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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  September 15, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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have a wonderful day. good morning, america. breaking overnight, deadly floods and fires. a wall of water washing away cars in an instant killing at least eight people. >> that's pretty powerful. >> rescuers pulling their group of women to safety. others till missing. and those fires raging out of control. exhausted crews battling the flames desperate to save thousands of hopes still in jeopardy. new this morning, pope plot. a teenager arrested by the fbi for planning a major terror attack much the pope on his sift to the u.s. next week one of hissing its. exclusive new details this morning. trump in texas. protesters clash on the treats of dallas as donald trump holds one of the biggest rallies of the campaign. >> you'll pay for it. >> the billionaire front-runner unfazed and confident. >> we'll have victory. this is a movement that's happening. jump for my life >> take a look at this.
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a massive humpback whale jumps right out of the water right onto a kayak. the 40-ton whale pulls the kayakers underwater. hear what they're saying about the incredible moment this morning. and we do say good morning, america. the west waking up to devastation this morning from both fires and now devastating floods. you're looking live at some of the aftermath from those wildfires as crews are still desperately trying to save thousands more homes being threatened right now. >> also out west, that breaking news overnight, deadly floods in utah. at least eight people killed. several missing. abc's nick watt starts us off from hildale. >> reporter: good morning, george. right now eight people confirmed dead. another five still missing. trouble began when heavy rain showers hit the hills just outside this small town that straddles the utah/arizona
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border. rivers swollen, flash floods and locals gathered to watch the rushing muddy water. >> see those big old logs coming down. >> reporter: two vehicles filled with their mothers and children, 16 in all were stopped on the gravel road when a wall of water and debris hit them from behind. >> the flash flood was so significant it overwhelmed them and pushed them into the channel. the vehicles were rolled several hundred yards downstream. >> reporter: just three were pulled to safety. the rest, the other 13 now either dead or missing. the youngest child reportedly just 4 years old. >> he's starting to build a heck of a dam. >> reporter: this tight-knit town had quarters of warren jeffs po littlist sectsome. a group of women were pulled from this stranded vehicle fearing they too would be washed away. >> nobody is in there. >> that's pretty powerful. >> reporter: the red river of mud taking anything and nearly
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everything in its path. >> like a solid piece of concrete right now. >> reporter: boulders, tree, floodwaters till on the move, more rain forecast for today and all night these earth movers have been searching for the bodies of those five people still listed as missing. robin. >> all right, nick, thank you. that water is so incredibly powerful. from floods to fires, the wildfires burning out of control in california right now. nearly 600 homes already destroyed. thousands more still threatened but there is some relief in sight for the firefighters. abc's matt gutman is there for us again in middletown, california. good morning, matt. >> reporter: hey, good morning, robin. perhaps what's most shocking about this fire it can leave a house like this absolutely pristine and its next-door neighbor -- we've seen this over and over again here it can incinerate that next-door neighbor's house and you can still see the wreckage smoldering in the background. it's a lot cooler today of you can feel how much more damp it
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is but the fight is not over. this morning the valley fire still burning in northern california. only 10% contained. the scale of its destruction across more than 62,000 acres, now revealed. the first fatality announced overnight, kgo reporting 72-year-old barbara mcwilliams was unable to escape the fire tearing through middletown. fire crews helpless to stop its progress. exhausted from relentlessly chasing the flames since saturday getting rest wherever they can on the side of the road, even in driveways, their work monday grueling. firefighters here are so overwhelmed they're not even trying to stop blazes like this. all they're concerned about parked just a few feet away is protecting homes and people. but the fire seemingly playing hopscotch incinerating one house, entirely sparing its neighbors. look at these before and after images. 23,000 forced from their homes, some clamoring to get back
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monday to feed their animals. as 1800 firefighters continue to fight these flames, hundreds left camping out at a red cross shelter. >> i can't sleep. i'm thinking about my home, my everything. >> reporter: it could be a long time before those people get to come back here. california officials are calling this one of the most destructive wildfires in state history and you can't underestimate how much of the infrastructure has been destroyed here in middletown. officials telling us it could be a week before people get water back and many weeks about of this he restore power. >> okay, matt, thanks very much. to ginger for more on this. the break helps the firefighters but also is behind the flooding. >> exactly. that's why we put this on here, hildale, that same community you saw the stunning images of the flash flooding from, the radar here, the showers and storms, 12 to 18 hours of them, it's only an inch to 2 1/2 inches that fell but you add the mountains and you get flash flooding quickly. that could happen in a lot of places today, remnants of linda
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out in the pacific, a little late monsoon flow all trapped under the stationary front, extra lift and more of that from wyoming and colorado back out to the west. here's the good news. another system, a cold front coming in look at the valley fire getting rain wednesday night. actual rain, the butte fire, yes, you're close, you get a little moisture, at least. >> thank you. now to those security concerns just one week before pope francis visits the u.s. the fbi has arrested a teenager allegedly planning a terrorist attack possibly targeting the pope. abc's pierre thomas has exclusive details. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: good morning, robin. the suspect is not being identified because he's so young but we're told the teen is from the philadelphia area and sources say what has them concerned is how misguided he was and that he was influenced by the vicious intentions of isis. abc news has learned that the fbi has arrested a 15-year-old boy it claims was inspired by
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isis and who was contemplating attacking pope francis. the juvenile sought to conduct a detailed homeland attack which included multiple attackers, phiarms and multiple explosives targeting a foreign dignitary at a high-profile event according to an august joint bulletin from the fbi and homeland security. sources tell abc news the pope was among the considered targets, and this is what mike mccaul, chairman of the house homeland security committee expressed concern about on "this week" last sunday. >> we are monitoring very closely threats against the pope as he comes into the united states, we have disrupted one particular case in particular. >> reporter: but sources familiar with the case tell abc news that the threat was not imminent and that the boy's plans were at the aspirational stage. on monday officials say there is no threat to the pope. it shows isis is using social media to inspire lone wolves, even children.
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the bulletin goes on to state the minor obtained explosives instructions and further disseminated these instructions through social media. the social media threat from isis and so-called lone wolves is growing. and with the pope set to arrive a week from today, this kind of un unpredictable threat is what law enforcement must prepare for. george. >> that is going on in new york and washington. okay, pierre, thanks very much. the race for president now, "your voice, your vote," and that huge texas rally for donald trump, thousands in an arena last night sparking a tense clash outside over trump's policy. all for the next debate tomorrow night. good morning. you. just behind me this is where the mavericks play, 20,000 people and all the cheers were for donald trump last night of the tickets were sold out. not every seat was filled. there were some e.mpty pockets but still a massive crowd and for the first time something we haven't seen this cycle yet an
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anti-trump movement showing its teeth after the event. >> what is your badge number, sir? >> reporter: overnight an ugly scene outside donald trump's rally. >> if you build that wall you'll pay for it. >> reporter: trump supporters clashing with protesters. [ bleep ]. >> and all his -- disrespecting us, calling us illegal, go back home. >> reporter: mounted police moving in to disperse the crowd. >> thank you, ma'am. how are you? >> reporter: the tension started earlier as trump took the stage in front of a massive crowd inside inside. outside up to a thousand protesters to the trumpal rally. >> i have tremendous energy to a point where it's almost ridiculous. >> reporter: his dallas event the first stop in a big city where hispanics make up nearly half the pop is la. his tough stance on immigration making him popular and infamous
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at the same time here. >> we have to build a wall. and a wall works. i want them to come in. i want to have a big beautiful door. but they have to be legal. >> reporter: his words providing ammunition and even entertainment value to hillary clinton. >> you know, i kind of wish i had that same sort of mentality like, oh, listen, i don't need to tell you anything, when i get there, peace will be breaking out everywhere. prosperity will be raining down upon you. we will have the new age. >> reporter: not a bad impersonation, maybe secretary clinton has been working on that. i got a chance to speak with donald trump yesterday as he was shaking hands and i asked, are you preparing? he said, this is preparing. george. >> i guess his life is preparing. okay, tom, thanks very much. let's talk about this more with jon karl. this debate tomorrow night, donald trump entering it in an even stronger position than the last one. >> reporter: no question about that, george. with this debate donald trump though faces his biggest test yet.
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he walks into that center stage wearing a big bull's-eye. during the last debate the only attacks came from the moderators. the candidates, the others thought they could simply ignore him. nobody thinks they can ignore him anymore. look at how his position changed. right before the last debate, trump was the clear front-runner, but the more traditional candidates like scott walker and jeb bush were not far behind. now trump is the prohibitive front-runner. the only one close is another outsider, ben carson, establishment candidates, the senator, governors on the verge of disappearing. those at the back of the pack will be looking for a breakthrough moment in this debate and the surest way to get a breakthrough moment is going to be picking a fight with the front-runner, donald trump. >> create that confrontation. we know trump has been going after jeb bush and also took on carly fiorina in that "rolling stone" interview saying look at that face and she's coming back hard. she's going to be onta stage for the first time tomorrow night. >> yeah, and that's going to be one of the interesting subplots
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in the debate. the first time trump has had a woman on the table with him and one he has fought with vigorously. fiorina has shown she is not afraid to throw punches at trump and traufrp made it clear he will not hold back from attacking her or going after her record as the ceo of hewlett-packard and not holding back at all simply because she is a woman. >> a lot of sparks flying tomorrow night, jon karl, thanks very much. >> now overseas to the humanitarian crisis in europe. the worst since world war ii. hundreds of thousands fleeing war and devastation and this morning hungary declaring a state of emergency watch becoming the latest country to close its borders. abc's terry moran is in serbia on the border with hungary. good morning, terry. >> reporter: good morning, robin. this is the new reality at the hundred gatherian border. thousands waiting overnight but the gate is closed and look behind me there, hungarian police in riot gear now authorized to use rubber bullets against anyone who tries to cross.
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overnight a box car bristling with razor wire sealed the final gap in the border fence. the last to come across were herded into buses driven away in unknown. and this morning, the first arrests. across europe governments are scrambling, germany, austria, netherlands and slovakia have joined them with restrictions. but that is no solution for them. this morning we met khalid and faid, 12-year-old twins who have been on the road for a month but still full of fun. they tell me they'll never forget their terrifying boat journey to greece. you were afraid you were going to die in that boat. >> or drown. >> reporter: and now what? they're telling you should go from here to bosnia and croatia and italy and on? >> no, we can't go from -- we can't go from here to serbia --
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from serbia to bosnia. >> reporter: another 500 miles and more from here. european leaders have failed once again to agree on a plan to handle this crisis but still the people keep coming. george. >> such a scary situation there and there are some scary moments on a college campus, put the whole school on lockdown. that story in 30 seconds. >> amy, you have that gripping story. class canceled for a second day after a professor was killed in
7:15 am
his office. >> and a manhunt for a university employee who shot and killed that history professor is thankfully over this morning. the suspect is also accused of killing a woman hundreds of miles away. the big question is why? abc's steve osunsami has been tracking this story for us. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning, amy. the lockdown has been lifted at delta state university this morning. but classes are still canceled as they mourn the death of that history professor. this was the chaos after the shooting on campus shortly after 10:00 a.m. monday. students barricading their doors with desks, forced to walk out of school buildings with hands held up behind their heads while police with long guns search for the killer. >> these students out here on the quad on the west side can i put them in a building safer? >> reporter: shannon lamb was a university instructor accused of shooting a history professor dead in his office. they spotted his vehicle along a mississippi highway overnight when he ran into a wooded area and police say killed himself.
7:16 am
>> we didn't want it to happen this way. he made that decision. >> reporter: police say lamb is also a suspect in an earlier killing nearly five hours south near biloxi. they say that victim is 41-year-old amy prentiss and say the two were romantically involved and lived together and he called them to report that killing and told them he wasn't going to jail. currently sharing no motive for either shooting. they're calling that second victim his girlfriend. there is a vigil scheduled on the campus tonight. amy. >> all right, steve osunsami, thanks for the latest on that. also breaking overnight a new threat from north korea. kim jong-un's government announcing it has restarted a nuclear reactor and is ready to use nuclear weapons, quote, any time against the united states. analysts say the threat may be a ploy aimed at pressuring the u.s. into restarting talks. the threat also comes weeks before a major political anniversary in that country. and health alert affecting millions of americans. for the first time ever medical
7:17 am
experts are recommending daily low dose aspirin to prevent heart attacks and strokes as well as colon cancer, but not for everyone. a federal task force now says aspirin therapy can help those in their 50s and 60s with a hi risk of heart disease and low risk of bleeding side effects but as always, talk with your doctor about what is best for you. well, a frightening moment at a car show in germany. the ceo of bmw, there you see hip, he collapsed during a news conference. the company says he just got dizzy and fainted and is okay this morning. thankfully. a wild scene in beverly hills, exotic sports cars nearly colliding racing through the neighborhood roaring through stop signs, clearly putting pedestrians and other vehicles in danger. the drivers apparently from the middle east and are claiming you can't do anything about it. we have diplomatic immunity. unexpected guest at this hotel in nebraska. did you see that? the deer jumped right through the window, took a control
7:18 am
through the lobby before heading to the laundry room. authorities eventually escorted the deer outside. it was not harmed nor anyone in the hallway. finally christmas is news 101 days awhy and turns out a lot of people have already started share shopping. 5 million americans have already finished their holiday shopping, a survey finds, one out of every seven consumer has started. 32 million americans who have started their holiday shopping. i am not among them. >> i don't think any of us. >> you? >> you're one? >> i love a bargain. when i see things on sale, i snap it up. george. >> i was eating ice cream yesterday. i am not going christmas shopping. >> it's not a conscious decision. >> my kids have their lists ready. >> oh, yeah. >> we were talking about that yesterday. >> much more ahead on this tuesday morning. a mother is back in court on
7:19 am
trial for the second time for killing her husband. the explosive comments he made caught on tape. was she the victim of abuse or a killer. have you seen those commercials bombarding the air wave. >> choose a league, pick your team and get your cash winnings after monday night. >> we're going to have what's behind the new flood of fantasy football sites promising big fun and big money. everybody dance now. come on, yeah. everybody dance now.
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don't tough it out, knock it out, fast. with abreva. come on let's sweat, baby. let the music take control. everybody dance now. back here on "gma" another cool morning, macon, georgia, all the way to mt. washington and that will be replaced with a start of summer again. summer is creeping. look at the numbers. chicago into the mid-80s, new
7:24 am
york city good morning. 7:24 tuesday, september 15th. we are watching a private sanitation truck sinking into the upper level of an he elevated -- an elevated parking deck in flatbush. the driver got out of the truck as he felt the structure giving way beneath him. police have the entire structure closed off. the inspectors are inspecting the structural stability. the deck is over a rail freight line maintained by the long island railroad. today authorities in pennsylvania are expected to release more information about potential charges in the hazing death of a baruch college freshman. 37 students are facing charges in the death of 19-year-old michael deng. a grand jury recommended murder charges against five students and the pi delta psi fraternity.
7:25 am
deng died in a house in the poconos. investigators say he suffered a severe brain injury. no criminal charges yet in a deadly accident that saw a trailered boat break free on busy hylan boulevard in staten island. the entire boat assembly came unteeth third rolling over and crashing into two young woman. a killed a 22-year-old and seriously injured her friend. a second woman is in critical condition. frightening moments in the long island sound when two people's boat sang and they were tossed into the water off the coast of old saybrook. they were clinging to the fender of the boat. they were spotted not wearing
7:26 am
7:27 am
li today union county takes wraps off a county-wide program to provide body cams to police in each municipality. union county will be the first in the nation with such a far reaching unified body cam program. let's get a check on the morning commute with heather o'rourke. >> good morning, lori. good morning, everybody. let's head to the maps and tell you about the accident on the belt parkway. eastbound side near nap street cause -- knapp street causing a backup. fdr near 116th street. this disabled vehicle has been cleared away. we have heavy delays traveling down the fdr drive. dinky, princeton shuttle is suspended today. your accuweather forecast with bill evans. >> we have sunshine. we got a cool and crisp morning. the park is 64.
7:28 am
north and west of the city, 50s. well north and west up the hudson river valley 60 in poughkeepsie and monticello at 46. a great day today. cool, warm this afternoon minus the humidity 84 this afternoon and we got 80s the rest of the week. lori? >> all right, bill. thank you. that will do it for us.
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more "good morning america"
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welcome back to "gma" and you're looking at the scene just moments ago of that deadly flash flooding in utah. at least eight people killed overnight. this morning, crews searching for several that are still missing. >> came up so fast, good morning, america, we're following that story. here's some of the other big headlines we're following. exhausted fire crews batting that out-of-control wildfire desperately trying to save homes from going up in flames and getting help from the weather. rain in the forecast. donald trump takes his campaign to a navy battleship with a speech on national security aboard the "uss iowa" after this huge rally in dallas sparked clashes outside the arena. >> build that wall -- also right now, have you seen the photo? okay, it's a late night comedy war igniting a new fight, what would you think is missing from this photograph? got the internet in an uproar. jesse is here standing by in the social square with that just ahead.
7:31 am
>> not hard to figure that one out. that is coming up. we'll begin with the california mom back on trial for killing her husband, julie harper claims self-defense, saying her husband abused her for years and feared for her life. prosecutors call it murder. abc's linzie janis here with the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. prosecutors say harper didn't act to protect herself from her husband but instead to protect herself from a messy custody battle over their kids saying she filed for divorce just days before she shot him. is 42-year-old julie harper a battered wife or a cold-blooded kill injure that's the question jurors are facing this morning. harper on trial for a second time for killing her math teacher husband jason harper. >> just had been in an absolute fury in his rage yelling and screaming. >> reporter: acquitted of first degree murder last year, the blond stay-at-home mom who admits she shot her husband but can't remember pulling the trigger claims her husband
7:32 am
repeatedly violated her verbally and sexually for years. she recorded some of their altercations which the defense played in the first trial. >> you're putting our kid in the day care and making me pay for it and you claim you're taking care of them. [ bleep ]. >> reporter: in that industrial they split on second degree murder. charges she faces again. defense attorneys pointing out the gun she used was never found after she claimed she bury i had it on a public street but doesn't remember where. police say she disappeared for 24 hours after her husband's death with her passport and tens of thousands of dollars. the couple's three children downstairs watching tv when the shooting happened. on monday, her defense beginning with her attorney playing a video recording of an enraged jason harper for the jury. >> i don't care. >> reporter: reminding the courtroom why she was acquitted on first degree murder in the first place.
7:33 am
according to one juror from that trial -- >> i think she was not going to take it for the 31st time and she took him out. >> reporter: two of the couple's three children are expected to testify later this week. jason harper's parents have been looking after the kids since the shooting even though their mother has been out on bail. if convicted julie harper could face up to 40 years in prison. robin. >> all right, thank you. now to an unruly passenger on a flight from chicago to miami. the pilots forced to divert the plane landing in indianapolis where the woman was escorted off the plane as you can see, abc's david kerley has that story for us. >> help. >> you're good. >> reporter: this is the woman doing being escorted off in flex cuffs that reportedly kissed and punched a flight attendant forcing this jet from miami to chicago to divert to indianapolis. >> what do you mean look forward? help. >> reporter: and the passenger
7:34 am
did not go quietly as other passengers recorded video. >> help. help! >> she was disoriented through the entire flight. she started kicking the seat of the passenger in front of her and apparently he turned around to complain and she hit him. >> reporter: passengers say when a flight attendant intervened, the woman grabbed that flight attendant's face, kissed her then punched the flight attendant in the face and even kicked a police officer while being arrested. one passenger calling it, quote, the most scared i've ever been in my life. while movies can make us laugh over similar scenes -- >> i'm ready to party. >> reporter: -- in reality these incidents and flight diversions cost time and money. this passenger expected to face local charges for battery, disorderly conduct and federal charges of interfering with an aircraft. for "good morning america," david kerley, abc news, washington. >> strange. hope she's okay. >> yeah.
7:35 am
got another close encounter. this one caught on camera as well. a humpback whale jumps out of the water and nearly crushes a couple of kayakers. wow, there it is right there and reena ninan has the story. >> reporter: good morning. we're talking potentially 70 to 80,000 pounds coming right at them and this morning these folks are couping their blessings that they're lucky they're alive to tell the tale. the kayaking trip in california turning into a frightening close encounter with a humpback whale. >> knocked it over, the kayak. look at that. >> wow. >> reporter: watch again as tom paddles this tandem kayak with a friend when the 40-ton whale breaches and crashes onto them. >> absolutely. i was sure i was going to die. it was like a house falling on us. >> reporter: the kayakers pulled underwater by the giant whale and fellow kayakers rushing in helping both to safety.
7:36 am
the experience not lost on anyone. >> i remember looking closely at the bottom of the whale and seeing a lot of it. >> reporter: mustill trained as a biologist and spends a lot of time in the great outdoors but never experiencing anything like this before. >> people can spend their entire lives studying whales and never experience something like this. >> reporter: a whale of a tale with the video to prove it. these images so incredible but scientists really don't know why whales breach, do that turn over and jump up. could be because they're removing parasite or communicating with whales or even humans. i personally don't speak whale. this might be what you're saying. you better move that boat out of here. you better move it out of here. >> yes. i think that's very clear. >> you don't speak whale. >> than, reena. coming up, those fantasy football sites so many are trying. we got a guy who won a million dollars.
7:37 am
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it is 7:41. back now with a new debate in the sports world. you've probably seen the commercials for those daily fantasy leagues which gives players a chance to win big upon on pro sports. well, critics are saying it's gambling and should be regulated. abc's david wright is with us. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, lara. fantasy football already hugely popular now on steroids thanks to tay bunch of popular sites that give everyday joe juice in the game. can it gaming or good clean fun? you be the judge but one congressman is now calling for hearings. >> combines one day fantasy sports with winning life-changing amounts of cash. >> reporter: if you watch
7:42 am
football, you've definitely seen the ad. >> pick your team and get your cash winnings after monday night. >> reporter: promising big bucks for being a monday morning quarterback. >> making a millionaire every week. >> reporter: how does it work? just like regular fantasy football, win or lose based on how well the players you picked perform. except that in daily fantasy football you don't have to stick it out for the full season. supporters claim it's more skill than chance. >> if someone gets hurt it's luck. but if it is just coming down to that day, you know, then it's actually harder to win at daily fantasy than it is for season-long fantasy. >> reporter: the nfl is all for it because it's a moneymaker, not only do they have their own fantasy league, studies show fantasy players watch more games and watch them for longer. but critics say it's gambling and ought to be treated the same way as other forms of sports betting. one congress pane calling for hearings on capitol hill.
7:43 am
>> how is it any different from sports betting? i don't see it. >> reporter: fantasy sports are hugely popular. more than 50 million fans play every year spending an average of $257 each. fans like scott lewis with some skin in the game. >> the top prize is a million dollars. >> reporter: young sports fans really hit the jackpot. travis spieth was able to quit his day job when he won. >> it's like dealing in stocks. they're definitely going to tell you they're not gaming because there's a lot of research involved. >> the congressman is from new jersey where voters overwhelming overwhelmingly approved a plan to add sports betting in new york city just like they have in las vegas but the nfl has opposed that expansion of sports betting and the new jersey congressman saying that's kind of hypocritical. >> all i know they're constantly
7:44 am
on. you can't watch the game because they're on over and over. >> does that make you want to play? >> no. >> all i know if my son spent as much time on his homework as he does on his fantasy team, life would be grand. >> probably helps with math. >> yes, it is. that's what he says, mom, i'm analyzing. i'm analyzing. thank you, david. coming up, everybody, this photo of late night talk show hosts causing quite an uproar. jesse is with us in the social square and we'll explain why. >> no laughing matter. this getting more jeers than cheers and i'll give you the total lowdown on "the speed feed" just ahead. is it the insightful strategies and analytical capabilities that make edward jones one of the biggest financial services firms in the country? or is it 13,000 financial advisors who take the time to say thank you? 'night jim. gonna be a while? i am liz got a little writing to do.
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it's why edward jones is the big company that doesn't act that way.
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7:48 am
there's already some controversy after the first show. the purchase has to scramble to get gary busey a new dance partner after he ate his first one. >> that's our jimmy. late night host jimmy kimmel poking fun at the "dancing with the stars" premiere but this morning a controversial picture from "vanity fair" about what it calls the titans of late night comedy. the internet up in airports. about what's missing. jesse has the story in "speed feed." jesse. >> that's right. this is what's causing the uproar online.
7:49 am
ten women -- sorry, ten men, no women in the picture that accompanies an article called "why late night television is better than ever?" "inside amy schumer" is a runaway hit and took over for jon stewart on "the daily show" and chelsea handler will return with a new show on netflix next year and samantha bee who will headline her own show on tbs in 2016. now, bee took to twitter with her take putting herself front and center as a centaur with laser beams shooting from her eyes with the #better. it mentioned women ready for a late night gig, chelsea peretti tweeted this involving eggplants. we can't quite show you that but it shows she is ready for late night maybe not morning tv just yet and our favorite fan tweet is this one, reminding us of one of the trail blazers of late night comedy with the perfect
7:50 am
reyagz. take a listen, really. really, really, everybody. amy poehler, "saturday night live," a classic. >> well, you know what, we don't have that problem here. >> no. >> no, you don't. >> we got the girl thing covered. >> i hesitate to say eggplants. >> george, we'll do some emoticons later. >> during commercial break. >> that's why he's on morning tv. >> really are some incredibly talented women. you just mentioned three of them. i do think -- >> at least. >> and many more. >> and many more. it is time. >> thanks for bringing that to us. when we come back at the top of the hour, you know her as samantha on "sex and the city." now she's sparking a big conversation about what it means to be a parent calling herself a mom even though she does not have children. what do you think? and miss america is going to be here live coming up. to clean the oceans, to start a movement, or lead a country.
7:51 am
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7:54 am they won't judge your life choices. wind advisories up and on from tahoe to vegas to salina, kansas, and we've got that red flag warning in southeastern colorado. look at this video of the wichita mountains in oklahoma. they've had fires too and gusty winds are this is a story about doers, the artificial heart, electric guitars and rockets to the moon. it's the story of america- land of the doers. doin' it. did it. done. doers built this country.
7:55 am
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7:56 am
brought to you by volvo. good morning. i'm lori stokes. a garbage truck is sinking into a gaping hole on a parking deck. this is happening on flatbush right above a set of train tracks. eyewitness news reporter kala rama just arrived on the scene and bringing us up to date. >> >> reporter: on top of the parking deck is a yellow bar. it is supposed to signal to larger trucks that they are not supposed to come in because these parking decks cannot bear the weight of the heavy truck. take a look to the heavy truck. there is a hole under it. the driver was able to get out. you can see from newscopter 7 here above how big that hole is and police are warning that it's increasingly warning here. they shut down the parking lot and also a fright train runs underneath the parking deck. they shut down that as well.
7:57 am
the good news here, the driver was able to get out and businesses are open. lori, back to you. >> all right, kala, thank you. let's get a check on the commute with heather o'rourke. >> we are going to go over to the maps and tell you about an earlier accident that has been cleared away outerbridge crossing closed down both directions because of the accident. the accident is cleared. all lanes are reopened. expect delays. four and five trains uptown delays police activity at borough hall. alternate sides are suspended. metered are in effect. thanks so much. let's check in with bill. >> a gorgeous day in progress. low humidity. nice, cool and crisp. a nice fall morning. later on a nice summer's afternoon. 50 in monticello. andover 51. 51 white plains. 64 the five boroughs. this afternoon 81 to 84 between 4:00 and 7:00 and 80-degree
7:58 am
temperatures, 87 tomorrow and thursday. lori? >> thank you, bill. it's 7:58. that will do it for us. up next on "good morning america," don't wait for the pain totototo i can't find my way through the trees so so so so don't don't don't don't wait wait wait wait for for for me me me me me me me to get home sometimes you can feel the indulgence of nature. sometimes, you can taste it. sweet granola clusters, a touch of ooey gooey almond butter.
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8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. big battle over this adorable baby video yanked off a proud mom posted it. why it landed her at the center of a surprising legal battle. suddenly i see what it means to be a mom. why kim cattrall says she's a mother even though she doesn't have any children. >> i haveam a parent. i have young actors and actresses i mentor much i have nieces and nephews that i am close to. >> her candid comments sparking backlash overnight now i am at peace struggling with being overweight. the young woman inspired by one of our own to transform her life losing 70 pounds thanks to simple secrets from tory johnson. how you can make a shift to better health starting now. and only on "gma," ariana
8:01 am
grande is with us live. what she wants her fans to know about those controversial caught on camera moments as we say -- >> good morning, america! bang bang into the room bang bang all over you good morning, america. good morning, ariana grande, out there in times square this morning taking a few selfies with her fans. we'll going back live to her. >> a lot going on. very, very kind to spend time with people out there. >> absolutely. we're helping you erase your pain this morning. we know many of you when you're watching us are so envious, get to work out and go on the treadmill. are you having normal aches from your workout or are they something more serious? the three signs you should not ignore because a lot of people think, oh, no pain, no gain. dr. jen ashton is going to weigh in live. >> you want to listen to that
8:02 am
and amy with the morning rundown. the big story, the deadly flash flooding along the utah/arizona border killing at least eight people. five others remain missing after a monster wall of water suddenly swamped two vehicles carrying several women and children washing them downstream. another tragedy was averted when emergency crews pulled a group of people from their cars when they became trapped by a fast-moving river of water and mud. exhausted fire crews in northern california will be working in cooler conditions today as they battle one of the most destructive wildfires in state history. the so-called valley fire has burned nearly 600 homes and forced 23,000 people to evacuate and now there is concern about looting. the fires have been fueled by the extreme drought. it is so extreme the snowpack in the nearby sierra nevada is the lowest in 500 years. well, a new roadblock tore thousands of refugees seeking asylum in europe. hungary declared a state of
8:03 am
emergency clearing the way for the army to control the border, soldiers are now authorized to use rubber bullets and tear gas to stop people from entering the country illegally. several other european nations have now closed their borders. well now to the case of one mother taking on a media giant in court and it all involves a video she posted on youtube of her toddler dancing to a prince song. abc's ryan smith has that story. >> reporter: it's the kind of video millions of parents post to youtube every day. but this morning, this video is at the center of a legal battle pitting pennsylvania mom stefanie lenz against universal music publishing group. >> that do you think of the music? >> reporter: universal music claiming that the tune the baby is dancing to prince's "let's go crazy" is protected by copyright laws and stephanie lenz violated
8:04 am
it when she posted this 29-second video to youtube in 2007. the music powerhouse demanded youtube pull it down. lenz spoke to abc about the takedown soon after. >> i didn't like being accused of something that i didn't do. >> reporter: so the pennsylvania mother sued universal claiming the company did not factor in her rights to fair use of the song before demanding youtube take the video down and on monday a federal appeals court sided with lenz upholding her lawsuit and ruling universal should have considered lenz's rights first. for "good morning america," ryan smith, abc news, new york. >> our thanks to ryan for that. a warning to parents about a product many of us use every day, apparently more children are getting drunk on hand sanitizer. there has been a 400% spike in cases of children drinking hand sanitizer in recent years. the sanitizer can contain up to 95% alcohol.
8:05 am
well, finally i think we all need a little laugh here on a tuesday morning so check this out. it's video of a baby who loves scaring his dad. see that. when he tries to clip her nails. you see that and then she laughs and realizes she actually scared him. and she repeats it over and over again and the video. viewed more than 30 million times. >> he can't even get in there. >> oh, she's adorable. >> it works. >> keep doing it, sweetie. >> thank you, anticipate. we have a lot more coming up. actress kim cattrall making headlines this morning with her personal definition of motherhood. she doesn't have children but calls herself a mom. find out when we come back. is frozen , diarrhea; i've dealt with it for years.
8:06 am
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here's what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." we're helping erase your pain. how to tell when sports injuries turn serious. the three pains you should never ignore. and rock and roll hall of famer chrissie hynde under fire. what she's saying that's getting major backlash. plus who's here, ariana grande in the house. >> fancy meeting you here. >> freshening up our social square with her brand-new scent. smells delish. then outside, by arianna. we have to go here. i mean, miss america is with us. betty cantrell in a beautiful dress. nice to meet you. >> nice to meet you. >> we'll tell you about it in "pop news."
8:09 am
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and that includes dinner. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. welcome back to "gma." time for the "heat index" and this morning's hot button. provocative comments from kim cattrall. the "sex and the city" star claims she's a parent even though she doesn't have children. or she's a mother in other ways generating a lot of buzz. mara schiavocampo here with the story. hey, mara. >> reporter: hey, good morning, george. the percentage of women without children is the highest it's ever been. now cattrall is standing up for women like her saying just because you don't have children doesn't mean you can't be considered a mom. she's best known as samantha jones, the feisty pr maven on "sex and the city" who's not exactly kid friendly. >> hello. i understand your child and i have to co-exist in the city but perhaps you can take him somewhere more appropriate for a
8:12 am
happy meal so i could have a happier one. >> reporter: but this morning kim cattrall is raising some eyebrows after arguing she is in fact a mother even though she doesn't actually have any children. >> i am a parent. i have young actors and actresses that i mentor. i have nieces and nephews that i am very close to. >> reporter: in an interview on bbc radio, the 59-year-old saying it wasn't her first choice to not have children. but when her life went in a different direction, she began caring for the young people closest to her. >> there is a way to become a mother in this day and age that doesn't include your name on the child's birth certificate. you know, you can express that maternal side of you very, very clearly. very strongly. >> reporter: adding she's highly offended when she's described as childless. >> it sounds like you're less because you haven't had a child. >> reporter: while many online are supporting cattrall's message, some say using the "m"
8:13 am
word is making things too far. one commenter writing, you may play a wonderful role as a mentor, friend and older confidante but you are not a mom. >> on one side mothers feel that she's not really a mother because she hasn't given birth to these children and she hasn't paid her dues. on the other side they would say you don't have to have given birth and spent time with children on a regular basis to feel like a mother. >> reporter: still, this actress is committed to her special role. >> there are many different ways to be a mom in the world. >> she says she wants to set up a scholarship fund at her high school for actors and performers noting financial support is another form of parenting and adds she doesn't regret not becoming a parent in the traditional sense. certainly birth is not the only way to become a mom. more like a mentorship. >> they're very different things. >> i would have to agree that i feel i'm a mentor but don't believe i'm a mother but a
8:14 am
mother figure for some people. come on. no judgment zone. >> right. >> what's the harm in thinking you're helping -- >> it's a positive thing she's saying. >> i understand that it can be -- >> charged words. >> talk about her english accent. >> can we -- >> she was talking to the bbc, right. sometimes you mimic. >> she was born in england. >> she was born in england. >> thank you. >> it's like me when i go back to long island. the same thing, robin. >> we say, hi y'all. >> that's true. >> see. every time i would go down home and my mom said you're getting lazy with your is and es and i go huh-uh but now on to our series "erase your pain" talking about acute sports injuries. almost 2 million a year end up in the er with sprain, fractures but for some, what may have been a temporary problem can become
8:15 am
something much more serious. chicago mom of three christie o'brien wanted to run a half marathon for her 40th birthday but something went wrong. >> i felt a sharp pain in my -- it felt like my left hip. i tried to finish the run and it started to hurt. it was very painful. >> while she waited to see a specialist she ignored her throbbing hip and went for a jog hoping it was just a simple muscle injury. turned out she had a stress injury in her hip. >> they said had i continued running on it it would have turned into an actual fracture. >> the only thing you can do is surgery. >> there are times to work through sports injuries and other times you should get yourself to the er stat. what shouldn't you ignore? doctor danielle magee is an emergency medical physician at northwestern. >> if you have significant pain, please, please pay attention to it. we're often taught to ignore pain or quote/unquote work through it.
8:16 am
severe pain can oftentimes be an indicator something is somewherely wrong. >> with pain often comes swelling. >> swelling can sometimes be seen with something as simple as a sprain but you can also see swelling when you have broken a bone and have a fracture site that's bleeding and some spraps are more complicated than others. >> walking on a broken bone can lead to long-term complications. and an excruciating crack or pop, not something to ignore. >> that's a fairly ominous finding. hear something like that please get checked out right away. it can sometimes occur with simple sprains buttentypes we hear those when you have tendon rupture or when you have a broken bone. >> here with us now, dr. jen ashton. loving this series. >> same. >> it's sparking a lot of interest. what is going on underneath the skin when we have pain. >> let me show you some ain the economy. the run-of-the-mill sports injury here. look underneath the surface of the skin, you've got fat, you've got some blood vessel, you've got this layer that we call
8:17 am
fascia, that band that keeps everything in place. when you have an injury you have some shearing forces so you get a disruption or blood invests can be torn and causes bleeding. when it fors in the space it builds up, causes pressure and expands in a space that normally doesn't have something like that. we call ha a hematoma and that causes pain. >> you know, you hear this all the time. i don't want to take anything. it's going to pass. it's going to pass. what do you say when we are being so stub 3w0r7b in thinking it's just going to go away. >> i try to tell people don't bite the bullet because as a trained surgeon we know that actually having pain can delay healing and if you go through the body literally head to toe you can see the effects. pain can increase heart rate, it can increase blood pressure. in some patients it can cause angina for a heart attack. your respiratory system. you don't take full deep breaths and can cause poor oxygenation or buildup of secretions leading to pneumonia and your hormones.
8:18 am
all of your stress hormones are activated and that can lead to poor wound healing so truly if you don't treat the pain you might wind up with a situation that's worse than the initial injury. >> so treating the pain and this is one thing that's so confusing. heat or ice? >> big controversy. if you ask a doctor, physical therapist, certified athletic taper we all go by this r.i.c.e., rest, ice and right or wrong way to apply it, put something in between it, never directly on the skin, ten minutes three types a day for the first to to three times a day, compression and like to have someone trained wrap it. you don't want that wrap it ourself and elevate it if possible above the level of your heart. helps with pain, swelling and can expedite your recovery. >> when is a heating pad good for you? >> that's good for muscle spasm. ice for injury, remember, i and i.
8:19 am
>> aye-aye. next up, rock and roll hall of famer chrissie hynde under fire for part of her memoir, "my life as a pretender." she blames herself for being sexually assaulted and linsey davis has the story. >> should we have a look? >> sure. don't get me wrong >> reporter: chrissie hynde, the lead singer of the pretenders once known for topping billboard chars with hits like "don't get me wrong," "i'll tan by you and "brass in pocket." i'm special >> reporter: is now sparking controversy with her new tell all book entitled "reckless: my life as a pretender". >> i'm not sheer to advise anyone or validate myself or justify anything. i say i regret a lot of things i did. >> reporter: the rock and roll hall of famer reveals she was
8:20 am
raped by a gang of bikers and writes, this was all my doing and i take full responsibility. you can't bleep about with people especially people who wear i heart rape badges. critics pounced accusing her of victim shaming and one columnist tweets how sad she would blame herself for so long. >> i'm defending rape. >> reporter: you tan by your words as you said them for your life. >> you know, i went some places that no intelligent person would have gone. these bikers i was talking about, they were dealing in some real hard drugs and some criminal activity. >> reporter: do you think that women who dress provocatively in some way are asking for it? >> i never said that. i think women that dress provocatively are asking for something. they're asking for some sort of -- why do you dress provocatively? >> reporter: hynde says rape isn't really her subject but she's happy to talk about today's pop stars making what
8:21 am
she describes as sexually explicit videos. >> well, to me it's pornographic, yeah, when you're in your underwear and you're bumping and grinding and singing your song. i'm not trying to criticize other women. i'm saying if you're soing it through sex then don't say you're a feminist on behalf of music because i think little girls get very confused by that. >> reporter: her book reinforces the notion that sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll really are an inseparable trio and details her addiction of drugs and her love affair of london. this is your neighborhood. where she still walks the trees with little fanfare. >> look at you, darling thing. >> reporter: her obsession for animals trump only by her passion for music. >> i have to get this. >> reporter: today she says she's completely drug-free. but the rest of her, what you see is what you get persona is virtually unchanged. still rocking out, still un unapologetically herself.
8:22 am
>> i'm glad i did what i did because i did what i wanted to do which was to get in a band. >> and that she did. she says the secret to her success was surround herself with better musicians. she is still performing today much as for the book if you don't like it, you can close it. you've met people that call it hike they see it. >> explained herself pretty well. >> just telling her own story. wasn't making commentary on anyone else's situation. >> thanks, linsey. outside to ginger. >> i like that. you don't like it, close it. hey, these are my newest friends from washington state university.
8:23 am
46 of them visiting aoh, you guys have to get out here. this is a good crowd but i know you have great stuff in "pop." >> you need to get in here. it is time for "pop news" and begin with news on donald trump. he has passed the torch -- none other than arnold schwarzenegger will trade places with him as the new boss on "celebrity apprentice." the donald tweeting words of encouragement saying congrats to my friend schwarzenegger doing next season's "celebrity apprentice." he'll be great and will raise lots of dollar signs for charity.
8:24 am
the show will not be back until the 2016/2017 season. no word on whether it will be called celebrity appreninator. >> get out, you're fired. >> i liked you're terminated too. >> good, jesse. >> very good. >> i do my best. >> every day, jesse, there is a new special gift from you. and now i have a gift for you and for everybody else with a special "pop news" pop-in. say hello to the brand-new miss america. hey, betty cantrell. hi, betty. >> hi. >> hi, beautiful. >> congratulations not only, beautiful, smart, 21 years old. guy, first pageant was one year ago. >> wow. >> and tell everybody you were -- what was the other title you had. miss presidential -- >> that was my first title. miss presidential pathways. >> does that mean you're on the pathway to becoming president.
8:25 am
>> maybe, i don't know. maybe an omen. >> in the meantime, congratulations, how does it feel to be wearing -- >> fees incredible. i keep looking at it and i forget it's on my head. it's the coolest thing. it's so much bigger than my state crown. takes a lot more bobby pins but it's incredible. >> you wear it well. we'll have you turn the tables tore in "pop news" situation. we would like you, if you don't mind, to look at two clips and then you be the judge. we'll let you judge. >> okay. >> these are pop culture clips that are pageant related. and this one is best pageant walk. contestant one, sandra bullock in "miss congeniality." >> new jersey. >> that was great. >> oh. >> okay, contestant two ben stiller and owen wilson in "zoolander." beat it >> what do you think? >> so, question is who gets the crown, who gets the frown? >> i'm going to give it to
8:26 am
sandra bullock. i think kudos to her for till getting out there even show she at thes. that takes someone with a lot of confidence. >> did you have to practice? >> oh, yes. very much. there's a technique to the walk. you don't just acquire a pageant walk. >> would you mind showing us? >> oh, absolutely and i might have to get jesse to come try it out. >> no. >> oh, wow. >> there's a little bounce. >> all right. you go, betty. all right. so, betty, come back over and judge for us. this is for the best performance. oh, i guess we don't have time. we have no time. you are the best performance.
8:27 am
everybody, miss america. good morning. i'm ken rosato. breaking news in brooklyn. fright train service near brooklyn college is suspended because of a large hole that developed on a parking deck with a sanitation truck literally teetering on the edge right above. kala rama is live in flatbush to explain. >> ken, police say the truck entered under the yellow bar here that is supposed to signal to trucks that this can't handle the heavyweight. the truck went in. a hole formed swallowing the back wheels. take a look at this video. toward the back of the truck, you can see how deep the wheels are. police are worried that this hole is basically going to grow. they roped off the entire parking lot closing it to any incoming traffic. we are told the driver of that five star garbage truck was able to get out. he is being questioned as to what happened and how often they do this.
8:28 am
police say they had the trouble before and they are looking into fixing this matter. as for businesses, good news, all stores are open and businesses can get in through if the sidewalk. live in brooklyn, kala rama, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> kala, thank you. when we co we check the commute with heather. >> we talk about the subways. issues with the a trains. nothing serious, however, uptown delays with signal
8:29 am
problems at rockaway boulevard. now, we have a delay over here as you travel on route 287 on the northbound side up into exit 12. you have an accident there. all of our new jersey transit trains are on or close to schedule. you have some slight delays, waterbury branch, new haven line and that is metro north. alternate side of the street parking rules are suspended. metered are in effect. >> thank you. meteorologist bill evans with the accuweather forecast. >> we got a lot of sunshine. temperatures have been in the 60s to around 50s up to the north and west. long island 60 north port and massapequa and hauppauge and 68 montauk. temperatures are warming up quick now. we will get to the 70s midday. 81 by afternoon to 84. a great day with low humidity and a lot of shine. the humidity remains in check even though we warm up to 87 tomorrow and thursday. 86 friday. 84 saturday. summer is going out like summer, ken. >> that's a good thing, i guess. thank you, bill.
8:30 am
that's t we welcome you back. tory johnson is here. these standing by with a whole bunch of balloons. just one of the keys to how she stays positive and she'll explain just ahead. >> she is also going to share the two words she's banished from her vocabulary and changed her life and could change yours too. let's go inside to amy. good morning. we are here now with pop superstar ariana grande. she is in the middle of her blockbuster world tour and she also has a brand-new passion project. her new fragrance ari by ariana grande is out now and will tell us about it in a moment. we want to welcome you to "good morning america." >> thank you for having me. >> thanks for being with us. we want to start, though, with that video that made headlines earlier this summer. you were in a doughnut shop. you were in california. you said some hurtful things about americans and about people's weight.
8:31 am
a lot of people watching felt offended by your words. what do you want to say. >> >> first of all i mean my behavior was very offensive and i apologized. there is no excuse or there is nothing to justify it. but you know, i think that as human beings we all say and do things that we don't mean at all sometimes and we have to learn from it. that's part of our process. we have to learn from our mistakes and that's how we grow. >> in fact, you put out a video apology where you said i am going to learn from my mistake. as a young role model so many young girls and boys look up to you and i'm sure you have learned that words have weight. tell me what you've changed, what you've learned based on that experience. >> i think one of the biggest things i learned from that is what it feels like to disappoint so many people who love and believe in you and that's an e. excruciating feeling and you have to remember your word, your actions have, you know,
8:32 am
ramifications and you have to really think about what you're about to say and do because it's important. it's important to so many people and, yeah. >> you have so many fans who love and adore you and support you and you've got some exciting news for them and i think it's fairly obvious. you have a grande bottle. >> this is actually for you. this was only your supply. >> thank you. >> this one is for you. >> so tell me about your new fragrance glance. >> it's called ari by ariana grande because it's my fragrance and, yeah, it's like really sweet and yummy and this is it. >> and so it's a beautiful bottle. >> you were involved in not only the design but how it smells. what was it like? you're obviously a pop star and you say it's all about the notes still. >> i'm fairly new to the fragrance industry, i guess. but it is kind of like making a song. you pick a bunch of different notes and they could make a pretty chord or ugly chord and it smells awful or it smells great. it's just like music.
8:33 am
>> how would you describe the scent? what does it smell like. >> really sweet. there's a little bit of marshmallow, a little bit of -- >> marshmallow? >> yeah, raspberry. >> you have a social media campaign surround your fragrance and it's called #beyou campaign. explain that. >> it's all about being yourself and embracing who you are and sort of just, you know, being you, i guess because sometimes it can be hard to be yourself in a world where there's such high standards and people tell you have to be a certain kind of beautiful or, you know, only one type of body is being glorified in the media or something but you know be you is really about inspiring others to feel comfortable in their own skin and embracing yourself and it's okay to feel confident and be you. >> you have a lot of reasons to feel confident. you have so many hit, "problem," "break free" now working on new music we hear. any hint on what we can expect? >> i'm announcing the first
8:34 am
single really soon. >> really soon? >> yeah, really soon. >> like really, really soon. >> like this week soon. very soon. >> very exciting that is big news and we should mention your big brother frankie was here. >> he covered you in glitter. >> i walked away -- i'm still actually looking for glitter on me. he talked about how close you are. how you sing around the house. what are some of your go-to songs when the two of you are singing around? >> oh, god. we love singing -- i don't know. it's always either like some sort of campy musical theater song or madonna or some sort of ridiculous 'nsync throwback moment. >> i'm open any day of the week i like to sing too. ariana grande, thanks for joining us, we appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. ari by ariana grande available in select stores now and let's head back out to ginger. >> what a star-studded morning
8:35 am
8:36 am
8:37 am
we have here. you by chico's. i'll learn some action from dylan, all right. >> we'll look forward to that coming up. all right, ginger, thank you. coming up, tory johnson sharing simple secrets to transform your life helping one woman shed more than 70 pounds. how to make the shift to a
8:38 am
happier and healthier you just i'm michael douglas, and new york is my home. there's no place like it in the world. and there's no time to see it like the fall. take metro north to take in the beautiful fall foliage from high above the hudson. swing a club at one of america's greatest courses... see spectacular sights underground... ...or thrilling sights above it. there's so many incredible ways to experience the fun of fall in new york state. plan your trip at there's something for everyone.
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everyone is a director out here. they yelled and action. hanging out with my friend, amy, both fellow thrivers and we'll talk about our other friend, tory johnson with a new book out, "shift for good." simple changes for lasting joy inside and out. it's a sequel to her best-seller "the shift" about her impressive weight loss and how she did it. the book inspired many people to do the same including one young woman who got a shift surprise. 20-year-old kaolin blonstein hit a major milestone. >> i'm down 71 pounds. >> studying journalism at quinnipiac university inspired to lose weight last summer after reading "shift for good," a "new
8:41 am
york times" best-seller written by tory jones. >> here with bargains up to 77% off. >> i understood how she struggled her whole life and was overweight and how she felt self-conscious in her job. >> she kept a blog and took no shortcut posting pictures of her progress. >> i have a fitbit and use it to track my food, my water. to keep me on top of things. when i first started, my jeans were super, super tight and now i'm in 12s that are getting big. to understand how much weight i had lost i'll go to the grocery store and pick up 70 pounds of kitty litter. you can't understand how much you lose until you're physically holding it in your hands. >> reporter: when tory lers of kaolin's story they connected with tory cheering her on all the way. >> i'm here at quinnipiac university to surprise her. i brought an extra treat, a $500 gift certificate to the gap. i think i hear her coming. >> kaolin. >> oh, my god. >> hi. >> you're gorgeous. >> thank you.
8:42 am
>> do you feel great. >> yeah. >> i brought you a little present. >> are you serious? thank you, thank you, thank you. >> reporter: the gift certificate will help kaleolin with one of the most costly parts of losing weight, buying a new wardrobe for her new body. >> i've changed as a person and changed my whole personality. it's more than just weight loss. >> it is and i tell you, nothing brings this woman more joy than to bring other people joy like you did with cailyn. >> she's one of so many others who we heard from who say i could never do this and inspired her father to lose 50 pounds, her mother that day was crying to me saying we cried everything and nothing worked. nothing will work until you are ready and i know that. i know that. >> you know that because you wanted to show before and after pictures. you wanted people to remind people this is what you wanted to do. >> yeah. >> oh, my gosh. how did you allow me on television.
8:43 am
>> oh, come on. >> seriously, seriously. >> when somebody said to me you don't look your best there's no way around that. there's no way to argue that. that's true. we don't need to show it anymore. and so what i think about, your mom, your mom saying make your mess your message and god knows i had a mess and to be able to use that to help other people for me is the greatest thing. >> i got to say this, we never saw that tory. we just saw -- we saw the beauty, we saw the compassion and all that. this is something that you wanted to do. >> absolutely. >> and you said, if only -- had you to stop -- >> if only i had to stop saying. i thought for 40 years if only i could lose weight it could be perfect. there's no easy path to life's success. it did not make me immune to career disappointment or the incredible sadness of my kids going off to college and leaving me. you know, with an empty nest and what i realized is that we all have these if onlies and use them as a crutch and such a
8:44 am
dangerous way to live thinking if only i had a better spouse, if only i had my kids at home rather than that college dorm or i had more money and it prevents us from doing the hard work every single day to bring joy, happiness and good health and it does take work every single day. i want to talk about a couple of those. so i believe from morning till night so i have my secret drawer here, red underwear, okay. the story -- >> do tell. >> when you bake up in the important and feel like the world is against you and you've got so much to do, that's your little hidden power secret. that's you being able to say to yourself i got this. now. >> i am wearing it right now. of course, my big day then i end the night i made this pill show for myself. a lilttle "deals & steals." what went wrong? we're thinking about all the stuff we forgot and all the things we didn't do so this helps me to sort of celebrate the good things. i took a page from george and
8:45 am
dan harris and learned meditation. if that's not your thing a ten-minute walk around 9 block every single day in the middle of the day, no device, that's your moment of calm. my last thing, okay, when you feel like doom and gloom, the world is against you, instead of reaching for cupcakes or chips like i used to you grab a balloon, right. you grab a balloon and empty moon and you release all that negativity. instead of taking to social media and being a hater on bingeing on stuff, you sort of blow into that balloon all that stuff you've got to release and you let go of it. >> let it go. >> with every breath i blow into this balloon i'm releasing negativity that can no longer occupy precious space inside me. "shift for good." that's what it's about. it's changing the way you think in order to change the way you feel. >> absolutely. absolutely. and that for me is the key to losing weight, to being happier in all ways. >> are we happy? [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you, tory, for always
8:46 am
sharing and bringing such joy and "shift for good" is on sale now and get more tips from tory and read an excerpt of her book on on yahoo! and read for about cailyn's journey in the weight loss win series on coming up, ready for music. country star brett eldredge here
8:47 am
8:48 am
we are back now with the reigning cma new artist of the year and one of "people" magazine's hottest country guy, brett eldredge, whose new album "illinois" just came out and he will sing his latest single for us in a moment. welcome to you and the guys. hi, everybody. thanks for being here. i love it. you've had three number one singles off this album and -- >> last album. >> last album, three number ones and one you went sky driving to
8:49 am
sale great and two went swimming with shark. >> without a cage. >> for three what will you do? >> i have to go eat dinner in the skies like 300 feet in the air hanging from a crane, strapped to -- >> you feel you have to do ha. >> i have to do that because i said it out loud so i'm kind of -- if i get a fourth one i don't know what i'm going to do. >> oh, no. to the next level. >> you're about to go on tour starting next month. >> yes. we're going to shoot some boots tours starting this new york city? oh, that's great news. >> that's going down. >> and finished judging miss america. you saw betty with us. how did you like that experience of choosing our miss america. >> miss america is here thought. yes. >> i bet you're blowing kisses at him. >> i'm a huge fan. >> who isn't. shall we hear from your album named after your home state illinois, your single, everybody here is brett with "lose my mind >> let's do it. thank you.
8:50 am
>> let me hear you. you put me on a roller coaster fly me on a plane you send me to another planet get inside my brain i knew right when i met you i would never be the same but i let you take me over girl so i'm the one to blame oh you make all my screws come loose got me perfectly confused always to find a way to mess me up and drive me wild i love the way you make me lose my mind lose my mind
8:51 am
you make me crazy and i kinda like it you show me that apple girl and i want to bite it so crazy that i gotta have it and i never wanna get out of this straitjacket you make all my screws come loose got me perfectly confused always to find a way to mess me up and drive me wild i love the way you make me lose my i feel the walls closing in inside this padded room only good thing about it is i'm locked in here with you yeah i'm always watching you wondering what you'll do next but my favorite part about it is
8:52 am
i always have to guess you make all my screws come loose got me perfectly confused always find a way to mess me up and drive me wild i love the way you make me lose -- you make me lose my mind you make my lose my mind you make me lose my mind lose my mind yeah [ cheers and applause ] so, i needed to deposit a check. i was about to head to the bank, but out of nowhere it just started to rain. like really rain. [clap of thunder] i did not want to go out. [clap of thunder] but then i was like duh, just use your phone.
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you love a final countdown. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. "good morning america" is brought to you by pillsbury. give it a pop. lose >> thank you. that was great. miss america, betty cantrell, thank you. i hope you're having a great week. i hope you guys have a great week, as well. have a great tuesday, everyone.
8:56 am
[ cheers and applause ] good morning, tuesday, september 15th. i'm ken rosato. breaking news in brooklyn. take a look at this. this is newscopter 7 showing a scene in flatbush where crews are inspecting the stability of
8:57 am
an elevated parking deck that has, if you count it, not one but two large holes in it. the cement gave way underneath a private sanitation truck that you can see in the back and front. kala rama tweeted the photo showing the back wheels below the surface. police closed off the entire structure as a result. just in to the newsroom, the nypd named a person of interest in the deaths of two women at local hotels. joseph donclara is said to be a local drug dealer. police say the women were apparently strangled. if you have any information, call crimestoppers. we check the commute with heather o'rourke. >> hi, ken. we are going to talk to you about the subways. it looks like we have an issue with the a trains, uptown delays because of signal problems at rockaway boulevard. then you have new jersey transit doing fine. metro north waterbury branch new haven dealing with a delay there. alternate side of the street parking rules are suspended
8:58 am
effect. meteorologist bill evans with the accuweather forecast. >> sunshine, beautiful weather. low humidity. temperatures are still in the 60s this hour. we are looking at 60 north port and down to massapequa. hauppauge 63. 70 east hampton. we warm into the 70s by midday. low 80s this afternoon to about 84 then tomorrow we are around 87 on wednesday and thursday. lows in the upper 60s. still into the 80s into the weekend with the last few days of summer. ken? >> thank you, sir. that is the news for now. "live with kelly and michael" next on channel 7. have a great day. i'm sigourney weaver, and new york is my home. there's no place like it in the world... like our state parks. the adirondacks are my favorite. for hiking, fishing, camping, you name it.
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niagara falls is the oldest state park, but visiting it never gets old. the readers of a national newspaper voted letchworth the #1 state park in america. watkins glen, #3. new york state parks are a gift.


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