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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  September 18, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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he has a history of kidnapping and robbery. we asked mr. dan clare whether or not he actually killed those two women and he answered us. why did you do that? >> no, sir. i wouldn't ever do anything like that. >> reporter: do anything like that, he said. police definitely believe that is not the case. they have a lot of evidence including photographs, video, surveillance video, of him walking into those two hotels with the women whose bodies were later found there and then walking out of those two hotels alone. they say they have a lot of other evidence including fingerprints as well. reporting live from midtown south, jim dolan, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> jim, thank you. and you can expect some delays in both directions tonight on route 287 in new jersey, traffic is backed up right now after a van overturned and wound up on the median. this happened in the southbound lanes of piscataway. three people were hurt. they are expected to be okay. here's a live look at the
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highway now. you can see it is at a crawl. the accident has been cleared but again delays in both directions. diana. a former high school pitching standout in critical condition right now after he was gunned down in the parking lot of a burger king in yonkers. the 23-year-old once a draft pick, possibly an innocent victim. now police are searching for the gunman with only a vague description of a car to go on. eyewitness news reporter tim fleischer is live in yonkers with more for us. tim. >> reporter: and the investigation is widening. tonight yonkers police are also telling me they are digging deep into social media to try to find the shooter. yonkers police now say the shooting that left a 23-year- old promising baseball player critically wounded stemmed from a dispute between two groups of people on wednesday night. >> we believe it was associated with some type of drag racing that occurred in that area. >> we were told by witnesses
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-- pointed a gun out the window and fired five or six shots in that person's general direction. >> reporter: two of the shots struck a 22-year-old as he stood outside his car in the parking lot of a yonkers fast food restaurant. members of his family overcome with emotion even came to the scene. nolan, a former high school baseball star and a draft pick for the oakland as last year is in extremely critical condition. >> i don't want to say it but i might have to make that decision about donating his organs. this is what i got to do now. >> reporter: nolan was standing with several other people when police say the gunman drove by on the service road and the shots were fired. >> it's our belief that this shooting was a result of the prior discipline and we are trying to ascertain at the time whether the individual was the intended target. >> reporter: police say they are collecting evidence, interviewing a number of eyewitnesses and checking social media as their investigation widens. they are also looking for one
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>> a white or pale yellow honda, somewhere around 2000, 2007. that's about it, a two-door honda. >> reporter: so far police do not have any suspects. however, the police commissioner does tell me that in recent months they had been cracking down on drag racing, writing more than 30 tickets and making even one arrest. reporting live in yonkers, tim fleischer, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> tim, thank you. we have more breaking news coming in right now, police have apprehended the boyfriend of a young mother in queens found dead last week. 30-year-old lewis zambrano was arrested this afternoon at a howard johnson in bailville, virginia. angie escobar's body was found in the trunk of her car just a block from zambrano's home last night. she had been stabbed multiple times. freak accident in the bronx involving a city bus and a 23- year-old who was apparently drunk. police say the victim asked his livery car driver to pull over on west 231st street in
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kingsbridge. he told the driver he had been drinking and felt sick. he began vomiting and then suddenly stumbled into the path of a bus. the bus driver tried to avoid him but could not. the bus driver has not been charged. new at 5:00, a request to reduce bail for former rutgers football player andre boggs has been granted. his lawyers wanted it changed from 500,000 to $50,000. a judge just ruled and bail was reduced to $100,000. boggs is accused of committing two home invasions. he was kicked off the team after his arrest. six other rutgers football players have been kicked off the team following their arrests. well, pope francis is gearing up for his visit to cuba tomorrow. he tweeted today asking for prayers as he heads to the island nation and the u.s. final preparations are underway in havana. his four day trip will include visits to several churches and meeting the country's poor, its clergy and possibly an ailing fidel castro. sunday morning thousands are
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expected to turn out for an open air mass. and here in the u.s., homeland security secretary jeh johnson was in philadelphia today. he reviewed the security in place for the pope's visit with local, state and federal law enforcement officials. at a news conference he said there is no specific threat to the pope. secretary johnson is coming to new york tomorrow. and we know here in new york the security will be unprecedented during the pope's visit with more than 2 million people expected to attend the pontiff's events. no doubt you will run into massive delays, widespread road closures, tie-ups on the subways and waterways. businesses are even getting ready for the onslaught. rob nelson is outside madison square garden with more. rob. >> reporter: good evening, sade, as you said, this trip by the pope is going to impact everything from security and business to transportation including a long, long list of street closures during the pope's 40 hours that he will be in new york city and we talked to several folks today that said they are excited about pontiff coming to our city but
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they know there will be plenty of headaches as well. whether it's madison square garden, east harlem, lower manhattan, central park or the upper west side, the pope's visit next week will be an injection of both cash and chaos into the city. >> a good day or a crazy day? >> both good and crazy, yeah. >> reporter: with each high profile stop comes a long list of street closures that will impact pedestrians and drivers alike as well as businesses that count on bus link streets. >> i think there's a little bit of a mixed feeling. people are very excited that the pope is coming through and it's a big deal, but i've heard some businesses say that they wish it maybe wasn't on a friday or a late summer friday, that they would have -- businesses might have scheduled it differently. >> reporter: this pharmacy near 68th and columbus is getting ready to take a hit. >> no traffic, no business. >> reporter: as well as this cosmetic store just a few blocks north. >> it's going to be next to impossible probably to get to our neck of the woods over here
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>> reporter: and with friday's concert plus 6:30 evening mass at the garden, penn station is racing -- bracing for headaches as well, right in the middle of end of the week rush-hour. >> supposed to be pretty crazy, you know. i would definitely avoid coming into the city on friday. >> we move 8.6 million people on an average weekday, so we have a little experience moving crowds, but this is going to be a big day. if you don't have to come into manhattan that day, don't. >> reporter: pretty straightforward advice there for sure. of course a big part of this experience with the pope coming to town is going to be public transportation. there are several changes being made to major systems across thetry state area and on top of that -- tri-state area and on top of that transportation officials are giving tips to tourists and residents alike. >> thank you, rob. some parishioners in new jersey are staying in the philadelphia zoo when they make the trek to see the pope. hear why they are going to such
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lengths for the papal visit coming up in our next half hour. and if you'd like to see exactly where the pope will be during his visit. we have his schedule posted at along with what you need to know about traffic and mass transit changes around the area. we turn now to wall street, a big drop today as investors reacted to the federal reserve's decision to raising interest rates. the dow lost 289 points to close the day at 16384. the nasdaq lost 66 points and the s&p dropped 32. a lot of attention tonight in congress as the house voted to block federal funding for planned parenthood for a year. the vote was pretty much along party lines. it comes in the aftermath of secretly recorded videos that show planned parenthood officials talking about selling the tissue from fetuses for medical research. planned parenthood says the videos were deceptively edited. republicans say that pulling funding for a year offers up an opportunity for a full investigation. >> we are talking about whether
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they have broken laws in the way in which they are doing these abortions and so my bill simply puts a moratorium on the funding of planned parenthood until congress has an opportunity to be able to do the investigations. >> now, there are enough votes to block the legislation in the senate and the president has said he will veto it if it comes across his desk. however, some republicans are threatening to shut down the government on october 1st unless the spending bill happens that includes defunding planned parenthood. thousands of migrants are being bounced from nation to nation in europe. croatia says it is having a hard time handling the 14,000 refugees who came in over just two days. officials in neighboring sha vein i can't -- sha vain i can't are -- slovenia are stranded at the border. meanwhile the vatican says a syrian refugee family has taken up residence there. the family of four will stay
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until their asylum application is processed by italy. the vatican says the family arrived the same day that pope francis urged catholic parishes, convents and monasteries to give shelter to people freeing from syria. the pope says the vatican will take in two families. the little girl known as baby doe finally identified. coming up how investigators in boston finally figured out who she is. plus, more than a dozen gas station robberies on long island. tonight what detectives are doing to zero in on the thief. and a stolen iphone gets returned. the personal note the thief included after having a change of heart. i'm meteorologist lee goldberg. final friday of summer, felt like it, temperatures in the upper 80s, even a record high in islip tying one in 2005 81 degrees. air quality warning for much of the area. that will change over the weekend with fall air coming in.
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a friend of the accused charleston church massacre shooter pleaded not guilty to federal charges. 21-year-old joey meek is accused of concealing information and lying to federal agents investigating dylann roof. prosecutors say meek knew roof was planning a racially motivated attack but failed to tell anyone. meek is being held on $100,000 bail. in texas, the army
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bergdahl continued today. others testified about bergdahl's condition after he was held captive by the taliban. this hearing will determine if bergdahl will face a court- martial for leaving his post in afghanistan six years ago. florida a&m reached a settlement with the family of a drum major who died after he members. the school says the $1.1 million settlement with robert champion's family also includes nonmonetary terms. champion died after band members pummeled him with fists and maletts on board a bus that was parked outside an orlando hotel back in 2007 -- 2011. a show of support for the teen who was arrested for bringing a homemade clock to his high school in texas. today in his hometown of irving, supporters say they have a petition with 9000 signatures that demands his intention be -- suspension being overturned. he was suspended when school officials thought the clock was
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a homemade bomb. the family is looking at options both inside and outside the u.s. it's a rivalry tried and true. tonight's the mets and yankees fans face off once again in the subway series showdown. both teams vying for playoff spots. they have been here before facing off more than 100 times. anthony johnson at citi field tonight. >> reporter: this is the hottest ticket in town. it's a very warm afternoon out here but the boys of summer are back. they will be back on the field when the new york mets take on the new york yankees here at citi field. it's going to be a fantastic night and believe me, we've already been out here talking to the fans and the fans out here are already for this -- all ready for this game to get underway in a couple of hours from now. those fans have been out in the parking lot, of course, having a good time out there tailgating, cooking hot dogs, hamburgers and just about everything else they could do cheering and celebrating mets and yankee fans, they have
5:16 pm
of hype taking place in the parking lot. >> let's go, mets. >> let's do it. >> new school. >> it's big, it's big, it's big. it sold out. we are glad we got our tickets a couple of months ahead and it's sold out, the big event and we are glad to be here. so it's go yankees, go yankees, go yankees. >> we control it, whoever it is, yankees, come here, it is our year and we are doing it right. everything all the way, no matter what. of course this series important for both teams. the mets first in the national league. they need more victories to reach the magic number of nine more hopeful flee victories and -- hopefully victories and they will be able to clinch the national east. the yankees are still clawing to try to get to first place. they are behind the toronto bluejays. tonight's matchupis important,
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have playoff implications and the fans and everybody here are ready to go and so am i. that's the latest from citi field, anthony johnson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> i was just going to say that anthony is ready. >> i can see him jumping up and down going i'm ready, i'm ready. >> great weather for a game. >> yes. >> picture perfect. >> doesn't feel like october baseball around here. >> no. >> it will early next week but last weekend of summer should feel the part at least through saturday and changes as we go into sunday. really nice evening out there as temperatures will be dropping through the lower 80s into the 70s. here's a look up toward the george washington bridge and visibility is good but you definitely see a little bit more haze, we have our air quality warning going into the evening hours and then this air mass will get cleaned out with a cold front that comes through saturday night. tomorrow still stuffy. we are at 82, south wind at 8 and the high on target at 87 degrees, that's 12 above our average, sunrise and sunset times, this will be the last night with the sunset at 7:00 or later. goes to 6:59 tomorrow.
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sunny skies and 76. temperatures on long island because of a south breeze off of the 74-degree ocean water and mid and upper 70s from yaphank to woodmere. inland going to do obviously better away from the ocean. 79 in belmar. lots of sunshine early, mainly clear skies overnight. the one difference tomorrow morning, little more patchy fog, humidity is increasing overnight, couple low clouds start to come in and then it turns partly to mostly sunny and we are once again in the low to mid-80s. we will run a good four or 5 degrees cooler than today but the humidity will be higher so it will feel every bit as warm. the satellite is clear now. there are some low clouds offshore. we have this light onshore south-southeast wind during the overnight, a little bit of this moisture may drift in the form of patchy low cloudiness, this entire system, there are actually two lows, staying offshore for now. monday and tuesday close call there, might be a shower. but with that system -- what that system off the coast is doing, basically causing a traffic jam and slowing down this front that's trying to
5:19 pm
come eastward so the northern part of the front is going into canada, the southern part is missing us for the most part and weakening, the front is getting a little shot in the arm by this low here, but again, this low is tracking more north toward hudson bay. it means that the front overall slowing down and that may mean slow clearing on sunday along with a shower early. no question about it. the front does get through on sunday morning and that will turn our 80s into 70s. we don't get the coolest air up here in central canada but the front definitely has autumn strength to it. higher humidity tomorrow, 83, partly sunny skies and then on sunday, early shower, maybe stubborn clouds first half of the day, best chance of clearing out in the morning would be north and west. clouds could linger into the afternoon and a high of 75. east may only be lower 70s because of the stubborn cloud cover. clearing out tonight, clear evening, then patchy fog later on, 50s north and west, 68 in the city. partly sunny, still warm, more humid, still feeling summery, then tomorrow night a late shower, evening plans are just
5:20 pm
fine, 67 degrees, coming up at 5:30, will that slow clearing mean temperatures struggling to get to the low 70s on sunday in spots. and no question it's cooler next week but will it just remain dry and we miss out on the rain even monday and tuesday? after that, how about a warmup as autumn arrives? that's in the seven-day accuweather forecast in our next half hour. diana, sade, back to you for now. we got breaking nuts, this is -- breaking news, this is on the grand central parkway. we have got a tractor-trailer that collided with a car there. shannon sohn is above it all in newscopter 7. >> reporter: this is a rough accident we just saw them remove one of the passengers from the car into a waiting ambulance but this is happening on the westbound side of the grand central parkway by steinway street and a note to be had here that that tractor- trailer doesn't belong here. so you've got two lanes taken out and it couldn't be worse timing if you are traveling along the grand central parkway, once you get past that bqe this is what you have to look forward to. these delays are going to take you all the way back to the van wyck expressway and the kew gardens interchange, it is a
5:21 pm
mess and it's not going to get better anytime soon. reporting live over the grand central parkway in astoria, shannon sohn, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, shannon. coming up, a car maker, volkswagen, accused of cheating. and a reward announced tonight for help in tracking down the person who abandoned this lizard on long island. it's hazelnut crusted salmon with an apple parsnip puree. a little bit like fall. it's served up and it's on our menu for this week's neighborhood eats.
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when the better business bureau reaches out to 7 on your side, you know there's a serious problem. this one involved a custom delivering. nina pineda is here with what happened when she got involved. nina. >> the bbb got no response on a spike of complaints it's investigating from customers who say they are out anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. tailor down. >> makes a nice product if he actually delivers. >> michael sapphire is talking about his tailor, clifton berry whose company made him a suit and sport coat but has yet to
5:24 pm
deliver on three shirts in his order. >> $2000. >> did you pay that up front? >> i did. >> that was last fall. by spring the customer says he couldn't get an answer on where his garments were. >> his website says new york city's premiere tailor and meanwhile he's not actually delivering on his orders. >> he filed this complaint and wanted to -- won a default judgment for over $600. >> i said are you aware i won a judgment against you? he said he's aware. he's having issue with his business partner and hopefully he's going resolve everything. >> when nothing got resolved, he filed a complaint with the better business bureau and learned he wasn't alone. missing merchandise, poor customer service from clifton charles. >> the company has earned an f president and ceo. >> people order things and just didn't get them and could not get in touch with the company. >> customer jonathan thomas complained to the bbb he's out over 800 for suits and can't reach anybody. returned.
5:25 pm
track the tailor down at his chelsea office, the property manager said the sue maker split with no forwarding address. >> they deserve to get their products or money back. when we reached clifton berry by phone he claimed to have all the custom made garments his clients were looking for. all of a sudden you have the garments. what's going on. you're an ivy league educated guy who has been written up in forbes and new york times. >> he said he would try to make all of his unhappy customers hole and then send -- with a promise to pay their balances as soon as possible. >> now i just want to stop other people from having to go through the same ordeal. >> his tailor said his company strives 100% satisfaction and apologized that these orders slipped through the cracks. the big takeaway, when ordering anything custom made, make sure you check current customer reviews and get details on delivery dates and cancellation policies in writing. also, don't pay in full up front. it's a good idea to put it on the credit card.
5:26 pm
don't pay with cash. back to you, diana. >> thank you. >> thanks. we got more breaking news, transit news this time. the lirr is experiencing cancellations and delays in both directions, all this because of a signal problem west of jamaica. new york city transit is cross honoring fares on the e train at jamaica for westbound service to penn station. again, cam litigations and -- cancellations and delays in both directions on the lirr. >> a mess. coming up, a dragnet to catch a serial robber. coming up on eyewitness news, police on long island teaming up with the fbi to track down an armed thief targeting gas stations. the new clues they have as they close in. and a big break in the case of baby doe. do you remember this picture? for months the mystery of this little girl has filled social media. tonight we know who she is and who her mom is as well. and making history, workers at a target store in brooklyn
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the fbi is now joining the hunt for a serial gas station robber on long island. he has struck at least 15 times since august, a spree that is spreading fear to station clerks and drivers. >> the bandit is always armed, now authorities are releasing new video and stepping up patrols as they close in on the crook. eyewitness news reporter states sis is live -- reporter stacey sager is live in westbury. >> reporter: how many more times does this have to happen and will anyone end up getting hurt? that's what the owner of this mobile station would like to know at this point. he says his gas stations have been hit in three separate armed robbery patterns, including this past wednesday night. >> very, very difficult to be here, you know, especially for my guys at night, you know, they are scared. >> reporter: completely understandable because danny
5:30 pm
been hit in three separate armed robbery patterns including the most recent case this video. police want you to see it case. today the nassau county executive, the acting district attorney and cops from both nassau and suffolk counties announcing they are also working with the fbi after the same man robbed 15 gas stations across 60 miles of long island since august 4th, as far best as elmont, as for east as riverhead. >> he has displayed a firearm in all 15 of these robberies, you know, that is always a concern. >> reporter: and so they narrated these videos today, explaining what long island gas customers should look for. >> you will notice the rag in his hand. he always has a rag in his hand to cover the weapon in case anybody challenges him. the bucket hass, the express t- shirt -- bucket hat, the express t-shirt, his foot wear, seems to be in good shape.
5:31 pm
>> i will be just looking around and seeing if there's like suspicious person come and approach me, you know. >> reporter: here at persaud's mobile station, his workers are now doing a whole lot more than that. your guys are literally locking the door in between customers? >> pretty much, yeah, and sometimes not even between customers. somebody wants gas, they got to use the window. they can't even come in the store. it's really bad for business but we got to do what we got to do. >> reporter: one thing they are also doing is trying to improve the angles on their surveillance cameras but if some of these gas stations end up not staying open for 24 hours or closing their doors early, it's bad for customers, it's also very bad for business. police are hoping you can help them out. you can call either nassau or suffolk crimestoppers, we put those numbers on for you and there is a $15,000 reward in this case. we are live in westbury, i'm stacey sager, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> stacey, thank you.
5:32 pm
arraigned today in connecticut on multiple murder counts. william de'von howell already in prison for manslaughter for killing one of the victims was charged with killing six other people. police believe he killed seven people and dumped their remains behind a shopping center in new briton. an arrest warrant said howell admitted to the killings to fellow inmates. a pilot killed this morning when his plane crashed in an elementary school in florida. it nose dived and crashed into the back yard of a home in spring hill. the plane was flying from odessa to orlando and had been in contact with the regional airport tower prior to the crash. there were no injuries on the ground. in brooklyn, a group of target store workers has voted to unionize. the pharmacy workers began organizing after target announced it was selling its pharmacy business to cvs. they are worried about potential layoffs and other changes. target and cvs officials trying to convince the workers they do
5:33 pm
target may appeal the election results. and lessons that could save a life for new york high school students. the board of regents has approved a plan that requires teaching hands only cpr. students will learn the technique and how to use a defibrillator during health classes. well, two high school football players captured on camera blindsiding a referee, now they are breaking their silence about what triggered the vicious tackles. also, a rejected reptile now a big reward is being offered for information on who abandoned this large lizard on a street in long island. also it's one of the most iconic costumes from "star wars." princess leia's medical bikini from return of the jedi. now it could be yours and you do not need to use the force to get it. breaking news, the lirr is experiencing cancellations and
5:34 pm
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we've got breaking news right now in the case of this little girl who for months has been known as baby doe. the boyfriend of a little -- of the little girl's mother is under arrest right now and charged with her murder. the fast moving developments come after authorities revealed her identity. her name is bella. her body was found inside a garbage bag on a beach in that was months ago. and now thanks to social media more about what happened. this story getting a lot of attention on our facebook page. abc's elizabeth hur has more. >> reporter: this is the computer generated composite photo of the little girl that captivated the hearts of so
5:38 pm
many across the country and after it was shared and viewed online more than 60 million times, authorities now say her identity is no longer a mystery. >> bella is in fact the name. you're right, that's correct. >> reporter: it was back in june a woman found little bella's body in a trash bag on a beach in boston harbor. at the time investigators had little to go on so police turned to the public and social media sharing this sketch and pictures of her zebra blanket and pajama pants and finally a huge break, thanks to a tip. >> some of the information we developed over the last couple of days in cooperation with the state police led us to maxwell street. >> reporter: police are releasing few details but state officials say baby bella had two previous contacts with child welfare officials, both cases investigated and closed by 2013. >> appears as though it was a
5:39 pm
was involved and that apparently, i think the mother and boyfriend started blaming each other in terms of who harmed the child. >> that was elizabeth hur reporting. on long island the suffolk county spca is offering a $100,000 reward for information leading to the person who abandoned a savannah monitor lizard. the agency says somebody spotted the lizard on a street in patchogue on thursday. they took it to the spca. officials say it's illegal to have this kind of lizard, a big one like this, without a permit. but they are apparently very popular because of their docile disposition. two football players who blindsided a ref during the game are breaking their silence. they spoke exclusively to "good morning america." they are offering to apologize to the referee who they tackled from behind and hit while on the ground. the players say that they were told to make the moves by a coach and are sorry it happened. though they say the ref used
5:40 pm
racial slurs. >> he pulled me and another player and told us, you know, you need to hit the ref, you know, he needs to pay the price. >> for what? >> one of my hispanic friends, he told him speak english, this is america. he got told that and -- >> you hear that or did one of your friends tell you that. >> no. i heard it. and told an african-american on our team, he told him the "n word." >> the teens are suspended from the school and from playing on the team and could face criminal charges. their assistant coach is on paid leave. the school district is still investigating. volkswagen is under fire accused of violating u.s. clean air standards by cheating on emissions tests. the e.p.a. and california regulators claim that volkswagen used software to make its diesel cars appear cleaner than they actually are. the e.p.a. claims volkswagen and audi diesel models emit emissions up to 40 times greater than the acceptable standard.
5:41 pm
and still to come, a thief's regret coming up on eyewitness news. a crook rips off a cell phone. we've got the surprising move he made when he had a sudden change of heart. and you remember this scene? hmmm. princess leia wearing a bikini killing java the hut. find out how you can be part of "star wars" history.
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a man who stole a cell phone in new jersey has rushed it with -- returned it with a letter of apology. surveillance video shows the man taking the phone from a business in trenton last friday. well on tuesday he tossed the phone back over the company's fence along with a note that
5:44 pm
your phone, i am in a desperate situation. i'm sorry i hurt you. i'm not that type but a situation can lead to do something dumb. >> what a nicethief. something up for grabs in a couple of weeks. the bikini that princess leia wore in star wars 6, return of the jedi is going to return on october 1st. will start the bidding and you know what the bidding starts out? >> what? >> just $80,000. >> what do you do with it? >> the impact. >> what do you do with it when you get it home?
5:45 pm
sports, movie memorabilia room. >> lee could wear it. >> that could be interesting. >> not going there. >> is this really a day you want to be inside? >> no you really want to be outside. >> great point. plenty of movie days and movie weather ahead. outside we go where we have what is a beautiful evening on the west side right now. you can see the sun going back and forth behind the trees and the buildings, little bit of a breeze out of the south, we are at 82. sunshine, a south wind at 8 miles an hour, going to be a beautiful evening. so tomorrow is in the 80s. will that be the last 80-degree day of the season? not necessarily, because you go back and just looking back through 2011, the earliest -- a couple times it happened in october. the average september 27th. so still an opportunity to warm up and we might actually do that as fall arrives. notice the clear skies overnight, the difference for tonight, patchy fog, a little
5:46 pm
bit of low cloudiness. what a night for the suburbs syria -- suburb series to kick off, 76 degrees, beautiful night for baseball. a planner through tomorrow, low clouds early, partly to mostly sunny, we are in the low and mid-80s, a few degrees cooler than today but the humidity up so feels every bit as warm. the wind will be light, bonus beach day as well. numbers this evening, very pleasant, 60s and low 70s overnight, few 50s to the northwest. also notice a couple of patchy clouds. futurecast is overdoing the showers here. we are dry during the day tomorrow. the clouds start to increase tomorrow night. your evening tomorrow is fine. no problem with the saturday evening plans but later at night, lots of clouds, couple of showers around, here comes that front, it moves through very slowly. lingering cloudiness, especially from the city on south and east during the day. and look at these numbers in the afternoon. these are where we have been going for overnight lows lately, only reach the lower and middle 70s during the day. nice boating day tomorrow, 1 foot waves, water temperature
5:47 pm
the rip current risk is low. here is your seven-day accuweather forecast. still summery tomorrow but that's the only day you see an 8. 83 degrees, then as we go into sunday, early showers, clouds break for sun, 75. low to mid-70s monday and tuesday, that's not a lot of rain but it's a fair amount of clouds and occasional shower, a stray shower. but as fall arrives, a warmup. fall arrives 4:20 in the morning on wednesday and then up to near 80 and long-range forecast for all of the festivities and appointments -- all of the pope's festivities and appointments will be dry. >> thank you, lee. in today's neighborhood in queens. setting. a look. >> the drink you have before you eat, that's what it is called. it has been open for about a year.
5:48 pm
avenue just off val boulevard in bay side queens. >> this is what we have been working in -- missing in bayside in my neighborhood. >> you'll find her off and eating the escargot -- >> casual where you can get good quality food, good ambience at everyday price. >> he is from paris. he runs the restaurant. the food at the hands of the chef owner julio vas yes -- velasquez. it is housed in an old movie theater. >> to see your customers from 10 years ago or even longer than that and from other restaurants, that's what keeps you going. >> reporter: he serves up the
5:49 pm
classics, steaks, fondue, creme brulee. customers won't let him take his hazelnut crusted salmon off the menu. he brushes it with mustard and coats one side with hazelnuts and quickly pan sears it -- pan seers it. it is rounded out with a horse radish sauce. >> you get a lot of pizza places and bars out here but this place is -- you can bring a date here and it's nice. >> there's something classy about it and i wouldn't say i expect that of this area so it's kind of a nice little getaway. >> we come here, you know, humble and very happy to be here, very happy to be served by such a wonderful group of people and such a beautiful neighborhood. it's been great. >> and of course we will have the recipe for the hazelnut crusted salmon at quiet on the set because -- >> eating. >> that is so good.
5:50 pm
>> i love my pancakes in quinoa. >> delicious zucchini pancakes. >> everything is complimentary. >> is that what it's called, lee? >> around the horn? >> yeah. >> that's how you eat. mix it all up. it all ends up mixed up anyway. >> very fresh. >> excellent. >> i'm going around the horn on my dish. they are making a pilgrimage to see the pope but they are not paying through the roof. >> not at least when it comes to a place to stay. coming up next, strange shelter, a unique accommodations a local church growing is making in order to see pope francis on his historic visit to the u.s. a commuter alert for strap hangers who rely on the one train. it's being shut down tonight. we've got the -- we've got the
5:51 pm
5:52 pm
siendo cerrado esta noche. a lot of the faithful will do anything to get a chance to see the pope but case in point, more than 60 families from a
5:53 pm
church in new jersey will actually be staying with the lions and tigers and bears at the zoo. the unique lodging is a way for the members to make a pill garage am pilgrimage without breaking the bank. >> i am sleeping at the zoo to see pope francis. we are excited. >> lions, tigers and bears, oh, my. parishioners at our lady of mount carmel church in ridgewood, new jersey are taking the pilgrimage to see pope francis and they are pitching camp at the philadelphia zoo. hotels? >> well, we looked into it a little bit but we really families. >> i've been to a lot of the royals youth days so a lot of floors. it will be really beautiful. >> this is one of three buildings where the group will sleep saturday night. the kids zoo u. >> francis -- so st. francis --
5:54 pm
better chance of drumming -- >> reporter: these kids already know what to expect, accommodations only, no bed, no shower. are you worried about not taking a shower? >> yes. >> reporter: but that's okay, right? >> yes. >> reporter: are you going to pack anything special to see the pope and to sleep at the zoo? >> maybe like a stuffed animal. >> reporter: what do you think the pope is going to say to everybody? >> i'm surprised you stayed in the zoo to see me. >> reporter: not only will this group get to see the pope, they will have the philadelphia zoo all to themselves which means they get a private tour of all of the exhibits, even the animals at night. would you rather sleep in a hotel or the zoo? >> zoo. >> reporter: have you made your poster for pope francis yet? >> not yet. >> reporter: what are you thinking you're going to put on that poster? >> papal princess, at the zoo to see you. >> reporter: and many of those going are from lady our academy in glen rock, including the principal of and two -- the
5:55 pm
principal and two of his daughters. in ridgewood, new jersey, darla news. >> pretty wild. >> uh-huh. still ahead, another evening commute filled with lirr delays and cancellations. >> eyewitness news at 6:00 starts right now. >> this is new york's number 1 news, channel 7 eyewitness news with bill ritter and liz cho, rob powers with sports and lee goldberg with the exclusive accuweather forecast. now eyewitness news at 6:00. if you plan to ride the subway this weekend, a warning, starting tonight one of the busiest lines of new york will be out of service. and the biggest security event in the history of new york, next week's visit by pope francis. the gridlock, the street closures and the beefed-up security will affect millions. tonight we are going to spell out the cold, hard reality. good evening to you at 6:00. i'm liz cho. >> i'm bill ritter. first breaking news, another night of train problems
5:56 pm
on the lirr. this after a week of troubles. >> right now cancellations and delays in both directions, the cause this time signal problems. shannon sohn is in newscopter 7 and over the scene with the latest. shannon. >> reporter: you can see the trains here are stopped at the best they are stopped moving slowly past us, at the worst cancelled but these are the signal problems west of jamaica station. you can see the train starting to creep forward. because of this you can expect 30 minute delays both ways on lirr, new york city transit is cross honoring but only at the atrium heading westbound towards penn station from sutton boulevard and again delays systemwide. reporting live from the lirr, shannon sohn, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. now to the pontiff's visit. the pope trying to spread his message of caring for the environment and caring for each other but for millions of people the logistics of this visit could dramatically alter their daily routines. >> tonight we will spell it out for you. and the best advice, plan ahead
5:57 pm
and be ready.
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