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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  September 14, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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a man injured in a stabbing just a block from the world trade center. police have one suspect in custody. >> hundreds of homes burned down to the foundations in northern california as a pair of devastating wildfires chew through dry brush. >> plus, a new york city bus driver pulled over on the northern state parkway. that driver walked away in handcuffs. yep, serious charges he is facing today. >> and good morning, i'm lori stokes. >> i'm michelle charlesworth in for ken rosato. it's monday, september 14th. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and meteorologist bill evans with the accuweather forecast. >> happy monday, everybody. here we go. rise and shine. grab a jacket. it's chilly. the temperature at 6:00 a.m. 59 degrees. we haven't had 27th. we are looking at 58 kingston. poughkeepsie 52. norwalk 5. 55 over to armonk to
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white plains to rockland county. 54 around belmar. 71 by 7:00. 76 noontime. 78 this afternoon. it will get warmer. a little taste of summer to end the week. we will talk about that in the accuweather seven-day forecast. debbie duhaime, summer is going out kicking and screaming. >> i like it. i like the heat. we will keep it. good morning, bill and everybody. let's see what is heating up on the roads. new jersey transit, new timetables available for you stations. on time. metro north waterbury branch ongoing maintenance in bridgeport. 7 trains 34th street hudson yard open as you have been hearing on channel 7. westbound disabled car. new jersey transit south car lanes by exit 11 watch out for a car fireworking over there. we will go outside and i will show you the inbound side of the holland tunnel.
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holland. expect delays. alternate sides are suspended. back to you, lori, michelle. >> thank you so much. breaking news in lower manhattan. police made an arrest in an overnight stabbing. the attack happened before 4:00 this morning in front of the fulton street station, not far from the world trade center. the victim was able to call 911. he is recovering at bellevue hospital. the suspect's name has not been released. now the bizarre drunk long island. state police say a bus driver was behind the wheel of his mta bus swerving in traffic on the northern state parkway in nassau county. he was pulled over near exit 32 in westbury. eyewitness news reporter kala rama is live on the scene. kala? >> reporter: michelle, exit 32 is right here. post avenue. he made it down here before being pulled over. state troopers tell us that several other drivers on the roads saw this bus driving erratically and called 911 before he got too far down the
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northern state park bay. take a look. this is who we are talking about here. this is the bus driver, alexander copeland. troopers say the 52-year-old wreaked of alcohol. then copeland failed a number of sobriety tests after he was pulled over. blood alcohol .2% more than twice the legal limit. he was arrested for driving while intoxicated among other things. this is a picture of the mta bus pulled over. it was copeland's day off and he wasn't supposed to be driving the bus. copeland will likely appear before a judge on charges of reckless endangerment and aggravated dwi. here is the thing. state troopers say it's a good thing they were called about the reckless driving because he could have got stuck under one of the overpasses. kala rama, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> kala, thank you. developing right now in northern california,
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firefighters are battling a you see it there. one person has been killed and thousands of people are forced out of their homes by the valley fire which has destroyed 400 homes. it took 12 hours for the fire to spread. residents rushed out of the town as the fire pushed through entire neighborhoods. >> chaos. i have never seen anything like it. >> we are a strong community and we stick today. we will rebuild it day by day. >> state fire officials are dealing with another wildfire in northern california. this one covering more than 100 square miles southeast of sacramento. more than 80 homes have been destroyed. that fire is about 25% contained. fire crews worked into the night battling a massive
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explosion at a power substation in new jersey. it was evacuated yesterday morning after the blast shook nearby homes. about 2,000 people lost power and 40 families were forced from their homes as thick black smoke poured into the sky. fire was caused by an equipment fire. an abc news "washington post" poll has some of the worst news yet for hillary clinton. her support has dropped below 50% with the biggest decline coming among women, especially white women. in a hypothetical general election, the poll shows clinton at 46% running statistically even with republican front-runner donald trump at 43%. clinton and trump share a vulnerability. more than 60% say trump is not honest or trustworthy and they say the same about clinton. the head of the republican
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national committee expects a more aggressive debate. the new abc poll shows donald trump in the lead 33%. ben carson who repeatedly has refused to attack trump is in second place and jeb bush third with 8%. in the meantime, president obama will spend this afternoon in the battleground state of iowa. he is visiting des moines giving the democratic candidates a boost arguing for the party's ideals. new this morning, we are learning details of the report look being into police -- looking into police community following the death of michael brown junior last summer. the analysis is expected to be released today. among the suggestions, using missouri's attorney general as a special prosecutor in police involved killings and expanding police officer training. egyptian officials say
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security forces hunting for terrorists in the southwestern desert mistakenly group of mexican tourists killing 12 and wounding 10. the entire i don't remember ministry says the security forces attacked a convoy of four cars at an oasis in a restricted area. the egyptian government says the tour company involved did not have permits and did not inform authorities it would be in the area. jews around the world are marking the start of the jewish new year. rosh hashanah was marked at sundown. the holiday ushers in the year 5776 on the jewish calendar and lasts through tomorrow evening. the ten days between rosh hashanah and yom kippur are considered a period of deep introspection in judaism. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and bill evans with the accuweather forecast. >> we take a look from the
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camera here on the roof to the beautiful sunrise. look at the cirrus clouds and alto cirrus in there. that means a great day is coming your way today. beautiful sunrise. sun up at 6:35. beautiful sunset to go with that. camera in midtown looking south down to the verrazano narrows bridge, comfortable. cool for some. 59. and a west wind about 7 miles per hour. so, this high-pressure ridge giving nice clear skies to about the eastern two thirds of the country. it will be hanging around all week long. it will only get warmer as the high spreads out. noontime temperatures about 71. 75 at 2:00. 78 this afternoon. it will feel great. perfect weather. it only gets warmer, into the 80s the rest of the week as summer goes out like summer. we will talk about that in the accuweather seven-day forecast. debbie duhaime is in for heather. taking a look at the commute. are you busy? >> starting to see action on the roads. good morning. we will tell you what is
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l.i.e. westbound building near little neck parkway. an accident blocking one lane. we will keep an eye on that for you. west side southbound at 14th street, disabled car still there. two lanes are blocked. over at the williamsburg bridge let's go outside. the williamsburg bridge heading disabled truck. expect delays as you head through that stretch. camera. the inbound george washington bridge, still moving okay at the george washington bridge. alternate side parking rules are suspended for rosh hashanah. metered in effect. back to you, michelle, lori. >> debbie, thank you. still ahead on "eyewitness news this morning," heart break in the bronx after a woman is killed by a driver who did not stop. this morning the victim's family is asking for help to
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find the person responsible.
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developing now, people are banned from getting within one
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and a quarter mile of an active volcano erupting in japan. it's sending large plumes of smoke and ash thousands of feet in the air. there is no homes in the area and no reports of anyone being hurt. officials are trying to determine if there is any volcanic flow from the mountain right now. the faa is investigating an alarming mix-up by a major air carrier. two weeks ago an american airlines pilot flew the wrong plane from los angeles to hawaii. it violated faa rules. the airbus a 321 was not certified to be flown on long floyd's over water. american airlines says it's taking steps to ensure it does not happen again. jets are feeling relief after a scary moment against cleveland. lorenzo mauldin was carted off the field.
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worries he must have suffered a serious neck injury. last night the team said he had feelings in his extremities. >> he came back from an injury working hard getting back and he got back to play in the opener, doing good things and for him to go down like that, your heart goes out to him and his family, after that to the teammates. >> mauldin has been diagnosed with a concussion. he spent the night in the hospital for a concussion. shield your eyes. this is how the season opener against dallas ended. tony romo hit jason witten with an 11-yard touchdown pass with 7 seconds in the game. that gave the cowboys a win. giants play the home opener next sunday afternoon against atlanta. i think we mean this sunday. >> in a week. time for a check on the accuweather forecast. >> meteorologist bill evans is outside the studios. >> chilly.
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i have sandy with me. dog's temperature is about 102, 103. they keep you warm. you will need a jacket. you are not safe in the five boroughs where the heat island effect is warmer. the we have altocumulus clouds pointing to what will be a great day. low pressure system leaving. temperature of 59 degrees. cooler than normal. 62 is the normal overnight low. 76 is the normal high. it will be cooler than normal today. then we will warm up. sunsets at 7:07. nice sunrise and sunset. north port 56. hauppauge 55 and 60 around great neck. toms river, upper 40s. it's chilly out there this morning. look at the west-northwest wind.
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that will be a factor in our weather. the west wind addition in and goes southwest and warms us up as we continue to go into the rest of the week. high-pressure ridge along the atlantic coast will run temperatures 10 warmer than normal this time of year. with high pressure back to the great lakes, that high will hang around all week long. 78 today. bright, breezy. letter tomorrow we will warm up more. see how the high spreads out and right around 83 degrees. warm tomorrow then we are thursday. today temperatures starting out cool, grab a jacket. pleasant after school. low humidities all week. we don't have a high humidity. it's just that maybe mornings fog around from the stable air mass and the cool temperatures like 62 and back in the 50s in the suburbs. tomorrow a warm day. drives up to 84, the temperature does, but the
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humidity is low this week. seven-day forecast, a quiet week of weather but warm. 86 wednesday, thursday warm. friday sunshine and looking at what will be sunshine on saturday and 84 degrees. do i know you? i see you hanging around the house. >> she is so cute. >> >> have a great day. here. >> too, too cute. >> let's check in with debbie. >> sandy is calm, cool and collected, right? good morning. let's see what is happening as we head to the new jersey transit, car lane by exit 11 watch out for a car fire. 7 train, 34th street hudson yard is open. that will help you out. fine. lincoln 10. holland tunnel 5. williamsburg
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bridge into town a disabled truck. we will keep an eye on that. the l.i.e. westbound busy past little neck parkway with an accident. let's go outside. i will show you the l.i.e. with our webcam. look at the volume on the westbound side of the l.i.e. getting out past new hyde park road. mouth to little neck parkway and into the area of the clearview, very solid traffic with this accident still being cleared. again, here is the accident scene by the clearview. westbound l.i.e. near the clearview, watch out for that accident in the center lane. that is causing the big delay on the l.i.e. this morning. alternate side parking rules are suspended. back to you, lori, michelle. >> thanks. perhaps the most famous brothers in video game history are turning 30. ment plus, apple is planning a major update for surrey. here is abc's kendis gibson and reena ninan. >> surrey, getting to know you better. >> apple's digital voice
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assistant will soon recognize the owner's voice. >> the feature is expected to debut in ios 9.1. >> nasa bringing outer space to your living room. >> a new tv channel which will stream live hi-def video from the international space station starting in november. >> it's been 30 years since nintendo released the first video game starring the mario brothers. >> since then 310 million copies of super mario brothers mario debuted earlier. tetris was my favorite. >> i could only make it to the first level. those are your techbytes. young boy slapped across the face and punched in the nose, what lead to this bodega beating and wait until you hear what he had to say.
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on the money, a big decision this week in the federal reserve, whether it decides whether to raise interest rates. the dow starts 102 points higher at 16,433. overseas, nikkei lost 1 1/2 percent. hong kong hang seng index finished slightly higher. there is a new miss america. today she is going to dip her toes in the atlantic ocean after winning her crown against 51 other contestants. >> your new miss america is miss georgia. >> sorry. still taking in the reaction. miss georgia, betty cantrell was crowned in atlantic city. the win breaks the three-year
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miss new york winning streak. she is ready to celebrate. she tweeted this picture out. she is honored to miss america 2016. a night she will never forget. tyra banks makes her return to daytime tv today right here on channel 7. she will join chrissy teigen to guide you on beauty, fashion and design. fab life premieres on air and on the watch abc app this afternoon at 2:00 right after "the chew." it will be cool. very cool. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and meteorologist bill evans. >> today temperatures in the 50s. we haven't had 50s since june 27th. 58 bridgeport. just about everybody is in the
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50s except out to montauk where it's in the 60s. wind out of the west makes it feel cool and crisp. grab a jacket. you will need that. heather has monday off. how is it going? >> this mortgage, as we head to the new jersey turnpike, new jersey turnpike southbound by exit 11 in the car lanes, watch out for a car fire. one lane blocked. george looks okay. lincoln 15. holland ten. watch for delays fdr south at 116 with a collision. williamsburg bridge into town a disabled truck. let's go to the l.i.e. westbound. that is moving out past little neck parkway with a crash. as we go to the webcam, the volume on the l.i.e. westbound, solid traffic out to new hyde park road and out to the -- out to the clearview with an accident blocking one lane. over to you, lori, michelle. >> thank you. closing in on 6:30, new
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this morning, two planes get too close for comfort on the tarmac. one of those flights departed from our area. >> the kentucky court clerk who refused to issue same-sex marriage licenses is now out of
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security threats during the papal visit. a possible plot has been uncovered days before pope francis heads to new york. >> the nypd reviews its plans for the historic visit. we are live in midtown. >> struck and killed on the way home from work. the clues for the search of a hit and run driver. >> both sides heading back to the table with hopes of
6:30 am
averting a school bus strike on long island. >> good morning, i'm michelle charlesworth in for ken rosato. >> i'm lori stokes. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and meteorologist bill evans. >> we are going to have a day where we have sunshine, windy, breezy weather this morning. it's cool. look at the current temperature as we start the day at about 58 oyster bay. smithtown 56. 58 babylon. 50s hempstead. a real morning out here where we are looking that are quite cool. we haven't had any 50-degree temperatures. 27th. well, today we will get in the upper 70s later on. that will feel great. a light west wind. the wind is breezing about 10 to 20. it will calm down later on. weather and traffic every seven minutes. heather has the day off. debbie duhaime is in the
6:31 am
traffic center looking at the ride, roads and rails. >> williamsburg bridge is being cleared. john del giorno is high above the issue u. good morning, john. >> good morning, debbie. we have live pictures from newscopter 7. we are looking down on the williamsburg bridge. earlier disabled vehicle on the williamsburg bridge, disabled truck. that has been cleared. look at the traffic, bumper-to- bumper volume. it begins on the brooklyn side of the span near the brooklyn tower across the bridge down into the traffic lights on delancey street. otherwise volume is a little bit lighter than normal. if you are in lower brooklyn consider the brooklyn bridge or the manhattan bridge both moving into the city without much of a problem. live over the williamsburg bridge, john del giorno, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> we will show you volume here on the l.i.e. this is an accident on the l.i.e. westbound approaching the clearview. this accident is in the center lane. it has been out here 15 to 20 minutes. l.i.e.
6:32 am
westbound heavy out to the clearview with this problem. i will show you some of the volume behind it. here is the l.i.e. westbound into new hyde park road out to the area of the clearview. just expect a lot of heavy traffic there. alternate side parking rules are suspended. metered are in effect. back to you, michelle, lori. >> debbie, thank you. a lesson -- in less than two weeks from now pope francis makes his historic visit to the united states. new york city leaders will put their heads together on finding ways to keep the pontiff and new yorkers safe. this comes as federal authorities uncover a specific threat ahead of his trip. eyewitness news reporter dray clark is live outside madison square garden, one of the stops on the pope's a green day. dray? >> good morning, lori. since the official announcement that pope francis would be coming to the u.s. the security
6:33 am
plan is a constant work in progress. it's a constant equation. they will meet to discuss the final preparations for the pope was visit. this is coming one day after the house committee homeland security made an announcement on abc news that they stopped a threat against pope francis. michael didn't go into detail but said they are closely monitoring other threats against the pope. the biggest concern is the threat of so-called lone wolf attacks. the pope will be active and busy when he comes to new york city. he will be making appearances at the u.n., the 9/11 memorial, central park and here at madison square garden. every step of the way security will be extremely tight to thwart any possibility of a threat. >> we have disrupted one particular case in particular. but as that date approaches, i
6:34 am
think we are all -- will be vigilant to protect him as he comes into the united states. >> reporter: following that big meeting between all of those officials, federal, state and local, later on this afternoon there will be a news conference where we hope to learn more information on how that security plan will look. we know that several streets will be closed as a result of the pope's visit in less than ten days. live in midtown, dray clark, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, dray. the archbishop much new york is speaking out after reports that tickets to see the pope are being sold online for hundreds of dollars. 80,000 tickets for the pope's procession through central park lottery. it didn't take long for many of those to end up on web sites sale. timothy cardinal dolan says selling these tickets goes stands for. you can find out more about the
6:35 am
upcoming papal visit on our web site from road closers to security -- closures to security measures at abc7ny. thousands are forced out of their homes by a wildfire burning across several communities in northern california. one person was killed and 400 homes destroyed. wind gusts are making it difficult for firefighters to get the upper hand on the flames which are covering now more than 78 square miles. police are working to find the driver who hit and killed a young wap major -- woman on city island bridge. gabriela aguilar-vallinos was riding a bike home from work at sammy shrimp box on city island. police say she was hit by this car just before midnight. a white 2015 two-door hyundai genesis.
6:36 am
her cousin said the driver kept going. >> and this guy -- [crying] he just run away. i don't even think we can call that a person. no person does that. >> the victim suffered severe head trauma and was later pronounced dead at jacobi hospital. in the bronx, two police officers are recovering after their patrol car collided with another vehicle. the officers were responding to a call in morris park when they crashed. the officers were taken to jacobi hospital and suffered a neck and head injuries. it's not clear if anyone in the other car was hurt. talks resume on long island to avoid a possible school bus driver strike. drivers for bauman and son are demanding higher wages and are prepared to walk off the job. federal mediators were brought in last week. a strike would affect an estimated 15,000 students in nassau and suffolk counties.
6:37 am
the county clerk in kentucky jailed for refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses plans to head back to work this morning. kim davis was released from jail tuesday after spending five nights behind bars for contempt want of court -- contempt of court. her attorney said she will hold on to her religious convictions. protestors on both sides are expected outside the courthouse today. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and bill evans with the accuweather forecast. >> sun is up officially. the sun a minute and a half old. into the day it will be sunny. this morning it's breezy and chilly. grab a jacket, grab a sweater. temperature 59 degrees. you have to go back to june to find a morning with a 59-degree temperature.
6:38 am
we have this low pressure system leaving. high pressure is coming in. a windy day today. temperatures in the low 70s as we get to lunchtime. a perfect day. it gets warmer. summer returning into tomorrow. kiddos at the bus stop, grab a jacket or sweater. breezy and cool this morning. by afternoon 78 degrees. debbie duhaime is in the traffic center in for heather. how is it going? l.i.e. westbound, this is near the clearview, you can see the accident in the center lane. it looks like police are getting to the scene of this problem. everybody is scooting around the problem in the center lane. l.i.e. westbound heavy traffic out to the clearview. here is another look at little neck parkway to the clearview. solid traffic. going to the maps, i will tell
6:39 am
you about another problem fdr southbound at 116 a collision. 95 southbound busy in west port with an accident blocking a lane. george okay. lincoln 15. holland 10-minute delay. l.i.r.r. on time and metro north on the waterbury branch ongoing maintenance in bridgeport. alternate side parking rules are suspended for rosh hashanah. metered are in effect. commuters are getting a chance to experience the new extended 7 line all the way to manhattan's west side. the hudson yard station opened yesterday after more than eight years of construction. the state of the art station includes temperature controlled platforms for a more comfortable travel year round. developers hope the station makes it easier to get to the javits center and high line. new from overnight, two
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6:41 am
planes played bumper cars.
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breaking news in western kentucky with a state trooper killed during a high speed pursuit. 31-year-old trooper joseph ponder was reportedly conducting a traffic stop when a suspect raced off. ponder chased him. at some point the man hit the brakes. the trooper's vehicle hit the back of the suspect car and the suspect opened fire killing the trooper. there is a large scale search underway around princeton, kentucky, for the suspected killer joseph johnson shanks. new this morning, a flight from newark bumped wings with another plane on the runway in los angeles. this picture shows the damage on the right wing of a united
6:44 am
airlines plane that had taken off from newark. the flight was taxiing to the gate when it pumped with an alaska airlines flight taking off at the same time. no one was hurt on either plane. federal investigators are looking into the incident. a bronx 0-year-old is speaking out about a woman that took a few swings at him in an attempt to teach him manners. this happened inside a norwood deli. police want to find the woman in the light-colored shirt. she slapped and hit the boy leaving him with a bloody nose. he says that she went after him after a deli worker told him to pick up bags that he left behind the counter. >> the lady told me -- told me to say thank you. and then i -- and then the cashier told me to go get it myself. i got it myself. and then the -- i told the lady it's none of her business. >> police are looking for the suspect and the woman seen with
6:45 am
her on the surveillance video. the talk about serena williams pushed the men's u.s. opens draw under the radar. unlike serena,ing novak jock could vac finished off a good year when he beat roger federer. he took the australian open and wimbledon and finished second at the french open. >> now actually sitting down here with this trophy and reflecting on what i have achieved, it's incredible. >> quite. djokovic has won four of the last six men's grand slam events. "good morning america" is coming up next. let's check in with robin roberts. >> good morning. coming up on gma, a state of emergency in california. fast moving wildfires destroying up to a thousand homes and businesses. mandatory evacuations. state of emergency in effect. we will have live team coverage on the ground for you this morning.
6:46 am
police making a number of arrests in the hunt for the serial shooter that has phoenix on edge. one person of interest is in custody this morning. the latest details on the desperate search to find who is responsible for the 11 reported shootings on arizona highways. and gma on the money for you. clothing resale. now a multibillion dollar business. how you can make big bucks on your old clothes. so many people cashing in as kids head back to school. how one family made hundreds. i love the story here in new york city, second time around, love the name, second time around. >> thanks, robin. have a good show. >> all good things. i will google that right now. time to get a check on the accuweather forecast. >> let's step outside with meteorologist bill evans. >> you know, we love live pictures in hd. tells the story of what the weather will be like today.
6:47 am
john del giorno is over arthur ashe stadium. john del giorno in newscopter 7 in high definition where we are looking at beautiful sunshine to start the day. take a word of advice. grab a jacket, sweater. it's chilly. fall like this morning. temperatures are in the 50s. the wind makes it feel cooler. there you see altocirrus cool, crisp and breezy. kids waiting at the bus stop, this first cool and crisp morning we had since june with temperatures in the 50s. make sure you have a jacket this morning. humidity dry. 20. pressure rising near 30. normal high 76. low 62. we will be close to that. normal. beautiful sunset at 7:00. first 50s since june 27th. we are feeling that today. suburbs. breezy with seasonal sunshine
6:48 am
today and a big warm up tomorrow as temperatures are going to tampa bay in the 80s. it will be low humidity. it will be warm but it will be dry. u.v. index a 5. sun gets weaker this time of year. pollen count moderate for ragweed. you will notice that over the coming days as we keep going. around j.f.k. 60 to 64. this high-pressure ridge coming in gives us the wind coming in. low pressure leaving. high pressure coming in makes it windy. high-pressure ridge is big back to the northern plains. it will hang around all week long. sunshine, 71 by noontime. 78 this afternoon. seasonal temperatures. it only gets warmer. kids after school, get out there and enjoy the sunshine and this nice crisp dry weather great for after school sports. get outside and exercise. high pressure dominates today and tomorrow. the high spreads out.
6:49 am
warmer as we go along. 84 the temperature tomorrow. 78 today. 62 tonight. 50s in the suburbs. back to 84 tomorrow. summer goes out like summer as we see the end of summer this week. look at these temperatures. 86 wednesday and thursday. ten warmer than normal for this time of year. next shot at a shower doesn't come until sunday. all right. we are off and running. crisp out here this morning. >> yeah. >> grab a jacket and have a great day. >> thank you, bill. let's check in with debbie duhaime for traffic. john del giorno is on the l.i.e. >> i know you have been all over this accident. not getting a lot of movement. just blocked by the light pole down there. they are a waiting a tow truck. center lane blocked. another nypd unit rolled up. right lane is blocked as well. between 1 and 2 lanes blocked
6:50 am
inbound on the long island expressway. this accident is before the clearview and we got bumper-to- bumper volume going back to nassau county. i will tell you the northern state grand central combo is a little better but that is heave as an alternate. debbie? >> thanks a lot, john. we will show you the fdr southbound. a lot of volume to 116th street. as we go to southbound at 116th an accident being cleared. 95 south exit 18 in west port a collision. e and f local only forest hills top roosevelt with a disabled train. alternate sides suspended. back to you, michelle, lori. >> all right, thank you, debbie. coming up, two stories you cannot miss. >> a neighborhood under siege. what residents say is raining from the sky smashing car windows. >> and how could a 6 carat
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anything. anywhere. anytime. anyone. spread the delicious taste you know and love. hershey's is mine, yours, our chocolate spreads.
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federal investigators are taking a look at plane parts that fell from the sky into a california neighborhood. the pieces of metal from a twin even again jet crashed through a window of a car and hit several cars in fresno. the pilot had sean taken off then turned around after reporting engine failure. the plane landing safely without all the parts left behind in people's yards. a jewel thief in thailand took the phrase guts of a burglar to a different level. take a look at this. a picture of a discrimination that is worth $280,000. surgeons had to remove the 6 carat diamond from the intestines of the woman that stole it. she swiped it from a jewelry fair, swallowed it and left a fake in its place.
6:54 am
authorities put her under the knife after laxatives didn't do the trick. >> happy breakfast. up next a look at the top stories. >> including new details on a breaking story. who police arrested for an overnight stabbing near the patients across the country have spoken. they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid services. fewer than 10% received 5 stars.
6:55 am
among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. learn more at cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits. appointments available now.
6:56 am
breaking news in lower manhattan. the world trade center security guard is under arrest in an overnight stabbing.
6:57 am
police say it happened at a mcdonald's near the site. someone in the restaurant was throwing french fries at the guard. this is a security guard. he stabbed the man and ran back to the trade center. the guard was caught a few blocks away. the victim is recovering in the hospital. police on long island say they caught a drunk city bus driver veering left and right in a city bus on the northern state parkway. eyewitness news reporter kala rama is live >> michelle, good morning. police say that that driver's blood alcohol level was at .2%, almost double the legal limit. state troopers say 52-year-old alexander copeland wreaked of alcohol and failed a number of sobriety tests. on northern state parkway,ing the bus was pulled over at post avenue by exit 32. sunday was copeland's day off and he wasn't supposed to be
6:58 am
driving the the mta bus. he will likely appear before a judge later today on aggravated even dankerment and dwi. letter live in westbury, kala rama, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. let's get another check on the morning commute with debbie duhaime. we will go to pictures from newscopter 7 and show you what is happening here. john del giorno high above the problem on the l.i.e. it's the l.i.e. westbound right by the clearview. this accident out here in the center lane has been out here for a while. delays stretch back to new hyde park road in nassau county. a tough road on the l.i.e. west out to the clearview with that collision. let's go to the webcam and show you volume on the northbound fdr drive. bumper to bumper up to the 100s. as we go to the maps, southbound fdr at 116th street an accident causing delays in both directions with emergency vehicles at the scene of that problem. also the e and f downtown local only with mechanical problems at roosevelt avenue in queens.
6:59 am
we will keep an eye on that as well. alternate side parking rules are suspended citywide. back to you, lori, michelle, bill. >> all right. >> crisp and cool. you need a jacket. it feels like fall. no doubt about it. a beautiful sunrise. beautiful weather. 59 degrees will be the 7:00 temperature. 59 at laguardia. newark 56. teterboro 56. white plains 55. 48 in toms river. today we have sunshine, 71 by noontime. 78 this afternoon. it will feel great. however, it's back to summer tomorrow and wednesday and thursday when we are at 86 wednesday and thursday. we will be in the mid-80s into the weekend. >> enjoy the cool crispness this morning. >> feels good. >> thank you, bill. that's the news for now, i'm michelle charlesworth. >> i'm lori stokes. thanks for starting your monday morning with us.


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