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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  September 9, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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couple of showers that just met the intebs front. a con -- sea breeze front. it seems to be weakening a little bit but a lot of lightning near the rockaways and broad channel. it started in manhattan beach and the rockaways and heading to seaside as well. that will continue shore of nassau county. this one is heading to lakewood and another near toms river. any of these can produce brief flooding. this is flaring over northern westchester, not as strong. this is the main front which is coming in tomorrow. we will look at that in the forecast. here is what you need to know. the third heat wave of the season is official. the 19th 90-degree day. the 62nd straight 80-degree day. spotty storms tonight. more widespread tomorrow. we have to be aware of flooding. complete forecast a few minutes away. back to you. >> thank you, lee. we continue to follow a developing story. a hangar collapse at newark left two workers in critical condition. >> the building was in the process of being demolished
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this afternoon. toni yates joins us live from the scene. toni. >> reporter: yes, indeed. you know, the demolition scheduled for tomorrow will probably have to be delayed with this accident happening. a few minutes ago we saw some of the demolition crews and port authority workers meeting at hangar 14. they are standing there. at one point they walked away, surveyed the building then walked back. let's take a look at the video. newscopter 7 was over head shortly before it collapsed. it was being prepared for full demolition when earlier something went wrong. there were nine workers inside the structure which part of it began to buckle. they all made it out but four of them suffered nonlife- threatening injuries. we are told two of the people are listed as critical. now crews are doubtful as i said that the hangar as it is now is safe to go back into. that has to be decided.
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this was a maintenance hangar that was closed after united airlines reopened -- opened a brand-new hangar last year. so,ing this was going to be demolished, in the process of being demolished. something went horribly wrong. they got out. two are in critical condition being treated at newark university hospital. live at newark airport, toni yates, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. now to a developing story in central new jersey. it started as a robbery in union and ended with a car crash in kenilworth. a tan colored lincoln apparently stolen plowed into several vehicles after the driver lost control. the driver went head first into the front window of a halloween city store. the suspect or suspects were taken into custody. on the east side a driver lost control of a car and
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plowed into a con ed work site injuring two workers. it happened on lexington near 82nd street. the driver that appeared to be foaming at the mouth side swiped a car then struck a con ed truck. several workers dove out of the way. two were hurt along with the driver. all new at 5:00 a local high school football coach is under investigation for how he disciplined players on his team. he had them working in the heat and the turf got so hot that it left burns on some of the players hands. tonight the coach is apologizing. this happened in stratford, connecticut. marcus solis joins us now with how the students are responding. marcus? >> reporter: and, diana, the school district will not say whether or not the coach has been suspended but he is not here with the team today at practice. this investigation started after a number of parents complained about injuries to their sons' hand. despite this, most of the players and the players parents are defending the coach.
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you did the drill? >> i did the drill. >> reporter: zack smith is a senior on the high school football team and disputes the seriousness of an incident that lead to injuries like this, players with blisters and burns on the bottom of their hand. >> if he knew it would have happened he wouldn't have done it. >> reporter: he is the head coach tj cava her re. -red -- he ordered players to do april spider crawl with their hands behind their backs. over a dozen players wound up with blisters and burns. one player tweed a picture of his hand. this child whose parent is not on the team is among those outraged. >> that kid should have walked off the field, called his mother to pick him up. >> reporter: he was not at practice. school officials won't say why calling any potential discipline a personnel issue. the superintendent of schools acknowledges she got complaints about the parents of two
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players. >> we do everything we can to keep our students safe. sometimes when an adult has a judgment lapse we have to deal with that. >> reporter: still many parents side with the second year coach who apologized to his team yesterday. >> he is a family man. he believes in family. his extended family are those boys. he treats them with the utmost respect. >> reporter: the question remains whether or not em be allowed to coach the team's next game, a big rivalry game friday night. marcus solis, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, marcus. in manhattan, a smoke can i fire on the upper west -- smoky fire on the upper west side on west 66th street. it sent thick smoke throughout the high-rise. that triggered panicked calls to 911. firefighters quickly knocked down the fire. only one person went to the
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hospital for observation. a new jersey man admits that he conspired with three other men to provide material support to the islamic state group. samuel topaz pled guilty today. he was arrested in fort lee in june. he is locked up without bail and faces up to 20 years in prison when he is sentenced november 18th. an artifact from 9/11 is a part of the agency created in the aftermath of those attacks. today an honor guard lead a solemn ceremony to the tsa office in union, new jersey. the 3-foot long piece of steel was found in the world trade center. >> we will have special coverage of the 9/11 anniversary this friday. the coverage gets started at 8:25 in the morning. back to school for a million new york city school students.
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today marks the first full day of universal pre-k. political reporter dave evans spoke one on one with the mayor about how he is changing the schools and what he wants from parents. dave? >> reporter: the mayor talked a lot about his big universal pre- k program. when he started two years ago, 19,004 year olds were involved. today 65,000. today he talked about a new push, a new target, to get some other folks involved with schools and that is parents. reporter: new york city schools are rolling out a welcome mat for parents. the mayor is making it a priority. >> we value the role of parents. parents are the first and last teachers of our children. >> reporter: the mayor ordered his school officials to reach out to 400,000 parents by phone. they went door to door at the homes of city students and changed how teachers and parents communicate. so, what we said when we did
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the teacher contract is every teacher has to spend 40 minutes every week talking to parents, making them allies. >> reporter: today on the first day of school we saw lots of parents like anthony hurtado. he took the day off from work to be at ps 12 twice at noon and 2:00 when his kids got out of class. >> if you are around all the time, they show that they have the full support. >> reporter: if they feel support, if parents are involved, the theory is kids will do better in school. >> makes an enormous difference. children what are read to every night. >> reporter: it seems like a no brainer, asking parents to get more active. it wasn't always like this. >> in the previous administration, the bloomberg folks pushed parents out of schools. that violates all he had cash 23458 knowledge we have. if we want children to succeed we need parents involved. >> reporter: now a focus on
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homes, parents and a plea, get involved in your kids' life. >> even if you go on a field trip as a chaperone, being involved in any way possible. nothing is too little. we need every parent system. >> reporter: there is another part to try to get parents more involved, community schools. city. where the schools are not just a school but community center. they have doctors, dentists and other social services offered. 62 different schools across the city that will cost about $106 million over the next two years. dave evans, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, dave. news. we are learning about a major james blake. he was handcuffed in midtown in a mixup involving the nypd. they mistook him for a credit indicate card fraud expert. we have rob powers following
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the late developments in the newsroom. >> reporter: james blake was on the way to the tennis center for the u.s. open and was mistaken. he told the daily news he was slammed to the ground, handcuffed and detained by five officers. nypd was investigating a credit card fraud case in midtown. blake mistaken as somebody involved in the crime. police say once his identity was confirmed he was released. blake said he saw somebody in supports and a t-shirt charging sidewalk. blake quoted by the daily news said he would like an apology and some sort of action against the officers so they know this was just not okay. the nypd says it's looking into exactly what did happen this afternoon. diana? >> amazing. thanks, rob. a rally is upped way in the nation's capitol to protest the nuclear iran deal. that is lead by donald trump and ted cruz outside the u.s. capitol. opponents disapproval will likely be fruitless.
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president obama secured enough votes in congress to head off a block of the accord. called the president and other supporters of the deal quote, stupid. investors from the ntsb are on their way to las vegas to try to figure out why a british airways even again burst into -- engine burst into flames before take off. the crew evacuated the plane before the side of the plane was engulfed. luckily no one was hurt. the head of baltimore's police union calling the city's $6.4 million settlement with the family of freddie gray obscene. he was injured in police custody and it set off a series of protests. the mayor says the money isn't just the right thing to do financially but the best way for gray's family and the community to get closure.
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another down day for stokes following another dip in oil prices. dow fell 239 points closing at 16,253. s&p dropped 27 points. con edison is paying millions to female workers. what woman said happened to her. we have that coming up. >> also, new york city is shaking things up when it comes to salt warnings. big change that you will notice on some menus. >> and a big security upgrade for a local school. eyewitness news gets a first look at the changes made to
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new warning labels will be coming to chain restaurants in new york city. they target salt. the board of health says chain restaurants need to put symbols on menus to show which dishes have more than the recommended daily amount of sodium. eyewitness news reporter rob nelson has more. >> this is a great day for new york and a real step forward for public health. >> reporter: the requirement goes into effect december the 1st and impacts fast food restaurants with 15 or more locations around the country. items that exceed the daily recommended amount of sodium will have to be parked with this salt shaker. >> this is information that doesn't change the food but provides people with information that they need to make healthy food selections. >> consuming too much salt can lead to high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease, the
5:16 pm
leading cause of death in new york. >> it's a good thing because i actually suffer from high blood pressure. >> it's our choice. knows what we are supposed to do. >> reporter: some critics blast the move saying it's based on outdated health information. there is a cost of upgrading menus and comprehensive federal guidelines coming down the road. 2300 milligrams of salt is the recommended daily amount. the average daily consumption is roughly 3400 milligrams. consider this the sizzling skillet fajitas with rice and
5:17 pm
shrimp atable piece -- atable bees. new york city of course has dealt with this issues before, calorie counts and transfats. we are the first city in the country to have salted related requirement. city officials say restaurants will get a grace period after december the 1st before they face a violation. reporting from hamilton heights, rob nelson, channel 7 eyewitness news. more breaking news. take a look at route 287 in middlesex county. a jackknifed tractor trailer near exit 1. this is in edison. three northbound lanes are blocked. you can see the blocked traffic in that area. there are big rubbernecking delays in the southbound lane as well. we will continue to keep you posted. apple announced its new products today. the ipad pro measures 12.9 inches diagonally.
5:18 pm
and new iphones, the 6-k and 6- k plus have a high rear resolution camera. take all the pictures you want. the apple tv comes with siri. you can talk to the tv. and if you are not planning on buying something new there is a new mobile operating system. >> you use siri a lot. >> i do. >> believes talking to tur tv, wild. >> so much more to come. so, goes we got in other video from staten island of that flooding there. here it is, lee. >> oh, wow. >> gosh. >> this gives perspective. this is near west brighton. that is what an inch and a quarter of rain can do in 45 minutes. you think, wow, the ground can take a lot of rain now. we can't flood. yes, you can when it's at that rainfall rate. you are talking about an accident in edison. they have a great view of that thunderstorm. i wonder if there is
5:19 pm
rubbernecking looking at the dark sky. that is what it looked like in staten island. that's what it could look like in any neighborhood across the area tomorrow. this has been a picture that we follow since "first at 4:00." black to the south from midtown to lower manhattan. at times the sun comes back. now thunderstorms are reaching back to the southern tip of staten island, maybe near eltonville and middlesex county. we are at 80 down from a high of 90. still above the average. there are the sunrise and sunset times. last year mostly cloudy and cooler, 73. long island we are cooling woodmere. woodmere is close to showers a real steam bath. this advertise the highest humidity of the entire stretch. 92 poughkeepsie. not raining there. showers near belmar, 79. really through the day tomorrow there can be an occasional thunderstorm.
5:20 pm
more spotty through lunchtime then more widespread during the afternoon tomorrow and heavy downpours for the evening commute. you can see why the thunderstorms form. see how the clouds are going from south to north here and see more southwest here to northeast. there is a convergence. that is helping to build the thunderstorms on a sea breeze front on the coast. we were targeting staten island, brooklyn and the south shore of nassau county and a downpour near long beach. now reaching back, the heaviest are under monmouth to has and holmdel over to sandy hook and port hancock. this is near howell and heading to neptune. a lot of lightning near jackson. another downpour weakening but near toms river. this is the main course. look at the showers and thunderstorms that arrive during the day tomorrow. 78. that will break the streak of
5:21 pm
62 days at or above 80 degrees. we will get back to 80 friday. partly cloudy, some spots nothing is going on, warm and sticky. other spots a drone muching downpour. showers and thunderstorms fill up the radar and the evening commute is probably the biggest concern. pockets of heavy rain during the commute. 3 to 4 inches of rain. is that out of the question? will the rain saturday night go into sunday morning but linger through a good chunk of the day? we will address that coming up. >> thank you, lee. coming up, a baby fighting for her life. she was fed vodka by mistake. how did it happen. >> 9 popular dating app tinder
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yoplait. the smooth and creamy yogurt your whole family loves. yoplait original with no artificial sweeteners, no artificial flavors, and no high fructose corn syrup. a lot of breaking news today. these are live pictures from phoenix. firefighters are battling a major fire. we are told at this hour this is a building just south of downtown in an industrial area. you can just see how intense
5:25 pm
the flames are. firefighters are on the scene. you can see the water coming down right now. i'm not sure how many cruise are there at this moment. we are keeping an eye on this. this is an industrial area. this is getting bad here. >> yeah. i'm wondering what is in that tower there. that is a bad, bad fire in phoenix, arizona. >> we will keep monitoring this and bring you any new information as we get it. >> absolutely. another lesson on home construction. a local family learning the hard way when they paid a lot of money up front to get work done on their home. >> the work wasn't done and the house was left a mess. nina pineda grabbed her tool belt to help fix the problem. >> not just a mess, the house lifted in limbo when the contractor and customer got in a dispute the dispute the homeowner said left them hanging. insurance since last spring their lives were suspended in midair. >> gutted everything.
5:26 pm
we lost everything in the house. >> reporter: after sandy, they had to raise and renovate so they hired thomas carlavall econ trucks. >> reporter: how much did you pay him. >> 22,000. >> reporter: on a $26,000 contract, nearly a full payment up front. expensive mistake. >> how do you feel about him leaving you in this position. >> awful. >> reporter: the town building official found the work so shoddy a stop work order was slapped on the project starting days after starting. the town hit the contractor with 6,000 in fines stating he didn't properly cap the gas, water or sewer lines and disconnect the structure before raising the house. >> the doors aren't straight, the walls are cracking. >> reporter: after the town shut them down they sent an invoice for almost double the money, 24,000 more to finish the job.
5:27 pm
>> reporter: he promised us he would refund them 19,000. when he didn't come through. can you tell us why you would pay them back and you didn't. >> reporter: over the phone he blamed the customer. >> they had problems with the foundation? you are saying they are in breach of contract. >> reporter: tired of being in limbo, they hired a new registered contractor. his team got the stop work order lifted and had a warning. >> a lot of contractors not licensed and not insured taking money and running. >> reporter: we helped get this case before consumer affairs. next before a judge will both sides can bleed their case. the big take away, before you hire a contractor, check registration with the state. you can do it online. never pay the bulk of the money up front. pay in quarters. a down payment first, then additional payments as the work progresses. final payment not until you are 100% satisfied. >> good tips. >> good to know. still ahead on eyewitness news, con edison is paying millions in a settlement to its female employees.
5:28 pm
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$3.8 million. that's what con ed will pay in a sexual harassment lawsuit brought on by its women fieldworkers. tonight we are hearing from one of those women. good evening again, i'm diana williams. >> i'm sade baderinwa. the women say they were repeatedly harassed on the job and that con ed turned a blind eye to their complaints. they say they were denied
5:31 pm
promotions and menial work so they sued and con ed settled. >> darla miles is outside con ed after talking to one of the women that filed the suit. darla? >> reporter: jean washington never feared retaliation when she first complained to con ed about the behavior. she said the sexist comments started when she first started with the company in 1991. >> con edison, it was hard for a woman to get that respect from the men. >> reporter: there are things jean washington said she saw in her 22 years in the field that she never experienced in the marines. >> we had something called duck seal that bass used to plug up ducts to keep the manholes out. some decided to make and anna tommy call part of a woman's body and put it on the hood of the truck. >> reporter: pranks like this that cost the company $3.8 million in a sexual harassment and gender settlement.
5:32 pm
>> there were individual complaints. some went to the eeoc, some to our office. it took a while that to figure out this wasn't a matter of one or two but a systemic problem. >> reporter: a written statement reads in part the agreement resolved the investigations without any findings of wrongdoing on the part of con edison. after a seven year investigation the attorney general found women infield positions were given sub par on- the-job training, refused admission to classes needed for promotions, not provided the tools or safety gear like male counterparts, denied shower changing facilities, disciplined more harshly than men and denied overtime. >> the people suffering under this had extraordinary courage coming forward. >> reporter: washington is one of those women that first filed a complaint. >> it shouldn't be a problem for women wanting to do a man's job. as long as we can do it, allow
5:33 pm
us to do it without the harassment. >> reporter: there are two other important things that have come out of the settlement. number one, any woman that feels like she is the victim of sexual harassment can submit a claim even if she was not part of the original suit. the state has appointed a monitor of diversity over con edison the next three years. darla miles, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. charges have been dropped against one of the two atlanta hawks players arrested outside of a chelsea nightclub. prosecutors won't pursue charges against them. they were arrested in april where police were investigating the stabbing of former knicks player chris copeland. one's fibula was broken by an officer. new shootings on phoenix hayes and they are calling it a
5:34 pm
case of domestic terrorism. brandi hitt has the story. >> reporter: phoenix is a city on edge. the driver of this white pickup truck the latest hit with a projectile on interstate 10. the back right window shattered. officials are investigating this case along with nine shooting incidents in the last ten days. >> that's terrorism. they are trying to frighten or kill somebody. >> reporter: authorities say it started august 29th on this short span of i-10, the major thoroughfare through phoenix, arizona. this off-duty police sergeant's window was struck and this box truck hit. before that a bullet went through this windshield injuring a 13-year-old girl. this tour bus was also targeted. >> i heard a loud bang. it startled me. >> reporter: a bullet hit a seat narrowly missing a bus driver who luckily was the only one on board. >> the person almost took me away from my family.
5:35 pm
>> i don't know if this is a copy cat crime, multiple people. there is no pattern for times, different hours of the day. >> that's what scares drivers most. >> nervous having a family and driving my son during the daytime. >> reporter: police are asking for drivers' help relying on their eyes to report anything suspicious. luckily no one was seriously hurt or killed in incidents. fbi and atf joined the investigation. brandi hitt, channel 7 eyewitness news. artifacts removed from the museum on ellis island after superstorm sandy are being returned. the national park service finished a project to protect the museum from future storms. the work included elevating mechanical and electrical systems and upgrading humidity controls. more than a million documents and thousands of artifacts were taken in storage but they will be returned starting tomorrow. a baby fed a bottle of vodka by accident.
5:36 pm
we will tell you how the mix-up happened. >> also, a monkey running loose in one town. the big
5:37 pm
5:38 pm
5:39 pm
a one-month-old baby in wisconsin is fighting for his life after drinking vodka from a baby bottle. the mother put water in a bottle in order to make formula but the father dumped the water out and put vodka in the bottle instead. the mother mixed the formula with the vodka not knowing there was alcohol in the bottle. the baby had a blood alcohol level of .29. police are investigating to find out if this was a case of negligence or an accident on the father's part. queen elizabeth, ii broke her great, great grandmother, queen victoria's record becoming the longest running british monarch.
5:40 pm
today the bells tolled at westminster abbey in honor of the 89-year-old. more than 63 years and 7 months on the throne. the queen down played the milestone inaugurating a new train route on the scottish border. >> a long life can pass by many milestones. my own is no exception. i thank you all and the many of us at home and overseas for your touching messages of great kindness. >> queen elizabeth has served longer than her father, king george, henry the 8th and any of the king richards. after driving a small town in kentucky bananas, a monkey has been captured. the primate was on the run for two days as animal control tried to catch up with him. he was swinging through the trees and jumping into cars and going all over the place. the monkey was tranquilized and captured. it's believed he was brought in illegally.
5:41 pm
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more on the breaking news where -- breaking news we told you about. james blake talking to us after he was handcuffed in a mix-up by the nypd earlier today. >> we have josh einiger outside the hotel where it happened at the grand hyatt. he wasn't just questioned. he was taken to the ground, right?
5:45 pm
>> reporter: yeah, diana, sade, james blake -- we arrived about not expecting to run into him on the sidewalk in front of the hotel. he plans to make a statement he said sometime tomorrow publicly and didn't want to get into the details. he kind of wanted to do it in one fell swoop. we were speaking to him and here is what he had to say a few minutes ago. >> this shouldn't have it's something that we will deal with with the police and find out what they have to say internally. hopefully there is video of it and people can see what happened. >> reporter: did they say anything to you before this happened or just rush you. >> no, no, just rushed me. >> reporter: now blake, a former tennis great, be loved among u.s. open fans was here in front of the grand hyatt. he is back for the open in town, was going to the u.s. open for some corporate promotional activities when
5:46 pm
police jumped him, he said, with no warning, without saying a word. five officers charged at him, jumped him and placed him under arrest. police do confirm this was an identity theft investigation involving stolen or fraudulently purchased cell phones. the person who was involved, an informant working for them pointed to two people in the lobby of the grand hyatt, one was black. police commissioner bratton ordered an investigation. we will have more of what blake had to say to me when i see you on "eyewitness news at 6:00." live in midtown, josh einiger, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thanks. that is a serious mix-up there. he is here in town for the open, good guy, does a lot of charitable work, so popular. great tennis player. >> yeah. >> we will hear more. >> tell us about the weather.
5:47 pm
>> we saw the flooding in staten island. is it down for now before we get another clip of that tomorrow. >> the worst is done. there is one other cell over monmouth county right now. so far new york city, long island, things are quieter now. monmouth county we will watch this afternoon and early evening. we will turn our attention north and west in a few hours. as you look at central park and the east side, darkers skies looking east. there is light rain in brooklyn- queens. we are at 80. letter partly cloudy. a south wind at 13. you see what happened after we had the pulsing of big thunderstorms over staten island and brooklyn. now lighter rain over long island. you get the heavier cell sitting over northern monmouth county from has let to holmdel, centreville to leonardville and everett and hillsdale. slow moving thunderstorm over northern monmouth county and a lot of lightning strikes. this got stronger.
5:48 pm
when i looked at it three minutes ago, 20 strikes. heavy thunderstorm with a big time lightning display over monmouth county. get inside. futurecast suggesting that it really is monmouth county, coastal monmouth and northern monmouth the focus over the next hour or so and much of the area quiet. notice it's depicting more storms moving into the catskills. as we go through the overnight, futurecast suggesting north and west maybe more storms. basically from now through tomorrow night and early friday morning have the umbrella handy. there will be scattered downpours. they are more spotty through midday then more widespread during the afternoon and early evening hours. drenching downpour can cause flash flooding. spotty storms here. futurecast is doing a nice job showing it over monmouth. look what happens. a couple of computer models suggesting there are more storms that get more widespread north and west tonight and try to come down to the coast later. storms spotty. hopefully they will take a
5:49 pm
break during the morning commute. after lunchtime the radar moves up with slow moving downpours into tomorrow evening then leave and dry out. comfortable friday. look at the futurecast numbers here. this is the first time it's showing 5, 6 inches of rain. any can produce several inches of rain and flooding. the ground is hard after being dry for so long. air quality cleaned out. u.v. index a lot lower. the pollen count goes down. the bus stop have the umbrella handy. have the rain gear for tomorrow. over the weekend another shot of rain. we will look at that in the seven-day forecast. showers and thunderstorms tomorrow. we break the 80-degree stretch. that lasted 62 days. turning nicer on friday. rain waits until the nighttime hours saturday. it lingers into sunday morning. that could be a beneficial rain. early next week looks nice, drying, more central temperatures. watch out. we will have more storms tonight then through the day tomorrow.
5:50 pm
>> thank you, lee. extraordinary art is going up for auction. it's the private collection of dr. mia angelo. >> much never seen publicly. tonight eyewitness news got a first look. shirleen allicot tweeted out this photo of a quilt with quite a background to it. she has more. >> reporter: it's a rare chance to explore the private world of a cultural legend. it's the personal art collection of maya angelo. >> reporter: pieces out of the living room. >> it's exciting to see her personal side. she collected fabulous things. >> reporter: up for grabs at swan galleries. >> a real bond creatively between these artists who told stories like she did. >> reporter: many of the pieces inspired by and made for her. this vivid story quilt by artists faith ringold was commissioned by one of the maya angelo's champions, opera
5:51 pm
winfrey -- oprah winfrey for her 60th birthday. >> i have seen some of her work in other auctions. >> reporter: this features angelo surrounded by flowers with excerpts from her writings, estimated to be sold for $150,000. >> as i was walking here, i was saying to myself i am about to feast my eyes on $150,000 wall hanging. >> reporter: the collection gives you a chance to delve deeper into her passions. >> this shows the importance of african women in daily lives of people in ghana and it's a very scarce work by the artist. estimate 20 to $250,000. >> reporter: not all the pieces come with a hefty price tag. some a thousand dollars. the sale is tuesday, september 15th. shirleen allicot, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> a lot of great pieces. swiping right is so yesterday.
5:52 pm
now a feature on tinder let's you swipe up u. the super like feature on the match making app let's fellow users that you don't just like them and like like them. by swiping upwards on a potential mate you can show them that you are interested before they make a decision about whether to like you back. extraordinary safety measures in one local school. all of the work there has been done for free. >> from location to cameras to bulletproof walls. eyewitness news gets the first look at this one of a kind school. >> i'm liz cho. at 6:00, pope francis expresses his unhappiness over a proposed security plan that will separate him from crowds during the public during his visit to new york city. plus, a strike threat by school bus drivers that could affect
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
thousands of students tomorrow.
5:55 pm
tonight eyewitness news gets the first look inside a
5:56 pm
safe school. it was outfitted for free with high-tech security to protect students and staff in the event of an attack. >> this school doesn't feel like a for trees. the safety features blend right in. here is eyewitness news reporter tim fleischer. >> reporter: as parents pick up their children at st. elizabeth catholic academy, they can take comfort in knowing this pre-k school is one of the safest in the city. >> one of the reasons i went to this school is because of the security system. >> reporter: parents are seeing extraordinary safety measures installed here making each of eight classrooms a safe room against a potentially intruder. >> take a closer look. you can see that each lock is reinforced with ballistic steel. >> reporter: the teacher takes chart of the protection. >> if an intruder comes in, you close the door, dead bolt the top and bottom. no key is necessary. >> reporter: the students sit down in this corner where the wall is reinforced. >> nothing will penetrate this
5:57 pm
wall. to the naked eye you can't see anything. >> this right here is the protection. >> yeah, exactly. >> reporter: what is that? >> military certified ballistic steel. >> reporter: the new security measures are offered free of charge to 4,000 schools and districts by alerting, a not for profit. >> every classroom in this school is a safe room. >> i was apprehensive. why would somebody come in and offer to put the security in for free. >> reporter: assured that private money pays the $150,000 cost, installation took two weeks. it includes an alarm surveillance camera installed by allen kovacs security company. >> covers the hallway, corridors. any threat can be spotted right away and protecting the children. >> reporter: in the event of an emergency, school officials can bring up the cameras on any smartphone.
5:58 pm
>> we have to do things like this. the way john did it in setting this up, it really is not noticeable. >> reporter: it gives her peace of mind knowing her daughter is safe. >> i believe it's good to have this. >> reporter: other schools are seriously looking at the free safety offer. reporting from ozone park, tim fleischer, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> all for free. we like that. still ahead, a strike threat by school bus drivers students tomorrow. >> "eyewitness news at 6:00" starts right now. new at 6:00 trouble for the pope's visit. pope francis is unhappy about a security wall on 5th avenue that would potentially separate
5:59 pm
him from the crowds that couple out to see him. >> new york cops handcuff james blake. did they rough him up and engage in racial profiling? the nypd is investigating. but first powerful storms dumping heavy rain in parts of our area. good evening at 6:00, i'm bill ritter. >> i'm liz cho. after days of hot, dry weather, some powerful thunderstorms are moving through our area. >> so much rain so fast. late this afternoon there was flooding. this video sent to us by a viewer in west brighton beach in staten island. >> another viewer posted video of flooding on the staten island expressway. eyewitness news meteorologist lee goldberg is tracking the storm. he is in the weather center with the latest. >> it's been all about july heat but september is fighting back. a lot of humidity now the atmosphere boiling over in many cases. look to the south, sunshine. we had stormy skies, black


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