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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  September 10, 2015 1:05am-1:35am EDT

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frisk, i understand that. but if you go into communities of color, they're very much concerned about crime. crime rates are higherer this. they want to be protected. the fact of the matter is the rate here is lower than it was in philadelphia, lower than it was in baltimore. >> just this spring polls show the confidence in police overall in the country, lowest level in 23 years. >> it's a real problem. when you have incidents such as the horrific events that happened in north charleston, south carolina, where walter scott was gunned down by a police officer, these high-profile events set us back quite a ways. >> when you see these protests all across the country saying black lives matter, african-americans say to you, i'm sorry, i just don't believe the police have our best interests at heart, what do you say? >> well, i think you have to work with the community. it's no easy task. you have to strive to reflect the community that you serve.
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a tennis star is calling foul. james blake was tackled and cuffed by police.
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i see a guy stuck in the middle on top of his car. i was like, how did this happen so quick? >> flash floods. a neighborhood underwater. this is only the beginning of heavy rain. good evening at 11:00. i'm sade baderinwa. >> i'm bill ritter. some of us getting soaked right now. some of us drying out right now. eyewitness news viewers posting videos of the flooding on staten island. >> let's check in with meteorologist lee goldberg. we're in for a soaker. >> no question, especially afternoon and evening. this pattern isn't going to get dethroned overnight. we reached 90 again. it's the 19th 90-degree day of the season. we're still at 81. it is super humid out there. 70s, low 80s just about everywhere. the atmosphere is full of water. those thunderstorms didn't break the heat and humidity yet.
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that won't happen until tomorrow. look at the two to three-inch rainfall amounts from staten island into parts of monmouth county. an inch of rain fell in about 45 minutes. now the focus north and west. passaic county, rockland, putnam, orange county, northwestern new jersey and sussex and warren county, and all this moisture off to the south. there is a nice little break. hopefully that coincides to the morning commute. here's what you need to know. overnight. some downpours. i think the heaviest is from late morning through mid evening, say 11:00 a.m. to maybe 8:00 p.m. tomorrow. flooding possible on streets. a few areas could pick up several inches of rainfall in a short period of time. we'll detail the most likely locations in a few minutes. bill, sade, back to you. the rain falling at some times so fast it was too much to properly drain. you don't have to be an
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engineer to figure out what would follow. flooding. the worst of it on staten island. a.j. >> reporter: hours ago this entire stretch of road was impassable with nearly a dozen cars below water. at one point the water was a foot and a half. it's since receded, and now officials are on scene but this was a devastating sight for neighbors who say they've been begging city officials to make upgrades to the drainage system for years. without much warning mother nature delivered a devastating blow wednesday afternoon to homeowners here on staten island where a brief but powerful thunderstorm proved too much for nearby sears. >> you all right? >> reporter: one neighbor managed to capture this cell phone video of a man stranded on top of his car as water rushed inside his car and a dozen others. >> i see a guy stuck in the middle on top of his car.
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i was like, how did this happen so quick? >> reporter: in less than an hour, anthony bernard said he was faced with water gushing into his basement. >> as of right now we've lost all the flooring, some furnishings, and i didn't have a chance to assess the damage because there's still a lot of water in the basement. >> reporter: it's an overwhelming sight longtime neighbors say they've become used to. >> i've lost five cars already. even in the middle of the night, if we hear a thunderstorm, everybody is on their toes to get their cars up the block. >> reporter: neighbors say they haven't seen any improvements to the drainage system, and they're hoping it doesn't take another hit before change can happen. >> we want the authorities to understand that this is about the sewers. hour sears cannot handle it. >> police comes by, the d-e-p, the building department.
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it's like they just look, leave. >> it's heartbreaking. all that time and money, and it just keep happening. >> reporter: d-e-p has been here for several hours. what i'm told they're doing is draining the water from the top of the catch basin, trying to clear the street and hopefully clear some of this debris as well. for now, live on staten island, a.j. ross, channel 11. you don't suddenly become an expert like lee goldberg, but you can track the storms on our smartphone app. the nypd tonight is releasing a sketch of the man they believe shot and critically injured an aid to governor cuomo. they say he's 19 or 20 years old and wore a jamaican flag around his neck the night of the shooting. carey gabay was shot in the head by a stray bullet sunday night. did new york cops go way
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too far handcuffing pro -- pro tennis star james blake? he was tackled by officers. tonight we hear from blake and from commissioner bratton who says mr. blake is right to be upset. josh einiger is at the zion manhattan. >> reporter: we're standing outside the grand hyatt, the very spot where james blake said he was standing at 11:00, waiting for a ride to the u.s. open when suddenly he was tackled by new york city police officers. >> it shouldn't have happened. >> reporter: tennis star james blake, once the fourth ranked player in the world, tonight fuming over his treatment by new york's finest as he waited in front of his midtown hotel for a courtesy car to take him to the u.s. open.
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>> it's something we'll deal hear from them? >> an apology. >> reporter: back links hard to imagine there is not video of this incident here shot by the grand hyatt's own security system. the hyatt did not respond to our request to see the video. we can imagine the police have now seen it themselves. interesting to point out, important to point out that police were told by an informant that blake would be a suspect in this case, and that, they say, did give them probable cause at least to detain him. they also did make two actual arrests in this original id theft case. live in midtown, josh einiger, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> jobs, thank you. happening now, talks to avoid a school bus strike on long island. drivers are preparing to walk off the job as soon as tomorrow. three district in suffolk county will be affected.
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right now about 1200 bus drivers are demanding higher wages. most of them are getting $13 an hour or lessments federal mediators began meeting with union members and school bus company officials this afternoon. right now they remain deadlocked. a heart broken family pleading tonight for any information about the person who killed a 22-year-old woman. sade eversly was thrown from her motor scandal in a chain reaction crash. she was then hit by another vehicle not once but twice. one of the drivers stopped, the other took off. carolina leid with the search for that driver tonight. >> reporter: friends of the victim say that they saw everything, but there was absolutely nothing that they could do. tonight they say there is something they can do. they can talk about this devastating loss and hope that the driver turns him or herself in. >> they took a big part from us. you know what i'm saying? it really hurts to have to bury my best friend.
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>> reporter: candles, balloons, and words of sympathy sit outside the home of sade eversly. the 22 years was riding a motorcycle with friends when she and the driver of the motorcycle lost control and fell off. eversly was hit by two minivans. the first driver didn't bother to stop. >> i just seen her falling and the car rung over her. we all just stopped. there's so much shock. we ran off to try to go see if it wasn't g. >> reporter: it happened around 10:30 monday night near crossbay boulevard and queens. police say driver of an ordinarily white minivan tried to swerve out of the way but wound up hitting eversly as she lay on the ground. a second minivan driver also tried to stop but ran her over a second time. that driver stayed at the scene. tonight, family members along with dear friends are begging
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the hit-and-run driver to come forward. >> my family is hurting right now, so can you turn yourself in? >> she got along with everybody. >> just step forward. be an adult about it, because we are hurting over here. sade was a wonderful person. i loved my goddaughter dearly. our parents loved her. >> reporter: driver of that motorcycle suffered minor injuries. there were no other injuries in this crash, according to police. if you have any information about the driver who hit and killed and left the scene, call crimestoppers at 800577- toys. live along the belt parkway, carolina leid, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> carolina, thank you. concern at the vatican tonight over the level of security planned during the pope's visit to new york city. the secret service and nypd want to build a wall down 5th avenue and to require admission tickets to central park where the motorcade goes by.
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but the tells eyewitness news francis has made his wishes clear, he wants to greet the crowd and be close to the people. >> he wouldn't like the walls. i think security people know that. he wants to reach out as much as he can. >> the nypd says protecting pope francis will be one of the most monumental challenges in the modern history of policing. picture this nightmare. you're on the runway about take off when the plane you're in burst into flames. new video inside that 777 plane that caught fire just before take-off. and a camera person becomes the story.
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viral video shows her
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new at 115, photojournalist from hungary
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fired after caught on camera hitting and kicking migrants. the woman can be seen kicking at least one migrant in a group going through police lines. she also can be seen tripping a man who was carrying a small child. her former employer says she behaved unacceptably. new video from inside a panicked british airways flight that erupted in flames on a tarmac. take a look. a passenger was shooting video as a plane was taxiing down the runway in las vegas when one of the engines caught fire. within minutes the plane was filled with smoke as more than 150 passengers scrambled down emergency chutes. 27 people suffered minor inscrur is reese. from fire on a plane to fire in a forest. new details about that huge wildfire in new jersey. investigators determined improperly disposed charcoal
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before brickettes caused the fire. happening tomorrow, vice president biden is coming to new york. the vice president has a news conference scheduled with attorney general loretta lynch and the manhattan district attorney. they will talk about bert processing the backlog of so- called rape kits, the evidence collected after sexual assaults. a rather unusual high flying publicity stunt playing out in the skies above manhattan's west side. take a look. cadillac suspended its brand- new crossover vehicle over the west side highway from a helicopter. it was hoisted 150 feet. the car's platform was custom built for this pr event. it was painted matte black to give the illusion that the car was flying, but, of course, cars don't fly. >> so we've had so much rain
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come in, much needed rain over staten island, and, of course, flooding. >> it's really muggy outside. streets are dry for now. other places, streets are wet. and i always remember our traffic reporters telling us, heather o'rourke, when we haven't had rain for awhile and we get a good soaking, all the oils come up, and it gets extra slippery. take it really slow. if you see standing water, don't try to plow through it, no matter how much of a rush you are in. we can get some flooding. 81 degrees right now. southwest wind at 5. a viewer tweeted in and said, we stay around 80 through midnight, that 80-degree streak can go on, even if we get into the 70s tomorrow. there are your sunrise and sunset times. i think it's just showery tomorrow morning, cloudy, very muggy and murky. and then heavier showers start to fill up the radar during the afternoon hours, he is
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special later in the day towards the evening commute. so earlier we had thunderstorms along the coast along the sea breeze front. now we're seeing some more storms blossom, he is special over northwest new jersey into the hudson valley. it's headed from west milford, going to ramapo, then heavy showers into blares town and northwest new jersey. the good news, after this round there seems to be a bit of a break. not that it totally shuts off but hopefully we get lighter showers for the morning commute. this whole area will blossom will more rainfall. that arrives later in the morning. it will probably go right through early inc. the latest futurecast shows a little something different. after that lull it takes awhile for things to fill in on radar. maybe it is more midafternoon on into the evening hours. very heavy rain the first part of the night, then it exits. we'll have some clouds we'll
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have to get rid of on friday but i think skies will try to hours. don't focus on any one area. just the general amounts, a one to three-inch amount, maybe even four inches. it's not necessarily going to be over the jersey shore but parts of the area will definitely get a good soak. 78 degrees, showers and thunderstorms, then the comfort comes back on friday. it might be slow clearing, but at least the sun starts to break through. scattered showers 7:00 a.m. that will evolve into more downpours and potential flooding. 68 tomorrow night, periods of rain. heaviest first part of the night. clouds try to break for sun on friday. saturday increasing clouds, probably rain at night. concern that rain is hanging around at least sunday morning, maybe the afternoon. then it will dry out into early next week. bill evans will be tracking this morning tomorrow. >> thank you lee. coming up next, doctors make a shocking discovery
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about alzheimer's. person? plus, burglars break into a home and make off with a whole lot of loot. large clue. but first, our pal jimmy kimmel says don't pay attention to that old song about not trusting anyone over 30. josh brolin and young versus old in an epic game so everyone is saying, "hey! you gotta get fios!" but why? well, fios is a 100 percent fiber optic network to the home, so you can get access to the fastest internet and in-home wi-fi available. and fios gives you big capacity too. so everyone in the house can get online. but the main reason to get fios? we're rated number 1 in customer satisfaction. ultimately, that's why. get 50 meg fios internet, tv & phone starting at $79.99 a month. plus get $300 back. hurry, offer ends september 19th. get out of the past. get fios.
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in tonight's health alert, evidence that alzheimer's could be transmitted person to person. doctors in the u.k. are finding alzheimer's proteins transmitted during medical procedures. doctors say transmission is extremely rare but it does give them insight into how this disease develops.
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we have new video of two scary home intruders. the video from a police body cam shows a black bear and her cub walking inside the living room of a home in wyoming. cops were able to get the bears out of the home safely but they say the adult was euthanized, because of her boldness, walking into the house. the cub was released back into the wild, without its mother. caught on camera, burglars go to great lengths to rob a home, but they leave behind a very big clue. owners came home to find the place ransacked. the crooks seen on surveillance distracting the family dog with a subway sandwich. the subway receipt was left on the ground with a time snap and a credit card number. cops say the bad guys will be toes track down. >> you think? wow. rob powers up next with sports. >> never fails. there you go. the series with the nationals, it's going to go down as one
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of the biggest in mets history. first place against second place, final month of the season, on the road, falling behind, then rallying down the stretch. plus, on the eve of their own big series, the yankee here in vineland, new jersey where progresso light soups are made, we'll never give up our cheddar, our cream, and especially our bacon. so we figured out a way to add rich ingredients like this into 22 light soups, all with 100 calories or less per serving.
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so if you want to eat light and not give up rich flavor, do what we do...make it progresso. you heard right. rob said this may be one of the biggest mets series in history. >> for everything it could mean, it's huge. two straight come from behind victories over the team that's chasing them in the standings. mess up by the nationals by six games trying to build that lead and maybe, just maybe, not need a come-from-behind win. but that would be too easy. 1st inning, jacob degrom faces harper, and harper wins the battle. top 2nd, travis d'arnaud, his own solo shot. again the mets would tie the game. kelly johnson, pinch hitter, top 8, knotted at 2. what's
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what did cespedes do tonight? no way. 36 games since the trade, 36 rbi. they did it again. mets win 5-3, up 7 with 23 to play. the magic number 17. >> well, i mean, this has been the biggest three games i've had in my career. >> there you go. the yankees now a game and a half behind the blue jays who fly into town tomorrow, but first a bird of a different color, the orioles. c.c. sabathia shaking up the sore knee, off the disabled list. 1st inning, trouble with what should have been a double play, but then the offense dries up. 5th inning the o's have the bases loaded. chase headley's throw should have been better, but drew should have made that play. jays are here tomorrow. women's quarterfinal winners today at the u.s. open. serena williams plays tomorrow.
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men's quarterfinals under the lights. federer never faced a break point. it's on to his 38th grand slam semi. he hasn't dropped a set yet in the open. after the off-season the nfl is off and running. jets at home sunday against the browns. the giants open sunday night on the road at dallas. they actually play three games in a 12-day span. victor cruz is still dealing with the calf issue. still waiting to see if he will play in any of the first three games. >> there's been some communication around the league. for whatever reason, these things are very hard to get over. >> if he's not ready, he's not read. it eats our job to make whop he lacks. we have to do a great job. the liberty already clinched the top seed in the east for the wnba. the goal tonight against the connecticut sun. prince, the east player of the month for august, september is
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pretty good, too.


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