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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  September 8, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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91 islip. all record highs. blazing heat in central park. not many folks in the meadow. we are now at 89. feels like 92. right now 95 in morristown. the coast is the place to be with the wind off the atlantic, 76 to 78 degrees. these levels are attainable tomorrow. air quality warning goes through late tonight. it's suffocating heat. thunderstorm brings relief still a ways away over the great lakes and moving slowly. it doesn't make it here until thursday. today was the 18th 90-degree day. this is incredible stats. 61 days at or above 81 degrees. today peak heat but tomorrow higher humidity. the heat may come from heave downpours. the complete forecast is a few minutes away. >> we will see you in a few minutes.
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we slide from lee to our other meteorologist jeff smith in battery park city. >> reporter: that's right. we thought we would find relief by heading down to the water. you see the hudson river behind me. the wind from the southwest felt like a blowtorch at times. some appreciate the extension of the summer sizzle. for others enough is enough. labor day parked the unofficial end of summer. don't tell that to new yorkers sweltering under the sizzling summer sun. this is a hot job. >> when you have no shade, you have to deal with the sun. >> reporter: temperatures soared to a record high along with uptick in the humidity. the reaction from some, disbelief. >> oh, my god, for real? >> mid-90s today. >> i will stay inside. >> reporter: for these guys outside, fall can't come soon enough. >> humidity is a killer. i have to keep the guys hydrated.
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>> reporter: this late season record heated is money for others, especially if they run a business near the water. >> we do good business when it's hot because of the river. there is usually a breeze down here. >> reporter: common sentiment about the summer as a whole. >> this year hasn't been really, really, too bad. >> reporter: we haven't had 100- degree heat but the warmth is in a record level. new york city has the longest streak of consecutive 80 degrees. the last time we were in the 70s is july 9th. >> it's new york. everything is an extreme. >> reporter: for those of you keeping track at home, fall officially begins 15 days from now on september the 23rd. as we have seen during the past 48 hours, mother nature doesn't care about the calendar. i'm meteorologist jeff smith for channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, jeff. we have breaking news. a shakeup at united airlines top. united executives are out of a job because of an investigation linked to the bridgegate
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scandal in new jersey. the carrier, which has a huge hub in newark announced that ceo jeff sin necessary stepped down. in addition, vice president of communications and corporate government affairs are gone. the airline confirms that this is connected to the federal authority. the claim is that united improperly south to influence senior port officials. puerto rico. andrew cuomo pledged to help with economic development and health care on the island. he is visiting puerto rico which is struggling from a nine year economic slump. joe torres is traveling with the governor and joins us from san juan. joe? >> reporter: governor cuomo said unfair and unjust treatment from the federal government is one big reason why puerto rico is in its financial free-fall.
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he is working hard to change that. after a quick meet and greet with the governors of new york and puerto rico, vendors shared with us the growing challenge of surviving in a shrinking economy and a vanishing customer base. before we had more merchants, jorge told us. now this this plaza, there are only three of us selling vegetables. austerity measures put in place, such as increased taxes and school and pension cuts have increased the despair across an island of 3.5 million americans. taxpayers with no voice in congress, meaning the distant pleas for federal help go unheard. >> part of your advocacy and political pressure in washington, convincing [ inaudible ].
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>> there is no reason for them not to have bankruptcy protection. none. none. how do you justify cities, states, rico. no justification. >> what we are asking is to have the same chance, the same opportunity, the same frame of law. >> both governors cried a medicare funding formula that is far less favorable to puerto ricans than the united states. that has saved hector. the vendor for alternative medicine says more and more are coming to him for a less expensive path to healing. >> trying to get remedies like old time so they come here. it's cheaper and get medication. >> reporter: besides bankruptcy, got nor cuomo says the federal government unfairly treats puerto rico unfairly in the area of medicare funding.
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local leaders say they don't want special treatment but equality. joe torres, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> joe, thank you. a lawyer in governor cuomo's administration is in critical condition after he was shot in the head yesterday. take a look at exclusive surveillance video. people were scattering as shots rang out in crown heights brooklyn. carey gabay was hit by a stray bullet and is in a medically induced coma. his family says he is surrounded by loved ones. no sign of a cease-fire in the war of words between mayor de blasio and rudy giuliani. mayor de blasio called giuliani dell luis shonnal. he said homelessness jumped 40% during giuliani's tenure. today he hit back. >> i don't know what the mayor is talking about. i will stand on my record when
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he reduces crime 65% then he can criticize me. i would suggest that he not get personal. i think he made a nasty personal comment about me. >> for the record murder rate went from 205 at this point last year to 222 this year. rapes are up about 5%. but another big category, assaults are down about 3%. burglaries down 12%. that's why the overall crime rate is down 4%. crime and homelessness the big issues that critics of mayor de blasio are blasting him for. now a new critic, ray kelly. until his memoirs were published today was careful to avoid criticizing the mayor. here is n.j. burkett. >> the tone of the city is set at the top. >> what is that tone. >> antipolice. >> ray kelly says the city is slipping. in an eyewitness news news
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interview, he blames mayor de blasio for taking the wrong approach on crime and policing. >> when the bloomberg administration left office, we had record low crime, record low murders, record low shootings and record low shootings by police officers. >> reporter: what has changed he claims is that police officers no longer feel empowered and kelly insists that the dramatic 90% drop in strop and frisks is sending the wrong message. >> people that may have a propensity to carry a gun will decide to carry a gun. >> reporter: that is making the city less safe. >> arguably, yes. >> let's get it straight. the city is safer than it has ever been. >> reporter: his suck exec sore developed his strategy. >> we have less stop question and frisk and less crime. >> reporter: kelly makes the case for stop and frisk in his memoir vigilance.
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a look back at his two terms as commissioner, securing the city after 9/11 and his childhood when he and his buddy were mugged in central park. >> we were walking down the park and held by a gang that took our shoes. it sensitized me to being a victim, what it's about. >> reporter: kelly said his legacy is a safer city, one his successors insist they are improving on. n.j. burkett, channel 7 eyewitness news. a quick look at wall street. a big rally. the dow soared 390 points. nasdaq up 128 and s&p 500 picked up 48. as we continue with "eyewitness news at 6:00" for this tuesday night. hillary clinton continues to fall in the opinion polls. was the private e-mail server she used as secretary of state a mistake? an exclusive interview with david muir she talks about that. david joins us next. >> a frightening water landing
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for a pilot on long island. he lands in a bay, flips the
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decline in opinion polls continuing for hillary clinton. >> check out the latest numbers. a monmouth university poll of democrats show 42% support mrs. clinton. that is a drop of 10 points or 20% federal reserve r from last month. vice president biden is at 22%.
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bernie sanders at 20%. in new hampshire, sanders is leading clinton by 9 full points. the slow drip of news about her private e-mail server doesn't exactly help credibility. >> she is aware of the polls and sitting down with david muir. he is here with a preview. >> likely sitting down with us because she is aware of the drop in these poll numbers. it's not what you showed but her favorability, too. some of the polls are the lowest recorded for her. we talked about some of the words americans used to describe her. she answers it point blank. i ask her about the private server and for the first time we heard an i'm sorry. that is a mistake. i'm sorry about that. i take responsibility. i am trying to be as transparent as i possibly can. >> that is not the only time she says i'm sorry. we ask her if she thinks joe biden would make a good
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president and does she ask herself why am i running again. >> did she answer. >> she was very candidate. there are moments and we will have more in a couple of minutes. >> two separate nonpolitical intelligence reviews contradict her stance that these e-mails contain class at the identified information. >> what she said they were not marked classified when they arrived in her server or when she sent them. i asked her and you will see this, as secretary of state, shouldn't north korea, nuclear program, shouldn't that set off a red flag. >> she gave so few interviews and now she is after the poll numbers. thank you, david. >> david's exclusive interview on world news tonight at 6:30 in about 16 minutes after this newscast. >> just ahead on eyewitness news, a close call for a pilot on long island after his plane
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lands in the water then flips over. >> and fall weather? what fall weather.
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a sea plane flips over and crashing in the great south bay. the man on the wing is the pilot, mercedes casanellas. the video was shot -- was joseph cannizzaro. he was not hurt. can you imagine. lucky man. >> very lucky man. >> 76 degrees water there. >> nice and warm still. >> no doubt about it. >> and really warm still tonight. >> air temperature is about 20 degrees warmer. something else. it's stifling. especially with no breeze. a steamy night in flushing for venus and serena. rob will have more on that. i will get to the weather. where you see shadows over the west side, sunset less than an hour away.
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we are at 89. humidity high. wind out of the south at 6 and the high 97 degrees. that is the hottest day of the summer. the hottest day in september since 1983 and only five away from the all time september high of 102 in 1953. average high 78. we barely go below that tonight. last year in this state it was a comfortable 75 degrees. we will get to the 70s in the seven day. staten island and brighton beach with a wind off the water at 82. pair of 8s in bayside. 82 smithtown. 80 at 7:00. mostly sunny. mainly clear overnight. patchy clouds and haze. pair of 8s by noon. more clouds and a shower or thunderstorm threat in the afternoon, especially the city north and west. skies will be mainly clear right now. watching moisture down the coast. i think this will blossom and reach up the coast during the day tomorrow.
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that is ahead of the main front for thursday. a scattered storm threat tomorrow afternoon. better threat of flooding, slow moving downpours thursday. behind that 60s and 70s. we will get back in the 70s by the weekend. see the futurecast. more clouds than haze. scattered showers and storms tomorrow afternoon. there is the slow moving front for thursday. heat wave tomorrow, that will start out in the upper 70s with a little sun. then the showers and thunderstorms during the day on thursday. i am concerned about flooding downpours. the ground is hard because it was dry. run off and ponding on area roadways. the front slim's through -- limps through thursday. there could be shower or clouds around friday then it will move away and the comfort will return. seven-day forecast, clear, warm, humid tonight. we are at pair of 70s. tomorrow partly sunny, hot and humid. the focus should be the city
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north and west. a run at 91. clouds thicken quickly. 90 may be out of reach, we will get there and another heat wave. warm and sticky. seven-day forecast, drenching downpours a possibility on thursday. more so midday on. the evening commute could be rough on thursday. 83 early clouds. saturday looking like the better half of the weekend. i think the focus of the rain will be saturday to early sunday. not all of sunday is a loss. then early next week you can see the 7 days. next week the first 70-degree day since early july. >> storms on thursday enough to solve the water problems or -- >> no. it will take a little more than that. in some places, 1 to 2 inches to take up deaf -- make up deficits but we need a couple of those. >> let's start with the headline grabbers. some sports fans can't get enough of them, it's harvey day.
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a warning to commuters. confusion at the port authority bus terminal. departure gates changed for six bus carriers including new jersey transit and coast us a. most have riders walking to new gates on a different floor in the terminal. they hope the shifts will improve bus flow during the nightly rush. >> so do commuters. they don't call it pitch count. they say -- >> innings limits. >> they count pitches. >> they better. the rest of the way you got to.
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matt harvey to the mound at washington. this 180 innings limit. after tommy johns surgery it has him talking. you don't know when you will see him pitch after tonight. depends on the importance of games down the stretch and if the mets need harvey to pitch. yes, the mets are pulling away from the nationals but they have to make the play-offs first. >> the last game against washington is -- has an aster ricks. if it's meaningful, we hope he's able to pitch. >> yankees ten game home stand continues tonight, masahiro tanaka against the orioles. open play mirrors percentage points out of first place. they won 8-6. they are concerned with mark teixeira whose injured shin is not getting better. >> this is not what you want this time of year.
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it's something that we had to overcome this year. guys have to step up. we need someone to step up. >> 2016 baseball schedules came out today. yanks open april 4th at home against the astros. mets at kansas city. subway series august 1 and second citi field. 3 and 4th yankees stadium. today the last day off before the nfl season starts. jets at home sunday against cleveland. giants on the road at dallas. jason pierre paul injured hand is not football ready, probably won't be for a while. he won't come to contract terms now. he had the index finger amputated and had the liked at by giant team doctors but today he is heading home to florida. tyler sash number 39 here found dead this morning in iowa. the cause part of the giants most recent super bowl team. he was released a few years ago. tyler sash dead at the age of 27.
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spy gate rears its ugly head. the patriots videotaping hand signals of jet assistant coaches interception calls and plays. espn reports spy gate was worse than that and nfl had evidence that patriots did the same in 40 games over several seasons. the allegation roger goodell ordered the evidence to be destroyed. and the harsh way they went after deflategate may have been to make up for the way he handled the other cheating scandal. goodell said he would be willing to take a look at his role in player discipline. tonight serena against venus in the women's quarterfinals. a tie breaker in the 4th set.
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combining two of our favorite things, soccer and intrepid. cosmos conducting a practice session on the flight deck of the intrepid. members of the u.s. forces joined in. they will honor the military at the game saturday as well. one thing about kicking the ball on the flight deck. >> if it goes in the water. >> it's not like jumping a fence into the neighbor's yard. >> let's check in with sade. >> parents wondering where their kids are an hour after they are supposed to be home from school school. the bus driver got lost. a man barges into a store with a shotgun. that is 9 beginning. -- the beginning. >> thank you. thanks for watching. i'm bill ritter. >> i'm liz cho. world news with david muir is up next with more on his interview with hillary clinton. eyewitness news returns at 11:00. have a great night.


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