will take you back to the route 17 as we get a nice turn for you to show you what this is doing to traffic because as you can imagine, it is a nightmare. it would be bad enough if it
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goes through but it's beyond lynn avenue. avoid it at all cost if you can. and it does not look like it's going to get out of here any time soon. reporting live, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> terrible way to end the holiday. and the heat now, today we hit a central -- record, 97 degrees in central park. we haven't seen it this hot in september n in years. >> lee is -- september in years. >> reporter: and how about the hottest september 8th since 1983. the it's broiling out side today. the temperature is at 94 degrees right now. but here are the records hit a couple hours ago. 97 in the park. laguardia, 9 5 . plenty of good space available. 94 right now, feels like 96. and temperatures around the
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area, the coast feels milder and nicer as you are closer to the atlantic otherwise, temperatures in the low and mid hollywood 90s from the city north and west. and the feels-like readings, basically these are the top heat indecks that we have seen all summer long today. and look at the satellite, just sunshine. and we are waiting for the cold front for the relief. it's a slow moving front and thursday. and slow nature will play a may bring. the average is 17. and we have now had 61 straight days at or above 80. and the peak heat is today but theishment higher the next couple days before the heat breaks thursday via very heavy downpours and the first situation where we call for flooding. we've had very little rain and that's enhanced the opportunity to get this hot. the sun goes right to work on the air temperature. we will be looking at the seven- day forecast and tell you about
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the storms coming up coming up in accuweather in a few minutes. back to you now for now. >> thank you. the record breaking heat impacting everyone from students to businesses and homeowners. some school districts without air conditioning ended classes today. norwalk schools were among those dismissed two hours ahead of schedule. and construction workers had to work on the roads in midtown manhattan today. all of this as parts of new jersey battle not just the temperatures but concerns over a growing drought as well. it's impacting everything from lawns to produce. we have that part of >> reporter: you got the keep the beautiful tomatoes growing as long as you can. we are familiar with these guys. they have the farm stand at union square and they hold one on saturday mornings across from our studios at 66th columbus. it's a business that has to
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monitor dry and drought-like conditions but they're not adversely affected as other businesses outdoors like landscapers. >> like powder sugar many the bakery. >> reporter: the dirt is dust but that's long the pathways too to and through feels -- pathways to and through the feels. >> water just sweats out very, very slowly. right now. if you see people watering their lawns over half the water >> reporter: and a waste of water too which is why they have mandatory water restriction, stage four meaning no irrigating lawn, only hand held house watering and only on certain days depending on your address. it adds up to a challenge for landscaping companies. they are trying to keep this $70,000 job from drying up while obeying water restrictions. >> i really don't have an answer yet.
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>> reporter: these trees went in three weeks ago and it hasn't rained. >> this is a planting that had to go in this year. they were forced. and making sure that we are keeping that water on has been a difficult challenge. >> reporter: the positive thing, it's september. >> we know that rain will come spoon the cooler nights will help everything. >> reporter: -- will come soon and the cooler nights will help everything. >> reporter: he says it's more the human factor you have to worry about on the farm except for fields that don't have irrigation. that's okay as long as the workers aren't under the sun too long. >> we came in in the morning and got essential work fun said, that's it. and -- -- work done and said, that's it, go home. >> reporter: anyone who is on ridge water, you could face fines if you do not adhere to the water restrictions. they have given out about 50 summons already. you may want to check to find out what water system you're on
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and if there are advisories or restrictions. for now, we are live, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. well now to the plane that flipped -- that flipped over in the water. this happened this morning in the great south bay. we are live at the scene with the latest details. >> reporter: witnesses tell us that they saw the pilot pull up his small sea plane right here, back it up with a pickup truck into the great south bay and just started flying. well, he had difficulty maintaining altitude and crashed about a thousand feet offshore. and a neighbor peter williams came to his rescue. this is video that williams took himself as he was rescuing the man. williams said he was lying in the bed this morning watching the the sea plane when all of a sudden, he saw it in the great south bay.
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he jumped into his own boat and went out to help. according to the registration for the plane, it is a homemade plane. they helped pull the plane to shore. williams said he is used to seeing small planes around this area flying around the great south bay but not a plane this small. >> once you saw him coming down, you ran out. >> when he crashed, that's when i went out to the boat. i ran out and called 911 as i was trying to get out there. i also called my daughter because she drives the ferries, coming out of browns river right here. >> reporter: it took them about an hour to get the plane back here to shore. the pilot was not hurt. in fact, the coast guard said he refused medical attention. channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. we will continue to follow breaking news out of kentucky. late this afternoon, kim davis, the controversial county clerk at the center of the same-sex
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marriage debate walked out of jail. for the last five dayers she was held on a contempt of court charge. and today she display as she thanked her supporters. >> we serve a living god who knows exactly where each and every one of us is at. just keep on pressing. don't let down. because he is here. he is worthy. he is worthy. i love you guys, thank you so much. >> davis emerged from a welcome from the thousands of cross- waving supporters. despite a stern warning from the judge today, davis' lawyer refused to say whether she will once again interfere with administratorring the licenses. much more coming up on eyewitness news at 5:00. back here in our area, new york governor cuomo is renewing his call to overhaul national gun laws after a lawyer in his
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administration was shot in the head. this is new video of people scattering as shots rang out in brooklyn early monday. he underwent surgery and remains in a medically-induced coma after he was hit by a stray bullet. and police are searching for the gang members who were trading the shots. >> how many incidents do we have to have? how many weeks do we have to have the with same story over and over and over about the insanity that this country is allowing to continue with violence and loss of life of innocent people because we have having guns, having guns? >> well, right now, the to puerto rico. and he promised a historic partnership to help the island crisis. he attended a round-table
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san juan. and he is promising new york officials will share expertise in areas including economic development and health care. puerto rico is struggling with $72 billion in debt. and we are in puerto rico with the governor. we are covering the visit. you can see the report coming up on eyewitness news at 5:00. and you can find updates at senate democrats today resolution. three more senators announced their support this morning. this brings the number of supporters to 41. it's not yet clear if they also support a filibuster to block a vote on a disapproval resolution that would spare obama from a veto fight. stocks on wall street getting a boost today. chinese stocks rebounded late in the trading day. that led to a major rally in u.s. markets.
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here's a live look at the big board. the dow rose 390 point, closing at 16,492. still to come on eyewitness news fist at 4:00, trapped in a well 23 feet down, a little boy stuck in the space too narrow for rescuers. plus, a big shift in how marriage analments happen in the catholic church. the new rule and what it means for parishioners. the furry kind of join the millions who have already switched. we switched. and now, we're streaming netflix. who knew time warner cable's internet was so fast!
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>> time to check the roads on this tuesday. and we have a look at the delays on the brooklyn queens expressway. an accident on the eastbound side is blocking a lane near flushing avenue. at the hudson river crossings, the holland outbound is 10 minutes no. big problems at the lincoln or george washington bridge. meanwhile, let's go right now to the scene of the accident at route 17 in new jersey. what's the latest? >> reporter: well, we're standing here in a lot of traffic on route 17 south. you can see behind me, hopefully, the overpass. this tractor-trailer driver should have cleared. the problem is, according to firefighters out here, he went up on his entire left set of tires and so at an angle. the tractor-trailer did not
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make the clearing. this was a truck full of cigar papers. in other words, these are pieces of tobacco that are flattened and then rolled up to make cigars. they caught fire, not long after the accident, just after 2:00. now he was coming on route 17 south trying to get to route 80 east when he hit the overpass. he was unfortunately hurt, minorly. of course, you can image finance you're going along at a good clip and speed may have played a factor in this, hitting an overpass is not the way you want to stop a truck like this. hopefully you can still hear me. channel 7 eyewitness news. >> all right. thank you very much. another historic shift for the catholic church and this one involves how it annulls marriages. pope francis issued a law allowing fast track annullments. that means marriages could be
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dissolved in less than 45 days. now if a three-judge panel is not available, power is shifted to the local bishop to delegate to a priest judge. and annullments took a longtime and were expensive. and that was the crittism. the pope made the changes to help catholics in poor parts of the world or place where is the church does not have fully functioning tribunals. ! let's turn to sports right now. all eyes are in queens tonight as the ultimate sibling rivalry takes center stage or center court. venus and serena williams will face off in the quarter finals of the u.s. open tennis tournament. serena looking to become the first player since 1988 to win all four tights in a calendar year. you can see the sisters square
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off on espn tonight. coverage begins at 7:00 p.m. now she is hot. but venus knows the secrets. she's the one that could come up with the formula to beat her sister. >> and they are going to be battling the stifling heat. >> how hot is it going to be tonight? well, we have lost over a dozen players to the cramps because of the heat over the past week. it's going the to be in the 80s there this evening. and the humidity is only going up. so the feels-like readings like 90 at night. >> that's a challenge. >> yeah, a huge challenge. they'll be fighting that as well. what a fascinating match. looking forward to it. so the hottest day of the summer today. and still heat tomorrow. but more humid tomorrow. first of all, we look at the skyline which, i mean, there's haze out there but you can count the number of clouds on your hand over the past few days. what an incredible holiday
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weekend stretch. 94 now. the humidity at 38%. you say well that's low. when the air is this hot, it has a higher capacity to hold moisture. south wind around 6. the pressure is on the fall and 97 the high today. good enough for the hottest day of the summer. hottest september day since 1983. only five degrees shy of the hottest ever which is 102 back in 1953. it's 94 in chelsea. the inland number, still 95 newark. the dew point, they have been climbing throughout the day and feels more humid than it felt during the middle of the day. and we are getting to tun comfortable time and that's tonight as the dew points continue to climb. so 88 at 7:00. even at midnight, lower 80s, light wind, nothing really refreshing at all.
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and a pair of 7:00s at 7:00 in the morning. and tomorrow is a different day because we will have more clouds and more humidity. and there's the threat of the thunderstorm in the afternoon hours. and right now, the satellite is clear. if you look down to the coast of the mid-atlantic, there are showers and storms and these may be drawn up ahead of the main front. and that's why i'm just getting more convinced that we may have to include a shower or thunderstorm. not only north and west tomorrow, but even down to the coast. and that strong cold front on thursday could bring drenching downpours. and you see behind the front, there's some relief along the way. and tomorrow, still a good shot to hit 90. and that would establish a heat wave. and then on thursday, showers and thunderstorms. and the problem with this day is that the front is limping through. we have to be careful of thunderstorms and flooding. because the ground is so hard, it's going to be a lot of run- off. so ponding on area roadways and
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we do have concern for that. especially for the second half of the day. sticky tonight, 77. up to 91 tomorrow. partial sunshine, shot humid. and afternoon thunderstorm possible. and that warm and sticky. coming up at 4:30, are you too hot? we will time the cooler air. when it comes in. will it stick around? it's all in the seven day accuweather forecast in the next half hour. and breaking the sweat coming out here. it's toasty. >> it is toasty. and it doesn't feel like september heat. feels like middle of the summer heat. >> right? we were saying that last week, no, this is july. >> get back in here. the ac is cranking. >> >> thanks. well he went to a medical clinic for help. but a young boy came out worse than he started. find out what the doctor did that left a little boy with his eye glued shut.
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and it would have been his first-ever concert in china
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well there are intruders and there then there are intruders intruders of the furry kind. check out what a couple discovered. depp theties say the black bear and her cub crashed through the screen door of her home. when the woman who lives there spotted them, she ran and hid
4:24 pm
and called for help. her husband locked them in the garage. the cubs made themselves at home. both were tranquilized and take anway. today the cast of the view stepped on to the stage with new faces and some that are a little bit more familiar than others. >> that's right. one of the new cast members was there for the show's start. >> reporter: the view welcomed back one of the original ladies who started with the show in 1997. two years after joy departed, she returned to sit by side with a few recent additions. the result is a whole new view which began today with a nod towards scandal. >> we have new operatives that are about to go live. i need to know, are you ready? >> calm down, mr. president. we're back. >> reporter: joy is back. so the view can move forward.
4:25 pm
one of the show's original panelists was enjoying the hamptons when she got the call asking her to return. >> i'm happy to be back. when i saw my husband sleeping this morning when i was getting dressed to come here, i said, what did i do? >> reporter: she is the last barbara walters in 1997. she was there on day one. her return comes after a season the view. >> wow. around you. and you just kind of keep your swimming. >> reporter: whoopi told me it was joy who originally recommend she be hired here so happy. michelle collins and raven- new panelists. and paula from "good morning america" becomes a regular. and the former star of full
4:26 pm
house is there to provide balance and in fact, the chance to talk politics is one reason joy decided to return. >> i think that trump being in the race and hillary and another bush, you know, come on, it's too good. >> reporter: politics is part of the show's dna. >> i always see the view as a volley game. not a golf game. back and forth with the ball. and that feels comfortable for me. >> reporter: starting soon, joy will moderate the show on fridays. a new opportunity which helped draw her back. she heard from the co-creator who wrote a note, she's thrilled. l joy is back. you can watch -- thrilled, joy is back. you can watch the view right here right before eyewitness news at noon. >> you know, whoopi and joy make such a great combination, nice to see her back. >> yeah, welcome back. >> it's like she never left. she just slid right in there. >> exactly. >> thank you. still to. co, a little boy trapped in a
4:27 pm
tiny hole with his dog. we're going to tell you why it took rescuers several tries to get him out. and attention speeders, the new tool to get you to slow down just as kids head back to school. plus, the house committee on homeland security gathers some of my competitors plan to reduce the use of antibiotics over the next few years. but what are you having for dinner tonight? try perdue simply smart and harvestland . two trusted perdue brands of chicken raised with no antibiotics ever. hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you!
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introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle.
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it's 4:30. and all new this half hour -- >> i know, i know. >> a medical mishap. a young boy ends up with his eye glued shut after a trip to the clinic goes horribly wrong. new information on a shocking moment caught on camera. two high school football players accused of targeting a referee. and now new details on what the plays said happened moments before the hit. attention speeder, you better slow down. the new tools to catch led foots and keep kids safe as they head back to school. and we will start with those new tools to keep children safer as they head back to school.
4:31 pm
nearly 200 speed cameras will be in place in hopes of getting drivers to slow down. >> and now the majority will be stationary but a few will be roving. we have the top story this half hour. >> reporter: indeed, when classes begin here at the grace church school tomorrow, there's probably a good chance the students will not be worrying about speeding drivers here along a busy 4th avenue. but there's a good chance there will be a mobile speed camera. 40 of these mobile speed cameras will fan out tomorrow when school begins. the radar will track your speed a quarter mile in either direction of the school and this camera will then grab a picture of the car. >> $50 and no points rostra's portation officials ruled out the warning -- points. >> reporter: transportation officials rolled out the warning. >> our goal is to send a clear message, you can see the signs, we are putting them all over,
4:32 pm
drive the at a safe speed. >> speed kills. and i know firsthand. >> reporter: the importance of the camera this time of year is deeply felt by the family of sammy cowen. >> there will be one less student tomorrow. my son should be starting 10th grade. and he was killed october 8th, 2013. >> reporter: beyond the number of tickets written, there are human tragedies. officials at the grace church school do not want the next one to be one of their students here on a busy 4th avenue. >> we are so thrilled that this is one of the places that's going to be a slow down. there's over 52500 schools and we only have 140 cameras so every kid in new york city deserves the devices. >> reporter: so look for the sign, look for the cameras. >> we urge every driver to drive like their child is crossing the street going to school tomorrow. >> reporter: back live now here along 4th avenue. transportation officials say it
4:33 pm
may take at least a year before they're able to collect enough statistics to show how effective the speed cameras are in the school zones. reporting live, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. the new york city high school badly damaged by an an classes. tomorrow. continuing, the school is structurally sound and the air is safe to breathe there. the blast blew up numerous walls and windows and injured three construction workers. a warning to commuter, there could be confusion this evening. departure gates are changing. now most of the changes will require riders to walk to new gates on different floors inside the terminal. the port authorities hope it will reduce crowding and improve the flow of buses through the facility during the afternoon and evening rush.
4:34 pm
well with three days to go before september 11th, a congressional hearing got underway at the 9/11 museum to focus on the terrorism and the lessons this country has learned since the attacks nearly 14 years ago. we are in lower manhattan with the details. >> reporter: yeah, liz, this was the first congressional hearing ever to be held here at the nine level museum. and the message by the end of the hearing was loud and clear, the threat is real and it's growing. >> mr. chairman, it's a great honor to be here. this is is not just a museum, this is sacred ground. >> reporter: in the shadow of hallowed artifacts from 9/11, the former mayor was the first to address the house committee on homeland security. taking stock of the lessons we have learned since and how prepared we are for the next threat. >> i do think in our city, the state of preparedness is as good as it can be. >> i feel very secure in what
4:35 pm
the nypd and fdny and port authority have done. >> reporter: the heart of that readiness, recognizing how the threat has changed. >> many are internet driven. >> reporter: the police commissioner acknowledged the growing viral threat and making the point that so-called lone wolfs present a huge challenge. >> it's a pandora's box of many issues as we have found as we opened it but we need to get into the box and sort it out because it does impact greatly on our ability to investigate traditional crime, kidnappings and other forms of crime or the growing, ever-growing area of terrorism. >> reporter: this hearing just days before the 14th anniversary of the terror attacks also focused on the human toll of 9/11 with many stressing the importance of continuing to care for those who were there when the country needed them most. >> it's up to you, people of
4:36 pm
congress, to speak up and support this bill. >> reporter: the bill covers monitoring and health coverage for those affected by the toxic air here at ground zero. the bill has to be renewed. and one other point made today congressman peter king, he says while he's happy with the progress and preparations made here in new york city that when he travels around the rest of the country, he gets the impression that the rest of the country feels like terrorism is a new york city problem. and that is a big mistake. we're live this afternoon in manhattan, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. well meanwhile, the fdny today honoring first responders who died as a result of in the toxic rubble of the rubble of world trade center. their names have been headed to the wall in brooklyn. they join 89 others already on
4:37 pm
the list on those who died the day of the attacks. officials say they died with illnesses related to work at the world trade center site. the former commissioner is promoting his new memoir and ripping into mayor de blasio's policing restrictions. he blames restrictions on stop and frisk in the increase in the murder rate. >> common sense says if in fact you're a young man, you have a gun, there's less potential for you to be stopped, when you're carrying that gun, you're more likely to carry that gun. >> the memoir is out today. and we will have much more of the interview with kelly come up on eyewitness news at 6:00. a major medical mishap. coming up, a young boy ends up with his eye glued shut. plus, back to school app, to make life easier for all those busy parents out there. and i'm lee goldberg.
4:38 pm
we smashed record highs today. look at that, 97 in the park. that's the hottest of the summer. we are still at 94 as we close in on 5:00. and an air quality warning this evening. and another steamy day the tomorrow.
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and we talk about storms i'm giving you a gallon of bp gas. because you're my best friend. i'm giving you a gallon of bp gas. because you're my best friend. why are you giving me a gallon of... because you're my best friend. i'm giving you a gallon of bp gas. because you're my best... get gas rewards for three friends and even one for yourself. when you sign up for bp driver rewards.
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there is new information about the shingles vaccine. you may be able to skip a shot if you're under the age of 60. the cdc says while the shot can be given to those 50 and old e it may not be cost-effective before 60. that's because the vaccine only years. a study found or every 1,000 people who received the vaccine at 50, just 25 cases would be prevented. it's a painful rash caused by the same virus that causes the chickenpox. and now to a frightening mishap. a little boy in canada went to a medical clinic for help but ended with his eye glued shut. she took her 3-year-old son to see a doctor for a cut on the eyelid. but look what happened. the doctor asked the receptionist to apply glue to
4:42 pm
the wound. the receptionist did the job wrong. >> the doctor looked like he was panicking because he was trying to open my son's eye with water and his fingers and he was even swearing at that point. >> this being done by the sequel representationist is unacceptable. >> optometrist had to pry the eye open. the clinic's owner says the receptionist was allowed to apply the glue because the doctor was doing the crucial medical act of holding the boy in place. doctors hope he will not have long term eye problems because of this. well, conjoined twins from africa have been successfully separated. surgeons at children's hospital in ohio separated the twins after a marathon 16 hours in surgery. the 11-month-old girls were born joined at the pelvic and hip region.
4:43 pm
they are now expected to make a full recovery. >> very excited for them. and back to school frenzy in full swing and these days, apps can help families keep tabs on just about everything. and among them, a app that keeps track of schedules and shopping list. >> i like that. >> and life 360 which shares the location of everyone in a private circle. like the find my iphone app. and this let's parents know if kids made to it where they're supposed to be. and there's my hall mark, an organizer that helps students keep class of assign. s and tests. a lot of good tools. >> i want someone who writes the grocery list. like an app that just knew what was in the fridge. >> that's calledded a butler. >> oh. that would be nice. anyway, still to come, a young boy and his boy trapped in a hole. the dramatic reserve list spew why they had such a difficult time with this one.
4:44 pm
and rock to the
4:45 pm
4:46 pm
a young boy and his dog are safe this afternoon after they were trapped in a hole. after spending more than three hours in a water well in southern mississippi, he was pulled up to safety last night. the 4-year-old was stuck in the hole that was only a foot and a half feet wide and 23 feet deep. rescuers tried several times to
4:47 pm
hoist him up with a rope but it was too complicated for the boy to use. >> it took a lot of talking and rigging and they finally made two loops that went around his arms and got above his elbows and pulled him out. >> wow. well officials say he probably heard his missing dog barked and followed the sound and fell into the hole which was overgrown with weeds. the dog by the way was also rescued. both of them are expected to be just fine. >> can i just officially tell you, i hate those stories? i hate them. stuck in that thing like that for that long, it's like, get him out, get him out. >> i know, i know. glad they're doing okay. >> yeah. always get -- >> i know what you mean. >> every time you show up, the same reaction. >> yeah, she's not the only one. >> i know. >> a lot of people ask me, especially from outside of new york city, what's the best time to come to the city? september, it's beautiful. i apologize. it's unbelieverrable.
4:48 pm
i feel for the kids in the classrooms too. >> really actually for the athletes on the filed afterwards and. >> the guys working on the street, on the roofs. let's make the list long. >> we are in the air conditioning meanwhile. >> we are just sympathetic here. >> exactly. >> a lot of sports canceled because of the heat. there's the george washington bridge. i feel for you if you're in traffic but luckily it's moving well this afternoon. 94, hazy sky, sun, blazing sun. south wind 6 miles per hour. 80s during the evening. dropping down to the upper 70s. the normal average high is 78. and we go below that tonight. and there will be more clouds during the day tomorrow. and there will be scattered storms that pop up during the afternoon hours. and we make a run at the 90- degree mark and have a shot at yet another heat wave. and we are mainly clear overnight. and by the way, i showed you the evening temperatures. and then you have more cloudiness from the southwest tomorrow. 75.
4:49 pm
so that's why we peak in the heat today. and tomorrow more of a struggle. but the humidity will be high. the feel-like readings will be in the low and mid-90s. and look that the, scattered storms ahead of the main front tomorrow afternoon. and we have to keep an eye to the sky. on thursday, won't get to 90. stuck in the 80s but there will be drenching slow-moving downpours during the day unhorse. so this is going to slow down -- day on thursday. so this is going to slow down your travel. these are the heat indexes tomorrow afternoon. still in the low and mid-90s even though the highs will be running about five to seven degrees cooler than today. the uv index at seven. and bus stop forecast tomorrow morning 77 degrees, sun, patchy cloud is, it's warm and sticky, still dress for summer. the more and more i like at things, we have to include a scattered storm tomorrow but still around 90 and better chances of hours and thunderstorms on thursday. some could have drenching downpours friday maybe a slow
4:50 pm
start with clouds and an early shower. and then the sun comes out. and right now, saturday is the better half of the weekend. although the rain chance on the weekend is mainly saturday night and early sunday morning. so the sunday mid-day and afternoon plans may be okay. but the streak of 80-degree days will end on sunday with a high of 78. >> i feel like we have to say good-bye or something. >> no, no. the overall pattern is still warm. >> okay. good. thanks, lee. liz, you're a bonn zero vie fan? >> oh my god, huge. >> who doesn't love bon jovi? well, some chinese officials are not crazy about the band. the government canceling what would have been joe vie's first concert there ever. some media reports is say the band had an image during a performance five years ago and some think that's the reason behind this. we told you that he was cut
4:51 pm
from the giants and his loving family, glad to have him home. he was able to take his kids to school for the first time. i love this guy. >> that's great. >> yeah, daughter starts first grade and son heads into second grade. he said good-bye to fans and thanked them on youtube as well this friday. >> still rooting for you. the rock johnson has had a lot of practice hitting people. and he was ready to do the same thing. he jumped into the pool fully clothed to say a puppy from drowning. >> he's holding two. >> is he doing a movie about pup puppies? when they took them outside, they ended up in the pool. one managed to dog by the paddle while the other started sinking. both pups are fine. and by the way, a few cat lovers, this. one of the hottest hashtags on twitter, kitten blockbusters,
4:52 pm
yeah, people posting movies replacing actors with kittens. >> forget about jaw, there's claws. or about the whole nine yarns. perhaps more of a superhero type, you can watch the avenpers. >> always good to have time on your hands. >> first at fur. >> this is what you were talking about. david says to me at the beginning of the show, i take no credit for what happens in the trend today, employees don't be angry with me. >> he's golden. look at him. >> a nice tan. not a redhead. >> they found the right for you. check out the trend online at. and send us your trend ideas using the #thetrend. >> first at fur? >> we have way too much time. >> sorry. nothing to do with that. >> yeah. >> all right. thanks, david.
4:53 pm
>> you're welcome. and still to come on eyewitness news first at 4:00, new developments in a shocking case. two football players accused of targeting a referee. there's no insight on what may have happened before that controversial hit. and a quick check.
4:54 pm
10 minutes on
4:55 pm
new information on a disturbing story out of texas. two football players accused of tackling a referee during a game. >> they accuse the ref of making racial slurs and the ref needs to pay for cheating.
4:56 pm
>> this texas referee blindsided during a game, hit not once but twice. watch as you can see a john j. high school defensive back take him down. then a second player dives in on the ground. >> the incident is shameful to us and deeply troubling. >> >> reporter: the district is investigating as an assault on official. players were frustrated after two teammates were ejected. >> the players allege racial slurs were directed at them by the umpire. >> the players involved are suspended from the team and school. the superintendent says the season will go on. the nfl referees association condemned the players actions. the executive director saying he has never seen anything like this in all my years of officiating at the high school, collegiate or approval level. according to football assassination association, the
4:57 pm
refer fee wants to press charges. >> there are 23 states around the country that have decided to create laws that make it a criminal action to assault a referee. texas is one of those states. >> school officials said an assistant coach has been placed investigate. students allege this coach made comments about the ref needing to pay for cheating the team. >> more news ahead including the dos and donts of using a credit card. >> eyewitness news at 5:00 begins right now. two stories new at 5:00. we have exclusive video as gunfire rings out and people run for indian day parade. one of the victims, a close aide to governor cuomo. tonight a reward is being offered as his family releases a statement. and a dog attacks a young girl. her father demanding to know
4:58 pm
why he was told the pit bull mix was safe to take home. >> good evening at 5:00, i'm dew points dew points. >> -- i'm diana williams. >> i'm sade bad derwin that. let's get to lee outside the studios. >> it's cooking out here. here are the number numbers. here are all the new records. 98 in newark. 97 central park. smashing old records, briche port, islip all record highs this afternoon. this was the hottest september day in central park since 1983 and only five degrees away from
4:59 pm
the warm jest september day ever, 102 in 1953. we are at an even 90. it's hot feeling like 92. feels like readings in the upper 90s. 95 morristown and 95 poughkeepsie. 979 feels like in newark. air quality warning for much of the area will go until 11:00 tonight. satellite is clear. we are waiting for the front over the great lakes. it doesn't get here with the relief. another hot, humid day tomorrow, not as hot but humid. 1th 90-degree day of the -- 18th 90-degree day of the season. 61 straight days at or above 80 smashing the old record which was 40 in 2011. peak heat today. the heat breaks thursday via heavy downpours. this is a slow moving front. we could have flooding rains with that. more on that in the seven-day forecast in a few minutes.


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