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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  September 16, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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their train canceled. major issues on trains on several lines. >> ambitious new plan to get revamped. city schools the new lessons on the way for students. >> what will donald trump say face to face with his ten closest competitors at tonight's second republican debate. good morning, i'm lori stokes. >> i'm ken rosato. thank you for joining us. it's wednesday, september 16th. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and meteorologist bill evans with the accuweather forecast. >> our great string of weather days continue. we are heading to sunrise. absolutely beautiful. it's cool, it's dry. it's 68 riverdale. 69 whitestone. you go to the north and 53 poughkeepsie. 48 around monticello and sussex in northwest, new jersey. a great day. 66 by 7:00. 78 by noontime. 87 this afternoon with a southwest wind. it will be nice. warm again tomorrow. it will be midsummer into the weekend. the last weekend of summer.
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fall begins next wednesday. we will talk about that in the accuweather seven-day forecast. how is it going? >> not too long for long island railroad commuters. it's 6:00 a.m. these changes are starting to take place. no eastbound service to ronkonkoma, huntington or port jefferson. that is starting now until 10:00 a.m. according to long island railroad. train service westbound is bypassing westbury, bypassing carle place. take bus service to mineola to those stations and from there a train to mineola. cancellations. new jersey transit trains on or close. all path trains are okay. no major problems there. an incident on the new england thruway north pelham parkway a disabled vehicle. i found an accident on the h.o.v. lori, over to you. let's get more on the
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commuter alert on the long island railroad. riders should expect delays and cancellations because of a freight train that derailed yesterday afternoon. overnight the train car was removed from the tracks. now there are concerns about the safety of the rails. eyewitness news reporter kala rama is live now in hicksville. kala? >> reporter: lori, we have updated numbers for you. we know that nine trains have been canceled eastbound. 13 trains have been canceled westbound. this is really the story this morning. if you are getting on a train like this one heading to manhattan, heading westbound here, you are going to realize that you will sit on the tracks, especially at the hicksville station for some time. this train sitting on the tracks has been there more than 15 minutes. there is about 200 feet of track that needs to be repairs. there is a technical piece called the switch that needs to be rebuild. that is the issue. now they are down to one track for the morning commute between 6:00 to 10:00 a.m. take a look at this work from overnight. two derailed cars here carrying
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instruction material were removed from the tracks around 2:00 this morning. the derailed freight cars were blocking one of the two tracks shared by passenger trains from ronkonkoma and port jefferson. the repairs to the track will last through this morning's commute. service would mirror last night. once again, so many cancellations eastbound. barely any trains running. westbound you have almost 13 cancellations here with several delays. also westbound trains may bypass westbury and carle place. passengers we talked to are certainly feeling the delays. >> not too good. it seems like it happens often. >> how late. >> i will be home about a half hour late. >> that is the story this morning. anybody taking the l.i.r.r. should expect cancellations, delays and when you get on the train that you need to get to where you are going, expect it to be crowded. live in hicksville, kala rama,
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channel 7 eyewitness news. >> what a mess. thank you. new details in the shooting of an aide to governor cuomo in the hours before the west indian day parade. the nypd is using facial recognition software to track down the gunman who left carey gabay in a coma. he is in critical condition. five baruch college students face arraignment for the murder in the hazing death of one of their fraternity brothers. michael deng died in a rental house in the poconos in 2013. prosecutors released details of his death. they say he hit his head after being tackled. court documents show his frat brothers did not take him to the hospital for more than an hour. one suspect said they were worried it would cost too much. today mayor de blasio will unveil a new school plan to help new york city students prepare for their careers after graduation.
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part of that plan including making computer science available to all students within the next decade. the mayor wants to bring advanced placement classes to all of the cities 400 high schools at a cost of $51 million a year. for the younger grades, increased emphasis on reading and plans to hire 700 new reading teachers at a cost of $75 million. >> kids reading at grade level, we weren't in the right place. we have to do something different. we can't tell our kids you are college bound and not show them we are invested by giving them the kind of courses that will help them get there. >> he will make the announcement this morning in march san a i can't -- tonight could be the last best chance for to attract supporters and donations to their campaign or wither away.
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the front-runner, donald trump is not having cash problems. but the other ten candidates on stage with him in the debate need to gain traction. cnn is encouraging the candidates to engage each other on camera. that is different than the fox news approach. the moderator says he wants to have the candidates lay it out for voters. president obama says he will not watch the debate. the democrats in the thick of this campaign are making their own moves. hillary clinton is making her first appearance on "the tonight show" starring jimmy fallon. it marks clinton's first late night appearance since she announced her campaign in april. vice president joe biden is being heard from. he spoke hispanic heritage month event. he declared that donald trump is sick and will not prevail. some republicans including presidential candidates scott walker called on the president
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to cancel the entire state visit by china's president. he is due at the white house at the end of next week. critics say chinese hacking, espionage and unfair business practices should make the president rethink the invitation. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and meteorologist bill evans with the exclusive accuweather forecast. we are heading to dawn. it will be gorgeous. we look from our camera on the fort lee side of the george washington bridge. it's going to be a gorgeous day again today and only going to be warmer. here we look to the west from our camera in brooklyn to the lower east side where the temperature 67 degrees now. 66 this hour. we have been looking at low humidities. clear skies. beautiful sunrise on the way. a couple of clouds back to the great lakes. high pressure firmly in control of the weather. temperature 70 at 8:00. noontime 82. 87 this afternoon t. humidity in check which means low.
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at the bus stop, kiddos, watch out for these four huckleberries lead by the ring leader the birthday girl, el sasso they call her. >> now come on, goes kids, let's go. >> that's not the bus we are supposed to take. yes, it is. >> that's not the right bus. >> this is going to vegas. >> you kids get on this bus. i will get on this bus. how is it going, heather? we have an incident on the l.i.e. near exit 52. i am worried about everybody commuting from long island coming into manhattan or points west. this is the l.i.e. near 52 commack road an accident. over to the maps and explain long island railroad, new jersey transit, metro north. eastbound no service to ronkonkoma, huntington or port jefferson. you also westbound service bypassing westbury and carle place.
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take bus service to mineola from there. you can take a train from mineola. expect overcrowding, cancellations, delays, expect headaches, pack your patience if you can. street cleaning rules are in effect today. we have newscopter 7 up above. john del giorno is over an accident in new jersey. what are you seeing, john? >> we will see problems in woodbridge getting around the metro trough park train station -- metro park train station. this is route 27, lincoln highway at the intersection with wood. you can see a lot of police activity at the scene. we know this happened around 5:00 this morning. we are told there was a pedestrian struck at this intersection. he was taken to the hospital with critical injuries. the vehicle is still on the scene that was involved in the accident. plenty of police. looks like an accident investigation will be getting underway. the northbound lanes of route 27, lincoln highway, those lanes are shut down while the
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accident investigation is ongoing. heading to metro park this morning, allow extra time because of these local street closures. live over woodbridge, john del giorno, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> john, thank you. still ahead on "eyewitness news this morning," two students killed when their school bus plunges off a highway. one family talking about the sudden loss and plans for legal action. >> a shocking hit on the football field. the latest on the latest serious trouble one local football player may be facing.
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police in new jersey are investigating an on field hit during a high school football game that had nothing to do with the tackle. this happened friday night at lyndon high school. lyndon is the team wearing the black. i can make cue late take is in the white. number 1 rips the helmet off number 73 then hits him in the head. the lyndon player was not ejected. the i am make can you la take player re -- i am make cue la take player received 10 stitches. this morning the family of one of the two students killed
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in a texas school bus crash says they plan to file a wrongful death lawsuit against both drivers involved in the tragedy. the bus flew off a houston overpass yesterday morning killing 17-year-old maria johnson. the driver of a buick, a teacher, changed lanes hitting the bus causing ito veer off the road. a crash johnson's family said could have been prevented. >> this was going to be her senior year. she was a momma's baby and a daddy's girl. >> to other students and the bus driver were injured in the crash. time to get a check on the accuweather forecast. >> meteorologist bill evans is live outside the studios on the upper west side. >> did you know the police are putting up the barricades for lori's parade? >> i wanted to come out and join you, bill. >> you can do whatever you want. it's your birthday. >> come on out here, join me out here. >> join me because the
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humidities are low, a light breeze out of the southwest and west this morning coming in off the hudson river, feels great. great start to the day. warmer than yesterday. here is a look outside. beautiful sunrise in progress. ken, we call that dawn. we have high, thin clouds and it's a pretty morning. we will have what will be sunshine, 66 to start, calm wind. pressure rising at 30.34. this points to a great day. sun is officially up at 6:37 and sets at 7:04. it will feel more like midsummer for the rest of this week, temperatures in the 80s. fog is possible, possibly tomorrow morning. the next shot of rain maybe not until sunday. u.v. index at 6. a couple of hours gets you a sunburn. watch out for the ragweed. if you are a sufferer, this is your season this month and next. 48 right around central jersey at morristown to 65, 66 around the five boroughs. a big spread in temperatures when you get outside the city
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into the suburbs. temperatures dropped off. we are looking at a calm wind today and beautiful weather with sunshine. it will be gorgeous. today we are looking at 81 by noontime. 87 this afternoon. after school today, kiddos, make sure you drink a lot of water, favorite sports drink, practice, that kind of stuff, warm day but low humidity day and a great day to be at the beach. low risk of rip currents. it will be sunny and warmer, 87. tomorrow 87. warm weather right on in to saturday 84. 81 sunday and 78 on monday. >> i finally got to come out here. and i finally got to meet max. >> since it's your birthday. >> yes. >> you can pet the maximus. >> hello, maximus. >> look how gentle he is with her. he pounces all over bill. >> like with amy. leaves me.
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because i brought no treats. >> he tried to eat ken. >> he gorgeous. >> you come out any time. bad commute for those who use long island railroad. let's go to the mass transit chart and talk about long island railroad eastbound service, no service to ronkonkoma, huntington to port jefferson because of the freight train derailment. westbound service bypassing westbury, bypassing carle place. take shuttle bus service to mineola. keep in mind delays, cancellations, overcrowding. a lot of people with -- that didn't pack their patience. i beg of you pack your patience. new jersey transit, path trains metro north on or close to schedule. no major problems as far as our subways are concerned. then an accident on the fdr
6:18 am
south, the ramp to 96th street. van wyck south at kew gardens, street cleaning rules are in effect. lori and ken, over to you. >> thank you very much, heather. apple's new operating system will be released today with plenty of features. kendis gibson and reena ninan report. >> in techbytes, a huge day for apple customers. >> the new operating system ios 9 begins rolling out. >> it takes up much less space than the previous ios so it's expected to be an easier download. the instant messaging snap chat is offering a second chance. normally messages disappear over a couple of seconds. now you can buy replays. they never go away. >> facebook users have been asking for a way to show support for friends without hitting the like button for bad news. kind of like a dislake button.
6:19 am
they are working on it and will test it soon. >> do we like the idea. >> two thumbs up. >> those are your techbytes. >> i'm back. it may not be a merry christmas for some employees this year. toys r us is changing its plans for the holiday season. >> and a twist on traditional fast food. the new item on the menu at taco bell.
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1 on the money, will they or won't they. a meeting begins today with janet yellen mulling an interest rate hike in nine years. many are waiting to make trades in anticipation of the increase. some worry the increase to lead to inflation and they are urging the fed to wait until next year. wall street futures are slightly lower ahead of the fed meeting.
6:23 am
the dow starts 228 points higher at 16,599. nikkei added 1%. hong kong jumped 2%. if you don't want to grow up because you are a toys r us kid, here is the inner child to work. here is a chance to have seasonal employees for the holiday. the retailer will give a chance to work more hour to get on par with the elves. get ready to raise a glass of an adult beverage at taco bell. next week a chicago restaurant will be the first taco bell to serve booze. it will include beer, wine, sangria. no word when the new business model will make its way to our area. >> now that you are 21 lori, you can take part. >> yes. meteorologist bill evans with the accuweather forecast.
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>> check out this sky. we got a little sea and sea for you to start your morning. that would be cirrus and contrails. the planes are taking off. a very dry atmosphere. we have a nice morning. temperature 66 degrees. we will see the temperature jumping up to 87 later on today. 57 in riverhead. 54 belmar. 54 toms river. 49 sussex. these temperatures are not bad. the winds are calm. humidities drying right out once again. great rides on the ferries from jersey city, staten island. northwest wind will feel great. water temperature 74. long island sound, great ride from bridgeport to port jeff. a high of 87 today. heather, i know you like that kind of stuff. >> i do. absolutely. 100% cool with that. a webcam, i know we have issues with long island railroad but other issues to go over. this is the fdr drive the ramp southbound exiting at 96th street.
6:25 am
an accident on the ramp causing heavy delays on the southbound side. now let's go to our chart, our mass transit chart and talk about long island railroad, eastbound service. no service to ronkonkoma, huntington to port jefferson. westbound service bypassing westbury, carle place, take the bus from mineola, hop on a train. expect delays, cancellations, expect a lot of overcrowding. street cleaning rules are in effect. lori, over to you. >> heather, thank you. right now the fleet of firefighters battling a california wildfire are making progress. growth has fueled the inferno destroying more than 100 miles of a rural area north of san francisco. at last check the fire is now 30% contained. authorities say the flames have destroyed nearly 600 homes and they expect the number to increase as another 9,000 trucks terse remain threatened. giants defensive linemen
6:26 am
jason pierre paul posted a workout video to instagram. he shows himself practicing sprints while dragging six weights behind him. he lost his right index finger in a july 4th fireworks accident. he also lost part of his thumb finger. closing in on 6:30, the long island railroad
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developing on long island a derailed freight train has been removed from the l.i.r.r. tracks but the damage has been done. nearly two dozen trains have been canceled along with big delays in both directions. >> no video in of a man who police say tried to rape a
6:30 am
woman in one of the brooklyn's most popular neighborhoods. >> days after the 14th anniversary of 9/11, first responders are boarding buses for a high profile rally in situations. >> >> good morning, i'm ken rosato. >> i'm lori stokes. it will be a slow morning commute for some folks. delays and cancellations on westbound as crews inspect the rails. are freight strain car went off the tracks at hicksville. i don't think the problems are over. they are still in effect today for riders on early branches. we have heather o'rourke with the latest on the delays. we begin with kala rama talking to passengers in hicksville. they are not too happy. >> reporter: some are getting off the train figuring out another way to get to work or home. nine trains canceled eastbound. 13 trains canceled westbound. people are feeling this here.
6:31 am
about 200 feet of track needs to be fixed before all of this goes away. we don't know how long that will take. the two derailed train cars carrying construction material were removed around 2:00 this morning. this morning we learned that there is a switch, a piece of equipment that controls the track that needs to be rebuilt. that is a major issue. until the track is repaired, there will only be one track available. the derailed freight cars were blocking one of the two tracks by passenger trains for ronkonkoma and port jefferson. the repairs to the track will last through the morning commute. delays so far have been lasting for longer than 45 minutes in a lot of cases we have seen this morning. if you are getting on the train, getting on the l.i.r.r., know that your trains will be delayed or will be canceled and lots of overcrowding. live in hicksville h kala rama, channel 7 eyewitness news.
6:32 am
we turn to heather with a way to get around this. i wish there was a good way. there is a plan at the time up. let's go over what is happening first. as we go to the chart, kala, no service to ronkonkoma, huntington or port jefferson. westbound service bypassing westbury, carle place. here is how you can try to get around this. there is a free shuttle bus that will take you to mineola. from mineola, take the other train rides. from there the train lines getting you in to penn station or if you are heading out eastwood. now, we are going to talk to you about the roads on long island. a lot of people are going to start hopping on the roads. you have the l.i.e., northern state. you see the shades of yellow. traffic is building up heading westbound toward the city. eastbound you are looking at delays as well. we have street cleaning rules in effect for today if you plan on heading into the city. we have a hot day ahead of
6:33 am
>> i was admiring the planes taking off from j.f.k. and laguardia. this is a live picture. the jet contrails show we have an atmosphere that is very dry. you see the contrails there and there. on top of that, cirrus clouds here and there. there is a plane taking off right there. we have a nice morning outside. a morning with plenty of nice comfortable temperatures. clear skies, calm wind. a beautiful day. it's warmer. it will get to 87. the humidity is in check. it remains low. it will be just like this tomorrow. ken and lori,back to you. >> thank you. families of 9/11 first responders will get big name support in their fight for health benefits. comedian jon stewart will join dozens of firefighters in a rally in washington. they boarded buses early this morning in lower manhattan. dray clark was there.
6:34 am
>> first responders and firefighters say the trip to dc is a matter of life and death. they say if the zadroga bill is not extended, more first responders suffering from ground zero related illnesses will die. more than a dozen of those first responders and firefighters boarded a bus heading to d.c. for the big rally. they are asking for congress to extend the zadroga act which was enacted in 2010 and set to expire in 2016. the bill produce health care funding for 70,000 first responders and 9/11 survivors. the bill recipients reported becoming ill after working at ground zero, conducting rescues and recoveries. a number of people have already died or are in critical states and they are asking that the bill be expended -- extended to help them survive. they say the zadroga act, without it, more survivors and first responders may die or
6:35 am
live a long life of suffering. >> they didn't question whether or not they would be sick in the future. the future is now u. we need help. we don't need charity. we need help. >> it's not anger. it's frustration. the answer here is as plain as the nose on they should realize that workers, everyone involved in the recovery and rescue over here at ground zero gave it their all. >> the zadroga bill is named after james who was an nypd detective who died at the age of 34 in 2006. it is believed he died as a result of his work at ground zero after the attacks. jon stewart will be among the big names lending support to this rally. many say it was jon stewart back in 2010 who played a key role in getting congress to initially pass the act and they
6:36 am
hope his influence will make an influence the second time around. dray clark, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> dray, thank you. on to a developing story in brooklyn. police say that this man tried to rape a woman after attempting to strong letter her with a video cord. it happened after the pair walked together to a cobble hill rite aid early yesterday morning. the woman accepted the offer to buy cigarettes and soda. he choked her after they walked out. the suspect also tried to cut off the woman's clothes with a knife. he ran off when the woman screamed. new details this morning in a string of manhattan bank robberies. two homeless men are under arrest and facing charges in connection with nine hold ups. police say 42-year-old michael santinelli robbed one bank then attempted to rob five others last week. he reportedly got away with a thousand bucks in his only successful robbery attempt. the other man, 41-year-old
6:37 am
derrick omo hit three banks in the last two months. detectives say the two men know each other but were not working together in the holdups. it was a bloody night in newark. four people were shot near springfield avenue around 9:30 at night. by the time police were able to arrive the victims were gone. they had driven themselves to the hospital. the car was hit by bullets. not clear if the wounded were the intended targets or bystanders. doctors say the injuries are not life threatening. developing this morning in southern utah, search crews are set to resume their work at daybreak as they search for survivors of two flooding tragedies. four people are dead and three missing after a group of hikers were trapped in a national park. park. one person is missing after a wave swept away it would be vehicles. 12 people were killed, three rescued. at the height of the hildale
6:38 am
storm, 1 1/2 inches of rain fell in 30 minutes. happening today a high school science teacher whose drone crashed at the u.s. open is due in court. police say that dan i didn't verli was flying it. luckily the aircraft didn't hit anyone. he is a teacher at the acted of innovative technology in brooklyn. he faces reckless endangerment and other charges. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and meteorologist bill evans with the accuweather forecast. >> and here is our camera looking downtown on down to one world trade to the staten island ferry. you can see it going back and forth in the harbor to the statue of liberty and sandy hook, new jersey. our camera across flushing bay, long island sound, beautiful morning, high, thin cirrus
6:39 am
clouds, jet contrails. a morning with 66 degrees. clear skills basically and a nice low humidity. sunshine and clear skies back to the great lakes. a beautiful day today and tomorrow. warming up, 70 at 8:00. 75 10:00. noontime 82. 87 this afternoon. we got great weather at the bus stop. it's so comfortable this morning. after school you need the comfy clothes. it will be 87 degrees. sports after school, drink a lot of water. she was a cheerleader. she was awesome. >> she was amazing. >> what time does she get here. >> what time did i get there. >> what time does the cheerleader get here. >> i don't know where she is. she was amazing. let's go to a webcam and show you something not so amazing. we have issues with long island railroad and issues with traffic as far as the roads are concerned. up the gowanus up to the northbound side of the b.q.e. now over to the mass transit chart. long island railroad, new
6:40 am
jersey transit, metro north no service eastbound huntington to port jefferson or ronkonkoma. westbound is bypassing westbury and carle place. getting to mineola, limited bus service to get you to the mineola station. delays on the l.i.e., northern state parkway with folks choosing to use their car instead of the headaches with long island railroad this morning. effect. >> thank you. new this morning, police are looking for two smooth criminals is that scammed an elderly woman out of thousands. >> also ahead, imagine watching helplessly on your smartphone as your apartment is burglarized. the startling crime caught on camera and the search for
6:41 am
6:42 am
6:43 am
new this morning, police hope to hit the jackpot as they search for two suspects in a queens lottery scam. investigators say the suspects approached and 80-year-old woman on jamaica avenue asking her to help them cash a winning lottery ticket. then they convinced her to withdraw and give them $90,000.
6:44 am
now to one of the top stories on the free news app. imagine seeing a pair of burglars on camera and they are in your apartment. take a look at this video. it was shot inside danny wheeler's upper east side apartment. he was at work at the time. he has one of the apps that alert you. he noticed on the app that something was moving inside his apartment. he knew he wasn't there. he watched as first one then another man was grabbing his stuff. he was livid but he called police. >> i was just really, really angry. i can't believe this is happening. in my apartment right now. >> well, a neighbor saw the second suspect, called out to him, that scared both of men off. "good morning america" is up next. robin roberts is live in time's square. >> always good to see you, ken. good morning. donald trump under fire ahead of tonight's big debate.
6:45 am
a new add from a conservative runner. we will have more on that. a tragedy on the a to school in houston. a bus crashing off an overpass leaving two high school students dead and two others and the driver seriously injured. we will hear from that driver. and the latest on the tragic shooting that unfolded on live tv, the sole survivor of the attack is speaking out. vicky gardner telling her story. how she said she made it out alive. >> we will have music as well. rita or a will be -- oro will be along. >> you do it in one show. >> yes, we do d. how do we do it. >> that is awesome. thank you, robin. time for a check on your accuweather forecast. >> meteorologist bill evans is outside the studios on the upper west side. >> a nice morning. a light wind. clear skies, low humidities, feels great outside.
6:46 am
going to be a great day. outside this morning, a beautiful sunrise, hi, thin cirrus clouds, trumpeter serous, mares tails and jet contrails. 66 degrees. humidity 65% which is dry. a calm wind around and a nice barometer up there at 30.34. high pressure is strong over the area. yesterday's high 84. normal is 75. today warmer. the sun is officially up at 6:37. we are at that now. beautiful sunset coming up at 7:04. might have a little fog tomorrow morning or friday morning. it will be in the valleys, suburbs with the outlying areas. the next shot of rain sunday, maybe monday. it doesn't look that impressive. in a couple of hours you can
6:47 am
get a sunburn. ragweed sufferers, have plenty of medication. winds are light and out of the southwest. you get outside the city it's in the 40s. morristown 4. 48 up to monticello. calm to a light wind today. very dry. humidity is in check. high pressure will warm us up today and tomorrow. the high is not moving around any time soon. warm into the 80s. midsummer-like into the weekend. we can't scare up a cloud today. yesterday a nice bright deep blue sky. gulf air up and over us. that continues today, tomorrow and into the weekend. temperatures getting in the low 80s by lunchtime. mid-80s, upper 80s this afternoon. after school it's dry but warm. drink lots of water and favorite sports drink and you should be fine. 87. great day, low humidity. light southwest breeze. tonight 69 in the city. just outside the city 62 and
6:48 am
upper 50s well north and west. tomorrow another sunny day with a high of 87. here is how the weekend is shaping up. if you head out and about, 86 friday. 84 saturday. i took the rain out sunday. it didn't look that impressive. we are in the 70s next week that is closer to normal. fall officially begins next wednesday, vernal equinox about 4:29 in the morning. it doesn't feel like it. >> feels nice out there. >> maybe next week. heather, how is the commute. >> we have john del giorno above in newscopter 7. he is checking out if these trains are running around the station. we will check in with john. good morning, john. >> good morning, heather. we are trying to keep the long island railroad customers up to date t. the first thing we could do is show you what is happening on the tracks. this is the scene of the
6:49 am
derailment yesterday afternoon. we are west of the hicksville station. you can see a whole lot of workers out there at this hour trying to get things back on track, forget the -- forgive the pun. 200 feet of track was damaged in the derailment. a switch was damaged as well. that's all the repair work you see. one interesting point, how do to get derailed fright cars out of the way. long island railroad dragged it into a lot just adjacent to the railroad tracks. it's up and off. one car is on the tracks. the big issue is one of these tracks is out of service. single tracking. the latest update from the desk, 40 minute delays inbound on the main line and port jefferson branch. i i know it's rippling to the roadways. >> absolutely. kala rama and i are following this. we got a tweet, why don't you
6:50 am
get in your car and drive to another station. with the roads, this is the l.i.e. and this is near lakeville road. you can see activity off on the side of the roadway here. more police activity here. you are picking up volume. people are going too fast. police are monitoring what is going on. then the northern state parkway, as you go through iu willets, extra voluntary yum. let's -- volume. long island railroad eastbound service, no service to huntington to port jefferson or ronkonkoma. westbound service, trains are bypassing westbury, bypassing carle place. there is limited bus service to mineola. from there you can hop on a train and take that train into new york penn station or train stations west of there that you need to get to. new jersey transit, path, metro north are doing okay. alternate sides are in effect. >> thank you. still ahead on "eyewitness
6:51 am
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while pope francis is in town, leave your drone at home. it won't be permitted anywhere in or around any of all five boroughs. anybody caught flying a drone will face criminal charges. vim restriction for the visits to washington, d.c. and philadelphia. speaking of philly, a special image of the holy father available in the city of brotherly love. the philadelphia phillies made their pope francis baseball cards, specifically the rookie card. fans can pick it up at citizens bank ballpark.
6:54 am
maya angelo fetched more than one million dollars. this sold for $461,000 at the swan gallery sale. angelo's estate consigned the quilt along with about 50 other pieces of artwork to the auction house following her death last year at 86. there is trouble on the tracks on the long island railroad. newscopter 7 is live in mixville as workers -- hicksville as workers make repairs.
6:55 am
live team coverage next.
6:56 am
all the goodness of milk. all the deliciousness of hershey's syrup. squeeze. stir. share.
6:57 am
a freight train derailment more than 18 hours ago continues to cause a boat load of problems for long island railroad commuters. >> kala rama is in hicksville in nassau county with an update. what do we know. >> ken, so far one third of the train service running through the hicksville station has been canceled and will be like that for the majority of the day until these repairs are made. all the trains running are seeing major delays. take a look from newscopter 7. you can see that there are workers already on scene. overnight two derailed cars carrying construction material were removed from the traction around 2:00 this morning. there is about 200 feet of track and a switch that controls the track that needs to be repaired. until the track and switch are rebuild there will be one track available. delays so far this morning have
6:58 am
been long, more than 45 minutes in some cases. passengers here have been waiting all morning long. anyone taking the l.i.r.r. should anticipate train cancellations and delays all morning long. that is the story here. all eastbound service has been canceled. westbound service into the city will be limited. live in hicksville, kala rama, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. it is a mess. >> let's go to the chart that we have for long island railroad. these are buses lined up actually and newscopter 7 is above this showing that there are buses lining up. hopefully this means that they are having more shuttle buses to take you to and from stations. we will go to the chart and talk about what is happening. eastbound service long island railroad, no service port jefferson or ronkonkoma. then you have the westbound side and it looks like the westbound service is going to be very, very limited going
6:59 am
past carle place and they have shuttle buses set up but unfortunately this won't relieve much of the problem we have here. we have lots of volume on the roads. take it easy, pay your patience. >> thanks, heather. >> take a look at the sky and how beautiful it is. we have high, thin cirrus clouds, jet contrails, a temperature of 66 degrees. take route 66, huh, heather? >> yeah, sure. nowhere near us but okay. >> that's true. 87 this afternoon. kiddos, after school it will be warm but low humidity. drink lots of water. great at the bus stop. looking at gorgeous weather as we go into the afternoon. 66 degrees and just beautiful weather for today. have a great day and enjoy. >> all right, thank you, bill.


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