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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  September 17, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> and an ice cream trick on news. channel 7 eyewitness news. left all alone. a daycare forgets a two-year- old boy on a playground and doesn't notice until the cops call his mom. happened. i mean, anybody, a psycho or, you know, could have taken him somewhere. >> the little boy's mother
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good evening at 11:00, i'm sade bederinwa. >> and i'm bill ritter. the daycare shut down after he spent hours alone at a new york park. they were relying on social media. >> jim dolan is in sunset park with new details. jim. >> sade, a woman walking through sunset park today saw a little two-year-old baby sleeping. sound asleep on a park bench. no adults anywhere near him. she looked around, turned out his daycare center had taken him to this playground in sunset park and then just left him there. >> his grandma carried two-year- old ethan from the 72nd precinct tonight after a grueling day for him and his mom. >> random lady found him sleeping on the bench. >> that's right, ethan, who is just two years old, was left all by himself at a playground
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in sunset park with workers by this daycare center. he was there all alone for over an hour. >> he was taken to the park with three teachers and those three teachers didn't notice he was lost until later. >> they didn't say how that happened? >> they just miscounted the students. >> the woman who found him called police and the 72nd precinct tweeted out this picture of ethan, hoping someone would recognize him. workers at the daycare center didn't even realize he was missing. >> i'm with channel 7. we can talk to about what happened today? >> people at the quality of life daycare center were busy calling parents late tonight to tell them they would have to make other plans for their children tomorrow. while the matter was being investigated. but no one would talk with us about it. >> can you talk to us about what happened? ma'am, you misplaced a child today. do you think you could talk about that and tell people what went wrong? >> what gets me so angry the
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4:30 and my son has been missing since 12:00. >> the center has a history of issues, her 18 month old had a rash so bad that it bled. >> i guess they weren't cleaning him right. i don't know what they used. it was horrible. so i had to take my son out. >> anything could have happened. anybody, a psycho or, you know, could have taken him somewhere and then it would have been the last day for me to see him, dropping him off. >> so frightening for that woman. ethan, of course, as you can see is doing okay tonight. thanks to that woman who found him and called the police. now, investigators from social services and from the police department are investigating what happened. reporting live from sunset park, eyewitness news. >> jim, thank you. new at 11:00, two correction officers now facing prison time themselves. they are charged with plotting
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the bronx d.a. says gayles and herman recruited four inmates to attack and injure a prisoner last year. the motive, to teach him a lesson after a trash talking incident. gayle faces charges, including assault. gayle has gang tattoos on her neck. and we have new video tonight of an out of control ice cream truck on the lower east side. the truck hit as many as five cars and a motorcycle last friday night at east broadway and clinton street. no injuries were reported. the truck fled the scene. so far, police have made no arrests. you're about to meet something of a hero. he saw a woman with a child chasing a purse snatcher, and jumped into action. the story who this man is, he played high school football in the bronx and college football upstate. and today, all that served him well. eyewitness news reporter at the store in fleshing for us. josh.
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>> reporter: well, we now have video of this alleged purse snatcher on my phone. first of all, the suspect had been running this way on main street from 38th avenue with his would be victim hot on his tail. when he tried to duck into this restaurant to try and hide. and here we have video. you can see how frantically he was running. here he comes are running right restaurant. but he gave up there and he ran out here and that's when he ran into a member of the new york state assembly, who was ready to take him down. >> it was a crazy day. >> crazy indeed for ron kim, who found himself redefining the term, constituent service today, as he detained a would be purse snatcher. moments earlier, he turned the corner and watched a woman with an infant trying to chase the man down. >> i have 59 month old baby. all i could think about was my wife walking the streets every day and it happening to her. >> the man ducked into an
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and got on the phone to call 911. a good samaritan spotted the suspect, now wearing different clothes. he charged up main street right at the assemblyman, still on the phone with police as he tackled him. tonight, it's giving him insight into key policies to enact. >> he obviously had a mental problem and i do feel that we should make an effort to make sure the individuals get the help that they need and get them off the streets. >> and back live, cameras in this restaurant captured suspect trying to look for the bathroom. and in the bathroom, he actually changed into different clothing that he was wearing when he left here without realizing that that state assemblyman and other eyewitnesses were still here on the street looking for him. and that they were ready to take him down. we have not heard anything from the plying yet tonight about who this suspect is or what he has been charged with. but that state assemblyman says he is happy he was in the right place at the right time and
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helping him take him down. channel 7 eyewitness news. josh, thank you. a pta member in brooklyn who stole $82,000 in school has been reelected to another pta board. in 2011, providence pled guilty to embezzling funds from ps29 while she was a treasurer. last night she was elected vice president. those who voted were apparently unaware of hogan's previous crime. new at 11:00, pope francis tonight on cuban national television. kind of advanced thank you for his visit there beginning saturday. ten day trip that will bring him on tuesday to the u.s. and this trip loaded with political meaning. it was this pope who helped spark the new diplomatic relations between cuba and the u.s.
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francis taping a message to the cuban people. the pope with a simple and mostly religious theme, asking cubans to have faith knows need. our greatest wishes, what is in our hearts. he gives us new hope, new opportunities, and a new life. >> but the pope's visit to cuba, political implications, at the least, it seemed by the vatican as a way to end the u.s. embargo of cuba, but there's more, this pope is becoming a kind of 21st century nelson mandela. trying to offer hope to people who have few assets and sometimes little reason for optimism. >> i would like to be with you as a missionary, and urged cubans to be missionaries as well. and to keep the faith. the pontiff in cuba might be walking a fine line, embracing the cuban people, but also challenging that country's
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political freedoms and civil rights. mean meanwhile, two developments. a ceremony this afternoon welcoming the new cuban ambassador. and 54 years since the last one was in washington. and in cuba today for the first time ever, u.s. cell phones now work, only verison at first, but more to come. can you hear me now? sade. >> i can hear you. a frenzy of activity tonight as the iconic cathedral is prepped for a historic visit from pope francis. hundreds of people are working around the clock to ensure st. pats meets the crucial deadline. a $177 million renovation that was supposed to be done in december. must now be finished by next week. the work includes everything from painting to polishing to replacing the pews. >> i knew what was underneath everything, but happy to see when we finally got it clean and painted and how bright everything is and how full of life the whole building is. >> and workers found a bottle
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of champagne in a box tucked away in the ceiling. written on it t the names of the workers from an earlier renovation during the 1970s. and stay with eyewitness news for the latest on the pope's trip to the united states. you can find schedules, street closures, and other information at abc7ny/pope. police department in orange county tonight mourning one of their own. a sergeant dying of a heart attack on the job. 51-year-old, erik meyer and another officer with the crawford police department searching for a possible marijuana growing operation this afternoon. that's when meyer went into cardiac arrest. he leaves behind a wife and two sons. new at 11:00, a friend of the accused charleston shooter is in jail tonight. arrested more than a month after police say he lied to them and failed to report a crime. meek has said that roof, who is accused of killing nine black church members stayed with him before the shootings and
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complained about black people. meanwhile, new tonight, a man crashes through a gate at an airport and allegedly tries to steal a private jet. police in waco, texas, said he tried to remove the barriers from a jet and banged on its door. bystanders helped subdue him. the man has a history of mental illness and police think he may have been on drugs. >> still to come, an eyewitness news exclusive. scammers. actually getting families a hand over their home. it's all a scam, could it happen to you? and an assistant principal popping up in a racy pop video. we have reaction for importants. >> and i'm lee goldberg. make it 14 out of 17 close to 90 today. we're on pace for the warmest september on record. 76 at 11:00. that's higher than our normal daytime high.
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tonight, more than a dozen homeowners on long island ripped off in a scam that promised to help them avoid foreclosure. it did the opposite. the new york attorney general issuing a warning to anyone who is in trouble with their mortgage. here is a.j. ross. >> it meant everything, that's where all three of my kids grew up. >> john and his wife tirelessly worked and saved for years to buy a house in a better neighborhood for their children in new york. then when it came time to refinance during the housing collapse, they suddenly found their backs pressed against the wall. >> we went to do a refinance and by the time we walk out, we didn't own the house anymore. >> lee man noticed an ad in the local paper and reached out to
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where he was reassured he could refinance and rebuild his credit. all he had to do was turn over his deed through the company sale leaseback program. it it was all a scam according to state attorney general who launched an investigation into empire property solutions and its principals, including attorneys and brokers who were in on the scheme. >> this scam revictimmized families who were already suffering from the collapse of the housing market. you know, he took everything from us. >> the state investigation further revealed the lee mans were one of 14 families cheated out of their home deeds and equity. victims were told they could stay in their homes, make payments, and their deed would be reverted back to them. however, the company didn't make good on that promise and families were faced with foreclosure and eviction. the office is now working to return those deeds to their rightful owners and a $400,000 state settlement has also been reached. >> we are working with several of the homeowners who were
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deeds to them and working with another family to help them purchase another home with the money they received from these settlements. >> he should be sentenced a year for every night i stayed awake worrying about where my kids were going to live. >> the federal government is also launched a criminal investigation against the partners in this sale scheme. two pleaded guilty and are now awaiting sentencing. in miller place, new york, i'm a.j. ross, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> a racy hip hop video features an assistant principal. ester adler works at south hampton high school. she also starred in a music video and rapper, j.r. in it, she leaves her young man, and comes back to find drugs and scantily clad women. >> it's not appropriate for the children, or the school to be watching and seeing their assistant principal do this. >> she's a good principal.
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people, in a snap of a moment, do something that they are going to regret for the rest of their lives. >> the south hampton school superintendent says the video shows behaviors and language not promoted by the school district. he wouldn't tell us if she still has her job. >> tough call. leave that in my lap. >> not me. a lot of people walking out on the street. enjoying this late summer, almost fall night. >> everybody has that sense, when is the last going to be? we still have a few to enjoy. and really last year, we had temperatures that were into the 80s toward the end of the month. the average last 80-degree day was september 27. some pictures of the progress at three world trade today, which is doing well and rising up and looks like that is scheduled for an early 2018 built. all right, 76 degrees,
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southwest wind at 3. now i'm really fast forwarding. the barometer is currently on the fall and a high just shy of 90 today. 93 is the record back in 1991. there are your sunrise and sunset times for a beautiful friday. sunset there at 7:00 over the weekend it will be around 6:58. two more 80-degree days. a front arrives on sunday morning. a couple showers, a lot will be dry. then near normal temperatures as autumn approaches. 57 monticello. still comfortable after the very warm day our northwest suburbs still dipping into the 50s tonight. okay to open the windows. should be a comfortable morning. 66 belmar. and it's 76 in the park. wall to wall sunshine again. a light wind turns to a sea breeze tomorrow. so from new york city to coastal connecticut, you are peeking your temperatures around 1:00 or 2:00, and then the numbers drop off. there are a few high clouds in the east end if you trace these down, a couple lows over the
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southeast that are spinning and not moving very much. for now, it will stay offshore. eventually, a piece will creep up the coast and make a close pass, but even that's in question. this is is the front coming through saturday night and sunday morning. and it looks impressive now, but the whole thing will lift north rather than come straight at us. we will get some of the left overs and so maybe that's a passing shower on sunday morning. there's no question about it. even though it will come through dry or a shower or two, this cool air behind this. we will follow chicago's lead. they are dropping the 80s into the 70s. we'll see our 70s arrive by sunday. still a couple 80-degree days to enjoy. tomorrow morning, a light jacket for a couple hours. just like today, and then we're in the low to mid 80s and temperatures dip a little along the coast. very, very pleasant. there is an air quality warning for much of new jersey. we had a stale air mass with high pressure. a lot of the caught around the ground. 86 degrees, still summery tomorrow. this is the warmer half of the weekend, saturday, before that
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front comes. clouds will increase at night along with a couple showers. still watching the tropics, tv 9 is going to dispate. this low could become ida. we are more concerned with the moisture here into early next week. clear and pleasant at 7:00 a.m. 68 degrees. for tomorrow, it's a high of 86. sunny, very warm. the humidity is low and that afternoon sea breeze and a beautiful friday night for you. decent looking weekend. 83, maybe a morning shower on sunday, and partial sunshine. back to the mid 70s where we should be early next week. i posted a couple showers, but every indication, most of the showers offshore with clouds and sun and right now, cross our fingers, the pattern looks dry as the pope makes his arrival. bill evans will have an update in the morning. >> up next, why experts say you're spending too much money
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in tonight's health alert, regular soap is just as effective as antibacterial soap in getting rid of germs. researchers in south korea tested regular soaps and antibacterial soaps containing triclocen. they are not sure why it didn't work, but they think maybe it needs more time to be effective than people normally spend washing their hands. >> queen elizabeth with a condo in chicago? well, sort of. a trust for the queen. buying this condo to be used for the canadian console. the 2600 square foot unit,
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three bedrooms, three baths. the name of the building is is the buckingham. and, call this story, how to help out a skunk without getting skunked. cops in arizona trying to help a curious skunk that got a yogurt cup stuck on its head. how it happened, that's another story. first, they stopped the skunk by throwing a tarp over it and they managed to get the cup off and the skunk took off very fast. so disoriented it ran head first into a curb, fortunately didn't spray is the officers and no one had to endure bathing in tomato juice. >> who took off faster? >> the junk. >> rob is up next with sports. >> looking forward to tomorrow. the mets and yankees have this night off before the sunway series picks back up in queens. until then, they are both score
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baseball heating up for the last 2 1/2 weeks and it all starts right here. it will be the cent er of the baseball universe. the melts off tonight, 7 1/2 game lead. 16 to play. magic number ten when the game started. the team chasing the mets, the nationals at home against the marlins who just took two out of three at citi field. justin bore, both went deep last night for miami and they both do it again tonight. the marlins win, 6-4. the mets now up in their division by 8 games and the magic number is down to nine. the yankees also off today. their final scheduled day off of this regular season. three games back in the al east, but 3 1/2 games in the wild card.
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mr. and mrs. carter were there. so was pennington. all three went deep, toronto keeps hitting and winning. jays win 5-0. the yankees down 3 1/2 games. the good news, the former president and first lady got on the stadium. more outfield workers. the giants get the falcons at home. able to work out a bit today. victor cruz not. all the talk has been about the dallas game. the way it ended, the way the giants came so close, but ended up with a loss. teams have 24 hour rules. they move on to the next game. besides, one way to get people to stop talking about the last game is to win this one. >> winning cures all. that's what we need right now. we need to redeem ourselves. not being in any type of slump. you know, let's get things rolling. >> the jets workweek extends into next week.
11:28 pm
see andrew luck and the colts. since luck arrived in 2012, the colts lost back to back games, only once and the jets are pretty sure they know why that is. they don't take any team for granted. >> everybody is a dangerous team. you know, anybody can beat anybody. we have to take care of ourselves. >> islanders making moves today. four kids coming. michael going. the aisles also signing free agent, steve, to a one-year deal. second on the doubles last year. tied a career high 32 points. islander wills be his sixth team. first round bmw championship, part of golf's playoffs suspended by bad weather. some had not finished their rounds yet. ten under through 17 holes. this is his tenth hole. second shot from the bunker to the green. pull the string and collect. not to be outdone, jordan spieth, five shots back, only through 17 holes.
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tee shot and he won't need anymore than that. they are back at it tomorrow. we just rolled through those highlights. >> they drive the ball better at the bmw? >> thank you, rob. >> thanks, rob. everyone is saying, "hey! you gotta get fios!" but why? well, fios is a 100 percent fiber optic network to the home, so you can get access to the fastest internet and in-home wi-fi available. and fios gives you big capacity too. so everyone in the house can get online. but the main reason to get fios?
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