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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  September 9, 2015 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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we leave you with pictures tonight, breaking developments. exclusive video from inside that boeing 777. the engine exploding into flames during takeoff. pilots rushing plane to a halt. the race to get off. one passenger saying it was like a river of fire. and late reports of yet another shooting. authorities calling it an act of domestic terrorism. >> the protest in the capitol against the iran nuclear deal. and we ask hillary clinton, do they have a right to be concerned? and the big headline from apple. the tv, name a show. it will find it. how much will they pay for your
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old iphone? good evening. we again tonight with the new images of the horror aboard that boeing jet in las vegas. fire erupting in the engine. a terrifying close call for passengers. the stunning images of the british airways flight engulfed in flames and smoke. eating through the skin of the plane. tonight, investigators are on the plane, and so are we, with the exclusive new video. here's matt gutman. >> reporter: you can hear the engine blow. minutes later, flames shooting through the smoke. as flight attendants try to calm the passengers.
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and just minutes earlier, flight 2276 to london taxis for takeoff. 170 passengers and crew on board. >> good afternoon. we're ready for departure. >> reporter: just seconds before it goes airborne -- >> mayday. mayday. request fire services. the plane slamming to a halt. swallowed in flames and smoke. eyewitnesses say one of the pilots walks out of the cockpit to see for himself. >> he just was, evacuate! >> we are evacuating on the runway. we have a fire. i repeat, we are evacuating. >> reporter: just two minutes after the call, fire crews arrive, blasting water onto the plane. passengers flopping down emergency chutes. you can see them scampering down the runway. >> is everybody okay? >> reporter: sally dewhurst says she was the first down the emergency slide. what did you see when you looked to the left? >> the whole engine was on fire. >> almost like a river of fire coming at the ramp. >> reporter: 27 people treated for minor injures. including the pilots, hailed as
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heroes tonight. >> everybody's good. >> reporter: that fire burning so hot it went right through the engine to the fuselage of the plane, burning its skin. exposing its ribs. you can only imagine how hot it must have been inside that cabin. these images show that molten towards the fuselage. >> if that fire had been able to build and gotten near the fuel gotten out, and it maybe had come through the cabin wall, then this could have been very, very serious. >> matt is with us now live. the pilots, incredible work, stopping the jet in just minutes. >> reporter: that's right. had they noticed it just a couple of seconds later, they would not have been able to abort the takeoff, forcing them to lift off with a wing on fire. this could have been a very different outcome. >> matt, thank you. to a scare at another
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airport, newark. the cargo area collapseing. in arizona, fears of a possible serial shooter terror. and they're investigating 11 incidents in a little more than a week's time. this back window shattered. and a bullet grazing a girl that had been sitting in the passenger seat. and you can see the sign of the highway, asking, suspicious activity? call that number. kayna whitworth is there. phoenix, arizona, under siege. >> we have been living with the shooting at traffic on i-10. today under investigation. now 11 total. authorities not saying if it was a bullet or projectile that shattered the back passenger side window of that white pickup truck. >> i would tell you it doesn't matter if it's coming from a handgun, a rifle or a pellet gun.
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all of those are projectiles. >> reporter: the fbi and atf joining the investigation and the reward raised to $20,000 for any information leading to an arrest. authorities now calling it an act of domestictism terrorism. >> these are bad people trying to do harm to good people. >> reporter: the incidents happening here along this eight-mile stretch of i-10. it runs right through the heart of phoenix, so now people have something else to think about. officials asking people to report anything that might be suspicious. the shootings started august 29th. that 13-year-old girl, injured after the window of the car she was riding in was shattered. this tour bus also hit. the driver, the only one on board. >> they almost took me away from my family. >> reporter: and on tuesday, the window of a vehicle driven by a police sergeant also breaking. with no pattern of time or days of the week, people in the phoenix area, seeking refuge from a highway they use every day.
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awe authorities say it would be impractical to shut down the highway. they haven't ruled out someone doing this from a moving vehicle. >> so hard to drive and look both ways. kayna, thanks. and to a new showdown in this country over iran. hillary clinton making the case for the president's groundbreaking deal. saying if elected, she wouldn't hesitate to use military force if iran tried to get a weapon. meanwhile, trump is sounding off. jonathan karl with trump tonight. >> reporter: mr. trump goes to washington. hitting capitol hill to rally against the iran nuclear deal. >> never, ever, ever in my life have i seen any transaction so incompetently negotiated as our deal with iran.
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>> reporter: light on specifics as usual, but heavier than usual on bravado. >> we will have so much winning if i get elected that you may get bored with winning. >> reporter: while most of trump's gop rivals have been attacking him, today ted cruz, who invited trump to the rally, quite literally embraced him. why donald trump? why was donald trump here? >> well, look, it is not complicated. number one, i like donald. but number two, everywhere donald goes, he brings 100 television cameras. >> reporter: while trump and cruz hammered the iran deal, across town hillary clinton praised it. tough lines if iran violates the deal. >> i will not hesitate to take military action if iran attempts to obtain a nuclear weapon. >> reporter: big speech by hillary clinton today and she iran. focus off her because she is a disaster. honestly, jonathan, if she doesn't, she is in big trouble i
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don't see how she goes to the starting gate. >> reporter: the dwe debate on iran formally started today in congress. but bottom line, opponents of the deal do not have the votes to block it. >> jon, thanks. as you heard trump and the republicans say, when the deal is up, there's nothing to stop iran from getting a weapon. and i pressed hillary clinton. here's how she answered. >> i wanted to ask you about a recent analysis, after 15 years, if iran decides to race for a bomb, it could shrink to weeks. does that concern you? >> of course. i do not trust them. to paraphrase president reagan,
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don't trust. verify. >> and you also say, cheat and you will pay. and chuck schumer saying inspections are not anywhere, anytime. and the 24-day waiting period is troubling. does that trouble you, too? >> anything with iran is troubling. there's no doubt about that. but this gives us time. it puts a lid on their nuclear weapons program, and allows us to deal with some of their other troubling behavior. there are major developments this evening in the showdown over same-sex marriage in kentucky. the clerk walking free after refusing to issue marriage licenses.
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and this evening, one of her deputies speaking. here's alex perez. >> reporter: kim davis, spending her first day out of jail. reading her hundreds and hundreds of fan letters. saying she's happy god's people are standing strong. she was released tuesday, spending days behind bars. walking out to "eye of the tiger." >> thank you all so much. >> reporter: tonight, word the rock group survivor is suing mike huckabee. tonight, the deputy clerk handling marriage licenses saying he would continue to
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issue them even if davis ordered him to stop. davis is expected back to work on monday. we turn overseas to our reporting from the front lines of the exodus in europe. and new images of the high stakes of this journey. a tent city in hungary. and migrants pushing past police. the camerawoman, kicking a young girl. and alex marquardt with the outrage over that camerawoman, and what she does next in the video. >> reporter: today, hundreds of refugees, pouring over this fence. a woman, slipping her child underneath. the growing flood of people determined to get through this gateway to europe. but hungary is cracking down, reinforcing this new razor wire fence, more than 100 miles long, and planning to add guards. that journey toward the horizon, now increasingly tense. they're trying to evade the police. we've seen police helicopters in
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the sky. get to a train station, which is still about six miles down the road. mona and her children on the road for a month now. now you're worried the hungarian police are going to stop you? >> yes, stop us and hit us. >> reporter: and hit you? >> yes. >> reporter: and moments later, a confrontation. the refugees trying to barrel through a line of police. this little girl in tears, pleading with the officers. most here want to go to germany, which has welcomed the refugees with cheers. a stark contrast with the hostility here in hungary. today, that video shocking the world. the hungarian camerawoman kicking that girl as she runs from police. and this. as a man runs by, carrying a small child, she trips him, and he falls to the ground. and david, that camerawoman, who worked for a right-wing tv
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station, has been fired. hungary -- >> alex, thank you. back here at home, to atlanta. a mother's chilling cry for help, begging police to protect her and her husband from their own sons. two brothers charged with trying to kill their parents. linzie janis with the 911 calls. >> my children are trying to kill me. >> reporter: a mother pleading for help, claiming her own sons are trying to kill her and her husband. >> they're headed up stairs now. >> reporter: yvonne ervin calling 911 while hiding in her bedroom, in this upscale home in an atlanta suburb. a family neighbors describe as perfectly normal. >> their names are chris and cameron ervin. 17 and 22 years old. >> reporter: she says her sons have a shotgun, and her husband zachary is trying to distract them in the garage. >> how are they trying to kill you, ma'am? >> they're trying to strangle us and shoot us.
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and they put xanax in our food, i guess they just want the insurance money. >> reporter: police arrive minutes later, finding zachary in the garage covered in blood. yvonne lying next to her bed, badly beaten. cameron telling officers, "i just tried to kill my parents, who does that?" both booked into the county jail. also charged with arson. police smelled gas, and suspected the brothers were planning to blow up the house. major news from apple. how much are they now willing to pay you for your old iphone? and the tv, name a show, it will appear on your screen. and major developments about the fire captain, falling through the roof. you're going to want to stick around for this.
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and the referee, blindsided by two high school players. the debate after a hearing. should the entire team now be punish punished?
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we'll be back. next tonight, major news from apple, unveiling new products, and making an offer for old ones. some companies will pay you for your old iphone. and apple tv, adding siri, who will listen to your demands. here's neal karlinsky. >> reporter: rarely are so many products unveiled as much. but the new apple tv is what tim cook seemed most excited about. >> we're going to do something about that. >> reporter: the new black box putting games and other apps on your television.
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and a new way of searching. just your voice. show me arnold schwartzenegger movies. go to any game, or see stats as you watch. and the ipad pro, their biggest ever. and 3-d touch on iphones. and for a used iphone 6 in good condition, two websites offering anywhere from $280 to $485. and the one thing people consistently say they want the most never materialized. longer battery life for their phones. david? >> thank you. when we come back, queen elizabeth making history.
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to the "index" of other news tonight. an emergency hearing over this stunning moment on the football field in texas. one player, blindsiding a referee. moments later, the other, tackling him, too. both suspended, facing possible charges. an assistant coach also punished. league officials want the entire team suspended. a school official today calling it the "most egregious event" he's seen in 40 years. a milestone for queen elizabeth, today the longest-serving monarch in british history. she celebrated, out with her subjects today.
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and bruno mars with the song of the summer. "uptown funk." and will perform at the super bowl for the second time. stay tuned. and when we come back, the moment america gasped. the fire captain, plunging through the burning roof. tonight, proving why captain pete is "america strong." the message that was sent to us. our parents worked hard so that we could enjoy life's simple pleasures. now it's our turn. i'm doing the same for my family. retirement and life insurance solutions from pacific life can help you protect what you love and grow your future with confidence. pacific life. helping generations of families achieve
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finally, we told you we'd keep you updated on fire captain pete. tonight, the doctors, nurses, and firefighters, there every step of the way. captain pete dern, climbing up the ladder, when the roof gives way. falling into the burning home. the screams, people yelling, save him. >> get him out! >> reporter: firefighters hospital. in critical condition at first, firehouse. we've followed his motivation every step of the way. a determined father and husband. later. walking again, his wife on the left, his daughter on the right. celebrated. >> close your eyes. no cheating.
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>> hi! >> reporter: his wife, thanking the firefighters. and tonight, look at this. captain pete, ready to leave. 165 days, 5 1/2 months, 50 nurses, 7 doctors helping to treat him. today, thanking his team. >> and the message from the fellow firefighters tonight? >> welcome home, pete. >> and we salute captain pete. thank you for watching on a wednesday night. i'm david muir. hope to see you right back here
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